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  1. Beautiful Statement About a Man's Emotional/Sexual Needs!
  2. Thoughts on snapchat?
  3. Help! Lost in my new marriage!
  4. My Marriage Issues and New Way out
  5. How do to make things better?
  6. Wife wants divorce right after marriage
  7. sisters in law (long)
  8. Just found out husband has 16 yr old we never knew about
  9. Former long FWB of BF
  10. my husband accuses me of cheating when i am not!!
  11. finally found out WHY my husband said he loves me less
  12. I am angry at my husband
  13. Book recommendation: Too Good to leave Too bad to Stay
  14. Where to start?
  15. Are Older woman/younger man relationships the least accepted type?
  16. I'm Crying Because I'm Just Mentally Worn.
  17. Tips to be a better husband
  18. pantyhose on my husband
  19. My random thought for the day... "You don't make me happy anymore"
  20. LTR and "stay at home" type connection to succesful marraige
  21. Should I see him again?
  22. Why don't men talk as much about their feelings / thoughts as women do?
  23. Doubts
  24. Don't know if I'm a really good person or just really stupid
  25. Paranoia or not big deal?
  26. Need a Woman's Point of View- Is My Situation Fair?
  27. For the Love of Logic
  28. Tired of feeling tired.
  29. Question
  30. My Marriage Has Gone Sour... please help!!
  31. Gender relations and the current state of Misogyny/Misandry
  32. Husband deployed, need advice
  33. ruined everything?
  34. Am I Wrong?
  35. Spouse's mental health - should I worry?
  36. Wife's Job Affecting Home Life
  37. Terms of endearment from a stranger?
  38. i think my husband is bord with me
  39. Is the 'Bad Boy' thing really just a 'Bad Girl' thing?
  40. Please help!!!! I don't know what to do!
  41. Affection as a form of control?
  42. Keeping up with her happiness
  43. I need help, I lied and cheated. she left, and i want her back
  44. Love Vs Love Arranged dis a successful marriage..readers please judge..
  45. Should this ever come from partners mouth?
  46. Openess and Selfishness
  47. Relationship Trends
  48. Wife wants more kids. I do not.
  49. My need to please is stressing us ALL out.
  50. Giving Up
  51. Family or Relationship
  52. x men days of future past/godzilla Full Movie
  53. Abusive wife?
  54. Remembering the ex's death
  55. How much is fair to pay for expenses?
  56. trouble with husband
  57. I Want to move and he dosen't..Who Wins??
  58. Drug addict and bi polar
  59. Please share ONE advice with someone heading to the altar...
  60. Physical Confrontation?
  61. The "Virgin" Killer
  62. Slapping Another Guy's Butt
  63. Husband cheated for 5 months before wedding
  64. Read: Shooter Elliot Rodger said he was ‘the good guy’ in manifesto, ‘My Twisted Worl
  65. Miss being stupid and Nieveq
  66. Don't know where to start....
  67. Do u stay
  68. Has anyone here left an OK marriage?
  69. Keeping the mystery alive - things your SO has not seen you do.
  70. love my husband and marriage but i feel unaccomplished
  71. Bickering/fighting for awhile now, what gives?
  72. Anal husband...
  73. Rebuilding trust after hurt
  74. Divorce or stay for the kids?
  75. Wife mentally/emotionally abuses me
  76. I used divorce as a threat
  77. Why does my wife enjoy bringing me down
  78. have you or your spouse fallen back in love successfully?
  79. Need some opinions, complicated story
  80. Are These Red Flags?
  81. Please help! I don't want my marriage to end.
  82. Opposites
  83. What does he want?
  84. Were you a virgin when you married?
  85. Whyyy am I having these thoughts? Happily married but....
  86. Husband caught emailing for over a year to work colleague on email. Is this cheating?
  87. Last anniversary
  88. How to fight insecurities?
  89. Getting Close With Other Couples
  90. Flaky female friend Advice please?
  91. Having doubts about DHs virginity before marriage :/
  92. Doesn't like going on dates
  93. Don't know what to do.
  94. Am I being a hippocrite?
  95. Unmotivated Wife
  96. Getting started with therapy - desperately need advice please!
  97. I think he's cheating. What should I do?
  98. Messed up somehow
  99. Myth: Everyone Deserves a Second Chance
  100. Divorced Filed, Trouble serving UPDATE
  101. Sexual report Card. What grade would you give your spouse?
  102. It looks like lies; should I confront it, let it go, or wait for more evidence?
  103. Not again..... Ladies, tell me whats going on
  104. issue with ex and gf?
  105. Wife's ex-boyfriends mom
  106. It was just sex. What gives?
  107. Wife wants to move across the Country
  108. Wilderness ... What's Up!
  109. My husband doesn't love me?
  110. are we wasting our time?
  111. i dont find her attractive anymore..
  112. Hi all, new member looking for some advice
  113. crossroads
  114. Not getting my space
  115. "Hold me Tight" , a book on "Emotionally focused therapy"
  116. Are we in trouble
  117. I'm boring and its costing me my relationship
  118. I think I'm done
  119. Where am I going wrong.
  120. Finally at the end of my rope!!!!
  121. Unsure of my marriage
  122. Does your spouse say anything if you run errands at night?
  123. Are you dishonest?
  124. Not feeling important to him
  125. Not attracted to any other guys
  126. Am I Cold-Hearted For Not Showing Compassion towards In-Laws?
  127. What to say to a spouse that is always complaining about their weight?
  128. I Don't Like his Facial Hair
  129. Adding spice to my marriage
  130. Is my husband Gay?
  131. TAM crushes
  132. Are you okay if your spouse loans money to friends/family, etc.?
  133. LRT meant to bring WAW back or... quite the opposite?
  134. Have I been expecting too much?
  135. Identifying Potential Cheaters - Possible or Impossible?
  136. High n Lows of Marriage
  137. Left wife temporarily for job
  138. Resenting lack of affection from my wife :(
  139. My pregnant wife had an "emotional" affair...
  140. Platonic? Or not...
  141. In seek of advice - neighbors
  142. Did having a child make you more childish?
  143. Getting and Staying Fit
  144. HowLong is Too Long for Intimacy?
  145. Enforce a boundary I set or give another chance?
  146. I need to quit my job!
  147. Windows 8 help...
  148. Forgive and FORGET
  149. Should I continue dating this woman?
  150. Therapy
  151. I want things to be better
  152. How do I take this?
  153. Would you Divorce your Spouse for Constantly Checking out their Ex Online
  154. Thanks, everyone for your advice.
  155. Anyone have a spouse with a parent in Alzheimer care unit?
  156. ineedtobreathe
  157. communication breakdown
  158. the money honey.
  159. its me or your daughter
  160. Damn it, even with no contact I hear about him
  161. Almost had an affair
  162. Needs more time and space
  163. Can't seem to feel any happiness
  164. Emotional abuse, marriage, and children.
  165. please help
  166. Disappointment - now resentment
  167. Advice needed concerning future mother-in-law.
  168. Q: Shows affection?
  169. I fell in love, but it can never be
  170. Can a wifes resentment ever be healed?
  171. My marriage has taken away the taste of peanut butter
  172. Chase bank accused of closing adult film stars accounts...your thoughts.
  173. I think my partner is seeing someone else
  174. Is my husband in love with his friend?
  175. Less than a day...
  176. Advice about Wife's drinking
  177. Can a Verbally Abusive Spouse Change?
  178. Can I Change Myself to End the Chaos?- LONG!!
  179. Wife of 26 years:
  180. Military life ruining my marriage?
  181. Caught hubby cheating
  182. I let him go
  183. Am I wasting my time
  184. Ancient history - should I let it bother me?
  185. Help: Worried about Working Out and Increased Sex Drive
  186. Help: Worried about Working Out Increased Sex Drive
  187. Evolution, Creation, & Growing Apart in Marriage
  188. Help! Depressed. I need advice.
  189. to get a cat or not to get a cat
  190. Won't make goals or things to look forward to
  191. Need some advice
  192. I just don't know what to do!
  193. man's insight needed
  194. Help I'm stuck trying to reconcile my marriage
  195. Sex after menopause
  196. 9 yo son breaks down. Now??
  197. Intimacy after affairs
  198. Dating advice
  199. Just making it work
  200. Am I being selfish here?
  201. Divorced Filed, Not Served - Is this the end?
  202. Are cheaters "supposed" to want to keep the relationship?
  203. Wife is constantly texting her best friend and its ruining our marriage
  204. Feeling Abandoned and rejected and anxious
  205. The never-good-enough wife saga continues
  206. Wife's Past- Trust issues
  207. totally confused
  208. Hate my wife's BFF
  209. Wife says she doesn't love me any more
  210. Is it ok to start thread not about relationships?
  211. Should i do something for my GF for mothers day??
  212. I'm really angry with my relationship
  213. " Good Men " and the " Knight in Shining Armor " syndrome...
  214. Why are some people still with their spouses?
  215. Frugality tips - please share
  216. Dog Priority over Me How to walk away without anger
  217. GF currently not affectionate
  218. Should Spouses Be Friends?
  219. dealing with people who try to interfere in your relationship
  220. What's going on?
  221. where do I go now?
  222. To expose or not expose?
  223. Need helpful advice please...
  224. How to broach personal grooming with husband
  225. My husband is Jekyll and Hyde.
  226. Buying presents
  227. How to end a marriage that was over long ago?
  228. Husband pushing self help books on me
  229. Am I crazy? Husband's female friend
  230. Marriage at a crossroads.
  231. ok MIL to Sick MIL Now What?
  232. What tactics do you use to diffuse an argument?
  233. How did you know when it was over?
  234. favours
  235. friends with a known cheater?
  236. Jealous of husband??
  237. Question about cheating
  238. He asks me this everytime...
  239. 38 Weeks Pregnant; Still Smoking Pack and a Half
  240. It's not him, it's me
  241. Fighting The Same Fight
  242. Hello, I'm 'losther's wife
  243. emotionally distant husband says he loves me less after every fight.what to do?
  244. Husband had an affair after 12 years of marriage
  245. Do I choose him or my mental health?
  246. visiting parents
  247. Anniversary, cheating nightmares men please respond
  248. Tired of wife's controlling behaviors
  249. Happy birthday?
  250. I know this isn't normal, is it?