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: Coping with Infidelity

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  1. Worst time in my life. Don´t know what to do.
  2. The Cheating Prank
  3. Data recovery from Blackberry
  4. On the road to separation - what to do?
  5. I Cannot Trust, trouble forgiving
  6. Hypocrisy of cheaters
  7. I found out about possible infidelities.. again.. now she needs space.
  8. Brilliant or Big Mistake?
  9. Husband has been good lately so why is it so hard for me to trust him?
  10. I hate this argument.
  11. I am a fool and deserve every "I told you" so in the book
  12. LTA Record?
  13. Give me the strength I need!
  14. Not sure what to do...
  15. Need help to cope
  16. Affairs with Boss - stories
  17. Opinions and Opinions with back up
  18. need mens' help...what is he thinking???
  19. Question: Stay married ffor the kids?
  20. The world is toast
  21. reconciliation experiences??
  22. I'm Back and Unbelievable
  23. Blog on infidelity with over a million hits
  24. Been married for 25 yrs and I think somethings up today with him
  25. Divorce started. This hurts really bad!! (Update from "Enough is Enough")
  26. Best approaches to counteracting WS's demonization of BS to others
  27. Coping with news of an affair.
  28. More news about iPhone
  29. Not sure we are in our relationship/Help needed!
  31. Is he/did he cheat - what to do now.
  32. Hate my Hubbys job, coworkers and attitude
  33. The Double Standard Hypocrite
  34. Serial cheater in their own words..
  35. Vindication and lessons learned
  36. What If I'm Wrong?
  37. Check out these freaks
  38. Detraction from main point of thread
  39. Can't sleep. What do you do to get some sleep?
  40. New Here.. Failing Marriage
  41. Guilt ridden
  42. nude pictures
  43. Emotional Affair ? help
  44. Swinging turning to emotional (Poly)
  45. I'm calling it; Modern era Marriage sucks!!
  46. Family matters
  47. ED related infidelity
  48. OW still in the picture
  49. I am really hurting, need some direction
  50. Flirtatious or Friendly: Trying To Find A Solution
  51. To lurking Betrayed Spouses
  52. Any Advice please
  53. How Did You Find Out?
  54. My infidelity story: 18 years together and betrayed by my good friend.
  55. How to get out of this situation
  56. Worst way to find out
  57. Seeking advice regarding coping with infidelity
  58. Duke of Windsor accused his wife of adultery
  59. Yikes
  60. Selfish spouse is pissing me off!
  61. A Kids Assessment of Trust
  62. He has not changed, remained a cheater
  63. Is it cheating
  64. Up to his old tricks?
  65. A Question For Men...
  66. Cheaterville effectiveness
  67. Reeling from the scope of his betrayal
  68. Lost another
  69. Humor Review
  70. didnt cheat, but did something quite stupid
  71. Cheated with my friend
  72. Is he cheating? Can I get some honest opinions on what's going on here?
  73. Husbands punching above their weight
  74. First Post: Trying to figure life out after my wife's affair.
  75. I am stunned by the responses on this thread.
  76. WS asked me to help him end his PA
  77. Acronyms on TAM?
  78. Polygraph Testing
  79. MC two languages?
  80. Strange/complicated situation, need advice
  81. My wife cheated. What is your advice?
  82. Desperate?
  83. Here We Go Again. (this is long)
  84. How to cope when you both love each other
  85. Cheaters are Stupid!!!
  86. Warning for "Apple Find My Phone" user's!
  87. How I snooped
  88. Can you really start again when husband has had an affair
  89. I need advice urgently!!
  90. confront now???
  91. Wife who admits she let fantasies of past lovers
  92. Thoughts about revenge and it's worth
  93. My wife cheated on me and don't know what to do.
  94. Kissed long-time GF's friend - I need sound advice.
  95. The Propensity to Betray
  96. Are affairs thrilling?
  97. The 80/20 rule?
  98. WS Emotionally Open
  99. CWI is going to lose a tool
  100. Now you see it...Now You Don't`
  101. Private Members Section
  102. Mspy app for phone investigating
  103. What would you do?
  104. STBW wants me to not come here anymore.
  105. The Next Move.
  106. Exit affair - what do you make of this?
  107. Doesn't Feel Right - Years Post Affair
  108. Wife kissed a "friend" in front of me
  109. Trust and transparency coonect the dots
  110. Just want opinions on this film
  111. My Husband Confessed
  112. Infidelity: Who coped & who didn't?
  113. am at a loss
  114. down that rabbit hole again
  115. Feeling alone
  116. I'm not yours anymore
  117. Completely lost about infidelity
  118. Need help ASAP
  119. What are the odds on reconciliation?
  120. Lunch with the opposite sex??
  121. Put to the test
  122. Six months and I am still dying?
  123. How do I cope?
  124. How to confront when we're already done?
  125. What does this mean? Am I crazy??
  126. Who do they cheat with?
  127. Am I the crazy one ?
  128. You have to learn see her differently
  129. Has he cheated?
  130. Living in an "open relationship"
  131. Contempt and condescension in Affairs
  132. should I believe him ?
  133. When Enough is just Enough!!
  134. What to Say to a Friend
  135. Seeking for help i dont know what should i do
  136. Trust your gut.
  137. Feeling alone, with no one to talk to😥
  138. Help and advice appreciated
  139. Here we go again...learned about another affair of a friend's.....
  140. How Much Regret Do Betrayers Live With?
  141. They didn't have to cheat. It really isn't your fault!
  142. Not sure on our options after cheating
  143. VAR Suggestion
  144. gave infidelity books to ex's niece and...
  145. Big mistake, now what?
  146. Anyone else start to hate all?
  147. I feel sorry for her....but...
  148. Questions about remorse and reconciliation
  149. Here comes the 2x4.
  150. Finding out by accident
  151. How to divorce a cheater
  152. How to handle renewed intimacy...
  153. Self-Understanding
  154. A False R Story
  155. his ex again
  156. Revenge Ideas Anyone??
  157. Should I believe...
  158. 8 years later... still hurting...
  159. Article on manipulation
  160. Has anyone made a basic list of.....
  161. He cheated and ran down the street with a black banana
  162. What if you found out that your wife was a pornstar before you married her?
  163. Follow Up from Considering Separation - OM Discovered
  164. Need advice... Is it over?
  165. "They're acting foolish / crazy..."
  166. OWH palsy-walsy with FWH...what gives?
  167. Was this an affair in the making?
  168. Diary of an almost cheater
  169. Trying to do the stats on this...
  170. Why men cheat v. Why women cheat
  171. Betrayer’s relationship with children?
  172. So Now I'm Upset
  173. Update: Are they still with the AP after 2 years?
  174. Who To Tell?
  175. Wanted Poster. (Fear and insecurity wanted for causing infidelity).
  176. Adulterous women and pedestals
  177. Possible Affair Advice
  178. An overheard conversation between several cheating women
  179. Need advice regarding past affair
  180. review and update "Is she cheating?"
  181. WW cannot decide wether to Reconcile
  182. Former BS's being attracted to Married people
  183. Let the bashing begin...
  184. What you saw here, was me going through a false reconciliation
  185. If just a kiss means sex, then what does a hug mean?
  186. Question about text messages
  187. Telling the new girlfriend
  188. do triggers ever really go away?
  189. Infidelity: Biology or Character Flaw?
  190. To lurking Waywards
  191. Transparency as part of rebuilding trust
  192. Confident wife cheated but she's adamant that she didn't. Would appreciate opinions
  193. Exposure
  194. Found Hotel key card and condom in husband's car
  195. Am I overreacting?
  196. How to catch a cheater?
  197. Question about liars, lying, and trash talking the BS
  198. I don't ant to leave-but is it the only answer for me?
  199. POSOM around kids
  200. ONE year later and I am more depressed
  201. Talk about "gut feeling"
  202. How do you deal with the physical reminders?
  203. can't win for losing?
  204. 2 years afterwards and i still feel "damaged"
  205. Need some advice, perspective, anything...
  206. Another Cheater Justifying their Crap
  207. I'm back... it's been almost 3 ... does it ever go away?
  208. Future spouse grateful for affair
  209. I kept my integrity
  210. Satisfaction - TV Show
  211. The cost of not exposing
  212. Another horrible story with infidelity.
  213. Revenge !!
  214. Why?
  215. Chump Lady on Why You Can’t “Nice” People Out of Affairs
  216. I just caught him red handed...
  217. Double Life
  218. Chump Lady on Fairy Dust Forgiveness
  219. The Naked Husband
  220. Husband came home with bright red nose
  221. We used to
  222. For BS that ended reconciliation
  223. Is he cheating?
  224. The big elephant in the room
  225. Enough is enough
  226. So Could a Kiss Just Mean A Kiss?
  227. Reasonable expectations/guidelines
  228. End it?
  229. Isn't "I need space" another way to say...
  230. The end or the beginning?
  231. Seperated from wife,advice needed please
  232. Guilty niceness and presents?
  233. I want to care but I don't
  234. Need perspective
  235. I'm jaded
  236. The Current State of CWI
  237. HELP-Husband in EA-Going to Divorce
  238. Standard Evidence Post
  239. Need advice...
  240. what should I do?
  241. breaking The Rules and Cake Eating
  242. Husband hired hookers to our house while our children were home and I was away
  243. What did you do to make your spouse cheat on you?
  244. Changing the Rules/Agreement & Cake eating
  245. Girlfriend and the ex
  246. Forgiving yourself
  247. Cheat or leave?
  248. Anyone here with a spouse diagnosed with borderline personality disorder?
  249. Unmet Needs !
  250. Is It Me Or Are The Vast Majority Of Posts Here Regarding...