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  1. Need a script for coping with Passive Aggressive conversation style
  2. Thinking of marrying my SO after only have been together for 5 months
  3. How to live with passive-aggressive spouse long term?
  4. Is feeling comfortable enough to keep dating someone?
  5. Living In The Now ...
  6. Wife thinks I'm cheating on her, but I'm NOT!
  7. Doing Research On Marriage
  8. SOOOoo Confused ... He is making me crazy (I think)
  9. So am I supposed to say I feel bad and pay for you to go next time?!
  10. Tired of the wheels in my head spinning re: my marriage
  11. How do you handle a moody, sulky husband?
  12. I feel alone
  13. My Story: Part 2 of 2
  14. At a crossroads - marry or break up?
  15. I try to be the calm one but, he is so mean
  16. What is a "normal marriage?"
  17. My story: Part 1 of 2
  18. Ex wife and step children: Did this cross the line?
  19. Grr, revenge is not so sweet.
  20. Advice
  21. We need help...
  22. Has anyone ever been confronted on TAM by spouse?
  23. He's mad I don't work
  24. Infedility in Movies... Thoughts and feelings?
  25. Falling out of love and affairs-HELP!!
  26. Too Much Attention
  27. Its Mutual, but....
  28. If divorce is so right for my marriage, why am I struggling
  29. Resentment
  30. She won't initiate the change that is necessary to overcome her problems.
  31. Second Time Loser
  32. I LOVE how this got turned around to ME having the problem!
  33. Wife leaving, help please
  34. So..WTF
  35. Need help with relationship.
  36. Couples-Counseling-Like Advice
  37. ex broke No contact and I fell into the trap...
  38. Please help me understand...
  39. My wife seeks "eye contact" with other men while we are out in public
  40. Finacially irresponsible so: Should he stay or go?
  41. Random question...
  42. Not sure if I'm seperated or not? Do i have a chance of getting her back
  43. any insight to his behavior?
  44. Things are getting worse
  45. night shift woes....
  46. Pregnant, Newlywed.. want a divorce. Pls advise
  47. Husband being an a$$.. HELP
  48. I'm leaving is there anyway I can help him
  49. Playing the victim
  50. Need advice on this situation
  51. I am living with a financially irresponsible inept 47 yo man. Can he change?
  52. Travel to dying grandmother?
  53. Exs and old flames as OSFs
  54. What to expect..future possible or impossible
  55. My Husband is talking to his EX
  56. How Can I get Over Him If I was never with him to begin with?
  57. Can I overcome my lack of respect & love my H again?
  58. Don't know what to do about my marriage...
  59. At what age should you stop celebrating your birthday?
  60. Flirting, what crosses the line for you?
  61. I have been given an ultimatum
  62. ex GF's jewellery?
  63. How to stop
  64. My first love and first husband about to be lost
  65. What I read - and deleted - on my wife's phone
  66. Drunk wife = husband paranoid. Help?
  67. He is hesitant on marriage
  68. Just for fun...
  69. for you, my dear
  70. Wife might have BPD
  71. Potentially Settling with your Girlfriend
  72. I'll never understand stbxw
  73. A "cancelled" wedding
  74. Annoyed, but still married.
  75. Honoring Dads ~ Happy Fathers Day weekend to all the men out there...
  76. Wife Gets Mad when I go Out
  77. Father's Day Gift
  78. Feeling Jealous of Husband's Friends
  79. Relocation: from misery to Missouri
  80. Confused. Is it me? Am I unreasonable?
  81. Wife obsessed with teenage daughter / and other issues
  82. Alternatives to Marriage Counseling
  83. Wife Can't Stand My Weekly Guys Night Out...
  84. is there anything to work on here?
  85. Recently separated. Should I contact again and when?
  86. Still want to believe this can work
  87. Im done
  88. first post
  89. It's just so difficult...
  90. Spinoff to emotionally this email my
  91. A question about GNO's
  92. HELP I can't figure out my wife!
  93. Not sure if I should just walk away form this marriage....
  94. Heartbroken…and feeling very selfish
  95. I'm depressed and I don't know what to do...
  96. Wife wants a divorce after nightout with female colleagues
  97. Inlaws, hubby and new baby
  98. What's wrong with me?
  99. She said "I'm not in the mood for that"
  100. What are your thoughts about...
  101. Marriage stages?
  102. feel like I'm dying
  103. Wife just bought F Me Pumps....
  104. Advice on wife and coworker
  105. Huddled in corner with babies while drunk H rants
  106. Should I trust him?
  107. Boys and toys
  108. Translation?
  109. Polyamory
  110. 2 months with distant in-laws too much?!
  111. Married Women and Bars
  112. Book recommendations on passive aggressiveness
  113. old emails with ex gf - am I making a big deal?
  114. NMMNG and MMSLP - Haven't read them, is it worth doing so?
  115. who is more at fault here?
  116. Priorites out of place?
  117. Loss of passion/attraction
  118. Crazy dilemma with 4 month pregnant girlfriend
  119. Is there a female version of MMSL? What do men want from a relationship?
  120. Am I jealous or is there a problem?
  121. Emotional Abuse?
  122. Separated and Pregnant... Need Advice PLEASE!
  123. My wife never told me about
  124. Part 1... An introduction to THE PLAN
  125. Dreamed About Someone
  126. Ideas for my Pregnant wife
  127. Thinking about separation...
  128. Baffeling behavior - another passive aggressive example?
  129. Eating Disorders
  130. My Husband Wants A Motorcycle
  131. staying together just for the kids? anyone?
  132. The more you look at TAM posts, do you get more
  133. help...I am miserable
  134. Dealing with Guilt
  135. Physical attraction - Important?
  136. things said in anger
  137. Did I make a big Mistake??
  138. Messed up people
  139. who is wrong?
  140. Girls Night Out with "toxic" friends. What should a husband do?
  141. I am not attractive to my husband anymore
  142. Moving on...I am going to do my best to forgive and let go
  143. no idea how to fix this
  144. Interesting Article about male "Imprinting"
  145. Name Says It All
  146. Another look at opposite sex friends in marriage.
  147. Not sure what to do
  148. Relationship trouble but overall very happy. Should I try to fix?
  149. I am feeling resentment
  150. Husband gets praise and reward for not being at work for 3 weeks!
  151. She said "w/a man I don't love"
  152. My wife and I just suck at being married.
  153. I fell in love with the wrong man...again
  154. GENERAL FRUSTRATION... Can't figure this out?!?!
  155. Advice needed
  156. It hasn't changed yet .. will it ever?
  157. control issues
  158. Neighbor "situation".....
  159. Unhealthy crush
  160. Should I be mad or am I insecure?
  161. The side effects of a gambling addiction
  162. Courtesy
  163. how do you handle disrespectful behavior?
  164. In bad need of help
  165. His Needs, Her Needs questionnaire - how to convince hubby?
  166. Can someone help me explain this boundary to him?
  167. Any childless couple here?
  168. 180 info??
  169. wife shared a drunken kiss with another but then continues to see him
  170. Everything is seen as an affair
  171. Would Same-Sex Married posters feel welcome here?
  172. what is 180 mean??
  173. post break up fights
  174. Newly married.. Arranged marriage!! Big mistake?!?
  175. No Sex & Non-Social
  176. New relationships and kids from previous relationships
  177. Need recomendations with my wife
  178. need advise
  179. Complaining
  180. Help with wife's virtual emotional affairs
  181. Stopping the cycle.
  182. help please trying not to smother hubby but last child almost out of school
  183. When your wife acts like a child
  184. Can "simultaneous" change save the marriage?
  185. He is such a grouch, sometimes I just lose my patience...
  186. Am I Crazy For Even Considering This
  187. Staring at other women
  188. Just my opinion and observation about marriage in general....
  189. Was I wrong?
  190. Can I ever be sure?
  191. How to deal with husbands past lie.
  192. new to the forum
  193. Help!!!!
  194. Husband hasn't gone to work in over 2 weeks!
  195. How to deal with lies in a long distance relationship
  196. What’s the difference?
  197. Husband doesn't call when he's out of town
  198. Seems to have nothing to do...
  199. Is this inappropriate or I am just being old fashion?
  200. Confronted I'm wrong?
  201. Obesity correlation to divorce rates?
  202. I don't trust my Husband...Help!
  203. Offshore Husband, Does it get easier?
  204. wife is texting another man and she thinks it is ok
  205. In Love with Two Women and can't deciede between the two.
  206. Is this normal
  207. Not sure if we are breaking up or not but it feels like it
  208. Husband who lives like he's single
  209. Affair proofing a marriage
  210. I am lost and I feel like I am about to regret getting married
  211. Is this verbal abuse?
  212. Unable to decide, wether to leave him or not
  213. I'm NOT your EX wife! :(
  214. Husband just got a new job!!
  215. Younger Wife
  216. If your spouse told you...
  217. Cant compete with Husbands friends
  218. Gong to a party where the OW will be...
  219. Help, no longer attracted to my husband
  220. Help
  221. Wife only emotionally cheated or so I think....
  222. Were you "Love Bombed" by a narcissist?
  223. how can i fix this?
  224. Husband Keeps Saying I Don't Need Dermatologist's Treatment
  225. The last "love" letter im sending today.
  226. Emotional or physical affair
  227. Maybe Love Isn't Enough
  228. Relationships after Divorce - Need some advice please!
  229. Insensitive and passive aggressive wife.
  230. Where do I start...
  231. Dang, another ILYB
  232. Is it okay to love someone for "practical" reasons?
  233. Vacations Causing Stress - What to do??
  234. Don't Let Negative Thoughts Ruin Your Marriage
  235. Utterly Pointless.
  236. In a real mess
  237. At a turning point?
  238. In Love but heartbroken and lonely
  239. My anniversary, wife requested dinner
  240. Need lyrics to song...
  241. Adultery...
  242. Yet another marriage dilemma, opinions gratefully received
  243. Trying to do the right thing...
  244. Help!
  245. New Here ...
  246. When should we get married?
  247. Road trip or no road trip?
  248. Long Distance Marriage... just starting... just got married.
  249. I don't like you but I will still have sex with you?
  250. All of a Sudden She Just hates me with a Passion. Please what could be wrong?