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  1. I don't know what to do about my wife
  2. Am I deluded or is he partly to blame for our marital breakdown?????
  3. Balancing household duties
  4. Husband shovling female neighbor's yard
  5. Should I be concerned?
  6. Need Help, Birthday party??
  7. Is my marriage based off of sex?
  8. wife likes to have fun.
  9. Past is not always the past!!lies and manipulation
  10. How Should I Handle This Situation?
  11. Skiing with a friend while married
  12. Hurt..lost..venting
  13. Does religion make a person more likely to stay in a bad marriage?
  14. We want to live in different places ?
  15. Feeling lost!
  16. How to leave? its all such a mess..
  17. Feeling guity because of "happy ending."
  18. Cant find it , dont know where to put it. Book titles. You can share titles to
  19. Marriage dying, wife doesn't seem to care
  20. Why do Some Women Stay With Abusive Men?
  21. In sickness and in health
  22. Help, Foreshadowing Trouble?
  23. To reconcile or not to reconcile?
  24. and he wonders why i get mad
  25. My wife is furious with me and doesnt care about my feelings HELP!!!
  26. I'm 25 and I want to propose to my girl but...
  27. husband driving me crazy
  28. He finally admitted it to me!!!!
  29. Help dealing with stbxw (BPD traits?)
  30. Being supportive of stupidity
  31. Birthdays and Celebrations with Partner
  32. Can a marriage be successful with a passive-agressive husband?
  33. Love as an excuse - what do you think
  34. Did you believe you had married your soulmate, and do you still think so now?
  35. Caught My wife watching her Ex.BF pics in FB
  36. Need Help--Facebook is a curse
  37. my girlfriend was cheating-very complex
  38. Stone Walling - Silent Treatment from Spouse
  39. Wife seems to treat her family with more respect than me.
  40. What do I do?
  41. Why is he doing this?
  42. Confused... Like Totally!!!
  43. Acronyms on this site
  44. Men and bodily functions...
  45. Husband cheating with another man
  46. having sex is a job
  47. Standing Up For Your Wife
  48. What's wrong with my husband?
  49. Prostitute Talk
  50. Blowup with MIL on Christmas Day
  51. I'm a stupid guy who needs family is at stake and my sanity!!
  52. Is it normal for one spouse to restrict internet access?
  53. I have a sinking feeling
  54. A sign that things are about over with.....
  55. My Dad is a Grump - My Wife Has Given Up on Him
  56. engaged but with a serious crush on someone else
  57. Married/In Love/Stuck
  58. Christmas Thoughts
  59. please help!!!
  60. What did you guys get on this chirstmas?????
  61. Puppy has brought togetherness.
  62. i am confused
  63. Husband & Mother-in-law Trying to Cut the Mother out of her kid's life
  64. husband left and is Christmas Eve! :(
  65. H will go out with his guy friends but not me
  66. At a Crossroad
  67. Lets see if other people find this disgusting as I do
  68. Anger & phone gaming
  69. Am I Evil?
  70. Merry Christmas
  71. Size matters- At least in my case
  72. Mutually beneficial arrangements and when one spouse breaks it
  73. Getting closer to being done....
  74. I feel like I'm not completely open about my feelings
  75. questioning my decisions
  76. If a husband gets a lap dance from another woman is it cheating?
  77. Just venting!!
  78. Children and sex
  79. Is it time to quit?
  80. Compatibility of marriage partners
  81. Communication Catastrophe =/
  82. Faking it...
  83. Would you/spouse do the "indecent proposal" for 10 million net dollars?
  84. Am I Cheating on my Wife?
  85. Husband wants to move
  86. "I'd just like to be friends handsome...not ready for anything more."
  87. Wife is infertile, I would like kids
  88. Immaturity and Child like Adults
  89. Is there a word for this?
  90. Would you go out without your spouse if they asked you to? A little tiff were having
  91. A gift of divorce this Christmas
  92. A Second Look At Polyamory
  93. Menopause?
  94. Is this possible?
  95. Would this bother you?
  96. The first year of marriage
  97. What is 180?
  98. A long story
  99. Purposely hurtful behaviour?
  100. Urgent Help Needed!!!
  101. Mess, mess and moaning
  102. Confused about what to do
  103. How to stop being a naggy/dependent wife?
  104. Should marriage really feel like "work"?
  105. Why get married
  106. Would you be upset if...
  107. Did I do well to keep it a secret?
  108. Is it greener on the other side?
  109. The EX is back in the picture.
  110. any advice?
  111. What am I suppose to take away from this *engagement ring question*
  112. Wife won't confront family
  113. Would you turn in your spouse?
  114. The Pillar is starting to crack...
  115. Birthday ideas for my husband needed, help!
  116. Can women be "nice girls"?
  117. Wife had an abortion 5 years ago,now wants to adopt sisters kid
  118. Need guidance
  119. what to do?
  120. what to do?
  121. Trust, openness and privacy in a relationship
  122. Husband thinks he works harder than he does
  123. For people who have had babies,do you hate it when people come up to you in public?
  124. Am I too Needy?
  125. Lost and hurt
  126. Nervous about posting as new member
  127. The Day I Dread Is Almost Here
  128. Routine sex becoming a problem
  129. How Narcissistic Parents Affect Their Kids
  130. Christmas gift idea for a classy lady ?
  131. Where do these accusations come from?
  132. Arguing with my wife is a civil war
  133. Christmas gift ideas
  134. Am I kidding myself
  135. I need help connecting and emmotionally opening up with my wife
  136. Anyone read this book?
  137. Need help win wife back
  138. How I ended up on here
  139. Acolades for the Narcassist
  140. need help
  141. Positive attitudes to porn in relationships
  142. Please help me on what to do
  143. How am I doing with Mr. Controling and Irritable?
  144. What to do?
  145. Male teacher, 55, hugs me and call me soulmate - why?
  146. Life goal issues
  147. Disapointed in my Husband and his family
  148. Signs of Bi-Polar wife
  149. How do I explain an emotional affair?
  150. Resentment
  151. Sex life lacking
  152. Celebration
  153. what should I do?
  154. Am I overreacting or could he be cheating?
  155. Videoing other women on family holiday
  156. Beach BUM????
  157. Can I trust him?
  158. When is too much change without agreement too much?
  159. Tired...why am always the one to advocate saving the marriage...
  160. I'm withering...
  161. My wife's emotional affair. HELP!
  162. Do all opposite sex friendships become physical sooner or later?
  163. The "ex" factor
  164. How much lifestyle choices and outlook on life affect marriage
  165. Sex Life
  166. Very angry - am I right to be?
  167. Do I have reason to be pissed off at wife?
  168. How to deal with feelings for a married woman
  169. Is this how marriage is supposed to be?!
  170. Love intensity after 50?
  171. Problems in my marriage! need help please!!!
  172. Confused..
  173. I want us to be more, and I can't stop thinking about him. Please help!
  174. How to navigate negativity
  175. Very interesting comment...
  176. Emotional need: Admiration
  177. The Engagement Ring Debacle.
  178. Please help me...
  179. I'm sad
  180. Do Spouses Have the Right To Expect Each Other To Stay in Shape?
  181. wife doesnt love me and i'm so hurt this xmas!
  182. what to do when you cant stand your husband anymore?
  183. Following Your DREAMS VS 9-5 WHITE COLLAR JOBS
  184. Is she really over her ex....
  185. Sure would be nice to get a notice when a thread gets clobbered
  186. "i love you but im not in love with you"
  187. Being wrongly accused
  188. Divorce because we are poor? Is it wrong?
  189. Really
  190. How do you know when you love someone?
  191. please help me fix my life
  192. I don't know how to support my Husband any more.
  193. Family in town...
  194. Fighting - What is normal in a marriage?
  195. Wife's work relationship with male superiors
  196. scared and ashamed
  197. Friending & Lying About Exes on Facebook
  198. Texting Married Bartender
  199. Increased sexual interest vs. Emotional Affairs
  200. Could you get past a spouse telling they do not love you as much anymore?
  201. He doesn't have my back:(
  202. The way I treat you
  203. making me crazy
  204. Reasonable to forbid guests?
  205. Should I stay or should I go?
  206. How do you know if a delivery person was attracted to you?
  207. Anybody wanna help cheer my wife up.
  208. I hate his phone
  209. Is this over the top?
  210. Book suggestion for the lost and confused
  211. Animal Issues
  212. Confessions of a porn hater
  213. Cheated by Husband- Cry for help!!!
  214. Am I good enough to marry him?
  215. Partner has inappropriate relationship with co worker, I'm at my witts end!
  216. Wifes Sudden Change
  217. Living at boyfriends parents house is doing my head in!!!!!
  218. I want to save this...
  219. I NEED HELP! Is my husband an abuser? Can I save it?
  220. Am I being respected ... is there a simple test?
  221. Looking for an unbiast opinion -sorry long post
  222. Going through rough times in my marriage
  223. Who's first the (New Wife) or (Biological Kids)
  224. I married a little kid... need advice.
  225. need advice
  226. What are you getting your significant other for Christmas this year?
  227. Am I really paranoid or intuitive?
  228. I don't know what to do
  229. I feel like my fiance is holding me back
  230. My wife cooks chicken for the dog but not for me
  231. Need advice about marriage
  232. Confused
  233. What to do
  234. For the sake of my son how do I maintain a relationship with my former wife
  235. nearing my end
  236. Help me! Am I right or just paranoid?
  237. Need Serious advice
  238. When not to use a condom.....
  239. Am I asking to much??? sorry this is long
  240. Longing for intimacy
  241. My story (BPD wife?)
  242. What is this?
  243. love must be tough
  244. What Happens To Sex After Marriage?
  245. bf kind of treats me like a maid but doesn't think so
  246. My sister in law and I can't stand each other. What to do?
  247. I'm back from my exile!
  248. Any have spouse with attachment issues?
  249. New to the forum!
  250. What should love feel like after 20 years of marriage?