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: Coping with Infidelity

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  1. Statement by my WW
  2. What type of Therapy?
  3. New here and devastated
  4. Things that help avoid infidelity in a marriage
  5. The cell/mobile phone trigger.
  6. An answer to the Troll problem
  7. How do you confront WS with things you are not suppoesd to know?
  8. Is she a Cheating wife?
  9. Need some perspective
  10. What happened to the thread "something creepy is happening in my house"?
  11. Shocked, Destroyed and Lost
  12. Is it wise to notify OM/OW's spouse?
  13. Caught wife in EA (at least) with female coworker
  14. He's not cheating now but I'm afraid he did over the summer
  15. Finally ...,
  16. What a now SECOND divorce will do to my already hurt children
  17. There Is Hope
  18. Need a man's opinion
  19. confused with no physical proof
  20. Tracfones
  21. He lied about being a Marine. I'm freaking out
  22. The deleted last thread deleted deletion!!
  23. How do you pull away without being cold?
  24. Need advice...I have a confused wife.
  25. Rant, vent, realization
  26. Do EAs go PA to placate OM/OW?
  27. Rewards for a WS?
  28. I can't stand it when......
  29. GF has male friends that are more then friends..
  30. Not even plan B
  31. What are these acronyms?
  32. How do you explain to the cheater how much it hurt?
  33. Wife had Emotional Affair
  34. What do I do when a cheating husband begs and begs?
  35. Thank you all
  36. The floater got flushed?
  37. suspicious
  38. How many would do it?
  39. Feeling like the other woman now
  40. Alimony
  41. Emotional Affair?
  42. Stay or leave?
  43. Words Liars use?
  44. Can someone please ban me?
  45. Using condoms after caught cheating?
  46. Introducing a friend
  47. Introducing myself
  48. Hope for those hurting.
  49. What to do
  50. My wife wants to leave me
  51. Confess cheating or emotionally grow to deal with guilt and make a better life?
  52. Communicating by voicemail only?
  53. what did the kids lose from a parental affair?
  54. Open marriage vs Divorce
  55. A different "infidelity" related issue
  56. Rosie 1
  57. Advice and help please...
  58. So True
  59. Can we save our marriage?
  60. Is it possible for women to be "friends" with REALLY handsome men?
  61. For those who want to stay for the kids
  62. Goes much deeper than infidelity...
  63. Protecting kids from the other man
  64. Dont know what to do ...please help
  65. Were you "The perfect couple"?
  66. Affair & Working on us
  67. sadness, anger, apathy...lather, rinse, repeat...
  68. 10 months later, AP shows up at my house asking for answers...
  69. 10 months later, AP shows up at my house asking for answers...
  70. Shattered...from underground to Dday...and beyond
  71. Is it me? Am I cheatonable?
  72. Rosie 1 question for you
  73. This is worse than DDay! just venting
  74. When did it come to this?
  75. Has being unfaithful become easier for women?
  76. I need help!
  77. I'm tired of cheating. How can I make my husband be the man I want him to be?
  78. Can't believe I'm here....
  79. How was your spouse's affair discovered?
  80. Ending a Marriage with A Bipolar, Sex-addicted Husband
  81. Ending an EA that never went physical -- better to come clean or not?
  82. EA...
  83. New Girlfriend Always Going out with Male friends
  84. Wife cheated after 15 years
  85. She cuckolded me and confessed, but now she's intimate with her girlfriend?
  86. Moving on from husbands EA.
  87. After you choose
  88. HOw do you bounce back, or is it even possible...?
  89. Is the "180" gaining converts?
  90. Relationship Crysis
  91. My first anniversary
  92. Is it in our nature to be more tolerant towards cheating?
  93. Disntance:not wearing the ring (repost)
  94. Would you rugsweep for $1million? To retire?
  95. Advice on wifes emotional affair
  96. Help locating thread?
  97. Could she be cheating? or just tired from quick pregnancies
  98. Is three years too long?
  99. New here: Question about contacting the other woman (OW)
  100. Update!
  101. DD wy as less than 2 weeks shock, talk to me
  102. Living with a Narcissist till your not
  103. Love my life, can't trust my wife
  104. It's been a year, and the pain is still there. What now?
  105. Feel like I'm losing my mind
  106. Does the urge to contact her ever go away?
  107. Hall Of Shame
  108. How do you trust after infidelity???
  109. I met with the OW H today!
  110. Numb; just want to feel numb.
  111. Anyone else regress after healing?
  112. Horrible feeling
  113. Voice Recorders Carefull what you wish for
  114. Update on Philat's Story
  115. My husband is bringing back my past cheating but do I deserve it?
  116. The Pain Never Seems To Subside
  117. Voice activated recorder
  118. 2 year post EA update
  119. Finally had our 1st session with MC and Im the one in a fog.....
  120. Question for WS who re-marry:
  121. Go Ask Suzie?
  122. No concrete proof
  123. Hoping I'm just being paranoid
  124. Setback? Kind of a vent, getting closer to throwing in the towel....
  125. Paralyzed due to Fear
  126. Translation needed for taped conversation.
  127. Need advice on girlfriend
  128. False Reconciliation?
  129. 5 Months after DDay
  130. A little hope, a little justice
  131. The Motivations of OW/OM
  132. 2 years later
  133. Reille Hunter apology
  134. Address of the OM
  135. Telling OW's Husband?
  136. Here are questions I have been dying to ask
  137. Just so burnt out
  138. Not sure what to do!
  139. Here we go again round two.
  140. Is My Wife Cheating?
  141. How to Recover Deleted Texts IPhone 5?
  142. Anybody else think 2013 sucks??
  143. for those who have reconciled - are you ever really happy again?
  144. CWI - it's just mad!
  145. Need advice, am I going to go crazy or am I just crazy to stay
  146. Is he worth it?
  147. Wife of only 15 months asked me to leave
  148. Accusations against me...I think he's starting to lose it.
  149. new here, need some advice
  150. The 'Ex' - Dealing with them whilst married?
  151. My wife had an affair
  152. Caught her Red Handed
  153. Husband caught cheating
  154. Hubby Cheating....moved out...need advice...
  155. Examples of a truely remorseful spouse.
  156. I'm in R but I feel I'm not getting the truth. How do I get it?
  157. My Son. What do I say???
  158. Virtual Affair?
  159. [B]This can't be happening!!![B]
  160. How to move past it
  161. What does REAL remorse look like???
  162. What is your opinion, what would you do?
  163. Poll: anything you said about the AP that you regret...
  164. How to check out computer hard drive....
  165. Where to begin... at the begining I guess
  166. Ex partner begging another chance ,have doubts and am confused..
  167. Cowblazer left the building?
  168. What's your opinion?
  169. i feel terrible
  170. Philat's story: The coping never ceases
  171. Examples of the cheater's Script in this thread A resource.
  172. Should I initiate communication during the separation?
  173. Don't know what to believe anymore...
  174. Sexual Addiction Perspective Help
  175. (mostly) EA revealed, problems solved, but hurts so much
  176. Pregnant, alone and terrified! Do you think the 180 plan will help me?
  177. To tell, or not to tell...the family of the cheating husband
  178. Help Please
  179. Still not over it!
  180. Just overheard a conversation I was not supposed to hear...
  181. New User, Please Help Me.
  182. for the techies - text surveillance - help!
  183. WH claims to have used OW only for sex
  184. My soul mate has broken my heart
  185. Suspicions
  186. A letter to my serial cheater son to be ex husband
  187. Question on cheating husbands behaviour
  188. Would you consider this a serial cheater?
  189. Feeling sad and vengeful
  190. spine building thread
  191. Texting his ex when i moved to be with him
  192. Grab a coffee it's a long story.. Infidelity and beyond.
  193. Why the cheater needs the cheated
  194. Grab a coffee this is a long story! Infidelity and other Issues...
  195. First post. Hurt husband needing Some perspective.
  196. Can't prove if he's cheating but there are signs pointing to it
  197. Gotta.Stop.Self.Blaming
  198. Son's duties
  199. My husband cheated but I am the one all the focus is on...
  200. Does the cheater hurt too?
  201. Infidelity - husband reveals authentic self
  202. I handled my wife's lies and affairs the wrong way
  203. Is someone flooding this forum?
  204. If you knew that the AP had screwed over your WS- would you tell or take it to grave?
  205. Colombo...or something like that
  206. Stupid wayward stories
  207. Do I believe lying spouse or the other woman
  208. Complete sketchy behavior
  209. Looking for women who left their husband
  210. my porn addiction destroying my once perfect relationship
  211. Oh my.....Sorry Woody.
  212. Approached bye OM brother
  213. Desperately trying to ruin my husband's affair trip now
  214. How have your feelings changed after things settle down
  215. Update.
  216. Music teacher had sex with two male pupils while her husband slept upstairs
  217. I cheated on my husband.
  218. How do I wait to confront?
  219. After She Cheated, I Am Conflicted With Everything
  220. It's Been a Long time - Why Does it Bother me - Should it Bother me
  221. Triggers - want some thoughts/opinions...
  222. Not sure what to do
  223. Anonymous tip, need advice
  224. Has anyone accepted husbands sex addictions
  225. Is Her Cheating Justified?
  226. How Could You?!?!
  227. Why am I so close to the edge over this??!!
  228. Need time out? Come to Australia for a week or so ..
  229. Cheating Is a Lot Like Obesity? WTF?
  230. where do I start...
  231. My friends affair.
  232. Is "having 100% trust just another way to say I'm lazy?
  233. Torturous thoughts of her with other do you cope with that?
  234. What ever happened to morals???
  235. In pain all over again...need advice...
  236. Today is a big day.
  237. EA... sort of?
  238. Between a Rock and a Hard Place...
  239. Exposed now turning the tables......
  240. Just venting about cheating husband who is trying to get me back
  241. Cheating......Why????
  242. You're a BS, you're you want to know everything?
  243. My story
  244. Reconcilliation ? but with a new partner?
  245. Suddenly fantasizing about other men
  246. how do you turn off love?
  247. A Survival Guide When Building a Better Body?
  248. How to hasten stages in recovery...need advice today!
  249. In a hard place in my marriage
  250. You know it's time for a divorce when......