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: Coping with Infidelity

  1. Admins, can we start a WS Stories forum section?
  2. Need to vent and need advice
  3. Another one bites the dust
  4. In search of guidance and mentor...
  5. Chumplady: Response to “I’ve Changed!”
  6. My intro, My story...
  7. Can't last until the end of the school year
  8. Escort Ads
  9. So, is there a list somewhere listing moderators?
  10. Why did you do it?
  11. The guy videos walking in on his wife with another man.
  12. Emotional Thinking
  13. Only 1 Mind Movie remains: sex in public places
  14. What to do....
  15. Affair Helpers and CoHorts
  16. Finding a new identity as a couple during reconciliation
  17. Another EA time to call it a day?
  18. No contact letter?
  19. doing well
  20. Not coping
  21. Can't believe I'm posting this
  22. After an affair he wants to go back to where she lives..
  23. Chumplady to the BS: Embrace the Chaos
  24. When is FWS allowed to be an imperfect person again?
  25. Best Gas-lighting Stories
  26. Someone asked - here's my story
  27. Eat, Sleep, Breath, My kids come first.
  28. Sadness, humiliation, and disbelief
  29. suspecting B/NPD in spouse - need a proper diagnosis
  30. Husbands using a massage parlour.
  31. Ted talk on happy couples that cheat
  32. How do you know when it's not the trickle truth anymore?
  33. Good Grief... Flat out got propositioned by young guy yesterday
  34. Head Pickled
  35. How you can help your spouse have an affair by Mark Merill
  36. So confused
  37. I popped into LS and peeked into the OM and OW forum
  38. Justification for cheating.
  39. One standpoint from a young teenage kid ten years later
  40. Infidelity as the impetus for a new relationship
  41. Cant heal from the pain
  42. Monitoring software: Trust, Protection, or Evidence?
  43. ‘I Left My Husband For Him, But He Didn’t Return The Favor’
  44. Cheated on
  45. Pastor caught with female in office, should he leave?
  46. Here we go again...
  47. How can I help neighbor being cheated on?
  48. Infidelity - deal breakers?
  49. Karma hit my wife's former AP this week.
  50. Former friend doesn't believe infidelity took place
  51. Do husbands or wives usually mention their affair partners name?
  52. WW more likely to come clean in front of MC, or less so?
  53. Husband had affair with ex-wife, help!
  54. Everyone's thoughts ?
  55. am I over reacting?
  56. Really messed up situation-PLEASE HELP
  57. Hiding phone records from me
  58. 2 vs. 1
  59. Wife in psych ward, found out she has been cheating
  60. Urgent: exposure scripts
  61. I'll admit it....I exposed for revenge
  62. Nine Signs of an Emotional Affair
  63. Anyone know how to retrieve deleted chats in Words With Friends?
  64. How can I catch cheating husband?
  65. Wayward Husband Amnesia Affair
  66. Getting over Wife's Infidelity
  67. I'm now a cuckold husband.
  68. Wife sleeping with my former mistress' husband
  69. A glance at her phone
  70. Should I call off my wedding?
  71. BH:I’m Afraid People Will Think I'm Weak Or Whipped If I Stay With WW Who Cheated
  72. How Long Is One A Liar, A Cheater, and an Adulterer?
  73. "Bumped" into old OM this weekend
  74. Caught her again
  75. Am I being unreasonable
  76. Is this infidelity?
  77. Need your point of view
  78. WTF? “Infidelity is a lousy reason to end a marriage”
  79. Husband won't forgive me
  80. I've yet to see a situation like ours
  81. Bad dreams
  82. I think my husband is cheating on me with his brother's wife
  83. Brother-in-law ruined my marriage.
  84. How do you deal with this
  85. My Alternative Lifestyle Buddy
  86. Reformed Cheater hoping for a miracle
  87. D-Day=Wedding Anniversary
  88. Second Opinions on Potential EA
  89. The Whole Story
  90. Grieving the loss
  91. Karma Bus
  92. I'm engaged but also headed on the road to destruction. Need help
  93. Fordham basketball coach exposed on twitter by wife
  94. Doing the 180
  95. How to move past this
  96. How do you guys deal with temptation?
  97. Should I tell my wife?
  98. I need help
  99. Revisit
  100. Facebook Recent Searches
  101. I can't believe I'm here....
  102. Can't afford divorce? Just move your AP in with you and your H!
  103. Couldn't make it up if I tried
  104. Stay with a cheater or be alone?
  105. My wife just had an affair...
  106. When the BS tries to rug sweep?
  107. Mental gymnastics to stay
  108. One week after exposing the affair
  109. Ozzy and Sharon
  110. Not Forgiving
  111. guilt is over flowing
  112. Abilify in the news
  113. Did/do you feel guilty?
  114. a hickey ???
  115. How Far Is He Cheating?
  116. Adultery Themed Movies
  117. So confused
  118. Thank You TAM
  119. I still don't know how to cope
  120. Science Vindicates “Leave a Cheater, Gain a Life”
  121. Mystery Speed Dial Number- What to do?
  122. Wife freaks at polygraph
  123. Fast answer needed!!!
  124. I am guilty - help still needed.
  125. need assistance
  126. Living a Nightmare
  127. Quoting Dr. Keith Ablow - FOX News psychiatrist contributor
  128. Idiots guide to deal with this?
  129. Women who are cheated on win in long term
  130. Professions with a lot of cheating?
  131. A Positive Thread.
  132. WH talks of divorce 2x4'x needed and some comfort.
  133. Online affairs...How....why and Huh?
  134. Need Surveillance Advice from TAM
  135. Chumplady UBT: “I Made a Terrible Mistake”
  136. Histrionic personality disorder & cheaters
  137. OM is Broadcaster for my Favorite Team
  138. Feeling like a failure
  139. When I finally realized something, processing her affairs got easier
  140. That should stop most of the law suits...
  141. Going through rough times...husband left out of the blue for OW
  142. exposing the OW
  143. Recovering deleting iMessages
  144. Justification re Other BS
  145. Questions (from the adulterer)
  146. Must read: UBT: “I wish I could take it all back”
  147. starting to worry
  148. Hello B1 here, 4 years later and...
  149. Stuck in R Limbo...
  150. Advice needed - wife and I not communicating very well
  151. Potential Infidelity I'm heartbroken please help
  152. The PA and the walkaway BS - is it really the sex or betratyal?
  153. When Reconciliation is so bad that the wayward files for D
  154. My "Perfect" Ex-Wife
  155. Spy Mattress
  156. My wife is having an online affair with a convicted child killer (and many other men)
  157. Am I a fool?
  158. What happened to is she cheating? by invi
  159. In the News - Bride sends selfies to student.
  160. Blaming the does this help?
  161. I read the texts. Now I can't talk.
  162. UBT: “Cheating is a symptom, not the disease”
  163. Too empathic???
  164. Should I stop my WS's affair?
  165. More Fodder For The Culture Of Infidelity
  166. Need some of that expert TAM wisdom
  167. Serious girlfriend and co-worker
  168. Dark hole of sorrow
  169. Wife crush on om
  170. Am I really crazy?
  171. Struggling with Progression after all that's happened.
  172. Whilst doing some research I found THIS
  173. My husband admitted that he "almost" cheated on me
  174. Thank you
  175. Being with someone who has been cheated on...
  176. Amazing Bloke From UK
  177. A child resulting from an affair....
  178. Books for rugsweepers
  179. Is a hall pass an RA?
  180. I can't stop thinking about the guy that my wife slept with. Does it ever get better?
  181. Cheaters everywhere
  182. The Cheating Culture?
  183. Betrayed husbands & wives who acted quickly upon discovery
  184. Husband's nitpicking is driving me crazy
  185. "The Resless Period"
  186. Am I in an Emotional Affair?
  187. Not sure what to do, wife had online affiars
  188. Im surrounded by cheaters!
  189. Rug Sweeping and Other Concerns
  190. Should I go or should I stay?
  191. what is UP with forums like SI?
  192. Can I bring logic and reason back into our life?
  193. I am in Limbo, please help
  194. “A letter to my husband from his cheating wife”
  195. this just happened
  196. PSYCHOTIC OW/OM Stories
  197. Find My Phone says different to where wife claimed she was.
  198. Bipolar, NPD, BPD
  199. Lies
  200. Wife Sent Naked Pics Via Email
  201. Cried like a baby
  202. Who caught their WS in the act?
  203. Does the length of the affair matter?
  204. To W spouses, what contributed to your decision to cheat?
  205. Can you ever read "enough"?
  206. Alabama Gov Bentley's Alleged Affair ended his 50 year marriage
  207. Hero or villain? LA Laker player airs out cheating teammate
  208. Funny cheater story
  209. A new song/video for all of you out there moving on after being betrayed
  210. How an affair starts
  211. Tangled web
  212. Soon to be single dad. Married my best friend and she left me for an affair.
  213. Should I Just Cut My Losses Now??
  214. Choosing BS Only When Dumped by AP?
  215. Humbling oneself
  216. WH and WW
  217. Thinking about other men.
  218. What do I say?
  219. Update
  220. Please help me through this!
  221. What I cannot wrap my head around...
  222. Am I doing the right things?
  223. OM's wife came onto me
  224. how do APs rationalise destroying a family?
  225. BH now a madhatter..... any others?
  226. Is it really reconciliation or are you just dragging the corpse around
  227. My WS is mad at me...
  228. Child of the affair
  229. Dear Chump Lady, How do you confront a cheater?
  230. Never getting the truth
  231. Death by Fog
  232. Destroyed my marriage before it got started
  233. Married for 7 years..craving same sex!
  234. Getting past the infidelity
  235. Possible Situation Developing with the W
  236. Not a good day.
  237. WS goes with AP - think it happens more than we think?
  238. Please help
  239. serial cheater
  240. confused - i think he cheated
  241. BH writes: My regrets as a 46 year old, and advice to others at a crossroad
  242. Which is worse serial cheating or emotional cheating?
  243. B.S. from the WS: Our Marriage Was Already Over
  244. New here and so confused
  245. Myth: "They Come Crawling Back"
  246. He's so predictable
  247. Why cheaters are so easy to catch
  248. Can she still love me?
  249. Why truth of cheating is better than not being told
  250. Is this true?