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: General Relationship Discussion

  1. What do you do together on nights in?
  2. So confused!
  3. Not sure why I'm writing but here it goes.....
  4. Why do you choose to stay in a sexually unsatisfying relationship?
  5. What are your thoughts?
  6. Advice moving forward
  7. Is Silent Treatment a form of Emotional Abuse?
  8. is there such a thing as too close in marriage??
  9. response to a divorce request?
  10. How do you meet the needs of your significant other?
  11. Don't know what to do anymore!!
  12. Wife is paranoid
  13. Ruined Anniversary
  14. Controlling partner I suspect...
  15. Is it possible to find only one woman beautiful or only one man handsome?
  16. She loves me! She loves me not! She loves me??
  17. HELP!!! She's emotionally detached!!!
  18. Have a bad romance
  19. Do I leave or do I stay?
  20. All this over a dress...
  21. newlyweds with communication issues
  22. looking for info on dominant submissive relationship
  23. StatusQuo's status quo...
  24. My husband doesn't believe me.
  25. fiance cheated when dating and now telling me 1 week before wedding
  26. doomed...again?
  27. Does He Help???
  28. 2years after the cheating, why is he with me?
  29. i think i am broken...
  30. Please Everyone give me your opinions.
  31. Please, please, please dont be too late!
  32. Help :(
  33. When things get messy
  34. Are boundaries the same as ultimatums?
  35. Can I help/teach my husband "how to love"?
  36. Does this seem odd
  37. Am I asking too much?
  38. Nice Guy
  39. Need help
  40. One Happy Thread
  41. husband gets mad at me for being mad at him
  42. I need some advice
  43. Putting on a brave face
  44. Feeling Worthless
  45. Heartbroken/Betrayed..
  46. My husband is always annoyed with me...and he has a right to be!
  47. need advice thanks
  48. moving out of town
  49. I think cheating might help
  50. Just want to come first in husbands world
  51. Should a working pair of Spouses have a joint bank account?
  52. Wife says I'm boring...
  53. Husband being mean - what to do?
  54. Am I being unreasonable?
  55. Partner just left 3 days ago
  56. The many ways a husband abandons a wife..latest update and my conclusions.
  57. On different pages
  58. I think my husband doesn't love me ......
  59. Want to make things better
  60. Could use a little advice
  61. I feel utterly devastated. :(
  62. Relatives view on marriage.
  63. Lets talk ROMANCE...where do you fall in these 5 examples-Has it changed over the yrs
  64. why would a guy want to get married?
  65. I don't understand my wife and if she is lying
  66. marital breakdown
  67. Would really love some sound, unbiased advice
  68. Ladies, How a man Should dress or wear to look hot or cute or sexy?
  69. Ladies, Do you get offended or disrespect a guy who stairing at you
  70. Relationship tips
  71. Second chances.
  72. What would you like your partner to do for you
  73. My Husband needs to step back.
  74. Long Distance
  75. Seperated/Going thru divorce-HELP
  76. why wont he talk to me?
  77. Letters to my wife
  78. Dont think me and Husband are 'meant to be' anymore
  79. Need help - Selecting a Marriage counselor
  80. People that relationships don't come easy to
  81. How to Deal with a Narcasist - Creepy Video
  82. women ... do you like/love sex or dislike/hate sex?
  83. I don't know what to do to make our marriage happy?!?!?
  84. Facebook Msgs and Text be damned
  85. Seriously .. what am I worth? Please read.
  86. Do men really do this crap?
  87. Really upset right now...
  88. Flaws
  89. acronyms???
  90. Wife in MLC - Books???
  91. Does it change over time
  92. Attraction or growth
  93. Do you and your spouse have it like that?
  94. Marriage counseling done seperately
  95. Husband confessed he had a kid b4 our marriage!!
  96. How emotional are you?
  97. how do you react when you get mad at your partner?
  98. is it or is it not love?
  99. Need advice desperately: problems with my boyfriend's family
  100. Hubs dreamt about fale accusation of impregnation
  101. Do this for real this time...
  102. Wife MLC - seperation question
  103. 20th
  104. Anniversary ideas with small child
  105. If you don't can you prevent it again?
  106. Reaching 1st year anniversary...problems..
  107. What were you like before your marriage?
  108. wife says she's done
  109. Lost, Confused, Hurt, Considering Divorce
  110. Letting go of the past
  111. Husband has moved out
  112. Should I tell this fact to husband?
  113. My happiness
  114. How do you know If a woman is checking you out?
  115. Cigarette Breath - yuk!
  116. Wedding inaction
  117. hi all
  118. Quarreling in marriage
  119. The love languages (yes another one... sorry)
  120. False Advertising
  121. Does he really want things to be better? I feel so empty and lonely.
  122. honest help needed from females
  123. Am I cold hearted?
  124. How can I get him to listen...
  125. How do you take this new developed information?
  126. Husband wants his EX move in the same building with us
  127. just a silly vent
  128. How many regret it?
  129. Online dating advice for a newbie!
  130. When in doubt, visit Greece.
  131. HATE My Rings
  132. Help Me!
  133. Marriage without intimacy ~ PLEASE HELP!
  134. Looking for Advice
  135. not living with husband due to circumstances: now having problems
  136. Please give me your opinion.
  137. I would like a womens perspective
  138. Empty Noise
  139. Newb question about desires and expectations
  140. WHAT SHOULD I DO??? I need help..
  141. What to do
  142. Wife cheats for second time, this time with a woman.
  143. I feel I would be unfaithful if opportunity presented. just me?
  144. FB PM -- how to respond?
  145. Big deal or not or maybe....
  146. 2 Tough Questions - Need some Thoughts
  147. Anyone familiar with Virginia divorce laws? experiences?
  148. Confused Marriage - Neeed Help please
  149. Dealing with Loneliness
  150. He asks me what I want then ignores it?
  151. Need advice and have NO friends I can trust...
  152. Newbie. How do you know if it's worth saving?
  153. Fiscal Accountability
  154. Emotionally unavailable..
  155. Sleepless in Austin
  156. Clashing needs - help!
  157. When my spouse is not around I...
  158. Last Chance
  159. Asking to Much
  160. Miss having friends since married...
  161. advise on preplexed relationship
  162. Is There Any Hope, or is it just wishful thinking.
  163. My Story, Too!
  164. Controlling with Money
  165. My Story, I Don't know what to do
  166. Was I Wrong?
  167. Husband on work travel and I'm losing my mind
  168. Am I crazy for being upset
  169. Marriage pains
  170. Help with decision please
  171. Some advice needed.
  172. Wife and her boyfriend. 3 rd time
  173. Physically Abusive Relationship
  174. time to call it quits?
  175. Not Built to Forgive ?
  176. Help. My life is so messed up right now.
  177. Is it ever better to stay for the children?
  178. Deciding if I can live with the small things
  179. To restrict or not?
  180. Mother's Day/Father's Day
  181. I don't know what to name this!
  182. New Member- Am I doing the right thing?
  183. MIL Can't Let Go of Grown Son
  184. "I love you but I'm not in love with you anymore" EXPLAINED!!
  185. When is it too much?
  186. fwbs said she was pregnant on fb...
  187. Alternatives to Divorce?
  188. Impending fitness test from wife re. her cancelling night out.
  189. Snooping Regret, Ex Agony
  190. Asawa Issue
  191. Gender Bender
  192. need good advice!
  193. My Story
  194. Wedding Speech; is this funny?
  195. Fiancee's Former "Stepchildren" Please I need your opinions : (
  196. Waking up disconnected?!?
  197. Thoughts of another woman
  198. Sleeping in seperate rooms while married?
  199. Things You Wish You Knew Back Then
  200. Join bank account = good or bad idea?
  201. One sided affection
  202. Wife's problem with my kids.
  203. Is it normal for your spouse to yell at you?
  204. Flirting
  205. Any ideas?
  206. Newbie here!
  207. Hi out there:-)
  208. Is my husband leaving me... for his mother?
  209. Free to Love
  210. Introduction
  211. Family Budget and Medical Expenses
  212. How to deal with a wife who wants to continue an arguement.
  213. Wife says "my" to everything.
  214. Tediously long explanation and question here but young individual needing advice
  215. Another Red Flag Post... but this time you paid attention
  216. Remember the old Love Dare?
  217. Work Relationship Issues
  218. Work conference with my boss
  219. Not sure what to do
  220. ILBINILWY - Communication
  221. when you're outta town...
  222. I thought it was interesting that a celebrity wife admitted to snooping
  223. abbreviations
  224. Stepson making all the wrong moves
  225. how was your life and marriage after bankruptcy?
  226. Yet another (relatively long post about) ILYBINILWY
  227. Not sure if he loves me
  228. Lost and Helpless
  229. How do you stop thinking about this?
  230. Should I stay in, or leave Our Marriage?
  231. Trust issues???
  232. Red Flags Everywhere and not a drop to Drink
  233. wife checking out guys
  234. Husband -red flags
  235. Which ring?
  236. First timer - how do I propose?
  237. going crazy!
  238. So numb....
  239. Is this normal
  240. Holy confusion Batman
  241. Balked on time together and I feel so lonely...
  242. Coping in second marriage
  243. Fiance' ex wife moving a block away. Ugh.
  244. I decided to listen to what?
  245. Should I stay or should I go? Long
  246. Looking for Advice, Marriage is on its last leg
  247. Still want a child...
  248. Should I be upset with her?
  249. Military
  250. Do passive aggressives ever recover?

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