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  1. online infidelity
  2. Is marriage worth it?
  3. Kids, relationships, sex & a new partner…is the grass greener?
  4. Is it to late to save my marriage
  5. Visiting in-laws and my w's behaviour
  6. deep thoughts of the future ...need insight
  7. Need Advice about Mother In Law - causing serious friction between me and my husband!
  8. How to stop thinking about the other man?
  9. Arousal problem with my wife
  10. What to do
  11. Communication Barriers
  12. Drinking too much... Stoping.
  13. recovering son and estranged father
  14. First meeting with online dating - overnight?
  15. It takes 2 to fight? My H can do it all on his own!
  16. Newly Married, Little Sex... Am I being unreasonable?
  17. Wife prefers toys?!?!
  18. Husband seems to be upset that his friends are friends with me-HELP
  19. Should I stay...My heart may be telling me no?
  20. Man-Up synopsis
  21. would like to love my wife again
  22. Low self-esteem issues
  23. Please Advise
  24. Even better if...
  25. Are we growing apart? Is she too busy?
  26. Old Emails that Make Me Doubt His Sincerity
  27. Sex After 10 Years - What is your "PROCESS"??
  28. Wife Chooses 4 Day Week - I'm Resentful - Am I a Bad Person??
  29. I see nothing wrong...
  30. Happy wedding, bad relationship?
  31. Are you really "yourself" in front of your spouse?
  32. Question about altering custody agreements later on
  33. Crap, I think I just realized something.
  34. Anyone have a problem being the focus of a joke of "just" teasing?
  35. In desperate need for your input
  36. hits and cheats?!
  37. Need another take on my situation...
  38. very used to being on my own
  39. I am thankful for...
  40. My wife is SOOOOO lazy!
  41. Men who have female friends while in a long term relationship or marriage
  42. wife left me because of drinking
  43. I am an Almost Walk-Away-Wife
  44. If your spouse could chanage something....
  45. Finding "THE ONE" - real or just a fairytale?
  46. How can I find the way back to my husband's heart?
  47. Reconciliation after Separation. Is is possible?
  48. I Love Her/Him sooo much, but......
  49. Husband not sharing business trip fun
  50. What's going on and what do I do?!
  51. You told me so...urgh they all the same
  52. Husband is unreachable
  53. Help, My husband keeps reliving the past!!!!!
  54. No control over finance
  55. I think my husband is attracted to his brother's wife
  56. Absent husband
  57. How do you know when to give up?
  58. I am smothering my wife please help!!
  59. So lost and need advice!
  60. so lost, conflicted, miserable
  61. Clubbing at late 20s/married couple
  62. Does she really want the relationship?
  63. So hurt...I don't understand anything...this woman hates me.
  64. 16 years of marriage gone?
  65. Need opinion: Girls Nights Out more sexualized or me more sensitive?
  66. Met a girl online
  67. Getting fired....
  68. Men - (and ladies) help me wrap my brain around this please
  69. Don't love my wife anymore and feel "done"
  70. Wife is always suspicious
  71. Help please!!
  72. Do I want her?
  73. desperate for help
  74. any idea?!?!
  75. I can't make my own mother grow up (ranting)
  76. Would you get into the industry?
  77. Pro Marriage Forum?
  78. Bankrupt Marriage
  79. A long post from a worried first time poster
  80. UPDATE pray for son in accident and a marital issue
  81. It's not always men suffering in sexless marriages
  82. Strategies for dealing with insecurity when my husband is away on business
  83. Neglected
  84. Sound Like a Joke
  85. I need some Advice.....
  86. When I'm tired....
  87. Advice please...
  88. Who comes first - spouse or children?
  89. How to fix things...
  90. Help
  91. Will he ruin our marriage? Advice pls
  92. Sex - the big elephant in the room!
  93. Is My Hubby Bisexual?????
  94. Romantic Relationship Ended Questionnaire (RREQ)
  95. How should we "criticize" our spouse?
  96. Communication
  97. Need Serious Advice Please
  98. Support system?
  99. Do parents and upbringing factor into a marriage?
  100. So panicky, after weekend blowout!
  101. In a ten year relationship, need to talk, no one to talk to
  102. "husband" in jail for choking me
  103. Curiosity killed the cat
  104. Husband out late on weekends with friends
  105. How do we turn things around?
  106. Long Distance Relationship
  107. "Can we start by being friends"
  108. ugg. lost, need to get this off my chest.
  109. Did I do good?
  110. Is it over?
  111. Dwight Shrute loves the "Hug Buck" !
  112. In love with an EX, or a memory?
  113. Married five months, things not good... Advice...
  114. Love?
  115. I need help! (must read!)
  116. Need a kick start... ideas please ^_^
  117. Help me save my marriage
  118. Help me understand women
  119. How to respond...
  120. Walk away wife thoughts
  121. Harder on Children, Seeing their Mom verbally abuse their Dad or Divorce?
  122. Really unclear about future
  123. Humbled Striver Needs Input
  124. Should I stay, or should I go?
  125. Please help!!
  126. How about a chatroom?
  127. being agreeable vs a door mat
  128. Wrong label on Codependency?
  129. I want to cheat.
  130. I need to "man-up" and quick!
  131. What is "The fog?"
  132. Am I selfish and irresponsible?
  133. Dog is causing problems.
  134. I learned something....
  135. Another question about boundaries and stating your needs~
  136. Am I Cheating?
  137. House sale = demise of marriage
  138. Marriage crumbling while overseas
  139. first time mom to be needs advice please.xx
  140. You've changed
  141. Controlling husband?
  142. Verge of giving up in Marriage
  143. No More Mr Nice Guy...That is so me but
  144. Where to get emotional support?
  145. Need advice & guidance
  146. How do I get my 4 year old out of my bed?
  147. husband changed his mind about having kids
  148. Husband has PTSD
  149. Another Case of "Roommates" (Long Story)
  150. Husband's Lies are Killing Our Marriage
  151. For those who do believe in opposite sex friendships: How do yours work?
  152. a Good mother, but a bad and controlling wife
  153. Completely oblivious...
  154. Ohh what to do
  155. Letter to my wifey....
  156. wife does not trust me
  157. urgent advice p;ease!
  158. Long Marriage may be over...
  159. tired of the ex
  160. Would you stay?
  161. Mourning nothing
  162. Separated, now I have a crush, hubby wants to return
  163. What's Your Experience?
  164. Dealling with obsession
  165. Always Faithful
  166. I can't breathe, confused, love my wife...please help !
  167. Overweight a serious issue
  168. Hi
  169. Hello from Steve Rogers
  170. A victory
  171. Got this odd text on phone need help?
  172. The "like" function...
  173. Can't get out-will depression leave?
  174. Division of Chores - SAHMs...
  175. Very annoyed
  176. What is going on?
  177. Ways to fall in love again
  178. When to end marriage?
  179. Not sure what to do..
  180. 2 years of hell, need advice
  181. what do you fight about?
  182. I don’t understand my FWB – is this normal?
  183. How do I prove to my boyfriend I haven't cheated?
  184. Victom of a text message!
  185. Lost in relationship
  186. Pulling the plug
  187. My Husband has turned into his Father
  188. is it worth it? the doubt?
  189. Is being a "good girl" wife a compliment?
  190. Marriage insecurity
  191. Help me?!
  192. in love with my (ex) step brother hes 23 im 17 ( extremely long post & wall of text
  193. Walk a Mile in Your Spouse's Shoes
  194. Confusing coworker situation
  195. Husband just friends,or having a emotional affair! I need advice.
  196. I think I am losing my mind...literally.
  197. She doesn't wanta be married, she doesn't wanta divorce or a separation...
  198. hurt husband in Ohio
  199. Crack in the Foundation
  200. I feel trapped in my marriage
  201. trouble in paradise
  202. Wife feels empty, and has asked me to leave.
  203. Boyfriends new female friend
  204. Parents... Is this normal?
  205. Walk Away Wives-Would you care if he started dating?
  206. Things are not always as they first appear
  207. Opinions and Advice..Feel like I am the only one going through this....
  208. Meeting someone famous
  209. Familiarity Breeds Contempt
  210. Anxiety?
  211. Covert Contracts
  212. Dating with children
  213. I love my husband, but I'm no longer in love with him
  214. I need some serious advice....
  215. Sex as blackmail
  216. are white lies a red flag?
  217. "Ration the love"... Do men DO this???
  218. TAM better or worse
  219. About to BLOW!!!
  220. I wish I could turn back time
  221. When Wives Fall Out of Love...
  222. Leave him and move on or stick with him
  223. Why do I keep fudging up?
  224. lost
  225. Are you still Romantically "In Love" with your Spouse?
  226. any hope?
  227. Michael Fiore
  228. I need "Love Languages" buddies
  229. is it me or him?
  230. Friends with your spouses family?
  231. I don't know if its me, him, or both
  232. Does sex make a difference?
  233. My boyfriend doesn't find me attractive but wants to get married...
  234. Question for other men. If you found out your SO was...
  235. Divorcee (Indian Male) : Should I marry(second marriage) a divorcee/unmarried girl?
  236. Wife doesn't like movies I like
  237. Why Does It Hurt Me? I feel like I cant breathe...First time I cry post-breakup
  238. Should I be worried about facebook messages?
  239. My wife. The bipolar mess
  240. More Important then Love, Communication....
  241. Why Oh Why!!
  242. Emotional Affair?
  243. Has the downturn in the economy effected your marriage negatively?
  244. Maybe I'm weird.
  245. At wits end
  246. Hubbie constantly hurting me by looking at others online
  247. Worried about possiblitly of cheating
  248. engaged at a distance....
  249. Relationships are very important and can be a matter of life and death
  250. For all the right reasons

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