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: General Relationship Discussion

  1. Not just one but several issues in my marriage; what should I do? ?
  2. Why cant I forget
  3. Staying Together for the Children?
  4. Debate on the Most Important Aspects in Relationships
  5. Long distance, trust issues, best-sex-ever-can't-live-without-you, fighting.. help
  6. The new boyfriend
  7. Why Get Married Nowadays?
  8. Did anyone on TAM settle for their partner?
  9. Tired of Being Tired- Physically AND Emotionally!
  10. Lost and confused
  11. My husband spends too much money...
  12. Menstrual Calendar phone App
  13. Need advice.
  14. Treating me with Respect
  15. Paranoia or is he lying?
  16. "We're too different"
  17. Broken Promise
  18. Married but longing for someone else...
  19. Husbands would you do this?
  20. Communication Frustration
  21. Was never "in love".
  22. Should we get married?
  23. GF wants me to move out but stay together.
  24. is it possible to have the best of both worlds?
  25. Engagement Ring, Wedding Ring...Suffering?
  26. How would you take this
  27. Ladies! Which dress is your fave?
  28. When do you, and who says "I love you"?
  29. Are People Meant to be together long term??
  30. gf babys daddy and girlfriends ex? HELP!
  31. Unforgiving H
  32. Is my husband cheating?
  33. I think I'm being taken advantage of
  34. Post nup?
  35. I'm the new girl, hi
  36. When is divorce a necessity?
  37. Heard something funny in a sad way...
  38. Husband Issues
  39. Broken
  40. I am Paranoid right?
  41. my wife "cheated" while i was deployed
  42. Here Here!
  43. The problem with being awesome
  44. New book...
  45. Snooping
  46. I think Im messing up
  47. Just working through my buried inner hurt
  48. Cancer Situation - Unsympathetic Wife - Opinion Needed!!
  49. Spouse Arguing Unfairly
  50. daughter's boyfriend has mom issues... Should I worry?
  51. Do you believe in Destiny?
  52. Planning a Seperation
  53. Husband said he doesn't love me anymore
  54. Trying to save my marriage/infidelity
  55. Never saying sorry
  56. What is going on with my wife?
  57. Nice day-after gesture instead of resolving/addressing issue or apologizing?
  58. I moved out for the right reasons but I'm so incredibly sad - why?
  59. Help me to understand!
  60. Marrying cousin daughter
  61. Changing communication dynamic...
  62. This can't be good...
  63. In need of advice ASAP!
  64. NC for nearly 8 months.....then.....
  65. I'm tired of this Love Language business
  66. Married People, is it worth it to leave my GF of 7 years for being single?
  67. Our mutual female "friend"
  68. Seconding Guessing Having Kids...
  69. Counselling In London, UK
  70. Do you keep secrets?
  71. Facebook
  72. mom is remarried... should i confront her new husband?
  73. Spouse and Ex
  74. The 5 Love Languages
  75. Back in the game
  76. desire
  77. Return engagement ring?
  78. Am I a witch?
  79. What's worse...snooping and confronting or lying and sneaking?
  80. What's worse...snooping and confronting
  81. Is it really over?
  82. Are you really married or....just roomates?
  83. Baggage
  84. Two timing or not?
  85. A little advice please...
  86. Not Happy!
  87. Need some MEN..for ADVICE!
  88. Guy decoder please.....
  89. Wife Complaint
  90. trying to figure out my separate wife's motives
  91. Just married
  92. Crossing the chasm - how an LD wife created a sexually happy marriage
  93. Is it really in my head?
  94. I don't want to sound rude....BUT
  95. need help saving my marriage
  96. Can you say.......ooooops!
  97. Who takes criticism the worst?
  98. I hope this is as bad as it can get - help/advice?
  99. Ring
  100. My own personality
  101. am I delaying the inevitable?
  102. What makes a person passive/agressive?
  103. How do I move on after finding out they had unprotective sex
  104. Help me break this damaging cycle called "affair."
  105. This is why I say a persons sexual history matters.
  106. Question for parents...
  107. Any husbands on here turned off because their wives are getting too old?
  108. Too tired for sex?
  109. How do you have the "you're too fat" conversation with H?
  110. my mother is pushing
  111. Need help explaining my husbands behavior
  112. Just separated, I need a plan... :(
  113. SAHM advise from men?
  114. Picking battles?
  115. Is it normal !
  116. What is the proper response?
  117. wife/gf flashing
  118. Can a Narcissist realize what/who they are?
  119. how do i change????
  120. Done with the nonsense and need advice
  121. Relationships and marriage
  122. What are your expectations?
  123. Confused if I want to stay with this person
  124. Why do people do this?
  125. Not sure what to do
  126. How do you keep your marriage strong when life is dishing out crap
  127. How to make a marriage work, after so much hurt?
  128. I have serious problem with myself
  129. Husband handling emotions and life
  130. Long Distance for too long.. help
  131. Confused and afraid
  132. How do you "swim upstream"?
  133. Getting a little complicated...:<
  134. Wife about to bail on our marriage
  135. Need advice..insecure hubby? Or am I the probelm?
  136. Eviction because of Wife?
  137. Am I doing the right thing??
  138. Help with relationship
  139. So confused...
  140. i dont know what to do.
  141. So hurt and betrayed :(
  142. needing direction and advice
  143. Confrontation
  144. New here with questions
  145. Need advise on mental counseling for my wife
  146. How do you distinguish being "in love" vs. "the fog"???
  147. Lack of Communication
  148. Marriage or Bankruptcy
  149. When is it my turn?
  150. I need help please.
  151. I *Think* I was the other woman..
  152. Confused
  153. I can't stop playing the victim
  154. please pray for son in accident
  155. Boyfriend of 8 years suddenly feels trapped.
  156. will she come down, suffer later , looking so together now destroying our marriadge ?
  157. It's more than flirting...
  158. Am I being jealous for no reason? Wife has a close guy friend.
  159. Emergency: she's looking for an apt
  160. Personality change after vasectomy
  161. Closure
  162. How do I make life nice around house for my daughter with a marriage falling apart ?
  163. Need some advice
  164. Part-Time Father
  165. Big huge question
  166. I love you, but I am not in love with you....
  167. Is he trying to teach me a "lesson"
  168. Help, alone and so sad
  169. Need help with angry wife.
  170. Need advice- You'll get a kick out of the story
  171. Wife's tantrums.
  172. Is this a sad story or what?
  173. Where you a person who was always desired?
  174. Does Cheaterv**** have consequences?
  175. have you ever walked in on or been walked in on?
  176. It's over
  177. What kind of person is my gf? Did I make the right decision? What should I do now?
  178. Partner wants space and time
  179. Husband walked out of his job, not doing much to find another...
  180. Is cheating "more" sociopathic than narcissistic?
  181. relationships
  182. Work Husband/Work Wife
  183. Need help: very confused with my marriage situation
  184. mutual and enthusiastic agreement...yeah right
  185. has anyone thought of taking their lives from separating or divorcing?
  186. Alpha, Beta Characteristics
  187. What Makes a Walk Away Wife?
  188. When you first laid eyes on him/her:-)
  189. Trust rebuilding or strengthening activities??
  190. I think my husband feels threatened....
  191. I don't know how to save my marriage, help!
  192. walk away husbands
  193. How can I win back my wife's heart
  194. Do you sympathize with a "cheater" ?
  195. I think my husband is becoming alcoholic, please help
  196. I think the Light Came On
  197. how the hell did i get here??
  198. How to deal with relationship abandonment?
  199. Am I doing something wrong, here?
  200. "Just friends"
  201. Husband/daughter
  202. It's me or the animals
  203. How to react to him threatening to leave
  204. Bored with your spouse... advice?!
  205. Why do guys cheat?
  206. Very confused... need help!
  207. Is it possible to bring "too much emotion" or "too much passion" to a relationship?
  208. Addicted to the Pain?
  209. Mr. Negative?
  210. How to handle husbands insecurity
  211. Would u stop fighting for your marriage if husband not sure of feelings?
  212. Love test
  213. Am I missing something!
  214. Girl Friend and Facebook
  215. Buried hurt and am I a clingy husband
  216. How do you have the "your too fat" conversation?
  217. Is my wife "Checked Out" completely???
  218. Bathtubs & Ferrets
  219. My big day... And you call for WHAT?!
  220. Problems
  221. Kids and movies w/ infidelity - what to say?
  222. Do I leave him alone or not give up??
  223. Can't get past old, unresolved infidelity. Part II
  224. Marriage is better... not perfect but better.
  225. I feel hurt/resentful w/his LD, H feels!
  226. Is this a bad idea???
  227. Is it really that complicated?
  228. Why do people marry?
  229. How often do you talk to family?
  230. What is it like being in love?
  231. Date night
  232. Depressed?
  233. My GF's past is bothering me
  234. Anyone bring their SO to TAM?
  235. Marriage problems
  236. Can things like this lead to bigger problems
  237. I Think I'm losing my husband after only a month
  238. Husband keeps talking about another woman
  239. Achieving 'team' attitude
  240. Posing a challenge to your spouse
  241. How do you let go of the anger?
  242. Wife super angry, dont know how to respond
  243. Perfect imperfection
  244. HELP! How do i cahnge my username?
  245. HELP! Fiance cheated 2 years ago- wedding in 2 months! what to do!?
  246. Wife says she has never loved me
  247. I just need some advice.
  248. Nervous about the next year
  249. Hormonal and pregnant. Need some advice please.
  250. Is there a way to change your love language?

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