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: Coping with Infidelity

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  1. Need Car Tracker Advise - recommendations??
  2. It wasn't a girl she cheated with!?
  3. Seeking Advice
  4. What's going on here?
  5. Not the same man I fell in love with...Lost trust, hope and broken promises
  6. confused - hurt - angry - did I mention confused?
  7. Advice needed
  8. whether to disclose revenge affair against WS stated wishes
  9. An inexperienced infidelity counselor is worse than no counselor
  10. How do I help my Brother in law
  11. It looks like i will have to leave
  12. The BS does all the work!
  13. Convincing wife that I still love her even though I cheated
  14. The Big Bang Theory of Infidelity
  15. A tale of emasculation.
  16. How a friend handled her desire for other men
  17. Need feedback NOW please!!!
  18. How do I know when to trust?
  19. Forgiveness & Why People Try to Stay Married
  20. Dig and Regret214's Q&A Thread
  21. Lies and denial. Please help me.
  22. Eventful night and a discovery
  23. Am I being cheated or am I just paranoid?
  24. After an Affair - Husband's Female Friend
  25. 2 yrs later im still hurting
  26. My Story of Destruction and Recovery (Part 3)
  27. My Side of the Story
  28. WS Breakdown
  29. Watching an EA from the outside......
  30. Doubting Myself
  31. WW meeting BS family after DDay?
  32. Scorned mom uses husband's affair to sell family home
  33. WW spouse's mixed emotions at son's graduation - what does it mean?
  34. How?
  35. Is it ever right to stay together for the kids
  36. My Story of Destruction and Recovery (Part 2)
  37. Texting Affair
  38. My Story of Destruction and Recovery (Part 1)
  39. Feeling the trust build more...
  40. Girlfriend dosnt like my friend
  41. Red flag from disloyal spouses of false reconciliation/recovery
  42. OW's husband finally agreed to talk to me!
  43. D-Day #2
  44. Oh Honey
  45. Left broken after hubby left me and the kids for a co-worker
  46. Basic Question on VARs
  47. Lied to, let down and angry
  48. left heartbroken by husbands affair
  49. What else is there to do?
  50. No spousal support in Texas?
  51. I may not be the father
  52. 18yrs since infidelity
  53. So Confused and seeking opinions
  54. Do you want to know who usually call your husband/wife?
  55. Trying to recover from wife's EA
  56. Husband EA
  57. My Story
  58. How to go through wife's EA hell
  59. Maxim sent me over the edge...
  60. Can the 180 backfire and cause more distance? Need tips...
  61. Still not there
  62. Lies, ONS, What do I do now?
  63. Gonna try long distance marraige counseling
  64. Regarding VARs - Legal? I don't want to get in trouble.
  65. How do you cope?
  66. No Contact Letter & Exposure- do they prevent future cheating really?
  67. Can exposure stop this?
  68. What is Infidelity?
  69. My wife is in survival mode
  70. Can there be marraige counseliing when my husband is living out of state?
  71. How do we get through the not sleeping?
  72. Recommendation for Marriage Counselor in NJ??
  73. Distance is not working, I think my marriage is over
  74. Caught wife sexting back in April
  75. Have access to his email!!
  76. Looking back on it - 1 year later
  77. Anniversary after reconsilation should be Speacial and very important
  78. Get Involved or Not Get Involved
  79. Recommend Marriage Counselor in NJ???
  80. Reactions of the OW
  81. 180?
  82. When you had your Dday looking back was there things you said/did that you regret?
  83. Who should be doing all the work in R?
  84. Husband is suddenly making me doubt him
  85. Pissed off BS
  86. What do I do?
  87. who's happier in the long run?
  88. Motherlload of all triggers- please help
  89. Unreasonable?
  90. Important Guidelines for "Coping with Infidelity" section. **Please Read This**
  91. 1st intercourse since affair!!!
  92. I'm having trouble "forgiving and forgetting"
  93. Gotta luv California!!
  94. I guess a full 180 is in order...
  95. Go back to US?
  96. 8 years ago & I still hurt...
  97. wife has EA with her boss...bleh
  98. Reflections on why my R failed
  99. Just Venting
  100. Wife Having Affair With Soccer Dad
  101. Can't get over this EA:(
  102. Marriage without Trust
  103. When to confront? Do I have enough Evidence?
  104. One year after
  105. Rebuilding After An EA.
  106. Divorce vs. the truth?
  107. What should I do? What a mess.
  108. Susceptibility to Infidelity in the First Year of Marriage
  109. An affair a friend had
  110. I need help bad
  111. Sex on the mind?
  112. I don't believe it can be a stronger marriage after this...
  113. Please Help Me
  114. Update jason h
  115. Text email hang ups
  116. Is it normal for WS to say they hate
  117. what now :s
  118. One Year
  119. I need help eme,i have no hope left
  120. Never will be enough
  121. My husband's frustration over my insecurities from his EA
  122. opinions please on husband leaving 26 yr marriage
  123. Long Story
  124. Chastity devices for cheating men?
  125. So many emotions...
  126. Wife seeing ex-boyfriend
  127. Fiction
  128. Don't know what to do..please help lost!!!
  129. 2 months in feel nothing - is there hope?
  130. OW is his boss
  131. Saw EA forming W house guest- trigger for me
  132. I cheated, told my husband, now what?
  133. Karma Bus
  134. How can I go on?
  135. Books on struggling for later down the road?
  136. Help me with the anger
  137. Is he being unfaithful?
  138. gf's cousin just confided an A to her...
  139. Best current song!
  140. Asked her to move out, but she won't
  141. Pros and Cons of same counselor?
  142. Am I too leniant after being cheated on?
  143. Found an old email that I had printed out last year and put away...
  144. I fell in love with someone else...
  145. Looks like it's over.
  146. anyone interested in evidence gathering thread?
  147. Talking to preteen about sex...
  148. Polygraph, to take or not to take?
  149. Seems way more women cheat than men?
  150. please help!
  151. Looking forward to celebrating our 9th anniversary!!
  152. How do you stop snooping?
  153. Is she cheating and do I confront her?
  154. How to fight back
  155. Questions for those who are/have reconciled
  156. Is it time to let the questions go and move on?
  157. Why is it so hard?
  158. All messed up
  159. Everything Hurts
  160. A Devastated Family
  161. Wife comes clean about her affair
  162. Borderline Personality Disorder
  163. When someone could't cope with infidelity
  164. Remorse vs Desperation
  165. Question ???
  166. Update: Almost 6 months since left....something is changing
  167. Dont know what to do
  168. Fishing advice / support please
  169. Advice/input please - honest reason for condom in the laundry?
  170. PLEASE HELP how long would you wait, and pay for your mistake
  171. Help-Sorry
  172. I just asked him to leave tonight, and I'm gutted to the core
  173. Can I move my stuff out before presenting her with divorce papers?
  174. How big is the difference when it comes to infidelity?
  175. Husband "almost" cheated... now what?
  176. My wife was cheating all along
  177. 6 weeks after finding out really struggling(long)
  178. why is there not a stickied thread
  179. messed up situation
  180. Big Talk Last Night
  181. When the WS has "positive" memories of Emotional Affairs
  182. Married for 8 Years and fallen for another women
  183. Nine months and I'm still reeling... Poly questions?
  184. VAR's etc
  185. Initial foray
  186. UPDATE: Not blaming myself
  187. Completely spun
  188. Husband failed polygraph...what now?
  189. Do you want some nastily sweet revenge???
  190. Wife's Affair - My struggle and lessons learned
  191. How do you get over being lied to?
  192. How do I help my new boyfriend recover from ex's EA?
  193. I guess thats it....
  194. still emotional about cheating wife.
  195. One of the MAIN reasons I don't cheat....
  196. my husband cant stop talking to a girl hes never met who lives 1,000 miles away
  197. Anger over wife's affair
  198. Need Help
  199. Success story after EA?
  200. Newlywed, Wife confessed
  201. Trying to heal
  202. Where do I go from here?
  203. Time Helps, Things are Better
  204. I have a problem... I dont want to do this anymore!!
  205. Triggers
  206. How do you just stop thinking about it?
  207. H's EA
  208. How to explain to kids? Tell them the whole truth?
  209. For the next time a cheater asks for forgiveness
  210. Now what???
  211. It is over
  212. Have I Pushed Him Too Far?
  213. Facebook- what do you think?
  214. Did I screw up!? HELP!
  215. Touchy Feely text
  216. As a newly betrayed spouse, what shouldnt i do
  217. Almost a Year since discovery
  218. I want to die right now
  219. UPDATE: Sakura
  220. How to quit blaming myself?????
  221. Should I name OW as Co-defendant in Divorce?
  222. I need help
  223. I hate the "Living In Limbo", waiting to pounce feeling.
  224. Ok here goes nothing
  225. Communicating about feelings with men
  226. Explain the fog/lack of guilt, etc.
  227. I need help really, really bad.
  228. Is it true?
  229. I'm back
  230. 3 days out of emotional affair...she's planning time with new guy?
  231. Does my friend like my wife?
  232. My husband says he doesn't love me anymore.
  233. PT Barnum was right
  234. What else can I do now?
  235. A sign of infidelity?
  236. What the heck is going on
  237. D-day 3!
  238. Watch This Reille Hunter Woman
  239. Making good progress....
  240. Flashes in my head
  241. Newlywed couple - she's having an emotional affair, or worse.
  242. Help me catch him if he's still cheating!
  243. Ex Wife is critically ill, don't know what to do
  244. Am I just being paranoid?
  245. Well I was wrong to forgive about the ea and it ending. Found A hidden phone.
  246. Going Through The Stages of Betrayal
  247. 180 working!!
  248. So hurt, words cannot accurately describe the pain...
  249. Opinion Needed On Follow-up On EA
  250. "I Don't Know"