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: General Relationship Discussion

  1. insecurity, trust, and jealousy
  2. Wrong to ask your spouse to change??
  3. Research Program for Relationships - Get Paid to Participate
  4. Wife is friends with her ex on Facebook
  5. Suspicion about wife secretly talking to an "ex."
  6. Need help with coping skills
  7. Is your spouse a better partner than you are?
  8. Cell Phone Spyware
  9. Mother-in-law & Wedding
  10. Effectively compromising / drawing boundaries
  11. Just started the 180 and its working
  12. My Marriage Is Failing. Please Help!
  13. Cheating, betrayal of close friendships, regret
  14. Friend is about to marry a girl he doesn't want to be with
  15. Tired
  16. Girlfriend's mother on the verge of homelessness
  17. question for HD spouses with LD partners
  18. Apologies within marriage
  19. Is this BDP?
  20. where is the data?
  21. Marriage issues
  22. Give Valentine's Gift while doing 180?
  23. Girlfriend keeps disconnecting from me
  24. Do people reveal their true selves in an affair
  25. head in sand syndrome
  26. Now! It is time to leave and I'm afraid of the uncertainty ;(
  27. Overpossessive about my wife?
  28. An old flame that keeps burning
  29. what to do???
  30. Loss of First Love
  31. Losing Faith!
  32. Marriage in trouble - Am I the "bad guy"?
  33. He has different attitude about opposite sex work mates
  34. Marriage Seems Doomed to Fail
  35. Married Men: Do you feel sorry for you Single Friends?
  36. 1 Step Forward 2 Steps Back
  37. Talks with ex
  38. When wife is off of work I can't be home!!
  39. Being taken advantage of ?
  40. I don't know what to do
  41. Wife hates my mom with a passion
  42. I'm lost...
  43. Wife trying to leave...
  44. Married 31 years but?
  45. Fighting/Arguing in public
  46. How should an H act toward W when friends/others around?
  47. Doesn't know if he wants kids.
  48. Dealing with abuse
  49. Lazy Wife (Depressed ?)
  50. Not where I thought I would be...
  51. Waking up to life's update
  52. returning after counseling
  53. Husbands friend is Living with us!! and we have NO privacy
  54. The first child
  55. How To Get Help
  56. I think I have a plan...
  57. I Make Bad Decisions!
  58. My MIL is a pain in the ass
  59. Empathy
  60. Marriage License Question
  61. Will separation be beneficial?
  62. Advise to Husbands
  63. Women only. When do younwant it to get physical?
  64. Please help: Problem with my husbands lack of compassion and hostility.
  65. Feeling stuck without sex - Husband in need of advice
  66. Need advice on PIL.
  67. Trying to make marriage work
  68. The irony is worth a chuckle...
  69. Do you think depression causes people to have affairs?
  70. I'm Scared
  71. A Problem
  72. Mtn or Mole Hill
  73. Questions about gaslighting
  74. What Would You Do If You Could Do It All Over Again?
  75. Inmyskin is another RPMB Troll
  76. Wife is staying for children -- don't know how to feel
  77. Am I really crazy or is he double talking me???
  78. BPD Questions - not sure where to put this.
  79. Lost that loving feeling.....
  80. Afraid to Love
  81. Good books on communicating feelings?
  82. Wife Unfaithful for last 10 years
  83. Have kept this from my wife for now
  84. 2/3 Women File for Divorce
  85. Wife will be out of town for 4 days - woo hoo!
  86. At an impasse. Don't know where to go. Please help.
  87. Wife has gained a lot of weight due to Anti-Depressants
  88. Confused and unsure of next step
  89. Jewelry lie
  90. i TRUELLY need some advice!
  91. Marriage
  92. Vacation without spouse
  93. Wrote this letter to my husband...
  94. A misplaced pepper
  95. Lost husband
  96. Marriage in trouble and I don't know what to do
  97. Feeling Stuck
  98. Wife not friendly with my folks or friends
  99. Gauging a woman's meaning......
  100. Who's Right?
  101. confused
  102. One night stands/rape fantasy/cheating
  103. How to deal with a liar.
  104. snooping on your partner... How do you answer when friends ask.....
  105. Tired of women saying they want a nice guy
  106. Kids! They break your heart!
  107. Ladies please share your thoughts!
  108. Emotional Abuse
  109. warning sign?
  110. Beware of members trolling on the Board
  111. How do you describe the "spark" in the eyes?
  112. Pets and marraige
  113. What it's like to keep yourself calm when you are wronged
  114. Dealing with Husband-Anger Issues
  115. Is this abuse?
  116. Empathy when its convienant?!
  117. How to deal with stbxw's negativity/mopiness?
  118. I'm stuck in a bad marriage!
  119. is this gaslighting?
  120. Husband having a midlife crisis
  121. Wife wants one night stand... please help.
  122. Catch 22
  123. Lackluster Love
  124. Wife prude or me insensitive? Opinions please.
  125. 50 Shades Of Grey Is More Disgusting Than Porn
  126. Ever been suspicious of your spouse and been wrong?
  127. Wife With Depression
  128. co dependent & bipolar marriage
  129. Getting Slapped in the Face During Sex
  130. i miss jelly beans
  131. Lost Friendships?
  132. What else is she telling me?
  133. Husband Fails to Tell Me Old Fling is in Town
  134. Honest opinions ladies and gents
  135. Help! Need feedback
  136. Said something stupid and acted like an ass in front of others..
  137. How'd we get here?
  138. 2- Women
  139. personality disorder?
  140. Are most people really, truly SEXUALLY attracted to their spouses?
  141. My husband hates my entire family and even his own!!!
  142. what kind of sacrifices are necessary for marriage?
  143. Forcing yourself to check back in emotionally?
  144. What's the difference between a "forum supporter" and a "member?"
  145. Does insecurity in a relatioship make you try harder?
  146. Should I Stay or Should I Go?
  147. Upset and Hurting
  148. Communication becoming an issue
  149. I truelly need help?? Anyone?
  150. What are your rules and boundaries for opposite sex friends with your spouse?
  151. I messed up
  152. Want a divorce but my christian faith tells me different
  153. in love with / crush on an other man
  154. Money for sex...with my Wife???
  155. Am I crazy or is he?
  156. Hubby wants to take female coworker out to breakfast
  157. My bf has 6/10 motivation for living with me
  158. DVD/Video's on relationships
  159. Please take a loook at this text message I've found on my husband's phone
  160. Wife got in touch with an old boyfriend on face book - then turned into a phone call?
  161. Am i over senstive?
  162. Is it appropriate?
  163. Inappropriate behavior from step-son to daughter
  164. Is the first year really the hardest?
  165. Feeling pretty freaking unappreciated.....
  166. Husband's emotional death grip on me is making me depressed
  167. Dating someone and making a friend
  168. Engaged sexless and confused
  169. mixing business and pleasure :/
  170. I love him, but don't LIKE the man he is
  171. A BIG rant! (Opposite Love Languages)
  172. Wife wants more kids, husband does not
  173. Plz help, my wife is about to break down due to depression and BPD
  174. Where do we start in order to fix our marriage
  175. Very helpful books & worth the read
  176. Need help to marry a younger boy friend
  177. Some advice would be great!
  178. giving in to temptation..just can't STFU
  179. Think the marriage is over, but am scared it might be a mistake.
  180. Must be a guy thing?
  181. No affection since confession
  182. Lost..need advice
  183. Handling wife's MLC -- too late?
  184. New and Here is My Story - advice welcomed
  185. Carefree attitude in a relationship
  186. In need of major advice. (Long)
  187. Yet another longwinded rant about porn
  188. Doing the Right Thing
  189. Situations Where Women get Different Advice Than Men in the same Situations..
  190. How many marriages would survive this hypothetical situation unscathed???
  191. Am I Too Jealous Or Is My Wife More Than Just Friends With Her Colleague
  192. Greeting from a new member and my story
  193. She wants to leave, but won't
  194. How to deal with closed off emotions
  195. Ex Wife Remarried - Should I have feelings?
  196. Husband is a sociopathic liar
  197. Sucker Punched
  198. Ghost exs...
  199. No one listens to me!!!!!
  200. Q:"What's wrong?" A:"nothing..."
  201. Going insane...think this might be the end
  202. Do you still French kiss?
  203. Cant Stand Living With my Wife
  204. I'm scared of what my family will do!
  205. Seeking some opinions on whats I'm dealing with.
  206. Can a man cheating on his gf love her?
  207. Lacking emotional connect
  208. Method of controlling?
  209. Fed Up
  210. Problems Not Going Away - Long Post
  211. Need advice, not sure what to do.
  212. Spinning after a recent blowup.
  213. He just innocently spoke to a woman & I went crazy
  214. Fiance making me choose between him or my job!?
  215. New member here with a Face Book question
  216. Lidia wants divorce i dont and i have not been given a chance
  217. His friends don't like me
  218. Girls going out alone at night...
  219. My husband is visiting his friend. Do I have the right to be mad?
  220. Could my husband be one of the 'nice guys'?
  221. The dreaded cleaning message
  222. Wife cheated on me said she was raped but lasted 18 months.
  223. very shy and new to this
  224. I betrayed him
  225. Things are getting worse, not better
  226. Marital advice please!!!
  227. problem with my mother in-law
  228. Need advice on dealing with husband and in-laws
  229. Wife just got scammed
  230. She's being a brat
  231. Ahhhh............ Time
  232. Unsure of what to do......tired of the lies
  233. Gift Help
  234. Is marriage really all it's cracked up to be?
  235. Ex husband vs the Current Boyfriend
  236. Miscarriage and it's affect on our marriage
  237. She left me... Now i am completely alone, alienated..
  238. Relationship/Marriage Difficulties
  239. Contact with exs
  240. Affection offense and defense problems (newly wed)
  241. Best trick I have ever heard getting your spouse to appreciate you more
  242. Non-traditional marriages?
  243. I tell him/ her everything....
  244. New here & Need Help
  245. Why is CHANGE so very DIFFICULT?!!!
  246. She wants to move in with me
  247. Can't make long-term decisions
  248. Where is Steve Harvey Show taped?
  249. feeling trapped and helpless
  250. my gf came over to my house crying

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