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: Coping with Infidelity

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  1. EA and maybe more - Falling apart!!!
  2. The Criminality of Snooping
  3. Someone, anyone, help me understand
  4. Retrieving data, calls, messages on a Samsung Galaxy S2? Advice ASAP please!
  5. Trying to rebuild trust after affair
  6. Secret STD
  7. look on the bright side of life
  8. Poll - age of the cheaters
  9. Unintentionally set off a trigger for BH
  10. Anyone else dreading the holidays?
  11. After the lies, you just never really know anymore.
  12. Update.... on my wife's EA
  13. examples of heavy lifting
  14. Cheating spouses: I need advice plz
  15. Husband cheating, I'm not sure what to do
  16. Wife is stepping out
  17. Is this cheating?
  18. Expressions speak louder than words
  19. I stopped one of my triggers
  20. Need to protect myself and kids? Irrational WW(DW?)
  21. Raging Triggers and how to cope
  22. Epidemic?
  23. Is this fog after EA/PA? Or me being heartless?
  24. Does R last a lifetime?
  25. Please, I need some advice...
  26. Bummed out
  27. Wife had EA, it's not the first time...
  28. Should i tell or would i be wrong
  29. disrespected?
  30. Closure?
  31. disrespected?
  32. emailing OW H to disclose right or wrong?
  33. He tried again!!! LONG!!
  34. At one point are you actually cheating?
  35. I feel like my whole world has turnes upside down.
  36. Wife moved directly in with OM
  37. How much do i need to know?
  38. A year post affair and it is making me sick
  39. Count me in
  40. Letting go
  41. i cheated
  42. So heres where im at...
  43. Won my wife back, still suffering?
  44. BS contacting old girlfriend during R
  45. Help!!! Totally confused by dis-respecting wife.
  46. Found out big brother had sex with my wife. Need to win her back! Should I confront?
  47. Should I contact OM years after the fact?
  48. Question for BS - Why stay?
  49. Really?
  50. question for BS'
  51. Just found out my wife's emotional affair was also physical. Don't know what to do!!?
  52. need your advice please..
  53. I think my wife is cheating...
  54. Is there a truly good way to do reverse cell phone lookup?
  55. Don't bother trying to get closure
  56. It's been 1 week, 2 days--am I on track?
  57. New to this site, still not over this week
  58. Repost: The We
  59. My Heart Breaks for Ms. Holly Patraeus
  60. CIA director resigns over extramarital affair
  61. lost in LA
  62. Truly painful
  63. Time to heal from Cheating?
  64. keylogger for iphone no jailbreak??
  65. Husband is cheating again
  66. Wife: Is It Cheating?
  67. Not handling this very well
  68. Did I Deserve What I Got?
  69. Can Men really have a EA?
  70. this is unbelievable, sad but true
  71. How to deal with feelings about friend who knew of affair
  72. 4 months from DDay and now emotional
  73. So, I think my wife is cheating on me
  74. Need Advice on wife of 18 years
  75. To BS who's WS had a long term affair...
  76. Affair with Stripper
  77. Just Married, but husband confessed to past cheating.
  78. Emotional Affair?
  79. same old story I think.
  80. Both betrayed
  81. "Academic" or book resources on recovery and hysterical bonding?
  82. The signs were there
  83. this site is going to ruin my marriage!!!
  84. Is my MC Giving the right advice?
  85. Beyond angry and so over it
  86. Am I Crazy? =(
  87. Should I confront him?
  88. Guilty parties
  89. Question on EA
  90. Looking for views from wayward Husbands of ONS
  91. wife cheated on me and lies
  92. Did you ever feel.........
  93. Gutted to have to admit to an ONS
  94. How many words can you think of to describe how you feel...
  95. She says she doesn't love me anymore
  96. One Night Stand after 2 months of marriage
  97. really struggling today
  98. I need some advice
  99. Research on OW
  100. So It It Just Me, Or Has the World Lost Its Damn Mind?
  101. 3 years post Dday!
  102. Letting go of the denial of betrayal
  103. He thinks I'm his mother
  104. Texting Female Co-Worker
  105. She had a three month affair with a friend
  106. almost 27 years
  107. Cheated on my wife how do i fix this?
  108. here's a strange thing
  109. This hurts so much but I want to forgive her.
  110. "It Just Happened"- excuses and how is your MC going?
  111. Broken heart
  112. Was it an EA? Starting MC this week....
  113. Love the 180 idea, need help with a few questions
  114. Collect more evidence and confront her?
  115. How confidential should Individual Counselling be?
  116. I bet I'm getting cheated on
  117. "Forced to cheat" spinoff thread - my story
  118. wife cheating?
  119. ED in marriage during R
  120. Time to light up dear abby's inbox
  121. Tell the whole truth or no trust
  122. Too much water under the bridge?
  123. Is this consider Cheating? Or just an excuse for him to?
  124. Handling relationship issues at sensitive times - advice?
  125. 1 Year Later, FINALLY Ready To Tell My Story
  126. day 6 but feeling okish, why?
  127. Forgiveness
  128. so now what..
  129. Feelings for OM. How to stop my affair? Advice please
  130. Are polygraphs worth it?
  131. Secret Service Agent Kills Himself
  132. In another country and seperated!!!
  133. Affection after affair
  134. Do you think he is truly sorry?
  135. Scared to lose the marriage
  136. EA/PA If you knew then what you know now, would you still have it?
  137. Over and Over....should it be over?
  138. Something to Talk About
  139. First MC appointment
  140. Every Worry About Confirmtion Bias?
  141. Same as it ever was...
  142. Stay? Or leave him?
  143. She says she is not at fault. What should I do?
  144. How do you know for sure he's cheating?
  145. Need advice from those that have tried or are in a reconciliation
  146. why do they do it
  147. For those that are reconciling
  148. Please give me your advice
  149. Creative Suggestions to Catch Her?
  150. wife - cake eaters!
  151. I have no clue where to begin...
  152. Neglected wife, husband taken over by new hobby with female friend
  153. time to vent
  154. conditions on wanting a second chance.
  155. I feel like I am stuck with no options
  156. The OW/M
  157. Old School 80's vid busting a cheater, Oran Juice Jones
  158. Question to Cheaters
  159. Partners "EA" - I confronted and lost the chance to get the real answers :(
  160. Seriously considering an affair
  161. never saw this coming
  162. Understanding the cheater
  163. PA with a man with ED
  164. How to forgive-looking for advice
  165. Am I crazy? Is she having an EA?
  166. Questions about questions
  167. Mobistealth - the facts!
  168. Some trouble during R
  169. I'm Just Lost! Help!
  170. How to Connect with Hubby Again?
  171. Need some advice urgently .. not proud of what I did ...
  172. I think MY DAD is having and affair
  173. my husband worries me
  174. Adulterous wife had 2 abortions before we met
  175. I think he is cheating...
  176. Is my wife being naive? Or am I nuts?
  177. Help Needed - Very Much In Despair
  178. "Forced", to cheat? CHOICE to cheat
  179. Ex's and Opposite Sexes
  180. She crushed me, I'm struggling
  181. Say something to my fetish partner?
  182. 4th time in 18 years 2 kiddos
  183. x day
  184. The Definition of Cheating
  185. Cheater Lee Ann Rhimes falling apart
  186. Learning something about ourselves
  187. A long drawn out saga
  188. Lifecoach
  189. DDay +2
  190. Newbie here, and a madhatter
  191. Wife cheated... Feels like a dream
  192. Wife cheated... Feels like a dream
  193. Missing bandit.45 threads
  194. Threads being started then deleted
  195. One More Night
  196. H cheated left 9 months ago ow called me last week... update
  197. How to rebuild trust?
  198. I feel like crap
  199. Stuck in Limbo
  200. Another She Cheated Thread.
  201. He cheated while I was pregnant with twins - advice needed!
  202. Ever notice how.....
  203. Calling it a mistake...
  204. questions for the ws...
  205. Wife on vacation with OM
  206. I had an Emotional affair
  207. Just confonted her-she wants ME to move out!
  208. help for Mother In Law
  209. I'm Lonely!
  210. Finding out true identity of OW?
  211. Facebook Infidelity Found 2 messages
  212. Why back to first loves and ex-spouses happen
  213. Again? I don't know.
  214. It hurts so bad!! and the images......
  215. How to grieve 3 years after his affair
  216. Do you think anybody is capable of having an EA/PA?
  217. Did I go about this all wrong?
  218. There's not enough lawn
  219. Looking for some "been there" advice
  220. How to start reconcilliation
  221. Husband is a habitual liar and I stay or do I go?
  222. EA
  223. Dealing with depressed wife's affair
  224. How to do the 180?
  225. Midlife Crisis - Does it ever end?
  226. How do you know when it's a real..
  227. Is exposing the affair to the BS, and to their families and friends a good idea?
  228. My husbands had an affair HELP ????
  229. Porn relationship
  230. "I need time / space"
  231. Re edited w/line breaks WS needs trust advice please read
  232. Edited: I am WS need advice for trust please read need help!!
  233. I am the WS who needs help advice on proving trust re fall in love please read
  234. Sent the STBXW divorce paperwork/agreement
  235. It is what it is
  236. Where do I start?
  237. Struggling truggling struggling
  238. Surviving an EA?
  239. can my wife have an EA on her own? And what should I do?
  240. D Day and Cancer D..what a Mess
  241. How to Cope
  242. Trust for the future
  243. Business Travel Advice
  244. caught in the act
  245. Guy Dumped by girlfriend just before winning $30M
  246. My situation as it is now
  247. Counseling?
  248. Emotionally "attached" to another man.
  249. Trying to maintain my sanity.
  250. Am I a chump or a d1ckhead. I need help either way.