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: Coping with Infidelity

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  1. Avoiding attractive women
  2. Affairs and PTSD
  3. Engaged and Confused
  4. BH 1 year on unable to progress
  5. New evidence that "sex addiction" is a myth
  6. Plenty of Fish Profile
  7. Does 'Revenge Cheating' Work? (a 2008 article)
  8. Songs that are significant for BS, songs that hurt
  9. What should i do?
  10. The long and winding road that led back to my door
  11. friends or "friends"
  12. surreal cheating in front of my eyes
  13. The 180 - Lessons Learned - Guidance Appreciated
  14. Anyone have a WS that played you???
  15. Does It Ever End?
  16. Why is my husband trying so hard to provok me?
  17. I got a press release at work from a cheater's site in the UK today
  18. Emotional Affair advice
  19. MLSP or NMMNG, anyone
  20. Brace for impact
  21. Victim to Survivor
  22. Finally met the OM the other day(long)
  23. i think i am doing ok... then i read something like marriagebuilders
  24. I'm so lost... first time poster
  25. Never Thought I'd Post Here
  26. Have you ever cheated?
  27. Reconciliation and Entitlement
  28. BS- do you ever feel like your WS plan b?
  29. I'm gonna cheat
  30. whats next help please
  31. Cheaterville and other advice
  32. My Ex Fiance and our "friend"
  33. Need sanity check for 'just friends' situation
  34. Men are from Mars...
  35. Are the children of WS damaged also?
  36. tonight i tell WS that i no longer want R. please help give me courage. SCARED!
  37. Struggling
  38. Repeat offender?
  39. update
  40. Help to turn this day around
  41. What do you think?
  42. Your experience with infidelity
  43. Need device to track him
  44. Husband flirted with other girls for years
  45. Dealing with exwifes affairs.
  46. His needs, Her needs
  47. Should I stay or should I go question...Its haunting me
  48. I think my wife wants to love me and another at same time
  49. how much do circumstances matter?
  50. what kind of person cheats?
  51. The hair of the dog that bit you, a catch 22 in reconciliation.
  52. Can the BS ever fully heal?
  53. Celebrity cheaters, regrets, glamorizing infidelity.
  54. My story, sorry this is so long
  55. so...
  56. Has this ever happened to you...
  57. Caught ya!
  58. Just sayin'
  59. Lost Soul
  60. a yr later!
  61. It is this EA?
  62. I cheated and feel horrible!
  63. i think i know what to do... but am having trouble doing it!
  64. Oh my gosh, I hired a PI
  65. I cheated, confessed. H is now talking to me again, what to do?
  66. I need help please wife cheated
  67. how to stop the broken record?
  68. Trust before & after the EA
  69. Questiion for the WS - Could you forgive?
  70. What do i do?
  71. he cheated ...
  72. Just don't know what to think
  73. The ULTIMATE betrayal
  74. I cheated, husband left, need guidance to prove I'm sorry
  75. End of rope after 20yrs help
  76. Truth keeps tricking in...
  77. Need my next steps for success
  78. Cheated on my wife
  79. Should he contact OW to disclose the real truth?
  80. My wife had an online affair, how do I cope with all of the doubts and questions?
  81. Update...
  82. Going to try to R
  83. anybody?
  84. Why Can I not Let Go of the Pain
  85. Hurting so bad
  86. Feeling almost constant contempt and mistrust
  87. I need help ASAP, I feel myself going under
  88. If you found out your husband
  89. Audacity - Audio Editor - muffled voices
  90. CWI and Affair Obsession
  91. cold the fog be lifting
  92. Betrayed husbands - how would you feel?
  93. Betrayal Statistics
  94. Loved our marriage but wife cheated
  95. Is what my husband is doing considered cheating?
  96. My fault (long)
  97. What is this?
  98. lying wife caught
  99. Sick feeling of betrayal?
  100. His words & actions don't match
  101. Best VAR advice? Brand, installation, etc.
  102. I think...
  103. Text from my wife's friend to my wife....
  104. To Tell or Not?
  105. Why the affair? I never really got an answer
  106. Telling other Partner
  107. Anyone feel like "getting even"??
  108. Post nuptial agreement
  109. Sex after affair recovery hiccup
  110. Is this weird?
  111. I had it all threw it all away...
  112. How far can I push?
  113. How does a WS...
  114. other woman pregnant please help decide what to do
  115. Little lie?
  116. I cheated. HELP
  117. Infidelity and Respect (long, please bear with me!)
  118. Limbo and how long do you live in it?
  119. Getting over my lies
  120. Forgiving and forgetting....
  121. Default to fear at onset of DDay and post DDay.
  122. 7 Months since D-day and even harder now
  123. Setting goals
  124. This is great!
  125. Months after Dday and completely lost
  126. The affair actually made them "love" you more ..Huh?
  127. same old story
  128. Which is worse for a bs
  129. Not sure what to do?
  130. Relationship with a married woman!! need a way out!!?
  131. Venting because I keep sliding into the abyss
  132. WS claims to be "Crystal clear" about wanting only me
  133. Help please
  134. My husband is a KISA and I can't deal
  135. Article with some interesting points
  136. Confused and not knowing what to do
  137. Has your spouse cheated more than once?
  138. Why can I not move on when the man I loved destroyed my life?
  139. Why do people have unprotected sex during an affair?
  140. Asking the WS and others: Do you sometimes feel that you "got away with it?"
  141. My last relationship
  142. Husband came clean to me
  143. prostitutes
  144. my husband confessed to cheating!:(.
  145. They love us? How do you handle that statement?
  146. It's been awhile since I have been on here....
  147. freedom
  148. husband cheated with best friend
  149. Thank you
  150. Survived 2nd DD Anniversary
  151. Cheated on? Betrayed? It's not your fault
  152. Relationships after infidelity
  153. No contact letter
  154. Can we fix this?
  155. How to Get a Valid Prenup
  156. New Relationships, do you see the signs everywhere?
  157. BS finally out of the fog
  158. Getting married again to a foreign national. Any input would be helpful
  159. Not sure what to think
  160. Was this the most loyal and ethical person?
  161. Needing encouragement...or
  162. Change in Sex
  163. Intro and just found out he was cheating.
  164. How to find out if there is a keylogger on my computer.
  165. I Finally Found That Peace I hope You Do Too
  166. How do they live with themselves?
  167. Pregnant OW now harrassing me
  168. Finished
  169. I Abandoned my Cheating Wife
  170. Is it or isn't it
  171. Pics/Statements from
  172. Apparently, bugging the car is a 'dirty trick'
  173. If you were wiling to try to forgive, would you need to know everything first?
  174. Found emails between wife and her ex-fiance
  175. Is there a WiFi traffic logger?
  176. Remorseful Liar
  177. Today I feel like crap
  178. His Depression, My EA, Do I stay or do I GO?
  179. Tell the other woman!
  180. How to up your sex rank?
  181. Just found out my partner is cheating...what now, please help!
  182. Religion and Coping with Infidelity
  183. Trust but verify?
  184. BS vs. AP
  185. What to make of this...
  186. Three days of hell. Dday anniversary starts tomorrow..
  187. Happy Anniversary
  188. Reasons given for cheating?
  189. To: persephone71
  190. An excuse I've never heard before from a cheater...
  191. Why does HE want reassurance???
  192. This song gets me through the day sometimes
  193. EA to PA - should i find the OM's wife?
  194. Lying, cowardly WH requests advice
  195. Describe your pain
  196. Long-Term Repair
  197. Can this marriage be saved after affairs and False R?
  198. Wife Cheated one time, need help!
  199. How do you prioritise your own feelings with theirs?
  200. Wife cheated and we are going through divorce. Should I try to get the other man fire
  201. The fWW and the Aftermath of a PA
  202. Where is my life headed????
  203. Your favorite movie quote
  204. Can infidelity be coped ? No it can`t.
  205. May Not Make 25 YR Anniversary
  206. I am the OW, and don't deserve advice
  207. Should I worry?
  208. My EA Hurt all of us, But he's coping with aggression
  209. Thank you guys for your good example
  210. Is it still called "coping" after 2 years?
  211. Two all too common questions
  212. Wife admitted affair, I want to win her back! How?
  213. Soo Confused - He is making me crazy!
  214. lying wife
  215. The Purge
  216. Question about Cheaterville
  217. i dont want us to be separated, need some advice
  218. Statistics stay the same for long distance affairs?
  219. How to cope with trigger on anniversary
  220. I believe he's been cheating
  221. Thank you all
  222. Husband went to meet his 15 yr old son for the 1st time
  223. Does Cheating run in your family?
  224. What Happened to Dreyes?
  225. do your kids know?
  226. Need Advice - Stay or go (long)
  227. I confessed I'm a WS.
  228. Husband moved in with OW, wants son to stay over
  229. And with the truth comes relief....
  230. Stupid expectations
  231. What should I do
  232. Still feeling betrayed
  233. My write up detailing some other ways to monitor or gather intelligence...
  234. Husband has son just found out was his
  235. GPS placement
  236. Could someone explain to me the point of this article?
  237. Mutual friends
  238. Cheating Husband
  239. How can you do it?
  240. WH came home asking about a surprise
  241. Do you regret exposing the affair?
  242. The untitled hurt before marriage (very long)
  243. iPhone Backup file
  244. Another typical story...
  245. changed password
  246. Let me count the ways... Cheaters Listq
  247. Should I Contact His Wife?
  248. Odd thing happened
  249. The male BS
  250. My sick need to know everything