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: Coping with Infidelity

  1. To contact OM from years ago, or not?
  2. Masking Friendship with Infidelity?
  3. Interesting problem, with a twist
  4. Caught wife sexting 3 months ago
  5. I just can't shake this depression..
  6. Wife wants to meet me for lunch. Need advice
  7. Trying to make amends, no longer know what to do....
  8. Husbands PTSD and infidelity
  9. Anyone else still to close to DDay to get motivated to celebrate tonight
  10. I lied to my girlfriend.
  11. What BS goes through.. This says it all!
  12. When does it stop being a rebound?
  13. Me again
  14. If given a choice between anger and emotional detachment, which would you choose?
  15. Actions for the BS in R or D
  16. Ironic story with a bit of a poll
  17. If You Are Going To Expose, This Is A Good Way Of Doing It
  18. Is this infidelity?
  19. Breaking up is hard to do
  20. Win!
  21. Can people truly change?
  22. Staying together after spouse cheats
  23. Wife Caught Sexting 2 years ago
  24. After infidelity, what do wedding rings mean?
  25. Multible infidelity issues over a long time. How to procede?
  26. my wife says she has no feelings for me anymore.
  27. Best Mobile/Cell Phone Spyware
  28. Me 60 M husband with my 55 F wife discovered her hidden relationship w x boyfriend
  29. Is it wrong to talk to other women before I'm officially separated from my wife?
  30. Ways to help wife emotionally reattach? (newbie)
  31. My story (new here)
  32. Reconciliation-pro and con.
  33. is this infidelity?
  34. Not sure I have the energy to go through this again...
  35. Help! I am really confused! Emotional affair?
  36. Introverts vs Extroverts who's more likely to cheat
  37. Feeling good again
  38. The time it takes to heal from infidelity
  39. Karma Bus Strikes again.
  40. how should I support another BS?
  41. New here, long story...need advice
  42. The pain will recede
  43. My ode to the Chump Lady.
  44. One Year Later
  45. List of What BS go through
  46. God rest ye merry, gentleman
  47. How do I get past it and move forward?
  48. help,need some info from people that have been through this(mid life crisis?)
  49. WS - Masters of deception
  50. TAM vs......
  51. Never thought it would happen
  52. Triggers :(
  53. Does anyone know
  54. Should I doubt her love?
  55. On the First day of D-day my true love gave to me...
  56. For the Ladies...
  57. Online affair, etc.
  58. please please help advice needed is this cheating
  59. I'm done
  60. Those who stayed, what actions did you do
  61. Caught her cheating with another man!!!!!
  62. dumb purchases? Let's here them.
  63. For the birds
  64. OM wants to meet to talk. Is it dangerous
  65. Im out.. Take care all..
  66. Absolute paranoia
  67. Man caught his wife cheating. Video OM escaping from the window
  68. I like the stand this guy took
  69. Almost 4 months & he's finally starting to come out of the fog.
  70. Has any BS recieved an honest apology from AP? did it help healing?
  71. My wife had (is having) an affair, Help!
  72. Recommended reading for CWI...
  73. Who has their story in there signature location?
  74. Caught wife sexting, need advice
  75. Still not feeling right after H cheated
  76. Defining an emotional affair
  77. Regaining trust of my wife
  78. Emotional Affair - Advice Needed
  79. Help me please, it's happened again
  80. She's cheating and has my son: now what
  81. Is this cheatin, betrayal, or fair game?
  82. Experiences in filing for divorce
  83. Road for recovery.... for me! Not necesarily for US but who know!
  84. Emotional Affairs are just as bad.
  85. Twas the night before.........
  86. Ha!
  87. Women-Abuse-self-worth
  88. Hail Mary Pass
  89. The long road to nowhere
  90. What advice would you give to BS to prepare for potential divorce/custody battle?
  91. I Thought Things Were Going To Be Different
  92. Can I really just stand by while someone self destructs?
  93. Wishing for a support group
  94. That post about how a married man seduced married women?
  95. How do I stop these images in my head?
  96. How to cut this "EA"
  97. Pls advice: Partner Cheating on and on with apologies (kid involved)
  98. What do you say to this
  99. I don't want to lose him
  100. Has anyone here helped someone expose?
  101. Pretty sure he's cheating - what now?
  102. I cheated
  103. Flirting with other women
  104. Wife cheated on me. I need advice on what to do next
  105. How often does the statement, "If they will cheat with you, they will cheat on you",
  106. in another failed relationship
  107. trust issues
  108. Trust issues, 2 years after an EA
  109. Nowhere to turn? Both of us have been unfaithful
  110. Where to go from here
  111. Triggers
  112. Don't know what she's uo to
  113. Am I making this worse?
  114. Am I making things worse?
  115. Got knocked out of the saddle again!
  116. Wife contacting ex-lover
  117. Anyone can have an affair
  118. Am I crazy?
  119. sharing triggers or WS bashing?
  120. Another good friend falls.....
  121. Another excuse for why poeple say there not responsible for cheating.
  122. Plan B
  123. A message for the trolls who lurk here
  124. Effectiveness of cheaterville
  125. To the people that have been cheated on in marriage or cheated, who was it with?
  126. why? Why? WHY?--For Badkarma
  127. Fiance Cheating/Breakdown Alone + PREGNANT!!!!
  128. Is there anyone right way to ask why?
  129. Here it is....
  130. This really never stops does it?
  131. Here's a Mouthful for you...
  132. is there a cell phone tracker app?
  133. Not sure how to put it all behind me
  134. Question about "exposing"
  135. veterans, what does successful 180 look like?
  136. 9 years later....
  137. Never thought I'd be here...
  138. Marriage About To End - Please Help
  139. What's the best deleted text retrieval software for a galaxy S4 mini?
  140. How should I approach this?
  141. Bye Y'all
  142. Where to from here - how do you cope?
  143. Looking for an un-biased outside opinion on wife's p(proba|ossi)ble EA
  144. toxic friends
  145. Don'tcha just feel like this sometimes?
  146. Leaving.
  147. 7 months after discovery -- new developments, new troubles
  148. Questions about wife's past affair and what it all means
  149. Can't seem to move on...
  150. What have you done?
  151. Advice needed, totally devasted
  152. Wife with Midlife Crisis with Affair? Or is that even Relevant?
  153. Blossom's Road of Recovery and Reconciliation
  154. Married to a Narcissist who continues bad behavior
  155. Karma
  156. wife's infedelity has her mind clouded right?
  157. Should I gear up for round two?
  158. Seeking advice
  159. Watch moment 'cheating wife' is caught out on camera by husband's best man
  160. What would you do?
  161. Surreal therapy?!
  162. It's Over
  163. Personal grooming - non pervy!
  164. 13 Hidden Ways To Know If Your Partner Is Cheating (Article)
  165. Is it over?
  166. Rejected by both families
  167. He never goes "all the way"
  168. Helpful Books?
  169. 6 weeks pregnant and just found out my husband is talking to another woman
  170. Men in love v women in love
  171. Personal Responcibility
  172. am I being paranoid?
  173. Issues with touching after EA
  174. Always do your own DNA test
  175. "R" motivation.
  176. Just saw an episode of Cheates.
  177. Oh boy. Another one...torn.
  178. Gym Instructor and your wife VS YOU. Why you can't win.
  179. Cheating Wife, what to do?
  180. any experience with checkmate semen testing anyone?
  181. Should I forgive her? Please, need opinions
  182. Three on a match.
  183. any good reads on infidelity?
  184. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?
  185. People who have affairs lie. I know I did. I lied to myself
  186. Inappropriate Friends
  187. Is he having an emotional affair?
  188. Looking for Advice on Post-Affair Exposure
  189. How to Have an Affair
  190. What to do?
  191. need some advice
  192. Can't just get over it.
  193. Anniversay of d-day. I'll write about me being the OM
  194. so where did the thread of the "about to cheat" go?
  195. Looking for a second opinion on advice received from counselor
  196. I think my husband suspects me of cheating
  197. WS, do you keep mementos?
  198. my thoughts are killing me...
  199. Real Life Fatal Attraction ****
  200. Navy newlyweds-caught him sexting
  201. Dont understand this reaction
  202. This has destroyed me
  203. I messed up...and I need help
  204. No Choice
  205. Been awhile
  206. karma XWW
  207. Friend in a Quandry, His Dad Just Died
  208. Why do they cheat?
  209. My story isn't unique...
  210. Need advice…..
  211. How will I know? Has anyone used...
  212. I'm not the only one.
  213. We are here for you. Please don't by shy. There's help available for you.
  214. Help!! At my witts end but can't leave.....
  215. What do you tell the betrayed?
  216. Cheaters be cheated (someone is talking about this post in an other forum)
  217. Help bring Mach back to TAM !!
  218. Do they ever come back?
  219. Way every one here is obsessed with divorcing a cheater.
  220. Update cheater still mad!
  221. what happened to Nick's thread needing advice
  222. Help with midlife crisis spouse
  223. "Getting it"
  224. Eye for an eye?
  225. Florida.
  226. Is anyone dealing with severe ANGER over the betrayal?
  227. Snooping and covering your tracks
  228. Cheaters be cheated
  229. Anyone else think the word "FOG" is BS?
  230. This is a strange one.
  231. Damn you infidelity.
  232. Need a man's point of view
  233. Sound Threatening?
  234. Devastated, and at a complete loss.
  235. Does 2 affairs make it right?
  236. Advice Needed
  237. "Fog" poll
  238. How do I get over my wife cheating on me?
  239. “The Best of Me” - True Love Makes Infidelity OK
  240. How do you jailbreak IOS8?
  241. Would you consider that as cheating?
  242. advice greatly needed
  243. What would you do???
  244. Trust
  245. Dear God..
  246. Should I be worried that my wife of 5 years is deleting messages on Face
  247. in some cities, be very careful of illegalities when you put a gps/keylogger on
  248. Will I ever be able to forgive him
  249. Wife of 8 years admitted to cheating on me, I don't know what to do
  250. Walking Dead Troll