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  1. Wives not respecting Husbands who earn less
  2. What are these questions indicative of? Guy talk decoding needed.
  3. Married wife going on spring break ...alone!!
  4. Xmas ideas
  5. proper etiquette ?
  6. Naive - Generally a Good Thing?
  7. Marriage proposal
  8. End of my rope?
  9. Does her guy have PTSD or is he dangerous?
  10. Lazy Wife - Starting to Crack
  11. Some advice please
  12. Feeling the Xmas Gift Bubble burst
  13. how to handle a disrespectful husband
  14. Omg this is really painful and hard.
  15. Marriage on the rocks after being together 25 years
  16. Husband Quit his job over a year ago without talking to me about it
  17. Sad Day for me
  18. Marriage Advice on TAM
  19. I ruined my marriage...
  20. please please help advice needed
  21. Why I deleted my thread
  22. Something you only do for your SO
  23. I'm new here and need help
  24. Marriage sucks
  25. Sex bots
  26. Unrealistic Expectations
  27. Unrealistic Expectations
  28. Is there something you would not want to know about your spouses past?
  29. Porn addicted hubby - Should I give into him?
  30. Need some advise
  31. Marriage over?
  32. So Why Does the Sex Industry Exist?
  33. Cheated on and trying to move forward
  34. Husband bully?
  35. Ideas for surprising your partner
  36. 20 Things I've Learned From 20 Years of Marriage
  37. Thinking of staying with my filthy husband
  38. Help needed
  39. Time to intervene?
  40. Am I over doing it?
  41. From joint to individual bank accounts
  42. possible emotional affair
  43. Some advice on dating a widower
  44. Sitting/Rising Mortality Predictor Test
  45. Article: Women with more male friends have more sex with their partners, study says
  46. Not even sure if I am wrong for feeling the way I do.
  47. He loves you soooo much!
  48. Unhappy with our home or just spoiled
  49. Making a marital decision postpartum
  50. better late than never !,Cosby lied 50 years .
  51. Quick Question - what is most important to women?
  52. To women who think smoking is a dealbreaker, are e-cigarettes also a dealbreaker?
  53. Do you tell them everything that you do?
  54. What should I do - need answers by tomorrow!
  55. My husband doesn't apologize. Together for 15 years already..
  56. My response to a perennial problem
  58. Different sleep schedules causing grief.
  59. How common are false claims of abuse?
  60. I feel like I'm being stalked
  61. christmas
  62. Girl doesn't know how many lovers?
  63. Why is it common for men to not realize wife is cheating?
  64. Husband babeing his 13 year old son
  65. How should a married person respond to accusations of infidelity?
  66. Turned off by your partner's gross habits?
  67. husband won't/can't talk to me
  68. Am I pushing too hard?
  69. Just found out I'm pregnant
  70. Why is she mad? i gave her what she asked for
  71. Is divorce my only option??
  72. Husband not Initiator
  73. No Sex due to girlfriend being stressed
  74. Mother in law issue?
  75. Can I have single male friends?
  76. Do you accept that you both will be attracted to other people?
  77. Book Recommendations for Substaining a Relationship/Marriage
  78. Wife finally admitted her attraction to him
  79. Am i over reacting over my Husbands female friend?
  80. Black Friday Shopping
  81. my husband has a so called friend
  82. Would you ever stop being friends with someone b/c your partner requested it?
  83. Star-crossed Tragedy.
  84. The Divorce Surge Is Over, but the Myth Lives On
  85. Trying to figure out if Husband is Narcissistic
  86. Wife Upset About Undependable People
  87. Big mess need advice
  88. Is it worth it to force the family to uphold traditions?
  89. Marriage -Fight-Verbal Abuse
  90. Husbands and Lap dances
  91. Do I owe my sister-in-law anything?
  92. Relationship assesment - 1 year in.
  93. Repaltionship assesment - 1 year in.
  94. I caught my wife texting another Man...
  95. Marriage and diagnosing BPD
  96. Mid-Life Crisis regrets?
  97. Should I give up on him proposing?
  98. Major issues in my marriage, desperately looking for advice
  99. Trying to work on our marriage but..
  100. confused
  101. Wife erased me out of her life
  102. Withholding Sex - Brilliant or Childish?
  103. Do men love more deeply than women?
  104. Exploring various interpretations of the BETA MALE - GOOD or all P whipped pathetic?
  105. Is my frustration valid?
  106. I need help
  107. Little start, much bigger issue
  108. Fight on our 5th Anniversary - advice needed
  109. Now I have my proof
  110. Am I wrong?
  111. Need serious advice please.
  112. Anyone else spending thanksgiving alone?
  113. Should we move out?
  114. My Anger + A Massive Fight
  115. Married to a Highly Sensitive Person
  116. Your opinions on people who don't want childen
  117. Sexless Marriage + Feeling Dead Inside
  118. polygyny & Open Marriage
  119. Work "going away party" - not allowed to go?
  120. sensitive subject..long post (sorry)
  121. harden wife heart
  122. please help me
  123. Cold feet or something more?
  124. Friends of the opposite sex
  125. Newlyweds, pregnant... Husband depressed and quit his job.
  126. Revolutionising Marriage
  127. Do I owe?
  128. Paranoid Users
  129. i need help to get my emotions together in argument
  130. Calling the 'love experts'
  131. Advise on how to handle a BPD wife
  132. Dont want Ex to see new car??
  133. A different life
  134. New and in need of some advice
  135. What women really Want!
  136. Will you marry these type of women?
  137. Should I Be Worried?
  138. How to deal with wife's bitterness and resentment
  139. Glasses for a 9 year old
  140. Is my marriage on the rocks or am I being dramatic?
  141. If you had to plan a 10-Year wedding anniversary in two weeks, how would you do it?
  142. How do you live with a recurring unsolvable conflict?
  143. Do you consider this cheating?
  144. My GF let her kid move in with grandparents
  145. separation after marriage
  146. His Needs, Her needs. By Willard F. Harley Jr. An open discussion.
  147. He asked for time. what does this mean? how long to wait?
  148. Help me I feel lost
  149. Paying it forward
  150. Are EA an indication something is not right?
  151. Wife divulging to others....feeling betrayed
  152. Frustrated, confused and need to share
  153. Do you think he was up to no good?
  154. New here, Married but falling for coworker/friend
  155. Keeping maiden name
  156. What a stereotype
  157. Wife said something .. it feels like the final straw
  158. A Poem Aday !
  159. Cultural difference in a marriage.
  160. Tired of emotionally abusive wife
  161. Date nite on his conditions, now he won't go...
  162. Looking for Opinions on this Situation
  163. Wife & her family keep buying me tickets to plays, concerts, etc
  164. Opening up emotionally
  165. the wedding flowers
  166. Need advise on in-law issues
  167. Poll - stay together for the sake of children or not
  168. Any Good Books on Communication?
  169. Lack of empathy and sympathy
  170. Are happy really compatible? or one just sacrificed ?
  171. Give space to wife or not?
  172. How to maintain balance in a marriage with children and mortgage.
  173. Can a "stay married until the kids leave" marriage ever work? (big fight tonight)
  174. I asked my wife a question today
  175. How to get Husband to open up a bit more...
  176. Dealing with frustration when a cheating ex wife will never admit she cheated
  177. Finally she talk to me!
  178. Dealing with lazy, messy partner
  179. Is it even possible to still be IN love after so long? Does it exist??
  180. Husband had feelings for coworker
  181. Where do you draw the line?
  182. I need some advice please
  183. Need advice so lost
  184. Do you text/IM with your SO during the work day?
  185. Family/Friends disapprove of BF... I don't know how to handle this situation
  186. General Disrespect
  187. My significant other is always talking about is past rendezvous. What should I do?
  188. But he / she was like that when you met him / her, so don't complain!
  189. Signs a female has unrealistic expectations
  190. Way Too Much, Way Too Early....
  191. Is it insecurity or what? And what do I do about it?
  192. The dog is ruining my marriage.
  193. I want them to back from my life
  194. Need Urgent Advice
  195. Best books on marriage advice?
  196. Long-term Prozac use...?
  197. Personal info...
  198. Happy Veterans Day
  199. The two traits relationship traits that make or break marriages
  200. Birthday Plans
  201. had a vasectomy but new g/f doesnt know yet
  202. Odd behavior-confused
  203. Not sure what to do
  204. Parent's infidelity affected me.
  205. Could you be the A-hole BF that some other dude obsesses over?
  206. I Neglected my Partner's Needs
  207. Need Advise...Please
  208. How to encourage wife to take pride in her appearance?
  209. What would you tell him?
  210. Changing Work schedule for dating
  211. Issue in my relationship
  212. Men - would you date a female under 55 who uses a cane or has a handicap?
  213. Open marriage
  214. Advice
  215. turning codependency around...
  216. My not so great past has come up in a bad way
  217. Wife with low self esteem is very disrespectful and ungrateful
  218. Did what brought you here(TAM) make your marriage stronger?
  219. Did I Lie?
  220. Should I Try?
  221. Getting better and feeeling worse.
  222. Second tier worst mom of the year
  223. Unrealistic ideas you had as a young person
  224. Need some ideas
  225. How do I stop being jealous of his ex-wife
  226. Support Needed, this is doing my head in :(
  227. Tomorrow is my 90th day...
  228. Bad day
  229. I'm very scared!!
  230. Sex Rank, Mismatches, and Gender
  231. SO so confused
  232. Stress at a job he hates and his increased drinking
  233. Always being corrected
  234. advie on wife
  235. Urgent Help Fiance Wants to Break Up - Male and Female View Appreciated
  236. Wives going to uni
  237. sexual orientation grey area.Concerned if this is deceitful of me.
  238. Weakness and control
  239. opinions on strip clubs and bachelor parties
  240. Emergency MC?
  241. Anything unforgivable in marriage?
  242. Lookin for some advice
  243. Narcissism and relationships
  244. Need your help...marriage therapy dropped my pants
  245. Wife has episodes of emotional and physical abuse
  246. the holidays and a strained marriage
  247. Lack of sex in marriage
  248. Advice from age 35 + requested please.
  249. Beautiful vs Handsome?
  250. Wife sharing got wrong - need advice

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