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  1. All i want is honesty...
  2. Girlfriend isn't the same
  3. Pop ups and porn?
  4. taking time off work, H does not agree
  5. Trying to understand... Trying to talk...
  6. Is friend interested in me ?
  7. Desperate!
  8. Can it take a while before you know someone isn't right for the long term?
  9. Does your wife make more money than you
  10. slapping
  11. Seriously, I couldn't make this up
  12. building the trust
  13. Wife wants agreement. I want to argue.
  14. Is having a girls/boys night out acceptable in marriage?
  15. Happiness in Self
  16. I let it go, now I'm wondering if I should have
  17. Need a little advise.
  18. It's always all about him
  19. My husband is a Vet who is troubled in the evening + wonder if toddler is troubled
  20. Major marriage issues
  21. Feeling very lost....heartbroken
  22. I have Lost his friendship after marriage..?
  23. Wife expects too much.. What to do??
  24. confussed
  25. Relationship BPD
  26. Suggestions???
  27. Threats vs. Boundaries... A hypothetical discussion
  28. at odds over pets
  29. BPD Engulfment/Abandonment ping pong
  30. What do I do?
  31. Any advice? Losing confidence with husband
  32. Maintaning the Home with the Husband
  33. how do i communicate to my fiancee
  34. Just have to vent
  35. Have you ever been so snowed?
  36. help with verbal abuse
  37. my story
  38. found Vibrator in husband car
  39. Expats in China - wife is pregnant
  40. The last goodbye
  41. Lazy or just not adjusting well?
  42. At a crossroads and both want different roads
  43. I've been hurt badly by my support workers!
  44. Swinging, Cuckold, Group sex,etc...
  45. Living Wills?
  46. Will she take me Back??
  47. Boyfriend moves so slowly
  48. Extinction burst from BPD...concerned how to handle
  49. Validating a wrong perception of a BPDw
  50. Lost love, wife devastated
  51. Feeling Wobbly, Missing my Hubby :(
  52. How can you breakup with someone, but still live with them?
  53. Passive Aggressive - All in the Family
  54. Wife can't say she loves me
  55. Wife refuses MC
  56. Not that I care, or Why lie in the first place?
  57. i being unreasonable ?
  58. trial separation unhappy wife
  59. Need advice
  60. Wife doesn't listen, she is depressed, and I don't know what to do
  61. I need some advice.
  62. Married young, Changed a LOT
  63. Soulmates
  64. pawned wedding ring
  65. DH Working Time Off No Time for Me -Opinions?
  66. This Continues to Nag at Me
  67. Is it Me?
  68. chat lines
  69. A Website for Infidelity
  70. And after the marriage fear ! Z big break !
  71. Need advise
  72. Napkin advice - what's yours?
  73. Separation, Approaching Divorce, and Regret
  74. Emotional abuse
  75. A must read book on marriage
  76. Is anyone listening?
  77. My Wife Hates My Parents and I Don't Know What To Do
  78. Am I going crazy???? Wife doesnt kiss etc.
  79. Resentment is growing
  80. Robin Williams and Suicide
  81. Just married and having problems
  82. Will I ever make myself available again
  83. Thank You TAM!
  84. Dating guide
  85. Very big dilemma
  86. Back in the Doghouse Again
  87. Date nights
  88. husband doesnt like my family
  89. Tired and don't care anymore
  90. is it the end of my marriage
  91. What kind of secrets are ok?
  92. Trying to work it out
  93. Narcissist husband
  94. relationships, abuse, and legal issues
  95. I have a huge crush on my husband's brother?
  96. How did you end up with a bad spouse
  97. husband so embarrassing when drunk
  98. hb, a IT asked me " can u write software" when i asked him to help
  99. I don't want to go w. my hb and kids to see my in-laws
  100. Sold Husband's sports car and now he won't work
  101. Ideas on how to surprise my fiance?
  102. Trapped, Helpless, Sexless, Loveless
  103. SAHM sleeping late... Approach?
  104. Broken--and not sure where to turn
  105. Deciphering BPD wife speak
  106. I so badly need advice
  107. My fiancÚ has marriage fears
  108. Just looking for a bit of advise on major issues in my marriage
  109. Trial separation - No choice or divorce
  110. Respect and love in a relationship?!
  111. Dating with/out children?
  112. Fantasizing too much
  113. Passive aggressive in-laws
  114. this is a nightmare, please help
  115. Please help. My marriage is in trouble.
  116. Not on the same page as my girlfriend
  117. Help! I feel like my marriage is going down quick
  118. Wife Says She's Lost Herself; Married 9 Months
  119. Back from the dead....
  120. Toxic marriage?
  121. Questions for the group
  122. Emotional Torture, why do we do it?
  123. question about initial attraction
  124. Marriage vs. Long term domestic partnership
  125. But I still love my spouce?
  126. Is TAM as good as therepy?
  127. Sliding into a hole and checking out....
  128. Does This Site Help You And Your Relationship...
  129. Is Marriage a Contract?
  130. Need advice, Wife thinks inappropriate joke was ok
  131. Need help cause someone is getting hurt
  132. need your opinion
  133. Wife Led Marriage
  134. Advice for young daughter?
  135. Revenge now served hot or cold!
  136. Text Message Question
  137. Wife unbeknownst to me is exchanging text with her ex-husbands
  138. Need help badly... Marriage counselling techniques?
  139. Am I in an emotionall abusive marriage?
  140. Who else is bored with life?
  141. What should I do
  142. Sad and confused
  143. is this a personality disorder?
  144. My Story
  145. Moving forward after his breakdown turned our lives upside down
  146. Problems in a 6 year old marriage
  147. Why do I feel so guilty?
  148. Working on Trust - Can it Ever Come Back
  149. Carrying your own emotional bag(gae)
  150. I need help
  151. Millennials say no to marriage
  152. Am I conditioning myself?
  153. Another Inlaw Thread, though my parents being the issue, not spouse's
  154. Worried my husband is self destructing and found out I am pregnant......
  155. interesting and alittle confused
  156. Update on my "behavior list"
  157. Contact/lies about the past
  158. Husband announces going away on guy's weekend 4 days before move
  159. Wanting to close and open relationship... help!
  160. My wife opened my pad and found a video paused of a couple of women making out
  161. How would you feel about this?
  162. I thought we were doing good, but...
  163. Omg I am SO upset...
  164. Should I "Back Channel" to Wife's Therapist?
  165. Friend hitting on wife?
  166. Is it unwise to vent about my partner to my family and friends???
  167. Close friends. Roommates. Friends with benefits. Feelings...
  168. Fixing a damaged marriage
  169. I wish the bad days weren't so bad...
  170. Follow up to "Wife still in love with ex boyfriend"
  171. Question Of The Day...
  172. At a cross roads and need HELP
  173. What does full transparency mean to you?
  174. Horrible marriage problems
  175. husband crossed the line
  176. Should I stay in marriage or move on? Please help!
  177. will porn addiction affect kids
  178. Lessons the last year has taught me
  179. A place to vent my momentary frustrations
  180. Martial issues-venting/advice?
  181. "You never listen to me!" AKA the blah, blah, blah effect
  182. Opposite sex friendship. Am I being unresonable?
  183. Is an incredibly strong friendship enough to sustain a marriage?
  184. Freeloader family member result in homelessness
  185. Needle in a hay stack???? Check mate!!! She is a 10!
  186. How long would you stay with this man?
  187. Doing Life With Those You Love
  188. Marriage does not have to be difficult
  189. Husband and sex
  190. how to get over the anger
  191. Newly Marriage Issues with my Father
  192. What to do? not into it?
  193. Need help with marriage before divorce
  194. Considering contacting high school Ex to gain closure and heal my heart. Thoughts?
  195. Husband admits he has no confidence in me
  196. Dealing with others lifestyles
  197. just don't know
  198. An Ex-GF emailed my husband
  199. Is there something wrong with me for wanting to have an affair?
  200. 65th birthday
  201. Just saw the trailer for the 50 Shades movie.
  202. Married 24yrs feeling lonely and unfulfilled
  203. I'm 2 yrs older then DH and want babies now
  204. Very Excited :)
  205. Lost Love of Life (im a Jerk)
  206. Husband Wants to Meet Female Friend While on Vacation
  207. Help with marriage
  208. Wife's fears, her personality and my reaction...
  209. Very Confused
  210. Old girlfriend pictures, some naked
  211. GF thinks affection with 7yo from my prev marriage inappropriate, I don' I wrong
  212. Wife went on vacation for 2 weeks,complains that the house is messy after she returns
  213. Friends with the ex?
  214. My fiance's Ex wife can not keep her boundary
  215. Advice about child support services?
  216. "His needs, Her Needs"
  217. Husband bossy when working out
  218. Girls' Night Out
  219. My husband lied about getting fired. He actually quit
  220. Angry Inside
  221. Am I wrong?
  222. Attracted to DH's best friend
  223. why did you get married?
  224. Looking for Perpective
  225. EleGirl, turnera, Blonde . . . Do you want to talk about emo/verb abuse?
  226. How to build and maintain trust
  227. Am I controlling or is my wife just stubborn?
  228. New member with issues.
  229. Could you forgive these things?
  230. Lost...
  231. "most expensive" gifts and "best" gifts?
  232. Do you like it when your spouse is concerned over your health
  233. Are there just persons, who are not chatty and social at all?
  234. Only sometimes trust in a marriage?
  235. Marriage Advice Needed
  236. Relationship future is a bbq???
  237. Says she needs space...
  238. Newest developments in wife gone lesbian case.
  239. trust issue
  240. Husband using terms of endearment to encourage female facebook friends
  241. She's hot; I'm not
  242. Talking about exes
  243. Suspecting wife EA
  244. Marriage in Trouble--Advice and Support Needed
  245. Am I being selfish
  246. Have you ever check your partner`s mobile phone?
  247. How to fix the relationship
  248. No idea what's going on
  249. How will a girl im dating react to me rtelling her im living with a different women!!
  250. Growign Apart