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: Coping with Infidelity

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  1. My wifes secret email address
  2. How to truly forget...
  3. contacting Affair Partner
  4. My Wife is unhappy
  5. Just read Why Women Cheat book Website Thats me I think
  6. Women who leave children
  7. Wife cheated please read
  8. Why I think the Alpha/Beta thing is flawed
  9. 13yr relationship need advice
  10. Infidelity and circle of friends
  11. revenge
  12. Twisting in the wind
  13. 100% over still having to stay in the house, she still has control over me!
  14. Why is he angry WITH ME?
  15. He lied to OW as well as me
  16. Roommates and now cheating
  17. Betrayed spouses and why so much pain
  18. cheating
  19. My wife say's she's done nothing wrong...
  20. I made mistakes...
  21. Feel like a bad person
  22. Anyone Else with no Agreement on EA with Spouse?
  23. Is kissing cheating?
  24. Wife Left
  25. My Story and Next Steps
  26. Im Flabbergasted
  27. Do OMs always want just sex with a married woman?
  28. I need to hear some Karma stories
  29. Almost 1 Year from D-Day
  30. How can I fight when I did all the hurting
  31. he cheated now i'm in an EA
  32. I feel like I am stuck on a roller coaster and dying to get off!
  33. Husband Caught Texting
  34. Exhausted but still love the jerk!
  35. Trying to heal
  36. D-Day - 1 year out
  37. Do nice guys finish last?
  38. Finally filing for D after 10ms of false R. Need advice please!
  39. Her E.A.
  40. Sexual desire during reconciliation
  41. Bad start. How to make it better?
  42. what do i do?
  43. Husband in emotional affair with young woman who has own fiance but wants him too
  44. Cheating husband
  45. Does everyone feel guilty for cheating?
  46. We really need this....
  47. The situation after 5 months being separated
  48. Still...after all this time.
  49. Setback - Starting 180
  50. She Cheated. I hate my life.
  51. 180
  52. 12 weeks from DDay (WW perspective) Rugsweeping?
  53. Sex during R
  54. Letting go while still stuck there
  55. How long will a H mourn finding out Wife past infedility?
  56. How do you deal with someone convinced you are unfaithful?
  57. xWF goes on a lovely vacation…
  58. For those of you cheated on...
  59. Has infidelity made you suffer fools, liars, cheaters less, and more voccally so?
  60. why do i feel like an unpaid counselor?
  61. Being the betrayer
  62. Arnold on 60 Minutes.
  63. So I proposed to my GF a week ago, she said no.
  64. Lying wife and suspicious behavior...
  65. The fog
  66. Foreign Affair
  67. I can feel her
  68. Not Trigger During Sex w new partner/old partner how do you cope
  69. What next?
  70. Confront her?
  71. I messed up and he has no idea.
  72. A couple of questions
  73. Two different visions of the past?
  74. Don't know how to do the next step (Really stuck)
  75. I admitted I had a ONS and not just a EA
  76. Do marriages end more often when W cheats on H or vice versa?
  77. My H says hes been going to a counselor
  78. Should I leave or should I stay? Partner had a 3-some (and I wasn't invited.)
  79. no contact violated
  80. How to "move on"
  81. Was it cheating?
  82. Anyone R w/o getting the full truth?
  83. Is it true that ALL men will cheat given the opportunity?
  84. Is she cheating?
  85. I'm done here, thank you!
  86. Facebook reverse phone number look up
  87. Not worth my tears, yet I can't stop crying
  88. Thoughts of Inadequacy
  89. Help me with forgiveness
  90. Coping with wife's EA
  91. Nothing Free
  92. What's Wrong with People...?
  93. Need help: emailing iphone text messages
  94. Thinking of asking H to do a polygraph
  95. Advice needed asap
  96. When to stop asking questions?
  97. What to do?
  98. What do you get from this?
  99. What is Forgiveness and How Can It Help Heal
  100. so lost in my own head
  101. Confronted Wife on EA: Now Not Sure What to DO
  102. Things you said/did around Dday that you wish you could take back...
  103. Wife Mid Life Crisis ???
  104. What is the cost of forgiveness?
  105. My Wife Had an EA With My Friends' Husband.
  106. found out i was cheated on
  107. Help or Advice
  108. Game play
  109. He's gone.
  110. Does tam open up old/new wounds for you?
  111. how long does the depression/grieving period last?
  112. Reality check?
  113. WH wants to expose AP 7 months after NC
  114. Telling the children?
  115. Advice please
  116. Is this Cheating, mother syndrome or something else?
  117. Well, ain't that a kick in the head?
  118. Wife says she is in love with another man, but still loves me
  119. This is quite embarrassing
  120. Question about a friend recieving inappropriate texts
  121. Older sex
  122. Cuddle or not
  123. Wifes EA and texting transcripts what to do?
  124. Really Insignificant Question - Part of R
  125. They say its his Birthday
  126. Is it really cheating?
  127. A hypothetical question?
  128. The Journal...Should it stay or go?
  129. Wife had EA possible PA
  130. wife cheated,wants to work it out.but shows no remorse
  131. An awful new marriage
  132. Finding his name
  133. How to confront husband of 34 years?
  134. Founda bunch of dating sites on Hs email
  135. Twice in 2 Years...
  136. WS failed poly this morning...
  137. Partner had a one night stand.
  138. Forgiveness? Anger? Release? How do I deal with emotions?
  139. Need HELP :.(
  140. Mixed Emotions...
  141. bunny boiler
  142. no contact
  143. How many affairs start out as friendships?
  144. Feeling quite vengeful toward WW
  145. All of us get a new line of work?
  146. Nurse wife trying to have affair with doctor (surgeon)
  147. How devastated was your H/W when you found out they cheated?
  148. Taking Responsibility
  149. Lord mayhem
  150. The Ex - advice?
  151. Need a third party perspective here
  152. Forgive And Forget
  153. DDAY3 over a year later...
  154. How long and until when ???
  155. Details, details, details....
  156. Facebook
  157. Wife meeting hunk affair man .
  158. Corroded Futures - Abandoned Father and Daughter
  159. I need help here :/
  160. The Troubles just haven't stopped yet.
  161. about passion
  162. How do I retrieve old/deleted messages from IPhone... please help!
  163. Getting Divorced and still having sex?
  164. sorry its long
  165. Need guidance on awkward situation
  166. Dissing the AP
  167. How do I stop 'the thoughts'
  168. Short visit.
  169. Our 5 year marriage
  170. Betrayed Spouse not forgiving self???
  171. want to know
  172. want to know
  173. ShouLd oF known!!!
  174. Did I overreact to what I feel was an EM?
  175. O/W Contacted Me today! ugh.
  176. am I being irrational?
  177. A story of redemption and payback
  178. Would You Consider This an Act of Infidelity?
  179. Is She Cheating or am I Crazy
  180. How life improves after getting rid of WS
  181. kissing?
  182. Lie detector test
  183. How to Deal With Multiple EAs?
  184. Question for WS's
  185. Contacted the OW! Made me laugh!
  186. double whammy....
  187. Need help with WW
  188. Got this odd text? help
  189. Do EA's ever pan out?
  190. Realizing why my actions hurt so much, and how to heal the BS
  191. Just recently found out
  192. 6 months into R and I am a mess...
  193. What happens when they come out of the fog?
  194. New love or drug use? It's all the same to your brain.
  195. I forgive him, how do I get him to forgive himself?
  196. Hard being # 2 in my own marriage
  197. 180?
  198. the line "posted in sex in marriage"
  199. Payback would be a mother...... UPDATE
  200. Question? Emotions what about Shame?
  201. Time to move on.
  202. Why is he doing this now?
  203. Wife, Best Friend betrayal
  204. Lonely souls floods
  205. Betrayed Husband, what can I do now..
  206. Triggers
  207. Dreams
  208. New Girlfriend shared her fantasy....what to do?
  209. Husband confessed cheating and not being attracted to me but loves me.Now what?
  210. new to this mess
  211. Cheater finds happiness?? wtf
  212. Lurking betrayed spouse? We're here for you
  213. The AP's wife is crazy - not sure how to handle.
  214. 56 year old wife sexting 25 year old boy.
  215. Silly, stupid trigger
  216. Understanding the aftermath of confronting
  217. Dealing with husbands online adventures
  218. How do you let go when you know there is no chance of reconciliation
  219. Looking for personal experiences.....
  220. Update on scabs from oral thread
  221. From a broken heart
  222. Burning far reaching question
  223. Is there a sub-forum? "Betrayal"
  224. Work place affairs
  225. Closure For WH with AP?
  226. Suggestions?
  227. Wife and Coworker
  228. Why choose my best friend, I feel like a fool, help
  229. Slap it out of me PLEASE!
  230. I have no interest in talking to you
  231. How to let go of...
  232. Husband cheated *fetish*
  233. My wife is obsessed with another man
  234. Why do cheating wives fight so dirty?
  235. How does the cheater feel about their AP now?
  236. Husband meeting women online.
  237. Cheated my wife how to gain her trust(from India)
  238. Do women cheat more than men or are men good at hiding it
  239. Believe husband or other woman
  240. Sayonara
  241. as a BS how do you now react when you see cheating?
  242. What do I do?
  243. Shut it out and shut up
  244. Husband has fetish of me being with other men. It's destroying me.
  245. Floundering around!!
  246. Can my marriage be saved?
  247. Who has done a poly? Did it help you? Please help.
  248. Dating - Verify Divorce - Warning
  249. Need some support, don't know who to talk to.
  250. Great advice but I dont plan to return