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: Coping with Infidelity

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  1. What if????
  2. Who would you be pissed at?
  3. HATE and How to Use It?
  4. Wedding anniversary
  5. BW becoming distant
  6. Those who R, how do you get over everything?
  7. My wife
  8. Survey: Affairs in the Workplace
  9. Trusting your WS after R
  10. How do you do it....
  11. I am NOT going to cheat.
  12. I let my guard down.
  13. Dealing with rejection - Are BS's "losers"?
  14. Unsure about Marriage
  15. If you're thinking about cheating?
  16. what to do....
  17. I AM going to cheat.
  18. Please advise me!
  19. Please give me words of encouragement
  20. Wife cheated years ago, still can't get over it
  21. His Erotic Roleplaying Addiction is destroying me :(
  22. I can't take it anymore
  23. The backstory
  24. Could you reconcile?
  25. insight
  26. Husband EA with co worker, what to do?
  27. Hitting bottom- cheating husband finally calls
  28. Random Thoughts
  29. Things are becoming 'magical' lol
  30. Ready to take the next step
  31. Just found he's been cheating
  32. Another bombshell
  33. terms/conditions of reconciliation??
  34. A year since DDay
  35. How do you get rid of the other woman?
  36. Thoughtful Help
  37. 2nd time
  38. A Year Post Affair - 50% of the Marriage Problems I Accept
  39. % chance WS and OM will have long term relationship?
  40. Just found out today, could use some advice.
  41. OM - what makes them go after married women ?
  42. Exposure may be working...should I break no contact with WW?
  43. confused!!!
  44. Is this cheating? Or an excuse for him to cheat?
  45. husband cheated
  46. How inow.when your spouce is truly sincere?
  47. Understanding the "Why" for Affairs
  48. lies before marriage
  49. how long until im back in control of my anger
  50. Does OW really matter?
  51. How to deal with the rejection and hurt
  52. The Details: Something you can't unforget
  53. Telling on OM?
  54. Honest opinion needed from men with 1-sided EA
  55. How did your reconciliation conversation go?
  56. thinking of leaving my ws but cant
  57. Take four? Five? Too many ruined chances to count from Mrs_Mathias
  58. D-Day #2?
  59. A couple of songs i wanted to share
  60. Ladies I want your opinions please!
  61. Making big decisions a few weeks after DD
  62. I ruined my marriage and I want to fix it
  63. I had an emotional affair!!
  64. First time I see my H in person since telling him my affair
  65. From ILYBINILWY back to ILWY ... possible?
  66. Betrayed but Cautiously Holding out Hope thanks to TAM
  67. 25th Anniversary for a cheating narcissist.
  68. I am so bummed...
  69. A taste of his own medicine
  70. I had EA - Exposed but I'm over it.
  71. Help pls pls pls
  72. If I had been cheated on.......
  73. More Advice
  74. How long does exposure take to kill the affair?
  75. In love with the 180!
  76. "I don't know," "I don't remember."
  77. Why would a married man with family be attracted to another woman?
  78. Who am I married to? Which one is real?
  79. Things are better now, but....
  80. It will get better!
  81. Abused husband canít get out Ė craziness even extends to DW accuses OM of r@pe
  82. Just found out, now what
  83. Ready to go...I just can't live with him knowing what he has done
  84. Signs of a cheating wife...
  85. How can I trust my husband again
  86. How do I get past it
  87. Should I contact OW??
  88. I cheated and now I'm being blackmailed
  89. Unsure About Confronting - What I Will Think After
  90. Can a marriage survive without trust or forgiveness?
  91. Is there such a thing as a ONS EA?
  92. Help - Full Confession Requirements
  93. Confused: Cheating wife's treatment
  94. Remorseful??
  95. I admire BS' who find out they have a WS and can recover
  96. Found these emails...
  97. Proving the affair
  98. Wife and the Ex-Boyfriend
  99. Womens Infidelity II by Michelle Langley
  100. feeling lost and broken after husband's affair
  101. The legality of following somebody
  102. A few questions with a bit of back story.
  103. Venting
  104. Looking for opinions.
  105. Urgent help needed please! Wife wants divorce!
  106. Do you think my wife cheated?
  107. CheatEE has been given green light to be a CheatER
  108. Illness and the Wayward Spouse....
  109. Three strikes - from the Mrs.
  110. I have returned ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  111. Dealing with Parenting after betrayal
  112. Exposing one's cheating spouse
  113. Found out my wife has been cheating and my world is in utter CHAOS!!!!
  114. My husband cheated after 24yrs of marriage - help - how do I get over it?
  115. My husband won't admit until he is caught
  116. She's about to move away with the OM!
  117. Wife Cheated , Dont know what or if i want to do anything.
  118. Wife was sending naked pictures of herslef to a stranger
  119. What's next?
  120. Wife's EA: Is she really in denial, or just lying
  121. Third strike?
  122. Wife Cheated. Long story but could use the advice.
  123. Husband cheated with prostitute - possibly gave pregnant wife an STD
  124. WS's opinion needed: What do you do with toxic friends?
  125. Why am I thinking of cheating on my wife?
  126. Left cheating husband update
  127. I was right, damn...hurts beyond imagination.
  128. I am lost...
  129. EA's - IDK if my heart will ever re-join this marriage.
  130. What do I do...
  131. I am the unknowingly one he cheated with and now have his baby
  132. Emotional Affair or more....?
  133. Cheaterville for EA?
  134. Advice Appreciated on Infatuation from a Wronged Night
  135. My Story, long time lurker
  136. After the truth you never really know anymore!
  137. need your help
  138. wayward husband and reconciliation
  139. How do I get my mind back?
  140. Give me hope: If you chose R, tell me how it's better now.
  141. Thoughts on Rejection, Forgiveness & Happiness
  142. My wife has an emotional affair with other guy
  143. Appointment with Lawyer - Need Advice
  144. Why Did He Do It
  145. Is forgiveness really possible?
  146. Wife rationalizing cheating
  147. EA and maybe more - Falling apart!!!
  148. The Criminality of Snooping
  149. Someone, anyone, help me understand
  150. Retrieving data, calls, messages on a Samsung Galaxy S2? Advice ASAP please!
  151. Trying to rebuild trust after affair
  152. Secret STD
  153. look on the bright side of life
  154. Poll - age of the cheaters
  155. Unintentionally set off a trigger for BH
  156. Anyone else dreading the holidays?
  157. After the lies, you just never really know anymore.
  158. Update.... on my wife's EA
  159. examples of heavy lifting
  160. Cheating spouses: I need advice plz
  161. Husband cheating, I'm not sure what to do
  162. Wife is stepping out
  163. Is this cheating?
  164. Expressions speak louder than words
  165. I stopped one of my triggers
  166. Need to protect myself and kids? Irrational WW(DW?)
  167. Raging Triggers and how to cope
  168. Epidemic?
  169. Is this fog after EA/PA? Or me being heartless?
  170. Does R last a lifetime?
  171. Please, I need some advice...
  172. Bummed out
  173. Wife had EA, it's not the first time...
  174. Should i tell or would i be wrong
  175. disrespected?
  176. Closure?
  177. disrespected?
  178. emailing OW H to disclose right or wrong?
  179. He tried again!!! LONG!!
  180. At one point are you actually cheating?
  181. I feel like my whole world has turnes upside down.
  182. Wife moved directly in with OM
  183. How much do i need to know?
  184. A year post affair and it is making me sick
  185. Count me in
  186. Letting go
  187. i cheated
  188. So heres where im at...
  189. Won my wife back, still suffering?
  190. BS contacting old girlfriend during R
  191. Help!!! Totally confused by dis-respecting wife.
  192. Found out big brother had sex with my wife. Need to win her back! Should I confront?
  193. Should I contact OM years after the fact?
  194. Question for BS - Why stay?
  195. Really?
  196. question for BS'
  197. Just found out my wife's emotional affair was also physical. Don't know what to do!!?
  198. need your advice please..
  199. I think my wife is cheating...
  200. Is there a truly good way to do reverse cell phone lookup?
  201. Don't bother trying to get closure
  202. It's been 1 week, 2 days--am I on track?
  203. New to this site, still not over this week
  204. Repost: The We
  205. My Heart Breaks for Ms. Holly Patraeus
  206. CIA director resigns over extramarital affair
  207. lost in LA
  208. Truly painful
  209. Time to heal from Cheating?
  210. keylogger for iphone no jailbreak??
  211. Husband is cheating again
  212. Wife: Is It Cheating?
  213. Not handling this very well
  214. Did I Deserve What I Got?
  215. Can Men really have a EA?
  216. this is unbelievable, sad but true
  217. How to deal with feelings about friend who knew of affair
  218. 4 months from DDay and now emotional
  219. So, I think my wife is cheating on me
  220. Need Advice on wife of 18 years
  221. To BS who's WS had a long term affair...
  222. Affair with Stripper
  223. Just Married, but husband confessed to past cheating.
  224. Emotional Affair?
  225. same old story I think.
  226. Both betrayed
  227. "Academic" or book resources on recovery and hysterical bonding?
  228. The signs were there
  229. this site is going to ruin my marriage!!!
  230. Is my MC Giving the right advice?
  231. Beyond angry and so over it
  232. Am I Crazy? =(
  233. Should I confront him?
  234. Guilty parties
  235. Question on EA
  236. Looking for views from wayward Husbands of ONS
  237. wife cheated on me and lies
  238. Did you ever feel.........
  239. Gutted to have to admit to an ONS
  240. How many words can you think of to describe how you feel...
  241. She says she doesn't love me anymore
  242. One Night Stand after 2 months of marriage
  243. really struggling today
  244. I need some advice
  245. Research on OW
  246. So It It Just Me, Or Has the World Lost Its Damn Mind?
  247. 3 years post Dday!
  248. Letting go of the denial of betrayal
  249. He thinks I'm his mother
  250. Texting Female Co-Worker

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