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: Coping with Infidelity

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  1. Has anyone used a professional forensics data recovery service?
  2. wife cheated me by having affair
  3. What would a kinder gentler TAM look like?
  4. Whatsapp chat proof- illegal?
  5. If you have ever looked at AM or sites like that?
  6. Life after porn
  7. On Beating Up The OM (or even the OW)
  8. What Would I Have Done Differently?
  9. Do Betrayers Ever Really Change?
  10. am I bad for getting a smile on my face?
  11. Temporary Hiatus
  12. Husband's addiction to online dating sites, now giving out number
  13. Been a while…update
  14. A year later and I still feel stuck
  15. Expose my wife's EA to OM's ex-wife?
  16. Cheating Behavior - Generally Fairly Consistent
  17. Should I let her go
  18. Woman friend is having an affair, what should I suggest
  19. Wife separated for "space" now OM has been discovered
  20. Has anyone had an extremely remorseful WS but still divorced
  21. They cheat and we're the ones bending backwards trying to become better people?!
  22. After the Lies - Triggered
  23. Recovering from an EA
  24. GNOs lead to custody going to the father
  25. if R is not working...even with WS doing all the right things
  26. Losing steam, trying to get through
  27. Is revenge okay? If so, what sort?
  28. Q: "Why not divorce instead of cheating?" A: "It's just not that simple." Part 2
  29. Calling all BS - Please post the date of your DDay here
  30. I had an affair- my friend thinks I have/had Stockholm syndrome.
  31. Tori Spelling....
  32. can't believe I am here
  33. Are emotional affairs "normal" ?
  34. Married to Serial Cheaters
  35. How do I get over what he's done?
  36. How do you handle WS praise from others?
  37. Husband now wants to be a Polygamist?!
  38. So many signs, but he denies.
  39. Feeling lost...
  40. Time Travel: Could you stop your WS from cheating?
  41. Seeing the XWS and attraction
  42. Did my husband have emotional affair and I am I over reacting?
  43. Did my husband sleep with you too?
  44. What To Expect
  45. Is marriage this bad for men?
  46. Another exam on why women cheat, if we're ready
  47. My story
  48. If you think your kids are resilient....
  49. porn/escorts/bipolar
  50. Married women are more flirtatious than single women
  51. Is she still playing me and having an EA/PA?
  52. Are You Married to a Soulmate or a Life Partner?
  53. Unreal! CNN Article: How affairs make my marriage stronger
  54. Question for former waywards.
  55. Hurt and confused
  56. I'm responsible, but what do I do?
  57. I'm [39/m] concerned my marriage is failing she [38/f] may be having an an affair
  58. Hesitant to Expose EA more
  59. Husband's Insecurity About My Ex
  60. Husband texting escorts... again.
  61. found out my husband has been having an emotional affair
  62. Frustrated with our relationship...
  63. Feeling lost after giving up on my affair
  64. A ladies perspective would help. I cheated on my wife.
  65. Not That Anyone Probably Cares...
  66. Should I Go Back To My Ex?
  67. Things in the past etc
  68. give her opportunity to see if she cheats again?
  69. Have requested "timeline/details/truth" letter from WS - would like some opinions plz
  70. Ex-wife says she misses me, wants to meet for a drink
  71. Stressed Husband
  72. I can't beleive Im listening to my ***** wife
  73. Author Sherman Alexie Nails it
  74. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
  75. Is he cheating again?
  76. Dealing with time away from kids
  77. Post-Affair Character Change
  78. Everybody knew??!
  79. Is TAM like watching a NASCAR race?
  80. What to do now?
  81. need some serious advice:my husband went to a call girl
  82. How do you define D Day? (warning: possible triggers)
  83. Headed for divorce
  84. whats happening????
  85. life after cheating
  86. Chump Lady Article: Why Women Cheat?
  87. I need help with my marriage!
  88. Hope this is ok... SteveK's Radio Appearance...
  89. Wives are 7 times more likely to take back their cheating husband
  90. Men are more likely to cheat! It's true, I looked it up!
  91. How many of you have spouses that came back after leaving for the AP
  92. Does staying with a cheating woman forever make a man a Beta
  93. VAR Discovery
  94. Struggling on my own with post infidelity
  95. Do you believe you are also responsible for your spouses infidelity?
  96. Turned Out EA was a PA
  97. Things WS did with AP
  98. LOL@Honesty
  99. Need advice
  100. Cheating husband - Now he thinks I'll do it too
  101. One judge that got it right
  102. All out of
  103. Reconciliation?
  104. We tried again....
  105. Why be surprised? More of a vent or WTF....
  106. South Carolina Teacher
  107. This is becoming unbearable
  108. what value does it hold?
  109. Obsessing over husband's affair partner?
  110. What to do next
  111. Cell monitoring?
  112. How?
  113. This is my story
  114. Chump Lady Article on Cheaters: Nice vs. Kind
  115. Is the 180 Passive Agressive?
  116. Her insecurity and jealousy is unbearable
  117. Article: My Spouse Says He Forgives Me For The Affair, But He Still Seems Deeply Hurt
  118. Woke up.....
  119. Divorced, Re-Marrying ....Struggling
  120. Wife cheated 7 yrs ago; does the paranoia ever end?
  121. Dealing with ex's
  122. I think my girlfriend is falling for someone else...
  123. new here - looking for help on confrontation
  124. Husband is very angry on me, but why?
  125. My Story - WS looking for advice
  126. Telling WH relatives? What say y'all?
  127. How long did it take you to find TAM?
  128. She cheated on her husband & got with a junkie
  129. On both sides
  130. Why do you take us back?
  131. Caught my wife cheating; what to do now?
  132. The diaries are up and in private section.
  133. Poorly planned confrontations
  134. My story - broke up long time ago, just putting it out here
  135. Is Sexting cheating and how do I cope
  136. Can't let the past go.Or is it the past?
  137. Would love to hear your advice! (can't get over fiance's sexual past and infidelity)
  138. Husband Cheated, Friends Abandoning Us, is this normal?
  139. Does it get easier?
  140. IPhone & Going Underground
  141. Need Forum Lingo Help
  142. Women are more likely to cheat if their mothers were unfaithful too
  143. Unsure what to think
  144. Emotional Affair Heartache
  145. My story of infidelity
  146. DDay Anniversary: Thank You TAMers
  147. Am I losing it?
  148. What would you do?
  149. article on infidelity and thoughts on sex in marriage
  150. Need Some Advice
  151. Has anyone become the OM/OW's spouse's friend?
  152. Should i divorce my husband?
  153. Have I stopped loving?
  154. Probable cheater wife, I have a plan, what do you think?
  155. website for identifying phone owner
  156. Text abbreviation opinion
  157. I think my marriage is over
  158. Confusing Signs
  159. Why Does She Want to Reconcile NOW?
  160. Depressed about losing my best friends
  161. The Fog - To Engage or Not Engage
  162. Husband had an affair after 12 years of marriage
  163. Anniversary, cheating men please respond
  164. i am not really sure how to handle
  165. Over a year later...
  166. Painful lessons! BUT Happier than we have been for years!
  167. Lost
  168. I am able to view his texts.
  169. My story
  170. Rebuilding- it can work
  171. He cheats on business trips
  172. The beginning stages?
  173. More drivel from the mainstream media.......
  174. How do you know?
  175. What to do
  176. Wife Internet Affair
  177. How do you mark your DDay anniversary?
  178. Trust issues, new marriage with kid
  179. 'Trigger' Question
  180. Need answers from WWs
  181. I dk not want to get complacent
  182. Trust and Boundaries (sexting/cybersex)
  183. Jeremy Kyle show with the devastation cheating causes
  184. I caught my wife "sexting" another MARRIED man, already confronted her
  185. Suspecting infidelity
  186. Cheaters TV Show
  187. I just sent an email to ******************
  188. Did anyone ever try to tell you to end your affair?
  189. Not sure what to do
  190. Googling secretary's name
  191. What type of person is this?
  192. Is it time to admit it is over? Need advice.
  193. cheatersville help
  194. How a tattoo artist got back at his cheating girlfriend
  195. I'm cheating on my husband
  196. Fulfillment of desire as a right! Literature
  197. Is she seeing someone else?
  198. My story
  199. Struggling with husband's emotional affair
  200. found husband on swingers website?!
  201. Am I crazy?
  202. I was making love to you
  203. Need urgent help... my brother is confronting tomorrow!
  204. Need help finding instructional threads
  205. Advice, please
  206. Sex whilst snooping Q ?
  207. For the detail oriented....
  208. Watch Oculus and god's not dead movie hq
  209. Can you be patient, and wait for sweet revenge?
  210. wife having EA and wants ONS...Help
  211. 3 Months Known & Still Not Good
  212. Wife cheated for five years; parents don't care
  213. Falling Apart
  214. Webwatcher for Mac- need advice
  215. Great article: The TRUE reason people stray
  216. End of marriage.
  217. emotional affair?
  218. Why did I let it get this far?
  219. vent
  220. Watch Rio 2 and Oculus Full Movie HD
  221. suspicious behavior...
  222. Android Tablets.
  223. She cheated, I moved on, now she wants
  224. How long did you try to R before deciding to divorce?
  225. Temptation
  226. Thinking of you...
  227. Poll: On DDay did the WS act like what you would expect?
  228. One good reply needed…thanks
  229. am I being paranoid?
  230. Confused.... again
  231. just one aspect of the damage
  232. Dealing with WH's ongoing affair
  233. If you cheat, you'll risk destroying them.
  234. A director's letter to his wife describing his affair with Marilyn Monroe
  235. Advice needed
  236. Husband had a 6 month sexting affair
  237. A Double life for so long !!!
  238. Sepperated after her affair, She left me... now what
  239. I had an emontional affair
  240. Lonely and lost please help.
  241. Emotional VS physical affair
  242. Caught cheating: Was looking for my other thread bu couldn't find it
  243. What good is posting a cheater on Cheaterville really?
  244. A week after renewing vows, he's at it again!
  245. Child Custody, maybe my last thread
  246. Partner has a profile on a hookup website!?!
  247. All the signs are there..
  248. Should I just walk away?
  249. Would you divorce wife if you found out she only made out with OM
  250. Confessions of my EA

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