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: General Relationship Discussion

  1. Mother-In-Law
  2. Dating out of your league.
  3. Contacting Ex. Possible aid in recovery or simply a sweet poison.
  4. Communication makes things worse
  5. A man looks in my direction and then ????
  6. Husband just decided to skip work and didn't even call in!
  7. My Husband is my greatest blessing
  8. Completely BLINDSIDED and now lost
  9. Is FWB the new norm?
  10. Bumble / Tinder
  11. How do you really know a guy likes you?
  12. wife uses kids against me
  13. Shorten My Profile
  14. Is it weird to not want a girlfriend or LTR?
  15. Views on Marriage - what makes it last and why try
  16. When and how to call the police in domestic violence issues.
  17. Has anyone had cosmetic surgery?
  18. Please help me get my man back!
  19. New job training relocation
  20. Kids not getting adjusted to new home!!
  21. How do I communicate when I am scared to bring things up?
  22. Why do caring people always get hurt?
  23. I can't be afraid to be beautiful because I am so ugly
  24. Warning Signs.... is it the end
  25. Wayward husband
  26. Venting
  27. What is the best way to deal with a wife who gets aggressive during PMS?
  28. Getting criticism for being with a younger man.
  29. Irrational spouse
  30. Why Will My Ex Wife Not Leave Me Alone?
  31. I hate being the obnoxious neighbor, and the 4th of July just solidifies that!
  32. Using empathy to reduce escalation of conflict
  33. Wife likes to hit
  34. Never know if husband will come home in good mood or bad mood!
  35. So tired of my husband complaining about very job he has had!
  36. Control, strength and weakness in marraige
  37. They Don't Have a Webcam But Can Take Photos with It?
  38. Roles of working Dad and stay-Home MOm
  39. Why do our Ex's Get No Partners and Live Happily Ever After but we Don't?
  40. Wife Enables Sons Bad Behavior
  41. Husband lending money etc without telling me
  42. Wife is slowly pulling away from responsibilities/real life
  43. Tourette's Syndrome and verbal abuse
  44. Sick over husband's confessions
  45. Husband doesn't care?
  46. She's giving me a chance..
  47. Can marriage with a Passive Aggressive Spouse work?
  48. Leaving me because of sex..
  49. Fiance has a mortgage
  50. Husband does not like me moving his belongings
  51. She won't keep boundaries with ex husband
  52. Checking Up on Them
  53. FIL is dying. I don't know what to do.
  54. The Guy That Takes Care of You
  55. Caught my wife lying today
  56. How do I get closure or past this anger without breaking no contact!
  57. End of my patience
  58. No Sex Cheating hurts just as much..text/email/phone
  59. What's going on
  60. No emotional intimacy, OSF, and resentments. Help!
  61. Men rights activists
  62. Plz help me get my wife's heart back!
  63. Overly defensive wife
  64. In-law visits: How much is too much?
  65. He said he was separated just living in the same house.
  66. Wife Continues To Creates Drama With Ex Of 10 Years
  67. Was I Gaslighted
  68. is it cheating>
  69. Would you date and marry someone like this?
  70. Sexual assault and FB friends
  71. Newlywed & Separated
  72. Please help! I feel like I'm losing my marriage and I have no one to talk to
  73. I asked him out
  74. I hate being married
  75. Husband dishonest about ex
  76. Wife came home drunk again
  77. The Day and Night Guy that Doesn't Talk?
  78. Newly married and he tells me to leave whenever we disagree
  79. How do YOU define needy?
  80. I feel so distant from my wife, scared for what's next...
  81. tough times D word
  82. I am trap... I am always wrong in her eyes
  83. My Epiphany.
  84. Massage
  85. Different sex drives
  86. Sexless and affection less wife
  87. The story continues with my friend in network marketing.....
  88. Wifes past causing self worth issues
  89. That stupid phone . . .
  90. Not sure if he's a friend
  91. He acts out and goes online
  92. Is Your Wife A Feminist?
  93. Mywife posted this on reddit few months back and I found out, what are my option
  94. Is anyone here happily married over 20 years ?
  95. Do I have a right to be angry?
  96. Is this controlling behavior or is it just me?
  97. Husband talking to old girlfriend and lying to me
  98. Wife could be spending 2 years in Jail
  99. Disrespectful
  100. unknown
  101. Having Matriage Problems Need Advice
  102. My wife is a monster. Please help!
  103. Struggling with no contact
  104. Husband at bachelor party
  105. I feel like I'm being manipulated, but maybe it's normal?
  106. Next Steps and help with an 'Emotionally Comatose' spouse
  107. Soon to be married
  108. Do all marriages go from being in love to just being companions/partners?
  109. Confused or Stupid
  111. I need help understanding why I'm such a bad husband
  112. Daughter wants to move in with Fiance - very dissappointed
  113. I don't know what to do. Married 8 months, have a baby on the way and ready to end it
  114. Friend hid Facebook post from me
  115. Is it a lost cause?
  116. How to get wife to forgive
  117. Already on the rocks ONE week into marriage?!?!
  118. So Who Here Is Having An ABR???
  119. Is this a personal thing?
  120. Dating/hookup email
  121. Death of a Dear Friend
  122. I want her out of our lives for good!!!
  123. Suggestions, please. It would help my son!
  124. Almost at breaking point
  125. The 180
  126. Advice
  127. What else can I do.....
  128. husband children
  129. What does being cheated on, do to ones psyche?
  130. My bf threatened to breakup with me because he suspects that I am a Trump voter...
  131. Is my marriage finished? There is something seriously wrong.
  132. Engaged & Confused about the future
  133. I nearly had sex with my sister's fiance (now ex fiance)
  134. Friends with Opposite Sex
  135. Should I put on my Dating Profiles I am a Virgin?
  136. Wife and I had a nice calm talk about PA and a break through
  137. New boyfriend's thoughts on gay PDAs
  138. Blocking People
  139. You say he's just a Friend ???
  140. Do you put much stock on horoscopes/personality types?
  141. Husband went through my laptop and won't speak to me....
  142. Unhelpful husband
  143. stop calling
  144. Pastor telling me not to be offended at not being invited places
  145. Unaffectionate Wife
  146. "How to Stay Married"
  147. Does intimacy fade?
  148. What age should you date or does it not matter?
  149. Too much expectations or tolerance?
  150. The Female That Refuses to Let the Male have Friends?
  151. I really like this guy!
  152. Fake Breasts
  153. Is it me or my wife?
  154. Got into a drunken argument and backhanded my it's over
  155. what is she thinking?
  156. How many days should you wait before cutting the person off for good?
  157. Guys Just Saying What You Wanna Hear
  158. Article: Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person
  159. Advice Needed: Am I complicating sex life?
  160. What's the most you've done with a guy?
  161. Sending and Appearing with Candy, Flowers and Teddy Bears?
  162. Could I destroy everything if I tell him how I feel?
  163. I've been married 3 weeks and all we do is fight
  164. Wife off Paxil doesn't want to be here
  165. Consequences
  166. How should I handle this situation regarding my wife and her male friend, Do I have
  167. Please help
  168. She says I need to fix it
  169. Corraling the Princess
  170. Just had 10 year anniversary; things aren't good
  171. Falling out of love with fiancÚ? Normal before wedding?
  172. How to get your needs met without having to resort to ultimatums
  173. Marrying an older woman?
  174. Need a Suggestion.
  175. Is Not Handsome Good?
  176. Am I a bad person?
  177. My husband's ex's son passed away...
  178. Why we should be pessimistic about marriage
  179. Only one from church small group not invited to wedding
  180. Friend lied to get out of giving me a ride
  181. Opposite of "If You Are In a Good marriage"
  182. Separate Accounts
  183. How should I take this?
  184. non stop arguing
  185. Husband lies a lot
  186. Help me sort through feelings...
  187. How to stop ALL Passive aggressive behavior including silent treatment?
  188. Breast size
  189. What is the right way to handle this impossible situtation
  190. Finally took a stand against the silent treatment
  191. Husband put me unconcious during sex. Advice?
  192. Infertility ruining our marriage
  193. If you are in a good marriage,
  194. In-Laws
  195. Help! I'm 33 and want baby, hubby is dragging feet
  196. Husband Shoots Sick Wife to Death Because They Could Not Pay for Her Medicine
  197. The Blahs
  198. Wife using the nasty voice- explaining this is unacceptable
  199. Seeking Advice
  200. Girlfriend does not want to wait.
  201. Trying to send pic
  202. Made a decision in my mind...........WAW in four years if nothing changes
  203. Should I leave my husband?
  205. 95% sure my HD frustrations have finally blown it. Limbo ahead
  206. update here, scared and nervous. Will he run off with her?
  207. Husband on dating site
  208. Is marriage counseling worth it?
  209. I think it's over.
  210. How long is too long and..
  211. How to forgive husband
  212. Summer of 94
  213. Invisible
  214. FB ? - ignore or block?
  215. Who Should Contact Who
  216. In-Laws and finances
  217. Opinions please. Is this abusive behavior?
  218. Did it finally happen, did I finally break?
  219. What are you really thinking (men)
  220. What to do after a Break-Up?
  221. Not getting married smart economics for women
  222. I and my husband are very different. How can I stay married?
  223. The Continued Gradual Downward Spiral
  224. "our house"
  225. Revisited: Making A Man Wait For Sex
  226. Disappointed
  227. Feel stuck
  228. I could use some advice
  229. Dating Websites and their Profile Photos
  230. Would you date someone Broke?
  231. Tired...
  232. Always a cheater
  233. Anyone left due to partner with mental illness?
  234. Friend possibly hiding posts from me
  235. Breaking Up is Hard to Do
  236. I'm finally making a move: suggestions appreciated
  237. Witness in Custody Hearing?
  238. Finances in Marriage
  239. Married 1 Month, First Big Fight
  240. Husband's Friend Won't Leave Me Alone
  241. wife doesnt like family
  242. Major Drama and I feel powerless
  243. Suspicious behaviour?
  244. Buying Yourself Expensive Toys and Not Spending That Cash On Your Partner
  245. Trust is gone and so is attraction
  246. when my H go out of town
  247. Seek advice/views
  248. Wife Never Loved Me? 7 Years
  249. Better to be right or married?
  250. Husbands/Boyfriends - How would you react if...