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  1. Can a 2-week break save our relationship?
  2. Confused, not sure if there is a problem?
  3. 2 months after husband raped me.
  4. Hello, I really need your advice
  5. How much of your SO's history do you know?
  6. well thats a wrap....
  7. What You Love Most
  8. Being able to fight well when you husband makes mistakes and REGRETTING it later on
  9. Husband not concerned with my inclusion (blended family)
  10. I have a dream that results in divorce rate of 5% of marriages & competent spouses
  11. tuning myself out
  12. if ex H is NPD should I minimise access to kids
  13. What to do?
  14. What do you consider cheating ?
  15. Unforeseen repercussions
  16. Help! Am I crazy?!?
  17. Settle this!!
  18. you?
  19. Help me if you can
  20. Please help!
  21. Long Winded Background - Need Advice
  22. Chivalrous acts in our Modern world.. Your thoughts, Experiences...
  23. cheating personalities?
  24. Wife traveling for work, wants to have another kid?
  25. How can I form a relationship with my partners kids who are the same age as me??
  26. hobbies away from family creating problems
  27. an act of rebellion
  28. I didn't just want a husband....
  29. I need some advice
  30. Husband Swears at Me?
  31. Possible marriage and fears
  32. men talking about women
  33. Feel like I ruined my Wife's Birthday, don't know what to do.
  34. wife destroyed my life
  35. This has to be made right.
  36. How do I overcome fear for hubby
  37. accountability
  38. Giving up on my marriage
  39. Jealous wife
  40. To Go or Stay Journal
  41. Question for the women, if you were single would you date a virgin?
  42. dont know what to do
  43. I need YOUR advise!
  44. why is negativity popular?
  45. Job > Family?
  46. issues in my marriage
  47. I keep disappointing my wife by not taking charge of our marriage. Please Help!!!!
  48. When its time to propose?
  49. Ex wife teaching young daughter curse words.
  50. How should I deal with my husband's family's behaviour towards him and me?
  51. Need a little bit of hope today?
  52. Hurt, Sad, Confused- My Marriage Is Crashing Help
  53. Love??
  54. Wife fell out of Love
  55. What do divorced people know about commitment that others don't?
  56. I'm wrong and I know it
  57. A Cheating Husband - how do you cope and rebuild trust again?
  58. Codependence
  59. Help! I am so pissed off and don't understand why...
  60. Spock died :(
  61. How to handle a high strung partner who has tons of pet peeves...?
  62. Wife's Behavior - Childhood Sexual Abuse?
  63. Wife Not Sleeping in our Bed
  64. Does your SO read TAM ?
  65. Please advice, I am broken after forced marriage ?
  66. Here's to the positives!!!!!!
  67. Adult Manifestations of Childhood Sexual Abuse
  68. Sooo... what's your number?
  69. For Your Consideration
  70. Ladies, need some advice here. I am not "ready"
  71. can a betrayed man really love another woman again ?
  72. Sick of trying - can this be fixed?
  73. Divorce in third world places
  74. The dangers of comparing.
  75. Anyone here ever worked with their spouse?
  76. I'm on the verge of leaving
  77. Out of curiosity
  78. Handling
  79. Interesting...
  80. Confused??
  81. Interracial Dating question...tensions..
  82. Forum question?
  83. DUI's-Stupid for staying?
  84. Do you find these statements true?
  85. Am I being unreasonable?
  86. How many times have you been married?
  87. If you had to do it over again?
  88. Wife's Affair
  89. How the 'New Monogamy' Is Keeping Relationships Together
  90. Prewedding jitters or a real problem?
  91. Seeking advice... I seem to be the problem in my marriage
  92. Too Good to Leave, Too Bad to Stay
  93. Long winded thread...
  94. Scolding/Snapping at your spouse if...
  95. marriage and friends, when to draw a line...please advice
  96. Equality in Marriage
  97. Am I being unreasonable?
  98. Do you think i am doing the right thing ignoring this guy? Feeling very hurt
  99. Advice please...
  100. Found explicit texts on my wife's phone
  101. Do men care what others think when it comes to the health of his marriage?
  102. I just need to vent
  103. Help don't know what to do?!?!?!?!
  104. Mystery of a "non-relationship"?
  105. How do you deal with anger issuues
  106. A post for the brave ones regarding cheatin.
  107. A Typical British Marriage ?
  108. Should I get back together with my X?
  109. Career and Family
  110. Wife left me and the kids. need help
  111. Help please
  112. Career or More Kids? Desperate for Advice...
  113. My abusive husband
  114. on cheating
  115. Second Marriage vs First Marriage
  116. Crazy crap you let slide. You drive me crazy.
  117. NYTimes 36 Q&A + 4minutes = Love
  118. Navigating relationships: stereotypes vs modern expectations
  119. Saying no to spouse wanting to buy something?
  120. How happy are you in marriage?
  121. Giving up sex for Lent
  122. Need man's opinion... husband won't write love note.
  123. Did I Cross the Line?
  124. Are women honestly interested in a guy who is physically weaker than they are?
  125. I want to say GoodBye and Thank You
  126. Women can get everything they want
  127. How do I handle being excluded in in-law family photos?
  128. girlfriend still socializes with ex husband and his wife
  129. Romance
  130. What do you think of being "shown off?"
  131. Is he losing interest?
  132. Results of staying bc of the kids
  133. What am I doing wrong??
  134. Good listen
  135. Wow sums it up imo
  136. Lazy Wife
  137. Spouse with ADD
  138. is it culture-or just him?
  139. Ladies, is it hot or not?
  140. uncertain on next steps...
  141. Fighting for my Marriage
  142. Can't on day just be about me!!!
  143. My partner is usually opinionless and has poor communication HELP!!!
  144. Is Internet dating too convenient for women or difficult?
  145. Do you watch the same TV shows?
  146. The "separation conversation" is this weekend
  147. Boundaries and setting them - hers too low
  148. NYT Article: Searching for Sex
  149. Wife refuses to communicate with me about depression
  150. Pissed off
  151. boundaries with critical/rude H
  152. Gift advice
  153. How to convince wife to work?
  154. Be in-love but still cheat?
  155. I must surrender for my sanity
  156. Ladies, have you had an LTR with you approached and asked out first?
  157. How would you feel
  158. Wives: Why do you respect & disrespect your husband
  159. Just found a picture of them kissing on facebook
  160. Please suggest
  161. When a woman starts conversation with, "hey you", is it flirting?
  162. Concerned wife
  163. wife has no concern about our problems
  164. This article could have been written by my wife
  165. 50/50?
  166. Girls don't pay, cost of Girlfriend?
  167. Next time you think you deserve something...
  168. Now allowed to buy anything
  169. Hurt Wife
  170. Trust issues
  171. To fall in love wiht anyone....
  172. TAM Banners
  173. Should I Stay or Should I Go?
  174. visitng your spouse who works elsewhere during the week
  175. Inappropriate work relationship?
  176. Some advice needed on lease
  177. Splitting chores-does the type of job matter?
  178. I feel so lost
  179. Where am I going wrong? What do I do?
  180. Help! need some advice
  181. It's almost like my husband WANTS me to screw up so he can have the upper hand!
  182. Spouse wants me to stay until they take their own life.
  183. Feeling walked over
  184. Not sure. But know I need help.
  185. Insulting spouse when stressed
  186. How was your experience with postpartum depression?
  187. Am I overreacting?
  188. Marriage is for fools. And I am one apparently.
  189. She wants a break......
  190. need woman's side
  191. Can't take the inability to communicate anyway
  192. friends and relationship
  193. I call BS! Don't waste your time on this one its just a rant...
  194. What I would really like to ask couples with children
  195. Married but alone and unappreciated.
  196. Trapped. I want it to work but losing hope
  197. Husband not a gentleman?
  198. How to become best friends?
  199. Maybe times are changing...maybe
  200. Husband is out of work and I'm tired of being the breadwinner
  201. Future Mother in Law Advice
  202. Please Help Me!!
  203. There is a bias against males in this forum
  204. *Respecting your spouse*
  205. confused about my marriage
  206. Falling for good friends ex-wife
  207. TOTAL Opposites ?
  208. Old Skeletons
  209. Communication????
  210. I asked him to move out.
  211. The Stress of Suspicion
  212. Deal with wife past
  213. Things your parents did that you hated, but...
  214. Relocating dilemma
  215. My brother needs help - having issues with his GF
  216. Got into a "relationship" during divorce process, need advice regarding new partner
  217. don't know what to do anymore
  218. Men Sulking and not Talking
  219. How should I handle this anticipated question, giving my circumstances?
  220. This is an incredible story & more than inspiration
  221. Freedom (non-sexual) in marriages
  222. Husband doesn't wear ring?
  223. Lost
  224. What does "emotionally unavailable" mean?
  225. I hate my life.
  226. need an outsiders opinion
  227. He is opening up....
  228. Alone
  229. Just needed some advice about separation and this other guy
  230. Sexbox ?
  231. Girlfriend of 2.5 years wants a "break"
  232. Two inexperienced loners need advice
  233. And its over....
  234. Can't I do enough!!
  235. What's you favorite romantic comedy?
  236. what do husband and wife do when they are not talking to each other over the weekend
  237. Did he get bored of me?
  238. How would you react if....
  239. Please help.......
  240. Being guilt tripped into doing things
  241. Husband and 13 year old stepson
  242. Husband Doesn't Want to Talk- Told me to post on a Forum So Here I am
  243. Fill like I am loosing it.
  244. I don't feel like I can communicate freely with my wife
  245. Why the sudden breakup (teens)?
  246. Son's girlfriend gave him an ultimatum
  247. Do I have a right to be jealous about this?
  248. Wife and antidepressants
  249. Grappling with change
  250. I'm 28 and never had a girlfriend or kissed a woman

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