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: Coping with Infidelity

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  1. What happens when they come out of the fog?
  2. New love or drug use? It's all the same to your brain.
  3. I forgive him, how do I get him to forgive himself?
  4. Hard being # 2 in my own marriage
  5. 180?
  6. the line "posted in sex in marriage"
  7. Payback would be a mother...... UPDATE
  8. Question? Emotions what about Shame?
  9. Time to move on.
  10. Why is he doing this now?
  11. Wife, Best Friend betrayal
  12. Lonely souls floods
  13. Betrayed Husband, what can I do now..
  14. Triggers
  15. Dreams
  16. New Girlfriend shared her fantasy....what to do?
  17. Husband confessed cheating and not being attracted to me but loves me.Now what?
  18. new to this mess
  19. Cheater finds happiness?? wtf
  20. Lurking betrayed spouse? We're here for you
  21. The AP's wife is crazy - not sure how to handle.
  22. 56 year old wife sexting 25 year old boy.
  23. Silly, stupid trigger
  24. Understanding the aftermath of confronting
  25. Dealing with husbands online adventures
  26. How do you let go when you know there is no chance of reconciliation
  27. Looking for personal experiences.....
  28. Update on scabs from oral thread
  29. From a broken heart
  30. Burning far reaching question
  31. Is there a sub-forum? "Betrayal"
  32. Work place affairs
  33. Closure For WH with AP?
  34. Suggestions?
  35. Wife and Coworker
  36. Why choose my best friend, I feel like a fool, help
  37. Slap it out of me PLEASE!
  38. I have no interest in talking to you
  39. How to let go of...
  40. My wife is obsessed with another man
  41. Why do cheating wives fight so dirty?
  42. How does the cheater feel about their AP now?
  43. Husband meeting women online.
  44. Cheated my wife how to gain her trust(from India)
  45. Do women cheat more than men or are men good at hiding it
  46. Believe husband or other woman
  47. Sayonara
  48. as a BS how do you now react when you see cheating?
  49. What do I do?
  50. Shut it out and shut up
  51. Husband has fetish of me being with other men. It's destroying me.
  52. Floundering around!!
  53. Can my marriage be saved?
  54. Who has done a poly? Did it help you? Please help.
  55. Dating - Verify Divorce - Warning
  56. Need some support, don't know who to talk to.
  57. Great advice but I dont plan to return
  58. Another Destroyed M, from a Different Cultural Perspective
  59. I am going out of my mind please help
  60. I'm the OM - but not on purpose - and I exposed!
  61. You guys are the best! and a new motto...
  62. He says she if just sex buddy.....
  63. She cheated and wants space now?
  64. What's worse? several one-nighters or a long term affair???
  65. Question
  66. I think I discovered more stuff a year out...
  67. Breaking the compartmentalization.
  68. Support Groups in your community?
  69. Inticimy problems after EA/A with both me and my wife, please help.
  70. should I?
  71. MMSL/NMMNG Success/Failure Stories
  72. Any body seen the new film hope springs eternal
  73. Is it ok for WW to say would be upset if OM died?
  74. How many found happiness with op after divorce
  75. Need help. Or a swift kick in the A.
  76. messy story..
  77. Thinking that you and spouse had something "special"
  78. Emotional Infidelity
  79. Finally coming to an end
  80. Don't focus your anger on the OM /OW
  81. A lot of water under this bridge. Please read and help me!
  82. Humiliated by wife during 3 way sex. Now need advice on divorce
  83. Nine......eleven
  84. Confessed or Caught?
  85. I have access to everything except cell phone
  86. Reconciliation......redux
  87. Cheating Husband & two babies
  88. Hypothetical question for BSís
  89. "Affair -proof?"
  90. How important is the "why"
  91. How long were you with your spouse before they started affair/cheating?
  92. WS & BS- Can their be true R if reluctance to let go of "memories" on both sides?
  93. Moving to hate mode
  94. Slap about the head needed!!
  95. The things they say!
  96. Shouldn't of snooped just now PANICING!
  97. My W said that the only reason I have not had an A is because I never had the chance
  98. Found OW on Facebook!
  99. How friends treat you after an affair
  100. eureka!
  101. Sooo...It's Been a Long Time
  102. Spy camera with Audio & Mini DVR
  103. Fidelity & Technology
  104. Financial infidelity and what it says about a cheater.
  105. Husband looking for online dating while separated; help!
  106. update: It was an EA and he confessed (ish!)
  107. Advice on how to move on after EA
  108. Staying in Dating Trim
  109. my glass bridge finally broke.
  110. Cheating and angry
  111. In a strange place..
  112. Random stuff about the aftermath of Dday (Anger triggers and other things)
  113. Getting my wife out of emotional affair
  114. wife cheated on me 15 years ago.just found out.
  115. crazy infidelity
  116. Will my youngest son ever see the light?
  117. How do things ever get better with no contact?
  118. How can I ever be certain?
  119. Wife (nurse) had an affair (with Dr.). Expose after divorce??
  120. History Used Against Me after his EA. (LOOOOONG POST!)
  121. Help me understand
  122. 3 years of lies, 3 D days - any point in trying?
  123. facebook and the other BS
  124. I need help, and my story
  125. Difference between friendly & flirting and how it leads to EA/PA
  126. How do u start to rebuild ur self confidence?
  127. Is it too soon?
  128. The 180
  129. Emotional Affair?
  130. hi
  131. Thank you TAM
  132. Do you have a problem with the details?
  133. How are you different after discovering EA/PA?
  134. Broken Down
  135. When will I start to feel better?
  136. What happened to "tears" thread?
  137. Is cheating genetic?
  138. Husbands affair
  139. I'm 8 months pregnant and think he's cheating
  140. Insecure, I txt my husband's fb friend(lady) and I feel horrible
  141. Husband having an emotional affair
  142. Wife cheated while I was deployed
  143. Should I let the OW know that I know about them??
  144. Would "Not Just Friends" help my husband understand my need for words of affirmation?
  145. Big Decisions For A Tortured Mind
  146. When is Online Flirting Cheating?
  147. Husband "cheated" on deployment...
  148. First Travel since D-day
  149. Var told me their meeting tonight WTF do I do?
  150. Question About Sex and the Affair - Do I ask specific details?
  151. DDay Anniversary...
  152. An opinion about the "affair fog"
  153. Returning to intimacy too soon??
  154. Going back to the OM after divorce.
  155. should I stay or go. Hubbie who wants cake and eat it!!
  156. The affair made me care?
  157. Still thinking about leaving after 9 months
  158. Monogamy, Why..........
  159. Living with a ghost.
  160. Double 180 ??
  161. Why do so many folks suggest a polygraph test?
  162. Male or Female Counselor?
  164. Just found out, going nuts
  165. Technical Question About this Forum
  166. Talking about the affair
  167. Cyber cheating while I was pregnant, struggling
  168. How many thought their WS would be the last person to cheat?
  169. Need you thoughts to help me decide
  170. Narcissism and Codependence
  171. First thing I do...
  172. Holiday blues?
  173. Some points that helps me moving on as a betrayed spouse.
  174. Remorse and Infidelity
  175. Pregnant wife cheated on me in our bed
  176. 180 Question
  177. New Book...
  178. Just found out she cheated on me. Completely devasted! Looking for advice
  179. Books about dealing with an affair
  180. Caught my wife kissing
  181. Skeleton in my closet and I don't know if I should tell my wife
  182. question for truly remorseful waywards
  183. Wife unfaithful for 3 years
  184. Four months anniversary of D day
  185. No Infidelity at all but he doesn't believe me
  186. I crossed the she's sleeping at her mother's
  187. Confront my girlfriend with help of a keylogger
  188. So confused right now
  189. Question for the 'Must Confess' camp
  190. I feel so ugly and worthless and I don't know what to do
  191. Vindicated
  192. Yes she's with someone else! We have a kid. Can i get her back?!
  193. Need reassurance that I'm not making a mistake
  194. I'm broken and don't know what to do
  195. An Extraordinary Life...
  196. Feeling like cheating on HIM...
  197. Wife caught talking to om after seperation and then false R
  198. Don't know what to believe
  199. Morbid Jealousy-Please help...
  200. 3rd time that I've caught bf texting other women
  201. I need a vent- I refuse to take the blame for his EA.
  202. A message to Richard Collier
  203. The "Trickle"
  204. She's scratching on my door again.
  205. Lies Told
  206. Tech. Toys and affairs and helping the affair escalate
  207. Desperate!! Please help.
  208. Coming into My Own
  209. I'm Confused........
  210. Damn social networking..what do I do about this?
  211. Winning my wife back after her affair? :scratchhead:
  212. Free pc keylogger.
  213. How long does it take to get rid of the disgust and mistrust???
  214. Down shifting?
  215. Scabs from oral sex?
  216. Tell Cheating Husband What I Learned---Or Not?
  217. Not about revenge...feeling a sense of obligation.
  218. need some solid advice
  219. 6 years together, 2 months of marriage
  220. Well i'm a complete idiot!
  221. For the Betrayed....IF
  222. Should tell him to contact the OW to end things on my presence?
  223. Do I try again or let go?
  224. The "180" Blues
  225. Can't forgive or forget the past, but doesn't want to divorce
  226. In Need of Advice---At My Wit's End!
  227. She doesn't want to be judged, umm...what?
  228. Lascarx needs our support
  229. Girlfriend of 7 Years Hiding Her Texts With Her Coworker Crush
  230. Just told my wife I knew about her emotional affair.
  231. Break throughs, moving on and lots of questions
  232. Cheaters and their 'futures'
  233. Fiance texting and trying to have sex... please help
  234. A Stories Conclusion
  235. Seems like a lot more woman lately
  236. A question for the cheaters?
  237. The bottom just fell out of my world
  238. How to I see my husbands deleted history on iphone?
  239. Is it worth finding and contacting posOMW?
  240. Think he has a burner phone... how do I find it?
  241. EA, I think so
  242. Help needed on possible cheating and ways to move forward
  243. He's still in contact with other woman
  244. Am I crazy? Please help.....especially women
  245. Update: Cyber Affair
  246. The OW called
  247. Help Me Save My Marriage
  248. Husband has a secret running partner...
  249. How do I know if they did have sex
  250. Sarcasm and Cynicism responses

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