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: Coping with Infidelity

  1. Let's be friends.
  2. advice please
  3. Another enlighting post from SI
  4. Advice please
  5. Trust Issues
  6. Advice please....
  7. Infidelity and verbal abuse
  8. Catharsis of Confession
  9. I hate his job
  10. Husband uses drone to catch his wife cheating Read more:
  11. This was her way of Coping With Infidelity
  12. is he cheating again?
  13. If the realtionship continues the cheater always gets the best deal..
  14. Feeling lost after his affair...
  15. Why do I feel this way?
  16. i messed up big time via sexting weve been together 2yrs
  17. I'm adrift!
  18. How on earth could he cope with his wife's infidelity exposed on National TV?
  19. Wife had an affair, positive comments only, please
  20. Here goes nothing... (sorry, very long)
  21. bisexual partner, is he cheating?
  22. cheating fiance
  23. Do you think my wife is cheating?
  24. Thouse of you who were physically abused and cheated on.
  25. My story
  26. Turned into a monster
  27. FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt were madhatters
  28. Her son caught his mother cheating with his granddad. So she murdered him
  29. Red flags in Marriage - time to end?
  30. Those of you with WS, did they ever come to understand that they are bad human beings
  31. my kids, their future marriage and indifelity
  32. For Male BS, who chose a quick D over R how did it go?
  33. My wife is planning on leaving me, she doesn't know i know
  34. To stay or go...
  35. *sigh*.. Time to take action.
  36. Emotional Affair - more?
  37. Wife cheated on me with boss...
  38. Wife still keeping things from me
  39. What do I do?
  40. How to trust again and get past his affair
  41. Jilted husband threatens to publish flight attendant's diary detailing cheating
  42. Death by an affair?
  43. My destructive infidelity.. seeking the truth.
  44. Cheating before marriage
  45. Confused and Disapointed
  46. Facebook's "Secret Messages" Option
  47. Not sure what to do is this cheating?
  48. Discovered old MSN logs of my wife
  49. DDay - 42 Months On
  50. Hashtags for cheaters
  51. Is it legit?
  52. Why do we as humans require "honesty" and "truthful" partners?
  53. 5 Years later and it happens again
  54. Living in doubt
  55. In a dilemma
  56. Children - how to minimize trauma for them
  57. Been 4 months..
  58. Wife "has no desire" for sex after her affair
  59. When Does The Remorse Begin After An Affair?
  60. Moral of the Story - Zoe Ball
  61. The wayward wife
  62. Hubby keeps looking up previous fling on social media.
  63. Asking for help
  64. Brangelina proves you should never trust a cheater
  65. Browsing channels with WW and came across The Notebook
  66. Is your spouse cheating?
  67. Was What I Did Really That Bad?
  68. Is he cheating?
  69. What is "passion" and why some WW seem to be blinded by it?
  70. Feeling a lot lost
  71. Article: She's having an affair
  72. Male co-worker hugged friend's wife from behind
  73. How do i proceed??!
  74. Isolating a Stitch (a Continuation that started in a previous thread)
  75. Husband is rugsweeping the affair
  76. How to communicate 60% proof, anybody ever told spouse of GPS or VAR
  77. The Wild Oats Project
  78. Wife Had Affair- Won't Commit to Our Marriage
  79. When parents cheat...
  80. Is he cheating?
  81. A strange affair
  82. Wife left via text message...Fooled around with guy from work... Has come home
  83. Should I ask wife if she is having affair, or find out more first ?
  84. Dear Deidre
  85. how many times can it happen
  86. Now it's Chumpcheaterlady's turn to face the UBT
  87. Does this Make Me Crazy and Cheating Dating to Years Ago
  88. Bf having affair or was
  89. Facebook Friend Request
  90. "Normal" Recovery Times/Events?
  91. Sprint Now Shows incoming/outgoing texts on the bill
  92. Dear Chump Lady, I lost the moral high ground when I told people my wife was cheating
  93. Best Book
  94. Infidelity has struck...
  95. Does a sex addiction change anything.
  96. I cheated
  97. Wife is "just friends" with male co-worker?
  98. Can Cheating lead to a better marriage?
  99. I'm screwed. Didn't get the D done before my anger wore off
  100. Married for 2 weeks and wife is already cheating (sort of)
  101. Mixed feelings
  102. Women are 'genetically programmed to have affairs'
  103. Leave the kids out
  104. Violating Marriage Boundary?
  105. Sex During Marriage Counseling?
  106. How to cope with jealousy
  107. How to forgive yourself?
  108. Past infidelity taking its toll.
  109. Narcissists, Sociopaths And Psychopaths
  110. craigslist and escorts for over a year. Kill me.
  111. Why would s man take back/work it out with a WW who cheats slot?
  112. KY jelly
  113. Newlyweds...cheating husband
  114. I cannot believe I just read this....
  115. Love hurts
  116. Im the one who cheated =(
  117. Friends WW threatens suicide if he files
  118. Unsure How to Proceed
  119. Has anyone had their wayward spouse take a polygraph?
  120. Wondering whether to confront
  121. My advice to those who have spouses on their phones a lot
  122. Cheating wife left for the OM
  123. HiTech making it easier to catch cheaters.
  124. Wayward spouses only!
  125. Me and my husband need advice on how to handle Husband's Infidelity. Both will post h
  126. Variables to consider when deciding to R
  127. WW declares “We Aren’t All Homewreckers”
  128. It's over?
  129. Found out husband still texting mistress.
  130. there is no answer for this
  131. embarrasing sexual question regarding dealbreaker
  132. Scumbag here
  133. Caught in a blaming game !
  134. Getting Caught
  135. I believe an old friend is a WS
  136. Reconciliation is Incredibly Hard Work
  137. Swinging. What happens when the fun stops & adultery steps in
  138. Increase Self Esteem (Stemming from potential cheating history)
  139. Betrayed, cheated on, lied to and she is still hiding it
  140. Alone
  141. Strange things going on.. Is she cheating???
  142. Husband Cyber cheating on Skout
  143. I don't feel there is anything wrong with me.
  144. Update on AmericanSteve
  145. Husband has to be away from home for work
  146. Monkeyshines.
  147. Admins, can we start a WS Stories forum section?
  148. Need to vent and need advice
  149. Another one bites the dust
  150. In search of guidance and mentor...
  151. Chumplady: Response to “I’ve Changed!”
  152. My intro, My story...
  153. Can't last until the end of the school year
  154. Escort Ads
  155. So, is there a list somewhere listing moderators?
  156. Why did you do it?
  157. The guy videos walking in on his wife with another man.
  158. Emotional Thinking
  159. Only 1 Mind Movie remains: sex in public places
  160. What to do....
  161. Affair Helpers and CoHorts
  162. Finding a new identity as a couple during reconciliation
  163. Another EA time to call it a day?
  164. No contact letter?
  165. doing well
  166. Not coping
  167. Can't believe I'm posting this
  168. After an affair he wants to go back to where she lives..
  169. Chumplady to the BS: Embrace the Chaos
  170. When is FWS allowed to be an imperfect person again?
  171. Best Gas-lighting Stories
  172. Someone asked - here's my story
  173. Eat, Sleep, Breath, My kids come first.
  174. Sadness, humiliation, and disbelief
  175. suspecting B/NPD in spouse - need a proper diagnosis
  176. Husbands using a massage parlour.
  177. Ted talk on happy couples that cheat
  178. How do you know when it's not the trickle truth anymore?
  179. Good Grief... Flat out got propositioned by young guy yesterday
  180. Head Pickled
  181. How you can help your spouse have an affair by Mark Merill
  182. So confused
  183. I popped into LS and peeked into the OM and OW forum
  184. Justification for cheating.
  185. One standpoint from a young teenage kid ten years later
  186. Infidelity as the impetus for a new relationship
  187. Cant heal from the pain
  188. Monitoring software: Trust, Protection, or Evidence?
  189. ‘I Left My Husband For Him, But He Didn’t Return The Favor’
  190. Cheated on
  191. Pastor caught with female in office, should he leave?
  192. Here we go again...
  193. How can I help neighbor being cheated on?
  194. Infidelity - deal breakers?
  195. Karma hit my wife's former AP this week.
  196. Former friend doesn't believe infidelity took place
  197. Do husbands or wives usually mention their affair partners name?
  198. WW more likely to come clean in front of MC, or less so?
  199. Husband had affair with ex-wife, help!
  200. Everyone's thoughts ?
  201. am I over reacting?
  202. Really messed up situation-PLEASE HELP
  203. Hiding phone records from me
  204. 2 vs. 1
  205. Wife in psych ward, found out she has been cheating
  206. Urgent: exposure scripts
  207. I'll admit it....I exposed for revenge
  208. Nine Signs of an Emotional Affair
  209. Anyone know how to retrieve deleted chats in Words With Friends?
  210. How can I catch cheating husband?
  211. Wayward Husband Amnesia Affair
  212. Getting over Wife's Infidelity
  213. I'm now a cuckold husband.
  214. Wife sleeping with my former mistress' husband
  215. A glance at her phone
  216. Should I call off my wedding?
  217. BH:I’m Afraid People Will Think I'm Weak Or Whipped If I Stay With WW Who Cheated
  218. How Long Is One A Liar, A Cheater, and an Adulterer?
  219. "Bumped" into old OM this weekend
  220. Caught her again
  221. Am I being unreasonable
  222. Is this infidelity?
  223. Need your point of view
  224. WTF? “Infidelity is a lousy reason to end a marriage”
  225. Husband won't forgive me
  226. I've yet to see a situation like ours
  227. Bad dreams
  228. I think my husband is cheating on me with his brother's wife
  229. Brother-in-law ruined my marriage.
  230. How do you deal with this
  231. My Alternative Lifestyle Buddy
  232. Reformed Cheater hoping for a miracle
  233. D-Day=Wedding Anniversary
  234. Second Opinions on Potential EA
  235. The Whole Story
  236. Grieving the loss
  237. Karma Bus
  238. I'm engaged but also headed on the road to destruction. Need help
  239. Fordham basketball coach exposed on twitter by wife
  240. Doing the 180
  241. How to move past this
  242. How do you guys deal with temptation?
  243. Should I tell my wife?
  244. I need help
  245. Revisit
  246. Facebook Recent Searches
  247. I can't believe I'm here....
  248. Can't afford divorce? Just move your AP in with you and your H!
  249. Couldn't make it up if I tried
  250. Stay with a cheater or be alone?