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: Coping with Infidelity

  1. Affairs ruin more than trust..
  2. Need advice on how to leave a narcassit
  3. Trying to recover from affair - feelings of inadequacy
  4. "Did my boyfriend just get married?"
  5. Lucky Charms? Not quite...
  6. Made me laught more than expected
  7. Help! This guy needs to know
  8. Heard on cheaters
  9. Did details HURT or help HEAL???
  10. Discovery of an affair
  11. So I found out my boyfriend is married :3 !!!
  12. Is she cheating???
  13. Husband looking at porn and brothel sites...
  14. Leave it to Television
  15. Boyfriend's friend is trying to steal him from me?!!
  16. Two Strikes. I'm out.
  17. How can I convince my wife that I'm not gay?
  18. Curious to know...
  19. Is all the "Painful Truth" required for a successful R?
  20. WW used to want me to become "friends" with OM
  21. Moved back to "affair" hometown after 10+ yrs
  22. I need help to understand...
  23. Dday 2
  24. OW from H's past EA is pregnant, but I'm surprised at my reaction
  25. OW Attempted To Make Contact With Me...
  26. Living a Lie
  27. Looking for a friend who can relate
  28. Infidelity?
  29. It's always in the back of my mind that one day H could find out about my A
  30. He's been cheating at least 15 years
  31. Need advice/computer to know if take action
  32. I Should Have Listened to You All!
  33. Pigeons finally coming home to roost
  34. Am I crazy?
  35. Too late...
  36. Another type of infidelity
  37. I Think "She" Tried To Reconnect...
  38. Not sure how to proceed.
  39. Out of all the pain, this hurts most
  40. Two Part Queston For Both Betrayed and Betrayers
  41. My Story - Confronted prior to knowing - "Answers and evidence first, confront after"
  42. The cruel word called 'Hope'
  43. I'll finally reveal how I found truth
  44. To all the new posters and members
  45. Kissing After Infidelity
  46. Slow dancing at a company function
  47. Husband seems to be hiding things
  48. One last rant to flush the system
  49. Monitoring
  50. Real Recovery Time
  51. Heartbroken and trying to cope
  52. Gut feeling and observations
  53. Is it...or isn't it?
  54. Revenge or Consequences?
  55. He cheated but you'll never guess with who
  56. Another Question about VARs
  57. Postcards from Idiots
  58. Found out my dad is sleeping with prostitutes - my mom doesn't know
  59. It affects everything - even summer reading books
  60. So I screwed up- what now
  61. 5 things I learned from almost divorcing
  62. Stuck and Need Help, made some bad mistakes
  63. Update for those who are interested
  64. At what point can a reconciled marriage after infidelity be considered successful?
  65. Post-Infidelity Sex
  66. Camera laws
  67. Wife had affair. I want a divorce but fear she will take child out of state.
  68. What's the difference between people who seek revenge and those who don't?
  69. Latest on infidelity research
  70. Yikes!!! Follow up
  71. Rethinking infidelity ... a talk for anyone who has ever loved
  72. Doormat syndrome
  73. Feeling really guilty for his affairs right now
  74. An applicable quote
  75. Did he have an EA or am I paranoid?
  76. My husband is a serial cheater
  77. How to rebuild a marriage and trust
  78. She cheated, now we are separated
  79. What do y'all think of this?!?!
  80. How to Heal After Finding Outů
  81. I wish i didn't have hope
  82. Confused with mixed actions
  83. D-Day
  84. How to move on and actually reconcile...?
  85. Cheats on me then leaves after 11 years
  86. I cheated :/ I really need help and someone to talk to.
  87. Death Warrant
  88. Looking For Passwords
  89. RA revisited
  90. Affair after emotional detachment
  91. The healing heart - the 180 (for all the newbies)
  92. Am I dieing a slow death?
  93. What's up with LoveSh..k ?
  94. Ultimte Sucker
  95. I found out my son is cheating, and I'm just not dealing with it very well
  96. What songs HELPED you cope with infidelity?
  97. WAH, Father of 3 young kids...he seems lost & confused & so am I!
  98. Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater?
  99. On Deciding to see other people and getting caught...
  100. Just want to pop in
  101. Hi Y'all
  102. Life is funny
  103. When did you take your ring off?
  104. Manipulators don't even know they are doing it?
  105. Old toys
  106. How many have had 2-ddays?
  107. He is leaving us for his SugarBaby
  108. STBXH Still Mad Son Knows About His AP
  109. Why Do Spouse Cheat?
  110. My wife had an affair. Need advice.
  111. Need a womans lost...
  112. I cheated... what's next for me?
  113. How Big of Scumbag Am I?
  114. Update: cheating husband?!?
  115. Just when I thought the Depression stage was over...
  116. Trust & Faith
  117. Americans are ok with all kind of sex except the extramarital one
  118. Twins Have Different Fathers
  119. The gift of sperm, be careful where you finish it could be the start of something big
  120. Don't forget the flowers this weekend, fellas!
  121. Remorse......
  122. Is this cheating?
  123. Wife of 6 years, love of my life had an affair with a woman coworker.
  124. Old sex partnerS
  125. Cheating husband, i need major help and advice
  126. WH has ruined love songs for me
  127. Husband Contacting Escorts
  128. I wonder if the BH of this WW saw this video
  129. When did you put your wedding ring back on?
  130. Old sex partners
  131. I screwed up...
  132. after an affair: enjoy shared hobbies or abandon them?
  133. Wife cheated on me three times what to do
  134. Keeping custody communications on-point
  135. anyone heard from disenchanted, co guy or shamWow?
  136. Rewriting History
  137. 3 way sex is ruining my marriage. Need advice to save this!
  138. What the good gravy is THIS?
  139. Suppressing memories by BS
  140. I'm so lost
  141. Wondering if a pop to the mouth is enough....
  142. Moderator
  143. MY affair
  144. Advice on next steps
  145. Can I Trust Her Any Longer-What Do I Do
  146. My leopard can't change his spots
  147. False R?
  148. Views of a female serial cheater - sickening ?
  149. Trying to recover marriage after separation and affairs
  150. Is it possible to just talk with another woman when u r married?
  151. 7 Year Switch
  152. Woman's Husband shot and killed by OW's BS.
  153. TV Show: Infidelity & Paranoia
  154. Interesting article on "why?"
  155. That gut feeling is back again... am I crazy ???
  156. My wife cheated on my I have no idea what to do. Is divorce always the answer?
  157. What am I missing?
  158. Need help for a friend who is OM
  159. Is it wrong to "test" wayward spouse
  160. Is it really me?
  161. Women encourage to stay..Men encourage to leave
  162. Access to Android / s5 texts?
  163. I cheated....How to win back wifes heart?
  164. Going on 3 years of marriage, just learned of wifes affair. Seek wisdom
  165. You cheated....Now your insecure!
  166. 1 Year and the EA still clouds my mind.
  167. Trust your damn gut
  168. We just told our son
  169. EA Guilt
  170. Is it possible to have a married lover in total ignorance? Yes. Here's my story
  171. I can't be the only one, can I?
  172. Stupid **** Cheaters Say
  173. At least I know I'm a fool
  174. Need to know more about VAR's
  175. Wow, this is the opposite of Marriage Builders
  176. I'm scared to leave him
  177. Wife's Infidelity
  178. Sex and her body
  179. Lying about Cheating
  180. In Doghouse for lack of trust
  181. Don't know what to make of this..
  182. Married and Alone
  183. In desperate need of advice...don't judge!
  184. I don't know what to do anymore
  185. Just a Vent
  186. I have to admit she has brass b@lls
  187. Comment on these signs please...
  188. Women Reveal What Drove Them To Cheat On Their Husbands
  189. Iphone 5s recovering text messages.
  190. Unbelieveable Situation
  191. I have "a cheaters heart". Can I be fixed?
  192. Having a Dark Day
  193. Why not "D"?
  194. Is it a bad thing...
  195. My Wife's "E-Affair" with an Ex
  196. Cheating wife still doesn't "get it"
  197. My Wife's Emotional Affair with a Coworker. How do I move on?
  198. The trust is gone...
  199. online dating sights been major issue for years
  200. Reconciling with Self
  201. Is infidelity about excitement and experiencing something new or something else?
  202. Finally asked for a D. Wife wants another chance. Trust struggles...
  203. The kids are mine lol
  204. Husbands who cheat right before wife gets pregnant?
  205. How do you define accountability?
  206. Wife's Sister Cheated with a woman
  207. when did you know it was over?
  208. Cynthia Lennon.... how many themes come out of her story....
  209. I'll say it again. The affair is the fault of the one having the affair
  210. The low point - STD tests tomorro
  211. To stay or leave.
  212. Just an Update
  213. Cute Little Article
  214. Love My Husband...But a Thing with My Ex..
  215. At my wits' end
  216. Sometimes Cleetus T. Judd just gets it right!
  217. My life is train wreck
  218. For those that divorced, after attempting R?
  219. Urgent!! STBX wants me to meet with him and OW tomorrow?
  220. Has anyone used a keylogger without being caught?
  221. Wife left for a woman, losing my kids to her.
  222. I Left Him!!!! Moved out! :)
  223. Favorite All Time Post
  224. Wife and Coworker
  225. Jerk, or Justified?
  226. Did my wife cheat?
  227. A year later and Im back, It's bad
  228. unexpected relief from the pain of infidelity for the BS!!
  229. Is it all still a game?
  230. my wife of 10 years cheated and she is depressed and unresponsive advise please
  231. The 'alpha' POSOM
  232. Daisygirls quick update
  233. First time here, could use some advice x
  234. Relationship ended sudenly after 7 years
  235. Did you ever forget D'Day
  236. My husband took a polygraph yesterday, he failed it.
  237. wife cant let go of other man or make a decision to stay or separate
  238. Cheating commercial that should be taken off
  239. Does anyone else feel that EA's are worse than PA's?
  240. Husband's workplace EA - advise please?!
  241. Need Advice-Wife Went Back to Affair
  242. Hey what do you know?
  243. Forgiveness. I believe it is necessary.
  244. Other than divorce what should the consequences to an affair be?
  245. Could infidelity be caused by a parasite?
  246. Open Letter to Betrayed Ex-Husband
  247. Update; Utterly Destroyed Right Now
  248. What is an EA?
  249. Men who try to reconcile with WW: some questions?
  250. WW Got a Facebook Friend Request from OM