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: Coping with Infidelity

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  1. Have any if you used Historyviewer?
  2. With indifference?
  3. Not even sure why I'm care about it...
  4. Am I reading too much into this?
  5. Why wont he just admit this??!!
  6. Discovered wife's online EA, what now?
  7. Struggling with what to do with a second-time cheater.
  8. Why choose someone less attractive as an AP?
  9. How Accurate is Spokeo or Intellius
  10. Am I crazy???
  11. Strip clubs
  12. how do i forgive ??
  13. STBXH is dragging feet signing papers...
  14. Is it the "fog"? Or is this really the end?
  15. dazed and confused
  16. Stumbling through the 180
  17. Sometimes what bothers me the most about being a BS is....
  18. I was the cheater.. many times.
  19. Help with continuing investigation...
  20. Did my wife cheat, or am I crazy???
  21. Do you regret D?
  22. D-day was yesterday - Need advice and help ASAP!
  23. EA trigger.....argument
  24. Husband had an emotional affair? What do I do.
  25. True and Hidden Nature of WS/BS during and after affair
  26. Emotionally cheating husband, lost now.
  27. wife says she never fit in
  28. moving on seems impossible
  29. Hurting
  30. Found a dating app on kids Ipad
  31. Husband Confessed (after two years of wondering)
  32. So Did My Wife Betray Me Afterall?
  33. Very confused by my STBXW
  34. I feel depressed
  35. Please define "heavy-lifting"
  36. Why do women do it?
  37. Mistress is pregnant. What rights does man have??
  38. Why isn't prerecorded porn good enough?
  39. Hysterical Bonding Experiences
  40. Karma wish list vent thread
  41. He made time for OW...
  42. Pregnancy and evening out the parental sacrifice
  43. How far would you go for love?
  44. help please 2x4s welcome
  45. I dont know what to do
  46. my wife crushed my heart
  47. I need to hear more WS and their lousy AP struck with Karma stories...
  48. Both of you cheated? What happened?
  49. Hey infidelity groupies...
  50. Love her so much, but not feeling good about reconciling.
  51. Julie
  52. Serious question about staying together...
  53. Why can't I find closure and move on???
  54. I Can't Stop Feeling Anxious
  55. Suspicious feelings, (legitimate vs reading into)
  56. How much to we want to know about the A
  57. Husband cheated before marriage
  58. Going to need support: Wife cheated, starting 180
  59. Wow, [edited by admin] forums have been shut down!
  60. Recently Betrayed and More Lies
  61. Want your opinion please
  62. Coping
  63. For Me This Song Says It All
  64. Why wallow is sarrow?
  65. Suspicion and Reconciliation
  66. Should I give the OM info about my wife?
  67. Why do I keep reading the his affair msg's???
  68. HELP ME figure out what's going on
  69. tough love for WS
  70. My STBXH will get served with divorce papers this week.
  71. Love for the AP vs love for your BS
  72. my husband met up with escorts
  73. What am I doing wrong? What am I doing right?
  74. found this site at 2am and felt hope for the first time
  75. Wife had EA, turned PA, then left. Doesn't think she cheated.
  76. Wife thinks i cheated
  77. Heartbroken and crushed!
  78. A Real Honest Marriage
  79. Is it even worth the effort?
  80. please help
  81. Divorce or work on it?
  82. How to win my husband back after my EA?
  83. hubby admitted his fault and he is totally selfish
  84. Take a seat, this is about to get heavy. Wife cheated.
  85. I Cheated on my husband... Now what?
  86. Need help preparing for marriage counseling.
  87. Best Android Phone Spyware
  88. Help...I am going nuts...did she cheat?
  89. Wife had an EA
  90. Face it or Numb it?
  91. help
  92. and I feel fine
  93. Let's Talk About Sex After a PA
  94. Wife EA really need some help!!
  95. Not Sure If Wife Cheated Or Still Cheating??
  96. not sure how to react
  97. What signs of lying did your cheating SO give?
  98. Possible cheater signs?
  99. Woke me up
  100. Husband talks to other women
  101. Should I give her a second chance
  102. NC Letter
  103. How do I turn off the trigger?
  104. When is it too much?
  105. Comment from STBXW - the key to many betrayals?
  106. How much more can I take?!?!
  107. husband of 18 years hides talking to old high school flame behind my back
  108. Living well is the best revenge...
  109. I Need Help!!
  110. Input PLEASE!
  111. Could you completely ignore it?
  112. Still Can't Believe This Has Happened
  113. Not Sure What to Do- Advice Please
  114. More UK Legal Confusion (over gay marriage/adultery)
  115. should i take him back please help...
  116. Am I to sensitive.....
  117. I am considering taking her back - am I crazy? Concerned for my son.
  118. Pros/cons of posting late on Cheaterville?
  119. My faith in humans versus dogs...
  120. What was your experience with polygraph?
  121. Need your thoughts with unanswered questions....
  122. Can't Sleep - Can't Stop Thinking
  123. Is recovery possible from the thought of infidelity?
  124. What Do I do?
  125. Wife had affair. 2kids..please advise on how to deal
  126. Just found out today my wife of 12 years is cheating on me
  127. Exposure Now?
  128. Husband Using Prostitutes
  129. Should I trust him?
  130. Affair...past tense
  131. How do you deal with triggers??
  132. Life after Infidelity
  133. how bad is emotional infidelity?
  134. What is a ballpark estimate of how long affair fog lasts?
  135. Colleague's son with cheating wife?
  136. Question on the NC letter's importance
  137. Need some opinions/advice please ...
  138. Emotional affair or what?
  139. Need advice desperately!!
  140. She wants to return
  141. Seperated 2 months - I cheated on my wife with man - she is in a fling - HELP
  142. Details of his affair: he says "no way"
  143. TV show called..."The Mistress"
  144. Need a little help
  145. "I still care about you"
  146. Its and affair, what steps do i take?
  147. 26 year Marriage. I had the affair and I regret everything.
  148. My story: seeking closure
  149. Why Do We Call Cheaters "Waywards"??
  150. Why didn't you talk to me before you cheated?
  151. I cheated on my husband.
  152. Shocked - would like someone to talk to!
  153. Revenge affairs?
  154. I cheated on my husband...and Im so sorry
  155. Husband, Facebook and Old "Friend"
  156. Its been 4 years.
  157. trying to interpret husbands email exchanges
  158. Before you decide to leave. Read my story
  159. Helping WS during R - Questions for WS
  160. Ways that your WS's cheating changed you....
  161. Limbo is torture.
  162. The Good Wife
  163. My husband left me for an 18 year old.. 12 months later update
  164. I am the cheater
  165. What to do with my time after her affair, before resolution
  166. The Benefits of Exposure?
  167. Shattered by lies and cheating
  168. Help with acronym/slang
  169. Lost and don't know what to do
  170. Am I over reacting.......
  171. writing how i feel about hubby EA to him
  172. Manage Internet Connection Question
  173. Please help. Not sure if it's worth it anymore...
  174. My wife has cheated after 10 years
  175. EA with same sex, but not gay?
  176. Odds that she did cheat
  177. reverse look up
  178. Renewing Contact
  179. So what has manti te'o taught us about cyber love?
  180. Just caught her
  181. How do I get through this?
  182. Again? How much do I believe?
  183. Success stories?
  184. Text Cheating ???
  185. Am I Ruining Our Marriage Now?? Sorry....kinda long.
  186. Tablet
  187. silly question, but I have to ask it
  188. My husband is having a hard time choosing me or his affair
  189. My man is preparing himself to give me the 'truth'...I think.
  190. Husband cheats w/my prego cousin
  191. Counselor advice ...
  192. Hubz's female work colleague
  193. Pregnancy Test
  194. The progression from friendship to EA
  195. Afraid my H is cheating
  196. Husband's emotional affair w/employee
  197. Find My friends App?? Itunes users
  198. Your thoughts would be appreciated .. Is is me? ;-(
  199. Feeling like a doormat... please help
  200. Just found out wife left me for OM... could use support
  201. Please help!
  202. It really isn't you. It IS them!
  203. Am I over reacting?
  204. Mutual friends
  205. Lost Hope
  206. Need Advise! He doesnt understand the hurt he caused!
  207. Having an Affair
  208. Is a full on emotional affair a real affair ? Thoughts needed
  209. Why should I love her more than she loves herself?
  210. Is My Husband Hiring Escorts? Need Opinions
  211. I just can't get over the infidelity, please advise.
  212. Emotional affair
  213. Implemented Just Let Go... Just Not Easy!
  214. Colorado mother arrested for allowing children to die while she had sex
  215. Lance Armstrong... a Cheater
  216. My daughter is really angry w/ her STBX stepdad...
  217. Another kick in the gut
  218. Do you really ever get over the betrayal?
  219. had an affair...
  220. Looking for Book suggestions
  221. For reading purposes
  222. Did your gut instinct help you discover evidence?
  223. No time together alone
  224. It's called the cheating husband diet...
  225. Contact OM?
  226. Marriage Counseling Horror Stories Thread. Bad advice at $150 an hour. Please share
  227. STBXWs manipulations
  228. Flashbacks. Ugh.
  229. Are there more BH's or BW's here?
  230. Is this EA or friendship?
  231. WWYD? I want to look further but should I?
  232. Male - Female Co-worker boundaries
  233. Husband cheated 12 years ago
  234. Keeping evidence of your WS's affairs...
  235. Telling omw or owh
  236. How do i work things out with him
  237. Do people always give notice to SO when filing for divorce??
  238. She wants to come back "on a trial basis". Um, no.
  239. Got an Email from the EX Cheater through linkedln......
  240. Anger you cannot shake
  241. A perfect example of beta behavior?
  242. How did you tell your spouse you filed?
  243. What did you guys do for DD-Anniversary?
  244. Separated:My husband is with another woman
  245. A Year and a Half Since D-Day
  246. OMG! Enough of the Fog Talk Already
  247. I can't let it go
  248. Am I wrong or right?
  249. Need help understanding him
  250. I really need some hope.

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