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: Coping with Infidelity

  1. A Sincere Thank You
  2. Cell phone use on husbands phone, help?
  3. Did your WS become more unattractive to you after their affair?
  4. Introspective moment. Nobody's the same after an affair
  5. were you surprised by what the OW/OM looked like?
  6. I have decided to leave
  7. Paranoid? Need advice....
  8. Need help
  9. Revisiting places where my wife went with her lover
  10. Need advice today on language
  11. My story
  12. When they ask for another chance.........
  13. Pornography = Betrayal/Infidelity
  14. Wife talking to OM again. Going to tell OMW
  15. Wondering about War Room...
  16. Depressed after WH's EA - need advice
  17. How does a man tell a stranger his wife is cheating
  18. Just found out
  19. Am I overreacting?
  20. Article: The Top 5 Reasons People Cheat
  21. Emotional Infidelity
  22. Husband's Infidelity
  23. Need advice/help
  24. What do I do now?
  25. Is it healty to just keep bringing it up?
  26. Not sure what to do next
  27. Need advice, online boundaries
  28. Article: The Good Advice Chumps Won’t Take… Now
  29. The ONE thing I asked of him...
  30. 3 Weeks since D-day
  31. Emotional distrust
  32. Husband wanted his ex...any advice?
  33. How to contact AP's spouse
  34. Knowledge is power, every little helps please
  35. The "I'm not a sexual person" WW
  36. Monitoring phones or texts
  37. deleating text messages
  38. I'm new, in recovery for a while
  39. Getting past infidelity Please help
  40. Is it possible that he's cheating?
  41. Once a WS has moved on, do they ever feel remorse?
  42. If They Cheated Once, Will They Cheat Again?
  43. Help Me Understand What I've Done Wrong
  44. It took a year:
  45. Men cheat more than women and other BS
  46. She's a Ho, But at Least She's an Honest Ho
  47. First relationship, and hurt so badly already. Please help me :(
  48. One anniversary of affair, need advice
  49. Goodbye TAM friends- 3 yrs later- I dont have the heart for this.
  50. It's long but appreciate feedback
  51. New Poster: Sorry - novel length
  52. Great advice for new people here
  53. Really thought we were in a good place
  54. Article: My wife was addicted to ****** *******
  55. A question for WS about depression
  56. ****** ******* CEO quits
  57. Having intent...........
  58. Strange or not
  59. A$hley M@dison craziness!
  60. Emotional affair? Need help
  61. Fiance in 7 year affair
  62. The Jamaican taxi driver's story
  63. Expose an Affair to the Spouse?
  64. Getting over the last bit.
  65. One year later and weighing the idea of exposing wife's cheating to her job
  66. I can't get "over it" . His cheating causes depression
  67. Lesson learned the hard way
  68. Should I get divorced?
  69. ****** *******
  70. Sadfully, back again.
  71. Great read for the BS!! Why Is It So Hard to Remember They Suck?
  72. Is my wife (still) having an affair?
  73. Great song for BHs...give it a listen...
  74. Wife ever have an A with a Psychopath?
  75. I'm a coward
  76. prostitutes
  77. Do fWS trigger? If so what do you trigger about?
  78. STD??????
  79. Porn akin to Cheating? Really?
  80. Really can't take it....
  81. (A great article for the BS of TAM) When Escape Is Your Best Option
  82. Mlc?exit affair? Or just plain affair?
  83. Midlife crisis, exit affair or just plain affair?
  84. Restraining Order Against Former AP?
  85. Hackers who stole ************* made good
  86. A$hley-m user database apparently leaked
  87. Not all affairs are the product of troubled marriages
  88. Forgiving Yourself After You Had An Affair? Is It Self Indulgent Or Selfish?
  89. trying to get over husband's emotional affair
  90. A year ago today my life changed forever..
  91. Perspective on EA.
  92. Something Feels Off
  93. Wife, cheated. I don't know what to do.
  94. Warning signs wife took her life 2 days ago
  95. if the shoe was on the other foot
  96. (xWW writes) To the ex I betrayed: Please forgive me before I die
  97. I will wait for him forever?
  98. Just caught my wife cheating.. Not sure what to do
  99. A guy finds out his Gf is married with two kids and meets with her husband to tell hi
  100. 9 Good Pieces Of Advice On Dealing With Infidelity
  101. Dr. Harley says Be a cuckold?
  102. Need Advice
  103. Surviving the aftermath of my abusive, co-dependent wife's affair
  104. Terrible Advice, from BS
  105. Well... The final straw.
  106. He Must Think I'm Stupid
  107. Am I being paranoid?
  108. still dealing with aftermath of infidelity
  109. VAR technology?
  110. dont know what to do
  111. Just caught my husband cheating
  112. I had an affair and desperately want to save our marriage
  113. Newly discovered emotional affair
  114. Am I in the wrong here???
  115. what to tell kids ?
  116. Trying to find purpose
  117. Divorcing due to infidelity.. the kids?
  118. Polygraph - would you. Ale your spouse take one?
  119. How to lurk OW on FB when she is private?
  120. Question:Is this forum about Infidelity in Marriage or Relationships in General?
  121. Do you think exposing the cheating SO to family and friends, is a good thing?
  122. A little late for that (vent)
  123. husband says polygraphs are not reliable
  124. Marine Catches Wife cheating
  125. New here and so upset! Long one, please read and advise....
  126. Husband had an affair I dont know what to do
  127. Confused about wife's emotional affairs...
  128. Hold Me Tight
  129. Turned Find My iPhone off, discovery options limited
  130. Is cheating the norm now?
  131. Useful links and articles for the BS?
  132. Change in sex style means affairs ?
  133. Setback in Recovery
  134. Why me? Oh yeah...Mr Nice Guy
  135. Not Sure If I Should Feel Like I Do
  136. VAR successes
  137. Letting Go Of The Past - How To Get Over The Past In Minutes
  138. What did she do and what should I do about it?
  139. Moderator please read
  140. moment of doubt
  141. Sisters allegedly expose cheating woman to husband after catching her sexting
  142. Damaged after infidelity
  143. Girlfriend won't let me have female friends, grow a beard or watch porn
  144. Something just hit me...
  145. No one to talk to
  146. Fear spouse on hacked cheater site? We can help you
  147. Bruising?
  148. So confused!
  149. wife watches lesbian porn and it's freaking me out
  150. New on here - need advice
  151. Wife was Seeing Someone Else when were Dating - Help
  152. AM cheatersite hacked
  153. Would you tell your kids?
  154. Should I inform the OMW of the details of the A?
  155. Too little too late
  156. Would like to hear from Wayward spouses..
  157. Scent drives mother's off?
  158. Wife cheated after 19 years of marriage.Should I divorce her?
  159. If you are into horror movies...
  160. Cheaters: Have you ever gotten caught with the om/ow? Or almost gotten caught?
  161. Torn, please help
  162. 37millions of account from ************* stolen
  163. How easy is it to lie to someone you "love"?
  164. H loves another woman
  165. Article on wife wanting an open marriage
  166. I screwed up and want to fix it...
  167. Ty to every one
  168. Living with not knowing....
  169. Cheating Husband-HURT & CONFUSED
  170. Useful Threads: A Guide for New BS's or WS's
  171. Stupid S*** Cheaters Do
  172. Husband's second affair in 3 years of marriage
  173. Are women less forgiving than men for cheating?
  174. Cheating Spouses: Their Affair and Their Kids
  175. Who has weathered a simlar storm please for my family.....
  176. I think I'm done with this relationship after 5 months of trying to reconcile.
  177. Thinking (fantasizing) of cheating to get back
  178. Can this marriage be saved? I love my husband
  179. How do I save my Marriage?? Plz Help!
  180. Should I say something?
  181. Question for WW's, where you able to stop short of intercourse?
  182. Can Spouses be "Seduced" without Fault
  183. I need some advice
  184. Depression and infdelity
  185. Is your R a success if you still look behind for daggers?
  186. Wife cheated with younger man, how do I come back from,this?
  187. Real life twilight zone on LinkedIn
  188. Just need some advice.
  189. VARs
  190. A lesson for us all when we deal with cheaters
  191. timing is everything
  192. Have You Ever Wanted To Do Physical Harm To The OM/OW?
  193. Helping a friend
  194. Not sure what to do?
  195. Should I know everything / Should she tell me
  196. In Pain
  197. One Year since D-Day
  198. 6 Affairs, Still Married After 20 yrs
  199. How long did it last and how and why did it finally end?
  200. Messedmarriage
  201. Partner cheated
  202. Affairs are Romantic.
  203. Need perspective and advice from someone who has been there
  204. #1 Condition Present when Infidelity Occurs
  205. speaking with OM
  206. Dealing with anger
  207. major relapse 3 yrs into R
  208. major relapse 3 yrs into R
  209. Husband cheated, family pressuring me to let it slide
  210. Reconciled for year-now back in limbo!
  211. Iphone question
  212. Give me some thoughts
  213. Has anyone ever been accused of infidelity when they were actually faithful?
  214. Almost afraid to ask
  215. Confused
  216. The Betrayed Spouse Fog
  217. Update #2: Utterly Destroyed Right Now
  218. Pain Seems Insurmountable
  219. Trying to move forward...
  220. Affairs ruin more than trust..
  221. Need advice on how to leave a narcassit
  222. Trying to recover from affair - feelings of inadequacy
  223. "Did my boyfriend just get married?"
  224. Lucky Charms? Not quite...
  225. Made me laught more than expected
  226. Help! This guy needs to know
  227. Heard on cheaters
  228. Did details HURT or help HEAL???
  229. Discovery of an affair
  230. So I found out my boyfriend is married :3 !!!
  231. Is she cheating???
  232. Husband looking at porn and brothel sites...
  233. Leave it to Television
  234. Boyfriend's friend is trying to steal him from me?!!
  235. Two Strikes. I'm out.
  236. How can I convince my wife that I'm not gay?
  237. Curious to know...
  238. Is all the "Painful Truth" required for a successful R?
  239. WW used to want me to become "friends" with OM
  240. Moved back to "affair" hometown after 10+ yrs
  241. I need help to understand...
  242. Dday 2
  243. OW from H's past EA is pregnant, but I'm surprised at my reaction
  244. OW Attempted To Make Contact With Me...
  245. Living a Lie
  246. Looking for a friend who can relate
  247. Infidelity?
  248. It's always in the back of my mind that one day H could find out about my A
  249. He's been cheating at least 15 years
  250. Need advice/computer to know if take action