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: General Relationship Discussion

  1. Can't get out-will depression leave?
  2. Division of Chores - SAHMs...
  3. Very annoyed
  4. What is going on?
  5. Ways to fall in love again
  6. When to end marriage?
  7. Not sure what to do..
  8. 2 years of hell, need advice
  9. what do you fight about?
  10. I donít understand my FWB Ė is this normal?
  11. How do I prove to my boyfriend I haven't cheated?
  12. Victom of a text message!
  13. Lost in relationship
  14. Pulling the plug
  15. My Husband has turned into his Father
  16. is it worth it? the doubt?
  17. Is being a "good girl" wife a compliment?
  18. Marriage insecurity
  19. Help me?!
  20. in love with my (ex) step brother hes 23 im 17 ( extremely long post & wall of text
  21. Walk a Mile in Your Spouse's Shoes
  22. Confusing coworker situation
  23. Husband just friends,or having a emotional affair! I need advice.
  24. I think I am losing my mind...literally.
  25. She doesn't wanta be married, she doesn't wanta divorce or a separation...
  26. hurt husband in Ohio
  27. Crack in the Foundation
  28. I feel trapped in my marriage
  29. trouble in paradise
  30. Wife feels empty, and has asked me to leave.
  31. Boyfriends new female friend
  32. Parents... Is this normal?
  33. Walk Away Wives-Would you care if he started dating?
  34. Things are not always as they first appear
  35. Opinions and Advice..Feel like I am the only one going through this....
  36. Meeting someone famous
  37. Familiarity Breeds Contempt
  38. Anxiety?
  39. Covert Contracts
  40. Dating with children
  41. I love my husband, but I'm no longer in love with him
  42. I need some serious advice....
  43. Sex as blackmail
  44. are white lies a red flag?
  45. "Ration the love"... Do men DO this???
  46. TAM better or worse
  47. About to BLOW!!!
  48. I wish I could turn back time
  49. When Wives Fall Out of Love...
  50. Leave him and move on or stick with him
  51. Why do I keep fudging up?
  52. lost
  53. Are you still Romantically "In Love" with your Spouse?
  54. any hope?
  55. Michael Fiore
  56. I need "Love Languages" buddies
  57. is it me or him?
  58. Friends with your spouses family?
  59. I don't know if its me, him, or both
  60. Does sex make a difference?
  61. My boyfriend doesn't find me attractive but wants to get married...
  62. Question for other men. If you found out your SO was...
  63. Divorcee (Indian Male) : Should I marry(second marriage) a divorcee/unmarried girl?
  64. Wife doesn't like movies I like
  65. Why Does It Hurt Me? I feel like I cant breathe...First time I cry post-breakup
  66. Should I be worried about facebook messages?
  67. My wife. The bipolar mess
  68. More Important then Love, Communication....
  69. Why Oh Why!!
  70. Emotional Affair?
  71. Has the downturn in the economy effected your marriage negatively?
  72. Maybe I'm weird.
  73. At wits end
  74. Hubbie constantly hurting me by looking at others online
  75. Worried about possiblitly of cheating
  76. engaged at a distance....
  77. Relationships are very important and can be a matter of life and death
  78. For all the right reasons
  79. Married boss at work keeps trying to initiate a relationship with me
  80. Not sure how to move forward
  81. Confused
  82. How long do you wait to hear from your H?
  83. Living in different states
  84. When is it too much...
  85. Dominant vs Tender Husband: Balance?
  86. Time apart.
  87. Why do you put up with this *%^$?
  88. Survey says...
  89. Is it just me?
  90. Question that has been in the back of my mind...
  91. Need advice to talk to husband.
  92. Right or Wrong to get married
  93. My husband makes me feel like the punch line to a bad joke
  94. Long Distance Relationship Jealousy
  95. is it ok to be close friends with an older woman?
  96. rant--passive aggressive strikes again
  97. Does anyone know of any good chat rooms for these subjects?
  98. would you?
  99. Ways you see your marriage effecting your children
  100. Improper etiquette??
  101. A woman with nuts
  102. Can't trust husband - should I accept it's never going to work?
  103. Is this Normal?
  104. feeling like room mates
  105. The first relationship out
  106. having second thoughts about marriage
  107. Long distance marriage and that feeling when you want someone to hold you
  108. Friendships and marraige...what is a good balance?
  109. Someone please help...My husband inappropriate conversation
  110. How do help my wife reconnect emotionally
  111. Changes since TAM...
  112. Think about what you have to lose
  113. Hurtful adult stepkids
  114. Your views on divorce
  115. Not allowed to have male friends
  116. I left
  117. gift limit, anything limit
  118. Pre-nup - She is not signing
  119. How Much "Freedom" Do You Have In Your Marriage?
  120. Love VS Sex
  121. Concerning children and marriage
  122. Looking while Seperated
  123. Medication in Marriage
  124. Travel and Marriage - how to cope?
  125. fights
  126. chatting online cheating??
  127. I'm afraid my jealousy will ruin my marriage
  128. would it bother you if you're spouse hid extra money from you?
  129. Dating and drama
  130. I hate cleaning....HELP!
  131. GROW UP and stop projecting!!!
  132. Brilliant support, advice and help but does that lead to a TABOO subject?
  133. Would you invite a friend to live with you?
  134. Marriage in trouble - she wants to be 'alone'
  135. my wife doesn't love me anymore, my story
  136. Forgiving abuse?
  137. I think my wife is gay...Help! Need advice!
  138. I feel like Im in nowhere land
  139. My husband doesn't consider me "family"
  140. Too much TAM?
  141. Cheating and angry
  142. no confidence
  143. Is my husband bullying me?
  144. Married 1 year and need help!
  145. Husband's Hobby is Ruining Our Marriage
  146. My wife is so lazy, but I try to respect and love her anyway. Just getting tired.
  147. i need some serious help here...
  148. At what point does separation become abandonment?
  149. When Does It Become YOUR Responsibility?
  150. Normal Friend Interaction??
  151. Task Oriented vs Relationship
  152. Being too available
  153. Do we really live together as husband and wife?
  154. Not just one but several issues in my marriage; what should I do? ?
  155. Why cant I forget
  156. Staying Together for the Children?
  157. Debate on the Most Important Aspects in Relationships
  158. Long distance, trust issues, best-sex-ever-can't-live-without-you, fighting.. help
  159. The new boyfriend
  160. Why Get Married Nowadays?
  161. Did anyone on TAM settle for their partner?
  162. Tired of Being Tired- Physically AND Emotionally!
  163. Lost and confused
  164. My husband spends too much money...
  165. Menstrual Calendar phone App
  166. Need advice.
  167. Treating me with Respect
  168. Paranoia or is he lying?
  169. "We're too different"
  170. Broken Promise
  171. Married but longing for someone else...
  172. Husbands would you do this?
  173. Communication Frustration
  174. Was never "in love".
  175. Should we get married?
  176. GF wants me to move out but stay together.
  177. is it possible to have the best of both worlds?
  178. Engagement Ring, Wedding Ring...Suffering?
  179. How would you take this
  180. Ladies! Which dress is your fave?
  181. When do you, and who says "I love you"?
  182. Are People Meant to be together long term??
  183. gf babys daddy and girlfriends ex? HELP!
  184. Unforgiving H
  185. Is my husband cheating?
  186. I think I'm being taken advantage of
  187. Post nup?
  188. I'm the new girl, hi
  189. When is divorce a necessity?
  190. Heard something funny in a sad way...
  191. Husband Issues
  192. Broken
  193. I am Paranoid right?
  194. my wife "cheated" while i was deployed
  195. Here Here!
  196. The problem with being awesome
  197. New book...
  198. Snooping
  199. I think Im messing up
  200. Just working through my buried inner hurt
  201. Cancer Situation - Unsympathetic Wife - Opinion Needed!!
  202. Spouse Arguing Unfairly
  203. daughter's boyfriend has mom issues... Should I worry?
  204. Do you believe in Destiny?
  205. Planning a Seperation
  206. Husband said he doesn't love me anymore
  207. Trying to save my marriage/infidelity
  208. Never saying sorry
  209. What is going on with my wife?
  210. Nice day-after gesture instead of resolving/addressing issue or apologizing?
  211. I moved out for the right reasons but I'm so incredibly sad - why?
  212. Help me to understand!
  213. Marrying cousin daughter
  214. Changing communication dynamic...
  215. This can't be good...
  216. In need of advice ASAP!
  217. NC for nearly 8 months.....then.....
  218. I'm tired of this Love Language business
  219. Married People, is it worth it to leave my GF of 7 years for being single?
  220. Our mutual female "friend"
  221. Seconding Guessing Having Kids...
  222. Counselling In London, UK
  223. Do you keep secrets?
  224. Facebook
  225. mom is remarried... should i confront her new husband?
  226. Spouse and Ex
  227. The 5 Love Languages
  228. Back in the game
  229. desire
  230. Return engagement ring?
  231. Am I a witch?
  232. What's worse...snooping and confronting or lying and sneaking?
  233. What's worse...snooping and confronting
  234. Is it really over?
  235. Are you really married or....just roomates?
  236. Baggage
  237. Two timing or not?
  238. A little advice please...
  239. Not Happy!
  240. Need some MEN..for ADVICE!
  241. Guy decoder please.....
  242. Wife Complaint
  243. trying to figure out my separate wife's motives
  244. Just married
  245. Crossing the chasm - how an LD wife created a sexually happy marriage
  246. Is it really in my head?
  247. I don't want to sound rude....BUT
  248. need help saving my marriage
  249. Can you say.......ooooops!
  250. Who takes criticism the worst?

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