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: General Relationship Discussion

  1. Part 1... An introduction to THE PLAN
  2. Dreamed About Someone
  3. Ideas for my Pregnant wife
  4. Thinking about separation...
  5. Baffeling behavior - another passive aggressive example?
  6. Eating Disorders
  7. My Husband Wants A Motorcycle
  8. staying together just for the kids? anyone?
  9. The more you look at TAM posts, do you get more
  10. help...I am miserable
  11. Dealing with Guilt
  12. Physical attraction - Important?
  13. things said in anger
  14. Did I make a big Mistake??
  15. Messed up people
  16. who is wrong?
  17. Girls Night Out with "toxic" friends. What should a husband do?
  18. I am not attractive to my husband anymore
  19. Moving on...I am going to do my best to forgive and let go
  20. no idea how to fix this
  21. Interesting Article about male "Imprinting"
  22. Name Says It All
  23. Another look at opposite sex friends in marriage.
  24. Not sure what to do
  25. Relationship trouble but overall very happy. Should I try to fix?
  26. I am feeling resentment
  27. Husband gets praise and reward for not being at work for 3 weeks!
  28. She said "w/a man I don't love"
  29. My wife and I just suck at being married.
  30. I fell in love with the wrong man...again
  31. GENERAL FRUSTRATION... Can't figure this out?!?!
  32. Advice needed
  33. It hasn't changed yet .. will it ever?
  34. control issues
  35. Neighbor "situation".....
  36. Unhealthy crush
  37. Should I be mad or am I insecure?
  38. The side effects of a gambling addiction
  39. Courtesy
  40. how do you handle disrespectful behavior?
  41. In bad need of help
  42. His Needs, Her Needs questionnaire - how to convince hubby?
  43. Can someone help me explain this boundary to him?
  44. Any childless couple here?
  45. 180 info??
  46. wife shared a drunken kiss with another but then continues to see him
  47. Everything is seen as an affair
  48. Would Same-Sex Married posters feel welcome here?
  49. what is 180 mean??
  50. post break up fights
  51. Newly married.. Arranged marriage!! Big mistake?!?
  52. No Sex & Non-Social
  53. New relationships and kids from previous relationships
  54. Need recomendations with my wife
  55. need advise
  56. Complaining
  57. Help with wife's virtual emotional affairs
  58. Stopping the cycle.
  59. help please trying not to smother hubby but last child almost out of school
  60. When your wife acts like a child
  61. Can "simultaneous" change save the marriage?
  62. He is such a grouch, sometimes I just lose my patience...
  63. Am I Crazy For Even Considering This
  64. Staring at other women
  65. Just my opinion and observation about marriage in general....
  66. Was I wrong?
  67. Can I ever be sure?
  68. How to deal with husbands past lie.
  69. new to the forum
  70. Help!!!!
  71. Husband hasn't gone to work in over 2 weeks!
  72. How to deal with lies in a long distance relationship
  73. What’s the difference?
  74. Husband doesn't call when he's out of town
  75. Seems to have nothing to do...
  76. Is this inappropriate or I am just being old fashion?
  77. Confronted I'm wrong?
  78. Obesity correlation to divorce rates?
  79. I don't trust my Husband...Help!
  80. Offshore Husband, Does it get easier?
  81. wife is texting another man and she thinks it is ok
  82. In Love with Two Women and can't deciede between the two.
  83. Is this normal
  84. Not sure if we are breaking up or not but it feels like it
  85. Husband who lives like he's single
  86. Affair proofing a marriage
  87. I am lost and I feel like I am about to regret getting married
  88. Is this verbal abuse?
  89. Unable to decide, wether to leave him or not
  90. I'm NOT your EX wife! :(
  91. Husband just got a new job!!
  92. Younger Wife
  93. If your spouse told you...
  94. Cant compete with Husbands friends
  95. Gong to a party where the OW will be...
  96. Help, no longer attracted to my husband
  97. Help
  98. Wife only emotionally cheated or so I think....
  99. Were you "Love Bombed" by a narcissist?
  100. how can i fix this?
  101. Husband Keeps Saying I Don't Need Dermatologist's Treatment
  102. The last "love" letter im sending today.
  103. Emotional or physical affair
  104. Maybe Love Isn't Enough
  105. Relationships after Divorce - Need some advice please!
  106. Insensitive and passive aggressive wife.
  107. Where do I start...
  108. Dang, another ILYB
  109. Is it okay to love someone for "practical" reasons?
  110. Vacations Causing Stress - What to do??
  111. Don't Let Negative Thoughts Ruin Your Marriage
  112. Utterly Pointless.
  113. In a real mess
  114. At a turning point?
  115. In Love but heartbroken and lonely
  116. My anniversary, wife requested dinner
  117. Need lyrics to song...
  118. Adultery...
  119. Yet another marriage dilemma, opinions gratefully received
  120. Trying to do the right thing...
  121. Help!
  122. New Here ...
  123. When should we get married?
  124. Road trip or no road trip?
  125. Long Distance Marriage... just starting... just got married.
  126. I don't like you but I will still have sex with you?
  127. All of a Sudden She Just hates me with a Passion. Please what could be wrong?
  128. is seperation ever helpful in restoring a relationship?
  129. Having A Wife With A "Past"
  130. Adult daughter and dating
  131. Romance in MARRIAGE really 'Unconditional love'?
  132. Women's perspective needed
  133. Big dreams flip flop
  134. my husband's cheating
  135. Husband of 8 yrs wants to be single
  136. How Overwhelming is Moving On??
  137. Torn... A lil help?
  138. Not having a dishwasher is ruining my marriage!
  139. Could use some objective advice?
  140. Two Different Worlds, How Can We Connect?
  141. Time for 3rd party points of view
  142. my husband has profiles on dating sites
  143. Is my marriage in trouble?
  144. Got into a heated fight with wife!
  145. Test
  146. I want to be ok with his porn use but I'm not
  147. Wits' end over silence games
  148. Married for 14 yrs, Major sex life and financial problems. Stay or leave?
  149. Daily facebook greetings?
  150. Same ole, with a twist....
  151. All the tell tale signs of cheating...but
  152. husband's obsession with electronics
  153. Husband overreacts when bringing up things that bothered me
  154. My Marriage is Probably Over. Im very sad
  155. Unattached to husband
  156. Me whining
  157. apologizes
  158. Non supportive social life
  159. Begging wife spend time with me
  160. I am blamed all along, trying to change but its not encouraged
  161. Am I being irrational??
  162. Spouses who....
  163. what is going on
  164. Explain the "Drama Triangle"
  165. Long Distance Engagment: Who should move?
  166. So frustrated watching husband struggle
  167. Desperately needing an ear
  168. My GF refuses to contact me...
  169. My gf thinks my niece and I are flirting.....
  170. Just found out family member is having an affair
  171. Need feedback:30 year marriage going down the tubes.
  172. Please Help! Wife wants to leave
  173. An incredible misunderstanding
  174. Does your spouse bring out the worst or best in you?
  175. My Husband Can't Forgive and Forget!
  176. Lukewarm fault? Admitting to not stating what your really think.
  177. Trust and Understanding
  178. Please Help - point me in the right direction
  179. Did you expect yours to be better?
  180. The downward spiral (goes deeper!)
  181. Becoming bitter about marriage
  182. REALLY need thoughts/advice
  183. In need of Advice about a situation
  184. partner addicted to chat
  185. The call of the river goes unanswered
  186. Very Troubled
  187. When should Indian man tell parents about white girlfriend?
  188. How much is too much?
  189. I told him I was lonely...
  190. Guilt?
  191. Moving on after the end of a relationship...
  192. Why Do We Put Up with So Much
  193. Awareness and Phrasing
  194. New here, my wife is wearing my patience thin.
  195. Does your significant other do this?
  196. Not revealing feelings = dishonesty?
  197. Just Joined! Looking for some advice for a slob husband!
  198. Romance Novels VS Porn
  199. Husband REFUSES to Make Desicions
  200. Husbands intentions?
  201. Can you please look into this?
  202. Married is on ends
  203. My marriage feels like a constant power struggle
  204. Feel lost
  205. Proposal help\ideas
  206. She loves me but wants to be friends?!?
  207. Husband is so mean to me
  208. insecurity caused by him is killing me
  209. New and in need of some advice.
  210. Confused???
  211. My husband and I can't seem to get along anymore.
  212. Married to a habitual liar
  213. Deliberate disrespect or not
  214. Was this wrong of me to do?
  215. Wife's Behavior
  216. Just need some support and no judgement please
  217. well well well
  218. Wife insults me
  219. Secrets and Lies - Help!
  220. I am an abuser...
  221. Marriage hangin by a thread
  222. Resources for learning how to detach?
  223. Expectations vs. Reality (How many years until it hit you?}
  224. Expectations vs. Reality (How many years until it hit you?}
  225. What do you when a husband lies to you?
  226. 16 years/4 kids she cheated
  227. Feeling frustrated and sad
  228. Disrespectful or no?
  229. Getting tired.
  230. Husband is contemplating a divorce
  231. Advice Needed
  232. Finally and end? now to deal with it.
  233. All around relationship issues.....need help!
  234. Neglecting the husband for the children
  235. My wife always says "I would like you to" - I am overreacting?
  236. Why does he never get jealous!??
  237. Mother' Day vent
  238. Is it possible to show/prove to someone that you have changed? Plz Help
  239. Do you expect...?
  240. Confused about Girlfreind (What to do??)
  241. He no longer wears his wedding ring?
  242. 22 years married, thinking separation / divorce
  243. While there are 16 personalies in the Myers Briggs test is there one for Marrige?
  244. Am I expecting too much? Feel like relationship is going to the dogs...
  245. Dirty Dancing
  246. She's trying to decide if she wants to risk it again...
  247. Strong willed = bad marriage material?
  248. We're not happy!
  249. New, having doubts about my husband and marriage...
  250. A problem, and a rant...???

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