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: Coping with Infidelity

  1. " this isnt what i wanted, i love you"
  2. Not infidelity related, but needing the same tactics...
  3. In total DENIAL, Help please.
  4. when the WS is a jackass.
  5. Not sure what to make of things
  6. Question about restoring a phone from iTunes backup
  7. shocked and hurt.
  8. Still confused
  9. My indiscretion - should I take it to the grave?
  10. newbie looking for advice
  11. An update and some thoughts
  12. I need some advice confused.
  13. This is the way to do it...
  14. My wife had an affair with my ex boss
  15. Like pitbulls with a chew toy
  16. Toyboy becomes stuck inside his married lover after suffering 'penis captivus' during
  17. Husband Cheated and I'm not mad about it.
  18. Six Years Out
  19. Smart Phone Surveillance
  20. Dealing with the triggers
  21. How many months or years to recover from affair
  22. Whatever happened to elly73?
  23. Wife had affair 2 months after we got married
  24. Is it just a friendship or something to worry about?
  25. "Toxic Friend" or no?
  26. very confused
  27. EA: I didn't sleep with him, it's not a big deal
  28. Husband Caught Sexting Young Coworker
  29. my wife cheated... now what?
  30. If only I knew the real truth
  31. Wife's Affair
  32. How do I stop making jabs at my husband
  33. Lies and other mischiefs ....
  34. How do you ever trust them again?
  35. We tried reconciling and I was fooled again
  36. Anger management in infidelity
  37. He doesn't understand why it was not ok
  38. It just goes on ... in different ways.
  39. How to help my husbands anger
  40. The great feedback debate of 2015
  41. emotional needs not being met - expectations
  42. Affair sex vs. practical sex
  43. Did you stay or reconcile?
  44. Mate guarding
  45. I am married to a older woman
  46. My 2 year update
  47. How to deal with a cheating husband
  48. Why do we torture ourselves with questions?
  49. I just can't seem to get over the anger and disgust I feel towards him!!!!
  50. Next week would have been 9 years... More for you than for me:
  51. Important lesson for reconciliation
  52. Another cheater caught? Apparently
  53. Almost cheated on my wife last weekend.
  54. Forgiveness article
  55. David Wells
  56. Atheist or Christian? does it affect how you forgive?
  57. Another article on swingers.. check this woman out
  58. Discovered H's 6 YEAR co-worker EA/PA recently.. ?'s
  59. What is it about "the one that got away"?
  60. I'm torn apart
  61. Am I wrong about my feelings about him and her?
  62. Will I forever pay the price?
  63. Let the past go?
  64. Husband wants to call OW in front of me to end it.
  65. Movies to avoid this weekend
  66. How a BS feels when cheating comes up in a casual conversation
  67. Does it matter who the biological father is?
  68. A link for the WS on anger
  69. Why Affairs Are Like Being Double-Crossed In A Heist
  70. So...Here we go with my story....A start anyway
  71. Hint is in the ring?!
  72. It's funny how many dating sites advertise on TAM
  73. Should I stay or should I go?
  74. lost-n-broken
  75. Second Second Chance
  76. Taking your pound of flesh?
  77. Twice bitten or third time lucky
  78. After the second time
  79. Should this be strike 3?
  80. OMW wants to meet my wife
  81. 3 times
  82. Was Dday a "relief" for your WS?
  83. IC and MC have advised me to stop all activity on TAM
  84. Calling out Friends
  85. US Married Households -- Actual Data
  86. Anyone survive after 7 years of turmoil?
  87. my wife is a liar
  88. Wife has a male running partner with a history of EAs
  89. Mind movies
  90. friendship vs. EA where do you draw the line?
  91. EA or PA does the gender matter?
  92. Got a letter from the OW
  93. Need advice- new separation
  94. His needs, her needs
  95. I discovered the Ghost of marriage future.
  96. Office-romp couple unmasked: He was the boss married with kids, she was the newly eng
  97. Question for WS: Was a kiss just a kiss?
  98. Uh-oh... he's MARRIED (and SHE'S newly engaged): Couple pictured in office romp 'don'
  99. This is your brain on love
  100. Awkward trigger moments in public
  101. How TAM Has Helped me with Cheating and Assault
  102. Workplace Affair that was exposed
  103. Finally facing infidelity
  104. The Basic Choice
  105. Cheaters do not believe their BS could cheat
  106. How do I get evidence at the workplace?
  107. Trying to get over this..
  108. When will this ever stop
  109. I recorded (audio) my DDay a while back, a lot has happened since my last visit here.
  110. It's the little things...
  111. Asking for advice or input
  112. Ali McGraw and Steve McQueen
  113. why so many BS here post their story, then never return?
  114. You cheated, I'm going to date your mom
  115. Those left behind...
  116. B1 and I could use some genuine encouragement
  117. EA?, does it matter at this point?
  118. Online infidelity
  119. How did you break the news to your kids/family ?
  120. BEWARE: New Cheater's Ap
  121. 32 years of trust broken
  122. The reddit Jenny/Carly saga...
  123. Going through Reconcilation with more secrets
  124. She's still holding back, R can't begin yet, right?
  125. What I have learned due to my spouse's affair
  126. My husband cheats on me all the time
  127. Need my TAM friends to make me feel better
  128. She answered my question
  129. How to regain trust?
  130. Voice Activated Recorder recommendations
  131. Talk about Shame...
  132. Wife had lesbian affair. What do I do now?
  133. How long did it take the WS to get over the AP?
  134. For BWs only (sorry guys, ladies only)
  135. Im 90% sure my wife cheated,plz read and opionate
  136. I kissed another man
  137. Am I a Fool?
  138. Anyone see Silver Linings Playbook?
  139. Fellow BS's what are some gems that the WW/WH told you
  140. Feeling like a *****
  141. "She'll never find out"
  142. Standard TAM advice that may harm rather than help
  143. Are AP's (or OW/OW) ever okay remaining just that?
  144. letter from wife to fb male friend --
  145. PTSD-like symptoms
  146. Husband tricked me into cheating...sort of
  147. Wife cheated, and I don't want to cheat back,but still want to have sex..Advice
  148. How to get over it?
  149. OW texted me apology today
  150. Utterly Destroyed Right Now
  151. Dealing with personal issues from adultery
  152. What do you say ?
  153. Where to go from here?
  154. I am so shocked and cant make sense of anything!!
  155. Dealing with a kiss.. and then some..
  156. Guiding Waywards
  157. Men vs Women PA vs EA
  158. 7 Ways to "Betray" Your Spouse (article)
  159. Where did that thread go?
  160. After a year of crisis, I caught her
  161. 12 reasons for havingan affair
  162. Am I crazy???
  163. 9 years since she cheated, I still have trouble dealing
  164. Stay & put in work or time to hit the road???
  165. am very anxious over decision for trip with husband
  166. Codependancy and you.
  167. Just Curious...
  168. Talking to someone while being married. How to let go?
  169. Husband not in love with me / emotional affair, maybe more?
  170. Guidance vs Heavy Lifting with WS
  171. 100% of Affection and Loyalty
  172. To contact OM from years ago, or not?
  173. Masking Friendship with Infidelity?
  174. Interesting problem, with a twist
  175. Caught wife sexting 3 months ago
  176. I just can't shake this depression..
  177. Wife wants to meet me for lunch. Need advice
  178. Trying to make amends, no longer know what to do....
  179. Husbands PTSD and infidelity
  180. Anyone else still to close to DDay to get motivated to celebrate tonight
  181. I lied to my girlfriend.
  182. What BS goes through.. This says it all!
  183. When does it stop being a rebound?
  184. Me again
  185. If given a choice between anger and emotional detachment, which would you choose?
  186. Actions for the BS in R or D
  187. Ironic story with a bit of a poll
  188. If You Are Going To Expose, This Is A Good Way Of Doing It
  189. Is this infidelity?
  190. Breaking up is hard to do
  191. Win!
  192. Can people truly change?
  193. Staying together after spouse cheats
  194. Wife Caught Sexting 2 years ago
  195. After infidelity, what do wedding rings mean?
  196. Multible infidelity issues over a long time. How to procede?
  197. my wife says she has no feelings for me anymore.
  198. Best Mobile/Cell Phone Spyware
  199. Me 60 M husband with my 55 F wife discovered her hidden relationship w x boyfriend
  200. Is it wrong to talk to other women before I'm officially separated from my wife?
  201. Ways to help wife emotionally reattach? (newbie)
  202. My story (new here)
  203. Reconciliation-pro and con.
  204. is this infidelity?
  205. Not sure I have the energy to go through this again...
  206. Help! I am really confused! Emotional affair?
  207. Introverts vs Extroverts who's more likely to cheat
  208. Feeling good again
  209. The time it takes to heal from infidelity
  210. Karma Bus Strikes again.
  211. how should I support another BS?
  212. New here, long story...need advice
  213. The pain will recede
  214. My ode to the Chump Lady.
  215. One Year Later
  216. List of What BS go through
  217. God rest ye merry, gentleman
  218. How do I get past it and move forward?
  219. help,need some info from people that have been through this(mid life crisis?)
  220. WS - Masters of deception
  221. TAM vs......
  222. Never thought it would happen
  223. Triggers :(
  224. Does anyone know
  225. Should I doubt her love?
  226. On the First day of D-day my true love gave to me...
  227. For the Ladies...
  228. Online affair, etc.
  229. please please help advice needed is this cheating
  230. I'm done
  231. Those who stayed, what actions did you do
  232. Caught her cheating with another man!!!!!
  233. dumb purchases? Let's here them.
  234. For the birds
  235. OM wants to meet to talk. Is it dangerous
  236. Im out.. Take care all..
  237. Absolute paranoia
  238. Man caught his wife cheating. Video OM escaping from the window
  239. I like the stand this guy took
  240. Almost 4 months & he's finally starting to come out of the fog.
  241. Has any BS recieved an honest apology from AP? did it help healing?
  242. My wife had (is having) an affair, Help!
  243. Recommended reading for CWI...
  244. Who has their story in there signature location?
  245. Caught wife sexting, need advice
  246. Still not feeling right after H cheated
  247. Defining an emotional affair
  248. Regaining trust of my wife
  249. Emotional Affair - Advice Needed
  250. Help me please, it's happened again