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: General Relationship Discussion

  1. Ever found something innocent that could have made you believe they were cheating?
  2. Helllooo?! (Knocking on H's head)
  3. I Love My Wife
  4. Confused . . . as Always
  5. too soon??
  6. Is this a midlife crisis?(from someone normal)
  7. If you think your marriage is rocky
  8. Husband is staying up late chatting with other woman
  9. Have problems...need help!
  10. Should a wife stand by her husband or her kids from 1st marriage??
  11. Advice Please!My wife said wanted to divorce
  12. Open Relationship Advice
  13. What is 180
  14. HBD
  15. Is this normal?
  16. Dr. Helen Fisher on Mating Strategies
  17. feedback welcomed please
  18. What to do when one partner is infertile and you want a family?
  19. What can I do?
  20. my wifes needs...
  21. H's sleeping in getting later and later...
  22. General Help / Advice
  23. He cheated and got her pregnant
  24. Love him & Unhappy
  25. Needs
  26. Please Help. I Need Advice. (Military Related)
  27. Not sure
  28. Update + What to do now?
  29. He doesn't understand...
  30. Question for a friend
  31. am i over reacting?
  32. How can I make myself confident?
  33. My wife is a victim
  34. My husband moved out with his GF but came back only when I started seeing someone
  35. a rock and a hard place?
  36. Before getting in a new relationship...
  37. Affair with your SO
  38. "No, his wife is so cool!"
  39. Not attracted to husband
  40. I Need a Reality Check; Don't Want to Make a Mistake
  41. We cant have children... what now?
  42. Little Confused, Advice?
  43. Alone
  44. Stuck
  45. Stonewalling Spouse
  46. Expectations in Marriage
  47. Is an open-marriage a good idea?
  48. Advice
  49. post hysterectomy
  50. TV Show here to help
  51. Choose Husband or Friend??
  52. Quick, someone make me laugh!
  53. Is "Love" Enough?
  54. Neediness and Expectations
  55. Physical touch
  56. Doubts about marrying my first girlfriend... what should I do?
  57. Missing Family
  58. Let the crazy games begin....(advice badly needed)
  59. Should I be worried?
  60. After a break-up?
  61. Online chat vs in person spouse
  62. Fight over homework
  63. Why do you think the divorce rate is so high??
  64. Should I be suspicious
  65. Need help with my needy husband
  66. So just what are the responsibilities of a stay at home spouse???
  67. Do you believe "Once a cheater, always a cheater"?
  68. Sudden regression in fight: what to do?
  69. Can single men & women be friends?
  70. Clubbing all the time...
  71. Do I walk or Do I Stay?
  72. Husband's sudden disinterest in sex
  73. Re: In-Laws. Am I being unreasonable?
  74. Not sure why I'm feeling like this..
  75. My husband makes me feel stupid
  76. Unban Bandit
  77. Breaking Up?...Confused :(
  78. General ideas for regaining emotional intimacy....
  79. Hi. New here. kinda lost
  80. Went away for 10 days with the family
  81. date ideas?
  82. Serious need of relationship help! please help me
  83. Need advice with no sex marriage
  84. confused
  85. angry and resentful..
  86. The woman I don't love is pregnant
  87. stupid tatoo rant
  88. Liposuction
  89. the cycle of getting used to living together again... and again... and again..
  90. Break up after 3 years
  91. Sex is Painful After Childbirth! :(
  92. at the club, dancing with a random opposite sex.
  93. tummy tuck
  94. Seeking advice from those that have "been there"...
  95. Literally weeks of silence during which he will not talk to me...
  96. husband making friends - am I over-reacting?
  97. Marital Problems
  98. Two questions...
  99. My wife is no longer affectionate to me.
  100. Dating After Divorce
  101. Can she learn to be romantic?
  102. My Journey
  103. Where do i go from here?
  104. Can spouses have friends of the opposite sex...
  105. something really special
  106. “True love ~ Broken dreams”
  107. is it worth staying in a marriage for the kids only
  108. Is being a virgin a dealbreaker?
  109. marriage and family therapy
  110. is it just me?
  111. Husband's married coworker won't leave him alone
  112. PDA
  113. Stress relief...
  114. So upset right now, not sure what to do, need advice
  115. How to talk to him?
  116. Married and having a crush on another guy
  117. Is this life after 24yrs?
  118. He screwed things up for the both of us
  119. Deny Deny Deny
  120. I don't know anymore
  121. Marriage and loneliness...
  122. Need Advice: wife put on a LOT of weight
  123. Need advice on HUGELY Irresponsible Long term Girlfriend
  124. it's been 3 months, it was time for him to start a fight.
  125. Strangers again
  126. Reconciling
  127. Who has helped you here?
  128. Husbands ex gf's still coming up in marraige ADVICE PLEASE!!!
  129. Can I make myself feel UNjealous??
  130. Texting coworker behind my back and other things
  131. Guess what.
  132. My wife has fallen out of love.....
  133. Her anger is driving me away
  134. Hello everyone. New here :)
  135. Unable to Understand
  136. Help! Only been married 8 months and feeling miserable! Need advice
  137. Great News!!!
  138. House guests, where to draw the line
  139. Men and Woman
  140. How do I handle this?
  141. Unfaithful and Stupid
  142. Online Dating: your thoughts
  143. Separated/Trying to Decide What's Next
  144. My wife thinks I dont trust her...
  145. Newly married
  146. Unemployment.
  147. Husband's gay friend
  148. Husband browsing personals...advice?
  149. Painful massage. Abnormal?
  150. I don't get it!
  151. What is wrong with me?
  152. are we just growing apart
  153. Why Do Women Let Themselves Go Once They're Married?
  154. Need Help!!!
  155. Husband cannot connect on an intimate level
  156. Men and bromances? Advice on dealing with the bestfriend
  157. When is love not love?
  158. Are you ok with constant nudity in the house ?
  159. Need opinions what would you do?
  160. the concept of flirting according to you.
  161. Living together before marriage; good?
  162. Who takes off work...
  163. Wife says she loves me but I can't feel the magic.
  164. MIL and habitual liar passive aggressive husband
  165. What percentages of marriages are truly happy?
  166. Yucky Situation
  167. Wife left me. Say's she loves me but not in love.
  168. Advice on how to deal with backlash from STBXH when he gets divorce papers
  169. Do books on marriage really help?
  170. Slightly aggravated this morning... talk me out of it!
  171. Lost After Tricked Into Baby
  172. Privacy vs Secrecy
  173. help!
  174. Husband's Temper
  175. newlywed doomed for divorce..?
  176. please advice me
  177. How much privacy can one reasonably expect?
  178. Avoidance
  179. Happily married but living apart
  180. Do you and your partner ever run out of things to talk about from time to time?
  181. stressing out after moving in?
  182. I am a punching bag
  183. The 180 and the thermostat
  184. I really dont know anymore
  185. Never Simple, Never Easy..Please Advise
  186. Need Advice
  187. Please help!!!
  188. The Phantom Boyfriend
  189. Am I Stupid to Keep Trying? Male perspective appreciated
  190. Can I fix this???
  191. Help! My W said ‘ILYBINILWY!’
  192. Marriage-Divorce / Children-Guilt
  193. Discussing marital issues with friends of the opposite gender?
  194. 2 year relationship problems, please please help
  195. I'm in denial
  196. Please help...desperate for advice. My husband left me and i'm considering divorce
  197. need advice from those whom come close to divorce
  198. Does Ignoring my wife possibly help our relationship?
  199. Would YOu Stay??? POLL
  200. Setting up boundaries after being together for 12 years
  202. What should I do about this girl and whole situation?
  203. 30th anniversary and renewing vows
  204. Am I being a crazy jelous gf?
  205. I've read and read, still need help.
  206. Why so many shortcuts / abbriviations?
  207. What about me
  208. Newlyweds
  209. Something that has always bothered me...
  210. Can we survive this?
  211. What am I supposed to do about this?
  212. girlfriend sets marriage ultimatum
  213. My wife's ex, how do i handle this?
  214. Divorced Parent Dilemmas
  215. PTSD after a affair?
  216. Wife Raped by Ex-Boyfriend
  217. I never saw this one coming
  218. Can you a wifes lost love back?
  219. Confused.
  220. So - how do I deal with THIS???
  221. Do This If All Else Fails...
  222. Leting go is not easy but it can be done!!(For The Few Good Men)
  223. Need advice. Potentially cause marriage problem, or lose good client.
  224. Advice on Insensitive(?) Husband
  225. Sexless relationship
  226. "My Job"
  227. Married to a hypocrite
  228. Please tell me if I am wrong here...did we move too fast?????
  229. How to safely leave an abusive partner?
  230. MY ex asked me if I am happy and confident...
  231. Dealing with a partner who seems to have quit
  232. Man child
  233. Facebook chatting till the early hours - did i overreact?
  234. This is just too much
  235. Did I overreact?
  236. no sex no sex none at all
  237. Dont you think people should just be honest and discus past?
  238. Things have gone wrong.
  239. Venting... please read and respond
  240. Major Problem with Marriage
  241. Where did my wife go? Mercedes Syndrome.
  242. What if you could change JUST ONE THING about your Spouse
  243. I need help...
  244. Roller Coaster (women opinions especially needed)
  245. The 180
  246. Frustrated stepfather
  247. How do you end a reoccurring argument?
  248. Previous post Update...
  249. Engaged but having doubts! HELP!
  250. Looking for advice from other married individuals. (Long)

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