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Re: I am Sensitive, He's Mean, asking for advice please.

She gets yelled at for not putting her books away right, for not moving fast enough when he tells her to do something, for ignoring him, for just anything. I agree all these things need to be corrected, but is yelling the answer?
You KNOW it's not! You're appalled by it, and you KNOW it's wrong.

We can all predict how this poor little girl will turn out if THIS is how he intends to parent her: angry, sullen, defiant, sneaky, promiscuous, drug-abusing (even if just recreationally) and she'll RUN OFF with the first male who tells her "I love you"...even if he's the BIGGEST LOSER on Earth. She'll do/believe WHATEVER it takes to get the hell out of that house at the FIRST opportunity!
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