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Re: Can a video game be more important than sex?

Originally Posted by dobo View Post
While I can understand that you wanted to beat the video game for attention, can you believe that there are some people that don't just flip switches and move from one thing to another with great ease?

Something like gaming demands a lot of concentration. You get into a zone. I'm ADD and I'm like that with most things. If I get into the zone, I *hate* to have to switch gears.

Maybe your timing wasn't so hot. You wanted him then and there and he was otherwise occupied. You were angry because you didn't get what you want.

You say it is always when he wants it and never when you want it, but then you also say you never initiate. This is a classic set up for the guy to fail. I bet he's been turned down a bunch by you, right? If you initiated more often, this one time that you did but were turned down wouldn't seem like such a big deal.

I know you feel like you made a special effort and you would have liked him to acknowledge it. And you could say that to him. It hurt your feelings. But the way you're going about the overall issue is going to cause more problems than you already have.

Also, you contradict yourself because you say you never initiate but then that this isn't the first time this has happened.

So what part of the story is accurate?

Maybe it would be helpful if you would avoid using words like "Never" and "Always". They're very black and white. And I suspect that this is a very grey area.

What is the actual truth? Try to remove your emotions and describe the actual truth.

i could not have said it better
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