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I accepted his proposal, but we're both young.

Hello, I'm new here. Recently, my boyfriend of nearly 2 years just proposed to me. I'm very comfortable with him and I said yes. I am excited to be marrying this man as I love hime very much. The only catch is that I'm only 17. He turned 18 about 3 months ago and I will be 18 in 2 months. I would be very happy to marry him, but how high the divorce rate is for young people scares me a bit. He wants to have the wedding in 6 months.

Some background info is that we have been dating for about 2 months shy of 2 years. He and I hardly ever fight. We have talked about it and both believe that our relationship is very fulfilling in every way. It has always been a very comfortable relationship for both of us and we are happy with our relationship. I love him and he loves me as well. As I mentioned, though, I am only 17. I really don't want to become just another statistic. I feel like our relationship is stronger than most at our age, but then, I also know that most people my age also believe that they are the exception.

Any thoughts on what you would do in my position or on how to make a marriage last and be successful when young would be greatly appreciated!

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