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Re: I am Sensitive, He's Mean, asking for advice please.

Thanks for your replies. He always tells me that every couple has problems, ours aren't any different than anyone else's so I wanted to ask people for myself.

We don't have kids together. I am thinking that there is a reason we never got pregnant. I had been on the verge of leaving him, and the counseling appoint tamed me a little. I felt like I had to try everything to make it work since I married him, I don't want to talk away.

He "behaved" himself a little better for about 5 days post counseling, then that happened last night and I am thinking of calling it quits again already. I can't stand watching him treat his daughter this way, I don't know WHAT I would do if I was the mama bear and we actually had a child.

I wish every single day he would just walk out on me. I don't know how to make him leave. He has to be the one, because we bought a house together in November (in my name) and he could never afford it. I can. We have no family close by he can stay with. This is awful.
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