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  1. Conversations that go untold
  2. Unmotivated wife.
  3. say there are no "In love feelings"
  4. What should I do????
  5. Lost in my marriage
  6. Girlfriend on vacation with ex. Need opinions please!!
  7. So depressed i cant even think straight
  8. Am I asking for too much?
  9. need thoughts please :)
  10. I am thinking of divorcing my wife
  11. Finding the courage in me......
  12. Can we do do-overs for our wedding?
  13. Odd Question
  14. A letter to my wife.
  15. Hurricane Sandy
  16. Wow. Desperate.
  17. It's all smoke and mirrors!
  18. What do I do?
  19. Dealing with the same issues for 21 years...o
  20. What is your quality time with SO?
  21. Husband greatest emotional manipulator of all time
  22. I know my answer but want some confirmation
  23. I don't know what to do
  24. Thinking about my ex
  25. Trying to fix my marriage
  26. Attracted to my wife's friend.
  27. Wife considering divorce
  28. New here..a ?
  29. Question on how to make my needs a priority
  30. For better, for worse.. in sickness & in health ...
  31. I've done something so unforgiveable
  32. Wife left home with all belongings
  33. GF continues to avoid any and all responsibility
  34. Seeing him with "her."
  35. Who is wrong here?
  36. Wife's emotional affair vs my temper.
  37. I love my husband
  38. When is it time to call it?
  39. please help me please
  40. 16 Ways I Blew My Marriage
  41. committed a mistake..want my husband to love me again .
  42. Where is Our Marriage Headed? Opinions & Advice Please!
  43. Wife's Past. How to deal?
  44. Is it me or my husband? Opinions/advice needed.
  45. Husband to Controlling
  46. Should I be cautious?
  47. Husband is 36 and flirted with a 15 year old
  48. Borderline Personality Disorder
  49. Fiancee and religion
  50. Shouldn't there be more marriage/family education?
  51. Drowning
  52. New member needs advice please
  53. I'm losing my ability to really care.
  54. Help!
  55. How do you know you are emotionally connected vs emotionally neglected
  56. My husband and mother hate each other
  57. Sex Abuse
  58. His ex owes us money
  59. So confused!!!
  60. Where do I start?
  61. Panic over ex-HS girlfriend before 20th Reunion
  62. How do you become ok...
  63. Is codependency the death of my marriage?
  64. Fed up - A Vent
  65. is that normal?
  66. here we go again.
  67. Is he flat clueless?!?!
  68. Should I work hard or is it time to let go?
  69. Lost wife's trust
  70. physical and emotional deprivation in marriage
  71. Flirting or friends?
  72. People who travel for business
  73. HELP please my wife said no more chances she is DONE what should i do?
  74. Is this normal thinking???
  75. You've checked out of your marriage - Does your spouse know?
  76. posting again for help!
  77. Arrgh. I get nowhere.
  78. alone
  79. My fiance was married before. He has a secret life
  80. Avodance at the supermarket?
  81. At what point are female/male friendships a problem?
  82. what do you think?
  83. I'm obsessing about wife's sexual past
  84. can verbal abuse be fixed?
  85. is it a midlife crisis??
  86. I'd Love Your Opinion On When To Get Engaged
  87. What happened?
  88. Wife with Male friend
  89. friendly emails or flirting?
  90. Help please:(
  91. Should you expect OH to be completely open?
  92. Sound advice needed
  93. Ignorance by Husband
  94. Help: Another thread about insecure wife
  95. I want it all.
  96. 12 Surprising Facts About Cheating
  97. Husbands strange friend?
  98. Husband and his female friend.
  99. married my best friend and now have a passionless marriage
  100. My marriage has imploded in the last month - need advice
  101. Its has gone down hill but i am trying to push it back up
  102. Need sex advice
  103. I hurt my fiancee by deleting pics of her ex.
  104. i really need help
  105. How do I care less?
  106. At my wits end
  107. Wife doesn't want to be a wife?
  108. Emotional Affairs
  109. He does not trust me...Help!!!
  110. what does anyone think to this? cos its driving me mad
  111. What lessons did you learn?
  112. Wife complaining for the same things over 1 year despite my efforts - now a break...
  113. I need a reputable company that recovers deleted text messages!
  114. Is your spouse supportive?
  115. married and going to a prostitute
  116. Advice needed (both male and female perspective would be nice)...thanks
  117. Is it weird that we're discussing a "seperation" date?
  118. Issue between sister and H causing problems. Help!!
  119. I need help but don't know where to put this
  120. Young and looking for blunt answers.
  121. Husband spends most of his free time playing video game
  122. Husband left me and need advice/support
  123. I have anger issues I think
  124. Must watch what I say. Will I ever get it right?
  125. My best friend says "just kidding". Is she really kidding?
  126. Making Someone Happy
  127. Another day, nothing new
  128. What do women think about truck drivers?
  129. Is it just a lie?
  130. How can I be a nicer person?
  131. Wife angered that I don't listen, demands apologies when I do listen!
  132. mad confused husband
  133. You want to volunteer..with what time?
  134. Something is wrong with my Marriage and I have no idea why!
  135. Curious..Are you afraid??
  136. In-laws moving
  137. How do I rekindle a 19 marriage
  138. Pursuer/Distancer Dance
  139. Help me learn to walk away?
  140. Any married women who wanted out because they "dont love their husband"? PM me pls
  141. I'm now worried about my wife
  142. The Life of a 127
  143. Why TAM??????
  144. Fighting an Exit Affair
  145. My husband is not sensitive
  146. I'm 6 months Pregnant and I do all the driving!
  147. Newly wed, husband with Low-T - Dilemma
  148. Delusional Jealousy in spouse
  149. Monogamy Gene?
  150. The ONE thing I've learned from TAM!
  151. My husband is a slob..what should I do?
  152. I just found my boyfirend in a gay site.
  153. I thought he was "the one" but...
  154. Cheated on my wife with porn
  155. is there something better?
  156. Help!!! My marriage is in crisis :(
  157. Husband has left :'-( please help
  158. How I can convince my husband he can't fix things himself?
  159. Giving it One Last Shot
  160. Im so frustrated...I feel so lost
  161. Life after ugliness?
  162. Marriage Movies
  163. Can anyone offer advice.
  164. I don't know what to do or what to think
  165. Need help fast
  166. Gay or ADHD or genuine?
  167. anger outbursts
  168. Am I crazy or what ? Issues galore
  169. Feeling Pressured to Conform
  170. First therapy session tomorrow together.
  171. 32 married for almost 16 years and ready to leave!
  172. New To Forum - Need Help
  173. Wife threw wedding bands away
  174. Wife shouts at me and believes crazy things about me after pregnancy and new diet
  175. Why won't he walk next to me?
  176. Do I have a roommate or a wife?
  177. Spouse Not Talking to Me for 2 Days - Common??
  178. He said he is "scared". Is this a copout?
  179. ADULT child please help please
  180. Venting about my "nice guy"!
  181. How to deal with facebook creepers
  182. Question regarding mementos from past loves etc.
  183. Help any comments
  184. Lies Lies Lies ~ Why People Lie ~ how much is acceptable to you ?
  185. Cheat App?
  186. Threats
  187. my husband doesnt love me anymore and said he wants a divorce. help pls?
  188. Anniversary is in less than 2 days
  189. My Wife is Lazy
  190. not sure where to go from here
  192. Wrongly accused of looking/checking out other women.
  193. Marriage on the rocks
  194. I think it's time for Therapy
  195. Let's talk money :)
  196. Marriage Uncertainty
  197. Suspicious People
  198. Fed up or frustrated, either way.
  199. She wants to be married but wants to be single?
  200. TAM has screwed with my perception of reality...
  201. Would like ladies opinion, fiance of 11 yrs "does not love me enough"
  202. Thoughts/Opinions on my wife?
  203. Women cheat 3 times as often as men
  204. No intimacy
  205. Shes Still Acting like She 19 Whens Shes Almost 30...
  206. Wife ended our marriage, what now?
  207. Is it Time to Call it Quits?...Advice Please!
  208. My first post
  209. Life threw a curve all.
  210. How to handle this issue in a loving way
  211. First time really tempted it was hard.......
  212. Staying in love without sex/intimacy?
  213. 1000th time I realize I'm so unhappy...
  214. Can I get past the lies?
  215. Wife says she never thinks about love -
  216. Don't JADE -- good thing to remember
  217. Is my girlfriend's female friend a lesbian, or I am I crazy for thinking so ?
  218. I married a divorced man with a son
  219. Unhappy with my marriage - wife for 9 years
  220. What to do - What is normal?
  221. life is great!
  222. What does Fashion mean to you?
  223. My Issues
  224. Need opinions on incident that occured tonight!
  225. I am a man keep disappointing my girl
  226. Should I be Jealous?
  227. Trust, can you get it back?
  228. Help..
  229. Newly Wed Blues
  230. need technical help!
  231. Postnuptual Agreement?
  232. Well
  233. How often do you check your partner's accounts?
  234. Why do sex bots message you on facebook?
  235. Follow up from a yesterdays post, thoughts?
  236. very little sex and confusing husband
  237. Relationship help!
  238. Redefine NICE GUY VERSUS venting
  239. The Big do I get out?
  240. Am I expecting to much to little?
  241. Wayward Wife Can't Decide Me or Him
  242. Just looking for some thoughts and opinions.
  243. What you do and don't do for your spouse? Opinion needed.
  244. My H failed to come to my rescue
  245. Man Crossed The Line With Me.
  246. Reasons to stay in a marriage.
  247. In love with an abusive man
  248. I want the truth please...
  249. Trying to reignite 20 year marriage
  250. If I see one more FB friend rave about her husband, I"m deleting my account