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: Coping with Infidelity

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  1. Long terms success stories of taking your wife back after cheating
  2. Update....willing to forgive....but
  3. Is cybersex cheating??
  4. Finding the Will to Live After An Affair
  5. Thoughts about password sharing...
  6. 5 years from now?
  7. Any good books?
  8. How should I react....
  9. Need advice/perspective
  10. Am I in the majority?
  11. Cheating or not?
  12. Should I divorce???
  13. Wild Oats (for the girls)
  14. Im Not Cheating But My Husband Doesnt Think So?
  15. Willing to forgive......but
  16. Can barely handle it anymore
  17. Really starting to think the OM is POS!!
  18. Hurt and Betrayed
  19. Question regarding Catholic Confession/Affair
  20. He found out...
  21. Unsure what to do, venting
  22. We filed yesterday, I'm heartbroken.....
  23. Struggles 10-16-12
  24. Fell free to coment
  25. How long do I have to suffer
  26. Wife cheated, is there any hope for this marriage?
  27. Female poll: Has any Females used KY as a moisturizer?
  28. Thank you for saving me from myself
  29. Just Need To Vent And Talk To Some People That Been Through Something Similar
  30. After EA D Day
  31. One more week until court date
  32. Letting my mind run away with me....
  33. Has anyone ever...
  34. Is it possible for a Serial Cheater/ Narcissist to change his stripes?
  35. I need help!!!
  36. AHHHH. The stupidity.
  37. Lost and Confused
  38. Spinning out of control
  39. BS and first anniversary after... where were you emotionally?
  40. Jealousy.
  41. Goodbye letter?
  42. Trigger-what do you when you hear the other name while together?
  43. We're good people and that was our downfall...
  44. Why do we trust......
  45. Is this wife material?
  46. Have any of you had a revenge affair? What happened after as far as current marriage?
  47. I just had a flashback. I remember what started my EA
  48. I forgave my wife
  49. He didn't cheat in some peoples eyes but betrayed my trust.
  50. How to handle 'gaslighting'?
  51. Reconciliation II
  52. Even if you don't do anything wrong....
  53. My wife is having an online love affair
  54. How do you deal with the anxiety of being alone/not being in the marriage you wanted?
  55. Why would my husband need a KIK account?
  56. Fact or Fiction?
  57. pregnant and left for ow
  58. Is this something or nothing...
  59. If cheating is addictive - what turns cheaters around?
  60. Not Sure What to Do?
  61. Gottman approach in counseling?
  62. How do i catch my possibly cheating wife?
  63. Sooo tired of the BS!!
  64. 9 months since he left for the ow.... update
  65. Wtf now???
  66. Update on my R
  67. Is cyber sex cheating?
  68. facebook involvement
  69. "The Fog"
  70. Double betrayals what does it say about the participants
  71. The stranger in the house...
  72. Observations of the downward spiral of a person with Histrionic Personality Disorder
  73. My wife had affair
  74. I cheated and desperately want to make amends
  75. I think he is about to cheat...
  76. A lot of questions floating around in my head...
  77. Song or the clip that summes it up for me; JUST VENTING
  78. Anyone familiar with cell phone spyware?
  79. Was told my situation was better listed on here.
  80. Wife cheated with my kid
  81. Wife wants 'space' after admitting to seeing ex-boyfriend X3
  82. Am i just worrying too much for no reason or???
  83. I am OW, wife keeps trying to call me..
  84. Repeat Offender and Lucky she still wants me...
  85. Can we talk co-dependent, passive aggresive and boundries in affair recovery?
  86. Trickle truth
  87. Coping with infidelity poll.
  88. Newbie needs advice
  89. Left with 4 kids and unbearable heartache some days
  90. Female who has slowly lost her soul! Am I wrong?
  91. confronted him and it did not go well
  92. Village Idiot
  93. Am I paranoid and crazy
  94. Keylogger. Here's my wish
  95. He got another woman pregnant
  96. Coping with wayward spouse.....
  97. Husband is addicted to flirting and talking about sex
  98. Confused by her actions
  99. Are the cheaters really worth it?
  100. My sister in law said something once...
  101. Am I losing it or is somthing going on?
  102. Need technical help
  103. Having trouble moving past my husband sexting with another woman!
  104. Just caught him, I'm numb
  105. I cheated on my wife.
  106. Gut feeling or intuition
  107. The unknown
  108. How to survive an affair
  109. My life, seems like a waste and I see no happiness ahead...
  110. Wife has cheated again .. and begging for forgiveness .. pls help
  111. 30th Annv Today; only due to TAM BS & WS
  112. Doing the 180, but still have things that I want to say to her
  113. Do we contact the ow???
  114. Called him, and he doesn't want me?
  115. Need help finding a thread-understanding OW/AP (broken people..)
  116. He's leaving me for her....
  117. how to get over affair.
  118. Sympathy for the Devil?
  119. Blanking the cheater
  120. Who Would You Say Initiates the Most Affairs?
  121. A mistake made, trying to survive it
  122. should I confront about past emails?
  123. How important is it for you....
  124. When you think you can't live without her
  125. My wifes secret email address
  126. How to truly forget...
  127. contacting Affair Partner
  128. My Wife is unhappy
  129. Just read Why Women Cheat book Website Thats me I think
  130. Women who leave children
  131. Wife cheated please read
  132. Why I think the Alpha/Beta thing is flawed
  133. 13yr relationship need advice
  134. Infidelity and circle of friends
  135. revenge
  136. Twisting in the wind
  137. 100% over still having to stay in the house, she still has control over me!
  138. Why is he angry WITH ME?
  139. He lied to OW as well as me
  140. Roommates and now cheating
  141. Betrayed spouses and why so much pain
  142. cheating
  143. My wife say's she's done nothing wrong...
  144. I made mistakes...
  145. Feel like a bad person
  146. Anyone Else with no Agreement on EA with Spouse?
  147. Is kissing cheating?
  148. Wife Left
  149. My Story and Next Steps
  150. Im Flabbergasted
  151. Do OMs always want just sex with a married woman?
  152. I need to hear some Karma stories
  153. Almost 1 Year from D-Day
  154. How can I fight when I did all the hurting
  155. he cheated now i'm in an EA
  156. I feel like I am stuck on a roller coaster and dying to get off!
  157. Husband Caught Texting
  158. Exhausted but still love the jerk!
  159. Trying to heal
  160. D-Day - 1 year out
  161. Do nice guys finish last?
  162. Finally filing for D after 10ms of false R. Need advice please!
  163. Her E.A.
  164. Sexual desire during reconciliation
  165. Bad start. How to make it better?
  166. what do i do?
  167. Husband in emotional affair with young woman who has own fiance but wants him too
  168. Cheating husband
  169. Does everyone feel guilty for cheating?
  170. We really need this....
  171. The situation after 5 months being separated
  172. Still...after all this time.
  173. Setback - Starting 180
  174. She Cheated. I hate my life.
  175. 180
  176. 12 weeks from DDay (WW perspective) Rugsweeping?
  177. Sex during R
  178. Letting go while still stuck there
  179. How long will a H mourn finding out Wife past infedility?
  180. How do you deal with someone convinced you are unfaithful?
  181. xWF goes on a lovely vacation…
  182. For those of you cheated on...
  183. Has infidelity made you suffer fools, liars, cheaters less, and more voccally so?
  184. why do i feel like an unpaid counselor?
  185. Being the betrayer
  186. Arnold on 60 Minutes.
  187. So I proposed to my GF a week ago, she said no.
  188. Lying wife and suspicious behavior...
  189. The fog
  190. Foreign Affair
  191. I can feel her
  192. Not Trigger During Sex w new partner/old partner how do you cope
  193. What next?
  194. Confront her?
  195. I messed up and he has no idea.
  196. A couple of questions
  197. Two different visions of the past?
  198. Don't know how to do the next step (Really stuck)
  199. I admitted I had a ONS and not just a EA
  200. Do marriages end more often when W cheats on H or vice versa?
  201. My H says hes been going to a counselor
  202. Should I leave or should I stay? Partner had a 3-some (and I wasn't invited.)
  203. no contact violated
  204. How to "move on"
  205. Was it cheating?
  206. Anyone R w/o getting the full truth?
  207. Is it true that ALL men will cheat given the opportunity?
  208. Is she cheating?
  209. I'm done here, thank you!
  210. Facebook reverse phone number look up
  211. Not worth my tears, yet I can't stop crying
  212. Thoughts of Inadequacy
  213. Help me with forgiveness
  214. Coping with wife's EA
  215. Nothing Free
  216. What's Wrong with People...?
  217. Need help: emailing iphone text messages
  218. Thinking of asking H to do a polygraph
  219. Advice needed asap
  220. When to stop asking questions?
  221. What to do?
  222. What do you get from this?
  223. What is Forgiveness and How Can It Help Heal
  224. so lost in my own head
  225. Confronted Wife on EA: Now Not Sure What to DO
  226. Things you said/did around Dday that you wish you could take back...
  227. Wife Mid Life Crisis ???
  228. What is the cost of forgiveness?
  229. My Wife Had an EA With My Friends' Husband.
  230. found out i was cheated on
  231. Help or Advice
  232. Game play
  233. He's gone.
  234. Does tam open up old/new wounds for you?
  235. how long does the depression/grieving period last?
  236. Reality check?
  237. WH wants to expose AP 7 months after NC
  238. Telling the children?
  239. Is this Cheating, mother syndrome or something else?
  240. Well, ain't that a kick in the head?
  241. Wife says she is in love with another man, but still loves me
  242. This is quite embarrassing
  243. Question about a friend recieving inappropriate texts
  244. Older sex
  245. Cuddle or not
  246. Wifes EA and texting transcripts what to do?
  247. Really Insignificant Question - Part of R
  248. They say its his Birthday
  249. Is it really cheating?
  250. A hypothetical question?

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