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: Coping with Infidelity

  1. Spy Mattress
  2. My wife is having an online affair with a convicted child killer (and many other men)
  3. Am I a fool?
  4. What happened to is she cheating? by invi
  5. In the News - Bride sends selfies to student.
  6. Blaming the does this help?
  7. I read the texts. Now I can't talk.
  8. UBT: “Cheating is a symptom, not the disease”
  9. Too empathic???
  10. Should I stop my WS's affair?
  11. More Fodder For The Culture Of Infidelity
  12. Need some of that expert TAM wisdom
  13. Serious girlfriend and co-worker
  14. Dark hole of sorrow
  15. Wife crush on om
  16. Am I really crazy?
  17. Struggling with Progression after all that's happened.
  18. Whilst doing some research I found THIS
  19. My husband admitted that he "almost" cheated on me
  20. Thank you
  21. Being with someone who has been cheated on...
  22. Amazing Bloke From UK
  23. A child resulting from an affair....
  24. Books for rugsweepers
  25. Is a hall pass an RA?
  26. I can't stop thinking about the guy that my wife slept with. Does it ever get better?
  27. Cheaters everywhere
  28. The Cheating Culture?
  29. Betrayed husbands & wives who acted quickly upon discovery
  30. Husband's nitpicking is driving me crazy
  31. "The Resless Period"
  32. Am I in an Emotional Affair?
  33. Not sure what to do, wife had online affiars
  34. Im surrounded by cheaters!
  35. Rug Sweeping and Other Concerns
  36. Should I go or should I stay?
  37. what is UP with forums like SI?
  38. Can I bring logic and reason back into our life?
  39. I am in Limbo, please help
  40. “A letter to my husband from his cheating wife”
  41. this just happened
  42. PSYCHOTIC OW/OM Stories
  43. Find My Phone says different to where wife claimed she was.
  44. Bipolar, NPD, BPD
  45. Lies
  46. Wife Sent Naked Pics Via Email
  47. Cried like a baby
  48. Who caught their WS in the act?
  49. Does the length of the affair matter?
  50. To W spouses, what contributed to your decision to cheat?
  51. Can you ever read "enough"?
  52. Alabama Gov Bentley's Alleged Affair ended his 50 year marriage
  53. Hero or villain? LA Laker player airs out cheating teammate
  54. Funny cheater story
  55. A new song/video for all of you out there moving on after being betrayed
  56. How an affair starts
  57. Tangled web
  58. Soon to be single dad. Married my best friend and she left me for an affair.
  59. Should I Just Cut My Losses Now??
  60. Choosing BS Only When Dumped by AP?
  61. Humbling oneself
  62. WH and WW
  63. Thinking about other men.
  64. What do I say?
  65. Update
  66. Please help me through this!
  67. What I cannot wrap my head around...
  68. Am I doing the right things?
  69. OM's wife came onto me
  70. how do APs rationalise destroying a family?
  71. BH now a madhatter..... any others?
  72. Is it really reconciliation or are you just dragging the corpse around
  73. My WS is mad at me...
  74. Child of the affair
  75. Dear Chump Lady, How do you confront a cheater?
  76. It's just part of our biology....
  77. Never getting the truth
  78. Death by Fog
  79. Destroyed my marriage before it got started
  80. Married for 7 years..craving same sex!
  81. Getting past the infidelity
  82. Possible Situation Developing with the W
  83. Not a good day.
  84. WS goes with AP - think it happens more than we think?
  85. Please help
  86. serial cheater
  87. confused - i think he cheated
  88. BH writes: My regrets as a 46 year old, and advice to others at a crossroad
  89. Which is worse serial cheating or emotional cheating?
  90. B.S. from the WS: Our Marriage Was Already Over
  91. New here and so confused
  92. Myth: "They Come Crawling Back"
  93. He's so predictable
  94. Why cheaters are so easy to catch
  95. Can she still love me?
  96. Why truth of cheating is better than not being told
  97. Is this true?
  98. 30 years on & his family are still Coping With his Infidelity
  99. Top 3 Emotional or Physical Needs during reconciliation
  100. Tell-Tale signs of cheating by a Woman
  101. Found you spouce on AM - what would you do
  102. I cheated on the man I love , and I regret it so much!!
  103. Five years later.
  104. Wish he would appreciate how much I give
  105. Moving on after cheating
  106. Stuck in the pain
  107. Moving on... sort of
  108. Internet Infidelity Sites
  109. Annoying irony post about standard evidence thread.
  110. Is this an EA?
  111. Why they trade down when cheating
  112. I don't know what would be the right title
  113. Facebook reminded me today is a year since D-Day #2
  114. When does it become emotional infidelity?
  115. When to come out of plan B?
  116. The "gay workhusband" strikes...
  117. Not A Good Wife
  118. "45 Years" - Devastating Movie
  119. Husband cheated with strippers for 5 years
  120. Where to go from here?
  121. Ex got engaged to mistress
  122. About The "Found out fiancee is screwing my best friend" Thread.
  123. One-Year Anniversary of D-Day
  124. Chumplady wisdom!! The Mindf**K Only Has Three Channels
  125. Trust
  126. Hey, New here.
  127. Infidelity vs constant lying
  128. Who here has cheated?
  129. Hubby of almost 17 years has been cheating on me for at least a decade!
  130. Suspicious minds
  131. Wife's suspicious behavior...
  132. Caught wife in a second emotional affair
  133. What's the best way to tell my fiancée that I will dating her best friend?
  134. Am I Crazy? Or is this the Smoking Gun?
  135. My fitness pal for cyber sex
  136. Inappropriate photos
  137. just found out...
  138. What Do I Do??
  139. PI success stories?
  140. Curious if anyone has posted with suspicions and been wrong?
  141. Contemplating to cheat - what would you do in my shoez
  142. He Finally Confessed
  143. H speaking on the phone for 40 and 80 min with another woman
  144. Hiding places
  145. emotional affair crisis.....
  146. A Public Service Announcement for Remorseless Cheaters
  147. Red Flags and my gut were correct.
  148. F you fiona
  149. A quick poll on your Gender
  150. !! 23,married, in need of help!
  151. Innocent until proven guilty
  152. I'm tired of this.
  153. Should I give him another chance?
  154. Struggling
  155. Mistress says she's pregnant
  156. how to catch my husband cheating?
  157. Husband cheated on me but now accuses me of cheating?
  158. Wife and Male Friends
  159. Found out wife texting another man
  160. lost in a hotel room by myself.. online infidelity has hurt me again
  161. Phone Monitoring Software
  162. I hate KIK...need advice
  163. Need advice
  164. Should I forgive her?
  165. 5 years since I found out and it's all fresh again today
  166. Did I do the right thing? I really am confused now....
  167. CWI - a strategy
  168. don't know what to do
  169. Reddit Adultery Forum
  170. Adultery and "chivalry"
  171. My heart hurts so bad
  172. Wife Denies Marriage problems even after caught sexting- bit of clarity?
  173. husband having an affair
  174. 20/20 episode - Cindy Gam"rat"
  175. "I want my husband back" was said to me
  176. Could you stay friends with a cheater if you found out about their affair?
  177. I had an affair, but I want to save my marriage. HELP!
  178. May try to rebuild? idk. Next step
  179. Trying to forgive
  180. (M+M) Frustrated Married Guy, At Wits End, Considering Divorce
  181. GPS trackers
  182. I asked her to move out
  183. Regaining Lost Trust
  184. Well, that's one way of 'coping' with infidelity..
  185. Confused...emotional affair?
  186. He thinks I'm cheating but I'm not
  187. Triggering again.....from tv show
  188. Wife Cheated Again - Am I wrong to feel this way?
  189. Not everyone cheats.
  190. What Can be done
  191. Denial about an EA...
  192. Year 4 After Infidelity - As Good As It Gets?
  193. Husband is allowed to sleep around
  194. Commonly hrd cheater phrses & their translation
  195. husband is flirting
  196. Chimps also form friendships based on trust
  197. Considering infidelity.
  198. Sex issues with wife and I found out she attended a blow job party
  199. He left... For another married woman
  200. since this site is anonymous...
  201. Condoms??
  202. pass the hurt and anger
  203. I need help getting my wife to move past my cheating
  204. An experiment I wish would happen...
  205. My Tawdry Story
  206. this is freaky and makes me wonder
  207. not sure about this
  208. Separation after infidelity or live together while working on the marriage?
  209. I'm ok he is on ****** *******?
  210. How to stop the spiral of a trigger?
  211. time to write...
  212. The emotional roller coaster of rebuilding the relationship
  213. Wife was flirting with another man. Help
  214. Hmmmmmm a load of BS here?
  215. platonic friendship vs emotional affair?
  216. She's not a cheater...just won't be transparent?
  217. Why Do Guys And Girls Cheat? RAW! SECRET REVEALED!
  218. How Long Should I Wait For My Spouse To Decide If He Wants To Stay Together After My
  219. I love my wife but I'm beginning to think I'm gay/bi. Need advice
  220. Lost
  221. What do I do from here?
  222. Online Dating Research
  223. Wranglers wranglings.
  224. Just Found out wife having an EA with old boyfriend
  225. Mental Gymnastics and retaliation for recording
  226. A question for the W/spouse's
  227. Struggling to cope
  228. Need some advice please strange picture on partners phone
  229. What next?
  230. Don't know how to feel
  231. Do alpha males get cheated on? If so, what is their response?
  232. Emotional affair?
  233. "Why Do You Keep Asking Questions About It?"
  234. Helping myself and others to get to 50,000 feet.
  235. Devastated...
  236. Happy New Year!!
  237. Opened mouth. No trust just further underground
  238. Wife had a affair and wants a divorce
  239. Found SnapSext on iPhone Web History
  240. WH wants to have a baby.
  241. FWH's obsession with getting a dog
  242. How Far I've Come
  243. Spying on Lying Spouse and Need Advice
  244. I was mean to my deployed WH last night and I feel bad.
  245. She tells me on Christmas
  246. 33M here: How do act during the discovery phase?
  247. Brief EA, disconnection, and reconciliation.
  248. Merry Christmas!!!
  249. Do you tell someone their husband is cheating?
  250. Trying to move on