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Angry Red flags, Wife is lying and I'm long away at work

One fine Saturday afternoon, I placed a call to my wife and in the course of the conversation asked her where she was. She claimed to have joined friends party and would be heading home to take care of the kids. This was at around 17:00 Hrs. Fast forward to 18:00 hrs and I call again and she claimed she was in a car driving home.I did not continue with the call because she claimed she was driving. I then made another call at 20hrs and asked her whether she got home, she answered yes and told me she was feeling a little drowsy and she wanted to host. I then asked her that she hands over the phone to our oldest son which she declined claiming that he was already asleep. I also noticed that the room she was in was exceptionally quite considering that she loves to watch TV. I suspected she was not home and called over our neighbour to verify that she was. She was not. I did not call again but I was so mad that I almost broke my phone in anger.

I can recall at least three other occasions where she has lied to me. The other day she claimed to have picked a complete stranger who had collapsed outside her employers premises and taken him to hospital. The other time she claimed that she went shopping at 19:00 hrs for our kids school stuff on the very eve of his resuming school (rather than do it over the weekend when she had more time). She is not honest with me.

I have never caught her red handed but she talks about her workmates as having very low ethical standards. There was a time that she disclosed that someone had tried to woo her but I dismissed this as a fantasy and did not dwell on it. There was also an occasion about one year ago when I noticed that she had received a call and then deleted the call record. I was really mad about it and confronted her. She claimed that the person calling her was a salesman who delivers products at her workplace.

Her latest acts have renewed my fears that she might be having an affair. I have contacted a PI and we are in the process of negotiating his fees. I'm a wreck of nerves and did not sleep yesterday. It is as if whole world is falling apart. There is such a bad feeling inside, like some evil forces came and tore my peace and heart apart. I have been calling her the usual 3 to 4 times per day as usual. She is not aware and thinks that everything is alright. I hate every time I tell her that I love her. I want this charade to end soon because I cannot bare it any more.

I'm 37 and she is 29. We have been married for 5 years and have two great boys that I really adore. I have been thinking everything is alright. I have a great job but I'm away from home most of the time because I get to go see my family every two months.

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