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Angry Is this cheating?

I am hoping that someone on here can help me?

My hubby of 9yrs has a sex blog, which he's had since 2010.
I discovered last night, after gaining access to his emails, there was a woman in USA he was in contact with for around 6months back in sept 2010- feb 2011. They would arrange private, late night chats online. There were photos of her etc and after reading all the communication it appears they were meeting online regularly. There has been no contact from her since around feb 2011, however I suspect he has subscribed to another account and continues his chats.

My problem is that he laughed, said she was fat and its not an affair cos he'll never meet her. He hasn't appologised or really talked or comforted me. I feel dejected and very unhappy. I cannot tell anyone cos of his blog-he doesn't want anyone to know.

I would really kill for some advice right now

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