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: Coping with Infidelity

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  1. After almost ten years of marriage and two beautiful kids, my wife cheats
  2. No sex after her affair...
  3. this sucks
  4. My Story and Beginning Recovery
  5. VAR recordings: Pandora's Box?
  6. How would a man keep his house in a divorce if the wife cheated?
  7. Marriage counseling with serial cheater. what should i expect?
  8. Not sure
  9. Not your ordinary affair...more like a double life
  10. Feeling lost and lonely.. will I ever forgive him for cheating on me and our kids?
  11. I guess I just move on?
  12. confused heartbroken men's input welcomed
  13. How bad is this?
  14. He Cheated.......I want to leave but afraid
  15. OW Broke NC and My Husband Called Back
  16. I can't believe this ... what do I do next?
  17. Just about ready to give up....
  18. My Wife's Married Male Friend
  19. Wifes extra curricular
  20. My wifes betrayal
  21. BH Remembering Your WW Affair
  22. Not sure what to do now
  23. The Writings on the Wall and Needing Help
  24. Husband's Friendship with Another Woman
  25. Exposed the affair to friends and family...backfired!
  26. Please define the term heavy lifting
  27. If this were the other way around well...
  28. Looking for advice
  29. Need advice
  30. how do you get over the hurt?
  31. Should I expose the affair?
  32. VENTING: I just don't understand....serial cheater H
  33. ... Now what?
  34. To Trust or Not To Trust?
  35. Secret Texting
  36. Clint Eastwood Divorce: Dina Eastwood Files For Separation Amid Mate-Swapping Rumors
  37. BH How Can you Believe Your WW?
  38. WW What Have You Refused To Tell Your BH About The Affair?
  39. Great line about defensive attitude
  40. WW Remembering Their Affair
  41. Need help. Mostly asking the guys. *Graphic*
  42. am directing you to post in $ issues forum
  43. The Bad Guy wins 80% of the time
  44. Need advice!
  45. Advice on Boundaries and Transparency
  46. Years of honesty?
  47. 4 years after affair
  48. Not yet married
  49. Circumstantial evidence, no hard proof
  50. HELP!! trying to mind f#ck him to bring him back home
  51. I found his sex ad
  52. is it too much to ask
  53. Does the hatred for the AP stem from the love bank theory??
  54. Cheating wife, trouble coping
  55. Is it REALLY 50/50 in a marriage/relationship?
  56. A complicated, deceit filled story. What now?
  57. Staying for the wrong reasons......
  58. Saw it coming but don't know if it can be stopped! Advice would be appresiated
  59. Article:I Feel Like If I Stay With My Cheating Husband,Then There Are No Consequences
  60. Divorcing, but still feel the need to investigate...
  61. Inappropriate texting?
  62. Misery Loves Company
  63. "I can't change the past"
  64. Husband Cheated now I feel responsbile for the Childrens pain
  65. How do I delete my profile?
  66. Coping with carnal knowledge
  67. Re second guessing everything.
  68. Can't even think of a title, wife is cheating
  69. Technology and Cheating
  70. Telling lies leads to cheater's buzz
  71. So this is what I did:
  72. Second guessing everything.
  73. Devastation
  74. Wife or 3 weeks caught in a bad lie
  75. Emotional affair and emotional abuse? Or am I wrong?
  76. Need to know
  77. Is it weird I feel nothing after all the cheating?
  78. New here...WS told me that the real truth will kill me. Serial cheater
  79. I think cheaters are like people with new car fever
  80. Does experience make for a better counselor?
  81. Husband masturbates in bed
  82. WS Weight Gain
  83. I want to help, but I can't
  84. How long did you continue to snoop after D Day??
  85. I don't get it
  86. Does the length of the affair matter to you?
  87. Closure when the cheater leaves?
  88. Great Quote
  89. Once a cheater....always a cheater?!
  90. HOPE for overcomimg adultry
  91. my wife has left me for another women
  92. Help me stop a serial cheater
  93. Emotionally cheating with ex
  94. I'm stuck
  95. Advice on coping with infidelity. Help!
  96. Wife's a Repeat Cheater!
  97. Lesbian Afffair? Emotional Affair? What Should I Do?
  98. Question time
  99. yet another thread....wife cheated with EA...devastated, help....
  100. A Nine Year Cloud
  101. Sharing mood
  102. Do you think my wife cheated on me?
  103. Husband lied...not sure what to think...
  104. Resentments...
  105. Any WS whose marriage is over and u want BS back?
  106. Snooping on iPhone.
  107. Why DON'T you cheat?
  108. Stuck
  109. Resentment - the retrospective kind!
  110. Adultery- what is about it that hurts so much?
  111. WH has had contact with OW, need advice
  112. @#$%^&* this hurts, when does it ever stop?
  113. Rule # 1...Tell the other betrayed spouse .
  114. Why does it always have to be younger and more attractive?
  115. The OM Social Stigma: confused.
  116. Female honesty...if possible
  117. Addiction or excuse?
  118. Crazy,Stupid, Love
  119. FYI---DRD4 Gene
  120. Cheated on? Betrayed? It's STILL not your fault!
  121. another day...
  122. I just don't think I can do it anymore
  123. I had sex with my female boss
  124. Why am I the bad person now???
  125. Tales of a Walk Away and Come Back Again Wife
  126. To the BS: does it matter how you found out? Confession or Caught
  127. My wife cheated on me. I don't know if I can stay in this marriage
  128. Living in limbo?
  129. Hi everyone
  130. So I just saw my ex after 18 months of her walking out on me.
  131. I know, where they live...
  132. Is this cheating?
  133. trying to recover
  134. How to Handle what you hear on Voice Recordings
  135. What to tell the kids
  136. How does the mind of a cheater work? H says he would “compartmentalize” his life.
  137. Going through R but back to old habits.
  138. Does affair change who other person was?
  139. I am such an ass
  140. Forgive cheating before the wedding?
  141. Is youe cheating spouse guilty?
  142. What I have learned the last 16 months
  143. He Oughta Know
  144. Phases of Reconciliation and Timing
  145. Professional networking: what rules do you and your partner follow?
  146. Why an RA might not work:Can you cheat a cheater?
  147. Why do some cheaters not take responsibility? It's the Tellon Effect!
  148. Update-I haven't been here in a long while
  149. should i give up?
  150. Husband Refuses to Move On
  151. Scumbag?!?
  152. Please give me some guidance.
  153. What to do?
  154. here we go again!
  155. "he should have given me more attention.." etc etc ...
  156. 3 Ways to Rebuild Your Life When You’ve Hit Rock Bottom
  157. Best DNA Kit?
  158. My married journey includes H's 3 affairs...
  159. Lost... again
  160. I think my friend has a quiet eye on my FWayward man...gut feeling and a bit more...
  161. Am I nuts for thinking there's more?
  162. Emotional Affair
  163. Same Username, New Thread (Trial Separation)
  164. Help! Infidelity and separation after honeymoon!!
  165. Emotional Affair Suspected
  166. Advice Needed
  167. Is it over? Should I withdraw?
  168. I am a cuckold.....
  169. Been In R for 18 mo, Now thinking Divorce
  170. How did you keep your "spark" alive in your marriage?
  171. What is forgiveness?
  172. Can't find forgiveness
  173. Bitter
  174. Cheating: An Accident Waiting to Happen?
  175. Did you know the OW/OM?
  176. I turned in to the same person I despise
  177. Which way is up?
  178. Random Thoughts Rant
  179. Separated. Wife has another guy. What now?
  180. The Futility of Confronting Affair Partners
  181. should husband contact ow to apologize?
  182. If you could, would you?
  183. Returning to CWI
  184. Emotional Affair
  185. I am so disgusted and fed up
  186. Fell off the 180 - help
  187. lawyer in a divorce case
  188. No sex with STBX for 2.5 years and NOW he wants me after he cheated?
  189. Phrases you will never accept anymore.
  190. question for WS's only...
  191. When Cheating’s the Issue, Remorse Helps
  192. Does being cheated on change who you are?
  193. Married Man Sex Life Primer (AKA MMSLP) and you.
  194. What is the point of a NC Letter?
  195. Infidelity and No Win Situations
  196. Think I know, but would appreciate advice
  197. she cheated, i had a revenge affair, where do I go from here?
  198. Confused and Torn
  199. Infidelity and all the lies
  200. just some random thoughts
  201. Another one joins the ranks
  202. Just found out about my wife cheating
  203. Found out the truth, now what about the kids?
  204. Judge arrested for planting drugs on ex-lover's husband...
  205. i need help.
  206. So now I know - but I want her back !!!
  207. MC and IC - totally different directions!? Help?
  208. Can I believe?
  209. wifes best friend, morally garbage
  210. Is there any point?
  211. Married and thinking of another man?
  212. I feel empty....
  213. need a sanity check please...
  214. 9 Things You Need to Know About Infidelity
  215. The other man is our tenant, need legal advise
  216. Love and the internet EA.
  217. Help! Advice needed....
  218. What are the next steps?
  219. Tell or Not Tell the BS?
  220. Fog lifts ... Then what?
  221. Any insight/thoughts appreciated
  222. Level of Closeness Post Recovery??
  223. Marriage in trouble. Need help!
  224. HELP Wanna see if she is telling the truth. keylogger/gps tracking for non smartphon
  225. I never saw this coming - where to now?
  226. internet infidelity
  227. Why Don’t Men Think About Their Children When They Leave For Another Woman?
  228. Female Friends
  229. Dear Chump Lady, Are they (men) all this way?
  230. I am so angry right now.
  231. Do you think emotional immaturity is a trait common with cheaters?
  232. An unexpected trigger
  233. My best friend confessed to cheating a year ago. Do I tell her husband?
  234. need advice on what yo do
  235. Exposure Is A Tool To Kill An Affair
  236. My wife cheated after 15 years, is she still?
  237. Should I tell my friend that his boyfriend has an affair?
  238. Best friend is my hero! Score for a BS
  239. For the confused BS: Narcissists Be Crazy!
  240. Individual Couseling - Has it really helped?
  241. He cheated and i don't think i can ever forget or forgive
  242. Best way to divorce my wife...
  243. Getting over the affair
  244. Long Distance Snooping
  245. Boyfriend's EA and his closeness with her family
  246. What you allow is what will continue.
  247. Became addicted to snooping
  248. get over it..
  249. Does any one remember ..?
  250. A tragedy due to infidelity