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: Coping with Infidelity

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  1. What to say when telling the other spouse
  2. Evidence gathering - tools
  3. Hurt an I don't know what to do
  4. how do i forgive
  5. 17 years shot to hell
  6. Trying to save what's left
  7. Why Women Have Secret Lovers
  8. How to expose with proof.........
  9. Exposure in person
  10. Buyers remorse. The 11th hour reconciliation attempt
  11. new to the forum and would like sme advice please.
  12. How to get this guy away from my wife???
  13. How does someone tell when both parties are "truly" in for the Reconciliation?
  14. When WS is a genuine nice guy otherwise
  15. please help help help me with this!
  16. personality disorder or strictly cheater behavior
  17. Tell the children or not?
  18. Fiction: Constance and other famous cheaters
  19. Do cheaters keep cheating?
  20. Guy caught 'bragging' on train from Philadelphia about affairs. Is this your husband?
  21. Conforming with cheating
  22. Repeat Cheating Husband
  23. Breaking up note a wife left her WS - trending on Yahoo
  24. is she nuts exposed her own A now what
  25. Ten years since ONS tomorrow, I'm hurting badly!
  26. New just found out my Husband been having an affair!
  27. Unhappy but can't bring myself to leave
  28. just don't know????
  29. Is this turkey done? Letters of pain.
  30. What would you call this?
  31. I feel like such and Idiot!!
  32. Need help asap
  33. What should I do?
  34. Need good keylogger reccomendation for Mac.
  35. What would you do?
  36. Is he just stupid or am I? Pls advise
  37. In shock that this is actually happening and need help
  38. Need your thoughts and advice for a friend
  39. Do not make my mistake
  40. In bad need of help
  41. Is he cheating?
  42. Help me think clearly
  43. Redemption: An Update to my Story
  44. Posting on Cheaterville
  45. 2 years later, still struggling. My story.
  46. Should I stay or should I go?
  47. The feeling that you have no idea who you married
  48. Anyone have any luck with Christian counselors?
  49. Never thought I would be in this boat again...
  50. Fantasies or intentions when catching a cheating spouse
  51. Remorse vs. Guilt
  52. WS: If you left the BS to be with the OM/OW...
  53. Why I Am Here
  54. my wife's emotional friend
  55. Should I go into Plan B now?
  56. My Fears: Slowly Killing Me & Killing Himself
  57. Coping with infedelity
  58. Family S.O.S...
  59. My wife is having virtual, emotional affairs. Help!
  60. Now divorced but was having affair last year of marriage - Do I tell him?
  61. To block or not?
  62. General Question on Respect and BS/WS
  63. Letter to my wife....
  64. Funny Story of how to do a break up after cheating
  65. should i confront her now......
  66. Trickle truth on purpose or genuinely "remembering?"
  67. So, my parents know.
  68. Do things get weird here when people have more free time??
  69. WS indifference, blame shifting arguments, false accusations?
  70. Think I'm just getting a divorce...
  71. When a marriage is just too perfect...
  72. FYI DNA tests of a child might be illegal in the UK
  73. When the choice is made to end the Affair and stay in the marriage?
  74. Is it normal for a male to.....
  75. Re-writing history vs. the truth?
  76. My wife didn't love me
  77. emotional affair? Apparently not to a husband who thinks it is only Black or White
  78. Confrontation and MC
  79. BS with strong cuckolding impulses
  80. notadoormat
  81. I never saw this coming
  82. Guys, please help!
  83. Jusrice Served
  84. My wife cheated on me durning her lunch hour
  85. Quick VAR suggestion
  86. report (friend needs help)
  87. Wife EA with lesbian woman
  88. Maybe the greatest text ever
  89. Husband had an affair
  90. Trying to keep it together for my baby girl...
  91. Stopping Emotional Affair
  92. Give a cake-eater what they want...
  93. Post Nup
  94. "Old flame" Or "Just friends" EA
  95. Is he sincere?
  96. Gaslighting at it best? Who shirt is this, demands the husband
  97. Help wife and I
  98. Help, I really need some advice!!
  99. Not really new D-day but...
  100. which keylogger works best
  101. When you think about DDay is there anything that stands out in your mind?
  102. Simple question - How many Waywards asked to come back.
  103. How much did length of affair determine decision making?
  104. Dreamt of cheating last night
  105. I suspected before but now I know.
  106. IPhone Backup
  107. To cheat or to break up
  108. If you women need a man who has been cheated on POV.
  109. What to do?
  110. is it even possible to come back from this?
  111. If you men need a women who has cheated in the past point of view
  112. D-day 4 hrs ago - now what?
  113. R but just not feeling it
  114. CheaterVille is now accepting UK cheaters!
  115. My Little Craig's List Vent
  116. What does False R mean?
  117. Wedding Anniversary not the same
  118. He cheated on summer vacation..should I forgive?
  119. Trying to cope with guilt and breaking off an affair
  120. Ok so now what?
  121. I Lied, I Cheated, Now I'm Losing My Mind
  122. Stubborn Love
  123. Acting Out
  124. Can a serial cheater/narcissist change?
  125. No no.. Again????
  126. I screwed up everything
  127. husband had another phoney facebook profile
  128. Where to begin?
  129. Living in limbo
  130. Guilty of Emotional Cheating, Please Advise
  131. successful rugsweep?
  132. Pre-affair advise which you gave to your WS about cheating
  133. Turning in Tandem
  134. When the dust settles...
  135. DDay was today
  136. How to forgive when I need forgiveness
  137. Affairs and children
  138. Friends who "dont like to pick sides"
  139. Crossroads: Which Way to Go?
  140. Feelings changed during R
  141. When reconciliation fails - staying together for the kids
  142. Geting an email from someone saying your partner is cheating
  143. Once there's should be over!
  144. cheating husband, ending marriage; please help..
  145. Trying to figure out our marriage and what to do
  146. HELP: OW and EXH wants my toddler son to call her "mommy"!
  147. Probably Nothing, could be A lot
  148. Please help me I am goin Nuts!
  149. What the BS are doing to have a positive outlook of life?
  150. Lie detectors/polygraphy article: Unreliable and pointless?
  151. I fear my husband has been sleeping with my God son. I need advice
  152. Totally Confused
  153. Please help - I think my husband had an emotional affair, and I can't get over it
  154. Can You Name The Types Of Affairs Seen Here?
  155. Assorted Free computer and phone investigative tools
  156. Wife is in a PA/EA
  157. She Keeps saying it was on mistake in 15 years
  158. Letter, or text to the AP from the BS.
  159. If you guys don't mind...
  160. Wife cheated before marriage
  161. My Virtual Infidelity Wrecking My Marraige
  162. To the WS who had a EA.
  163. 'Just' an EA!
  164. In Retrospect, I regret exposure.
  165. Searching for " The 180".
  166. I just dont know how to do it
  167. Can u turn a h0 into a housewife?
  168. Online EA & shortage of help for that type of infidelity. Let's help here.
  169. How do I stop their "friendship" (AFFAIR!)
  170. Two years out and still just coping...whats wrong with me?
  171. Robsia's D-day 2
  172. Comparing my neglect in the past to hers
  173. DDay 2
  174. Heat of the moment
  175. What are the good/tough questions to ask?
  176. Sharing the house with a Spouse?
  177. How would you handle your WS throwing sex with their AP in your face during a fight?
  178. OM's GF causing trouble a year after DDay
  179. On Sleeping with the Ex Wife
  180. Going to a conference with fWW
  181. When to give up?
  182. No sex in 3 years
  183. Need advice on cheating wife
  184. Outing Ex Cheater Mother's Affair. Questions.
  185. what to do
  186. Still Lurking.. Questions.. As Always.. SEX
  187. Is she or isn't she?
  188. How infidelity changed my life
  189. TAM Ads
  190. Life experience which came handy after WS affair
  191. Ran into OM in store yesterday.
  192. Here Goes
  193. I want to investigate my mom because my dad won't
  194. Has anyone been to hell? I assume my life right now is exactly what it feels like! :(
  195. Marriage Counseling
  196. I'm so crushed Please Give Me Your Opinions
  197. Move back in and expose?
  198. Out of Want with my Wife
  199. Serious Advise Needed
  200. What to do with OM.
  201. Is it time to call it quits????
  202. Future faking in affairs.
  203. Just Prior to or During an Affair, Exactly What Goes Through the Mind of the OM?
  204. Wayward stories - to help & learn
  205. My wife is having an emotional affair and i am ready to blow up!
  206. I was cheated on but how do I know she wants it to work out
  207. Wife Cheating with Another Woman
  208. English Courts to Rule on Exposure - Sex texts and intimate photos are "private"
  209. Best Friend and Ex-Wife
  210. A Thread For Wayward/Wandering/Disloyal Spouses
  211. Please make it stop hurting! I dont know what to do anymore.
  212. 16years and 4 kids she cheated
  213. Question about exposing affair to OM/OW's spouse
  214. Is Cheating "Abusive"?
  215. some help please
  216. Major Trigger - GONE!!!!
  217. When a Cheater should worry
  218. Can posters please not condemn WS for the sake of it!
  219. How to just stop caring what he's up to
  220. Why WS has such a low respect for BS !!!
  221. Why and how?
  222. I didn't expect this...need help
  223. The renewal of the marriage vows?
  224. Moving forward is possible
  225. Perhaps the Betrayer is right all along....
  226. The firsts are hard......
  227. Song to exes.....
  228. Can your gut be wrong?
  229. Real Interesting Thread
  230. When does it come back
  231. A new D-Day
  232. For Mother's day Article?!? `Last line REALLY burned me... Thoughts?!?
  233. I think he's at it again...
  234. New, having doubts about my husband and marriage!
  235. I am devasted
  236. Stop Thinking you Can "Nice" Your Way out of Infidelity
  237. Wish I were at peace.....
  238. BS' do you ever stop feeling insecure?
  239. BS's who left/were left - is your life better?
  240. What to do?
  241. Preselection: Are all the good men really taken?
  242. received some very disturbing news
  243. Humorous Mother's Day cards for the WW
  244. Rant alert
  245. Husband revenge EA maybe
  246. Wedding Anniversary
  247. I just don't know what to do........
  248. Why Rug sweeping is not good?
  249. Teacher forced from job by husband's affair
  250. Interesting Articles on the Web