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  1. My wife had an emotional affair w her female friend, a massage therapist
  2. People bailing on relationships over stupid issues
  3. Advice for lack of passion
  4. Tramadol and Sex Drive
  5. How do I become a better husband? [Her love language is gifts]
  6. I cheated but I still love my boyfriend? But don't really feel bad about it?
  7. Wife's behavior is driving me crazy
  8. Question about wife and work related friends
  9. Very down in the dumps
  10. I resent my husband for taking me for granted
  11. I know this sounds stupid.....
  12. Too early to be this unhappy at 6mths
  13. Breadwinner and balance
  14. Years of failed communication
  15. Sis-in-law
  16. is this normal? What is normal?
  17. What to do !!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Attracted to another woman while being married
  19. Long Distance Virigin
  20. Unhappy, only 6 months
  21. Sadistic Husband
  22. Astrology
  23. Had Affair, Got Addicted to Xanax...Hopefully, on the mend
  24. Had affair, got addicted to xanax, on the mend, maybe?
  25. How to deal with your husband's "man cold"?
  26. Husband or Me?
  27. Advice on communicating better
  28. What are the pros and cons of dating you?
  29. ***BOTH In the Wrong, Is this Fixable*******
  30. At a loss on what to do.. Please help !
  31. traveling solo
  32. Men's perspective welcome!
  33. Husband having conversations with lady on Words With Friends
  34. Supposed to be getting married in a few months Fiancee goasting me?
  35. How would you handle this?
  36. Go to Visit, she spends half the night in her room...WTF?
  37. What are you doing?
  38. Betting on yourself to win!
  39. My husband, the... verbose??
  40. Is it just me?
  41. Need help with wife
  42. bedroom talk has left me feeling awful
  43. What does everyone think about this?
  44. Re-establishing a relationship with my father.
  45. Is it bad enough to divorce over?
  46. Taking initiative on getting needs met
  47. Would you Buy or Rent?
  48. Supporting each other through this stressful time
  49. What is the least romantic wedding proposal you have heard about?
  50. "Til Porn Do Us Part"
  51. Masters of Love
  52. Wife realizes now that she does not like living with my dog
  53. Hello all, New here and would like to know what you would do here.
  54. My man won't address his health issues!
  55. Should I contact my almost daughter to be
  56. Does he even love me?
  57. Marriage Troubles - Seeking Advice
  58. burned out
  59. Qustion to Chrstians about divorce?
  60. Don't understand this mentality
  61. Building Trust to Nourish Your Relationship with Your Partner
  62. Supporting your spouse
  63. I think I'm jealous of my sister in law
  64. What can I do for this
  65. Achieving Goals in 2017?
  66. Breaking Bad Conflict Habits
  67. Confused
  68. Best Friends vs. Wife
  69. Am I being overly sensitive?
  70. Tired of pursue/withdraw, trying something new
  71. Midlife Crisis or marriage over?
  72. Cosleeping with Adult 'kids
  73. Your getting condolences
  74. I wish I could be an *******
  75. Seeking outside opinion
  76. Am I overreacting to this prenup?
  77. What is the 180 u turn??
  78. Waywardness and self-degradation
  79. I wonder how many husbands and wives have posted here together without even knowing
  80. Wife had an affair and I now need advice on my course
  81. Relationship in danger?
  82. GRRR! Christmas cheer around HIS fam, but cold shoulder/silent treatment for my fam!
  83. What should I do here? Advise please!
  84. How the heck do I get things to start changing?
  85. Partners change of heart but I am pregnant
  86. Christmas blues
  87. Please help am i crazy??
  88. An ex friend wants me back in her life
  89. Sexual Attr. or Respect?
  90. Have you ever done this?
  91. Troubles
  92. Respect in the workplace.
  93. Another chapter in an irritating story
  94. How to respond..
  95. My jealousy issues drove him to another woman. How do I fix my marriage now?
  96. Need advice- married for 7 years, marriage on rocks
  97. Need Some Advice
  98. Wife Doesn't Share...
  99. My ex might be getting out this week.
  100. Currently Separated, Torn about which direction to go
  101. Pregnant Wife and Suicidal Sister in Law
  102. No longer want to be a part of this.
  103. Partners past..
  104. Making the Holidays Special
  105. More help with grown daughter
  106. Uncertain feelings - Imminent marriage
  107. Why is love like this??
  108. Crazy how things play out aint it.
  109. Drop wife for girlfriend - this usually fails?
  110. Feeling like you have been 'settled' for
  111. Does Uncle have crush on wife???
  112. Fat spouse
  113. Married to a gamer
  114. Having issues with jealousy
  115. Wife Son's Mother Graduation
  116. Jealous Husband Advice
  117. Why am I questioning everything now?
  118. A video that encompasses this last year and a half of my marriage.
  119. This is tragic. Too bad her husband wasn't more "controlling."
  120. Lost in what to do in a relationship for 6.5 years
  121. Bf questioning my past relationships
  122. Wife's midlife crisis roller-coaster
  123. What I want for Christmas!
  124. The Date Day
  125. Just really tired. really really tired.
  126. Under aged drinking.
  127. Seeking consultation on a few disagreements
  128. What is the shortest/longest engagement you are aware off?
  129. Who are high achieving women supposed to marry
  130. How do I (re)learn to respect my abusive father?
  131. what gives with closing an active thread with good discussion
  132. Navy Husband is contacting his Ex
  133. How to find a counselor or therapist?
  134. He would not want to know. Is this normal?
  135. Golden Corral First Date
  136. How long to wait for proposal. Ten years
  137. Counseling questions Individual and Marriage
  138. Negative Nancy or typical TAM story
  139. Feeling alone and looking for support, guidance, advice
  140. Where did I go wrong?
  141. Why doesn't he know?
  142. Relationship building projects
  143. How can i start living?
  144. Still broken hearted/:
  145. No respect for husband that earns less
  146. The impossibility of this....
  147. Dating, longing, intimacy, and expectations
  148. Online affairs
  149. Feeling unloved and unappreciated
  150. How to deal with this feeling?
  151. Feels like a downward spiral...
  152. The Love Dare!
  153. Married to a Narcissist
  154. Dating people with kids /step mothers/ can it work
  155. Another night of insecurity...
  156. I financially support my husband and trapped
  157. Seeking advice on marriage
  158. Why does he have to make fun of the things I watch and do??!!
  159. My Parents vs Wife
  160. Unconditional Love or term limits?
  161. The military and marriage
  162. Healing
  163. both of us are separated and in a relationship
  164. So Apparently I'm a Racist
  165. At a loss, need to vent....
  166. Not Comfortable with My Wife's relationship with another Man
  167. Question about friends while married.
  168. Sister in Law Copycat
  169. I want to leave with kids. Need advice
  170. My friend is cheating....
  171. Fiance is not marrying until...
  172. Advice
  173. Married 3 years...feel like giving up!
  174. Can I get my old name back?
  175. Overly Concerning or Overly Controlling?
  176. Just existing at the 10 year marriage mark/ your thoughts please. Thanks
  177. Was I cheated on?
  178. John and Abigail's Love Letters
  179. So...I don't get it...
  180. Would you let your parents choose a partner for you?
  181. iPhone family sharing?
  182. Facebook relationship ''statuses'' -- your opinion?
  183. I don't know what to do
  184. Married Women Care to Advise?
  185. Need advice-
  186. 12 year old estranged daughter
  187. Getting my life together.
  188. Marriage Trouble
  189. Rebuilding Confidence (and maybe trust)
  190. Marriage counseling... For one?
  191. How do I get his attention?
  192. Married and travelling alone with opposite sex colleague
  193. Unloading in therapy???
  194. Violence during fights, not sure how to move on
  195. Accepting Reality
  196. Newly married & already over?
  197. Leaving your crossdressing husband....
  198. Am I Needy, Jealous, or Childish?
  199. An imbalance of giving
  200. Very stressful personal life
  201. How to end emotional affair
  202. slowly loosing any physical contact with my wife....
  203. Am I being unreasonable?
  204. Overnight Stay Asking Too Much?
  205. How do I talk to my husband about sexual aversion?
  206. Cheating in the marital bed
  207. Good Morning!
  208. Question about friendship with the opposite sex.
  209. Marriage issue
  210. Alcoholic at a strip club AND sexless marriage
  211. Love After Marriage
  212. Retroactive jealousy
  213. Another one bites the dust
  214. How to get wife to talk to someone? Re: Depression
  215. Not sure if H is controlling of our finances or just careful
  216. Lost Defeated and Broken
  217. Husband never asks my opinion
  218. broken trust
  219. wife like bestie more than me
  220. Help before I lose my mind
  221. No room for Escorts!
  222. Just why?
  223. Follow up re: my husband being controlling/calling me masculine
  224. Beginning of my frustrations pt.3 and the saga continues
  225. Beginning of my frustrations pt. 2-All h$ll breaks loose
  226. Beginning of my frustrations pt.1
  227. I may be alcohol dependent but HE is using it against me.
  228. Stress and Temptation in Long-Term Marriage
  229. Fiance threatening to leave if I don't support him finanicially
  230. struggling to hold it together
  231. "Quality" Time in a Relationship
  232. Lost
  233. separated, long read
  234. Trying to hang in but at breaking point...
  235. My husband told me that I'm not feminine and it really hurts
  236. Walk away husband found
  237. If your marriage has never been sex-starved,
  238. Deceit, drama, annnnd divorce???
  239. Privacy
  240. Tapatalk and TAM: A Warning
  241. Business trip
  242. Lonely and lost...
  243. Where did you meet your partner?
  244. Getting a bit sick of the deteriorating sex lives...
  245. Husband works and lives in another town..
  246. Feeling Defeated and Broken
  247. What do you do when someone doesn't ask you to marry him?
  248. Forgotten Anniversaries & Birthdays
  249. My husband constantly says I am lazy
  250. Where do I find this information?