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  1. When things start to change?
  2. Advice please
  3. My husband is cheating. Now what?
  4. A plan for the husband who works too much?
  5. I've Lost Solid Ground
  6. Intercultural Marriage in Trouble
  7. Not invited to church friends wedding
  8. Super Private Spouse. Would this bother you?
  9. Help!
  10. he left after a fight
  11. Have You Ever Felt An "Attraction" To Someone/People On TAM?
  12. second marriages
  13. What Is My Fiance Entitled To?
  14. Wife cheated and lied for years.......
  15. Lack of affection
  16. We Lost Her, And Now We're Losing Eachother.
  17. when does a man see only the one he loves
  18. Does TAM’s Graphics Send the Wrong Message?
  19. Possibility of getting divorce
  20. I feel like i am having to walk on eggshells around my fiancee.....
  21. Good News for our Family
  22. Financially stressed out.
  23. Bedroom boredom!!or should I just be happy and take a seat?
  24. Long Distance - trust issues
  25. Afraid for his job security
  26. How to tell her I dont want to be with her
  27. picking my battles - getting better at boundaries
  28. Help! My Wife Doesn't Respect Me
  29. How to stop loving and caring temporarily
  30. Poor cell phone etiquette!
  31. Wife being unreasonable?
  32. Alternative Relationships and Marriages
  33. S/O afriad of phone.... ????
  34. Deployments have broken up the family household
  35. how to know if keylogger on computer?
  36. little help..
  37. Advice for my folks - dad behaving badly
  38. This sounds like a very useful book
  39. Agression Normal or not?
  40. Help
  41. Feeling resentful with husband traveling a lot for work
  42. I think it is over !?
  43. Does your spouse know you visit TAM?
  44. HELP! Opinions on my marriage proposal idea needed!
  45. Seeking female opinions..was I wrong for asking for advice from other women?
  46. Do I distrust her?
  47. Who do you believe in a he-said/she-said incident?
  48. Travel Woes - She Wants to Fly - I Do Not
  49. Imaginary scenario - partner is "bought" out
  50. My wife doesn't seem to want to spend any time with me.
  51. Wife wants both worlds
  52. Snappy Spouse - normal? acceptable?
  53. Limitatoins
  54. The New Web Site Look
  55. My mum just told me that she an AFFAIR
  56. My life is a Jerry Springer episode. Need advice...
  57. Sailor Lost In Misery
  58. Be more assertive or pander?
  59. Take it or Leave it
  60. too much to bear
  61. He Needs To Find Himself
  62. 3 way kiss
  63. EXCESSIVE marital arguing...
  64. Taking on your partners hobbies
  65. What is your "arguing style w your spouse or partner?" Need advice!
  66. Told H this morning I would be seeking legal terrified
  67. Should I be concerned??
  68. Maybe I've Had Enough
  69. WOW.... The Marriage has Changed
  70. Would you stay with a guy after he tried to commit suicide?
  71. Gifts ideas for husband 30th birthday, kindda hard to get him presents.
  72. I love him heart and soul but I'm repulsed by his physical appearance
  73. How Often Does Settling Happen?
  74. A question on Gifts.
  75. Is it too late to rebuild?
  76. Beyond comprehension
  77. My husband is acting very strange/immature all of a sudden
  78. I've Lost My Attraction to My Wife
  79. Can't seem to stop it from going downhill
  80. 2 way discussion concept
  81. Depressed after old argument
  82. Relationships, abuse, happiness
  83. Need advice
  84. Stereotyping /Generalizing -Why we DO it - how to avoid hurting....what Inflames YOU?
  85. Losing Confidence In Wife And Our Relationship...
  86. Confused by hubby's love language changes
  87. I may have caused most of the problems in my marriage...
  88. Help
  89. Talking Out Loud...Annoyances / Roommate Syndrome
  90. Why the sudden change?
  91. Do you ever second guess the future of your relationship??
  92. I regret taking him back.
  93. CSA question in regards to how it affects marriage
  94. Unfair boundaries
  95. At what point is it considered crossing a line AKA emotional cheating
  96. Follow Up...
  97. Controlling personality............
  98. Can a relationship survive with only passion OR with everything BUT passion?
  99. How willing are you to particapite in activities you dont like for other people?
  100. On the verge...
  101. DH has no empathy for my deep childhood wounds
  102. How we rebuilt and fell back in love saving a 16 year marriage
  103. Am I over thinking things?
  104. Ending up with same sort of person repeatedly.
  105. Getting past the past and over the hurt of dishonesty.
  106. Newbie guide for TAM
  107. Is my marriage bad?
  108. How to leave a good man?
  109. Giving an expensive gift to an OSF
  110. I dont know if my fiance will ever grow up...
  111. Husband lieing about smoking and other things
  112. My wife doesn't care anymore
  113. Please advise me!!
  114. Surrogate- I want to but I am not sure but I love my friends! Help!
  115. Just One Day And I Miss Her...
  116. Event in life, just more behavior!!
  117. I feel like i ruined a friendship and i don't know what to do
  118. Behaviour Unacceptable?
  119. Things that worked to improve HD/LD issues
  120. Long distance marriage
  121. Long distance relationship communication
  122. Learning how to say no
  123. Obesity, How Much Can I Help?
  124. Do you ever snoop on your spouse phone/tablet?
  125. Wife changing and don't have skills to cope. Please help!
  126. The family taxi cab
  127. Really messed up
  128. unacceptable behaviour or paranoid?
  129. Siblings expect me to pay part of over the top memorial service they planned
  130. I Need Advice
  131. Husband going out too much
  132. Considerate Behavior or Beta Doormat?
  133. Need sanity check in middle of wife's seperate vacation
  134. This guy...
  135. I should have listened to TAM!!!!
  136. Settling abroad with a foreign wife - Share experiences
  137. Found out that my bf is on antidepressants
  138. Does this man like me or not?
  139. Someone who knows you are in a relationship hitting on you?
  140. Was there a recent change in debit card regulation?
  141. Girls Opinion: Ex Likes my Photos
  142. How would you handle this?
  143. How to balance losing yourself to doormattery with being the most loving you can be
  144. So Now I Think I'll Be Sneaky...
  145. Does your spouse make you laugh?
  146. Taking separate vacations
  147. Work Wives/Opposite Sex Friendships
  148. Jealousy Plotline
  149. A letter to my wife
  150. Am I Being Out of Line?
  151. husband in love with widowed wife of best friend
  152. Divorce after 13yrs marriage, any point in trying again
  153. Crime novels
  154. Married 5 yrs + suddenly see very different futures
  155. Marriage Down the Drain
  156. Heartbroken Husband Needs Advice
  157. trying to give her what she needs
  158. How does a man behave after a good first date?
  159. Am I wrong/bad/deluded/screwed up to want reward and or event sex?
  160. Any success stories reading "no more nice guy"?
  161. Is my husband gay/bi??
  162. on responsible non monogamy
  163. My Wife Hates My Son
  164. Help: my girlfriend told me that she slept with a friend's husband before we met
  165. ever good to NOT tell people until after divorce?!
  166. Is this forum solely operated by divorce lawyers?
  167. The 8th deadly sin - insecurity
  168. Making a vow to future step daughter
  169. Spontaneous Gestures of Love and Affection...
  170. Father-In-Law Issues
  171. I just don't know what to do
  172. He's ready to move on
  173. When sad struggling in marriage you want to save, What helped lift your spirits ?
  174. I am type B AND Wife is type A personality
  175. Financial Responsibilities and Marriage
  176. So much stress and now Brother in law tearing us apart
  177. How to respond to wife
  178. Playing with fire.
  179. Problems with husband
  180. Does your family know?
  181. Difficulty doing my work hours
  182. How diffuse hostile situations?
  183. Back Again
  184. Good things do happen on occasion
  185. To Open or Not to Open?
  186. Our 8th Wedding Anniversary...
  187. How do I get dh to treat me better without threatening to leave?
  188. Need clarity on separation and decision to divorce
  189. Truth in dating
  190. Alcohol and mental abuse - don't know what to do
  191. i feel like everyday i hate him a little more
  192. New Here
  193. Husband and coworker
  194. Husband seeking respect
  195. Relationship truths
  196. Very Confused, Don't know what to in my marriage
  197. Facebook passwords
  198. Serious difficulties with my wife
  199. Does how sexual you are change with the number of years in a marriage/relationship?
  200. Don't understand my marriage anymore
  201. We met when I was 14...& now he hates me.
  202. How to handle flirting wife
  203. when you do ..., it makes me feel ...
  204. Ban lifted
  205. Finding an apartment
  206. Constant moaning and whinging
  207. I cant seem to move on
  208. Tattoos
  209. Mixed messages galore. But am I the awful one?
  210. Mother-in-Law Dilema
  211. Michelle Urbanski - University of Massachusetts, Amherst - Prof. S. Stoddard
  212. Date Night
  213. How do I move on.
  214. SEX DRIVE : How do men and women compare...what's your take... your experience?
  215. Fiancee Slept with a Married Man
  216. I can't seem to get it right
  217. How to catch cheating wife
  218. Men Disrespect Women Because They are Afraid of Them?
  219. Creepy? Or Just Nothing
  220. Transference of Disrespect
  221. Try and try again, they say
  222. Inappropriate social media photos?
  223. How much do you know about your wife/husband?
  224. do i change or does he?
  225. Overly Affectionate Husband
  226. How much do you know about your wife/husband?
  227. Freakin' Inlaws!!!!
  228. Wife issue
  229. Question to those wiht temper....
  230. What Do I Do?
  231. I don't know how to deal with my husbands family anymore
  232. Childless women
  233. Introduction and Sharing the Facts
  234. Advice-friend too friendly with husband?
  235. No sex because i am the mother of his children
  236. unhappy wife=unhappy life
  237. I love you Paul!
  238. getting married and not sure if itīs the right decision
  239. Some thoughts about my girlfriend's sexual past
  240. MIL rant
  241. Husband's friendship problem
  242. I just don't even know where to begin...
  243. Emotional responses, authenticity and openness
  244. Online gaming issue
  245. I need insight on where i am
  246. Infidelity and violence in 1935... 80 years later, and things aren't so different
  247. Do you think i have a right to be upset with FWB?
  248. How / where did you meet your spouse?
  249. I don't think he loves me anymore
  250. Girlfriend had sex between breakup