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  1. the situation
  2. 6 months of trying for a baby...
  3. Relationship with Parents
  4. Hope
  5. days without seeing each other and then fighting :(
  6. 0 sympathy after plastic surgery
  7. Dealing with husband that won't help aroung house
  8. Help - engaged and been together 5 years!!
  9. He will go down with the ship
  10. What did YOU change when you got M'd?
  11. Fatuous Love - Essential?
  12. He says he'll stop drinking once we have kids...
  13. Slightly unstable wife, maybe?
  14. Do I have a problem?
  15. Can Porn Cause Erectile Dysfunction?
  16. My husband leading money to his mom.
  17. just when I thought things were going well...
  18. Advice needed
  19. Why long term relationship or even marriage?
  20. Am I Picky or Not Ready?
  21. Divorce seems imminent
  22. Zero Negativity
  23. Am I Emotionally Abusive?
  24. Staying together for the kids sake, the right thing to do?
  25. Wife and the Xmas Do.
  26. Love? or using me?
  27. Maybe I'm just over-reacting..?
  28. Embarrassed to post about sex, but...
  29. Age difference in a relationship
  30. shy guy or hot girl?
  31. So who hates their spouses smart phone?
  32. How random.
  33. Husband prefers video sex
  34. Counselors
  35. How did your life change after having a child?
  36. **RANT** Really, you think I'm that stupid?!?!
  37. Hanging out with ex?
  38. My husband is very please!
  39. Sigh, sex in marriage
  40. will this ever end?
  41. Found out he's married
  42. Don't even know where to put this...
  43. So I'm evidently a nice guy
  44. Giving up on love
  45. Wife and I had a huge bloody fight this morning
  46. short courtships
  47. Is this disrespectful?
  48. GNO or BNO
  49. First Year Of Marriage - Working as a team?
  50. Is it weird to stay friends with your SO's family after a break up?
  51. Kiss Me I'm Desperate
  52. Husband looks at teen porn and photos of teen girls
  53. Wife fears returning to work will kill marriage
  54. Girls Night Out
  55. Need to change things but I don't know how or where to start
  56. Im lost in love
  57. No Alone Time (with child)
  58. Is this right? What am I missing?
  59. Motives of spouse a having a toxic friend?
  60. How to get over resentment and forgive?
  61. I just had to post this..
  62. Wife's work xmas party is soon
  63. when is it time to leave?? Desperate for help
  64. I love it when my partner ......
  65. My feelings and interests in a girl has me in a dilema
  66. Affair is worth?
  67. Cuteness
  68. So annoyed, how is this right?!
  69. I just don't know what I am doing anymore
  70. I am happy & love him, why do I feel this?
  71. Remebering...
  72. blowing up over diaper contents...unbelievable..
  73. What about Bob?
  74. GPS location sharing with spouse?
  75. Long term effects of childhood abuse
  76. How to deal with agressive and emotionally unavailable husband
  77. Would YOU be upset with your spouse or partner if,
  78. Do you use pet names with your SO?
  79. Birthday bummer
  80. Wife and Mother - Advice please
  81. Tired of carrying the load
  82. Need advice desperately
  83. Do I deserve a second chance?
  84. I need help.
  85. H says I'm "oversensitive"
  86. Help me understand hubby's behaviour.
  87. To diagnose or not to diagnose?
  88. Jealosy? Control? Isolation? Worry? Or is it just Love?
  89. Do I stay or go?
  90. Wife's Spring Break Trip and Other Problems
  91. Thoughts please
  92. What to do?
  93. Raising the bar
  94. Domestic violence
  95. getting his attention and getting US back
  96. The 'Door' Test - Bronx Tale
  97. Do you and your SO have a 'thing'
  98. I angered her...she cut me off
  99. Need help battling co-existence
  100. Online Serial Dating
  101. I think I'm going crazy
  102. Considering ending my engagement
  103. I am at a loss of how to work on my marriage
  104. I feel loved.....
  105. i may leave a Fiance that i love
  106. Father spiteful of ex
  107. What Pet/Nickname Do You Call Your Spouse?
  108. weight loss
  109. Bad Marriage - My Fault
  110. Do I Expect Too Much From Husband
  111. remarried and having problems with her ex
  112. Is it common for a wife to refuse to be naked during sex and why are women insecure?
  113. Odds Favor White Men, Asian Women On Dating App
  114. help she thinks i cheated but i didn't
  115. "Simple" question
  116. Can't get over past issues
  117. Forgiveness and letting things go
  118. Waiting for her to decide
  119. Where we are now....
  120. Urgent - manipulative MIL
  121. Newbie here a bit of an ongoing struggle
  122. Need advice
  123. 3rd Marriage
  124. Having a really bad day
  125. tired of huband never being home
  126. Worried, Angry, and Depressed
  127. Consistency in relationships
  128. Is Snooping Ever "OK"?
  129. Played a game with husband and wow...
  130. How often does your spouse complain?
  131. I deeply hurt and may never find another husband
  132. Not too sure about the future
  133. Not too sure about the future
  134. In love with a deeply difficult person?
  135. Lazy fiance -- or am I nitpicky?
  136. Wife of 24 years lied about her past travels
  137. Unsure about reconcilation
  138. Anyone with a workaholic significant other?
  139. Still young, still a baby
  140. Heart Broken
  141. I did something terrible and really need help getting out of this mess
  142. Am I unreasonable?
  143. Ughh...tried to confront him about snoring...didn't anticipate this reaction!
  144. Environmental Changers (for someone in D process)
  145. Financial Disagreements
  146. Tired of being lonely
  147. Are You a Giver or a Taker?
  148. ugghhh :(
  149. New stage in my life.
  150. Marrying my first girlfriend with sexual desire for other women?
  151. Depressed Husband vs Unsure Wife
  152. Finally standing up for myself...Parents please read
  153. wife says she's done...that I am too needy?
  154. Anyone change jobs because of your marriage?
  155. I'm I being unreasonable?
  156. Please help - the past shadows our marriage
  157. Feeling sad...Have we just lost the spark or is this curable ?
  158. Wife's close friend is toxic
  159. Do I confront him
  160. I need your advice...
  161. Not sure where to turn...
  162. I don't know how to continue
  163. Holy Crap, she thinks Im Gay!!!!!!!!!
  164. Relationship success after divorce?
  165. Lost, hurt and confused
  166. Thoughts on dating after 14 yrs of marriage
  167. Someone please give me advice
  168. Serious answers only please
  169. Tired of being roommates!
  170. Started dating!!
  171. How to appreciate what you have
  172. can my wife love me again?
  173. Men with attractive wives have happier marriages
  174. Maybe I'm just venting...
  175. Husband out of love but comfortable... Help.
  176. Married 11 years, divorce pending, please help
  177. convince my wife that I love her
  178. Why is Marriage so Hard? How do We Simplify?
  179. Feel like I live in Crazytown Tonight
  180. Bad Kisser a deal breaker?
  181. I am PA
  182. Mehhhn Need more Input!
  183. do you think cheating is as bad as withholding sex?
  184. divorce after 9 months of marriage
  185. Hosting Xmas Party Too Much To Ask?
  186. "Work Dinner" thoughts
  187. Advice please
  188. Found his stash of condoms
  189. When You are a PITA, Does the Message Lose Meaning?
  190. Teenage love and then marriage.
  191. Am I being too sensitive?
  192. 40's dead sex life
  193. I might have crossed the line with a married woman :(
  194. Responding to Passive Aggression
  195. Am I Being Unreasonable? Is My Wife A Butthead?
  196. The important steps to take for building a better relationship or Marriage
  197. Remembering the past, or missing it?
  198. Is this divorce worthy?
  199. Crazy Jealous Wife?
  200. Fiancee left me like a bolt from the blue
  201. Can you rebuild your marriage without communication?
  202. Writing a goodbye letter (no cheating)
  203. Why is he calling his ex-wife? He left her for me.Please read! I need advice.
  204. Would anyone else be frustrated?
  205. Newly married need some advice
  206. Discussing topics I don't care about
  207. Help, Help, going out for a cup of coffee with ex wife.
  208. [OM]Watch Thor/Bad Grandpa Online
  209. I need help...
  210. Semi-Long Distance relationships
  211. How important is attraction?
  212. Suddenly she is mad
  213. Don't Marry Career Women
  214. In love with my ex ... now what ?
  215. Flirtatious language and intimate picture with a business partner
  216. Women and jerks
  217. In danger of becoming a WAW
  218. Lots of things (like everyone else)
  219. Jealousy!
  220. A simple question that says a lot?
  221. House of cards
  222. Great marriage, unresolved issues.
  223. Wife is a rude morning person!
  224. Dilemma
  225. Communication in a foreign language
  226. How much relationship advice should a husband give to a single female friend?
  227. met someone, need to tell her the truth
  228. I regret not being wild
  229. Travelling
  230. Please help me I am so worried
  231. Would you have a problem with this?
  232. need advice
  233. Kick out an awesome mother-in-law?
  234. In sickness and health
  235. No matter what I do its not enough.
  236. Married at 22, living apart with parents in college and no job?
  237. How to deal with doubts in relationships?
  238. Partner wants more women
  239. Walk Away Wife-- here is where I am at
  240. Moral Compass
  241. My husband is having an Emotional Affair
  242. Realized wife has pd way too late. Parenting??
  243. Hubby started sleeping outside
  244. Married but choosing to live separtely
  245. feeling guilty :-(
  246. People who blame others and take no responsibility for their own actions
  247. My husband is selfish!
  248. Loneliness and Financial Stress
  249. Feel so lost
  250. H said this... what does it mean?