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: Coping with Infidelity

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  1. Affair...past tense
  2. How do you deal with triggers??
  3. Life after Infidelity
  4. how bad is emotional infidelity?
  5. What is a ballpark estimate of how long affair fog lasts?
  6. Colleague's son with cheating wife?
  7. Question on the NC letter's importance
  8. Need some opinions/advice please ...
  9. Emotional affair or what?
  10. Need advice desperately!!
  11. She wants to return
  12. Seperated 2 months - I cheated on my wife with man - she is in a fling - HELP
  13. Details of his affair: he says "no way"
  14. TV show called..."The Mistress"
  15. Need a little help
  16. "I still care about you"
  17. Its and affair, what steps do i take?
  18. 26 year Marriage. I had the affair and I regret everything.
  19. My story: seeking closure
  20. Why Do We Call Cheaters "Waywards"??
  21. Why didn't you talk to me before you cheated?
  22. I cheated on my husband.
  23. Shocked - would like someone to talk to!
  24. Revenge affairs?
  25. I cheated on my husband...and Im so sorry
  26. Husband, Facebook and Old "Friend"
  27. Its been 4 years.
  28. trying to interpret husbands email exchanges
  29. Before you decide to leave. Read my story
  30. Helping WS during R - Questions for WS
  31. Ways that your WS's cheating changed you....
  32. Limbo is torture.
  33. The Good Wife
  34. My husband left me for an 18 year old.. 12 months later update
  35. I am the cheater
  36. What to do with my time after her affair, before resolution
  37. The Benefits of Exposure?
  38. Shattered by lies and cheating
  39. Help with acronym/slang
  40. Lost and don't know what to do
  41. Am I over reacting.......
  42. writing how i feel about hubby EA to him
  43. Manage Internet Connection Question
  44. Please help. Not sure if it's worth it anymore...
  45. EA with same sex, but not gay?
  46. Odds that she did cheat
  47. reverse look up
  48. Renewing Contact
  49. So what has manti te'o taught us about cyber love?
  50. Just caught her
  51. How do I get through this?
  52. Again? How much do I believe?
  53. Success stories?
  54. Text Cheating ???
  55. Am I Ruining Our Marriage Now?? Sorry....kinda long.
  56. Tablet
  57. silly question, but I have to ask it
  58. My husband is having a hard time choosing me or his affair
  59. My man is preparing himself to give me the 'truth'...I think.
  60. Husband cheats w/my prego cousin
  61. Counselor advice ...
  62. Hubz's female work colleague
  63. Pregnancy Test
  64. The progression from friendship to EA
  65. Afraid my H is cheating
  66. Husband's emotional affair w/employee
  67. Find My friends App?? Itunes users
  68. Your thoughts would be appreciated .. Is is me? ;-(
  69. Feeling like a doormat... please help
  70. Just found out wife left me for OM... could use support
  71. Please help!
  72. It really isn't you. It IS them!
  73. Am I over reacting?
  74. Mutual friends
  75. Lost Hope
  76. Need Advise! He doesnt understand the hurt he caused!
  77. Having an Affair
  78. Is a full on emotional affair a real affair ? Thoughts needed
  79. Why should I love her more than she loves herself?
  80. Is My Husband Hiring Escorts? Need Opinions
  81. I just can't get over the infidelity, please advise.
  82. Emotional affair
  83. Implemented Just Let Go... Just Not Easy!
  84. Colorado mother arrested for allowing children to die while she had sex
  85. Lance Armstrong... a Cheater
  86. My daughter is really angry w/ her STBX stepdad...
  87. Another kick in the gut
  88. Do you really ever get over the betrayal?
  89. had an affair...
  90. Looking for Book suggestions
  91. For reading purposes
  92. Did your gut instinct help you discover evidence?
  93. No time together alone
  94. It's called the cheating husband diet...
  95. Contact OM?
  96. Marriage Counseling Horror Stories Thread. Bad advice at $150 an hour. Please share
  97. STBXWs manipulations
  98. Flashbacks. Ugh.
  99. Are there more BH's or BW's here?
  100. Is this EA or friendship?
  101. WWYD? I want to look further but should I?
  102. Male - Female Co-worker boundaries
  103. Husband cheated 12 years ago
  104. Keeping evidence of your WS's affairs...
  105. Telling omw or owh
  106. How do i work things out with him
  107. Do people always give notice to SO when filing for divorce??
  108. She wants to come back "on a trial basis". Um, no.
  109. Got an Email from the EX Cheater through linkedln......
  110. Anger you cannot shake
  111. A perfect example of beta behavior?
  112. How did you tell your spouse you filed?
  113. What did you guys do for DD-Anniversary?
  114. Separated:My husband is with another woman
  115. A Year and a Half Since D-Day
  116. OMG! Enough of the Fog Talk Already
  117. I can't let it go
  118. Am I wrong or right?
  119. Need help understanding him
  120. I really need some hope.
  121. What does "sweeping under the rug" mean?
  122. I Love you but I'm not in love with you !
  123. husband cheated, shes pregnant. Where do we go from here?
  124. I think there is a connection between WS Infidelity & Struggling w/ Identity
  125. Advice needed - POSOM just sent me an email
  126. What is Blameshifting?
  127. Is cheating really the worse thing a spouse can do to you?
  128. Has anyone ever reconciled after the other person decided to leave ?
  129. Rewriting history......
  130. 5 year bf caught cheating. Please help me
  131. Another statistic
  132. Text Affairs...I feel betrayed
  133. The woman my husband cheated with turned out to be a man. Need Advice
  134. why do women get blame for affair ?
  135. 50 shades of grey?
  136. Maybe I Don't Want to Reconcile
  137. As hard as I try I just can't get over this.
  138. A song to share with your Wayward?
  139. The woman version of emasculation
  140. Emotionally Checked out then had affair
  141. My STBXW would like to change for better and as a BS, I would like to support her.
  142. Why would anyone glorify this invention with a story
  143. Seven year itch
  144. I'm a newbie I read the newbie info but I still need tons of help
  145. The conversation
  146. vent post - selfish stbxw
  147. "Cheating" before marriage... is there even hope?
  148. Bad idea for BS to go into reconciling reluctantly?
  149. Reconciliation after long affair
  150. He cheated 6 months after we got married with his ex & now she is claiming
  151. Does this make sense..
  152. I need something positive to read: Good 180s
  153. Is it wrong to look up your ex emotional affair person?
  154. Feeling paralyzed
  155. Cheating in the Rosiest Time
  156. Advice Needed!!! Desperately
  157. My story
  158. What to do now?
  159. Holiday romance???
  160. A Devastated Daughter's Dilemma
  161. How to let her go?
  162. What they should've taught in marriage class: be on guard...
  163. Failing to fully forgive because of buried texts
  164. What do I do about my in-laws??
  165. Divorce: Are you the winner or the loser?
  166. Realistically made Hollywood movies about infidelity
  167. Cheatersville
  168. New Username, Same Old Thread (Wife Cheated)
  169. Still Confused
  170. Update - Reconciliation
  171. Update to my story
  172. For the BS's that you think your WS would have done the same?
  173. I'm having a real hard time dealing with it
  174. cheating wife
  175. Scientific study of affair-busting techniques
  176. Does anyone have any good stories of karma taking effect against AP and WS?
  177. EA with medical twist
  178. A positive thought for you
  179. Your wayward is not the exception
  180. Filed for divorce from wayward spouse today...
  181. A support forum for people having affairs? Yup.
  182. Marriage Counselling after infidelity - did this work for anybody?
  183. Wtf is going on? This is NOT my fault!
  184. Term for "grown child of divorce"?
  185. Money Spent in the Affair
  186. Writing is on the wall?
  187. Dday 1 - My fiance has been having a sexting relationship with a work colleague.
  188. Am I right to feel this way?
  189. Sky diving
  190. Just found out
  191. Definitions of cheating in the digital age
  192. Wife of 10 years wants divorce, cheating, 3 kids
  193. Emotional Affair
  194. Betrayed Spouses: Did you ever hear remorse or get an apology?
  195. I hate to vent but......
  196. She doesn't think she cheated!
  197. My Story
  198. For the Betrayed Partner: Were YOUR needs getting met?
  199. She cheated. Wow.
  200. Her affair: if her parents divorced & she was abused...
  201. Maybe I caught her in time?
  202. Happily Married 18 years... then a stupid work trip to vegas.. Please Help!
  203. Any BS immediately drop all contact with/divorce WS??
  204. Caught boyfriend on prostitution site
  205. Back to Square One
  206. Yes it was wrong.
  207. My strategy -pluses and minuses..
  208. DDay +X - What Now?
  209. Attention BS/BH!
  210. I just can't move past this one message...
  211. Just want to say thanks...
  212. First came his affair. Then separation. Then my affair.
  213. Is this appropriate for married man?
  214. Betrayed spouse with skeleton in the closet???
  215. Husband cheated with married coworker and he blames me.
  216. 180 summary and question
  217. Strong Infatuation, Feeling Guilty
  218. SuckerPunched
  219. Unwiling OW
  220. DDay 180 Fog -- what the heck do you call this?
  221. Does this explain the "Fog"?
  222. This is what hope looks like:
  223. My situation keeps getting weirder
  224. Is it normal to have doubts while in R?
  225. How to stop Verbal Abuse/Anger
  226. Infidelity but showing the "rosy picture"?
  227. want to feel love for hubby after his affair
  228. Hating Myself
  229. Husband "Calling" Escorts
  230. BS's - exercise to cope
  231. Game face on
  232. I feel like he was my BIGGEST mistake..
  233. On the other end (the cheater)
  234. Newly wed and cheated
  235. My 18yr old daughter with a mind of her own, wants to contact OW
  236. Should I be concerned?
  237. Why would he lie for so long?
  238. Old affair playing on my mind.
  239. My husband is a SERIAL CHEATER
  240. Advice please? Hurting bad
  241. A Not so Happy New Year
  242. Worried about my children- are there resources for them?
  243. Cheated on
  244. Confused. Problems RIGHT after getting married AND giving birth! Please help!
  245. AP methodology on how to destroy a marriage
  246. I just need some help.
  247. I have faith in a better future
  248. I dont know how to deal with this.....
  249. Rugsweeping vs. getting back to normal life
  250. So here is my sad story:(