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: Coping with Infidelity

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  1. Three Years Later
  2. Question for BS and WS with over 5 years in R
  3. Confronting WH with the letter and ultimatum right now.
  4. Blindsided and devestated
  5. Trying to cope
  6. Therapy for triggers
  7. yes , no or maybe..any imput please
  8. New research on male-female friendships
  9. Needing advice on exposure....
  10. Does the AP matter? Or if it was not with them it would be with someone else?
  11. Need input on letter to WH.
  12. A message for GM_Sincere
  13. Exposure.
  14. Tell me I'm Not Crazy!
  15. Kids meet OW
  16. Help
  17. Wife Cheated with Neighbor... Divorced now
  18. Am I looking at everything through A colored glasses?
  19. Training to cheat: The reward system of an EA via text
  20. WH wanted me to post questions here...a first.
  21. Husband commit affair when pregnant and still continue affair.
  22. Voicemail interpretation
  23. BLAH! Yeah, that's right.. Blah.
  24. Help help help help help
  25. Newb here... I had an affair
  26. WH still talks with everyone but me
  27. Finally - D Day
  28. What a WS says while still in fog...
  29. Wife Had Affair With My Life Long Best Mate
  30. Is this the end?
  31. Cederman, per your request....
  32. My husband of 8 months has got another woman pregnant
  33. Possible affair with Boss
  34. The children of affairs...
  35. Feel like wife is cheating
  36. We are BOTH cheaters... Is this finally too much?
  37. I think my wife cheated on me.
  38. New here, need to unload
  39. Sick of all the fighting how fo i get past it
  40. Sometimes I Wish Her EA Had Gone PA. Non-Consummated EA Might Burn Worse
  41. I have been cheated on and... what now?
  42. Was anyone saved by a prenup?
  43. So, you're thinking of having an affair...
  44. Why listening to the people on this site is SO important.
  45. Does anyone know what happened with Moxie?
  46. Found out he cheated almost 5 years after it happened. Now what?
  47. Help with Confrontation please!
  48. Need support
  49. Question About Telling
  50. For wayward, don u have any fog for bs?
  51. When do you know?
  52. How do you ever live up to the ow??
  53. Fog?
  54. Trying to gain a different perspective...
  55. Cryptic gift??
  56. Death is better than divorce
  57. Merry Christmas to you all!!
  58. 6 months after learning of affair I asked her to leave without me
  59. Wife had affair
  60. New here and needing a little advice
  61. WW not knowing what to do....
  62. Merry Xmas to all at CWI.
  63. True love, pure love, painful love; where to get?
  64. Will it ever feel the same again?
  65. smart phones
  66. H not looking forward to Christmas day....
  67. She kissed him.. And it was meaningful..
  68. I am so lost
  69. No remorse... WTH is he doing then?
  70. How to deal with wife's Social Networking Affair?
  71. Ruts? Life after...
  72. Browser use.
  73. We both cheated - feel stuck in a bad marriage
  74. Telling spouse years after affair ended
  75. She had affair...and it's my fault
  76. Husband Cheated and At a Loss
  77. The role of power in infidelity
  78. Do I tell her family and friends?
  79. How to gather evidence on the uber tech savvy WS?
  80. Any advice, please help
  81. Hello
  82. Married to a Stranger
  83. My last cry for help I AM LOSING MY WIFE AND FAMILY!!!
  84. Reconnecting with someone who is obessed with her?
  85. Boss Fires "Irresistible" Employee
  86. Liking her photo on Instagram
  87. no contact - in the news
  88. Just ended affair. Finding it hard to cope.
  89. WS's regret?
  90. I want to confront the OW
  91. 3 years post affair
  92. Infidelity and Separation days before Christmas.
  93. Mad hate for cheaters!
  94. Watching Cheaters
  95. unhappy wife..
  96. In need of direction...young, dumb, issues with partner
  97. A vacation by sneaky means
  98. Another player confession!!
  99. From frustrated joey---to Suzy Favor Hamilton
  100. WS Long Term Memory Of Your Affair
  101. What does this say?
  102. Suzy Favor Hamilton worked as Escort
  103. 20 years later
  104. Husband trying reconciliation
  105. Trying to figure it all out
  106. 4 months from D-Day...Xmas is hard
  107. need expert advice, please
  108. What counts as cheating?
  109. Am I being Paranoid for no Reason?
  110. Emotional Affair. Tryin to win her back
  111. Wife changed email password a month ago
  112. What do to when in the fog?
  113. My unusual journey with the OW...
  114. Gathering evidence...
  115. Why do I keep doing this to myself???
  116. My story. I know my husband is cheating but I'm too afraid to confront him.
  117. Fixing the hole
  118. Updates on your ex's has the karma bus hit yet and if so please share your story
  119. Pregnant and Husband has an affair
  120. Update
  121. Opposite Sex Friendships, after past infidelity.
  122. Shocking: My Wife Admits
  123. help me get over the panic please
  124. yahoo chat logs
  125. Strike 3...should I throw him out?
  126. seems like i hit a wall
  127. Need help to see if spouse is cheating
  128. So you don't like the comments on your post?
  129. Is she cheating or is it me?
  130. Fear Vs Confidence
  131. is she just trying to rid of me?
  132. Over a year since I found out about my HA's. I need advice, please!
  133. My wife's emotional affair. HELP!
  134. Where to go now?
  135. This is my last time coming here
  136. Just a feeling
  137. Young guy would appreciate some help.
  138. Dealing with posOM
  139. I need your help
  140. Been awhile.
  141. Flirting with a man with a gf
  142. Not so much fun
  143. I am getting to the point of just stupid!!!
  144. Some days you just can't tell them
  145. Feels like I'm nothing
  146. Husband cannot get over EA
  147. How can we reconcile if I'm angry at him all the time?
  148. is it wrong of me to be upset with other people?
  149. Mutual Friends - Should they Tell?
  150. For BS's...who here has rocked it getting into shape after your WS's A?
  151. State of Mind During NC
  152. Everybody is capable of cheating given the right circumstances/opportunity?
  153. Husband had affair with cousin 2 months after marriage
  154. What am I to make of this?
  155. Touching Cell Phones
  156. It's Been 4 Years...does it go away?
  157. Trying to find the answers
  158. One strike and you are out!
  159. How I handled the EA
  160. Betrayed, despondent, don't know how to cope
  161. Can't seem to proceed...
  162. BH "fell off the wagon"
  163. Coping with Emotional Relationship, Drugs, Porn
  164. Anyone heard from Noah?
  165. Well, the truth came out
  166. Is the success rate really 3 percent?
  167. Should I believe the OW about saying my Husband had other affairs?
  168. How do you cope with the rejection and disrespect? (BHs)
  169. How to get through a affair? Anyone been there?
  170. Unknown number on cell phone
  171. 'Short-Term' Text Flirting
  172. Polygraphs, do they work or help?
  173. What does "heavy lifting" mean to you?
  174. I've gotten my wife to admit kissing...what's the likelihood it stopped there?
  175. a couple of questions for everyone to help everyone
  176. Another Chance
  177. Update: Chief's player Jovan Belcher was not the father
  178. I can't tell anyone else
  179. Reasons why Jealous People often end up cheating
  180. Competitive aspects of Infidelity
  181. Therapy Smackdown
  182. not sure i can cope anymore feeling really alone :(
  183. New wife had affair w/ best friend
  184. Wife having EA with long time friend, can't let it go
  185. drunken meaningless ONS - can i keep it a secret forever?
  186. How do you know if your WS has a sex addiction?
  187. What about the children?
  188. Cyber Cheater
  189. How do you keep your self respect?
  190. SSRI experiences
  191. What bugs you the most of your discovery of your WS's A?
  192. Emotionally Retarded
  193. Post Divorce - OM part of my kids life and not coping well
  194. Need Help
  195. Twenty Nine Months
  196. Saying the AP's name by mistake?
  197. Husband says Jesus forgives him
  198. what the AP said...
  199. Am I missing something?
  200. Own it?
  201. a few random questions - your thoughts pleasr
  202. I feel like I am loosing my mind - OM is coming home for holidays.
  203. Coping strategy
  204. Resentment
  205. Looking back...
  206. When you look in retrospect do things make more sense?
  207. Bitterness
  208. How do I ever trust her again after her two affairs
  209. Will I Ever Regain Trust?
  210. BS Fog - Regrets with how you handled the A
  211. Is knowing "why" necessary?
  212. Okay, now I need support...I think...
  213. Where to from here?!?
  214. Feel like I lost my Wife Last Night....
  215. Was I played?
  216. Is it possible for this situation to be resolved?
  217. Why do I still want to NUKE STBXWW even though I filed D
  218. No more pain in my life
  219. 18 Years Of Marriage, Is My Dad Cheating?
  220. My STBXW's screwed up priorities
  221. If your spouse leaves you.
  222. Thought Wife Was Cheating, She found the VAR-- Now Wants Divorce
  223. Should I stay or go?
  224. How did your WS fog you after D-Day? (Warnings to Newbies)
  225. Did your WS call you "controlling"?
  226. 16 Year Marriage with Chronic Infidelity
  227. Husband forgives himself
  228. Single Guy Stuck in Affair with Married Woman
  229. Testosterone Infusions Here
  230. I cheated and want to fix it...
  231. I don't know what to do
  232. Help! Husband cheating and won't stop talking to OW!
  233. when do you need hard evidence to act?
  234. My wife is at a crossroads, I could use an outside perspective.
  235. With D over R, will WS to miss BS more than AP?
  236. How do I get over it?
  237. What if they carry a torch for AP-forever?
  238. Need WS views please
  239. Need help a.s.a.p!!
  240. Husband just left for business trip..
  241. Lost in cheaters love...
  242. Concerns... if you think so, it's probably so...
  243. BS just left hoping to have a one night stand
  244. Need some advice from the BS here
  245. How much should you know?
  246. can't get over it
  247. What if the grass is greener?
  248. How do I get my self esttem back after EA?
  249. I think a married man is attracted to
  250. And then there was more!