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  1. Completely lost as to what I should do...
  2. Taken SERIOUS advantage of ??
  3. confused
  4. I seriously need advice!! PLEASE!!!
  5. Does your spouse play the "I work harder than you do" game?
  6. Ew. Is there any way to nicely tell him to lose the 'tude?
  7. I want to feel I'm attractive to women!
  8. Thanks TAM I have relief
  9. Just wondering, how to mention this to my DH?
  10. Just checking...
  11. Update
  12. Affair?
  13. How to share my feelings/thoughts?
  14. marriage counseling
  15. Sanity check: Is this selfish?
  16. How do i handle this?
  17. What do you think
  18. Need help dealing with BPD wife
  19. Anybody interested?
  20. Opposites attract... or do they...?
  21. Husband Jealous of My Past Relationships
  22. Another silent treatment thread
  23. Advice on Marriage
  24. So convenient...
  25. Family Issues
  26. Why is my husband like this??
  27. i have come to a conclusion
  28. Wandering aimlessly
  29. Is It Appropriate For A 9-Year Old To Have A Boyfriend?
  30. Need some real advice. (repost)
  31. How to behave with H when we have not seen each other for 1 year
  32. The wrong way v's the right way
  33. Husband not willing to work on marriage
  34. Advice on kids
  35. Husband bought a gun
  36. Not sure how to take it.......
  37. Breaking an Agreement with your spouse
  38. Had a talk with my BPD wife last night
  39. Immediate Family
  40. Is religion/church part of typical marriage counseling?
  41. How do I encourage my wife to WANT to look attractive for me
  42. Wife Read Personal notes (e.g., diary)
  43. Hubby lying about spending and many other strange behaviors. Any input is welcome!
  44. I think my friend is cheating on her husband. Advice?
  45. relationship going nowhere
  46. My husband's work seems like it's tearing us apart..
  47. Help Needed: Managing Conflict In A Relationship
  48. Talking too much?
  49. No Physical Affection
  50. Looking at you is too painful
  51. progressive love, is it for you...
  52. Frigid in the bedroom
  53. How to approach a child-like adult
  54. Husband disrespects me: confused about what to do.
  55. I feel selfish
  56. Any 3rd shift marriages?
  57. No social life
  58. Falling back in love stories...
  59. Wife causes a lot of stress on me
  60. Help with future in-laws
  61. Do I expect to much?
  62. How Do You Do It??
  63. Is it worth it?
  64. Second chance on my marriage, but is it worth it?
  65. Holiday blues...
  66. So unhappy, any input appreciated
  67. Is there hope????
  68. Nervous about marriage
  69. My take marriage
  70. Winning My wife Back
  71. Breaking up because of not enough time together
  72. New Relationship Concerns.....
  73. What makes a great relationship
  74. need help thinking about divorce! =(
  75. I just need someone to listen
  76. 2.5 months in...
  77. Cant Trust New GF
  78. I Am Living In A Nightmare Marriage. Need Serious Help
  79. Wife not happy
  80. A woman will marry her father.
  81. Unsure of wife's intention
  82. dating / cheating?
  83. Not sure how to cope
  84. Husband told me he does not want to work, ever.
  85. Mental trauma and sex strike from wife
  86. Communication Issues
  87. How to get my husband to read NMMNG or equivalent?
  88. when do the questions and thought in your head stop
  89. My Husband doesn't support me working.
  90. Only been married a year and a half and feel so alone
  91. Trying to understand want went wrong
  92. Allowing things to happen vs. taking chances?
  93. husband is never happy with me
  94. What did you decide?
  95. Keep working on it - When is enough?
  96. Sexless Marriage
  97. new here
  98. My marriage needs help, PLZ
  99. Big deal or am I just grouchy?
  100. Mind Games
  101. The Ugly Side of Marriage Forums
  102. I am a happy camper
  103. What constitutes an Emotional Affair
  104. Consequences of Divorce
  105. Broken Marriage, Trying to Make Sense...
  106. Miserable in marriage
  107. Message board
  108. I am 26 and she is 38, is this age difference will create problem if i marry her...
  109. The expression "trust issues".....what does that conjure up.....
  110. If a couple wins a large powerball jackpot...
  111. Actress wife with problems - warning, long winded
  112. Am I too jealous?
  113. Don't fake it!
  114. Wife's Daughter hates me
  115. Do you know what a healthy relationship looks like?
  116. Am I a crazy jealous wife?
  117. Husband says he doesn't know if he wants to be with me.
  118. A safe person
  119. Am I asking for too much?
  120. I saw sparks
  121. Life keeps getting more complicated...
  122. Taking Communication and Connection to another Level
  123. Tech question on privacy & audio/video recording legal?
  124. Where Do I Go From Here?
  125. New here with question
  126. Sorry, TAM members i m having an affair
  127. I think my relationship is dying...
  128. Just realized (dangit, I'm slow...)
  129. what should someone do if they have BPD?
  130. Advice / thoughts please
  131. Afraid of being single, don't want to date
  132. Why does he look?
  133. Am I Over-reacting?
  134. Am I Crazy or Does It All Make Sense ...
  135. Cant stop calling
  136. Fixing men...
  137. Sex on the first date
  138. How do I word this?
  139. How did you know he/she was The One?
  140. Help me please :(
  141. Going through a rough patch
  142. How Do I Deal with the Temper?
  143. reconciliation in a unique and advice
  144. New here...not sure where to start
  145. Escorts...secretes...Divorce to drastic?
  146. I feel like im destroying my marriage
  147. Should i break off the Marriage
  148. my parents dont like my boyfrnd
  149. my parents dont like my boyfrnd
  150. New here dealing with seperation
  151. Is 'compromising' the same thing as 'giving in'?
  152. Wife is leaving me, doesnt love me. Says I cant change her mind.
  153. help, wife is acting like a high schooler or am i overreacting.
  154. I need the secret magic decoder ring
  155. Hi Women/Couples - Played the Fool - Can You Help?
  156. In danger of self-destructing?
  157. Played as a FOOL, or FOOLISH???
  158. Cheating?
  159. Holiday Stress
  160. How does the "Nice Guy" do an 180
  161. when separate interests go too far...
  162. Dating other people while in a relationship
  163. 2 things troubling me
  164. Letting go of past hurts
  165. Should she be a mom or wife first?
  166. Is this marriage worth it?
  167. My husband is pushing me away...
  168. am I a fuddy duddy?
  169. I regret getting married
  170. Story of my love life: will I ever be able to move on?
  171. How do I get my husband to take me out more and have more enthusiasm?
  172. Honeymoon's Over- He's Stopped Trying
  173. Constructive way to handle problem
  174. Farting, belching, urinating and crapping with door open?
  175. Its his Family or Maybe it's just Him!
  176. feel so messed up
  177. I really must STOP doing this!
  178. I need the understand the logic behind this
  179. Advice on being fair with $$ and passive/aggressive X
  180. Sexual Morality
  181. How to deal with a irrational spouse?
  182. Friend doomed to repeat history..
  183. Worried about my wife
  184. Witholding sex...
  185. Afraid of leaving but it's too much to stay
  186. afraid to let her love me
  187. Discussions are biased to divorce
  188. I need advice...
  189. I Wish She Would Cheat - almost
  190. Another Emotional Affair Thread
  191. She left me !!!!
  192. Expectations VS Demands
  193. Long term bf has marriage phobia
  194. Husband 's birthday tomorrow
  195. Happy Thanksgiving!!!
  196. Promiscuous Behavior from being hurt
  197. Need Advice !
  198. Uncomfortable with husband's female friend
  199. trust
  200. found some text messages
  201. Having a hard time understanding this behavior.... any imput would be nice. Thanks!!
  202. Love or Pain - Help!
  203. MIL might watch the baby - problems?
  204. Problem in marriage! Need help please..
  205. Suttle Ex-Threats
  206. Wife just diagnosed...
  207. Gang, How Would You Handle This? Hubby's Counselor Causing Me Grief
  208. changing feelings
  209. Am I just being jealous
  210. Approach in offering help
  211. Need some advice about issue that happened to my wife
  212. SSRI's and marraige
  213. Step-son
  214. Worthy of another chance?
  215. Should these acts be seen as an open door to reconciliation?
  216. Beginning or beginning of the end...
  217. What are the signs of a womanizer?
  218. Are my feelings of anger towards my husband unfair?
  219. Need some advise.
  220. Regret cheating on my wife, she wants divorce
  221. what should i think
  222. I'm losing my husband...
  223. boyfriend has an opp sex friend
  224. When is the right time for this. *Need Advice*
  225. He says very hurtful things - should I forgive him?
  226. how to get my ex wife back,,
  227. traped and alone
  228. 20 Years Passive-Aggressive Husband Abuse
  229. Hey Guys. I'm New Here, and Need Some Help
  230. Tickets for see Andrea Bocelli
  231. 4 years together-not sexually attracted to him
  232. Wanted to Quote this...whether your married or not.
  233. i think my wife donst love me anymore??
  234. Accommodations
  235. Divorce most likely? Please help!
  236. Is it time to finish this?
  237. Guys... Give me some insight into this male way of thinking!
  238. Comedic video short on betrayal
  239. Advice
  240. My husband left me 5 months ago and now sent me a divorce notice
  241. wife problems
  242. i will finally post because i am at the breaking point
  243. Husband Won't Help Out
  244. How to tell friends about reconciliation - they dislike my fiance
  245. The Silent Treatment
  246. i made a mistake and i want to apologise
  247. I have to admit that I have an OW and I love her.
  248. Couples' counseling and verbal abuse??
  249. I think Paxil is ruining our marriage
  250. His words to me