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  1. Married 29 months..telling her i want divorce to make this least hurtful
  2. My Husband Is Terrible With Money And It's Tearing Us Apart!!
  3. Marrige Proposal
  4. Wife wants divorce-- I want her back
  5. I am sick of the iPhone
  6. I just don't get it!
  7. Help, really confused and helpless
  8. Pros and Cons list... Can I overcome the cons?
  9. got a letter from her lawyer
  10. Any couples childfree by choice here?
  11. Hi I Could use some help and advice.
  12. Question For Those Who GIVE The Silent Treatment
  13. Girlfriend of 5 years caught Sexting
  14. How do you learn not to "fight ugly"?
  15. Need some advice, please.
  16. TRT success story!
  17. How is that MY fault? :(
  18. If your partner wanted you to sleep with someone else would you?
  19. Confused and hurting
  20. Falling apart fast
  21. Why does it seem like people don't communicate with each other?
  22. Just About Had It
  23. newbie, being guilted by DH
  24. Problem with Family and my Wife
  25. Need to Vent!!!!!!
  26. When to confront
  27. Is this a new issue or him dwelling on my past mistakes?
  28. Not a disorder but a orientation?
  29. Newly married and unhappy
  30. Should i leave my wife
  31. Back again, new GF difficulties she seems unforgiving need perspective
  32. Need advice on attraction issue, please!
  33. WTF!
  34. What is the hope for yourself?
  35. i just realized
  36. At a crossroads...
  37. The realization... H is not changing
  38. Think my husband is narcisstic; I need guidance please
  39. Mistrust
  40. Is It Really Worth It
  41. My husband continues to be nice to his sons mom.....advice please please
  42. How much change is reasonable to ask for in marriage?
  43. Mixed messages
  44. Need advice, husband has a new female friend
  45. my husband came out...and i'm okay with this?
  46. Should I be concerned?
  47. communications with his ex gf
  48. Swinging
  49. now what do i do?
  50. ...disappointed again
  51. Is it just me
  52. Can you recover from pursuer-distancer?
  53. Husband going to pub after work
  54. Help needed
  55. How often?
  56. Why do husbands look at porn? Is it ok?
  57. Confused
  58. Night owls vs Early birds
  59. I'm gonna try again after the holidays,
  60. Getting Over My Sex-addicted, Bipolar "Husband"
  61. My daughter's POSB/F
  62. How do YOU react to Anger?
  63. Wife cheated after 15 years
  64. should I correct my facial defects by medical ways?
  65. No Sex Please we're Japanese
  66. How can a man ask a woman out if he does not have much money? Hypothetical question
  67. Would you agree to this?
  68. Depression how has it affected you?
  69. Is a marriage still worth it?
  70. Wife's past
  71. A change of my feeling towards my husband with many years
  72. Flirty friend and my guy... HELP!
  73. Husband starts Silent Treatment after family funeral
  74. discovered some old secrets
  75. Mrs. Robinson wife with old (young) flame
  76. Wife is going to see a male gynecologist...I'm upset..Advice please
  77. How should I feel about this?
  78. Love him or leave him??
  79. Could she be cheating? or just tired from quick pregnancies
  80. Ex house mate & hubby
  81. huband goes out alot with his friends
  82. Husband gave a co-worker a ride
  83. Am I alone???
  84. Deciphering needed
  85. Don't know what to do, feel like I'm losing my wife...
  86. Interracial Relationships
  87. I'm my own worst enemy
  88. Simple Survey - TAM and why
  89. First argument in 11 years.......
  90. Son's Girlfriend Never Speaks To Us and Constantly Seeks Attention
  91. Stuck in the middle
  92. Husband and my family issues...... need help!
  93. How to maintaining a healthy Romantic Relationship with your Spouse to save your marr
  94. Practical Steps to Saving Your Marriage AND End The Threat of Divorce or Break U
  95. help
  96. creepy when married...? What does he want? is this considered a friend or a fling?
  97. I think hubby is untrustworthy
  98. Is this even normal behavior?
  99. Quality time... Am I asking too much?
  100. shut phone off can't get ahold of him
  101. New with a problem
  102. 7 Stages of Relationship
  103. perspective needed
  104. Aaarrggghhh!!!!
  105. My very own thread.
  106. Morning issues
  107. crazy doubts - real gut instinct or just commitment phobia??
  108. Snoring husband gets made when I leave the bed
  109. Looking for some advice.
  110. Is your spouse the most attractive in your eyes?
  111. 20 tips for a happy marriage
  112. Would you know?
  113. I don't enjoy my husband's company anymore
  114. How many times a day do you communicate with your SO?
  115. Don't know if I can marry a woman with a "sl*tty" past
  116. Am I wanting to much?
  117. a VERY interesting observation - "need for control" yet resentment for the burden!
  118. I feel sexually assaulted by my fiance
  119. Boundaries: setting, defining, enforcing and when?
  120. Do you ever just let it go?
  121. Advice from people who don't know us
  122. Covert evidence capture.
  123. Black
  124. Stress and in-laws causing problems
  125. Husband having "emotional affair" with female co-worker
  126. any ideas
  127. My husband takes everything personally
  128. Date Night
  129. Question on Husband's Reaction
  130. Love Languages: Analyze us
  131. Lost
  132. Hypothetical Situation (Although I'm sure its real for some)
  133. i think i want out
  134. He shows no effort
  135. 17 Year old female in a realtionship with a 29 Year old married woman
  136. Leaps and Bounds!!! in a good way
  137. Husband won't guarantee he won't cheat....
  138. What is wrong with me....?????
  139. Just got home from a cruise
  140. Husband and Low sex drive
  141. Intro and Question
  142. MMSLP/sexless marriage-- seeking encouragement
  143. Therapists vs Psychiatrists vs Counselors
  144. What does a happy marriage look like
  145. Not sure what to do
  146. Book Suggestions
  147. "I want you to" - why I hate those words?
  148. No Alone Time
  149. I Want to Start All Over
  150. Rich Boy/Poor Girl, Asian Massage Parlors, and Mental Illnesses
  151. Husband calls me vile names....
  152. Help from Women Members Requested! Ex-wife about to move back in, now wants "space"
  153. Fun and cheap things to do with Husband at home?
  154. The many facets of our Sexuality- How it fulfills / it's struggle to find Acceptance.
  155. Missed oppurtunity
  156. Snooping: When is enough, enough?
  157. Maybe its me?
  158. Husband and best friend hate each other, He is making me choose between them!
  159. So confused, back here for advice
  160. Is it ok?
  161. Quick, someone remind me
  162. Ambitions VS Relationship
  163. Is this a dealbreaker?
  164. My computer has no firewall????
  165. Need advise
  166. what does it mean?
  167. Express Yourself
  168. Love without attachment
  169. He forgot our anniversary :'(
  170. Our Anniversary, I should have learned by now
  171. Need help with wife who doesn't seem to understand
  172. Not sure what do to
  173. I Don't Know What My Wife Wants
  174. looking for "darkness" (just be careful!)
  175. Please tell me it's not too late
  176. my husband is emotionally diatant and it is making me very sad.please help?
  177. His $ vs my family: vacation
  178. Marital Problems after only 3 years - Help!
  179. I hate my wife's extended family and its making me resent her..
  180. Feeling Foolish & now it's awkward around in-lawsOk
  181. It's My ANNIVERSARY! YAY! 3 Years Feel like 30.
  182. Weekends alone
  183. Does your spouse do this?
  184. 75 percent of single men dating online looking for love, not sex
  185. Extreme Jealousy
  186. Normal for mom-in-law to have him spend night?
  187. Not feeling desired, but we have sex often?
  188. Wife going to parties alone.
  189. Somehow feel like im not a real man
  190. Am I overreacting?
  191. Does therapy helps?
  192. He's coming home from Afghanistan.
  193. Our sex life sucks!
  194. Social Life Differences
  195. Wish me luck at marriage counseling in 2 days
  196. Affair with younger men ?
  197. Reverse the 180?
  198. Help. He's mad at me. Long-but please read.
  199. Transparency and secrets...
  200. Which Books?
  201. Drama with husband about Holidays. Need Advice please.
  202. Advice Wanted - Wife with new male travel friend
  203. Newlywed having a very difficult honeymoon
  204. Do I Need a New Life?
  205. Can I forgive and not forget?
  206. Am I as bad as my wife says?
  207. Husband's friend puts me down
  208. How to react?
  209. Confused in my marriage
  210. I screwed up but I'm tired of apologizing
  211. The "work wife"
  212. Long lasting happy marriage
  213. My Husband is scared to have sex with me!!!
  214. Help with ideas to save marriage/distance issues
  215. Questions about Secret Emailing
  216. Wife's so called good days
  217. Unsure where I stand with him..
  218. Does this make me a bad person?
  219. Would like perspective about blame
  220. Our son's wedding
  221. I think my marriage is falling apart
  222. Man should work?
  223. Suggestions for Dealing with Sulking
  224. Hermit, Depressed or No??
  225. how serious to be after 3 months?
  226. Is it true that one always loves more than the other in a relationship?
  227. Scared of bf folks
  228. Does he really love me if...
  229. Why does my separated husband hate me one day, and my friend the next?
  230. My blind husband acts weirdly lately...
  231. indecisive, not sure if she's the one
  232. What to do
  233. Anxiety when dealing with bf's mom
  234. My posts dont get replies.
  235. How do stop your partner treating you badly?
  236. Am I the only one that doesn't make a big deal out of a hot person?
  237. Trying to discuss issues with wife....
  238. Change in relationship after engagement
  239. Help?
  240. Nude pictures
  241. Ugly fight with husband. Am I selfish? Opinions needed.
  242. loveless marriage
  243. Our marriage is better...WHY?!
  244. Dog bites what?
  245. Seeing a counsler but he wont change
  246. Wife's problematic relationship with parents
  247. Am I Crazy?
  248. Miserable Working with My Husband
  249. obessed with leaving
  250. What are your needs that have to be met in marriage?