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  2. Sleepless in Austin
  3. Clashing needs - help!
  4. When my spouse is not around I...
  5. Last Chance
  6. Asking to Much
  7. Miss having friends since married...
  8. advise on preplexed relationship
  9. Is There Any Hope, or is it just wishful thinking.
  10. My Story, Too!
  11. Controlling with Money
  12. My Story, I Don't know what to do
  13. Was I Wrong?
  14. Husband on work travel and I'm losing my mind
  15. Am I crazy for being upset
  16. Marriage pains
  17. Help with decision please
  18. Some advice needed.
  19. Wife and her boyfriend. 3 rd time
  20. Physically Abusive Relationship
  21. time to call it quits?
  22. Not Built to Forgive ?
  23. Help. My life is so messed up right now.
  24. Is it ever better to stay for the children?
  25. Deciding if I can live with the small things
  26. To restrict or not?
  27. Mother's Day/Father's Day
  28. I don't know what to name this!
  29. New Member- Am I doing the right thing?
  30. MIL Can't Let Go of Grown Son
  31. "I love you but I'm not in love with you anymore" EXPLAINED!!
  32. When is it too much?
  33. fwbs said she was pregnant on fb...
  34. Alternatives to Divorce?
  35. Impending fitness test from wife re. her cancelling night out.
  36. Snooping Regret, Ex Agony
  37. Asawa Issue
  38. Gender Bender
  39. need good advice!
  40. My Story
  41. Wedding Speech; is this funny?
  42. Fiancee's Former "Stepchildren" Please I need your opinions : (
  43. Waking up disconnected?!?
  44. Thoughts of another woman
  45. Sleeping in seperate rooms while married?
  46. Things You Wish You Knew Back Then
  47. Join bank account = good or bad idea?
  48. One sided affection
  49. Wife's problem with my kids.
  50. Is it normal for your spouse to yell at you?
  51. Flirting
  52. Any ideas?
  53. Newbie here!
  54. Hi out there:-)
  55. Is my husband leaving me... for his mother?
  56. Free to Love
  57. Introduction
  58. Family Budget and Medical Expenses
  59. How to deal with a wife who wants to continue an arguement.
  60. Wife says "my" to everything.
  61. Tediously long explanation and question here but young individual needing advice
  62. Another Red Flag Post... but this time you paid attention
  63. Remember the old Love Dare?
  64. Work Relationship Issues
  65. Work conference with my boss
  66. Not sure what to do
  67. ILBINILWY - Communication
  68. when you're outta town...
  69. I thought it was interesting that a celebrity wife admitted to snooping
  70. abbreviations
  71. Stepson making all the wrong moves
  72. how was your life and marriage after bankruptcy?
  73. Yet another (relatively long post about) ILYBINILWY
  74. Not sure if he loves me
  75. Lost and Helpless
  76. How do you stop thinking about this?
  77. Should I stay in, or leave Our Marriage?
  78. Trust issues???
  79. Red Flags Everywhere and not a drop to Drink
  80. wife checking out guys
  81. Husband -red flags
  82. Which ring?
  83. First timer - how do I propose?
  84. going crazy!
  85. So numb....
  86. Is this normal
  87. Holy confusion Batman
  88. Balked on time together and I feel so lonely...
  89. Coping in second marriage
  90. Fiance' ex wife moving a block away. Ugh.
  91. I decided to listen to what?
  92. Should I stay or should I go? Long
  93. Looking for Advice, Marriage is on its last leg
  94. Still want a child...
  95. Should I be upset with her?
  96. Military
  97. Do passive aggressives ever recover?
  98. threesome in 1st year of marriage, opinions?
  99. Is it over?
  100. How many of you try to remain friends with your ex?
  101. Huge changes
  102. Feel sick over marriage can someone respond?
  103. Wife took keys to boat so that I wouldn't use it.
  104. I need to know if I am over reacting.
  105. Here we are again.
  106. book recommendation? re: attachment
  107. Differences Between Good Friends and Husband and Wife
  108. so ladies, how do I break the news?
  109. I'm missing my Husband so much!!
  110. Forbidden Crush?
  111. How can someone say nasty things about their child?
  112. Stress starting to cause memory lapes
  113. So how much does marriage counseling cost?
  114. 2 year anniversary...??
  115. I feel like I'm becoming a real jerk.
  116. My FIL is trying to come between my husband and I!!!
  117. Help, I'm in an unusual position? refering to emotional affair
  118. I think I messed up....
  119. First time poster :)
  120. Money is evil
  121. Girlfriend (of 5 years) wants "Self Processing Therapy" for us
  122. Looking for opinions or perspective
  123. Help! Husband not respecting our privacy..and then some
  124. Ever woke up from a dream....
  125. Tired of being ignored
  126. The best way to argue
  127. not sure where my marriage is going
  128. Pure Anger
  129. A Strange Green-Eyed Monster
  130. Engagement ring
  131. Am I doing wrong??...
  132. Verbal Abuse Defined/Described Link
  133. 21 yrs married... my attitude is beginning to change....
  134. My wife has an unusual sex drive.
  135. I didn't cheat, so why did I lie?
  136. Advise please
  137. Wife lost mother,now she wants to leave me
  138. An apology to the mods
  139. Hiding Things/No Communication
  140. Are we still in 'love'
  141. Wife completely disengaged, advice needed
  142. Roles Reversed and Other quirks Bugging me
  143. I really enjoy TAM!
  144. So confused
  145. So confused, will never trust again
  146. Too much time ??
  147. Wife has BPD, I am going crazy
  148. Stay with her if she does not love you??
  149. Infidelity-Disrespected-Loneliness=Confused
  150. new marriage and old baggage
  151. Staying together...
  152. Is my fiance gay? HELP
  153. Is it ok to ask my wife to stop talking to her divorced friends
  154. I came to terms with separation now she is showing slight signs of affection
  155. Wife or mother....
  156. Struggling with love before looks - any advice?
  157. my sister is the mistress
  158. I lied. She left. I need to win her back. how?
  159. like wow!
  160. How to leave junk out and stay happy in your marital bubble?
  161. Wife & stepson problems...
  162. emotionally and verbally hurt!!!
  163. Feedback request
  164. Don't know what to do??
  165. Today is our one year anniversary :)
  166. At a loss
  167. Confused and Lonely
  168. Worried over nothing?
  169. Communication breakdown
  170. Communication breakdown
  171. Wedding ring, wife does not wear hers.
  172. Dealing with disrespect in marriage
  173. In love but she's not happy
  174. No fixing this
  175. I think my husband is addicted to Spice
  176. Your wife's past
  177. Withholding sex
  178. Need Input on How To Navigate When Husband Is Upset
  179. First Relationship & Life Goals/Sickness(CFS)
  180. I wish
  181. Facebook
  182. I can't deal..
  183. Why is this woman lying
  184. Help!!
  185. Somebody out there. Help us. Please read this.
  186. wife was sexually abused as a child
  187. The lasting affect of lies and deception
  188. dont really know whats happening
  189. Can you be friends with someone you're attracted to?
  190. My Wife and her ex-boyfriend
  191. I need advice BAD
  192. Is it okay to ask for change?
  193. have a great weekend all!
  194. In a nutshell...
  195. Devils advocate....exchanging passwords?
  196. What do you do if you and your spouse want to live in different places?
  197. is he gay?
  198. When is asking for change too much?
  199. Don't let me call him!
  200. Trucker husband rarely calls
  201. I don't want this to be the end
  202. I messed up so bad I don't know where to post this...
  203. Newly Married - Not Happy
  204. Update from vacation bliss...
  205. Depression or another man?
  206. kids /do we or don't we separate / whats best for them?
  207. Anniversary Get-Away
  208. My trust issues
  209. The road to recovery has started.
  210. Struggling and need help!
  211. MIL Causing Marital Strain
  212. You Know, I Don't Feel Bad About Watching Porn..
  213. Young and Confused
  214. He's really mad at me!
  215. Help Needed
  216. just need help most areas
  217. why dont people take marriage seriously anymore?
  218. Wife wants to do it all the time
  219. How to Rebuild Emotional Connection?
  220. A year out from dday as a WS (EA)...
  221. Mr. Nice Guy?
  222. *Update* From should I go or not!
  223. My Husband Keeps His Ex-Wife on a Pedastal
  224. Close to being engaged, but....
  225. need outside opinions, not sure what to do
  226. Wife wants a break ... HELP
  227. Just feeling sad
  228. I wish....
  229. Need advice please
  230. Good Reunon Date With Exgf, now what?
  231. Why me
  232. Am I the only wife in a bdsm relationship
  233. child custody with alcohol dependant parent
  234. should we get married?
  235. Surely something has got to work?
  236. Down but not out
  237. Down but not out
  238. Hope to save my marriage but don't know what to do.
  239. young and ignorant
  240. Blindsided
  241. Wife says: don't need sex
  242. Tell Fiance About Past Drug Use ?
  243. Ready to Give Up on my Marriage
  244. Fire and Ice.
  245. My husband stays out all night even when he promises not too..
  246. Inappropriate female friend?
  247. Communication
  248. Wife accuses me of cheating...a lot
  249. My story is sad but true
  250. Triad/Polyamory relationship