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  1. OMG! im having an affair!
  2. Job Prospects - Should I stay or should I go?
  3. Is this emotional cheating??
  4. Fallout from past sexless marriage
  5. Hello, i'm new.
  6. Opposite Sex Friends?
  7. Not sure Where to go from here
  8. Needing help on long-term relationship
  9. Trying to deal with my husband's friend who is a girl
  10. Feeling pressured about finding work.
  11. Facebook.
  12. Please help with this decision...
  13. Dating my ex fiancé's friend & I'm falling in love. Am I crossing a line?
  14. 4 years of being ABUSED, need help!!
  15. What marriages are worth saving?
  16. Just a BJ?
  17. How much should you have in common?
  18. 'Outsourcing' parts of your marriage (?!)
  19. Coming back to haunt me.....
  20. I feel so wrong and disfunctional
  21. Young marriage need help
  22. Do you wear your wedding ring?
  23. I don't understand
  24. Breaking out of self-defeating alpha/beta insanity
  25. Stupid Reason for Breaking Up?
  26. My Husband Doesn't Do Anything With Me
  27. What to do
  28. To Those Feeling Torn Apart Yet Still Hanging On
  29. dealing with insecurity in a marriage
  30. Does A Marriage Make You Happy...
  31. Sammy's getting married
  32. Even worth it anymore?
  33. When? When do you know??
  34. Pre-nup overturned...and she was cheating
  35. Was I wrong?
  36. Our journey after 1st MC session
  37. Divorced twice, Am I crazy to remarry?
  38. How to spot a cheater before marrying one
  39. How do I break up with him?
  40. Flirt or friendly?
  41. Ignorant and Ill-informed?
  42. What is she doing?
  43. Passive Aggressive real life examples
  44. Does counselling therapy help?
  45. Need questions for sexual test for RP play.
  46. Same tastes in music, TV shows, movies, etc?
  47. 45 Minute Chat
  48. If you saw a beautiful person would you tell your spouse?
  49. What do men say when they are alone without their wives, hanging out with each other
  50. Miserable spouse
  51. I dated the psycho narcissist and lived to tell the tale
  52. Sudden emotional detachment + separation
  53. Facts about men? Plus kissing good for you?
  54. How do you work Finances re: Trips
  55. controlling husband
  56. How do I get what I want?
  57. Wife has gone from "numb" to "angry"
  58. Going to woman up and talk to him
  59. Mid-life.
  60. Have I made a mistake marrying my husband? Fool in love?
  61. Marrying an American woman, realistic?
  62. Relationship issues! How much is too much tiem with a friend?
  63. 5 years and it's day to day..
  64. Couples splitting at social events
  65. When you both overreact, who 'caused' the resulting upset?
  66. guys help me out with this
  67. Manicure Chaffeur?
  68. Just A Simple marriage question
  69. Have you ever heard of no fap? An anti porn site?
  70. You ever date ugly people in the hopes that they won't cheat on you?
  71. dirty laundry!!!!!!
  72. I Feel Like My Husband is Holding Me Back
  73. NJ court ruling blocking newborn's dad from delivery room is first in nation
  74. Pets and your spouse
  75. 12 year old Step-son and Husband
  76. Finding the right person after a failed marriage
  77. Advice Please...
  78. Terrible communication with husband
  79. Need some reassurance that things will be okay
  80. To agree or to disagree, that is the question....
  81. General Survey
  82. In sickness and in health - poll
  83. Dating a (genuinely) nice guy - helllp
  84. Disconnected father?
  85. Confused on What to Do?
  86. Thoughts on new approach when fighting with wife.
  87. Deciding on marriage
  88. A Wifes Reaction to Her Husbands Lies
  89. I wrote this in 2007, married with kids, was in love...
  90. Hard to listen to......
  91. Is she flirting?
  92. Husband in need of help
  93. Nerve wracking
  94. Something to nothing
  95. Does he realize...?????
  96. Is my husband abusive?
  97. What does Respect look like to you?
  98. 10 months with no contact
  99. Wife being silly with ex
  100. Married But Feel Like I'm Living The Single Life
  101. Can I have my own savings account?
  102. My husband stays out all night
  103. Pre-nuptial protection
  104. how to make my bf agree he is very stubborn
  105. My depressed fiance who left me - further along our road
  106. First Argument in our marriage, about a dog? Wife hates her own dog.
  107. Need Answer To Sexless Question???
  108. My Girlfriend is going through depression!!
  109. Thoughts on Dating during Separation
  110. Types of betrayal
  111. What Happen to Anon Pink?
  112. Anyone ok with LD in beginning
  113. Need opinions. What should I do?
  114. Confused don't know if the addiction is the problem or is it me? MEN PLEASE HELP
  115. Tired of accepting men's stereotypes!
  116. Antisocial husband
  117. Too far gone?
  118. "Surviving Infidelity" by Michelle Langley, question for TAM members.
  119. Yeah, right!
  120. Advise needed on emotions
  121. Second Shaadi is beneficial or not?
  122. Jut curious......
  123. Introduction
  124. Porn
  125. Pack Rats
  126. Not sure what to put as a title......
  127. Wife goes out all the time
  128. Should my girlfriend expect me to watch her kids?
  129. Questions
  130. The Emotional Connection
  131. Help: I don't know if I have a problem, or if I AM the problem.
  132. Total Lockdown
  133. Is my marriage even worth saving
  134. The OW: Another View
  135. Porn is different now. Potential Problem
  136. My husband is obsessed with video games
  137. Wife's occasional cruelty
  138. have you ever heard of anyone "checking out" of a relationship and coming back?
  139. I found my old self on the list...
  140. Light Hearted Joke
  141. He choked me. I don't know what to do.
  142. Wife's sense of entitlement
  143. This Girl Needs Guidance
  144. I don't know how to fix this...
  145. She doesn't love all of me
  146. Getting in sync
  147. All Latest Movies Available IN HD Quality
  148. How to move forward?
  149. I Don't Think I Can
  150. First Therapy Session......
  151. No help at all!!
  152. I am my wife's only serious relationship, she's having doubts about "romance"
  153. Girlfriend freaked out when I said I wanted to do yoga.
  154. IMBRA - How does it work?
  155. Trying to break free
  156. What Are Your "Deal Breakers"?
  157. Former Lovers at the Wedding...
  158. Moving for one and dealing with resentment
  159. 3 vacation trips without spouse?
  160. i don't think this is OK, but want general opinions
  161. First Marriage After 40?
  162. WTF?? I'm confused.
  163. Male insecurity
  164. Drinking while spending time with kids?
  165. Ridiculous criticism
  166. Should I end my relationship or get married?
  167. Facebook and Marriage
  168. my life turned upside down
  169. Names
  170. I really would like some help, support, insight as to what to do next
  171. lost love?
  172. I am desperate for some advice
  173. Mother in Law frustrations
  174. New to the forum and engaged to be married
  175. Emotionally Disconnected Wife
  176. i caught my husband watching porn and girls naked picture online
  177. Dauhgter gets sweaty mom blows a gasket.
  178. Girlfriend is always flip flopping
  179. Step Forward
  180. I feel like my marriage is in distress
  181. As a sole bread winner and parent of young children...
  182. Marriage statistics are misleading!
  183. starting to resent my marriage
  184. The age gap..
  185. Battle Royale
  186. How much say do you have in regard to a spouse' body?
  187. Men, are you married to the woman who's the best sexual partner you've ever had?
  188. Movie Therapy
  189. Question to all emotional runners out there
  190. Marriage Counselling
  191. Honest but still getting blammed
  192. Would you NOT marry someone who is religious?
  193. UNconditional love
  194. Accepting someone else's life goals.
  195. The class divide: Marriage as a ‘luxury good'
  196. Men use love to get sex Women use sex to get love?
  197. Time to call it quits?
  198. Male friendship
  199. Not trying too hard
  200. {Poll} Do you feel that days like Valentine's Day help or hurt your relationship?
  201. Belated Valentines Day fight
  202. Can't Seem to make wife happy
  203. Looking for proposal idea opinion
  204. Mid Life Crisis for Men Book Recomendation?
  205. The “Myth of Multitasking”
  206. Speak to MIL about issues with husband
  207. Is there an acronym library around here some where?
  208. Women are you married to the man you had the best sex with?
  209. Husband's job is hurting our relationship
  210. What to do..
  211. Is getting to ILYBINILWY a conscious decision?
  212. I'm an arab american in love with a jewish Israeli girl
  213. Bachelor Party Question
  214. My husbands intense coworker
  215. a burden to my partner
  216. Admitting when you're attracted to others
  217. Need advice on moving on with life, specifically the "age" question
  218. Study Shows US Bible Belt Has Highest Rate of Family Break-Ups
  219. Am I at fault or is she BSing?
  220. Would you be disappointed with this Valentine's Day?
  221. Need Advice- marriage struggling...husband talking about divorce
  222. Husband almost never "WOWed"
  223. husband cheat on me, insults me infront of kids and always rude.
  224. Would you call it quits over this?
  225. Consequences? What and How?
  226. would this weird you out?
  227. ISTJ - "the duty fullfiller" spouse
  228. Any musicians/singers out there? Romantic duet on Valentine's Day
  229. Flirty and persistent guy at my wife's job
  230. i feel like a boy with a high school crush...
  231. Could I get some insight... Preferably from a man?
  232. when is living separately best?
  233. If your relationship is miserable, leave sooner rather than later - I wish I had.
  234. Legal Issue involving a child
  235. If I Can't Accept You at Your Worst, Then Maybe You Should Stop Being So Horrible
  236. need advice
  237. Does your spouse love you more than you love yourself?
  238. am i wrong
  239. How do you resolve conflicts that cannot be resolved?
  240. working on my codependency
  241. TAM hatred?
  242. No Fault Divorce: Good or Bad?
  243. First Timer, In Need of some real advice
  244. I really dont get him
  245. Is it truly cheating
  246. Should I leave or Stay? Am I making the right decision??
  247. Total Darkness
  248. What would considered inappropriate conversations with female friends?
  249. help
  250. So this is how it goes?