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  1. Need advice
  2. Single sex vs. Bible Study
  3. At my wits end...
  4. I messed up repeatedly.
  5. Stuck really need advice
  6. Church
  7. What would you do in this situation males and females?
  8. Will Suicide Bar Me From Heaven?
  9. Do you go to church with your partner/spouse?
  10. Husband stopped going to church
  11. Sex in marriage
  12. change
  13. Our Church is same Church as when "they" were married
  14. Please advise..
  15. King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines
  16. Has faith/religion helped your relationship?
  17. Death
  18. Best Way To Start Each Day
  19. Very Sick Wife.
  20. Separated and Waiting on husband or God?
  21. How does God and the church deal with unrequited love??
  22. How To Respond...
  23. Does church address marriage issues adequately?
  24. How can I live in a miserable marriage?
  25. 17 years of marriage and now she says it's over.
  26. Missed Church For 20 Year. Considering Going Back
  27. Friends with Ex
  28. Christian contemplating divorce
  29. So I went to my husbands church...
  30. My husband is mad at God.
  31. First counseling session with pastor
  32. Former Christian but wife still believes
  33. Pagan/Wiccan/Occult Relationships
  34. My faith isn't as strong as it should be for my marriage. Please help!!!
  35. Loosing Hope
  36. My husband doesn't let me see his spiritual side
  37. Husband's female friend
  38. Newly Wed Problems
  39. My Husband is Delaying our Church Wedding
  40. My husband has recently become religious and I'm sooo not
  41. any non trinitarian christians?
  42. spiritually speaking, vibrator to enhance intrrcourse
  43. The Love Dare
  44. Distant Husband with baby on the way. PLEASE HELP!
  45. Is my husband being honest with me? PLEASE HELP!
  46. Husband plays the lottery behind my back
  47. My husband is demanding I leave my church..
  48. Alone in love
  49. I think my husband is cheating
  50. I think my husband is cheating
  51. church for a non-church-goer
  52. Spin cycle of loss, bisexuality, control and failure
  53. The whole child bearing thing
  54. H's Grown Son & Pregnant Girlfriend Moved Back Home
  55. Need your prayers
  56. I feel like my husband's roommate
  57. confession
  58. What is your spiritual connection in marriagD?
  59. Dating After Divorce. I'm the Betrayed Spouse W/Lots of Questions.
  60. Do you want to be good/do the right thing?
  61. Dear Lord
  62. Am I a sinner?
  63. Religious Beliefs and Divorce
  64. Walking the line between standing and serving...
  65. , who live in kuwait , pm me plz
  66. Why do you think people were drawn to Jesus?
  67. Do you hide?
  68. God May Be Leading Me To Marry This Man, But He's Not What I Expected Or Wanted. HELP
  69. Separating Marriage, Myself and the kids
  70. Christianity andd America
  71. What do you feel about homosexuality in a religious view?
  72. love, lust & affairs....
  73. Wow. I Feel Like An Idiot.
  74. 5 year relationship lost
  75. Reciprocal Respect.
  76. Being told I'm not Christian enough
  77. Church,Children & Infidelity
  78. christian, virgin, engaged, nonplussed about sex
  79. Why men have better friends
  80. Sexless marriage and divorce
  81. Atheist, but sometimes I feel like marriage is my religion
  82. Paying off a sin?
  83. Feeling Held Back
  84. going crazy
  85. Husband has a double life
  86. Husband says no more Christmas Tree, Santa, Easter, kids upset
  87. Marriage and infidelity
  88. I don't love my husband anymore, I'm so confused
  89. One Spouse Changes Religious Beliefs
  90. Masturbation after seperation ????
  91. i need a christian perspective... please
  92. I survived cancer but my marriage is dying...
  93. The Bible and mental illness?
  94. God gave me you
  95. Husband has lost his faith, could he be getting it back slowly?
  96. Christian Woman Wants to take kids to church
  97. Help with reconciling after a long term EA
  98. Help Need Advice
  99. Hosea
  100. Has the abuse stopped or is it temporary?
  101. looking for reconciliation and patience through God
  102. Agnostic with Children and My Wife Hates It...
  103. Question about being soulmates opinions appreciated
  104. Devastated
  105. Chrisitians/marriage/divorced....what to do?
  106. Sex Need?
  107. Do you ever feel you come in 2nd place?
  108. Catholics: Pope Benedict's retirement, faith, God, and marriage
  109. What's my purpose in life? 39 yr old female, stb divorced, no kids [crisis of faith]
  110. Hurt and seeking God
  111. For those who are Christian....a Video I would like to share....
  112. Feeling compelled to go back...
  113. Role of a Wife in a Marriage??
  114. I need an answer from God
  115. Various views about sexual past and lies
  116. Not giving up, but getting tired.
  117. Christian Nymphos
  118. husband no longer likes church
  119. What spiritual attitudes and actions are attractive?
  120. How kinky are Born-Agains??
  121. Advice for moving on
  122. The Head of the House
  123. Include God in Your Marriage
  124. I've been deceived - need advise, please!
  125. Inter-religious acceptance
  126. Don't be Fooled. Christian alone is not enough!
  127. Christmas Trees Pagan Origin?
  128. Christian man with walk away the 180?
  129. wife refuses to change
  130. He said F word at me for the first time.
  131. Whats the point of marriage in 2012?
  132. A Man Worth Waiting For
  133. Failure in the first year
  134. Christians gone Wild!
  135. Wedding Gifts
  136. Need advice, to help in moving forward.
  137. Dealing with a separation
  138. Divorce and Church
  139. In a bad place fast.....
  140. Mixed Up In Faith
  141. Just Can't See The Future
  142. I have no idea what I should do, or do I?
  143. Not christian wishing for transcendent sex
  144. So Lost
  145. Christian Engineer vs Christian Inerrant
  146. Anyone else here LDS?
  147. Looking for good book to help my marriage
  148. I'm a non-Christian H, married to a ultra conservative Christian Wife and I want out
  149. eHarmony & other dating sites...
  150. Feelings of Betrayal
  151. Separated from husband for almost 2 months
  152. Rekindling my own spirituality, husband suddenly
  153. major trust and suspision issues
  154. Avoidant spouse
  155. Spiritual growth and marriage conflict
  156. Going to church does NOT magically fix everything.
  157. Wife has Checked out of Marriage and God is # 1 in her Life
  158. should I take my hub's ex-girl's wedding picture into trash can?
  159. Avoiding divorce
  160. Lost myself
  161. marriage not Fixable (long)
  162. Church
  163. How do you know?
  164. Wife won't change churches
  165. Please read my husband no longer wants to be married
  166. Need help dealing with wife and friends
  167. It's been ten years, sigh please help me
  168. lonliness to pornography to an affair?
  169. Wife found religion
  170. The Love Dare
  171. Am I overreacting?
  172. Need advice, dating, living arrangements ...
  173. Christian struggling with abuse issues in sexual intimacy
  174. I Need Opinions (if you don't mind)
  175. Infatuation. I know it's not sufficient, but isn't it necessary?
  176. Need help
  177. For BS: Prayer for a Hedge of Thorns around a WS (Christian)
  178. Some Breakthrough
  179. Wife ready to abandon one of her principles...
  180. "Plan B"
  181. Need ADVICE
  182. DH rejects me for religious issues and more..:(
  183. Am I blowing this out of poportion?
  184. How do YOU seek God 1st, then yer W?
  185. Need Advice
  186. Is it ok for your husband to chat online with a bunch of women?
  187. Let Go and Let God (you know me, it's long)
  188. sexless marriage
  189. My husband is in a cult.
  190. desperately in love
  191. Marriage- Older Woman
  192. Confused on how to handle the situation
  193. christian marital advice needed.
  194. Is there hope?
  195. relationship anxiety or fallen out of love this is killing me
  196. When two become one
  197. Waiting for God to work in my marriage
  198. Are we ment to be even though it hurts
  199. So confused, looking for experience and advice.
  200. Divorce for christian
  201. I'm Trying!
  202. Sexless in a Christian Mans Marriage.
  203. i really did save it for him (long)
  204. Divorce Not the answer - what is?
  205. Should I continue to wait on the Lord...or am I crazy?
  206. Interfaith marriage: christian fundamentalist spouse
  207. You Haven't Heard of Any Marriage Like This Before, I'm Sure Of It
  208. How Do I Keep Living With A Boring Wife?
  209. Her confusion/crisis of faith...
  210. Old Rumor Still Haunts Me
  211. anyone else stuck to a failed marriage due to religious beliefs?
  212. What is the deal with my husband?
  213. Marriage triangle: God, husband, wife.
  214. Living in sin
  215. Pushing against the Rock
  216. Husband won't change churches
  217. Viktor Frankl's struggle for survival: Meaning
  218. sad,alone,wondering about GOD.
  219. Christian-based opinions on dating and divorce?
  220. Love and Christain Family Finances
  221. Christian couple With Different Denominations?
  222. Interfaith Relationship
  223. Is it normal for wife to ...
  224. "what we have here is....
  225. The Rapture
  226. 20 yrs of marriage and slightly confused
  227. one sided relationship
  228. Reverse Financial Crisis
  229. Unstable marriage
  230. forgiveness, how so/what cost?
  231. I am not the one !!
  232. im 16 and married
  233. Getting Divorced? The whole story LONG
  234. Marriage/test of christianity...
  235. My EA was also true love but my husband is also my true love.
  236. Where does the sex drive go?
  237. Everything is crashing down on us!
  238. We have nothing in commom
  239. Unique situation regarding husband and a mutual married friend of ours
  240. ? what to do what to do
  241. How do I bring back feelings for hubby?
  242. My coworker and her poly lifestyle
  243. How many marriages truly survive differences on religon?
  244. Is it ever okay to hide/be secretive with spouse?
  245. My husband is confused
  246. Family against my marriage :(
  247. Christian Quotes
  248. Wife has strayed physically and spiritually
  249. Sad, discouraged, angry, fed up
  250. Dealing with Infedility