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  1. Close call with wife's colleague..advice appreciated
  2. Lonely
  3. 18 Year Anniversary this week!
  4. I want to understand the OW
  5. how long does it take?!
  6. 4 months in and depressed
  7. Weird question about men are from mars, women are from venus…
  8. Adults Sites ... thoughts ...
  9. A journal of our interactions...
  10. I need an objective opinion
  11. not talking after arguement
  12. Help! My husband's thinking about divorce
  13. Husband won't seperate
  14. I gained weight and lost my husband's interest
  15. Wife texting others over me Help me!
  16. Cant decide what to do.
  17. Boundaries... What are yours?
  18. Women..What type of sex do you like?
  19. Back on TAM after a long time
  20. I do bad things and want to stop
  21. Wife is Sad Because We Can't Afford to Remodel Our Bathroom
  22. Hi
  23. 2nd priority?!
  24. Young Couples
  25. He just won't have sex with me
  26. I know he love me..but he take me forgranted ?
  27. Sleeping after arguing
  28. Saying but not doing
  29. Am I crazy?
  30. My husband has diabetes
  31. Here I am
  32. NO CONTACT-Results
  33. once a cheater...
  34. Why is he telling me what he's doing
  35. Relocating for Her
  36. So, apparently...
  37. First time poster
  38. My husband is "Mr Nice Guy". What can I do about it?
  39. Anyone else?
  40. feel down need advice
  41. Wife said "no"
  42. Am I in an EA?
  43. Need answers quick
  44. I think I wanna be a Jedi !!
  45. Finding emotional detachment challenging
  46. Husband keeping me isolated to try and punish me??
  47. Big Scare on Saturday...
  48. Fake Pregnancy
  49. Is he going to cheat?
  50. My wife seems incapable of being emotionally close to people
  51. I'm slightly confused as to what is going on
  52. Don't know how to get out of marriage
  53. problems with adult step children.
  54. Men and Lingerie
  55. The Porn Thread
  56. I hate relying on my husband for help.
  57. Questions About Group Marriage :/
  58. Unhappy Marriage
  59. The little things have added up
  60. Am I making too much of nothing?
  61. Can't seem to get my marriage on an even keel
  62. Verbally Abused. 10 years and it is totally wearing me out
  63. Emotionally Cheated
  64. give in expectation of getting love in return
  65. Would your spouse do this?
  66. He cheated, and he treats me like the guilty party, and I'm heartbroken
  67. lacking intamacy
  68. Doubts About My Marriage
  69. At a complete loss...
  70. Am I wrong?
  71. please I want to hear your thoughts, this is my 2nd post from ladies lounge
  72. 7 months into marriage, filled with sadness
  73. Is this normal?
  74. Just be honest!
  75. Are People with Borderline Possessed by Demons?
  76. When others come to you for advice...
  77. A Happy marriage yet still lingering on an ex
  78. He suddenly no longer loves me
  79. Inappropriate text from wife to man at work
  80. I did not!!!!!!!!
  81. Need a little advice, please
  82. Hurting, please help
  83. Marriage at the verge of breaking due to wife-mom strife
  84. Married with a profile
  85. he is getting married . How to cope with it?
  86. My friend left her husband and baby
  87. Marital Infidelity with married partner prior to relationship start
  88. For Those With a Strong Marriage: Why Does Your Marriage Work?
  89. Struggling with Long-Term Boyfriend's ADHD & Anger - Need Advice
  90. The Other Guy
  91. The Five Love Languages
  92. How do you balance fairness in Finances?
  93. They will not change....
  94. fooled for too long
  95. After the lies do you forgive and forget?
  96. Advice needed.
  97. Wife has totally given up on self appearence
  98. Alcohol.
  99. Unattracted to mate
  100. question for men
  101. trying to fix marriage
  102. Recommend me some books...
  103. Feeling less like a fool
  104. Step parent advice
  105. wife texting a married man
  106. need advice
  107. overreacting because I'm jealous of my husband'd female "buddy"
  108. Another woman
  109. how often sex?????????????/
  110. What's tumblr?
  111. really dont know what to do :-/
  112. Confused, is this okay?
  113. My wife has no affection
  114. She has filed for divorce....Need advice.
  115. Frustrated
  116. Can't STAND the thought of having to writer her checks for the next 20 years
  117. My wife is a narcissist
  118. Wearing a wedding band and its importance
  119. New Baby on The Way
  120. Possibly a lost cause
  121. Has my husband got a thing about teens?
  122. When your partner changed for the better, how did you respond/feel?
  123. Stumped! Needing Advice...
  124. Romance advice
  125. How to find the boyfriend?
  126. A year married & I am miserable
  127. My Wife Deserves A Better Man
  128. Husband seeking any hope/advice
  129. Can a marriage work if two people are incompatible?
  130. messed up and paying the price
  131. online dating/relationships: Your recommendations?
  132. Husbands - Which is better surprise night away or planned?
  133. wanting to walk
  134. Am i being taken for a ride?
  135. husband's resignation fr. work
  136. Goes to bed mad after months if reconciliation
  137. Put down
  138. Tired of the Endless Cycle
  139. In limbo-help!
  140. Need Advice...Especially From Men
  141. Extremely Confused
  142. Separation and making a list of expectations
  143. How Often Does your Spouse Say "I Love You"
  144. Is this rude?
  145. Both at fault
  146. Trying as hard as I can
  147. In Limbo!! What to do>??
  148. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
  149. Pleasing your man in bed
  150. Some days I just want to smack him
  151. What to do when our husband says he's leaving
  152. Trying not to be a fool
  153. Need advice about husband lying
  154. No cure for the 10-year itch?
  155. Newly divorced and Need Dating Advice - Did I screw Up?
  156. Disaster
  157. How did you learn about relationships?
  158. Any wives of husbands who work offshore or are gone a lot?
  159. Not very happy that H is looking for a new job...
  160. Separated for the second time
  161. Trying to understand him - is it cultural or personal?
  162. I am afraid that my marriage is going down the drain.
  163. Sad...struggling today.
  164. Taking Poll!!
  165. Should I be concerned?
  166. stuck between 2 men
  167. 180 - Friend or Torture Device?
  168. Lies, Secret Investments, and Indifference - The Trifecta!
  169. Drinking too much
  170. In shock...In marriage counseling...:) The scoop
  171. Hes always right except when hes not!
  172. Disrespected and unloved
  173. Does everyone have issues in marriage?
  174. How to handle early signs of R.?
  175. Has my relationship run its course....
  176. Was it cheating?
  177. What went wrong?
  178. Need help
  179. I cannot believe what I am doing...but maybe the right thing?
  180. Sad & Pissed!
  181. Problems
  182. Is this emotional abuse?
  183. my body is aching, I am so stressed
  184. I don't know what else to do?
  185. Am I being unreasonable?
  186. BOYFRIEND vs CAREER which would YOU choose ?
  187. What do you do together on nights in?
  188. So confused!
  189. Not sure why I'm writing but here it goes.....
  190. Why do you choose to stay in a sexually unsatisfying relationship?
  191. What are your thoughts?
  192. Advice moving forward
  193. Is Silent Treatment a form of Emotional Abuse?
  194. is there such a thing as too close in marriage??
  195. response to a divorce request?
  196. How do you meet the needs of your significant other?
  197. Don't know what to do anymore!!
  198. Wife is paranoid
  199. Ruined Anniversary
  200. Controlling partner I suspect...
  201. Is it possible to find only one woman beautiful or only one man handsome?
  202. She loves me! She loves me not! She loves me??
  203. HELP!!! She's emotionally detached!!!
  204. Have a bad romance
  205. Do I leave or do I stay?
  206. All this over a dress...
  207. newlyweds with communication issues
  208. looking for info on dominant submissive relationship
  209. StatusQuo's status quo...
  210. My husband doesn't believe me.
  211. fiance cheated when dating and now telling me 1 week before wedding
  212. doomed...again?
  213. Does He Help???
  214. 2years after the cheating, why is he with me?
  215. i think i am broken...
  216. Please Everyone give me your opinions.
  217. Please, please, please dont be too late!
  218. Help :(
  219. When things get messy
  220. Are boundaries the same as ultimatums?
  221. Can I help/teach my husband "how to love"?
  222. Does this seem odd
  223. Am I asking too much?
  224. Nice Guy
  225. Need help
  226. One Happy Thread
  227. husband gets mad at me for being mad at him
  228. I need some advice
  229. Putting on a brave face
  230. Feeling Worthless
  231. Heartbroken/Betrayed..
  232. My husband is always annoyed with me...and he has a right to be!
  233. need advice thanks
  234. moving out of town
  235. I think cheating might help
  236. Just want to come first in husbands world
  237. Should a working pair of Spouses have a joint bank account?
  238. Wife says I'm boring...
  239. Husband being mean - what to do?
  240. Am I being unreasonable?
  241. Partner just left 3 days ago
  242. The many ways a husband abandons a wife..latest update and my conclusions.
  243. On different pages
  244. I think my husband doesn't love me ......
  245. Want to make things better
  246. Could use a little advice
  247. I feel utterly devastated. :(
  248. Relatives view on marriage.
  249. Lets talk ROMANCE...where do you fall in these 5 examples-Has it changed over the yrs
  250. why would a guy want to get married?