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: Coping with Infidelity

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  1. AnniversaryRant Day
  2. After the Lies - "Scott Free"
  3. Someone looking for help
  4. Husband clued in to 180...
  5. Is it anybody else's business?
  6. Why Bother?
  7. A good story for once
  8. We both screwed up but...
  9. Long term emotional affair or just friends?
  10. Contacted by exwife for dinner. Yes? No? HELP
  11. Do people really lack Moral and Ethical Values
  12. Removing Toxic people from your life
  13. Need Advice
  14. Losing my mind...
  15. NO DESIRE for sex after multiple ddays
  16. You are entitled to make mistakes.....
  17. How I got here
  18. My wife cheated, wants to reconcile, but won't have sex
  19. What to do
  20. Wife Cheated on me
  21. husband having emotional affair
  22. Second Divorce Plan
  23. Lost...
  24. Do you think that the BS still can get some of the blame?
  25. Anniversary of DD#2 today...
  26. Could use some non-judgmental advice
  27. 7 Weeks Since My Husband Confessed
  28. Article: Why adulterers secretly yearn to be caught
  29. Wifes affair
  30. He gave me Trich:-(
  31. Can't deal with the OC and the whole affair
  32. Wife having an affair with another woman
  33. After the Lies - the Dawning
  34. How could you get over this?
  35. Today Is My Birthday
  36. Need Help!
  37. kept it hidden
  38. DDay one year ago.
  39. Open letter to my wife
  40. Do I have a story for you...
  41. "she says the effort she puts into deceiving me is proof she loves me"
  42. Social Media Is an open door to cheating
  43. Checking up
  44. What's up in TX & CA?
  45. Need Help Moving On
  46. I Don't know what to do now
  47. Obsessing, but he's not.
  48. Cheating husband
  49. Moving on a year after DD.
  50. Separated and Now Know Why
  51. married man cheated with married woman
  52. I know this will get moved soon...
  53. He cheated not once BUT TWICE
  54. Don't rush to get Divorced
  55. Facebook to catch a possible cheater!!
  56. Wise Words
  57. Excuses, excuses
  58. He keeps trying it on!
  59. iPhone text recovery
  60. I dont know what to do...
  61. R
  62. After an affair, what do you do when the Pain Resurfaces Years Later?
  63. Still recovering...
  64. Life "Fog"
  65. What do I do to get over this pain?
  66. Serial Cheater Signs
  67. Am I obsessing too much?
  68. Wife cheated in 2011
  69. Has your WW ever tried to have sex with you?
  70. Do you think how you feel about yourself reflects how you act as a BS?
  71. Desperate for help in getting through this
  72. Struggling
  73. I think I need some more guidance...
  74. Stuck in neutral...
  75. Facebook friends only? I am not buying it....
  76. I just dont know what to do.
  77. Has anyone ever tried to set a trap....
  78. Anger, violent thoughts - rollercoaster of emotions
  79. I can't forgive myself
  80. Anyone ever had a snoop at A***** M******* or the like?
  81. Questions for those who have coped with infidelity and managed to stay committed
  82. DDay 2 via False R...
  83. How can I help my BS, through the pain ive caused?
  84. The beginning stages
  85. After the lies - what's next?
  86. If only...
  87. The lie and the truth
  88. Infidelity suspicion task list for newbies
  89. transparency? ha yea right
  90. Avoiding it...
  91. Positive Reconciliation?
  92. Anyone here been burnt more than once after their WS PROMISED to be faithful forever?
  93. Husband has been sleeping with his best friend, need advice
  94. Is my new attitude a phase...
  95. Checking
  96. Bowling Night Trigger
  97. OM threatening to commit suicide !!!
  98. Was the EA a PA?
  99. Do you tell future SO's about past affairs?
  100. H insensitive to trigger, WHY?
  101. Seriously, what is the difference between a long term PA and someone who has ONS?
  102. Stuck in the land of "I simply don't believe you"
  103. Hypersexual Addiction
  104. What have you done to help your Former-Wayward Spouse
  105. Did you stay for the kids?
  106. And I thought she completely got it...
  107. Good read. Especially for those thinking of cheating.
  108. After the Lies
  109. When have you had an Affair?
  110. Need advice from other WS on withdrawal
  111. Is their away to prevent an Affair?
  112. Oh Gawd
  113. Just found out...need advice :(
  114. Can Cheaters Change and Become Non-Cheaters?
  115. Lies, deceit, how do i trust him again?!?!
  116. The trust is damaged
  117. so confused
  118. Am I going overboard? Driving me crazy...
  119. Why BS gets treated very badly by the WS during on-going Affair?
  120. Drowning in a sea of confusion
  121. stay opened minded and not over-react
  122. flirting through facebook and text
  123. How To can you cope with cheating?
  124. thots on "cheerleader" friends
  125. He's saying he CAN'T REMEMBER what year he had a PA???
  126. D Day
  127. spring cleaning
  128. When does the pain stop?
  129. what do you do?
  130. TAM and EA's
  131. Betrayed
  132. How do you be intimate again after infidelity???
  133. I've finally made a break through!!
  134. Can an ex-cheater be trusted?
  135. Pitino Infidelity
  136. Questions for those who have cheated
  137. Quick question need quick answer something is about to pop
  138. Confronting OM/OW
  139. Accepting a gift from WS
  140. False Allegations Used to Justify Affair
  141. How has the A affected other parts of your life. How is your drive, motivation energy
  142. How many times do I forgive?
  143. ...For the delivery of Jonathan?
  144. People Want to Avoid Adknowledging Infidelity
  145. When can your gut be trusted again?
  146. Is it what it looks like or did I over react
  147. Just because it can doesn't mean it should
  148. What is tolerated in R?
  149. decided not to go the VAR route. What's your view?
  150. Retarded Ejaculation- Yep it exist..
  151. Over a decade of cheating. I think I get the hint now.
  152. I finally feel ready to divorce, and now he wants to fix it????
  153. was I out of line?
  154. "I didn't think of my spouse at all"??
  155. Where the truth lies
  156. Who do I talk to about possible infidelity?
  157. Am i over reacting?
  158. Is it still an EA?
  159. Just Cheated on
  160. Guide to confronting a wayward spouse
  161. Was feeling ok but now I've been smacked back down
  162. Suspecting wife may be cheating
  163. Really
  164. He Cheated, then Left Me
  165. lost in love...
  166. Yet another suspicion...
  167. 17 faithful years, and this is what I get!!
  168. Confused by advice from Glass' website
  169. A year after the EA-looking back at the early signs I(you) missed?
  170. experience with VAR's, keylogger software
  171. EA and my husband
  172. Bit of humor for the weekend
  173. Is my husband in an EA? Why does he idolize the OM?
  174. Things wayward spouses do wrong.
  175. Do you ever look back at emails, etc. that you sent around DDays?
  176. I Can't Take It Anymore. Help Please!
  177. Wife calling School Male friend every day multiple times
  178. Is the betrayed really getting the truth
  179. Looking for some perspective
  180. I cheated Help me fix it!
  181. Input PLEASE! EA or NO EA? That is the question
  182. Work is the best and untouchable place to cheat
  183. When is it time to forgive?
  184. As soon as the affair came to light, it was SURPRISINGLY easy to totally cut AP off
  185. I had to find out the truth
  186. was it really just a kiss and can we ever recover?
  187. first post
  188. I can't help thinking of them together....
  189. Help asap to delete person on tam from contacting me?
  190. Revenge Affair .. surly the only way to truly understand the hurt of betrayal?
  191. Definitely not a fairy tale start
  192. snooping/confrontation
  193. Newly Married and Cheating Spouses
  194. Has anyones WW Spouse ever abandoned ALL Family ?
  195. Thanks from a newb; and a question
  196. Drunken mistake
  197. Steamrolled by a sudden trigger? Why?
  198. Wife of 13 years cheated w/ my best friend
  199. Question on how to deal with
  200. Cheater/Wayward/WOW script ?
  201. Need some HELP!
  202. Help, I was afraid I would be here.
  203. What's the best way to confront?
  204. Almost infidelity in the military
  205. Exposing the truth... Is it a good idea?
  206. Found out new info...
  207. My world completely ended, needing guidance
  208. Is it just me?
  209. Devastated but.....
  210. New to this and struggling
  211. need advice - turns out my husband is a d-bag
  212. Sex for Drugs
  213. Is it possible to do a SEX 180 without doing a normal 180?
  214. Wife of 12yrs, no kids, cheats with co-worker... Both of us Police Officers.
  215. The man she almost married
  216. Strange - is XW hurting current wife?**Caution Epicly long**
  217. The 180
  218. Please Help 21 year Marriage going down the drain
  219. Where to Confront?
  220. My pain and her pain
  221. does cheating indicate a lack of empathy with the betrayed spouse?
  222. Gym trainer
  223. Is there any closure?
  224. guy needs woman advise cheating wife
  225. Line crossed and I'm a coward for not walking
  226. Give me the Strenght. Help desperately needed
  227. Totally and completely crushed
  228. Problems..problems...
  229. Dumb, Confused.. lost..
  230. The OW still doesn't believe me
  231. Worse than My Worst Nightmare
  232. Help, my world is falling apart
  233. Actively Pursuing Married People
  234. Abbreviations
  235. A false R but not the way you think
  236. Just admitted to being CSA and had sex w/the man I told
  237. No closure.
  238. i dont know if i can trust again
  239. Cyber Cheating
  240. Wife doesnt think its an EA because he is gay
  241. Private threads?
  242. Classification of what happened while apart?
  243. Need Some Advice Here (HELP!!!)
  244. I Feel Betrayed BUT My Wife Claims That It's Not An Online Affair
  245. NC but still looking at her facebook page
  246. I messed up and I'm not proud
  247. How to reconcile...
  248. Lawyer consult fees
  249. Frustrated by WH justifying the severity of an EA
  250. still felling so much anger after a year