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: Coping with Infidelity

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  1. Am I being Paranoid for no Reason?
  2. Emotional Affair. Tryin to win her back
  3. Wife changed email password a month ago
  4. What do to when in the fog?
  5. My unusual journey with the OW...
  6. Gathering evidence...
  7. Why do I keep doing this to myself???
  8. My story. I know my husband is cheating but I'm too afraid to confront him.
  9. Fixing the hole
  10. Updates on your ex's has the karma bus hit yet and if so please share your story
  11. Pregnant and Husband has an affair
  12. Update
  13. Opposite Sex Friendships, after past infidelity.
  14. Shocking: My Wife Admits
  15. help me get over the panic please
  16. yahoo chat logs
  17. Strike 3...should I throw him out?
  18. seems like i hit a wall
  19. Need help to see if spouse is cheating
  20. So you don't like the comments on your post?
  21. Is she cheating or is it me?
  22. Fear Vs Confidence
  23. is she just trying to rid of me?
  24. Over a year since I found out about my HA's. I need advice, please!
  25. My wife's emotional affair. HELP!
  26. Where to go now?
  27. This is my last time coming here
  28. Just a feeling
  29. Young guy would appreciate some help.
  30. Dealing with posOM
  31. I need your help
  32. Been awhile.
  33. Flirting with a man with a gf
  34. Not so much fun
  35. I am getting to the point of just stupid!!!
  36. Some days you just can't tell them
  37. Feels like I'm nothing
  38. Husband cannot get over EA
  39. How can we reconcile if I'm angry at him all the time?
  40. is it wrong of me to be upset with other people?
  41. Mutual Friends - Should they Tell?
  42. For BS's...who here has rocked it getting into shape after your WS's A?
  43. State of Mind During NC
  44. Everybody is capable of cheating given the right circumstances/opportunity?
  45. Husband had affair with cousin 2 months after marriage
  46. What am I to make of this?
  47. Touching Cell Phones
  48. It's Been 4 Years...does it go away?
  49. Trying to find the answers
  50. One strike and you are out!
  51. How I handled the EA
  52. Betrayed, despondent, don't know how to cope
  53. Can't seem to proceed...
  54. BH "fell off the wagon"
  55. Coping with Emotional Relationship, Drugs, Porn
  56. Anyone heard from Noah?
  57. Well, the truth came out
  58. Is the success rate really 3 percent?
  59. Should I believe the OW about saying my Husband had other affairs?
  60. How do you cope with the rejection and disrespect? (BHs)
  61. How to get through a affair? Anyone been there?
  62. Unknown number on cell phone
  63. 'Short-Term' Text Flirting
  64. Polygraphs, do they work or help?
  65. What does "heavy lifting" mean to you?
  66. I've gotten my wife to admit kissing...what's the likelihood it stopped there?
  67. a couple of questions for everyone to help everyone
  68. Another Chance
  69. Update: Chief's player Jovan Belcher was not the father
  70. I can't tell anyone else
  71. Reasons why Jealous People often end up cheating
  72. Competitive aspects of Infidelity
  73. Therapy Smackdown
  74. not sure i can cope anymore feeling really alone :(
  75. New wife had affair w/ best friend
  76. Wife having EA with long time friend, can't let it go
  77. drunken meaningless ONS - can i keep it a secret forever?
  78. How do you know if your WS has a sex addiction?
  79. What about the children?
  80. Cyber Cheater
  81. How do you keep your self respect?
  82. SSRI experiences
  83. What bugs you the most of your discovery of your WS's A?
  84. Emotionally Retarded
  85. Post Divorce - OM part of my kids life and not coping well
  86. Need Help
  87. Twenty Nine Months
  88. Saying the AP's name by mistake?
  89. Husband says Jesus forgives him
  90. what the AP said...
  91. Am I missing something?
  92. Own it?
  93. a few random questions - your thoughts pleasr
  94. I feel like I am loosing my mind - OM is coming home for holidays.
  95. Coping strategy
  96. Resentment
  97. Looking back...
  98. When you look in retrospect do things make more sense?
  99. Bitterness
  100. How do I ever trust her again after her two affairs
  101. Will I Ever Regain Trust?
  102. BS Fog - Regrets with how you handled the A
  103. Is knowing "why" necessary?
  104. Okay, now I need support...I think...
  105. Where to from here?!?
  106. Feel like I lost my Wife Last Night....
  107. Was I played?
  108. Is it possible for this situation to be resolved?
  109. Why do I still want to NUKE STBXWW even though I filed D
  110. No more pain in my life
  111. 18 Years Of Marriage, Is My Dad Cheating?
  112. My STBXW's screwed up priorities
  113. If your spouse leaves you.
  114. Thought Wife Was Cheating, She found the VAR-- Now Wants Divorce
  115. Should I stay or go?
  116. How did your WS fog you after D-Day? (Warnings to Newbies)
  117. Did your WS call you "controlling"?
  118. 16 Year Marriage with Chronic Infidelity
  119. Husband forgives himself
  120. Single Guy Stuck in Affair with Married Woman
  121. Testosterone Infusions Here
  122. I cheated and want to fix it...
  123. I don't know what to do
  124. Help! Husband cheating and won't stop talking to OW!
  125. when do you need hard evidence to act?
  126. My wife is at a crossroads, I could use an outside perspective.
  127. With D over R, will WS to miss BS more than AP?
  128. How do I get over it?
  129. What if they carry a torch for AP-forever?
  130. Need WS views please
  131. Need help a.s.a.p!!
  132. Husband just left for business trip..
  133. Lost in cheaters love...
  134. Concerns... if you think so, it's probably so...
  135. BS just left hoping to have a one night stand
  136. Need some advice from the BS here
  137. How much should you know?
  138. can't get over it
  139. What if the grass is greener?
  140. How do I get my self esttem back after EA?
  141. I think a married man is attracted to
  142. And then there was more!
  143. Husband doing it halfheartedly/publicity?
  144. investigation
  145. I really want to be wrong about all this
  146. Who cheats? who forgives?
  147. Exposing an affair to stop affair
  148. Betrayed by My Husband & Friend
  149. betrayed, like so many here
  150. any BS from MA and surrounding areas?
  151. A Letter - Do I send it
  152. A shame
  153. For those who cheat
  154. I seriously need thoughts/advice...PLEASE!!!
  155. Would a spouse accidentally confess to an affair during an argument?
  156. Forgiveness
  157. Friends of the Opposite Sex
  158. Father Cheating.
  159. My girlfriend, 31, is two timing me with a 62 man
  160. Wife is cheating with my friend!
  161. Forgiven but can't forget...eating me up inside
  162. Am I Being Played???
  163. Long hard road...looking for hope
  164. Annoyed with Family
  165. Your coping with infidelity, music or whatever.
  166. Your opinions please
  167. Has anyone actually gotten a divorce over an EA that never went PA?
  168. Think he might be cheating afraid to find out
  169. What do you think of this text message?
  170. Wife didn't have a physical affair yet!
  171. Can A Long-Term Affair Really End?
  172. Lost
  173. Need to find out how to retrieve deleted messages from back up of iphone 4 free
  174. Wife had EA now she wants Divorce
  175. 1. To all tree fellers, tree surgeons, arborists, and related work! 2. Any man?
  176. posOM? advice on what to do
  177. What to do?...What to do?
  178. Just don't know what to do.....
  179. Suspecting dad of (possibly) cheating
  180. Moving too fast...
  181. Confused on what to do next
  182. Friends with an OW?
  183. How long should BS take to get over EA/PA?
  184. I need help.
  185. My Husband Might be Unknowingly Having an Emotional Affair
  186. When is enough enough?
  187. Husband cell pics him having sex with many other girl
  188. Need help coping
  189. iPhone 4 spyware
  190. Question for WS
  191. Contacted by OM or ...
  192. How to regain the trust? DO I walk or stay and try and work it out?
  193. How to act around my student
  194. Why am I being so selfish?
  195. My wife's affair. This sucks
  196. newbie please help
  197. Forgiving is one thing forgetting is another
  198. Independent man, Codependent woman, role swap
  199. Broken
  200. What happened
  201. early stages of emotional affair...?
  202. Does it ever end??
  203. Not sure where to go from here...
  204. Is it fair for the cheater to say "are you going to bring this up again?"
  205. First Christmas and Holiday season
  206. Reconciliation- are my expectations unreasonable?
  207. Help I'm Hurting-Wife One Night Stand(s)
  208. I just can`t regain the trust
  209. I got sucker punched
  210. I lost TRUST :(((
  211. having a major crush
  212. so very sorry
  213. Trust but verify
  214. Seething Anger - What is happening to me?
  215. Cheated and now depressed
  216. Falling to pieces
  217. Jovan Belcher of the Chiefs murder/suicide
  218. Did what needed to be done...contacted AP or OW, confused if right thing?!? Help
  219. My girlfriend cheated, any advice welcomed
  220. What can I to do now that it went underground?
  221. i cheated and i dont know why
  222. Did what needed to be done...or did I need?!?! need advice ASAP
  223. confrontation tomorrow with wife in rehab
  224. "Survive Her Affair" by Kevin Jackson
  225. Finally talked some / Toxic Friends
  226. I cheated on my wife, please help me save my marriage!
  227. Another kick to the gut
  228. I really messed up badly
  229. Being made fun of by his coworkers...
  230. Crazy
  231. Thanks For VAR Suggestions and Advice this far
  232. As good as it can be for now
  233. Disbelief
  234. My boyfriend cheated with a man.
  235. Found out about Husband 2 days ago.... this is hard.
  236. Do you think I am being "Played" (False Reconcilliation)
  237. How do I know that EA is over??
  238. When the OW will not go away
  239. think i caught my wife cheating
  240. How do I stop thinking about this?
  241. Can anyone help???
  242. It's what I expected, but still...sigh...
  243. DDay was yesterday- advice for the cheater?
  244. I bet you have heard this before! Help!
  245. Wife was having EA. Unbelievable post exposure behavior
  246. So many issues, plus now my wife refuses to quit having an EA
  247. I do we recover
  248. Lost....
  249. trickle truth...the whole trickle truth!
  250. I made a big mistake.....