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Re: Husband withholding sex

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But, it's not really the what, but the how. What has upset me much more than this rejection of me (though that does sting quite a bit) is the way he's gone about it. Had he chosen to bring up the issue of my weight and its consequences with me with love, concern, respect, and in a way that would allow me to handle the problem with some dignity, I'd be in a much better place about it all. Instead though, he did it with anger, yelling, insults and vile name-calling, and the intention of causing massive hurt and humiliation. And boy, did he hit the target. My confidence and self-esteem is in shreds. I can no longer be naked around him and have taken to covering up in bed (I've always slept naked, Summer or Winter), not letting him see me in the shower, all that stuff.
I could have cried for you when i read this...

Does he know what his words have done to you?
Does he care?
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