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Re: My Old Man's Suicide

Thank you friend.

All of the above, it's been a lot to live with but I found out the truth in November in 2011 and here, six months later, it's becoming less painful to live with. It's still a lot, but I've made a couple of good friends and find even talking about it some goes a very long way. I'm finding something of peace,, especially now that I've done my first half marathon (it was slow as getout but I f'in did it) and I'm getting back in shape for the Army after all the crud I had to live with, both that and living situations. Not to mention getting a custom built AR-15 so I can train to be an expert rifleman (as is, sharpshooter) for Uncle Sam or the state prison, as I live two miles away from it and wouldn't mind working there. I've dealt with enough scum in my life that it wouldn't be too hard to adapt. XD
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