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Re: Critical and Nosy In Laws-What's the deal?

Originally Posted by TorontoBoyWest View Post
Sounds to me like she is jelly of the two women who "stole her boys away".

IMO if both husbands are standing up for their wives, I wouldn't give a second thought to the old witch.
I totally agree, and sounds like she has done a wonderful job of raising them too. In light of this maybe give her a little sympathy? I am not suggesting for one minute that she deserves any, however if you thought of it from that angle then you might have an easier time of dealing with the fact that that she is such a cow.

My own MIL is wonderful, but as far as my Step MIL goes, I wouldn't throw the last of my pepsi over her if she was on fire. Horrible woman, I deal with her ( for his dads sake ) by feeling sorry for her and it works. Im the one with the nice life, the wonderful husband, the stunning wedding set and sunny future.She is just a bitter and twisted old goat festering in her made up little world. Who gives a crap why or how she ended up like it!
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