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: Coping with Infidelity

  1. Annoying irony post about standard evidence thread.
  2. Is this an EA?
  3. Why they trade down when cheating
  4. I don't know what would be the right title
  5. Facebook reminded me today is a year since D-Day #2
  6. When does it become emotional infidelity?
  7. When to come out of plan B?
  8. The "gay workhusband" strikes...
  9. Not A Good Wife
  10. "45 Years" - Devastating Movie
  11. Husband cheated with strippers for 5 years
  12. Where to go from here?
  13. Ex got engaged to mistress
  14. About The "Found out fiancee is screwing my best friend" Thread.
  15. One-Year Anniversary of D-Day
  16. Chumplady wisdom!! The Mindf**K Only Has Three Channels
  17. Trust
  18. Hey, New here.
  19. Infidelity vs constant lying
  20. Who here has cheated?
  21. Hubby of almost 17 years has been cheating on me for at least a decade!
  22. Suspicious minds
  23. Wife's suspicious behavior...
  24. Caught wife in a second emotional affair
  25. What's the best way to tell my fiancée that I will dating her best friend?
  26. Am I Crazy? Or is this the Smoking Gun?
  27. My fitness pal for cyber sex
  28. Inappropriate photos
  29. just found out...
  30. What Do I Do??
  31. PI success stories?
  32. Curious if anyone has posted with suspicions and been wrong?
  33. Contemplating to cheat - what would you do in my shoez
  34. He Finally Confessed
  35. H speaking on the phone for 40 and 80 min with another woman
  36. Hiding places
  37. emotional affair crisis.....
  38. A Public Service Announcement for Remorseless Cheaters
  39. Red Flags and my gut were correct.
  40. F you fiona
  41. A quick poll on your Gender
  42. !! 23,married, in need of help!
  43. Innocent until proven guilty
  44. I'm tired of this.
  45. Should I give him another chance?
  46. Struggling
  47. Mistress says she's pregnant
  48. how to catch my husband cheating?
  49. Husband cheated on me but now accuses me of cheating?
  50. Wife and Male Friends
  51. Found out wife texting another man
  52. lost in a hotel room by myself.. online infidelity has hurt me again
  53. Phone Monitoring Software
  54. I hate KIK...need advice
  55. Need advice
  56. Should I forgive her?
  57. 5 years since I found out and it's all fresh again today
  58. Did I do the right thing? I really am confused now....
  59. CWI - a strategy
  60. don't know what to do
  61. Reddit Adultery Forum
  62. Adultery and "chivalry"
  63. My heart hurts so bad
  64. Wife Denies Marriage problems even after caught sexting- bit of clarity?
  65. husband having an affair
  66. 20/20 episode - Cindy Gam"rat"
  67. "I want my husband back" was said to me
  68. Could you stay friends with a cheater if you found out about their affair?
  69. I had an affair, but I want to save my marriage. HELP!
  70. May try to rebuild? idk. Next step
  71. Trying to forgive
  72. (M+M) Frustrated Married Guy, At Wits End, Considering Divorce
  73. GPS trackers
  74. I asked her to move out
  75. Regaining Lost Trust
  76. Well, that's one way of 'coping' with infidelity..
  77. Confused...emotional affair?
  78. He thinks I'm cheating but I'm not
  79. Triggering again.....from tv show
  80. Wife Cheated Again - Am I wrong to feel this way?
  81. Not everyone cheats.
  82. What Can be done
  83. Denial about an EA...
  84. Year 4 After Infidelity - As Good As It Gets?
  85. Husband is allowed to sleep around
  86. Commonly hrd cheater phrses & their translation
  87. husband is flirting
  88. Chimps also form friendships based on trust
  89. Considering infidelity.
  90. Sex issues with wife and I found out she attended a blow job party
  91. He left... For another married woman
  92. since this site is anonymous...
  93. Condoms??
  94. pass the hurt and anger
  95. I need help getting my wife to move past my cheating
  96. An experiment I wish would happen...
  97. My Tawdry Story
  98. this is freaky and makes me wonder
  99. not sure about this
  100. Separation after infidelity or live together while working on the marriage?
  101. I'm ok he is on ****** *******?
  102. How to stop the spiral of a trigger?
  103. time to write...
  104. The emotional roller coaster of rebuilding the relationship
  105. Wife was flirting with another man. Help
  106. Hmmmmmm a load of BS here?
  107. platonic friendship vs emotional affair?
  108. She's not a cheater...just won't be transparent?
  109. Why Do Guys And Girls Cheat? RAW! SECRET REVEALED!
  110. How Long Should I Wait For My Spouse To Decide If He Wants To Stay Together After My
  111. I love my wife but I'm beginning to think I'm gay/bi. Need advice
  112. Lost
  113. What do I do from here?
  114. Online Dating Research
  115. Wranglers wranglings.
  116. Just Found out wife having an EA with old boyfriend
  117. Mental Gymnastics and retaliation for recording
  118. A question for the W/spouse's
  119. Struggling to cope
  120. Need some advice please strange picture on partners phone
  121. What next?
  122. Don't know how to feel
  123. Do alpha males get cheated on? If so, what is their response?
  124. Emotional affair?
  125. "Why Do You Keep Asking Questions About It?"
  126. Helping myself and others to get to 50,000 feet.
  127. Devastated...
  128. Happy New Year!!
  129. Opened mouth. No trust just further underground
  130. Wife had a affair and wants a divorce
  131. Found SnapSext on iPhone Web History
  132. WH wants to have a baby.
  133. FWH's obsession with getting a dog
  134. How Far I've Come
  135. Spying on Lying Spouse and Need Advice
  136. I was mean to my deployed WH last night and I feel bad.
  137. She tells me on Christmas
  138. 33M here: How do act during the discovery phase?
  139. Brief EA, disconnection, and reconciliation.
  140. Merry Christmas!!!
  141. Do you tell someone their husband is cheating?
  142. Trying to move on
  143. depressed with guilt
  144. Me (33M) lied to by (29F) wife of 7 years, about a night out. Subsequent lies follow
  145. want to put this to bed
  146. Just found out my wife cheated
  147. I need a little perspective
  148. ***troll alert***
  149. This blew up today.
  150. I want to confront the 3rd party
  151. infidelity 10+years ago
  152. Over It
  153. How to handle a friend's infidelity
  154. I'll never wear my DKNY boots again.
  155. To tell or Not article
  156. When will I stop....
  157. I finally found out the truth of my wifes infidelity....Help
  158. Lying and Hiding
  159. Am I crazy??
  160. Affair resulted in pregnancy.
  161. Do I stay or do I go?
  162. How to handle cheating.
  163. I'm back. I'm freaking out.
  164. I have been there! Life after - Mourning does end!!!
  165. How/Does cheating fundamentally change a person?
  166. feeling like a gutted deer
  167. Daaaaaaaaaa...
  168. Don't know what's going on?
  169. My Psychologist is cheating on me
  170. what boundaries to set and the consequences of failing
  171. Just Feeling Gutted
  172. ~*~ Did your spouse cheat on you with a co-worker? ~*~
  173. What do you think?
  174. Crossroad in my marriage
  175. What's the WORST thing about infidelity?
  176. pforum3 - anyone hear of it before?
  177. The Ex Awakens
  178. My brother's suspicion
  179. Afraid I've lost my SO
  180. Both of Us Cheated
  181. Phone number
  182. For the BH - “Other Men” Explain Their Affairs
  183. Wife had an affair and does not know if she wants to stay married
  184. Trial Of Polygraph Critic Renews Debate Over Tests' Accuracy
  185. Infidelity Conversations
  186. He's not in love with me anymore
  187. Sigh... just don't get it.
  188. I'm being blackmailed by my fiance's brother and it's ruining my life. Need help!
  189. depression and infidelity linked?
  190. Is this Emotional Affairs
  191. Like a boss!
  192. he almost cheated, but why?
  193. I need advice
  194. I'm baaaaaack! 4 years post affair
  195. just throwing it out there
  196. Shes going to lake Tahoe to visit her mom, her ex boyfriend will be there
  197. Trying to Stay Strong...
  198. Cyber infidelity
  199. Is this infidelity? Please help
  200. Would you stay or would you go?
  201. Reconcilliation Over and Out
  202. ~*~ Will you please help me with my son? ~*~
  203. More types of betrayal in marriage
  204. How to recover deleted text messages on an Android Phone?
  205. Should I be worried?
  206. He cheats so she sells the house!
  207. Dead marriage, fight further or just leave?!
  208. What to do?
  209. Unbelievably Confused!
  210. You can cheat in an open relationship too (warning: long and detailed)
  211. Workplace affair advice
  212. My daughter's affair with MM, now she's talking of marriage
  213. Why Do I Feel So Guilty For Cheating On A Spouse Who Deserves It?
  214. found a key hidden
  215. I cannot trust him, can I?
  216. Sad and depressed don't know what to do
  217. Dating while sepparated....
  218. Mo’Nique defends giving husband ‘free passes’ to cheat
  219. Are there any sexters here?
  220. Thoughts on talking to OW
  221. Homeschooled morality.
  222. Wife's Friendship
  223. the more you know about the OW/OM the more triggers you are bound to have?
  224. Women when they hit 40
  225. Wife has Toxic Friend, Who is also Sister In Law
  226. Cheating and lying - bacwards compatible?
  227. I met the love of my life but we are both married, Help!
  228. "Cheating" in platonic relationships?
  229. Let me try a different approach...
  230. My unfaithful husband not agreeing to divorce
  231. Need help with a strange phone conversaton
  232. Am I delusional?
  233. I cheated and now I'm dealing with it
  234. My husband solicits prostitutes.
  235. Psychological Manipulation by OM
  236. Successful Reconciliations?
  237. Wife's friendship with ex Co-Worker
  238. Desperate to save my marriage.
  239. Husband's Phone Sex Addiction: Moving Past The Sordid Details
  240. Is she really being honest? ?
  241. My wife had an affair
  242. What I'm tired of
  243. does it get any better?
  244. Husband wants a divorce! So lost
  245. It's as if cheaters have a book called: "My Needs, My Needs"
  246. Wife cheated. Need help figuring things out.
  247. I want to save my marriage
  248. Yikes! Illicit lovers end up murdered in the SUV they were sneakin' around in.
  249. How do Cheaters Rationalize...
  250. Is there hope for us?