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: Coping with Infidelity

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  1. My Perpetual Journey
  2. Thoughts on contacting WWs AP
  3. I cant find it but where can i
  4. Wife's affair, how to move forward?
  5. I love my wife, but twice will destroy us.
  6. Tough answers
  7. Not Sure...
  8. How infidelity impacted two children
  9. Plan for NC & Determining if anything Physical Happened - Help
  10. Explain about the "ego boost" thing...
  11. Is there always a reason?
  12. Men wanting sex after infidelty?
  13. starting over is so hard
  14. His EA is over and we are R'ing. But he says Im SO different-he misses the 'old me'.
  15. Hysterical Bonding and its significance
  16. Cheating Husband is now jealous of me!
  17. Hard week.
  18. Any guys married to a 46 year old woman...
  19. wanting to get past it..
  20. Explaining the "Nice Guy" concept perfectly
  21. Am I fool or an idiot?
  22. Cheaters never stop lying
  23. My gut is at it again...2yrs later
  24. Trigger Word
  25. alone...
  26. Acceptance
  27. Betrayed Spouse - Am I Coming Out of the Fog?
  28. Need A Little Advice Long story
  29. His reason for constant cheating is COWARDICE
  30. Why can't I stop asking "WHY?"
  31. Deceived over and over again
  32. concerned husband
  33. Is jealousy a red flag?
  34. Question re: internet history
  35. What to tell the children (boys 12 & 10)?
  36. Seeing The World In A Different Light
  37. I think it's happening again :(
  38. Revolving door of emotions, finding the answers?
  39. My wife and I
  40. D Papers Served -- Last ditch effort to Save Marriage
  41. Is it normal to want the BS to badmouth the AP?
  42. The EXCUSES You've Heard...
  43. How to stop being angry at OW/OM?
  44. trust issues
  45. 2nd Marriage, 2nd Apparent Spouse Affair
  46. Should I confront WH with new info? (MC next Thurs)
  47. (Share) Found a great ebook on how to fix a marriage after an affair
  48. Question for the men
  49. Deconstruct on an internet 'hookup'
  50. Is there a song that helps you pull through tough days?
  51. How to tone down "triggering"?!?
  52. I don't know what to make of this?
  53. Need advice from online gamers
  54. Infidelity
  55. cheating wife
  56. Just a thought on bad MCing
  57. My story and weaning off TAM
  58. Should I be ashamed?
  59. Raising your kids -- have you changed this due to infidelity
  60. Some advice for a UK friend please !
  61. Not a good day, today
  62. Nuclear email exposure
  63. Today is a rough day
  64. I'm the only one?
  65. Insecure? Paranoia? Baggage? Cheating?
  66. Pick your enemy
  67. 'Friends' contribution to infidelity
  68. Positive VIBES needed my way
  69. Horrible images
  70. I really wish I came here sooner
  71. Percentages of success with this type infidelity?
  72. What happened to the regretful wife and Juicer threads? Were they lies/trolls?
  73. Boyfriends Secretary
  74. Is it ok to hack into e-mails/accounts/facbook if you think you are being cheated on?
  75. Dday 1yr Ago and now I get ILYBINILWY & Tech help?
  76. Reconcilliation without current love
  77. Did anyone else catch their wife by sheer intuition?
  78. Wife cheated the second time!!!
  79. Android ATT spy?
  80. Positive changes that occured due to CWI...
  81. Iphone 4s spy?
  82. Retreiving deleted text msgs from iphone4
  83. Husband Started Emotional Affair But Cut It Early -- How Can I Deal With My Issues?
  84. DDay 1 Anniversary Approaches
  85. So sad, but odd sense of relief...
  86. One year since my divorce, some advice, and my good-bye's
  87. Why is my husband thinking of this girl??!!
  88. No Contact Rule and Being Sorry
  89. Question for BS
  90. Im confused and need advice
  91. not sure what is going on
  92. Letter to WS (a work in progress)
  93. My Wife Cheated!!!
  94. Looking for a post.. need help
  95. Don't know how to trust him again....:(
  96. Oh My gosh! Did I go too far?!?!?!
  97. Absolutely Devastated.... OW is moving back to town
  98. How do the children fair out?
  99. Your Cheating Heart
  100. A thread for venting your anger...enter at your own risk.
  101. think shes cheating but cant know for sure
  102. Vent; She found my journal
  103. Approaching the 2nd Antiversary of D-Day - June 10, 2010
  104. Iheartlife.....
  105. Question for BS were you the one to end the relationship or was it the WS???
  106. Would you give a cheater a THIRD chance ?
  107. My almost exwife is bringing OM around my young kids
  108. Update on my situation (agian, serious advise only please)
  109. So why do I feel sad/depressed now?
  110. Update 3 months out - Still have my days
  111. How do you calm yourself down when you trigger?
  112. SO CONFUSED (also in Men's clubhouse)
  113. My Wife Got a UTI While she was stationed in Korea without me ...
  114. 30 year affair? could it REALLY be over??
  115. Exposing Emotional Affair - should I?
  116. unhappy wife
  117. I feel alone
  118. My miserable story.. where to go from here?
  119. "Friends" with the other girl
  120. Been almost 3 months UPDATE
  121. Confession
  122. Questions for anyone who's WS left them for their AP.
  123. The X
  124. emotional affair advice
  125. One year ago this month he had a ONS...FML!!!!
  126. Is this wrong? Or am I wrong?
  127. What to do now
  128. Am I a complete idiot to think we can make it?
  129. The Romans and infidelity
  130. Very difficult day for me and WS just walks out...
  131. Do not know how to cope anymore.
  132. I'm the cheating wh*re
  133. Faking remorse
  134. Essay on re John Edwards: 'Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater?'
  135. Problems coping with wifes affair
  136. Effort and trickle truth
  137. How Long Were You In The Fog?
  138. A cheater's perspective - 4 weeks past D-Day
  139. Dday, has arrived.
  140. I can't lie here beside you, because you steal my soul when you are near.
  141. Advice regarding reconciliation issues please
  142. Best way to approach cheating suspicions?
  143. WS shocked about AP true colors
  144. Questions about therapy..
  145. what is remorse
  146. My fault??
  147. Does my wife cheat again?
  148. Need advice
  149. im totally lost by the infidelity of the love of my life, i need help to survive
  150. Naked Pictures/ Inappropriate work emails & text messages
  151. Need Input
  152. The dreaded gut feeling!
  153. Utterly lost and bewildered..
  154. Can't Think Straight
  155. Talking to a Co-worker today
  156. here is the message I gor from OW
  157. Mind my own business or expose?
  158. Reconcilliation Without Intimacy?
  159. My Husband has been lying about his ring
  160. i need help
  161. In praise of snooping (also triggering big time right now)
  162. Am I at fault for not stopping affair?
  163. Opinions please,
  164. Is she cheating?
  165. Everything is great....why do I feel so crappy??
  166. Trapped in a bad marriage, help!
  167. Aren't Most BSs Better Looking Than the WS?
  168. Told her goodbye
  169. Question ** What's the difference?**
  170. dont know what to do
  171. Depression... meds?
  172. freaked out with strong gut feeling
  173. These things are sent to test us.....
  174. I need a kick in the ass!
  175. My cheating husband has HIV from his infidelity
  176. Obsessed with OW
  177. Why do I feel cheated on?
  178. Enough is Enough
  179. I'm mad that MH got to talk to the OWH
  180. D Papers being served this week - Feels like it's moving too fast
  181. FWS responsible to help heal?
  182. I finally just cant do this
  183. Who do you blame most for affair - your spouse or AP?
  184. So confused...and hurt.
  185. A man's insight needed here....please...
  186. I've realized my thoughts have not been on OW
  187. How to best deal with the mental images...
  188. Should I throw it all out or.....
  189. What is with people that are supposed to be close friends??
  190. BIG MISTAKE - I got involved with someone to get over affair
  191. Is the 180 helpful during separation?
  192. How did you find out about the infidelity?
  193. Look, If This Went on for Years....
  194. Internet Cheating
  195. What if he's really trying...
  196. Dating a possible drug dealer
  197. Confused need help
  198. Anyone struggling with images and emotions all over the place?
  199. I want to save my Marriage
  200. Is it really over?
  201. What hapens to cheaters ? Is there Natural revenge?
  202. How do I stop my wife's affair?
  203. need help - not bother about saving marriage but for happening right thing
  204. I slapped him!
  205. marriage counseling?? good or bad
  206. Holding it together....
  207. "Just Friends"
  208. is it my fault
  209. Am I just paranoid or are signs worrisome?
  210. 4 years ago
  211. My husband wants to rekindle with his first love
  212. Ex-Wife is Missing Son's Middle School Graduation
  213. He's caught and still lying and gaslighting
  214. My wife's one night stand.
  215. time to leave her? - Disclaimer- lesbian relationship
  216. Jealous of gym time
  217. The ugly thoughts ...
  218. Wife and Her Ex-Fiance Keep Causing Trouble
  219. Done the worse thing to my spouse, am in a state of abuse on my what?
  220. Cell Reverse Look-Up?
  221. This is cheating too........hard to think of myself that way though!!
  222. ~6 months in to "R"
  223. No contact letter written by WS!
  224. Tiny victory for me...
  225. Repost: My Story, Wife Cheated
  226. The Marital Home
  227. Would you take a bullet for your fWS?
  228. Need support
  229. When I feel like she's not trying...
  230. I just need help!
  231. Cheated on husband by kissing/"2nd base"
  232. Isn't this cool
  233. Infidelity in literature
  234. Not sure why, but I'm feeling blue.
  235. take courage . . . you CAN be strong
  236. I have had an affair for 7 years
  237. Coping with wife's affair...
  238. 1st Anniversary After Affair
  239. The not knowing aspect
  240. Infidelity Doesn't Just Hurt Spouses...
  241. That's it. The buck stops HERE!
  242. Serious concerns over this site.
  243. Band-aid or Rug Sweeping?
  244. Terrible MC... - Rant -
  245. How long?
  246. I have a confession.
  247. Bad day at Black Rock
  248. Flashback
  249. My husband is Paranoid!
  250. Needed help Email Address Found