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  1. Expectations VS Demands
  2. Long term bf has marriage phobia
  3. Husband 's birthday tomorrow
  4. Happy Thanksgiving!!!
  5. Promiscuous Behavior from being hurt
  6. Need Advice !
  7. Uncomfortable with husband's female friend
  8. trust
  9. found some text messages
  10. Having a hard time understanding this behavior.... any imput would be nice. Thanks!!
  11. Love or Pain - Help!
  12. MIL might watch the baby - problems?
  13. Problem in marriage! Need help please..
  14. Suttle Ex-Threats
  15. Wife just diagnosed...
  16. Gang, How Would You Handle This? Hubby's Counselor Causing Me Grief
  17. changing feelings
  18. Am I just being jealous
  19. Approach in offering help
  20. Need some advice about issue that happened to my wife
  21. SSRI's and marraige
  22. Step-son
  23. Worthy of another chance?
  24. Should these acts be seen as an open door to reconciliation?
  25. Beginning or beginning of the end...
  26. What are the signs of a womanizer?
  27. Are my feelings of anger towards my husband unfair?
  28. Need some advise.
  29. Regret cheating on my wife, she wants divorce
  30. what should i think
  31. I'm losing my husband...
  32. boyfriend has an opp sex friend
  33. When is the right time for this. *Need Advice*
  34. He says very hurtful things - should I forgive him?
  35. how to get my ex wife back,,
  36. traped and alone
  37. 20 Years Passive-Aggressive Husband Abuse
  38. Hey Guys. I'm New Here, and Need Some Help
  39. Tickets for see Andrea Bocelli
  40. 4 years together-not sexually attracted to him
  41. Wanted to Quote this...whether your married or not.
  42. i think my wife donst love me anymore??
  43. Accommodations
  44. Divorce most likely? Please help!
  45. Is it time to finish this?
  46. Guys... Give me some insight into this male way of thinking!
  47. Comedic video short on betrayal
  48. Advice
  49. My husband left me 5 months ago and now sent me a divorce notice
  50. wife problems
  51. i will finally post because i am at the breaking point
  52. Husband Won't Help Out
  53. How to tell friends about reconciliation - they dislike my fiance
  54. The Silent Treatment
  55. i made a mistake and i want to apologise
  56. I have to admit that I have an OW and I love her.
  57. Couples' counseling and verbal abuse??
  58. I think Paxil is ruining our marriage
  59. His words to me
  60. Need some input, other than whats in my head:)
  61. Is this hurting a person too much?
  62. bfs family doesnt like me
  63. So I filed for bkrptcy. ALONE
  64. Should I email his ex-girlfriend?
  65. coping with abuse - no self esteem left
  66. Husband lied about attending college - Not sure how to feel.
  67. What are the qualities of a good husband?
  68. Counseling. Where, how much, how long.
  69. Our love languages. What does it now mean?
  70. Stay At Home Dads.........
  71. Just something stupid
  72. I dont trust my husband
  73. Girlfriend remains friends with old fling
  74. I miss my friends!
  75. What is "too much?"
  76. Childless marriage, will you regret it?
  77. TAM makes divorce sound so easy
  78. Looking for Advice - My Fiancee and Magic Mike Movie
  79. Unknown ATM withdrawls
  80. In-Laws Treat "Our" Kids Differently. Causing Me To Stress!
  81. My wife has a close male Facebook friend. Are my feelings of "jealousy" justified?
  82. Husband highly protective of..... cake?
  83. Help, my husband wont answer phone
  84. Calling when away
  85. Relationship with other couple affecting my marriage
  86. What can I do?
  87. Facebook Rants
  88. We have lost our connection
  89. My wife wants a child; I said after 3 years. But she says no right now
  90. Husband going out with son's friend's and his mom
  91. Men, is this offensive?
  92. Is "I didn't mean it" a good excuse?
  93. What more can I do??
  94. The marriage diary - I think it's a great idea!
  95. Lonely and angry words
  96. Keylogger Rant
  97. After the divorce
  98. Over, Divorced, but never ended????
  99. Stigma of being a Stay At Home Dad
  100. Wife hitting husband
  101. too late?
  102. To go, or not to go, that is the question at hand?
  103. Do abusers have a clue?
  104. Please help and give me your feedback!!
  105. All Or Nothing
  106. Floundering....long post.
  107. Married People Live Longer?
  108. My husband smacked me
  109. Thanksgiving without Politics?
  110. Could Hormone Spray Help Men Stay, Not Stray?
  111. Christmas/Inlaws - Am I Being Unreasonable?
  112. Dreaming of cheating
  113. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!
  114. so dam insecure
  115. Hubby's Belly is Huge, and Its a turn off!
  116. Would you go back? (Cross posted)
  117. Some difficult questions - any ideas please?
  118. Dating
  119. I'm crazy about my husband but he doesn't love me
  120. Is My Fiance Bi Or Not?
  121. your view of interracial marriage
  122. Father Kissed My Wife: Filed for Divorce
  123. Faking it??
  124. System shock or love?
  125. how can I make him marry me???
  126. Need advice scared of making wrong decision
  127. How I Got Here....a reference post.
  128. my husband says he's not attracted to me anymore :(
  129. Question for all you spies out there
  130. Verbally abusive husband of 15 years
  131. "Love me but not in love with me" Books and understanding
  132. Engaged, pregnant, blended family on diff continents, bipolar? HELP!
  133. 180, this time it's personal, finally
  134. New Relationship Advice
  135. Too late?
  136. Where is Our Marriage Headed?....Update!
  137. This thread probably wont get many hits
  138. relationship models
  139. I'm a bi-sexual husband
  140. Please Solve this Debate
  141. Need help with this (damned if you do / don't)
  142. I lost my Best Friend
  143. DH not interested...
  144. new, looking for some advice
  145. New To The Boards :)
  146. I need to get this off my chest! Please read
  147. A wife talks about the reason she's leaving her husband
  148. Help! Anger/conversation problems
  149. does he even love me??
  150. What I Want for America
  151. My husband chats with ex on FB
  152. I can't seem to ever say, do,the right thing!
  153. Did I end my marriage and not know it?
  154. Purity rings
  155. My new name!
  156. Husband emailing ex girlfriend
  157. How many times would you allow your man to go out at a
  158. Husband is verbally abusive
  159. Just Cannot get out of a bad relationship? Sounds familiar?
  160. Just doesn't feel like I care anymore.....
  161. Trying to save my marriage - need advice
  162. Does a physically fit husband = more attraction?
  163. Husband said he loves me but is in love with another woman. Help please!
  164. My Non 25th Anniversary
  165. Calling all nice guys...
  166. I don't know how to approach this
  167. Getting back to me
  168. husband watching gay porn
  169. What makes a single guy fall for a married woman?
  170. Need Advice
  171. Hot or Cold, NEVER warm...
  172. Interesting theory regarding BPD
  173. When one spouse has a chronic/serious health issue?
  174. Cell Phones and stupid people.
  175. How to appreciate your spouse?
  176. Need advice
  177. "Work Husband" This is some GREAT info....not
  178. Intimacy and sex
  179. what do you call this?
  180. What do I do?
  181. Married and Confused
  182. Hmmmm. Masturbation?
  183. really need advice
  184. Are you ok with this?
  185. New Chapter: A BIG Step!
  186. Needing Advice About Sex
  187. Am I to blame?
  188. When one takes it more seriously then the other
  189. Top Most Recommended Books on TAM...
  190. MC - I had my first session yesterday and liked it
  191. Book "Boundaries" by Cloud/Townsend. Did you like it?
  192. Book: No More Mr Nice Guy
  193. I LOVE MY WIFE..but I been asking the Wrong Question.
  194. what do I do?
  195. PDA (public display of Affection)
  196. STD tests
  197. Is it ever just easy?
  198. More Beta threads???? Here's another...
  199. Smoking, sex, and porn. Plus we're expecting... Please help!
  200. How do I do this?
  201. Why are some men afraid to go to MC or IC?
  202. so confused..& needing help
  203. Clubs?!?!
  204. If you can't beat em...join em
  205. I have a sexless marriage
  206. So confused but not..
  207. No anniversary card - loves notes to ex around - help me get a perspective
  208. I need a woman's opinion
  209. Weasel play on words
  210. So she told me that she doesn't trust me
  211. Ideas to spice up sex life. do women really like oral?
  212. Choosing love
  213. I don't think my wife cares anymore
  214. What a difference a shower makes!
  215. Huge fight with husband
  216. To all members: how did you know your spouse (my first thread so pls be nice)
  217. A rotten situation - very long
  218. I think I have lost myself ... (long)
  219. Outliers?
  220. Time to say "Bye-Bye"?
  221. Husband is Quitting - Again!
  222. Do you spend time with WS's friends after R?
  223. Husband didn't get me anything for my birthday again
  224. Maybe I should ask wife for open marriage.
  225. First real relationship after divorce?
  226. Trying to find old thread on investigating OH's online activity
  227. Taking the husband's last name....
  228. Confronting a liar..... I need all the help and advice I can get, please....
  229. Not wanting to give up on husband with childlike aditude
  230. Feeling lonley just want my husband to love me
  231. My wife is all bubbly over boss
  232. Husband is uncomfortably close with a coworker
  233. What would you call a woman who....
  234. Can a person really change?
  235. Guilty until proven innocent
  236. Making the right choice
  237. Is this normal for newlyweds/marriage?
  238. What IS your definition of a player?
  239. Having problems adjusting to 2nd husband
  240. Unbiased Opinions
  241. Wife pushing me away
  242. Statute of Limitations
  243. Should I let her go?
  244. Have I ruined everything? Sorry this is so long.
  245. Is this typical ?
  246. Pick up artists anyone?
  247. Argh.
  248. My Mother is now friends with my X!
  249. Expectations of your spouse
  250. Bored