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Re: 24 Hours of Foreplay

Originally Posted by Just Wondering View Post
I come here every day and read about how to fix my marriage.Been married for 30 years to a LD,Non-Sexual,Self-Center Women.But besides that would not change a thing.Well I read about foreplay does not start in the bedroom with female's.So it made sense to me.So yesterday I started early in the day with a love letter in the morning.A nice call in the afternoon.At 5:00 pm I call her and said lets go out to dinner and maybe we come have a nice night out,And come home and get together.Her answer was sounds great.I could tell when she came home from work she was a bit bitter.I realized once again I put pressure on her to perform that night and of course she does not like pressure about sex.So we had some what of a nice evening.I go to bed at 9:00pm .She does not show up,Blows me off.In the morning its the old she's sound to sleep to the very last minute and jump out of bed and say I'm late gotta go.Well my point is this.Next time I think my foreplay will be Hey want to get laid??? All the 24 hours did was make things worse for the rejection???What I have come to realize is there is no changing someone with lack of desire for sex.They are controll freaks.
Uhhhhh... if I was in this fame of mind, no way would I be interested in sex either. Like nora said, you can't expect miracles from one try. Have you tried giving her a massage after a bad day? Not with the expectation of sex, but just to make her feel better? I don't know the particulars of your situation, but try different things to relax her. Not with the sole purpose of "getting laid" as you put it, but to connect with her. It might actually make her more receptive to actually having sex.

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