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  1. Dilema - to invite or not to invite (to our wedding)
  2. We argued and he wants nothing to do with me
  3. If you were cheated on, did you divorce?
  4. Marriage retreat opinions?
  5. How did you know it was time to leave?
  6. wife is dead, husband keeps crying?
  7. Lost and Lonely
  8. Life In Shambles
  9. How to broach the subject of counseling?
  10. Angry and Controlling
  11. Am I being unreasonable?
  12. Driving me crazy...
  13. lost and lonely
  14. Will it ever be the same or is it quitting time?
  15. When to say "when"?
  16. Walking on eggshells
  17. An epidemic of narcissism
  18. changing need, marriage, where does that leave things?
  19. My Insecurities...Ill Founded?
  20. Location is not the same
  21. Vacation without me
  22. Narcissistic men, and not liking women?
  23. Have i ruined my wife's career.
  24. My parents hate my husband and want me to divorce him
  25. how can some people just not care?
  26. lack of communication
  27. Relationship Crossroad
  28. My husband says he hates me.
  29. Big argument and now I'm alone. Help!
  30. Divorce? No, Marriage? No...then what????
  31. Possibly in love with another woman
  32. Questions here...
  33. not sure he still loves me
  34. Thoughts on the news of "Brenda Heist"
  35. Feeling depressed and don't see a way out
  36. overthinking things
  37. Is this Marriage In Trouble?
  38. Frustrated
  39. Crazy, Broken, Sad...but in love
  40. Cultural Differences: Spending Money
  41. What is the difference between resentment and hurt?
  42. Keylogger detection?
  43. Am I just stupid?
  44. is it ok if your panties show when you play tennis or must wear short bike shorts?
  45. Money lies-please give feedback
  46. Please help! Why would he lie about something simple?
  47. I think I am staying in the marriage just for the kids now (sorry, very long winded)
  48. (Please Read!) Wife is pregnant and left second time and said she is done
  49. How to deal with wife who has had bad men in her life
  50. Florida govenor veto's ending lifelong alimony bill
  51. Devastated by marriage breakdown
  52. at the end of my rope and dont know what to do
  53. help with a previously abusive husband...
  54. Why constantly threaten divorce? Now I've said "Do it. I don't care anymore"
  55. It's a big fat lie
  56. Am I making too much of this?
  57. Wife doesn't treat me well and wants kids.
  58. Hubby resents my free time
  59. Cheating just as bad as putting kids before husband ???
  60. She has sent another invite to connect for the second time in 6 months
  61. Obsessed
  62. Have I got married a Right Person? It's a Love Marriage!
  63. Am I Paranoid or is He Hiding Something?
  64. I need some advice
  65. If my ex wife had followed this...
  66. Tumultuous relationship
  67. Hubz struggling with step-parenting. This is so hard
  68. SELF AWARENESS ...a stepping stone in transforming our Marriages/ relationships...
  69. Im falling out of love with my wife and i feel terrible
  70. Justified or selfish
  71. Experiment
  72. Wife's ex-husband
  73. Not sure what it means.
  74. How do I tell my wife she can be 100% open with me again?
  75. Emotional Affair... that just Won't End..
  76. EA ...for the third time
  77. letter from ex
  78. hello can you please give me advice about my stepsons? its confusing and difficult
  79. Need advice
  80. I sort of want to go home should I
  81. what should i do...
  82. How far should sh1t talk go?
  83. Need your advice please! Not sure if pushing bf to get a job is the right thing
  84. Adult children of alcoholics and marriage
  85. Emotional Abuse
  86. Should spouse call each nite when traveling?
  87. Please tell me what you think of conversation
  88. Close to the end
  89. Restraining it the kind thing to do?
  90. How should I handle wife's friends that I have 0 in common?
  91. Boyfriend downloading Hentai and more
  92. Am I the problem?
  93. Parenthood/couplehood - how to balance?
  94. Dealing with his childs mother....HELP!
  95. the facebook problem
  96. I think my marriage is OVER. Please Read. Did he betray me or not
  97. Sex Dating Websites
  98. Wife wants to move, not sure I want to
  99. His mood always reflects my mood!!
  100. Rape Fantasy
  101. What is an emotional affair?
  102. Nooner quicky turns into argument!
  103. Need help avoiding another mistake with my wife
  104. Wisdom or cautionary tale?
  105. help dump the resentment?
  106. Communication and conflict issues
  107. Emotions regarding ex
  108. Very, very tired
  109. GF called my best friend racist
  110. Advice about rebuilding marriage and ANY physical intimacy
  111. Dealing With An Unfaithful Partner
  112. Need advice. About to talk with my wife that took off her wedding rings this morning
  113. What should I do when my husband's actions hurt or anger me?
  114. Introduction
  115. too good a relationship with parents?
  116. Is it ok for husbands to watch porn magazines?
  117. My wife found and old friend on Facebook
  118. addicted to masterbation as my wife rarely will have sex
  119. Rebuilding a families relationship
  120. How do you just "live your life alone??"
  121. 1st Post. 1st Marriage. Lots of concerns.
  122. Future of a marriage with a woman 20 years elder
  123. Marriage Contract
  124. Husband has lost all interest in me
  125. wife threatens silent treatment to my son
  126. married and met another man
  127. Help, I am loseing Him. My first love (gay)
  128. She's always right and more
  129. help on my wifes past required
  130. Should I leave behind a walk-away-wife
  131. How to be Happy Though Married
  132. Married couples who work together
  133. Marriage Despair
  134. Getting some anger off my chest.
  135. Need advice
  136. Just unhappy and random issues..
  137. Traveling without my husband..
  138. The Angry Husband Rant
  139. Funny how advice is so ez to give but not follow.
  140. Help me to understand his logic
  141. Wives Are Raw Material?
  142. Rollercoaster Marriage
  143. I am about to break a 5 year relationship.. and it hurts
  144. I'm about confused as a meowing dog
  145. Esther Perel: The secret to desire in a long-term relationship
  146. In laws ruining marriage
  147. Needed to Vent
  148. Lost and Troubled
  149. Husband has not worked in 6 years. No sex in 3
  150. My husband's temper
  151. ?mixed messages
  152. Advice needed in the UK tonight?
  153. Alone Time and Trips
  154. Single man asking about married women!
  155. She cancelled the vacation I planned for her birthday
  156. Is Love Really Blind?
  157. Help!!!
  158. Is this rude to ask?
  159. help me please!!!!
  160. I need to fantasise about other women during sex
  161. Daughter Says Shes Isn't Important to Me
  162. Supportive Narcissist ?
  163. Marriage again?
  164. Tonight I am asking him to leave...
  165. is this a threat?
  166. Recreational Companionship
  167. How is this right?
  168. Passive-Aggressive Spouse?
  169. Telling wife tonight that I need to get out of marriage
  170. Is Saving So Bad?!?!
  171. Frustrated with my husband
  172. What's acceptable
  173. Husband lied
  174. Guys in their 20's please answer...
  175. marriage made of gold
  176. All my fault
  177. How to get husband to open up?
  178. Trouble communicating
  179. Bad Situation
  180. Moving on after infidenlity
  181. How to deal with a wife who is sharing private details
  182. Am I expecting too much?
  183. Need help communicating with husband!
  184. Living Together Apart
  185. My Husband Has been speaking with another woman
  186. He doesn't touch me, sleep w/me or love me.
  187. Childless Marriages (Any Pressure To Have Kids?)
  188. Wife says kiss was "innocent"
  189. How To Handle Birthday Parties For Kids With Your Ex?
  190. Question for guys in their 20's
  191. Has anyone dealt with an X with mental illness?
  192. 10 yrs of this...still don't know what to do!
  193. MAP
  194. Is it time to leave?
  195. Focusing on being happy regardless of how spouse is
  196. Marriage on the Rocks....
  197. men vs women
  198. I'm so sick of his stubbornness
  199. OK - Am I being unreasonable?
  200. Thinking about divorce
  201. Husband couldn't be bothered about me
  202. HELP: Stuck in a rut and butting heads...
  203. Sacrificing too much to save marriage?
  204. How do I get over this?
  205. am I coming or going?
  206. Stay Or Go ?
  207. Trying something new
  208. my life is a circle
  209. Marriage is hanging by a thread
  210. Sticking around for "financial" reasons?
  211. Are you ever too old to find a new love interest?
  212. What did you do with your old wedding pictures?
  213. That's mine!
  214. Does "Radical Honesty" work?
  215. Kind of embarrassing but causes arguments
  216. FWBs
  217. What has being married taught you?
  218. My response is my responsibility,
  219. Should it have been my responsibility to get my husband up for work?
  220. I feel so incredibly stupid... How could I be so dumb.
  221. Communication is important! ... Until we hit a sensitive topic.
  222. Can I re-connect after Emotional Disconnection
  223. require Help-not sure what this all means
  224. Housework?
  225. Wife's Parents Want to Buy Her a House
  226. Polygamy
  227. A good start?
  228. I don't know what to do anymore
  229. So I came across this box...
  230. my wife is celibate help
  231. Uplifting thread! How to fall back in LOVE again..
  232. Husband doesn't want kids
  233. Gray Divorce Trends
  234. What fuels your romance?
  235. Boundaries/Transparency in Non-marriage relationships
  236. I never want to loose my wife...but what can i do?
  237. A Mix of Issues...Some Her Fault, Some Mine
  238. Communication/Compulsive Lying Problems - Help!
  239. Sometimes it just takes listening to family
  240. The silent treatment
  241. Will he ever marry me?
  242. Update - Dad Has Passed - Hubby Supportive
  243. Am i too picky? what to do now?
  244. sad and confused
  245. Do I have a right to ask about her past relationships?
  246. Communication/dullness
  247. 2 of my husbands adult kids live in our house!!!
  248. my wife wants sex all the time
  249. Dealing with Dishonest Husband
  250. Spinning off another thread!