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: Coping with Infidelity

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  1. Not sure what to do. Please help
  2. She Cheated, I Left, Why Am I Being So Nice
  3. This site confirms I probably won't get married
  4. I had an affair and my husband is divorcing me
  5. Caught wife 7 months ago
  6. Wife Has sexual and Emotional desires with Her best girlfriend
  7. Cannot Believe He Is Cheating w/ Coworker and I am Struggling
  8. The day my world ended...
  9. Finally heard from OW SPouse
  10. can someone give me advice please
  11. Thought Experiment before becoming BS/WS
  12. Who you become after being a BS...
  13. Can a Man Stay with his Wife After She's Been With Another Man?!?!
  14. No time to cry.
  15. Has anyone ever tried spybubble on an iPhone?
  16. Cheating, or am I paranoid?
  17. Help!Husband had an EA , stills works with her
  18. He moves out and isnít happy??
  19. Is he cheating please help.
  20. I cheated 6 years ago and he just found out
  21. Help! Two Married People Having Affair
  22. Knowing when to give up
  23. The OW sent me an other email
  24. Best book on Reconciliation?
  25. Struggling to reclaim self esteem
  26. How are tears, juicer, and can'tthinkstraight doing?
  27. My wife is crazy??
  28. Not sure where to go from here
  29. Predator or Karma?
  30. Just seeking some outside perspective
  31. Hypothetical question
  32. HELP!!! what should i do
  33. For those that have had more than one DD with the same AP....
  34. Beowulf and Morrigan
  35. So, is an emotional affair & sexting cheating?
  36. Facebook and other Social Sites
  37. who the heck is his trying to kid?
  38. Rape, domestic violence, and infidelity
  39. % of times Exposure works to bust affair
  40. Nursing the Wound or Making it Worse?
  41. Am I reading too much into my wife's sister flirty moves towards me?
  42. Chose to be an escort over him, can he forgive me?
  43. I know 2 wrongs don't make a right but
  44. husbands ea signs that its over
  45. Props to the Waywards
  46. Found a study
  47. Well I did it against my better
  48. Texting a co worker, deleting the texts
  49. My Story, Please help me with courage and support
  50. What to do?
  51. Does he show remorse?
  52. Now this is how you out the OM/ OW
  53. Craigslist: LYING CHEATING SALE
  54. Emotionally lost
  55. My Story: From Dday1 to Done (though he doesn't know it yet)
  56. Emotional infidelity
  57. How do you keep it together?
  58. Been fighting with my WH a lot lately, y does he forgive instantly?
  59. what to do...she cheated on me
  60. Great Quotes for Living Through This:
  61. Infatuation? Guilt Depression?
  62. Is anyone watching The Young and the Restless?
  63. I cheated; we separated. She got even. Reconciling. Let it go?
  64. Girlfriend feelings for ex
  65. Continuing step-father/step-daughter relationship?
  66. update...I asked WH about the poke
  67. Am I being selfish or did I deserve this? (Sorry but long!)
  68. Looking for a good, affordable GPS...
  69. Celebrity infidelity......
  70. How do I deal with wifes issues!
  71. Wow...has anyone seen this Johnny Depp quote about love?
  72. Here we go again....
  73. Wanna Laugh @ the cheaters?
  74. Wife's EA, 4th time's a charm?
  75. Is there anything I can do?
  76. My husband had sex with a prostitute. Now what?
  77. When people do not understand what the BS goes thru....
  78. Cyber Affair & Further Issues
  79. Heart is pounding...e-mail from OW!
  80. Making nasty comments
  81. affair at work
  82. 10 Months Out, Some Advice Needed, Please...
  83. When you find out the 'details' of the PA....
  84. Waiting to see if WS tells me
  85. Letter to my husband
  86. Disclosure?
  87. By the way, that EA you had last summer...
  88. Divorce papers - Help
  89. Dinner with an Ex?
  90. Another statistic ...
  91. What do you get out of counselling?
  92. Husband chat flirting with a real life friend
  93. Husbands EA, says its over but facebook
  94. How common is a DDay 2 ??
  95. A little bit of advice please
  96. I think my wife is having something going on with her PT
  97. When does it stop hurting??
  98. Privacy and Consequences
  99. Was your WS selfish before cheating?
  100. Effect of reading these threads
  101. My wife cheated. I never forgave her...19 years later
  102. I caught my wife cheating 3 weeks before our 22 year Ann.
  103. 48 hours into finding out, I'm devastated.....
  104. Can't yet believe I'm here
  105. it's over
  106. I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often
  107. I don't know how to coap after my husband affair
  108. Since I got that email for OW
  109. She told me she wants her wedding ring back...but...
  110. Is love a choice?
  111. I cheated before marriage, she cheats once we are married...
  112. Quick data recovery action needed!! - friend's wife may be cheating
  113. Dropping the 180?
  114. Struggling with trust after PA...
  115. My wife and my best friend...
  116. Crossroad between R and D street
  117. Failed R and ready to give up...
  118. Can't shake it!
  119. Ancient History but just coming to terms now
  120. Nature or Nurture?
  121. Cyber Sex
  122. Philanderer's Creed
  123. When does a EA actually become a PA?
  124. Long Term Separation
  125. What To Do When You Don't See Eye To Eye
  126. POS OM Advice
  127. My wife kissed a co-worker on 2 occasions and I dont know what to do!
  128. Trashtalk the BH the only possibility?
  129. Former OM's gf calls wife two years later
  130. Cheating Confirmed and Confronted but Need More Help
  131. when to forgive?
  132. threesome fantacy
  133. When do you say 'no more'?
  134. I'm new...I cheated, he took me back, why am I struggling to be happy?
  135. Never thought it would be me. Should I pull the plug on the marriage?
  136. Tricks of the trade???
  137. Questions about moving past the A
  138. Pictoral representations of betrayal...Share yours
  139. Things Ive Learned from the Pit of my Stomach
  140. A cheater doesn't love you, or doesn't understand what love is
  141. Need your critique on Cheaterville posting.
  142. Does your wayward believe you will leave if they cheat again?
  143. 10:34pm
  144. Need validation that I'm not nuts
  145. Getting inside her OODA Loop
  146. Need some advice...
  147. Why can't I stop thinking about him after all he has done to me?
  148. I just don't get it!
  149. Ugh, more advice needed....
  150. Should I worry?
  151. The difference Between Fog and Love?
  152. Cloak and Dagger revisited
  153. I need help winning back my wife's heart.
  154. Tried Talking to Wife
  155. This will be different, because of TAM
  156. How to avoid eycontact with your WS? Here's how!
  157. Did you ask them to read about infidelity?
  158. Why are they so predictable and think they're slick?
  159. Wife of twenty years has new man
  160. Exposing An Affair
  161. Attracted to someone else
  162. It's been a year since DDay!
  163. I am finally 'COMPLETELY' letting go and moving on...
  164. Competition with the AP even in R
  165. Craigslist and husbands affair
  166. ADVICE NEEDED: Newlywed Husband's secret emotional affair with co-worker
  167. my wife cheated on me and said nothing until 10 years had passed
  168. Question about Revenge Affairs or free pass
  169. I don't know what to do with him!!
  170. Should I expose affair to OW husband?
  171. Why I CHOSE to Ignore the 180 - And The Result:
  172. We see our marital history differently?
  173. When did you start MC if you did at all?
  174. Newbie guide for digesting TAM advice
  175. Advice please!
  176. Worse day of my life
  177. Hi, new and unable to cope.
  178. Is this sexting???
  179. Departing Speech??
  180. Why is he not sorry?
  181. we've both what?
  182. Can I up and leave my wife high and dry?
  183. Please help my WIFE
  184. Need vs. Want
  185. still can't let it go after 26 years
  186. Looks for intelligent exit stratedgy?
  187. WS's and Self Esteem
  188. BS male VS BS female ?
  189. is husband cheeting?
  190. Here is what I would love to write to her
  191. It's Dday month!
  192. A Serial Cheating Married Predator wants to SHTOOP my wife. Advice?
  193. Really she has balls. I have 2 emails addresses
  194. She's cheating Part II
  195. Fresh Out of Suicide Watch - This is My Story
  196. Is she cheating??
  197. Feeling like my marriag is a sham
  198. Reactions to OM/OW
  199. Reconcile AND Expose?
  200. Really need help, don't know what to do, or where to start
  201. Mental Illness
  202. Thought on Hard Work and "R"
  203. help/advice
  204. well just when u think you can start the trust process again
  205. What does WS spouse think about during R?
  206. sexting...It was just a joke!
  207. Anniversary of dates are hard at the one year mark
  208. Advice on picture
  209. Quick Rant! ok, ok, maybe not so Quick.
  210. Newlywed Infidelity
  211. Should I tell her?
  212. Why oh Why?
  213. Tag Line Importance
  214. Spouse's female friend
  215. Please help me make sense of my story (long)
  216. Married to a charming man
  217. levels of adultery - ONS, ongoing or serial cheating
  218. well...things just got interesting!!
  219. Is Resentment a stage like denial, anger, depression?
  220. Stinky Car
  221. My husband had an affair and child
  222. Questions lead to even more questions?
  223. Has anyone here succesfully won their wife/husband back after a deep EA?
  224. Losing ground in my marraige.
  225. Not sure what she did to me but it sucks
  226. Phone Caller ID trick?
  227. looking for a way to survive
  228. Just found out...
  229. Growing more and more confused
  230. Chastity belts - lock them or not ?
  231. Radio show- "Cheaters have intimacy issues"
  232. Is it really worth it?
  233. I am angry - Advice Please!!!
  234. I'm not sure what to do anymore....
  235. My boyfriend of 13 years is leaving me, i had an emotional affair. i need advice
  236. Words of wisdom for those that have had recent DDays...
  237. Have i lost my wife?
  238. Confused and hurting
  239. Emotional Affair
  240. Hubby cheated and now there's a baby??
  241. Feeling like a fool...
  242. Moved Thread? Now what??
  243. Is it wrong to rejoice in the OM marriage ending?
  244. He briefly Emotionally Cheated.....
  245. woman busts boyfriend online map
  246. Questions about FalseR
  247. Totally Confused
  248. Why keep lying?
  249. How do you tell your WS you are ending R?
  250. Should I stay the better guy till the end?