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: Coping with Infidelity

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  1. Are there any stories of reconciling after a MLC/Affair
  2. Wife involved in EA, and I am tore up!
  3. I haven't Confronted my wife yet
  4. Is 6 weeks NC enough time to be out of the fog?
  5. noticed a very common theme here
  6. Dazed and confused.
  7. right or wrong thing to do?
  8. Walk away wife moving in with AP
  9. So Screwed UP
  10. Coping with the affair
  11. Should I be concern?
  12. My toxic friend.
  13. How to handle this???
  14. Think my wife is at it again with a new hand (long)
  15. Once a cheater, always a cheater?
  16. H double life, im pregnant and he left me
  17. Can't shake the feeling that wife cheated
  18. I'm invited to an event and the OW will
  19. Trying to learn how to cope. Please help.
  20. Fidelity
  21. Ranting
  22. Feelings based living
  23. Not cheating....but behaving like you are.
  24. I exposed the affair
  25. A message for RichardCollier
  26. its been a week.......
  27. the 50 yo man in the cruise with his cheating wife?
  28. Tired of Mr. Attitude
  29. Ok, I am ready to confront! Advice needed ASAP pleeeeease.....
  30. Don't lose all hope
  31. You can't turn it on and off like a light a switch
  32. 7 years and still hurting...
  33. Suggestions on respectfully declining vow renewal
  34. My wife kissed a man and stays friends
  35. To be concerned or not to be concerned?
  36. A Tale of Infidelity...
  37. New Information
  38. Is this trickle truth? Did she cheat?
  39. What are some of the common words or phrases a cheating spouse would say?
  40. Wife has been having EA with my business rival
  41. Moving Forward..what do I do next?
  42. Stbxw is jealus
  43. Am I Giving-Up Too Easily?
  44. I had an EA and need advice
  45. To Everyone in TAB who's going through something....enjoy
  46. How can I trust my wife
  47. This is going to sting..
  48. Should I let go (long "details" I'm for real)
  49. Old evidence of infidelities
  50. Affairs and death?
  51. Can it be salvaged
  52. I'm positive I became an EA victim today. Help
  53. Husband's big blow-up a year after his EA. Reasonable or not?
  54. I'm pretty sure my wife is having an emotional affair
  55. She sent my boudouir photos to her "friend"
  56. Seeking Honest Advice for a Soul in a Pickle
  57. Supporting the jealous one
  58. condom in laundry...
  59. Wife having EA -- do I reveal?
  60. OW makes Glenn Close look like a Saint
  61. 180 Questions
  62. 180?
  63. I cheated, now she doesnt believe in monogomy/please help!
  64. Advice desperately needed about OW situation
  65. I've never felt more devastated. Please help!
  66. It's been a year! Get over it!
  67. The Story of Dig
  68. Is there a win back story out there?
  69. You are going to be mad at me...
  70. What to do? What to think?
  71. Is this even remotely plausible?
  72. I don't get reconciliation...
  73. One year out from husband's EA. How did others find things then?
  74. Is she asking too much too soon?
  75. Habitual cheating
  76. Married AP?
  77. Why always a fat ugly chic?
  78. Do I give him the opportunity to cheat?
  79. 4 days before our 1 year anniversary.
  80. Impossible to keep quiet and wait
  81. he cheated, i stayed and i cant move forward
  82. The lying spouse
  83. Cheating husband with babies on the way
  84. Just an update
  85. Comment about disclosing A to family/friends....
  86. A Common Story No Doubt
  87. Question for the BS' do you deal with the paranoia?
  88. Advice re: MC rugsweeping for WW
  89. It Seems Okay
  90. 7 months since he left.... still with OW
  91. Dealing with triggers - one year on.
  92. So Confused and Distraught About Wife's Behavior
  93. The end is near but still holding on.....
  94. Wife of 35 Years Has a Wild Fling
  95. One year is approaching...mixed results
  96. The script is always the same
  97. My wife admitted to me that she cheated
  98. Reconciliation...
  99. Wife is having an EA, cant let go.
  100. wife's 'past' connections
  101. He wears my bras and nightys while hes masterbating
  102. Found out he has a secret phone
  103. How to stop an affair?
  104. I think I have survivors guilt
  105. The twins aren't mine
  106. Soul mates? Or the right one for right now?
  107. Help in getting wife to trust me
  108. **midlife crisis need help soon***
  109. The revelations keep coming!
  110. One year later, still unable to cope with his EA
  111. Infidelity or not? What do you think?
  112. Is he genuine or playing me?
  113. Where is the line crossed?
  114. Divorced. 6 months from Dday to Divorce. Should I be over it?
  115. I need help before I do something stupid!!
  116. Need help from a bipolar cheater...please
  117. Don't feel married anymore, except on paper?
  118. 11 months POST DDAY!!!!
  119. Update/New Developments
  120. Has she cheated or not?
  121. For those who cheated...what would have stopped you and when?
  122. Overwhelmed
  123. Can I ruin an Emotional Affair?
  124. wife cheated after 10 yrs together
  125. Having trust issues
  126. Where do I go from here?
  127. Wife cheated 6 months ago, and is 6 months pregnant...advice
  128. Found out Dad is having EA (maybe more). What to do????
  129. On the other side now, karma or just bad luck?
  130. Fear of flying
  131. Possible EA and trying to remain friends?
  132. New wife/mom devistated and lost
  133. Is my husband a pathological liar?
  134. Such a mess...
  135. why would i have sex with my WS?
  136. For the guys here, thoughts?
  137. Why can't I really try R, is it because I still doubt?
  138. Hi
  139. Forgiveness and R?
  140. free smartphone keylogger
  141. It's all about timing.
  142. The Othello Syndrome and other...
  143. Cheating Husband (Not the first time)
  144. Silly Mistake - Need advice.
  145. So husband cheated
  146. Should I pull the plug!
  147. Advice needed
  148. Best keylogger for pc?
  149. I kinda had an affair/ inappropriate convo. Need Help!
  150. Complex Circumstances
  151. webcam is it cheating or not?
  152. Adultery or no fault?
  153. I've got an idea!!
  154. Newlywed, Pregnant, & Betrayed
  155. i feel like crap
  156. No contact/going dark
  157. lost
  158. How do I move on after hearing about husband's emotional affair?
  159. can my wife take my 1.5 year old twin kids away from me if they are not mine?
  160. Now this is exposed!!!
  161. Archeologist of Truth
  162. Any one wish to go to Kenya?
  163. Fiance cheated on me
  164. Is a genuine R even really possible?!?
  165. Trapped in marriage with a cheater, no way out
  166. I had an online affair .
  167. Infidelity and respect
  168. Please help...... AGAIN
  169. I am not into yoga
  170. white wife who only dated blacks cheated with a black man
  171. Wife of 7 years cheated on me
  172. Wife's Online Affair
  173. Obvious maybe, I know, I know.......
  174. is husband cheating or just distant
  175. Husband cheated and I'm pregnant....
  176. BS Fog
  177. Should I expect actions for making up
  178. I complicated my wife's AFFAIR
  179. Says he wants to be alone; I think he is cheating
  180. NC broken at 5 months post D-Day
  181. Opinions on if this marriage is even worth saving?
  182. any romanian here?
  183. So what have you spent on MC?
  184. Really really strange question
  185. Thoughts>>>>
  186. Question
  187. does your spouse know
  188. Ever find out your husband was cheating on you 4 days after you get married?
  189. So you know what I did?
  190. My wife get pregnant, but my semen is only 2,000,000. Is it possible?
  191. Just a question even if you plan to work
  192. Wife of 25 years in affair with other woman
  193. should this be ok?
  194. Unbbelievable-wife of 10 years has 3 EA's simultaneously!
  195. My wife has cheated on me and lied about it.I am crushed, and desperately need advice
  196. Need Some MAJOR Advice
  197. I told mh he is not the man I married
  198. Free Won't + New Pleasure Circuit Found in Brain
  199. Holy Hell, it hurts like mad!!!
  200. struggling with transparency
  201. (Long)My wife cheated just before our 6th anniversary..
  202. How to Stop Punishing Her
  203. How to leave a cheater? Here is the Answer....
  204. I cheated before marriage
  205. Do I confront my husband's girlfriend?
  206. From bad to worse
  207. What the crap is this?
  208. How long does withdrawal take?
  209. Husband let a guy friend give him a hand job
  210. Husband cheated with his friend
  211. Recovery problems
  212. It`s happening again .........
  213. 1yr Post DD and here we go again...
  214. I hate cheaters
  215. Can we talk about privacy vs secrets, transparency and trus in recovery?
  216. Withdrawing divorce petition in Texas
  217. Questions on Exposing affair
  218. is this normal?
  219. Don't know what to think
  220. Angelpixie's 'Exposing the wound to sunlight' thread
  221. wife and best friend having (at least) an EA
  222. Today is the DAY!!!!
  223. Thanks
  224. Is this passive aggressive or am I too sensitive?
  225. I am Deployed,and I found her e-mails to another guy.
  226. I feel terrible
  227. Husband leaving me for a co worker
  228. Checking In
  229. 9 months past DDay
  230. Crazy response to a cheater
  231. 3 Months since D day and I'm still struggling.
  232. Fight to save a short marriage?
  233. Why am I so upset about the AP HAPPY LIFE!
  234. How do I get over it?
  235. Wife having an affair with Co Worker
  236. need some support please!!
  237. 5 Things that puzzle me
  238. Threatened Now
  239. Any insight?
  240. 10 Yr anniversary approaching...what to do?
  241. Wife cheated 6 years ago and just found out??!!?
  242. more than infidelity, but need advice as to where to go for help
  243. What is the fog?? And fog speak for that matter?
  244. Can't cope with this pain
  245. found out about affair devastated
  246. Do you ever feel like no matter what you're screwed?
  247. depressed over emotional facebook affair
  248. wife had affair... divorce or hope?
  249. Anger? What anger??
  250. This is my anniversary weekend but he is out cheating on me