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  1. how many marriage counselling sessions do you have?
  2. Left bed room light on
  3. Ever been banned for pointing out a moderator should move a story to another section
  4. Things to have in common before you get marries
  5. Those with little kids--tips on how to get more time in for you and your SO?
  6. Do Men Marry for Lust?
  7. Counseling, asking for Opinions
  8. She says it's over, I don't want to give up.
  9. Daddy Issues...Any Advice
  10. how do i help my man be happy again?
  11. codependents - how far do you go?
  12. Moving in Together
  13. how often do you have sex with your other??
  14. Communication problem
  15. Lost my wife
  16. Do you ever read threads on here and think...
  17. Excellent Chat with online counselor
  18. Isn't outside attention to a spouse a kind of insult?
  19. 86% of people who remain in an unhappy marriage are happy 5 years later. Really?
  20. It's his fault that she cheated...
  21. housewife trying to create a budget
  22. Husband who drinks too much
  23. How would you react to this? Help please :(
  24. Reach Out for A Few Questions/Advice
  25. Text Messages To Send Your Girlfriend
  26. Hurt, broken, and unsure
  27. am i wrong?
  28. I'm at my WITS END!!!
  29. Husband acting funny/controlling
  30. The Grass Is Always Greener VS..
  31. Help me break from codependency! Pretty please :)
  32. I need advice on how to change something
  33. Wife shows no affection
  34. Refuses to talk or get help
  35. I miscarried, do I tell my ex?
  36. Things fell apart very confused need advice
  37. Wife going on Vacation Solo
  38. Divorce $$$
  39. Am I out of line?
  40. What about self esteem
  41. Why My Marriage Failed in Just Over a Year
  42. Monogamous romantic fun bad boy girl with integrity communication skill combo
  43. Was I wrong?
  44. Being taken advantage of
  45. My dad wants to get divorced from my mom and I would not like that?
  46. Commuter Marriages – Thoughts/Experiences
  47. Would it bug you?
  48. Help needed to clear my head
  49. Can we be momogamous
  50. Just when I think things are going super awesome between us
  51. Emotional affairs
  52. Does Destiny/Fate Play A Part?
  53. Does he really love me?
  54. It's hard not to have equal say in financial decisions
  55. How do I get H to DO something for this marriage?
  56. Lost my wedding ring for 2nd time
  57. At my wit's end!
  58. marriage minded
  59. Help! My soon to be wife is uncomfortable with me shooting Nude art
  60. Am I in or am I out?
  61. Food for thought.
  62. The secratary of the boss acts like she is the boss
  63. Not sure what I'm feeling
  64. Talking when apart
  65. Marriage destruction via Me
  66. HD to LD...starting to resent sex
  67. Former full time ****ty husband lucky but lazy part time ****ty husband WTF?
  68. What was my wife doing and how should I think about it?
  69. Breast Implant - Removing!!!
  70. Could showing/sharing of phone history with partner help your relationship ?
  71. Stupid thing my SO did
  72. need some advice
  73. Could someone explain to me what "best Friend" means?
  74. 1500th post
  75. Need some input
  76. unexpected and unwelcome attraction
  77. Really in need of advice about ending marriage
  78. I just need a way out
  79. Wife hates best friend
  80. Am I wrong to be upset?
  81. Why do women date married guys!??
  82. I dont want to love him
  83. Ok I have a little bit of a revelation, thanks for reading :-)
  84. How did your "I want a divorce" conversation go?
  85. Solution to communication problems. Write letters
  86. Desparate time call for......
  87. Is husband emotionally unavailable or 'normal'? And how can I stop obsessing about it
  88. does the "fairy tale" really exist?
  89. Fat spouse and divorce
  90. Sex
  91. He exhausts me...
  92. Hitting Rock Bottom
  93. Wife read a hot book and then jumped me
  94. Sometimes I really wonder if marriage is worth it.
  95. Ma
  96. GrrRRrR... my wife...
  97. Intimacy...a serious lack of - advice needed
  98. Worried about my husband
  99. Why are a Husband's Feelings and Stress So Unimportant
  100. Ladies, when you buy lingerie...
  101. anniversary question
  102. need some help
  103. work etc wearing me out...can anyone relate?
  104. Need Marriage Advice
  105. Wife not paying attention to our son.
  106. need marriage advice
  107. Help Me Understand Better
  108. I love you but...
  109. Am I a good husband?
  110. Husband not keen on kissing/touchy freely...
  111. I love you....
  112. Am i being used?
  113. Is husband or I right here? Related to $$$
  114. Work Vacations
  115. Am I going insane?
  116. H puts personal info online for all to see
  117. War over chores/finances/MC
  118. Looming questons still remain.. Need advice..
  119. No Privacy
  120. Torn, advice needed
  121. Will he ever open up and commit? Am I wasting my time?
  122. I have lost the battle AND the war
  123. Good Book Helps Understand Men
  124. Help Me Figure Me Out
  125. i can't get over the fact my fiance has a daughter from a previous relationship
  126. Help Please
  127. Fiance vs. Mother
  128. Work Travel
  129. Unconditional love?
  130. constant crappy mood sucks joy from all moments
  131. Male perspective please? What does this mean?
  132. Question for Older Married Men
  133. Where to turn?
  134. what now....long post
  135. So does the woo'ing stop after marriage??
  136. Best Polygraph Examiner's
  137. A Safe Internet Site To Find People
  138. Disagreement on small matters
  139. End of my rope with Husband's attention whoring.
  140. Should I be worried?
  141. Wife's sister
  142. After 19 years, she left, I fell out of love, she came back. Can’t fall back in love
  143. a little talk with fiancé.
  144. Staying up all night
  145. Husband's Family Too Close, Clannish
  146. Battle of the sexes: men are from earth, women are from earth
  147. Husband who lies..
  148. Am I as annoying as he thinks?
  149. Help me understand this!
  150. Need advise pls
  151. fiancé doesnt gift, or anything else
  152. Any good online relationship courses
  153. Can't imagine doing this for another day let alone another decade
  154. Boyfriend curious about sex with others
  155. I need an outside perspective
  156. i need some real advice on this!
  157. Am I over reacting??
  158. Can a b isexual man, and previous wife-swapping, be monogamous?
  159. suicidal ex
  160. When to cut your losses and move on?
  161. What is this?
  162. Rant: hubby's mom is a leech
  163. Marriage and Mutual growth
  164. Can anyone help me understand what I did wrong?
  165. Privacy in marriage...
  166. Husband needs a good kick in the ......
  167. Deserving Better?
  168. Needing advice
  169. when does neglect become abuse?
  170. My husband hates me because he doesn't think I love him like I should
  171. Online women friend
  172. Conflicting Schedules, Marriage and Kids
  173. He's texting with secretary
  174. Help needed to get through this rut/feeling down
  175. Standards lower?
  176. Huh??? Loves you but she's not in Love with You.
  177. Am I just a whiner?
  178. why am i so obsessed with this site?
  179. After what she pulled tonight.....
  180. Do you ever really know someone?
  181. Need a kick in the azz, Somewhat contently married but I can do better. Why dont I?
  182. Live in a Small Town, How Do You Meet Anyone???
  183. Confused & in a fog...feel like I'm going crazy...
  184. confused and lonely but not alone
  185. I need some free time. Too much talking!
  186. Some women will always go with the best stallion?!
  187. Wife left no idea what to do :(
  188. What I've learned about myself from my conversations on
  189. Life w/Emotional Unavailable PA Spouse
  190. This is such an inspirational story...I had to share!
  191. finally letting it all out
  192. How many men would feel betrayed by.....
  193. Girlfriend wants a proposal this weekend - please help
  194. If you could have ANYONE for a spouse
  195. Husband throwing a fit about our son playing in a sport
  196. Starting to give up hope
  197. Quality time:Together, alone, with friends...What's appropriate?
  198. I want to fix this, but not sure how?
  199. he said "its me or your pet"
  200. Wife feels inferior, blames me
  201. Good men who want to avoid divorce/cheating should not marry promiscuous women
  202. My husband won't sleep in our bed.
  203. Wife put off our trip to go with friends
  204. His needs
  205. husband and wife
  206. What's Wrong with You: Your a 40+ Married Man with 2 Kids
  207. inlaws/second marriage
  208. Help please my hearts racing with hurt!!
  209. Living My Life for Others Makes Me Unhappy
  210. Just wanted a place to vent
  211. I Love My Wife but I'm Tempted by A Coworker Please Help
  212. Wedding
  213. Married 6 years, now have an std?
  214. Avoiding One-on-one with Mother-In-Law, Help!
  215. Need something to look forward to
  216. Any Comments?
  217. Last year this time he was proposing!
  218. Turn-Offs
  219. Husband's Pride
  220. Why did he do that?
  221. He's smothering
  222. Question for Couples Married over 20 Years
  223. Snooping..
  224. Breaking negative thought patterns
  225. Men, I have a question
  226. Any change for us?.. In need of help!
  227. Waking up at night ... should I be concerned?
  228. I am suddenly very concerned.
  229. Divorce?
  230. Sexless marriage?
  231. Need opinions
  232. Lies
  233. Division of Household labor... Thoughts
  234. Doing things for myself
  235. When was the last time he told you that you were beautiful?
  236. My pathetic story
  237. Romantic ideas for Valentine's Day
  238. at a loss... sure could use your input
  239. Does he have my back?
  240. Why is my need for him so strong?
  241. What's the formula that works on - YOU?
  242. What my 180 looks like
  243. Financial security in marriage - what is fair?
  244. Is it drama?
  245. Do you dance with your partner?
  246. Getting over passive-aggressive abuse
  247. Love language Act of Service
  248. How do I pull myself together through this?
  249. At a loss, cannot get through to my husband
  250. Feeling like the second string

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