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  1. Why is my need for him so strong?
  2. What's the formula that works on - YOU?
  3. What my 180 looks like
  4. Financial security in marriage - what is fair?
  5. Is it drama?
  6. Do you dance with your partner?
  7. Getting over passive-aggressive abuse
  8. Love language Act of Service
  9. How do I pull myself together through this?
  10. At a loss, cannot get through to my husband
  11. Feeling like the second string
  12. A question about snooping as a part of reconciliation....
  13. Should he be doing this to me?
  14. Anyone that is in the path of the blizzard in
  15. Ever feel guilty snooping?
  16. Don't know where to at the bottom
  17. how can i get her to talk to me? "is everything ok?" doesnt seem to work.
  18. Can I ask my boyfriend to "break up" with his friend?
  19. Help Me Save My Marriage PLEASE!!!!
  20. Not sure if we will work
  21. Open Wounds and NO Resolve
  22. Difficulty with long distance (marriage) relationship :(
  23. i lost myself
  24. I am completely obsessed with my husband
  25. Would really appreciate some advice
  26. Wife is lazy, unmotivated, doesn't work.. help!
  27. Manipulative Behavior
  28. Helping a Sibling Has Caused Problems with my Wife - HELP
  29. One more post - Severely Depressing....
  30. Is this common?
  31. How do I forgive and move on?
  32. BPD or something?
  33. Rescheduling Marriage?
  34. The ***** question
  35. Acts like a child
  36. What about fat husbands?
  37. My wife proposed divorce
  38. How we almost lost our marriage
  39. Should I let this relationship go?
  40. Wife hid 6 years of bulimia from me
  41. Obsessed Wife
  42. Haven't Forgotten The Kind Help!
  43. Lies
  44. is this a breakup or what
  45. Wife Constantly Researching Her Ex From 27 Years Ago
  46. A POLL ... What are your SEXUAL views - have they changed over the years?
  47. Is my husband's friend is gay?
  48. Question for women.....
  49. Being friends with Ex? Need some good advice!
  50. Boyfriend visiting his ex soon.... feeling out of sorts
  51. Am I being unreasonable? Are my expectations too high? Really could use some help.
  52. Flashcards for Facts on Marriage
  53. How do you make up after a big fight?
  54. My Wife (and I) got fat then..................
  55. Women does your significant other keep track when you have sex together?
  56. long distance relationship to engagement: how do you transition?
  57. Can't take kids to future MIL's filthy house... Help!
  58. Okay, let me take a deep breath and just let it all out:
  59. Men, football, their wives and families
  60. Is it okay to be at a bar all hours of the night when married?
  61. How do you feel about girls who carry around condoms in their purses?
  62. Blindsided by my wife, she doesn't love me nor want me. She wants a divorce
  63. Thinking of Caling off wedding
  64. Roommates rather than spouses
  65. Didn't take the bait this time!
  66. What's it like
  67. What to do?????????
  68. forgiving, or doormat
  69. Letter to my husband
  70. Why doesn't he want to spend time with us
  71. Please need advice
  72. Wife in a midlife crisis and acting crazy
  73. I think my husband is losing his mind
  74. Husband verbally and physiclly abusive and throwing temper tantrums
  75. Thoughts on this please
  76. Husband didn't bother to come home last night...
  77. Caught in the Middle
  78. Why do we still need marriage?
  79. lying
  80. Why are women afraid to stand up against porn?
  81. Bride plans wedding 10 years before meeting groom
  82. I'm starting to hate my husband, please help!!
  83. Do I Confront Her?
  84. Fall back in love?
  85. Gentlemen...what turns you off ?
  86. Wife won't stop babysitting
  87. Young, Lonely and Married
  88. Familly Issues
  89. Ladies what qualties does your husband posseses?
  90. To divorce, or not to divorce?? thats the question
  91. He is not the man I married
  92. Immature Newly Wed (Pregnant and Alone in Marriage)
  93. lending money to the one he cheated me with
  94. Confused Newlywed
  95. How do i "get over it?" -Porn
  96. Child of Messy Divorce
  97. I Feel So Inconsequential
  98. valentines day, what to do
  99. Another thread: Depressed!
  100. I'm tired of being of being ignored
  101. What is wrong with me? Help please!
  102. Quite the predicament
  103. Wife tuning out
  104. On The Lighter Side - Share Your Marriage Humor
  105. Learn to trust after bad start.
  106. My wife will not communicate with me
  107. Trusting your Wife
  108. Husband "leaves" once a year (odd situation)
  109. Why is a male teacher,56, hugging?
  110. If you love me...then why?
  111. Marriage Guidance Counsellor
  112. Interesting Article
  113. Update: Maybe You *Can* Put the Man Back in a Man
  114. Husbands who do 'her' chores have less sex, study finds
  115. Husband never wants sex again!!
  116. Help me figure out what's going on here
  117. Honesty is not always the best policy.
  118. I date a divorced woman with 2 kids. I love her. Some problems though, help?
  119. Intense Guilt Over Leaving - How Do I Get Over?
  120. Immigration issues in relationship
  121. To Confess or not to confess...that is the question!!
  122. Why can't I think for myself?
  123. To Pursue or Not To Pursue
  124. When to leave
  125. Thinking vs feeling... Mars vs Venus
  126. Husband has a really dark side to him what do i do?
  127. No Falling In Love Phase....Problem?
  128. 27 years down the drain?
  129. Fnck!ng Ignorant Gobby B! you put up with name calling?
  130. Double standard on dating while under the same roof? Separation dating?
  131. Passive agressive ... or is it really partly me?
  132. Just feeling down in the dumps!
  133. wondering what to do
  134. I Don't Know What to Do
  135. Holy train wreck, Batman! What to do....
  136. Ton of medical issues.
  137. Your Best or Worse Valentine's Day Ever !
  138. Does your relationship with your father influence your choice of men?
  139. Avoidant new husband moved out
  140. Questions about Face book?
  141. Indecent Proposal
  142. Don't believe any of what you hear and only half of what you see. - HOW
  143. I really need advice
  144. Question - Jealousy
  145. Husband making new friendships with single women, ok?
  146. What to do next - dating an old crush while being separated
  147. Does anyone ever thinkabout contacting your spouse's +1 or more
  148. Ultimatum girlfriend dating my best friend
  149. Over-sensitive after his son said he should hit me?
  150. I don't want to overreact, but...
  151. How totally weird would it be for me to contact H's ex-wife?
  152. Stay or go? 3 yr relationship
  153. Recent Marriage Problems with husbands new friends
  154. Just Friends - No Benefits
  155. Need opinions from married women.....
  156. Husband told me not to take my son out?!
  157. Why do men cheat on their wives??
  158. Over Exposing an Affair
  159. 10 years of Birth Control in 15 minutes...FOR MEN?
  160. Wife talking to another Man!?!?!?!
  161. Can someone please explain this 180 thing to me?
  162. Are girlfriends the new husbands?
  163. Feels like fleeing!!
  164. So tired, wish I was stronger
  165. help
  166. humor or should i be concerned
  167. My Pathetic Fxckvjdkding story ugh!
  168. How important is Romance to your marriage?
  169. God, I'm scared!
  170. Family Problems--- what would you do?
  171. Help please, marital rape or no??
  172. Stressed husband needs help
  173. Is this for real? How do I get used to it?
  174. Advice about ex-spouse
  175. Need advice quick
  176. Update - now the hard part begins
  177. Financial troubles - Please Help
  178. Men... what do you do in this situation?
  179. Insecurities from the past
  180. any abusive marriage happy ending stories
  181. What do I do about this???
  182. Why am I the only person he's not nice to?
  183. Mail Order Bride
  184. When 'I love you' is overused.
  185. why doesnt my wife ever 'get over' things?
  186. When do you call it quits?
  187. Wife TOO emotional
  188. Wife calling and texting ex boyfriend
  189. Again!!
  190. vascillating
  191. Compulsively fibbing... why oh why?!
  192. I need advice please
  193. She emptied our bank account!!
  194. I think I just made things between my wife and my Sister a whole lot worse.
  195. Marriage Endangered - What now?
  196. My crazyness could ruin my marriage.. please help!
  197. Do I stay or leave?
  198. ex bf, marriage and emotional infidelity
  199. Police
  200. insecurity, trust, and jealousy
  201. Wrong to ask your spouse to change??
  202. Research Program for Relationships - Get Paid to Participate
  203. Wife is friends with her ex on Facebook
  204. Suspicion about wife secretly talking to an "ex."
  205. Need help with coping skills
  206. Is your spouse a better partner than you are?
  207. Cell Phone Spyware
  208. Mother-in-law & Wedding
  209. Effectively compromising / drawing boundaries
  210. Just started the 180 and its working
  211. My Marriage Is Failing. Please Help!
  212. Cheating, betrayal of close friendships, regret
  213. Friend is about to marry a girl he doesn't want to be with
  214. Tired
  215. Girlfriend's mother on the verge of homelessness
  216. Apologies within marriage
  217. Is this BDP?
  218. where is the data?
  219. Marriage issues
  220. Give Valentine's Gift while doing 180?
  221. Girlfriend keeps disconnecting from me
  222. Do people reveal their true selves in an affair
  223. head in sand syndrome
  224. Now! It is time to leave and I'm afraid of the uncertainty ;(
  225. Overpossessive about my wife?
  226. An old flame that keeps burning
  227. what to do???
  228. Loss of First Love
  229. Losing Faith!
  230. Marriage in trouble - Am I the "bad guy"?
  231. He has different attitude about opposite sex work mates
  232. Marriage Seems Doomed to Fail
  233. Married Men: Do you feel sorry for you Single Friends?
  234. 1 Step Forward 2 Steps Back
  235. Talks with ex
  236. When wife is off of work I can't be home!!
  237. Being taken advantage of ?
  238. I don't know what to do
  239. Wife hates my mom with a passion
  240. I'm lost...
  241. Wife trying to leave...
  242. Married 31 years but?
  243. Fighting/Arguing in public
  244. How should an H act toward W when friends/others around?
  245. Doesn't know if he wants kids.
  246. Dealing with abuse
  247. Lazy Wife (Depressed ?)
  248. Not where I thought I would be...
  249. Waking up to life's update
  250. returning after counseling