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Re: Can a video game be more important than sex?

Last night was different because he and I had had sex all weekend which is unusual. I even let him get his quickie (which is what he always does). He knew my intentions and that I was "prepping" for it. I have initiated in the past sorry for saying "never" but was shot down. He has cheated on me once and I know it was a weak moment on his part... but of course I think that he is thinking of her when he turns me down or puts me on the back burner. I have tried the super sweet being at his ever beckon call and basically losing myself to make him see that I love him and want more as far as sex, but it doesnt work its as if he just wants more.

I cant understand not being able to drop a controller and grabbing the woman you love and make love to her... but I think it is possible.. because I suppose me asking him to wait until I finish supper with screaming kids in the background is sorta the same?
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