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Re: To Marry? Or not to Marry?

if you're arguing about money... i'm afraid that's a subject that wont go away. a lot of people spend their money the way their partents spent money.

my mom never looked at a bill.. just saw what was owed and paid it. that's how i pay bills. my husband inspects every single thing a million times, and he thinks about every penny. that just stresses me out.

the compromise is that i pay more attention to what i spend money on, and he doesnt lose his mind over small things.

its hard to give advice on something so general. there's no details on if you guys are arguing on buying a home or grocery shopping.

maybe more info would help .

i work at a bank, so i see lots of accts daily. all i can say is LOTS of couples have seperate bank accts, but at the same bank so transferring is easy. lots of husbands pay their wives credit card bills and lots of husbands deposit into their wives accts. but its rarely the other way around. lots of husbands give up their financial independece because their wives wont let them have the debit card. there's lots of options...

my hubs and i do the joint thing and its been pretty ok. rarely any problems cuz we're on the same page, but it took a while to get there. my mom had a joint with her xhubs and her retirement was personal. but one reason they divorced is my dad had lots of debt and wanted her to pay for it from her retirement.

i'd say yall should talk about different options...

i wouldnt let it ruin the marriage plans. even a long term relationship without marriage is gonna have financial issues. that's just part of being together. doing stuff costs money. eating, movies, travel, rent.. there's no way around it.
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