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  1. Help me learn to walk away?
  2. Any married women who wanted out because they "dont love their husband"? PM me pls
  3. I'm now worried about my wife
  4. The Life of a 127
  5. Why TAM??????
  6. Fighting an Exit Affair
  7. My husband is not sensitive
  8. I'm 6 months Pregnant and I do all the driving!
  9. Newly wed, husband with Low-T - Dilemma
  10. Delusional Jealousy in spouse
  11. Monogamy Gene?
  12. The ONE thing I've learned from TAM!
  13. My husband is a slob..what should I do?
  14. I just found my boyfirend in a gay site.
  15. I thought he was "the one" but...
  16. Cheated on my wife with porn
  17. is there something better?
  18. Help!!! My marriage is in crisis :(
  19. Husband has left :'-( please help
  20. How I can convince my husband he can't fix things himself?
  21. Giving it One Last Shot
  22. Im so frustrated...I feel so lost
  23. Life after ugliness?
  24. Marriage Movies
  25. Can anyone offer advice.
  26. I don't know what to do or what to think
  27. Need help fast
  28. Gay or ADHD or genuine?
  29. anger outbursts
  30. Am I crazy or what ? Issues galore
  31. Feeling Pressured to Conform
  32. First therapy session tomorrow together.
  33. 32 married for almost 16 years and ready to leave!
  34. New To Forum - Need Help
  35. Wife threw wedding bands away
  36. Wife shouts at me and believes crazy things about me after pregnancy and new diet
  37. Why won't he walk next to me?
  38. Do I have a roommate or a wife?
  39. Spouse Not Talking to Me for 2 Days - Common??
  40. He said he is "scared". Is this a copout?
  41. ADULT child please help please
  42. Venting about my "nice guy"!
  43. How to deal with facebook creepers
  44. Question regarding mementos from past loves etc.
  45. Help any comments
  46. Lies Lies Lies ~ Why People Lie ~ how much is acceptable to you ?
  47. Cheat App?
  48. Threats
  49. my husband doesnt love me anymore and said he wants a divorce. help pls?
  50. Anniversary is in less than 2 days
  51. My Wife is Lazy
  52. not sure where to go from here
  54. Wrongly accused of looking/checking out other women.
  55. Marriage on the rocks
  56. I think it's time for Therapy
  57. Let's talk money :)
  58. Marriage Uncertainty
  59. Suspicious People
  60. Fed up or frustrated, either way.
  61. She wants to be married but wants to be single?
  62. TAM has screwed with my perception of reality...
  63. Would like ladies opinion, fiance of 11 yrs "does not love me enough"
  64. Thoughts/Opinions on my wife?
  65. Women cheat 3 times as often as men
  66. No intimacy
  67. Shes Still Acting like She 19 Whens Shes Almost 30...
  68. Wife ended our marriage, what now?
  69. Is it Time to Call it Quits?...Advice Please!
  70. My first post
  71. Life threw a curve all.
  72. How to handle this issue in a loving way
  73. First time really tempted it was hard.......
  74. Staying in love without sex/intimacy?
  75. 1000th time I realize I'm so unhappy...
  76. Can I get past the lies?
  77. Wife says she never thinks about love -
  78. Don't JADE -- good thing to remember
  79. Is my girlfriend's female friend a lesbian, or I am I crazy for thinking so ?
  80. I married a divorced man with a son
  81. Unhappy with my marriage - wife for 9 years
  82. What to do - What is normal?
  83. life is great!
  84. What does Fashion mean to you?
  85. My Issues
  86. Need opinions on incident that occured tonight!
  87. I am a man keep disappointing my girl
  88. Should I be Jealous?
  89. Trust, can you get it back?
  90. Help..
  91. Newly Wed Blues
  92. need technical help!
  93. Postnuptual Agreement?
  94. Well
  95. How often do you check your partner's accounts?
  96. Why do sex bots message you on facebook?
  97. Follow up from a yesterdays post, thoughts?
  98. very little sex and confusing husband
  99. Relationship help!
  100. Redefine NICE GUY VERSUS venting
  101. The Big do I get out?
  102. Am I expecting to much to little?
  103. Wayward Wife Can't Decide Me or Him
  104. Just looking for some thoughts and opinions.
  105. What you do and don't do for your spouse? Opinion needed.
  106. My H failed to come to my rescue
  107. Man Crossed The Line With Me.
  108. Reasons to stay in a marriage.
  109. In love with an abusive man
  110. I want the truth please...
  111. Trying to reignite 20 year marriage
  112. If I see one more FB friend rave about her husband, I"m deleting my account
  113. To Give or not to give!!
  114. confused, sad, in love, but not with wife
  115. Weird Problem With Ex
  116. Lost in a world of love...
  117. Fighting for my Marriage
  118. UPDATE: Pray for son in accident - COMING HOME
  119. Unhappy Husband, need help!
  120. How to pick a therapist?
  121. Can controling spouse change
  122. Today is My Anniversary YAY :smthumbup:
  123. Traditional marriage view poll
  124. I can't win
  125. I am lost. On my knees.
  126. Saw him for the first time in 6 weeks!!! After he moved out
  127. He won't marry me
  128. Poll: Do you keep your Facebook account activity closed to spouse?
  129. I have a major problem with!
  130. Husband is getting TOO comfortable.
  131. Should I talk to the inlaws about our troubles or not?
  132. Looking for Communication help and support.
  133. Menopause, what should I expect?
  134. Tips for running the home so me and hubz less stressed!
  135. guide on how to be happy
  136. Giving UP
  137. How is attractive confidence displayed?
  138. When did you first start having trouble in your marriage?
  139. How should I proceed in my unhappy marriage?
  140. Looking for some hope
  141. My husband just snapped
  142. Your thoughts on sexual experience...
  143. Anything left to look forward to?
  144. May - December relationships?
  145. How do I rationalize this one?
  146. Issues with controlling husband
  147. I need some serious support and encouragement please
  148. I am so tired of the negativity
  149. it hurts
  150. Another marriage problem post :)
  151. I don't want to love my husband anymore
  152. Having only 1 child
  153. why should i stay when wife told i am not in love with you?
  154. Divorce is Inevitable - How should I act?
  155. Should I stay with my husband?...Help please!
  156. So lost and feeling so confused
  157. Married and also have a roommate
  158. Harley's Emotional Needs Questionnaire and my wife.
  159. Thinking about having emotional affair
  160. I screwed up.
  161. I am desperately unhappy, need a shoulder to cry on...
  162. Call it what you will...but the harm a child abuser causes...
  163. husband lied before marriage....confused
  164. Wife is yelling...
  165. No idea what's going on
  166. How do I stop "comforting" him?
  167. This was posted a few days ago but i neglected to add paragraphs
  168. I think she's done with me...
  169. Verbal abuse, can you relate?
  170. Is this ok?
  171. Lost All Hope
  172. I woke up yearning for her
  173. Am I the problem or am i over reacting to everything.
  174. Can someone behave so differently?
  175. Newly married, wife thinks I initiate sex too much. Turns her off
  176. Would you tell your wife this?
  177. What just happened?????
  178. no sex!!
  179. don't know what to do
  180. Could I start over in my 30's and have a family?
  181. Married Someone I Didn't Love
  182. Embarrased & confused
  183. Serial Monogamy
  184. Is it i contributing to this drama?
  185. Wife's Midlife Crisis....what do i do?
  186. I dont know what to do anymore..
  187. Travel is an issue....
  188. Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Anyone Dealing With?
  189. SUICIDE - The Ones Left Behind
  190. I need advice, please help
  191. I'm sick of 'I'm sorry'
  192. Am I overreacting???
  193. 36 weeks pregnant and anxiety.
  194. advice needed - follow up after my post of 2/12
  195. Weight loss surgery and marriage
  196. Complacency or whatever?
  197. Not being able to have children and breakup?
  198. My daughter wants nothing to do with me.
  199. Happy 2nd!
  200. online infidelity
  201. Is marriage worth it?
  202. Kids, relationships, sex & a new partner…is the grass greener?
  203. Is it to late to save my marriage
  204. Visiting in-laws and my w's behaviour
  205. deep thoughts of the future ...need insight
  206. Need Advice about Mother In Law - causing serious friction between me and my husband!
  207. How to stop thinking about the other man?
  208. Arousal problem with my wife
  209. What to do
  210. Communication Barriers
  211. Drinking too much... Stoping.
  212. recovering son and estranged father
  213. First meeting with online dating - overnight?
  214. It takes 2 to fight? My H can do it all on his own!
  215. Newly Married, Little Sex... Am I being unreasonable?
  216. Wife prefers toys?!?!
  217. Husband seems to be upset that his friends are friends with me-HELP
  218. Should I stay...My heart may be telling me no?
  219. Man-Up synopsis
  220. would like to love my wife again
  221. Low self-esteem issues
  222. Please Advise
  223. Even better if...
  224. Are we growing apart? Is she too busy?
  225. Old Emails that Make Me Doubt His Sincerity
  226. Sex After 10 Years - What is your "PROCESS"??
  227. Wife Chooses 4 Day Week - I'm Resentful - Am I a Bad Person??
  228. I see nothing wrong...
  229. Happy wedding, bad relationship?
  230. Are you really "yourself" in front of your spouse?
  231. Question about altering custody agreements later on
  232. Crap, I think I just realized something.
  233. Anyone have a problem being the focus of a joke of "just" teasing?
  234. In desperate need for your input
  235. hits and cheats?!
  236. Need another take on my situation...
  237. very used to being on my own
  238. I am thankful for...
  239. My wife is SOOOOO lazy!
  240. Men who have female friends while in a long term relationship or marriage
  241. wife left me because of drinking
  242. I am an Almost Walk-Away-Wife
  243. If your spouse could chanage something....
  244. Finding "THE ONE" - real or just a fairytale?
  245. How can I find the way back to my husband's heart?
  246. Reconciliation after Separation. Is is possible?
  247. I Love Her/Him sooo much, but......
  248. Husband not sharing business trip fun
  249. What's going on and what do I do?!
  250. You told me so...urgh they all the same

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