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  1. No love lost
  2. Is she really working late?
  3. Another Verbal Abuse Thread
  4. Wife treats me like a child that owes her. I am not perfect.
  5. How do you survive it?
  6. Am I selfish for not wanting my husband to get a doctorate?
  7. Husband wants to join a band
  8. I don't know what to do anymore!
  9. Venting! Wow, I feel great now! NOT!
  10. Really need advice....
  11. Everytime we argue, I feel cornered.
  12. Long distance Husband Woes
  13. Why do I attract wrong men while married?
  14. Husband being abusive
  15. Is this sexual harassment?
  16. advice 101
  17. So many problems in a new marriage
  18. What does compatible mean to you?
  19. Need some Advice
  20. Long-Distance Relationships
  21. Too much guy time? Or am I just selfish
  22. How should I ask out this girl?
  23. Good advice via FB...
  24. should mother - in - law supports my husband to have double life get pict of my baby
  25. Need some advice about my married life
  26. Does a complete hysterectomy really change you?
  27. Date Night - Anyone do anything fun or different recently?
  28. need census
  29. today is our anniversary and not sure I want to celebrate it
  30. confront behavior from 1 year ago for recurring company picnic?
  31. Same Sex Marriage?
  32. Are my homones causing me to loose control.
  33. Normal to not participate?
  34. Need advice
  35. Not sure how to get over jealousy of other women?
  36. Am I wrong or is he abusive update
  37. Help with being supportive, no matter what.
  38. Young married father of 2 in need for advice?
  39. Am i 2 picky?
  40. It's Complicated, but please help!
  41. does making an effort for your spouse mean you are not being yourself?
  42. Trouble with Work
  43. Any other couples where wife is tougher/better at fighting than husband?
  44. What's bugging him?
  45. Silly question!
  46. MIL playing Favorites with Grandchildren
  47. Can't break free...
  48. Newlywed and young
  49. At Wits End Over Finances...aaaaghh!!!
  50. No presence on wife's FB.
  51. Is asking wife to stop 'nagging' rude, sexist or chauvinistic?
  52. wife doesn't want to participate in marriage.
  53. sex on the first date - can a long lasting relationship last?
  54. Always forgotten about
  55. Lost...marriage. Can it be found?
  56. Marriage Falling Apart, Not Sure What To Do
  57. Need advice
  58. Miscarriage
  59. Married for 7 months and I can't seem to get anywhere.
  60. Watching fantasy
  61. I have zero desire for my husband
  62. What is wrong with me??????
  63. Job relocation may doom marriage
  64. He told me he will probably never love me
  65. Perfect match or....comfortable situation?
  66. How do I know if ... ?
  67. Her Fortieth birthday, lack of passion
  68. Controlling or Selfish
  69. Boundaries for flirting
  70. Interview
  71. Dealing with a lazy husband...
  72. Victim? Or just plain crazy?
  73. The Flirty Neighbor
  74. Should people be shamed for their choice of marriage partners?
  75. Finances after separation?
  76. Been married less than a year and already having problems :(
  77. Parody, sexless marriage male perspective.
  78. does having an obsession with transexuals equal being gay?
  79. Can you say "You're wrong"?
  80. job offer away from my partner - what to do
  81. One Last Dance
  82. Is love realy ment for me?
  83. Study: Divorce Rate In Older Adults Doubles
  84. Marriage 2.0
  85. Don't know if I should get
  86. Giving up on dating in the USA
  87. Angry, need advice
  88. Terrified of leaving husband...please help
  89. I need serious help, please.
  90. Ready to Give Up!!!!!!
  91. Does being "in love" actually exist?
  92. wife wanting to go astray
  93. Depressed and losing my husband
  94. Anything on Earth more complex than love ?
  95. time apart/ space bull****
  96. Date nite request...
  97. What is my problem?
  98. Favorite date?
  99. Some Advice-Please!
  100. A vicious circle in a sexless marriage
  101. God, I hate this...
  102. It's no longer what one does wrong, but that the one is always wrong
  103. BTW - anyone know any good therapists in NYC
  104. Divorce if both parties still love each other?
  105. My husband shared private pics of me....
  106. Giving a Ring Back?
  107. Long Distance The one
  108. Long Distance The one
  109. Married to a Vet, married too young, my husband does not talk about his feelings
  110. my husband will have to share a house with a wild woman for 2 years.
  111. No plans in future. Depressed and only bonded when drinking
  112. First post--Need some support...
  113. How do you know your marriage is over?
  114. Can't see having kids with wife
  115. How to Write a Love Letter...
  116. New here not sure best place to post
  117. Just Called Off Wedding :'( advice please
  118. What if you regret marrying to your husband?
  119. How do you handle your mate giving up a dream that started when u first got together?
  120. Husband Sitting Around House in his Briefs
  121. If your dealing with a Walk Away Spouse
  122. Intercultural relationship challenges
  123. How to handle disrespectful tone?
  124. Should I be upset
  125. minor issue - advice welcomed
  126. How to incorporate this
  127. Wife Seems to Have Given Up
  128. 22 year relationship over
  129. Help with moving on...
  130. what's next, ps
  131. What's rude and what's not?
  132. making me jump through hoops???
  133. FB, pics of ex's, and baby daddy crap..short and sweet
  134. Urge to ask him about his ex
  135. Emotional Immaturity
  136. How to deal with the silent treatment?
  137. Do You Ever Get Called Ugly Names?
  138. Alpha v. Beta or Good Guy w/Boundaries
  139. Background Checks and the Past
  140. How to tell difference between "in love" or "love" with spouse, advice anyone?
  141. I don't get any emotional support from my husband
  142. Confusion about being in love and loving and caring for someone
  143. Question:which is most important??
  144. Validation or Advice? That's the question.
  145. My Ukrainian wife is babying me
  146. Trying to hang in there...
  147. Question about reconcilliation and "false" R
  148. Does hypnotherapy work?
  149. Trying to let it go..
  150. Husband says I LOVE YOU to another woman. Is that okay!?? Please reply!!
  151. would you settle for a courthouse wedding?
  152. Do I always have to be wrong?
  153. Wedding ring on right hand?
  154. Would you consider this cheating?
  155. Trying to figure out if my destination wedding was actually legal?
  156. Does she or move on Please help???
  157. How normal is it for people who hang in bars to cheat?
  158. Poor Sport husband-I've had it!
  159. Confused about him
  160. What would you do in this situation?
  161. Why do people not see me as being his wife even after 20 years?
  162. Charity or Professional Service? Sorry if this is harsh
  163. Anyone familiar with the personality book "The Points Of The Enneagram?"
  164. Help - Need Advise
  165. Not wearing wedding ring (female)
  166. Girlfriend pissed my kid wants a cat
  167. Need some advice - Married but feel like I'm single
  168. If you suspected....
  169. What shall I do??
  170. Need some advice on fiance and male friends
  171. I'm just a loss right now
  172. How do you deal with this? I know there is nothing I can do
  173. An Introduction...
  174. still unhappy...
  175. Need Frank Opinion - a male as well as female POV
  176. Got my first compliment from my wife in a long time!
  177. Acceptance vs. Expectations
  178. so confused
  179. Wifes journal
  180. Are we just not compatible?
  181. You get in an argument and then how do you
  182. potential problems with marriage
  183. Apprehensive about taking the next step
  184. The respect is gone...GONE!
  185. Makes me sick
  186. Falling asleep during movies
  187. Concern About Inlaw Moving In
  188. Wash, Rinse, repeat
  189. Husband on Dating Sites
  190. trusting your husband - self-help books
  191. New Relationship, small lie, should I deal or let it go?
  192. Stress...I don't handle it well. Advice for me?
  193. When my wife acts like a woman
  194. Making excuses about marrying me
  195. Was my email out of line?
  196. Wife texting ex-boyfriend
  197. First post- where did this come from?!
  198. Who does the mail?
  199. Mens view on women?
  200. name calling
  201. "Almost" Cheating...??
  202. I am really trying....but what to do?
  203. Why do Wayward Spouses Condemn Others Who Cheat
  204. Expected to help raise stepson but not have own child
  205. Sleeping on the couch... Should I?
  206. Need Advice
  207. If your wife/husband is taking jabs at family members....
  208. Needing advice
  209. Don't want to be a step mother
  210. A marraige without sex and affection
  211. Is this emotional abuse?
  212. Confused About Ex Girlfriend
  213. Fighting, resolution
  214. How do I get SO to talk to me
  215. Tonights the night
  216. I am a bad husband
  217. Advice needed:
  218. How to walk away?
  219. Are successful couples 'matched' in things like physical appearances?
  220. Anyone else with low self esteem and
  221. What do you do...?
  222. No more trust and love left
  223. Feeling hopeless and tired...long post sry
  224. Please help - feel like giving up
  225. How can i handle this challenge???
  226. In-law/family issues getting really hard to live with
  227. Should I get a divorce?
  228. 1 year post dd. recently found wife and guy emailing
  229. Is my husband dismissing me?
  230. Maybe I'm just not cut out for marriage....
  231. My wife just can't lose weight. Plenty of motivation
  232. Am I being crazy or is it justifiable to feel like this?
  233. We're in a mess ....
  234. Husband driving me to a nervous breakdown?
  235. Single and trying to date
  236. husband confessed to cheating..big time!.
  237. How to move on from emotional abuse
  238. My first time talking to a therapist about my wife
  239. I messed things up with my Fiance a month before our wedding :(
  240. Really? Sex now??
  241. Husband mentally ill
  242. Does me & my ex still love each other?
  243. Strange instinct continues to get me in trouble.
  244. Strange instinct continues to get me in trouble.
  245. Am I being too sensitive?
  246. truth is out: Now how to cope
  247. Rebuilding Trust
  248. Don't know what to do... downhill relationship
  249. Marriage of less than a year falling apart
  250. I need help