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: Coping with Infidelity

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  1. Contacting the OM
  2. Lookee what Weightlifter found!
  3. Finally figured out my husband is cheating. Don't know what to do
  4. Help with birth & marriage docs?
  5. Solicitation for Opinions
  6. Do People Ever Think, "It Was My Fault"?
  7. Sympathy for the devil
  8. I dont even know why I did it.....
  9. Checking online phone records
  10. Think wife may be cheating again!
  11. Polf
  12. Merry Christmas To You All
  13. Lonely christmas
  14. Why is it mostly men here?
  15. Multiple Affairs - Which AP do you dislike the most?
  16. My cheating husband...
  17. a BS's insight into a WS's head
  18. Do I even have a right to feel cheated on?
  19. Awkward moments. What was yours?
  20. For those who cheated on...FOG question.
  21. Good read to help heal!
  22. The Upside of Infidelity
  23. He "technically" Cheated
  24. Reformed WS
  25. My 4th Xmas without mom
  26. House arrest
  27. Wife Emotional Affair
  28. I don't get it
  29. Do I even have the right to ask for forgiveness?!
  30. WH's who have reconcilled
  31. How long did it take to fall back in love with your BS/WS
  32. I just ruined our reconciliation
  33. NC letters-are they worth anything?
  34. I'm angry! Is this my fault?
  35. Why?
  36. The many facets of loss of trust
  37. Name or Nothing??
  38. True words
  39. Wayward Spouse guide
  40. not my perfect husband! he'd never do this!EVER!!
  41. Can I trust her again?
  42. Is there a way to tell if your Iphone is being trackd with 'find My Iphone'?
  43. 20 year marriage on the rocks--big time
  44. Need clarity please
  45. So...I'm new.
  46. EAs become PAs unless OM backs down
  47. Infidelity Statistics?
  48. newbie- feel so dumb
  49. How about beta girl.
  50. Improve yourself is the best
  51. The shattered dream with her affair
  52. online affair
  53. long distance...she's been living with him...
  54. How normal is it to question?
  55. Infidelity and how it changes who they are to you
  56. Honest Question
  57. WS, please give your perspective
  58. So Now we have Another to Contend With: Instagram!!
  59. My story.....
  60. Not so much fun now - my story of a PAs with WW
  61. What happened...
  62. Six months later
  63. Please don't trickle truth us at TAM
  64. There's a new GPS unit for covert monitoring
  65. Should I?
  66. I don't like myself and I need help
  67. Please help!
  68. The lady with tire tracks on her from the karma bus
  69. dealing with use of prostitutes
  70. How long before you went a day without thinking about the affair?
  71. What image best symbolises infidelity?
  72. Can the bs be considered to be in the fog as well?
  73. What have I done...
  74. 18 kinds of women most likely to cheat
  75. Any body fluid forensic experts?
  76. Almost a year-and still a mess...(long-sorry)
  77. Wife sending message to husband instead of lover by mistake
  78. Wife leaving while pregnant
  79. Do affairs sometimes make people address marital problems that they've been ignoring?
  80. Divorce even if you might reconcile
  81. Please help! I don't know what to do..
  82. To "R" or not to "R", that is the question.
  83. Cheating husband???
  84. Women's Infidelity or Beta Male?
  85. The straw that breaks the camel's back. What was yours?
  86. Red flag
  87. Thoughts about EA's
  88. Deleted Text message??
  89. SAHD question and infidelity
  90. Hopeful Success Story - Wife Had Affair
  91. Weddings
  92. Beta Male is just a Betrayed Husband in training
  93. Anti-triggers!! Help me add.
  94. The Problem with Infidelity...
  95. Wife had a full on PA
  96. Nobody is forced to cheat. Nobody.
  97. Goodbye
  98. Quick question, need some advice
  99. Should I confront WH when he is with OW?
  100. D-Day was 2 days ago
  101. 22yrs together (last 2 marr) he's a better liar than ever
  102. Wife cheated 3 years ago and I'm still a mess
  103. My wife is keeping her "friend" a secret
  104. Infidelity - a tragic story
  105. Is it cheating if I have permission?
  106. Wife confessed of cheating and im very confused. need advice
  107. My story - EA - > PA ?
  108. husbands infidelity and he works out of town
  109. She knows I know everything
  110. New "member" here
  111. A real problem is the loss of trust, isn't it?
  112. OM pushing or WW green-lighting?
  113. I dont wanna hurt anyone!!!
  114. Swedish researchers discover stronger faster HIV
  115. Thank you TAM - What I have learned...
  116. Wed this year
  117. she clearly doesnt love me
  118. Who has Issues during the Holidays?
  119. A video to save a failing marriage
  120. I stepped out.
  121. Child Custody. not fair
  122. Worst Movie About Cheating I Have Ever Seen
  123. Affair, Recovery, Separation
  124. Wife violated No Contact with EA partner again after 8 months
  125. The confession!
  126. Christmas Wishes and thanks
  127. The Importance of Being Strong
  128. Why do men have EA's?
  129. Hit by a truck
  130. Is the AP free from accountability when the wayward Green Lights the Affair?
  131. Wife's texts while she was on the road.
  132. Affairs/Infidelity: Sex, Emotional or both?
  133. So here we go again....
  134. Need reality check - EA and no transparency
  135. Can you fall back in love once you've fallen out of love?
  136. How do I cope?
  137. Don't know what to do.
  138. Men that still love their WS
  139. Trust
  140. HOw do you know if you are staying for the right reasons?
  141. Appropriate or not
  142. Cheaters and their gullibility
  143. Celebrating holidays with broken heart
  144. Confessions
  145. Does the OW/OM ever care that the person they're having an affair with is married?
  146. Ways to avoid infidelity
  147. Cheated on.....and she PROMISED she'd never do that!!!
  148. How to feel like you won, even though you were cheated on
  149. Is a crush the gateway to cheating?
  150. She wont let me move on
  151. When it comes to the fog
  152. How to complete divorce when spouse go to another state?
  153. Reconciling - Rug Sweeping
  154. I caught him.....
  155. Does he deserve another chance?
  156. Should i stay or should i go =(
  157. TAM Advertising
  158. Holiday Blues?
  159. She asked me out.
  160. Any BH's have a WW refuse to tell who the OM was?
  161. iPad recovery?
  162. Cheaters Use Cognitive Tricks to Rationalize Infidelity
  163. Trying to recover after wife's affair
  164. Need some advise please...
  165. 4 years of lying and cheating...
  166. Countdown to Divorce - Cheating She-Devil
  167. Received this letter. Do you think my husband cheated?
  168. WS's, how long did it take before you admitted the WHOLE truth, if ever?
  169. Beautiful Women and cheating
  170. How much of a role does guilt play when considering R?
  171. Difficulty Letting Go
  172. Computer help please
  173. Need advice--- please
  174. Last week wife said we couldnt get through affair
  175. Last week wife said we couldnt get through affair
  176. Sorry to just pop in with questions and no answers
  177. Stepping out on a Cheater?
  178. Any WW never tell their BH who is the OM? Why?
  179. Fighting through the embarrassment...first post!
  180. Husband Journal revealed the affair
  181. She cheated
  182. vent on FB trash
  183. Is it an EA if you're only dating at the time?
  184. Just busted her
  185. It's Been 10 years since I cheated. How long does this take?
  186. Help me please!
  187. Rugsweeping after effects
  188. Can you trust again?
  189. How much anger can/should the BS have, and for how long?
  190. How to Catch an Underground Cheater...Or AM I just crazy?
  191. Uncovering the truth....
  192. Wife Cheated I'm Thinking of Ending it
  193. Detailed outline of infidelity recovery process
  194. I rarely trigger on Tam. Why?
  195. Shutting down the pain, anger and sorrow
  196. OM#1 then OM#2
  197. What's your problem?
  198. How do I catch him?
  199. Last Christmas
  200. Advice for dealing with it alone.
  201. Romance Novels
  202. Interesting Reading
  203. Ante for CWI Poker
  204. Emotional Affair I think, Crying for help!!
  205. The I'm sorry of infidelity.
  206. Can we really move on?
  207. Feeling suicidal after cheating on my husband
  208. Almost a year later and ex WS "regrets everything and still loves me" blah...
  209. I failed..
  210. Wacky Mother In Law
  211. Is it time to move on
  212. Wife confessed to sleeping with counsellor
  213. my sad story
  214. New to this
  215. b/After the blowup and OW H. Progress maybe/b
  216. How to bring it up??
  217. Was I wrong?
  218. EA or PA: Need Advice
  219. Miserable
  220. What do you think
  221. Do Cheaters often complain about being controlled?
  222. Whats your definition of an affair?
  223. Do you think this is a form of cheating?
  224. Feeling like Hope Floats
  225. Just found out my husband is cheating
  226. Stages a BS goes through: link please
  227. Cheaters and Technology Article
  228. Confused
  229. Is this an affair?
  230. When I came to TAM
  231. Obsessed with wife cheating long ago
  232. Gotta be a PA....right?
  233. HOw to get into email account w/o password?
  234. Recent flood of "pro-affair" articles?
  235. Experience with polygraphs?
  236. Kids confronting the OM/OW?
  237. Maybe a bit too far???
  238. re the why cheaters cheat
  239. Nightmares
  240. Is it possible to talk someone you know out of cheating?
  241. Just tell the kids
  242. What is the rationale behind telling the OW/OM's spouse about the affair?
  243. Question for men who have cheated
  244. Recovering deleted emails
  245. Wife cheated and I'm needing advise..
  246. Husband acquitted in death of OM
  247. In Recovery, but WH now has ED
  248. They're "just friends"
  249. Caught my wife texting another man.
  250. So why do cheaters cheat?