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: Coping with Infidelity

  1. Phone number
  2. For the BH - “Other Men” Explain Their Affairs
  3. Wife had an affair and does not know if she wants to stay married
  4. Trial Of Polygraph Critic Renews Debate Over Tests' Accuracy
  5. Infidelity Conversations
  6. He's not in love with me anymore
  7. Sigh... just don't get it.
  8. I'm being blackmailed by my fiance's brother and it's ruining my life. Need help!
  9. depression and infidelity linked?
  10. Is this Emotional Affairs
  11. Like a boss!
  12. he almost cheated, but why?
  13. I need advice
  14. I'm baaaaaack! 4 years post affair
  15. just throwing it out there
  16. Shes going to lake Tahoe to visit her mom, her ex boyfriend will be there
  17. Trying to Stay Strong...
  18. Cyber infidelity
  19. Is this infidelity? Please help
  20. Would you stay or would you go?
  21. Reconcilliation Over and Out
  22. ~*~ Will you please help me with my son? ~*~
  23. More types of betrayal in marriage
  24. How to recover deleted text messages on an Android Phone?
  25. Should I be worried?
  26. He cheats so she sells the house!
  27. Dead marriage, fight further or just leave?!
  28. What to do?
  29. Unbelievably Confused!
  30. You can cheat in an open relationship too (warning: long and detailed)
  31. Workplace affair advice
  32. My daughter's affair with MM, now she's talking of marriage
  33. Why Do I Feel So Guilty For Cheating On A Spouse Who Deserves It?
  34. found a key hidden
  35. I cannot trust him, can I?
  36. Sad and depressed don't know what to do
  37. Dating while sepparated....
  38. Mo’Nique defends giving husband ‘free passes’ to cheat
  39. Are there any sexters here?
  40. Thoughts on talking to OW
  41. Homeschooled morality.
  42. Wife's Friendship
  43. the more you know about the OW/OM the more triggers you are bound to have?
  44. Women when they hit 40
  45. Wife has Toxic Friend, Who is also Sister In Law
  46. Cheating and lying - bacwards compatible?
  47. I met the love of my life but we are both married, Help!
  48. "Cheating" in platonic relationships?
  49. Let me try a different approach...
  50. My unfaithful husband not agreeing to divorce
  51. Need help with a strange phone conversaton
  52. Am I delusional?
  53. I cheated and now I'm dealing with it
  54. My husband solicits prostitutes.
  55. Psychological Manipulation by OM
  56. Successful Reconciliations?
  57. Wife's friendship with ex Co-Worker
  58. Desperate to save my marriage.
  59. Husband's Phone Sex Addiction: Moving Past The Sordid Details
  60. Is she really being honest? ?
  61. My wife had an affair
  62. What I'm tired of
  63. does it get any better?
  64. Husband wants a divorce! So lost
  65. It's as if cheaters have a book called: "My Needs, My Needs"
  66. Wife cheated. Need help figuring things out.
  67. I want to save my marriage
  68. Yikes! Illicit lovers end up murdered in the SUV they were sneakin' around in.
  69. How do Cheaters Rationalize...
  70. Is there hope for us?
  71. Cant shake this feeling.
  72. Article: I Cheated And Now I Feel Insecure
  73. Coping With... Anger and Lack of Closure
  74. I screwed up - A lesson for others
  75. Coping with fidelity
  76. Lack of Infidelity is boring:
  77. So that happened...
  78. frustrated, am I overreacting?
  79. Help!?!?
  80. Good Girl SO turned Sex Addict for OM
  81. Husband talking to other girls dont know how to confront him
  82. When the Pain Hits Later
  83. In the mind of a 'Wanna-be cheater'
  84. Stressed Eric - My life so far...
  85. HELP! Husband cheated 2 months in...
  86. Husband Pays For Phone Sex
  87. excessive texting by wife with opposite sex coworker
  88. Overand Over
  89. 7 Signs He Is Unhappily Married
  90. Parents of cheaters
  91. Shaking, devastated and completely broken
  92. I just caught my husband cheating online AGAIN! Please help!!
  93. Not Even Sure How To Put This
  94. Fiancé addicted to dating sites.
  95. Still can't believe I am living this....
  96. Does the fog exist if they leave for the ow?
  97. just need to talk -- have you ever accepted SO's behaviour?
  98. My ex ww is a free range chicken...
  99. wife watches lesbian porn and it's freaking me out
  100. 4-WD Karma bus with tire chains...
  101. Why did I cheat on the perfect husband?
  102. Horizon - from the trenches
  103. Kudos to CWI posters
  104. What goes around, Comes around.. Karma!
  105. Please help, I discovered my dad is cheating with escorts
  106. Recently Truthful about Infidelity
  107. Found Panties In My Bed...
  108. WhatsApp - is there an easy hack?
  109. husband was sexting with my best friend
  110. My wife cheated on my with a dom, how to get this behind us?
  111. Stopping back in to thank you all...
  112. Was it my fault?
  113. Cheating parents cheating kids?
  114. Bear with me here...
  115. Triggered Hard...
  116. Bible commanding Christians to adultery
  117. Chumplady: Living with Uncertainty After Infidelity
  118. Now this is unremorseful
  119. Is it just me...
  120. It's finally over with my serial cheating husband
  121. "But he chose you"
  122. Looking for Clarity
  123. Anger management?
  124. Introverts, Extroverts and Cheating
  125. Wtf am I doing?
  126. Did I over step?
  127. A warning
  128. So what if the affair was just a harbinger
  129. Newlyweds and He Cheated on Me
  130. New here and scared
  131. Found Note from OM
  132. Heartbroken and devastated
  133. Chances are...
  134. Exposure?
  135. Ruining relationships from trust issues
  136. The effect of social networking and texts messages with regards to affairs.
  137. Emotional Affair one sided??
  138. Very Long, sorry in advance
  139. How do you truly forgive?
  140. Staying because it is convenient?
  141. Her Dark Side? Drugs,Alcohol and Sex.
  142. Wife texting/deleting texts with old H.S. friend from another country
  143. Teacher's affair with his student
  144. When he leaves for the other woman
  145. update
  146. Livingconfused
  147. Is she cheating on me with men from country club?
  148. It just occurred to me....
  149. devastated
  150. New here - Traumatizing experience
  151. not a good day
  152. Dr. Phil
  153. Busted ?
  154. Advice on recent infidelity
  155. Don’t Try This at Home: Adultery in the Marital Bed
  156. [UPDATE] Jealousy VS. Control...
  157. Policeman in Sweden hit cheating wife, kept job
  158. BWs 'stronger' than BHs?
  159. Here I am again - Not new to this
  160. Cheaters & Ego Kibbles
  161. husband cheating after 20 years
  162. OM told me of Affair and now won't go away.
  163. I'm the oddball!
  164. Deleted Text Messages - Paranoia?
  165. Domestic violence and hidden recording
  166. WS in Affair with a single person
  167. VAR/Go-Pro - Protect Youself
  168. What is an appropriate sanction for violating a post-affair agreement?
  169. FWS changes iPhone passcode
  170. What VAR to get for husband truck
  171. Should I tell her husband
  172. "Affair" went on longer than I thought??
  173. A Sincere Thank You
  174. Cell phone use on husbands phone, help?
  175. Did your WS become more unattractive to you after their affair?
  176. Introspective moment. Nobody's the same after an affair
  177. were you surprised by what the OW/OM looked like?
  178. I have decided to leave
  179. Paranoid? Need advice....
  180. Need help
  181. Revisiting places where my wife went with her lover
  182. Need advice today on language
  183. My story
  184. When they ask for another chance.........
  185. Pornography = Betrayal/Infidelity
  186. Wife talking to OM again. Going to tell OMW
  187. Wondering about War Room...
  188. Depressed after WH's EA - need advice
  189. How does a man tell a stranger his wife is cheating
  190. Just found out
  191. Am I overreacting?
  192. Article: The Top 5 Reasons People Cheat
  193. Emotional Infidelity
  194. Husband's Infidelity
  195. Need advice/help
  196. What do I do now?
  197. Is it healty to just keep bringing it up?
  198. Not sure what to do next
  199. Need advice, online boundaries
  200. Article: The Good Advice Chumps Won’t Take… Now
  201. The ONE thing I asked of him...
  202. 3 Weeks since D-day
  203. Emotional distrust
  204. Husband wanted his ex...any advice?
  205. How to contact AP's spouse
  206. Knowledge is power, every little helps please
  207. The "I'm not a sexual person" WW
  208. Monitoring phones or texts
  209. deleating text messages
  210. I'm new, in recovery for a while
  211. Getting past infidelity Please help
  212. Is it possible that he's cheating?
  213. Once a WS has moved on, do they ever feel remorse?
  214. If They Cheated Once, Will They Cheat Again?
  215. Help Me Understand What I've Done Wrong
  216. It took a year:
  217. Men cheat more than women and other BS
  218. She's a Ho, But at Least She's an Honest Ho
  219. First relationship, and hurt so badly already. Please help me :(
  220. One anniversary of affair, need advice
  221. Goodbye TAM friends- 3 yrs later- I dont have the heart for this.
  222. It's long but appreciate feedback
  223. New Poster: Sorry - novel length
  224. Great advice for new people here
  225. Really thought we were in a good place
  226. Article: My wife was addicted to ****** *******
  227. A question for WS about depression
  228. ****** ******* CEO quits
  229. Having intent...........
  230. Strange or not
  231. A$hley M@dison craziness!
  232. Emotional affair? Need help
  233. Fiance in 7 year affair
  234. The Jamaican taxi driver's story
  235. Expose an Affair to the Spouse?
  236. Getting over the last bit.
  237. One year later and weighing the idea of exposing wife's cheating to her job
  238. I can't get "over it" . His cheating causes depression
  239. Lesson learned the hard way
  240. Should I get divorced?
  241. ****** *******
  242. Sadfully, back again.
  243. Great read for the BS!! Why Is It So Hard to Remember They Suck?
  244. Is my wife (still) having an affair?
  245. Great song for BHs...give it a listen...
  246. Wife ever have an A with a Psychopath?
  247. I'm a coward
  248. prostitutes
  249. Do fWS trigger? If so what do you trigger about?
  250. STD??????