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: Coping with Infidelity

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  1. Before you decide to cheat...
  2. Another sad prostitution story :(
  3. Anyone tried Intensive Marriage Counseling in order to reconcile?
  4. Head is spinning
  5. Walking the road to recovery
  6. Inappropriate chatting with ex online
  7. Did I use my other man? If so, how?
  8. Some days are OK and others are torture!
  9. Where do I go from HERE?
  10. Found sexual pics/text with another man on her phone. It's OVER!
  11. Will he ever come back?
  12. Stepping Away From The Insanity!
  13. Feeling defeated/don't have the guts to leave
  14. Will evolution favor the selfish genes of cheaters?
  15. What is remorse?
  16. Trying hard to still be ME!
  17. WW "needs to miss me," "doesn't know what she wants..."
  18. What are cheaters looking for?
  19. I need help with making the right decision.
  20. Don't know what to do.
  21. What makes a spouse Plan B?
  22. How to deal with confused wife
  23. Physical or Emotional Affair
  24. What would you do if the 180 was used on you?
  25. Why don't they see what they've done?
  26. Inapproprite Text Messages
  27. Cheating husband hating the 180...its working! Your thoughts and results ???
  28. Marriage Help - Opposite Sex Friends Trouble
  29. Will I forever think of her as "my wife that cheated"?
  30. Parenthood TV show
  31. Plan "B"
  32. He said "you got your wish"
  33. Need some advice urgently
  34. Memories best forgotten
  35. What to say to a cheating woman??
  36. Cheating Wife audio file (not the act)
  37. Ball of to untangle and fix things?
  38. Need help to help someone on another forum
  39. It was his anger after that was so destructive...
  40. Long story: Sexting/Texting Addicted Spouse - EAs and some PA, too. Ugh.
  41. Desperately want to save my marriage or am I stupid?
  42. OMG! Just realised something! It IS me!
  43. I'm not thinking straight need some advice
  44. Do you see other people during reconciliation?
  45. Husband had Emotional Affair/Outed Him to His Family
  46. How do you handle these situations as the BS?
  47. Should I be worried?
  48. Slander/Libel
  49. I exposed affair and husband now wants divorce!
  50. 2 years after DDay and counting....
  51. My husband carried in another relationship before we were married
  52. Emotional Cheating?
  53. Lost soul, no one to talk to
  54. I feel like such a fool :(
  55. Caught him.. Husband says he's kept the nudie pics of ex because she owes him money!
  56. Would you tell the GF of the OM?
  57. Wife Cheated but I want to work it out
  58. Shared FB Post
  59. To any WS here....
  60. Liar Liar
  61. Female author shows us why sex fades
  62. Does the 180 work...
  63. Learn from a Doormat
  64. Best keylogger
  65. How many of you have access to husband/wife's cell, email, facebook?
  66. Busted!!
  67. Looking back, do the cheaters ever feel genuinely guilty for hurting us?
  68. 6 months from Dday, what have I learned
  69. Tyler Perry's Temptation
  70. IC
  71. At wits end
  72. Don't know how to move forward.....
  73. Need advice on confrontation
  74. I had/am having an emotional affair
  75. Husband cheating
  76. Anyone have a clue how this happened?
  77. Updates
  78. Your Thoughts About Infidelity BEFORE it Happened to You
  79. Her husband cheated. She burnt herself to death
  80. Are affairs "real"? Are online relationships "real?"
  81. My closest colleague loses her marriage after she cheated
  82. Would you consider this cheating? Help!!
  83. Please Help
  84. Watch need for speed & muppets hd
  85. Celebrities on Infidelity
  86. I told him everything. Please can someone help I need it more than ever
  87. Who is more Naive, her or me?
  88. What type of man chases married woman?
  89. Books To Help Us Spice Up Our Sex Life?
  90. Useful Threads and Resources on TAM and the Web
  91. Watch Non Stop & Son Of God Movie HQ
  92. Husband cheated due to illness
  93. A year from DDay
  94. Wife caught sexting now sex is scarce
  95. Is she cheating?
  96. Emotional Affair Versus Physical Affair - I do not know what is worse...
  97. 7th Level of Hell: OW keeps contacting H
  98. There's always an excuse
  99. WW finally saw the complete circle of destruction...
  100. Lapdancing clubs and shirt!!!
  101. Still married and he is posting pictures with the other woman on facebook...
  102. Verizon bill question-need answer before I snoop.
  103. One way of coping with infidelity!
  104. Watch Need For Speed & Non Stop Movie
  105. I just need to tell someone
  106. After the battle, how do heal the war wounds?
  107. I need help - emotional affair
  108. Dealing with Husband's Cheating History
  109. I'm at a loss on my next move....
  110. I'm i being paranoid here?
  111. Might Be The Last STRAW!
  112. So someone 'new and hot' is into you....
  113. I want to leave my husband...HOW?!
  114. The Straw that Broke the Camel's Back
  115. Anyone following the Pistorius case?
  116. Am i loosing her for good?? PLEASE HELP
  117. Two sides to every story
  118. I love my wife but she wants to separate
  119. Best phone tracker
  120. Kissing......
  121. Ways to forget or Help you move on
  122. What should I do now?!!!! :(
  123. Wife moved out, need advice please.
  124. I am Dead!
  125. Trying to deal with the fallout...
  126. hard time dealing with limbo
  127. what now? Advice from wayward spouse welcome as well.
  128. Am I wrong for thinking that my wife is being very disrespectful to me?
  129. Death of My Husband
  130. Wife deleting text with co-worker
  131. Three years after DDay, what I want my WH to know
  132. Is it true ALL men cheat...or at least want to?
  133. Last Straw
  134. Cheating Wife - 2 young sons
  135. How to stop obsessing?
  136. Now THAT'S exposure
  137. Question for other Men - Anger
  138. Wife's Multiple Affairs
  139. We need to change the law.
  140. They really are like teenagers, cheaters!
  141. Viewers in this forum
  142. Can A WS Be Honest While Doing Damage Control?
  143. Husband away and texting other women
  144. change in a relationship
  145. Possible EA or more, can't confirm
  146. possible infedelity- need advice
  147. Husband is texting/chatting with other women
  148. Is this a terrible idea? Pros and cons?
  149. Exit Affair confirmed. Best strategy for self respect?
  150. What to do if you have been betrayed....
  151. Could my husband cheat on me?
  152. EA confirmed today
  153. Is she taking the high road or the P???
  154. Recently discovered her sexting
  155. Advice needed on failing marriage - long story
  156. Pain
  157. Do I contact the OW?
  158. For the WS and BS in the early years
  159. What were they thinking!!!!
  160. Lite hearted divorce letter & reply
  161. other sites not as good as tam for betrayed spouse
  162. Dear Abbey: Open email exposes Wife's secret weekend rendezvous
  163. After an Affair
  164. Where is the line?
  165. Verizon voice mail
  166. It's a pride thing, divorce, live under same roof and try to reconcile?
  167. Sent possible OW a message and she ignored it...
  168. Update - Wife of 24 Years - EA
  169. Best Way To Resolve issues
  170. What is a Friending Player?
  171. Infidelity, why does it surround me?
  172. REALLY NEED YOUR THOUGHTS! Is he lying?
  173. Why is it better to R than D?
  174. needing to understand and move forward
  175. The cost of infidelity $$$
  176. is it cheating?
  177. Husband vs Player
  178. Ugh.. Not again..
  179. How to handle wedding anniversary after dday
  180. Keyloggers/VAR's/nanny cams - Recommendations
  181. just found out about infidelity in the past
  182. Husband ended affair, Other women shows up at our home to confront
  183. What do I do now?
  184. This is an example of what I'm working with
  185. Loving Your Spouse to Demonizing them Rewriting History and Loving them Again...
  186. Reconciliation vs D and remarrying your WS?
  187. Watch Monuments Men/The Lego Movie HD
  188. Trickle Truth
  189. Wife confessed to affair. How to cope?
  190. Defining the types of cheaters
  191. Facts about affairs
  192. its me again...after I found out about two years ago that my husband cheated on me.
  193. Is there redemption for WS?
  194. karma schwarma...whos had the chance to stick it to the om/ow??
  195. Can a BS have toxic friends?
  196. Spying on WS
  197. I am in shock and not shocked
  198. Aftermath of WS's reputation while in R?
  199. 30 Reasons People Commit Infidelity
  200. Little experiment
  201. Does being known as a cheater prevent a waywards from having future relationships?
  202. The type of people who seek affairs.
  203. An article to ponder...
  204. Dealing with husbands EA with co-worker
  205. How I was able to move on.......long
  206. Did you lose respect for your WS?
  207. What was it like for a WW to answer your BH's questions?
  208. Friend's wife seems to be fishing...
  209. Need Help and Advice wife having EA
  210. Did I do the right thing confronting the AP?
  211. Legacy
  212. General political tendencies in CWI section
  213. Confront or Not?
  214. Understanding cheaters
  215. a little more reconciliation
  216. How to find who a cell phone number belongs to
  217. More than once???
  218. How should I tell my girlfriend racist parents, that she is pregnant with my baby?
  219. Text messages
  220. Insecurities.... will he cheat or has he?
  221. Never would have thought I'd cheat on my husband (who cheated on me)
  222. I"m an arab american in love with a Jewish Israeli girl
  223. Percy Sledge 1966
  224. Analyze this
  225. When to confront wife about another woman?
  226. How do you accept your husband is attracted to/interested in other women?
  227. 4yrs later and it is even worse
  228. Does anyone want to help me inform a BS, that his wife is a **** n gold digger?
  229. Is it possible? EA related
  230. Best advice I can give...
  231. middle aged female serial cheater - why?
  232. Divorced WW but have ?'s
  233. For men: is it possible to stop yourself from having sex while cheating?
  234. Wife having emotional affairs with three ex-boyfriends
  235. {YO}Watch Lego and frozen movie
  236. Dear God. He cheated on her. With her pet dog!
  237. 4 years later and still suffering
  238. He cheated, I want to make this work, but how can i get rid of the paranoia
  239. Husband cheat on me, always insulting me.
  240. SOS - need therapy recommendations NOW
  241. Spin Off Post - Do WS suffer like we do?
  242. Can infidelity cause PTSD?
  243. BS do you keep a watchful eye on the OM/OW?
  244. "The children are resilient"
  245. Does it ever get better?
  246. My Family & the WS....
  247. {ZiDDi}Watch Ride Along/Lego Movie
  248. Me and My Situation
  249. Is my wife cheating?
  250. where to start?