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  1. Need some input please
  2. Appreciate Advice from Women or Men - I do not treat my wife well enough
  3. anyone have a husband with opposite schedule
  4. Jealous of spouse's favorite "stars"?
  5. I really need some honest help!
  6. Marriage in trouble
  7. Need advice from y'all on home remedies?
  8. Intense paranoia. Wife is no longer attracted to me.
  9. Defining relationship
  10. Why is everyone on here so un self-aware?
  11. Wondering if I should let my husband have opposite sex friends?
  12. How to approach business female?
  13. Empty
  14. My wife isn't funny....
  15. Inheritance vs Severance
  16. Odd Marriage, Considering Divorce, have Children, any suggestions
  17. EX Girlfriend
  18. Should I Leave Him
  19. BIL living with us.
  20. Is cheating my only option ???
  21. What is wrong with my Husband
  22. My fiance called me a sl*t and argued in public!
  23. Husband is telling co-workers I am mentally unstable
  24. Having issues accepting his friend
  25. I'm lost
  26. How to deal with the constant quarrels?
  27. Making 2x Your Spouse Salary...Joint Account?
  28. Need advice, can his abusive ways change???
  29. My Husband's Family Excludes Me Sometimes
  30. Stuck in the middle
  31. Does "Mr. Nice Guy Syndrome" happen with women?
  32. My life is a mess. Or am I mess?
  33. Married guys need your opinion on how you would react if spouse was in pain.
  34. How do you manage to maintain your sanity before moving out
  35. A Close Coworker Committed Suicide
  36. needs and happiness in relationships
  37. How do you do a 180 on a WAW?
  38. Friendship issue
  39. Severe communication issues!
  40. My husband doesn't spend time with me
  41. Does fake it till you make it work?
  42. The most unsupportive person = my husband!
  43. Marriage of generous and not
  44. Tragedy changing our relationship (sorry so long)
  45. return from vaca update - he won't go to counseling
  46. Why does my separated husband yell at me when i drop the kids off?
  47. I was just "fished"! Funny and Sad at same time
  48. Wife feels more like a friend...
  49. I am getting so sick of my husband
  50. He just told me he's done.
  51. Don't think my H finds me 'sexy'...
  52. I'm a Verbally Abusive SPOUSE!
  53. how do you leave a spouse who is in a deep depression?
  54. Wife has depression/mood disorder
  55. Why can't my house be cleaned?
  56. please if you could just give me your thoughts
  57. Feeling awkward and indifferent
  58. He puts his children ahead of our Relationship
  59. What is emotional/verbal/mental abuse?
  60. Picking fight??? how to handle???
  61. Passive-Aggressive Husband??
  62. Advice about Marriage and Moving Abroad... please read details
  63. Is being busy a real reason?
  64. The Drama Triangle
  65. Beautiful advice from a divorced man after 16 years of marriage
  66. My wife doesn't love me...
  67. Does my husband want me to get a divorce
  68. My husbands long time friend is in love with him...
  69. Please,how do I get over this pain,ways to get my husband back?
  70. Husband is on Sugardaddy. Is this cheating?
  71. He's too soft for me...
  72. I'm afraid I'm shutting down
  73. Who gets the kids?
  74. Am I being a baby, or was this rude?
  75. Date Night!
  76. Bunch of issues with my Hubby - need perspective!
  77. Losing my wife
  78. Just a vent...Don't know what I want
  79. Did I fall out of love with H?
  80. Splitting holidays
  81. Why does my separated Husband want to have sex with me one last time?
  82. Hanging out alone with opposite sex friend? without telling partner?
  83. Mother In Law
  84. Wife and my Family - Relationship
  85. Wife has called deadbeat dad.
  86. Do you talk about your marriage with other people?
  87. Am I being unreasonable?
  88. A new perspective ..
  89. Am I overreacting?
  90. weekend away did not enhance closeness of marriage
  91. Wife going out too much?
  92. This is very long Sorry, Need some opinions
  93. i'm close to cheating and need help
  94. child support?
  95. My wife says I'm controlling, don't give her freedom or love - what??
  96. What do I do...I am being deceived?
  97. Marriage advice please!
  98. I need a friend
  99. I enjoy my "old fashioned" marriage, why don't other women?
  100. He instigates fights before vaca
  101. 10 year bug????
  102. Healthy assertion or possesiveness
  103. Trouble with Family
  104. is this emotional abuse? update
  105. Should married couples discuss politics?
  106. Is my wife delusional or am I wrong not to tell her she is a "Yummy Mommy" ??
  107. New business killing our marriage
  108. need another viewpoint
  109. Not sure what the next move is
  110. Does Religion Help?
  111. Inappropriate touching by my husband
  112. To share all or not?
  113. Why did my sister in-law do this? What should I do now?
  114. Marriage: Trust vs. Sex
  115. Here we go again..history is repeating itself
  116. Engaged.. And Very Concerned.
  117. The ideal lady
  118. Since when did people become so weak that they can't cope with life?
  119. Newest spin on my Bipolar...I ain't! She is the looney one
  120. Hit husband. Don't know what to do
  121. Husband no longer attracted
  122. How did your life change when you got M'd?
  123. Children sleeping in same bed as mom and dad!
  124. Marriage/Cheating
  125. Problem Marriage?
  126. Unfaithful husband?
  127. Women, what 10 things do you have to offer a man?
  128. Women, what are your top 10 non negotiables?
  129. Should I be concerned?
  130. Wife vs. Mom
  131. Faithfull
  132. My Spouse has hundreds and hundreds of ...(Fill in the blank!)
  133. Time Apart/Together Time
  134. How does something so good.............
  135. Agrument over anniversary gift
  136. Underconstruction
  137. Birthdays...
  138. Marriage going downHill
  139. Why Do Promiscuous People Behave the Way They Do?
  140. My husband told me im Attractive but not Sexy
  141. New User Warning: May Contain Copious Amounts of Venting
  142. Want to stay married.....but...
  143. whats wrong with me?
  144. Wife is emotionally not connected, 22 year old father not sure what to do.
  145. My rough edges are why he is not 'in love' anymore
  146. Grumpy Husband
  147. The "weight" thread
  148. Baby is a ??????!!!!!!!
  149. Gifts from Opposite Sex
  150. Want to get married in my late 40s
  151. Daughters wedding a cause for argument!
  152. Culture and relationships
  153. venting - any advice/opinions welcome! tell me if I am out of line.
  154. At a crossroad
  155. What my husbands ex wife said
  156. Can't Stop Feeling Disappointed And Falling Apart
  157. Holiday Romance!
  158. Is this cheating ?
  159. Left abusive spouse to come home to abusive parents
  160. jealousy?
  161. Don't know what to think
  162. Regarding trust...
  163. What makes a date with someone memorable in your opinion?
  164. Is it possible to stay in love in a 20+ yr marriage?
  165. He called me stupid
  166. should I be worried about marriage counseling?
  167. Men dancing
  168. Is it inappropriate to?
  169. Does Religion Enhance Your Marriage?
  170. The girl likes me... and avoids me like the plague
  171. Charge young adult to come home weekends
  172. Will a marriage survive after certain cicumstances....
  173. Coupon on first date?
  174. Communication - do you understand satire or irony?
  175. Old story but advice needed
  176. appropriate flirting?
  177. frustrated 51 y/o man with questions
  178. Cheating Husband
  179. Should I stay or should I go??
  180. Moving in with spouse/SO mad nerves
  181. how long should you wait to date after separation
  182. is TAM open to open marriage?
  183. What do you think....
  184. Passive Agressive Husband
  185. emotional texting affair..seeking clarity
  186. negative husband complains constantly
  187. Married for 5 monts and feeling upset
  188. We are at it...again.
  189. blended family / complusive husband
  190. My mother's boyfriend's son
  191. Need Some Advice
  192. Child won't see new cousins
  193. Thinking about SO Exs
  194. RESPECT YOURSELF: Let's talk about it.
  195. Different ages
  196. How long for a relationship to recover?
  197. Married four months and having major difficulties
  198. how have you changed over the years? how has your love changed?
  199. Job Rejections are DESTROYING ME INSIDE!
  200. If her husband attackes her self-esteem.
  201. How do I make sure she stays the same?
  202. how do you know if your spouse loves you?
  203. Pokerface
  204. Why does my husband always bring up wpmen at work
  205. How do I NOT take this personal..
  206. Going with your spouse on a work trip...
  207. Husband Works Away
  208. I think the wifes gonna forget my Birthday... agian!
  209. Recently married and it seems the "honeymoon" is already over
  210. Is this real or wishful thinking?
  211. In law stresses : vent : input?
  212. How would you feel?
  213. Am I overreacting?
  214. My Wife Won't Move
  215. Feeling like a failure!
  216. Is my wife having an emotional affair or am I being ridiculous?
  217. What would you buy your spouse/mate if you won that BIG Lottery today?
  218. Tough choice ...
  219. Wanting to be alone for a few hours?
  220. My wife seems selfish and controlling
  221. Feeling Crazy! What has my life come to!
  222. No love lost
  223. Is she really working late?
  224. Another Verbal Abuse Thread
  225. Wife treats me like a child that owes her. I am not perfect.
  226. How do you survive it?
  227. Am I selfish for not wanting my husband to get a doctorate?
  228. Husband wants to join a band
  229. I don't know what to do anymore!
  230. Venting! Wow, I feel great now! NOT!
  231. Really need advice....
  232. Everytime we argue, I feel cornered.
  233. Long distance Husband Woes
  234. Why do I attract wrong men while married?
  235. Husband being abusive
  236. Is this sexual harassment?
  237. advice 101
  238. So many problems in a new marriage
  239. What does compatible mean to you?
  240. Need some Advice
  241. Long-Distance Relationships
  242. Too much guy time? Or am I just selfish
  243. How should I ask out this girl?
  244. Good advice via FB...
  245. should mother - in - law supports my husband to have double life get pict of my baby
  246. Need some advice about my married life
  247. Does a complete hysterectomy really change you?
  248. Date Night - Anyone do anything fun or different recently?
  249. need census
  250. today is our anniversary and not sure I want to celebrate it