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: Coping with Infidelity

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  1. a little more reconciliation
  2. How to find who a cell phone number belongs to
  3. More than once???
  4. How should I tell my girlfriend racist parents, that she is pregnant with my baby?
  5. Text messages
  6. Insecurities.... will he cheat or has he?
  7. Never would have thought I'd cheat on my husband (who cheated on me)
  8. I"m an arab american in love with a Jewish Israeli girl
  9. Percy Sledge 1966
  10. Analyze this
  11. When to confront wife about another woman?
  12. How do you accept your husband is attracted to/interested in other women?
  13. 4yrs later and it is even worse
  14. Does anyone want to help me inform a BS, that his wife is a **** n gold digger?
  15. Is it possible? EA related
  16. Best advice I can give...
  17. middle aged female serial cheater - why?
  18. Divorced WW but have ?'s
  19. For men: is it possible to stop yourself from having sex while cheating?
  20. Wife having emotional affairs with three ex-boyfriends
  21. {YO}Watch Lego and frozen movie
  22. Dear God. He cheated on her. With her pet dog!
  23. 4 years later and still suffering
  24. He cheated, I want to make this work, but how can i get rid of the paranoia
  25. Husband cheat on me, always insulting me.
  26. SOS - need therapy recommendations NOW
  27. Spin Off Post - Do WS suffer like we do?
  28. Can infidelity cause PTSD?
  29. BS do you keep a watchful eye on the OM/OW?
  30. "The children are resilient"
  31. Does it ever get better?
  32. My Family & the WS....
  33. {ZiDDi}Watch Ride Along/Lego Movie
  34. Me and My Situation
  35. Is my wife cheating?
  36. where to start?
  37. What is 180?
  38. Maybe I need tech help after all
  39. Searching elsewhere
  40. Why can't men forgive and forget their partners infidelity?
  41. when to know a cheater is lying
  42. OW...did you SUFFER like us too?
  43. Collateral Damage
  44. I guess this is the place..
  45. This time of year...
  46. I guess this is the best area for my intro
  47. He wants to be alone
  48. James Bond sticky
  49. the truth
  50. She has never answered any of my questions.
  51. Just like that, she was gone!
  52. What do think makes people cheat
  53. Gave Husband a HallPass, Now Regretting it
  54. Is (dark) humor allowed here?
  55. Hes cheating and I feel like a fool
  56. Why can't I cry???
  57. Forgiveness
  58. How to pay $1 message on FB?
  59. Where would you rate the severity of emotional pain caused by infidelity?
  60. Do you ever wonder?
  61. Car GPS of choice?
  62. What do WS lose from their BS's opinion of them?
  63. How does the BH know that his WW told him the whole truth?
  64. Thoughts and ideas on infidelity and physical aspects of sex men vs women
  65. Why do e think the worst?
  66. Beware of Valentine's Day
  67. Why keep videos?
  68. Sick over husbands cheating
  69. Getting ALL the sexual details?
  70. Legal impliations emotional damage to kids, but abuse is not "reportable"
  71. IT/Tech help! Please!
  72. Emotional affair? Affair? Feel out of control
  73. a question for WS regarding parenting.
  74. My husband cheated, now leaving. I am devestated.
  75. That Moment Of Clarity Leaving Your Ex Was For The Best
  76. Lies and secrets
  77. My fiancé and Facebook Cheating attempt
  78. If I Were You...
  79. Am I Headed for an Affair?
  80. Did anything good come out of your infidelity?
  81. Emotional disconnect
  82. New here and found out the wife cheated on me....
  83. Here's What Happened to Jack and Carrie
  84. feel better, you are not alone.
  85. FB, the OW, can someone explain this to me?
  86. Infidelity Education - Co-conspirators
  87. What would the AP have to do for you to forgive them?
  88. How's this for a question
  89. Is no-fault divorce gender neutral with regards to adultery?
  90. In the context of CWI, what constitutes being 'hit on'
  91. Excuses Vs Reasons, what is the difference?
  92. Why does DDay 2 shock us?
  93. Thought experiment. If her husband came here what advise would you give him?
  94. NC Letter and response
  95. Handling the rage.
  96. Unsure what to feel...
  97. Help
  98. Why Cheating Didnt Work
  99. My Wife had an affair...
  100. Reconciliation is a sign of love
  101. From Childhood Innocence to Real Life Sadness!
  102. Strange but true.
  103. Confronting Affair Soon, Need Tips.
  104. so many lies!! help me
  105. Still Angry w/Hubby
  106. My Dilemma
  107. Mental Illness & infidelity
  108. Life is a lemon and I want my Money back!
  109. my fiance is always in some type of affair
  110. Husband cheated after 15 years
  111. Girlfriend and Buddy
  112. Song describing a doormat BS
  113. Need To Find The Best Sites On the Internet To Locate A Person
  114. Should I confront OM
  115. Do I expose OW???
  116. An Open Letter to LostWifeCrushed's husband
  117. Opposite Sex Friends, Help
  118. Deleted threads.....
  119. Revenge
  120. Keyloggers
  121. He did it again
  122. What Really Kills the Marriage
  123. Parents hate my wife now
  124. For Divorced BSs: Will You Attend Your XWS's Funeral?
  125. What to do about Vday after Dday
  126. A big thanks to the guys here
  127. Found the evidence of wife having an affair
  128. On the fence
  129. How to handle WW Birthday after dday...
  130. Books WS should have never read
  131. {OM}Watch Frozen/American hustle online hd
  132. Would it matter to you if ...
  133. Over her cheating but now she "needs space"
  134. Your life was put at risk - how do you reconcile that?
  135. It is offical
  136. The whole story
  137. How about a questionnaire
  138. need help with wife emotional affair
  139. Has any WS ever called their spouse while with their AP?
  140. Sexually starved leading to EA / PA
  142. any insight, support, suggestions or advice
  143. separation and Trial separation when R is the goal
  144. How depressed did the affair make you?
  145. Signs you didn't see then but make sense now!
  146. More than two years in R
  147. Is he doing anything wrong? Am I?
  148. Reconciliation?
  149. FB experts...
  150. Online Affair
  151. Addictions
  152. I wish
  153. Curiosity
  154. I gotta fix this..
  155. Condoms in septic tank expose affair
  156. Dealing with anger and truth
  157. Can it work????
  158. where do i go from here?
  159. I think my wife MIGHT be having affair…
  160. What do I do with this information?
  161. where to begin?
  162. I am not enough
  163. the inability to see SO's viewpoint
  164. What should I do? - Wife had 6 guys over 7y 8m
  165. Infidelity a type of Bullying
  166. Career and Adultery.
  167. Has anyone ever sent your ex THE letter?
  168. Wife cheated and not sure she's over it
  169. At a crossroads, would love advice
  170. Can someone talk me down off the ledge...again?
  171. Is there hope?
  172. one year after she vheated on me
  173. just can't forget those words.
  174. Shaking need your help
  175. After 24 years.. She cheats on FB!?
  176. sickening TV shows 2013
  177. Lie Detector.
  178. Not the Wedding She Expected
  179. Something at work got me to thinking
  180. Ironclad proof?
  181. Toxic Friends
  182. What happend to sinner_mouse's thread?
  183. He wants to have "as much as he can with me"
  184. Sounding board needed. A whirling wife- at wits end with the gaslighting and rugswe
  185. A history of lies and deciet-- my story
  186. A Post-Divorce Dating Questions
  187. Found emails to my wifee, should I be concerned?
  188. still coping with what happened
  189. "The French Are Most Forgiving Of Infidelity, Americans Not So Much: Study"
  190. I know this is not going to go over well…but
  191. Angry Wife is she cheating?
  192. Is it right for a BS to feel this way?
  193. EA that I kind of though was a PA
  194. Cheating spouse 'changing' for the OP
  195. I was an OM once - do you have any questions?
  196. Starting the Journey
  197. Tomorrow marks one year since DDay
  198. FYI easily find deleted texts on iphone 4
  199. Are they dumb or just emotionally handicapped?
  200. Found out I'm second choice, TAM please help me
  201. Needing encouragement
  202. The math as to why deleting texts means cheating
  203. What do you wish you knew before getting married?
  204. Is he cheating???
  205. Question for TAM regular posters -- Support in real life examples
  206. Husband cheated with prostitutes
  207. houser_distressed thread? Inappropriate or Troll
  208. Cheating Husband
  209. How can I find flight information?
  210. Was my whole marriage a lie?
  211. Limbo - need advice please
  212. French President Affair
  213. Those hidden issues that contributed to their cheating
  214. Can You Still Love Your Spouse & Have & Affair?
  215. Friend who knew
  216. Trigger
  217. She cheated after 22 years of marriage
  218. Their cheating is NOT your fault!
  219. H wants relationship with OC, willing to break up marriage
  220. The final acts of insanity and control
  221. Limits
  222. Question for Men that have cheated
  223. need help, insecure
  224. Hypothetical Standpoint- The Physiological and Psychological Differences in Sex
  225. A week after getting engaged, I learned many hurtful things
  226. Kinda embarassing but...penis size
  227. I cheated, now he wants to leave
  228. Is This an Emotional Affair? Thoughts?
  229. new here and confused
  230. Should I have filed for Divorce?
  231. "Work spouse"
  232. Revenge affairs
  233. What do you think about automatic divorce for infidelity?
  234. Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn, will it last?
  235. Boundaries Within Affairs: "Fog" and "Compartmentalization"
  236. The pain of looking at old pictures/videos of your family
  237. Painfully broken :-(
  238. Minimizing that insults your inteligence
  239. what if cheater ignores you before you can do the 180?
  240. PA on her Birthday
  241. Thoughts on my Wife's cheating
  242. Steering Clear
  243. Is there any moving past this?
  244. Just found out SO is bi and has cheated on me.
  245. For me he cheated and keeps on doing it
  246. Severely depressed and trying to R
  247. Update on Patraeus et al......
  248. helping him heal
  249. Is there any coming back from this?
  250. Advice that works - Update

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