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  1. Caught Wife Sexting, is it cheating?
  2. In Need of Some Good Advice
  3. So confused and depressed
  4. Mostly Venting, Advice is cool though
  5. religion issues
  6. Wife stopped treating me like poo... but
  7. Wife going overseas, Would you let her?
  8. Wife Jealous Of My Twin Sister?
  9. HELLO to everyone :) .. Im new to this and I desperately need some advice!!
  10. wife's male friend
  11. Husband in contact with x girlfriend
  12. Religion Ends Relationship
  13. how do i know im in love with my husband
  14. Can emotional affairs be healthy for a marriage?
  15. How to get GF back ~help me! (long)
  16. Conditional Marriage
  17. Frustrated and Hurt :(
  18. Am I just parenoid or this behaviour out of order?
  19. Deal breakers
  20. Should our family move back?
  21. Recommend Books about Emotional or Physical Abuse or Anger Problems?
  22. The emotional veto.
  23. My wife will not listen to anything I say
  24. I Failed
  25. She's unhappy, and I'm puzzled
  26. Poll:Which underwear for men do you like? Check all that you like.
  27. Walk Away Wife, 3 kids
  28. Question for Indian/Asian/traditional women
  29. We are so different it scares me
  30. Midlife - descriptions from the inside
  31. I'm told I'm too sensitive, am I?
  32. emotional distance
  33. Invitation to Participate in a Study: Relationships and Sex
  34. Going through spouse's emails
  35. Problems with boundary crossing female
  36. Success of marriage counseling?
  37. I'm a bit lost. Need help
  38. Overworked spouse?
  39. Proposed moratorium on "Troll" accusations
  40. Losing my mind
  41. Moody people ...
  42. Husbands crazy jealously over my ex BF in HIGH SCHOOL driving me NUTS!!!!
  43. How many would stay married for kids' sake?
  44. Post by my significant other seems like a breach of trust
  45. Need help urgently!!!
  46. Asking her Dad! Please HELP!
  47. Workaholic Partner
  48. A fake virgin with real herpies
  49. Am i virgin ? pls let me know
  50. It adds up...
  51. I'm looking for a bit of advice on why this man's demeanor changed
  52. Verbal Abuse Ends Marriage
  53. Male "dominance" affecting your family?
  54. Jealousy: How do you deal with it ?
  55. Hand that Rocks the Cradle.
  56. The Hidden Letter
  57. Nobody likes this
  58. Will this crush go away?
  59. need advice on saving marriage
  60. Whining again! Help!!!
  61. Infidelity Poll - who cheats, wife, husband?
  62. Confused: Temptation
  63. The bomb
  64. Should I stay, or should I go? Marriage without children
  65. help forgiving and forgetting
  66. Have time for conversation, but what is there to talk about?
  67. I know you need communication, but...
  68. emotional blackmail
  69. Am I Being Ridiculous????
  70. Religious marriage vs. government-sanctioned marriage
  71. Yoga?
  72. i really don't know what to do
  73. Need help
  74. need advice about wife and a male friend
  75. Do you feel like you love him more than he loves you?
  76. Wtf? My wife does not love me anymore
  77. Not Talking
  78. Sooo Frustrating
  79. Unenthusiastic about marriage
  80. To tell or not...
  81. How to deal with lies?
  82. Marriages nobody believed would work ... but they did.
  83. Is it cheating when...
  84. It's complicated tin-foil hat time
  85. How do I deal with this?
  86. Am I overreacting? Please I need your advice.
  87. Appropriate Boundaries with members of opposite sex
  88. Kindle question!
  89. If he did it once, he'll do it again
  90. For nurses and husbands of nurses: Any Dr. problems?
  91. Thoughts on simple celebrations?
  92. is it me being too sensitive!! or just him
  93. lol facebook does it again!!!!
  94. Between Rock and Hard place
  95. But he treats me SO GOOD....when he is not mad!
  96. (Long) But possibly worth it
  97. Wife wants to leave after 12yrs and 3 kids, need advise on how to keep her
  98. When you hear "I dont love you anymore"
  99. Divorce Date - Just that?
  100. And It Continues...
  101. SHARON STONE: Basic Instrinct
  102. please take the time and try to give me advice because my problem is bushing me to co
  104. Confused...
  105. Anyone else in my shoes?
  106. Anyone else in my shoes?
  107. Marriage Counseling during a holding period in divorce
  108. my body, your body
  109. M i thinking right?
  110. My man has OCD and ADHD....Having trouble getting him to "focus" in the bedroom....
  111. am i really what she says i am?
  112. Is the 'happy' long marriage just a fairytale?
  113. I want one, he doesn't
  114. Separated for 3 months
  115. What is wrong with me and my addiction to webcams?
  116. Husbands female friend
  117. Question for dumpers/leavers: when/if does the fantasy end?
  118. Men can benefit from counseling too.
  119. Chances of Reconciliation
  120. Breaking the silence
  121. I feel stuck in my marriage/I never wanted to be married in the first place
  122. My Upcoming Financial Fight
  123. what would you think if...
  124. Need help, boyfriend flirts with his own cousins
  125. Wish marriage came with a rule book
  126. Overreacting wife, or underachieving husband
  127. What do you think.....
  128. How do couples emotionally work through conflict?
  129. Same Song & Dance, it's a neverending cycle and I don't know what to do
  130. Gettin vibes from his best friend
  131. husband ignores my attempts to improve marriage...
  132. Just Had Baby. Want To Move My Family. Wife Doesn't.
  133. can't do 180...
  134. Husband took job out of state, does not want me and his children to move there
  135. Wife puts work ahead of me
  136. Feeling down after separation..
  137. Help please emotional affiair
  138. My wife brings out the worst in me
  139. How can I show more appreciation for my hubby??
  140. Help....
  141. Newbbie
  142. forced long-distance and other pressures
  143. My husband left me, claims he doesn't love me anymore...
  144. my wife is having an internet affair.
  145. Wife and Guy Friend, Should I Be Worried?
  146. Best to sometimes leave some things unsaid
  147. Struggling
  148. Why people who hurt us act like the victim?
  149. Need advice my marriage could end!!
  150. New here & my (back)story
  151. confused and forlorn
  152. 32 years down the drain???
  153. Do they ever come back?
  154. SO bored...SO my wits end...need advice
  155. What would you suggest?
  156. Update on my marriage
  157. Whats your Cost per Insertion (CPI)?
  158. Please help...divorce because of baby???
  159. Is it better to write a letter or call to end it
  160. Am I An Abusive Husband?
  161. What Do You Rely On Your Partner For
  162. What should i do?
  163. I am married and still in love with my ex husband
  164. Funny how some people think the other gender is all the same.
  165. Time spent together: quality vs. quantity?
  166. My husband has the hots for another woman
  167. how do I get my wife back and reignite my marriage
  168. Wife says she is no longer attracted to men
  169. Trust I in the right?
  170. Husband's codependency with sister hurting marriage
  171. I am at a crossroad and need help!
  172. i know he doesn't love me but he has asked me to marry him
  173. Two paths diverged...and I need to pick one
  174. My husband does not behave like a man in love
  175. why no chemistry????
  176. What is going on, I'm confused!!!!!!!!!!!
  177. If you admit to being desperate
  178. The difference between a successful marriage...
  179. emo abusive...trying to hold my ground
  180. So confused feel like I'm loosing my mind
  181. relationship on the rocks
  182. Help me, please! Need new life purpose.
  183. I'm tired of being blamed
  184. If he or she forgot
  185. Looking for advice
  186. Don't know how to deal with this
  187. Does your partner have a sense of humour
  188. is married life supposed to be like this??
  189. Unhappy now my affair is over, possibly depressed, what can i do?
  190. Married young, trapped and teetering
  191. A "normal" marraige - how much is business, how much is romance/fun?
  192. I don't understand
  193. no love for the devil's advocate
  194. What does a good marriage look like day-to-day?
  195. Dating WAY Outside the Box (esp. Wealthy Men)
  196. Feminism: Has it gone too far?
  197. The ultimatum :(
  198. What do you think this dream means?
  199. Would you date a person who's been divorced 3 or more times ???
  200. Should we just give up?
  201. 16th day in the Silent Treatment
  202. hope this site helps..
  203. To carry on the marriage or divorce?
  204. So Confused..
  205. Never Be The Same Again
  206. advice for starting
  207. Still Broken, Not Sure What To Do...
  208. Am l over reacting
  209. what to do?
  210. Interested in a Woman's Perspective on Masturbation
  211. Calling anyone using the internet to plan their wedding!
  212. Hypothetical question
  213. Hes changed....
  214. facebook
  215. what else out there
  216. Mechanical Loves/Dreams
  217. very sad... not sure what to do
  218. what is acceptable "ultimatum"/expectation?
  219. Need input: Friendship between male and female.
  220. Happy you reconcilied? Not? Or not sure?
  221. Im so insecure and jealous of my wifes past
  222. Direct, open communication - figuring out why we're different from what I see
  223. She is moving home....
  224. Help!!! I need advice
  225. No Contact Rule
  226. Why does she get to to be the Master of Defensiveness??
  227. Yikes!! what to do....respect
  228. confussed
  229. caught my husband in a lie
  230. Wedding Ring
  231. Hi - New Here - Looking For Advice
  232. My marriage is about to be over
  233. I think I'm starting to resent my husband. I wish i didnt marry him :(
  234. Always fighting
  235. the refuser/the cheater
  236. My husband doesn't think I'm sexy anymore
  237. Stay-at-Home Wives: What do you do all day? (What should they do?)
  238. Drive might be returning, thanks to my hubby's help!
  239. How do you emotionally handle your worst fear when it comes true?
  240. her exes still on the scene an i feel sick
  241. Mental health... sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy
  242. How do you avoid calling your ex when you have the urge?
  243. My husband changed his mind about having children
  244. Emotional (verbal) manipulation(abuse)
  245. Negotiating tactic I see recommended here a lot ...
  246. Why the need for a relationship history rewrite?
  247. Am I an unappreciative person or my husband is unreasonable?
  248. Not sure what to do
  249. When the Pain Turns to Anger
  250. Looking for some advice