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  1. How do people who have been married for years view younger/new marriages?
  2. Short Men vs Overweight Women...Who has it Harder?
  3. I thought this was an intersting article
  4. Newlywed with in-law issues
  5. Move or Not to Move
  6. Ending Marriage / Husband Using Child as Pawn
  7. How men deal with anger
  8. On Seeking a Mate in Mid-Life, and Grandma’s Lamp
  9. hamilton island trip
  10. Passive aggressive disorder
  11. Story; walking away
  12. I need some serious advice/tips for my marriage!
  13. Marriage requires ongoing romance and pursuit to maintain or forget it
  14. Mutually Abusive Relationship - Can Therapy Help?
  15. Help please!
  16. should i go for it (please leave advice )
  17. Need help with marriage of 20 years
  18. Fiancee idolizes friend
  19. Do men get jealous of other women?
  20. Is it divorce time?
  21. I need advice, my wife wants a break
  22. Advice-Your views/oppinions
  23. I think my wife dislikes me
  24. Where do you begin when you have so many problems?
  25. Please some perspective from WS's..
  26. Am I wasting my time?
  27. Well it has happened...
  28. I told you that....
  29. How much affection to you show your Hubby/wife when your kids are around?
  30. Help with a controlling wife
  31. Making Mountains out of Molehills in Relationships
  32. Ran into ex-husband at the gym...I'm married
  33. One year gone...
  34. Stag do question
  35. pity?
  36. What is considered sexual abuse in a marriage??
  37. M i being ignored....
  38. How do I get over all the lies?
  39. Why Is He Moving Closer?
  40. Could taking a break save our marriage?
  41. Fallen for a man thirteen years younger than me.
  42. Bad Choices, Ruin families!
  43. Deciding Between 2 Ex-Wives
  44. Just kidding.....when have you been on either side of this equation and miscalculated
  45. Is anyone on this forum (PROFESSING)?
  46. I don't know what else to do!!!!!!!!
  47. Husband bought and hid video camera in our bathroom for weeks. Why?
  48. I just noticed ...
  49. I'm Back
  50. Constantly Fighting When Son Away
  51. I'm moving out in 6 days- H in total denial?
  52. Are we entitled to be happy in a relationship?
  53. Are polygraphs accurate?
  54. Supportive to Resentful
  55. The 5 love languages
  56. ok i think i made a mistake (any advice)
  57. Feel like running away again
  58. searching for peers
  59. My gfs mom is A PSYCHOPATH !
  60. Aspiring to be better
  61. Lying: How to I communicate that it's abuse to the lying partner?
  62. kids have no idea why I want to divorce mom
  63. Relationship (
  64. My wife is about money and being materilistic
  65. I am a lying husband and I need help!
  66. Help me what to do or make of my husband
  67. EX is being abused by live-in BF. What to do?
  68. Lied to before marriage
  69. Is my H being passive aggressive or something else?
  70. Need Perspective
  71. Is your Husband (or wife) in denial about your EA?
  72. Girlfriend of six months reached out to ex-husband twice
  73. Did I marry the right person?
  74. Selfish Husband or Not?
  75. Going to Europe with bf and almost ex
  76. Ex-Husband or Her the Problem or Me?
  77. What do you make of this?
  78. Help - Emotionally destructive broken Marriage!!!
  79. Found email sent 2 days before wedding...
  80. Wife of 21 years asked for seperation
  81. Married 48 years - last 15 yrs without sex
  82. is love enough??
  83. Need your opinions and comments (sexual harassment)
  84. Has anyone gotten ED from being cheated on?
  85. What Do You Really Think of Married Women Who Befriend Men?
  86. How Do I Increase Sexual Sensitivity
  87. In-Laws are Rude to Me
  88. Still haven't left....
  89. Done with TAM
  90. Husband lasting longer in bed
  91. When is it time to split up?
  92. Issues of trust
  93. Am I being Jealous and Unreasonable?
  94. 3 years in - same problems return. Considering divorce
  95. Why do I have to act like a complete Witch to get what I want?
  96. Push Presents
  97. Is he over-controlling, or am I being selfish?
  98. Jealous of fiance's past
  99. The in law torture turns me into a pressure cooker……….
  100. Pregnant and Annoyed - Tales of Woe
  101. Wife tells me I put work first
  102. Girlfriend gave me a marriage ultimatum tonight
  103. moments that make you think "awwww" :-)
  104. Paranoid about abuse in the future...
  105. From Single to Family Man to Soon to Be Dad --Need Direction
  106. becoming a challenge
  107. What did I do.
  108. Should I tell my hubby I am suffering severe mood disorder not related to him?
  109. Whats normal? Maybe I expect to much..
  110. I love Sex too much
  111. Codependence, enabling and staying
  112. ok i am doing right(please give feed back)
  113. weight gain
  114. Am I asking too much
  115. Why are my relatives doing this to me?
  116. What if he never wants to talk about...
  117. Respect Issues
  118. Am I overreacting to my husbands dishonesty?
  119. Step-son is annoying me
  120. Need to rant...
  121. Please help
  122. Now I've done it...
  123. In Law Drama... please advise :)
  124. Wife lied about past after years of marriage
  125. Why does my wife insult herself and then blame me?
  126. Am I being too controlling/smothering
  127. Please help
  128. At the end of my rope
  129. Now what do I do??
  130. Not Sure what to Think.
  131. How do I respond?
  132. Why can't I stand my husband most of the time?
  133. Facebook Causing Problems In Marriage
  134. Drawing Lines in the Sand....HELP!!!
  135. Two years and still in limbo
  136. Young married couple, when do you stop trying?
  137. What's in it for me?
  138. Never takes initiative.
  139. Would really like advice/opinion
  140. need advice please help
  141. Lightbulb moment and questions about self esteem
  142. Need to vent about husband's passive-aggressive behavior...
  143. Major purchases and spending money
  144. cheated on, falling out of love slowly
  145. Do you 'notice' your W?
  146. I don't know what to do
  147. depression and confusion
  148. How do I get over resenting my wife for this?
  149. New Screen name and I am back!
  150. BPD and Co Dependent??????? I pushed again!!
  151. Should I go?
  152. Is She Devious
  153. wife texting and confusion
  154. The case for monogamy
  155. Need advice!!!
  156. EA's? The why's, what's, when's and how's
  157. What to do?
  158. Lost that feeling
  159. First time poster looking for marriage advice
  160. Grown stepson has a history of very little accountability for his actions
  161. Am I being stupid?
  162. I'm new, lost and scared. Need perspective.
  163. I'm done, but he won't leave
  164. Healthy Jealousy vs Perception that Spouse doesn't give a ****
  165. How hurt would you be
  166. Seeing somebody who's too fat...?
  167. Confused about ex girlfriend and her actions
  168. Is this normal?
  169. Getting married.. but
  170. Friend Has Problems
  171. wanna be happy..
  172. Husband pinned me down against the wall two nights ago
  173. Troubled by GFs relationship with her brother
  174. can you be together too much?
  175. Just Joined So Not Sure How This Site Works, Subject is Marriage
  176. Friend Interfering in relationship
  177. Video games
  178. Young relationship: potential signs of control?
  179. when does the hurt stop...ANY ADVICE
  180. She moved out and its compicated
  181. Stay with him until I can replace him?
  182. Are rough patches and a loss of closeness inevitable in a marriage?
  183. I am so fed up with him
  184. My first ever post
  185. Why do I have so much guilt?
  186. I think my wife has BPD
  187. Respect??
  188. Betrayal, leaving with Stepchildren involved
  189. Talk about everything?
  190. Tell me I'm an *******
  191. Any guys have been left outside of a Victoria's Secret?
  192. Thinking about ending my relationship...
  193. Red Flag or Not
  194. Do you remember (correctly) how you met your partner?
  195. Would you stay if your spouse had wanted another, but couldn't get them
  196. Suspicions about attractive coworkers?? Am I Too Jealous?!?
  197. Childless - wrong decision?
  198. 16 Ways I Blew My Marriage
  199. Opposites Attract...but then what??
  200. Need some advise
  201. Who U R Vs What U got?
  202. Trust Issues After Deceit
  203. my wife isnt sexually attracted to me
  204. i feel m mariage is worth fighting for but does she?
  205. Lying to a spouse.....
  206. I truly am trapped in a cycle and at the end the end of what I can take
  207. is he cheating or not
  208. Pictures of husband with other women
  209. Guys and their friends or lack there of
  210. Thoughts on this issue?
  211. Objective insight please (sorry, it's long)
  212. Sleeping in on Saturdays?
  213. Mother's Day - a bit of a rant
  214. My husband lacks motivation
  215. Kicked to office due to snoring
  216. Question about mental/personality issues...
  217. So exhausted from begging for affection!!!
  218. His selfishness or my sensitivity?
  219. Difficulties with Partner
  220. Was it just a "drunk" text?
  221. New wedds!!!
  222. Really in need of advice and guideance
  223. Spouse who doesn't sleep enough and then
  224. Husband And Female Friend
  225. Normal or time to move on
  226. Am I overreacting?
  227. How to control a wife's spending
  228. Out of nowhere, PLZ HELP!
  229. Ex sees his son more than our children
  230. Am I overanalyzing this?
  231. Marriage trouble because of work
  232. Girlfriend + Baby - Passion
  233. How Long Before You Commit?
  234. Is this a big deal or should I lighten up?
  235. I'm Ready To Divorce - We Simply Aren't Compatible
  236. Apologies
  237. Advice on dealing with Ex-wife's control issues
  238. Going thru a divorce and a heart break PLEASE help.
  239. I think things are coming good at last...
  240. "i was used"
  241. Marriage Research
  242. The Impact of Marital Dysfunction on Your Kids
  243. I talked to another woman
  244. Help with dispute with wife
  245. Second Ceremony
  246. Bad Advise
  247. Is watching Porn OK in a marriage?
  248. Is There A Such Thing As "Too Much Affection?"
  249. Grey area, maybe???
  250. Jealousy and Lies