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  1. I hate my wife for this
  2. shower first
  3. Sulky Husband - What is with men?
  4. New ideas welcome
  5. Refusing Marriage Counseling
  6. Hi. I'm new and scared and want it all to be okay.
  7. Lost!!
  8. Overwhelmed
  9. no birthday present, how upset would you be?
  10. another girls night out question. probably no big deal
  11. moving to wifes hometown, she wants to be able to hang w ex's as friends
  12. 3 in a marriage
  13. Insecurities and Facebook
  14. Would you leap without looking? or am I wrong?
  15. My wife would rather erotic fan fiction then me... help...
  16. Caught in a mess..could use some insight
  17. Thinking about leaving my husband?
  18. Best way to go about it?
  19. So lost, so confused... what to do?
  20. It's totally different than I thought...
  21. what do you think the divorce rate will rise to?
  22. Is anyone married to an Aspergers spouse
  23. Blindsided and puzzled
  24. Help Please! Need Logical, Outside Opinion to Make Sure We're Not Crazy
  25. What to do next?
  26. Piercings.. what's the deal?
  27. Do women need female friends?
  28. I think I'm about to cheat on my husband
  29. what will you do if you find out he is wandering
  30. Help! Don't know what to do
  31. My wife shows no affection.... and pregnant?
  32. so i got a dog
  33. tattoos, whats the deal?
  34. Lost in Confusion
  35. How do you make it up to your partner after a fight?
  36. How do you know if its over?
  37. changing user name
  38. Advice Please!
  39. Husband is addicted to Porn and who knows what else!
  40. Sex
  41. Is he bored of me and life together???
  42. Depression & Sex
  43. confused
  44. Broken-hearted but can't confront
  45. Who else has a confession to make?
  46. stay at home dad + resentment and a life decision
  47. Resentment
  48. help me save my marriage
  49. cheater friends
  50. Good News.
  51. Please help my marriage
  52. Going a month on the silent treatment......
  53. 5 year wedding anniversay
  54. How do you come up with boundaries? Are there questions...
  55. Husband walks out
  56. Infertility
  57. Help My Marriage Please!
  58. How do I tell my daughter?
  59. A little off topic here..
  60. Happy wife, happy life...
  61. really need some advice, im new here
  62. Give up control?
  63. Okay... I got one for you...
  64. Lose Lose Situation :( Please help-any advice welcome
  65. Just about fed up ready to leave or something Sorry its a little long!!!!
  66. Signs of the Zodiac and you....
  67. Where Did That Bus Come From??
  68. Ideas for male friend's birthday
  69. Taking a break in a marriage....does it help?
  70. Being protective and caring when your W is vulnerable
  71. After reading about women's weight in the men's section...
  72. Unsure if it's really that bad
  73. Just trying to get through this anger...
  74. porn addiction, child porn, emotional affair, cyber stalking, escorts, drugs, etc..
  75. Married for 10 years need major advice
  76. Proposing to current girlfriend
  77. Lost, Confused, Bored, Lonely...
  78. How to talk to someone who has been cheated on in every relationship they ever had?
  79. Changing jobs - how to approach him?
  80. An email from my husband (follow up to communication and his 'friend' at work)
  81. Blended Family Teatering on Divorce
  82. So confussed & hurting
  83. Lack of communication...
  84. He won't defend me?
  85. It was Fate
  86. What it looks like today...
  87. Wife Just Holds Onto So much Anger...
  88. we want to marry but his family ....
  89. Husband never showed interest on me.
  90. Be careful of what you ask for (sorry long)
  91. Newly Wed, looking for 3rd party advice
  92. Is this normal or a sign of something?
  93. Do you talk to your partner about work?
  94. Starting a conversation
  95. Silly Aggravation
  96. Head is a mess!
  97. Is it too much to ask? .....
  98. Can't I be good friends with a single guy if I'm married?
  99. Advice on what is the right thing to do .... and how??
  100. New here...and a bit nervous
  101. GF's baby daddy problems
  102. His supposed sense of humor...
  103. Lack of Affection - Drained
  104. This is what it looks like these days...
  105. Please help
  106. Trying to go back
  107. Complicated
  108. I don't think my wife is "in love" with me
  109. does my husband really hate me? seriously lost!!.. looking for opinions/advice
  110. First Year of Marriage
  111. should i leave my marriage for my lover?
  112. not sure if it's worth it anymore... my story...
  113. Love and older generations in my family
  114. a touching newlywed story
  115. FB Boundaries - I Need 'Em?
  116. What comments would you NOT forgive from your spouse?
  117. My fiancee doesn't love me anymore
  118. Did you live together before marriage?
  119. Home and abroad
  120. How did you spend your anniversary?
  121. I need help!!!
  122. 4 years and he has no intentions of marrying me!!
  123. What if your spouse forgot your bday?
  124. my life sounds like a tv soap plz help??
  125. Curing "Doormat Disease"
  126. How do you forgive?
  127. Unsure and confused
  128. I want her to leave
  129. Abnoxiously Drunk Husband -- Another long one...
  130. Unsure what is best for my family
  131. One more question
  132. need some perepective
  133. Kind of new member - newlywed - big problems
  134. Wifes past
  135. The grass looks greener....?
  136. What is your favorite love/marriage/relationship quote?
  137. Am I too clingy or what?
  138. Falling for married coworker. outside advice requested
  139. Had blazing row ths evening
  140. Always wondering...
  141. Half a year later & I feel truly discouraged again.
  142. How to show support for spouse
  143. At an impasse over spouse spending time with opposite sex colleague.
  144. Argument this morning - I'm confused, feedback appreciated
  145. Well,there are worse days than mine...
  146. Am I good enough?
  147. Please read and comment. I need your input!
  148. Here is where I start...
  149. 25th Anniversary Vacation Ideas
  150. I am so lost and broken...
  151. Need advice or a hug
  152. Need some encouragement & positive thoughts
  153. Do you believe in learning to love?
  154. I Know What You're Going to Say...
  155. my husband's responsibility towards me?
  156. Help me understand
  157. to be or not to be ...
  158. Am I really in love?
  159. Step in the right direction??
  160. Dealing with in laws....even future ones
  161. Need advice!
  162. Wife Tuning Family Out - Am I Missing Something?
  163. I need some advice... think i'm at the end of my rope :(
  164. Looking for a book
  165. What does this forum mean to you?
  166. Im lost.. need some help
  167. Need help. I am too emotional and clingy.
  168. Depression, Anxiety, and it's effects on relationships.
  169. Changing your marriage means changing yourself.
  170. I can't believe this is happening to me...
  171. married for 20 years and no sexual desire
  172. Whats the worst thing your spouse has said about you in MC?
  173. He doesnt get it ...
  174. Problem with self-confidence.
  175. Toxic Relationship Finally Over
  176. Can friends ruin your relationship?
  177. anger management
  178. Wife had an emotional affair and I can't move on
  179. What's your biggest flaw?
  180. I need help,my wife says I have become smothering and controlling
  181. How do I get more attention from my husband?
  182. What would put you off a woman as marriage material?
  183. Which upcoming movie you like to watch with your kids in your summer vacations?
  184. Repeating dreams
  185. Confused and desperately seeking advice
  186. Help! I have no more answers...
  187. I WANT the ILYBINILWY speech. At least she'd be discussing it with me.
  188. How do I fix this?
  189. How to trust again...
  190. Emotional Fiance
  191. Her Ex-Husband and Boundries
  192. I could do with an outside view on this please.
  193. What constitutes a date
  194. what should i do?
  195. Aaaaahhhhhhh!!!
  196. Girlfriend's Ex-Husband Moved Into Her Basement
  197. Whining
  198. Feeling excluded
  199. Getting the Silent Treatment
  200. Do Marriage Counselors Ever Suggest Polygraphs?
  201. Wifes Past and My Feelings
  202. Don't know what to think
  203. Husband suddenly "unhappy, depressed and wants to get fit."
  204. Your thoughts please
  205. Married and have issues with female co-worker
  206. What would you say? (so sorry it's long)
  207. Am I being unfair?
  208. Her friends are more important than me
  209. I think my wife is cheating on me with another women
  210. Husband unhappy, but says it isnt me.
  211. Married in April,,,,Help needed soon!
  212. why do abusive spouses always eff up a big day?
  213. reading material
  214. I really want a happier marriage
  215. How effective is no-contact in getting someone back?
  216. Want to stop H laying in but he is kicking up a fuss...
  217. 5 year anniversary
  218. Married for 2 years, Need advice.
  219. Husband doesn't share responsibilities, goes out all the time
  220. Was he cheating?
  221. Has anyone???
  222. Wife v. Family
  223. Update...
  224. Here we go again! Wife wants me to move and change my career
  225. Frustrated...
  226. Babysitter pay etiquette
  227. Something positive!
  228. First timer here...Embarrassed my wife in front of her family.
  229. Forehead, head kiss....
  230. Strip Club And Consequences
  231. Differences on how our home should look
  232. How do you know if someone really loves you enough?
  233. What's an EA?
  234. It's official, I'm getting divorced
  235. Is my wife therapist unethical?
  236. So confused
  237. Is it me?
  238. Quack!!
  239. Husband want to visit a girl friend out of state
  240. Very lopsided marriage/responsibilities
  241. I am not a physically affectionate person
  242. Husband gets texts from ex 10 times
  243. Differences in romantic past.
  244. Yet another spouse/in-law problem
  245. Lying
  246. Wife wants to go for drinks with another man while I am at work what should I do?
  247. Where do I start?
  248. I need help or advice
  249. Am I Overreacting?
  250. Married 6 months, is the spark already gone?