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  1. An unselfish divorce?
  2. Need honest answers from men
  3. Threesome
  4. Help needed - relationship almost dead
  5. Transfer Contacts from BlackBerry to iPhone ?
  6. Do you find yourself defending your gender?
  7. Flirty or friendly part 2
  8. Staying too long ?
  9. Lost.
  10. contacting his ex
  11. My wife wants me to sell my sports car as a symbolic gesture
  12. Ugh, I hate the best man
  13. Anyone else try to get their spouse to join TAM?
  14. Need Some Advice - Finances & Job
  15. Men and Money
  16. wanting my spouse to fall in love with me again
  17. Post from a hypocrite (me)
  18. my wife refuse to wear a wedding ring
  19. Hi story ..please shed some light
  20. My ex boyfriend dedicated this song to me?!!
  21. What is inappropriate?
  22. How has TAM made your marriage/relationship better
  23. middle of the crossroads
  24. Not sure why...
  25. Not sure what to do...
  26. Told me tonight he wants a divorce
  27. What's the Priority?
  28. What can i do?
  29. Best thing about 'alone time'
  30. personal trainer and free training?
  31. Just being yourself
  32. Sex, Drink and Everything
  33. Work is what's for dinner.
  34. Does a person's intentions make a difference
  35. Who has attended Landmark Forum events?
  36. I am a complete non-priority to my spouse.
  37. Help with Insecure Husband....
  38. Back With an Update!
  39. How to stay away from bad boys?
  40. Coparenting with X. Problem with GF!
  41. Hanging out with other people without spouse
  42. Jealousy?
  43. Husband and I are both controllers! Advice??
  44. Help! Absolutely Terrified.
  45. Should I Spank Her
  46. Caught in a trap and can't get out!!
  47. Abusive husband. Feel so alone and don't know what to do
  48. Active Listening
  49. Moving Close to In Laws House or Parents House or Somewhere Else?
  50. Confused - am I brainwashed???
  51. Marriage propsal to long distance relative
  52. Want to start an affair and need some tips.
  53. Husband's friends advising him to divorce me?
  54. I am not sure what my problem is
  55. Emotional Affair Pls help
  56. Women's Mid Life Crisis
  57. Help I lied...
  58. new marriage and its issues
  59. Wife wants me to disown my family
  60. Swinging
  61. Did anyone consider no relationship in life?
  62. is this wrong?
  63. Unemployment and relationship issues. Long. New. Really need help.
  64. The CONFLICT thread...4 types...the 5 to 1 ratio in Marriage Conflicts...
  65. Am i wrong to travel without him?
  66. How to talk to your wife
  67. 3 years and assistance on boundaries
  68. Why would you NOT be transparent?
  69. Taking Relationship pole!!
  70. Such a thing as Stepmother abuse? Must decide soon whether to leave-health failing
  71. How often should i be seeing her???
  72. Lost and unsatisfied with 14 year marriage
  73. Confess to spouse: Good idea or bad?
  74. Mid-life crisis at 30?
  75. Girlfriend freaking out
  76. Husbands Best Friend in love with him
  77. Input into my marriage
  78. my wife has some mental issues?
  79. Finally told wife how much her attitude is bothering me...need some input please
  80. Craziest Thing You've Done
  81. Got myself into a mess.
  82. Husband's Wandering Eyes
  83. The monster inside.
  84. Household chores
  85. Can a person fool a counselor or psychologist?
  86. Is it acceptable to flirt outside the relationship?
  87. Would so appreciate your opinion
  88. Housework - what's fair?
  89. How do you deal with a workaholic?
  90. What gives your Life Meaning & Purpose...your greatest inner happiness?
  91. Lack of understanding
  92. Would you marry a partner you did not love? Why is hubby that unexpressive?
  93. If this were your BF of 9 months, would you dump him?
  94. Naked Often in front of Spouse?
  95. Poll to help with my next question
  96. How to let married women know I'm interested?
  97. Single Men & The Married Woman
  98. How to relax boundaries?
  99. New Relationship and little sex!!!!
  100. My boyfriend found out about a past guy who he hates
  101. Nearest Human Syndrome. Or why it's always your fault
  102. Advise???
  103. Am I a complete Jerk?
  104. Ladies! Some perspective on this please!
  105. Open Relationship???
  106. Help
  107. In laws might as well move in... Going nuts
  108. Can a Separation Work?
  109. suicide only hope, I have no friends or anyone i can talk to
  110. My Wife left me after 10 years
  111. Building a home together can be home-wrecking.
  112. Meeting kids
  113. Balance between parents and wife
  114. Need Advice-Confused
  115. I made a big mistake tonight.
  116. Need Opinion: Husband filed for Divorce
  117. Boob Jobs and Marriage!
  118. Issues with girlfriends children
  119. talk to much
  120. How do you know you're having a good day?
  121. How to bond with my girlfriends son
  122. Mismatched intellect
  123. Are we growing apart?
  124. Other people messing up our relationship! Need advice!
  125. Should I be worried?
  126. Relationship Help
  127. Wife is tired. Just tired. Not angry, sad, PO'ed. Just tired.
  128. I thought men cheated more..?
  129. relationship seminars/workshops
  130. Need a little help...letting wife's moods affect me
  131. OMG! im having an affair!
  132. Job Prospects - Should I stay or should I go?
  133. Is this emotional cheating??
  134. Fallout from past sexless marriage
  135. Hello, i'm new.
  136. Opposite Sex Friends?
  137. Not sure Where to go from here
  138. Needing help on long-term relationship
  139. Trying to deal with my husband's friend who is a girl
  140. Feeling pressured about finding work.
  141. Facebook.
  142. Please help with this decision...
  143. Dating my ex fiancÚ's friend & I'm falling in love. Am I crossing a line?
  144. 4 years of being ABUSED, need help!!
  145. What marriages are worth saving?
  146. Just a BJ?
  147. How much should you have in common?
  148. 'Outsourcing' parts of your marriage (?!)
  149. Coming back to haunt me.....
  150. I feel so wrong and disfunctional
  151. Young marriage need help
  152. Do you wear your wedding ring?
  153. I don't understand
  154. Breaking out of self-defeating alpha/beta insanity
  155. Stupid Reason for Breaking Up?
  156. My Husband Doesn't Do Anything With Me
  157. What to do
  158. To Those Feeling Torn Apart Yet Still Hanging On
  159. dealing with insecurity in a marriage
  160. Does A Marriage Make You Happy...
  161. Sammy's getting married
  162. Even worth it anymore?
  163. When? When do you know??
  164. Pre-nup overturned...and she was cheating
  165. Was I wrong?
  166. Our journey after 1st MC session
  167. Divorced twice, Am I crazy to remarry?
  168. How to spot a cheater before marrying one
  169. How do I break up with him?
  170. Flirt or friendly?
  171. Ignorant and Ill-informed?
  172. What is she doing?
  173. Passive Aggressive real life examples
  174. Does counselling therapy help?
  175. Need questions for sexual test for RP play.
  176. Same tastes in music, TV shows, movies, etc?
  177. 45 Minute Chat
  178. If you saw a beautiful person would you tell your spouse?
  179. What do men say when they are alone without their wives, hanging out with each other
  180. Miserable spouse
  181. I dated the psycho narcissist and lived to tell the tale
  182. Sudden emotional detachment + separation
  183. Facts about men? Plus kissing good for you?
  184. How do you work Finances re: Trips
  185. controlling husband
  186. How do I get what I want?
  187. Wife has gone from "numb" to "angry"
  188. Going to woman up and talk to him
  189. Mid-life.
  190. Have I made a mistake marrying my husband? Fool in love?
  191. Marrying an American woman, realistic?
  192. Relationship issues! How much is too much tiem with a friend?
  193. 5 years and it's day to day..
  194. Couples splitting at social events
  195. When you both overreact, who 'caused' the resulting upset?
  196. guys help me out with this
  197. Manicure Chaffeur?
  198. Just A Simple marriage question
  199. Have you ever heard of no fap? An anti porn site?
  200. You ever date ugly people in the hopes that they won't cheat on you?
  201. dirty laundry!!!!!!
  202. I Feel Like My Husband is Holding Me Back
  203. NJ court ruling blocking newborn's dad from delivery room is first in nation
  204. Pets and your spouse
  205. 12 year old Step-son and Husband
  206. Finding the right person after a failed marriage
  207. Advice Please...
  208. Terrible communication with husband
  209. Need some reassurance that things will be okay
  210. To agree or to disagree, that is the question....
  211. General Survey
  212. In sickness and in health - poll
  213. Dating a (genuinely) nice guy - helllp
  214. Disconnected father?
  215. Confused on What to Do?
  216. Thoughts on new approach when fighting with wife.
  217. Deciding on marriage
  218. A Wifes Reaction to Her Husbands Lies
  219. I wrote this in 2007, married with kids, was in love...
  220. Hard to listen to......
  221. Is she flirting?
  222. Husband in need of help
  223. Nerve wracking
  224. Something to nothing
  225. Does he realize...?????
  226. Is my husband abusive?
  227. What does Respect look like to you?
  228. 10 months with no contact
  229. Wife being silly with ex
  230. Married But Feel Like I'm Living The Single Life
  231. Can I have my own savings account?
  232. My husband stays out all night
  233. Pre-nuptial protection
  234. how to make my bf agree he is very stubborn
  235. My depressed fiance who left me - further along our road
  236. First Argument in our marriage, about a dog? Wife hates her own dog.
  237. Need Answer To Sexless Question???
  238. My Girlfriend is going through depression!!
  239. Thoughts on Dating during Separation
  240. Types of betrayal
  241. What Happen to Anon Pink?
  242. Anyone ok with LD in beginning
  243. Need opinions. What should I do?
  244. Confused don't know if the addiction is the problem or is it me? MEN PLEASE HELP
  245. Tired of accepting men's stereotypes!
  246. Antisocial husband
  247. Too far gone?
  248. "Surviving Infidelity" by Michelle Langley, question for TAM members.
  249. Yeah, right!
  250. Advise needed on emotions