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  1. Ultimatums with in a marriage
  2. The ending of my 1st dates still need some work.
  3. Fitness as a couple...finding it very difficult!
  4. How do you reject her nicely?
  5. How do I keep my wife motivated to lose weight?
  6. Who is your current crush on?
  7. Revenge?
  8. Need help striking that work/life balance, I guess.
  9. fantasies
  10. How t Deal??
  11. Husband masturbating to young niece
  12. Is Divorce Catchy?
  13. Please help! My boyfriend gets drunk and starts calling girls
  14. 23 years Married, Just found out
  15. Need Advise?
  16. Relationship Revamping NEED ADVICE
  17. My husband is financially destroying us!
  18. Getting irritated with my wife
  19. Debt pay?
  20. Girlfriend Drinks In Other Guy's Hotel Room
  21. MIL posted an old pic online of my H and his ex
  22. spoiled stepson
  23. Should I go to Philippines or stick it out at home?
  24. I am 27 and I am pretty much in sexless relationship
  25. Just venting i guess
  26. Opinions Needed- Son's engagement
  27. What type of spouse would you prefer?
  28. Need advice fast
  29. I am old enough to know that same day cancellations normally means she got a better
  30. Deal Breakers... Am I overreacting?
  31. Talked to my husband
  32. Have you?
  33. Longest time you have been single?
  34. It's our anniversary
  35. Continuing education
  36. Do you think it's wrong for a man to ask for a paternity test , and if so, why?
  37. um... bringing marriage back to life
  38. Is there any hope.../ to cope?
  39. Normal for husband to talk sexually about co-workers with friends?
  40. How important is similar family upbringings to the success of a marriage?
  41. Wife is always tired, should I be worried if we have kids?
  42. Please help me kill my libidio so i can save my marriage
  43. Wife talks to me as if I'm doing her favors
  44. I Want a boob job but H is against it....
  45. When you're the cheater...from a woman's perspective
  46. Wife says I have to always get my way, don't know how I should take this!
  47. Need advice
  48. Parenting Question
  49. Sometimes I feel like I need him
  50. Suspicious activity
  51. Mom is jealous of my in-laws???
  52. From engagement (to a uBPD) to driving away in 7 days. Frustrated beyond belief.
  53. Temper temper!
  54. Anxiety going up....husband job
  55. Advice for our moving situation
  56. Am I wrong?
  57. Not sure what to make of this but need advice cannot function
  58. My Marital Dilemma
  59. *Update* Thank you everyone
  60. Im i being paranoid
  61. Met this girl on OKC but it appears that I do all the contacting
  62. Lost and Confused... getting over first post-divorce relationship
  63. Interested to know your thoughts on this?!?!?
  64. Wife is very insecure
  65. My boyfriend's friend called me the n-word & my boyfriend didn't defend me
  66. Difficulty getting along with mum in law
  67. Should marriage really be this hard??
  68. What to Do with the Fat Wardrobe?
  69. tough situation
  70. My Wife is leaning towards moving home / separation / divorce
  71. Would you let your wife or girl friend wear this dress ?
  72. in hell
  73. Does anyone suspect that their spouse/partner is unhappy?
  74. Fiance refusing surgery.......?
  75. "Happy Wife, Happy Life"/ "When Mama ain't happy, Ain't nobody Happy"..your thoughts?
  76. What should I do
  77. So frustrated. I don't know what to do.
  78. First time here and struggling
  79. He wants to come home
  80. Ladies would you have sex with a virgin?
  81. Would you continue dating someone broke?
  82. Just wondering...
  83. Wife says she doesn't love herself can't live me
  84. Am I expecting too much, honestly?
  85. I think I'm just aweful... :(
  86. BF has been really grumpy & moody with me. Won't say what's wrong. What do I do?
  87. What is the biggest problem in your relationship
  88. Dating today.. is this the new socially accepted break up ..."GHOSTING" ??
  89. Will counciling help r is it to late
  90. Wife hates my family and says I can't see them
  91. Husband wants to separate....please help!
  92. Not happy in my married life
  93. What to make of this?
  94. Add me to the pile I guess.
  95. This is such a difficult time!
  96. Husband not helping, expecting me to do everything
  97. My husband attacked me
  98. no longer together...
  99. Have You Ever Asked Your Spouse To Mate Guard?
  100. Passive Aggressive Husband - Lowering the Temp?
  101. I hate where we live and it is killing our marriage!
  102. What are the most helpful positive threads on TAM?
  103. Bad Timing Dilemma
  104. Separated, not legally, but WHAT DO I DO
  105. Taking care of my Boyfriend who has Cancer.......
  106. Feeling guilty and unsupported by husband.
  107. My Mother-in-Law relies too much on my husband!!!
  108. Living A Double Life
  109. Where should I move to?
  110. marriage retreat/workshops
  111. Common advice = Divorce/Dump... why?
  112. Do you read Dear Prudence on Slate?
  113. Typical Happy Father's Day from an NPD ex-wife...
  114. Is there such a thing as too many compliments?
  115. premarital finances
  116. How to handle conflict
  117. Wife cheated and I don't know what to do!!
  118. Husband won't communicate
  119. Need to vent!
  120. Such A Mess!! Poss BPD??
  121. Dealing with wife and step kids
  122. Reconciliation after separation
  123. Feeling lonely in marriage
  124. Don't know where to start.......
  125. Performance anxiety ruining marriage
  126. HELP!! I told my boyfriend I need space and his response is to go through my phone.
  127. Should I violate my ethics to appease my husband?
  128. Husband informed me he won't be speaking to me
  129. To: IamSomebody - Please Read
  130. Not sure where to go from here...
  131. Fear of CoDep with gf and her sister
  132. Fiance not sleeping after Chemo......
  133. Dating a young widow
  134. I Don't Know Why My Husband Won't Do Anything
  135. What age range do you think most people lose their virginity?
  136. Is there something wrong with me?
  137. How do I deal with my husbands rude friend
  138. I just can't get over him
  139. Just need to understand. Pls help
  140. My husband said he's taking our 3 year old son on holiday without me and we have no $
  141. He has no career, but won't admit it...
  142. How to talk to wife about attire...or should I?
  143. Mama's Boy
  144. Lonely
  145. Any Love-Shy's here?
  146. Husband invited guests over when i asked him not to?
  147. I have no friends and feel really alone
  148. So I Have A Friend Whose Wife Had An Affair...
  149. Boundaries - Sexy Man Setting Limits -
  150. Have a hard time getting over fights and getting back to normal
  151. I want to fix us
  152. either you trust each other or you don't
  153. I don't want my hubby to get a vasectomy
  154. Does anyone have any idea why?
  155. Drama with my husbands EX wife
  156. How would you react?
  157. Is my man just scamming me for babysitting?
  158. Is there a legitimate reason?
  159. What Trolls don't get...
  160. Difficult situation with recent casual sex friend
  161. 10 Things Husbands Wish Wives Knew
  162. Gut Feeling
  163. Im attracted to my therpist! :(
  164. A Gift Really ????????
  165. Sexless Marriage
  166. Difficulty seeing grandchildren
  167. Can we save our marriage? Help needed!!!
  168. Im i being paranoid
  169. Date Ideas
  170. Cheating Wife or Paranoia
  171. Still not working....
  172. Major differences in opinion about raising our child
  173. Gaming
  174. Am I over reacting?
  175. Am I Crazy For Reconciling With Husband?
  176. Wanting different things after only 3 years
  177. Not sure what to do....
  178. Am I crazy?
  179. My Sexless Marriage
  180. What happened?!
  181. Life of my EAS'd spouse - please help
  182. Wife talking to her x boyfrien
  183. Husband lost interest in marriage
  184. Talking about feelings vs. problem solving
  185. Successful reconciliation
  186. Overcoming intimacy issues?
  187. A most unfortunate card - worst marketing ever
  188. When things start to change?
  189. Advice please
  190. My husband is cheating. Now what?
  191. A plan for the husband who works too much?
  192. I've Lost Solid Ground
  193. Intercultural Marriage in Trouble
  194. Not invited to church friends wedding
  195. Super Private Spouse. Would this bother you?
  196. Help!
  197. he left after a fight
  198. Have You Ever Felt An "Attraction" To Someone/People On TAM?
  199. second marriages
  200. What Is My Fiance Entitled To?
  201. Wife cheated and lied for years.......
  202. Lack of affection
  203. We Lost Her, And Now We're Losing Eachother.
  204. when does a man see only the one he loves
  205. Does TAMís Graphics Send the Wrong Message?
  206. Possibility of getting divorce
  207. I feel like i am having to walk on eggshells around my fiancee.....
  208. Financially stressed out.
  209. Bedroom boredom!!or should I just be happy and take a seat?
  210. Long Distance - trust issues
  211. Afraid for his job security
  212. How to tell her I dont want to be with her
  213. picking my battles - getting better at boundaries
  214. Help! My Wife Doesn't Respect Me
  215. How to stop loving and caring temporarily
  216. Poor cell phone etiquette!
  217. Wife being unreasonable?
  218. Alternative Relationships and Marriages
  219. S/O afriad of phone.... ????
  220. Deployments have broken up the family household
  221. how to know if keylogger on computer?
  222. little help..
  223. Advice for my folks - dad behaving badly
  224. This sounds like a very useful book
  225. Agression Normal or not?
  226. Help
  227. Feeling resentful with husband traveling a lot for work
  228. I think it is over !?
  229. Does your spouse know you visit TAM?
  230. HELP! Opinions on my marriage proposal idea needed!
  231. Seeking female opinions..was I wrong for asking for advice from other women?
  232. Do I distrust her?
  233. Who do you believe in a he-said/she-said incident?
  234. Travel Woes - She Wants to Fly - I Do Not
  235. Imaginary scenario - partner is "bought" out
  236. My wife doesn't seem to want to spend any time with me.
  237. Wife wants both worlds
  238. Snappy Spouse - normal? acceptable?
  239. Limitatoins
  240. The New Web Site Look
  241. My mum just told me that she an AFFAIR
  242. My life is a Jerry Springer episode. Need advice...
  243. Sailor Lost In Misery
  244. Be more assertive or pander?
  245. Take it or Leave it
  246. too much to bear
  247. He Needs To Find Himself
  248. 3 way kiss
  249. EXCESSIVE marital arguing...
  250. Taking on your partners hobbies