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  1. Taking Off (all my clothes)
  2. Is alone time and time with friends healthy?
  3. I cheated on my Beautiful Wife about to lose it all (family)
  4. A little confuesd
  5. Relationship re-light
  6. Reported Posts - Thanks
  7. Male coach patted my daughter on the butt
  8. Her mother is driving me away
  9. sex chat ? is it right?
  10. really i dont know.. please
  11. im not a person to trust...
  12. Help me - my ex hacked my husband's email and posted it online
  13. I'm losing my marriage due to communication issues.....
  14. He thinks semi-nude photos a great idea, but I think it's tacky.
  15. How to set boundaries...headed for divorce
  16. i am at fault. want to save us!!!!
  17. My wife loves me only as a friend.
  18. High School sweathearts 19 years need help
  19. need some insight...
  20. No patience left for each other.
  21. Was my marriage a mistake?
  22. Would you marry your platonic best friend?
  23. Interesting Link on Valentine's Day Spending
  24. No idea what to do, or write, or where to write it
  25. Saddened by recent events
  26. Why am I so stupid?
  27. my husband doesn't wanna have kids-now or forever
  28. Need to get the spark back
  29. Loss and Resentment...Not what you think!!
  30. don't know what to do
  31. Lost trapped and confused
  32. Insecurity??
  33. He doesn't want to be told he has to change...
  34. My husband has changed so much
  35. Disorganized and Tired
  36. Validating your Spouse
  37. How many stay for the kids?
  38. Research Participants Needed for a Couples Study!
  39. Losing hope
  40. Am I asking too much?
  41. help!!
  42. I seriously need some help!
  43. help - don't know what to think
  44. marriage after an affair is it time to move on
  45. How Do You Know for Sure.........
  46. Random Observation
  47. Not sure what to do anymore
  48. I'm doing it, but...
  49. Howdo you keep a marriage Healthy and Happy
  50. advice needed
  51. My gf didn't want me to go to a party with her and the kids
  52. Trapped
  53. Do ever get embarrassed about your gender?
  54. Creating trust
  55. What's a girl to do? INPUT PLEASE
  56. my wife recently staying out very late with girlfriend
  57. Verbal abuse on tape
  58. Men - What do/don't you want from a partner?
  59. Intolerant of friends
  60. full of resentment... afraid to blow up on him
  61. Wife has no trust or belief in me anymore
  62. Doind things for yourself vs. your spouse
  63. Going out on a brittle limb
  64. No affection
  65. My SO bores me. Please help.
  66. How to get over a fight and move on...?
  67. Need some perspective on situation
  68. My husband is depressed and I am afraid of him
  69. Controlling, lying husband
  70. I married my true love...and now my life is a wreck
  71. my wife stop kissin and huggin me anymore
  72. Skype for keeping tabs
  73. I'm so stuck I need help!!
  74. Is she too young and too extreme?
  75. Changes in your spouse
  76. Wife upset that I invited my friend over after our golfing trip
  77. Moving On
  78. Hy husband falls asleep during sex
  79. Manifesting your DREAMS with your beloved.
  80. Getting married in 5 weeks!!!!Desperately need advice!!!
  81. new here but need advice
  82. educational code of conduct
  83. my wife is a alien
  84. Husband Texting Female Employee - Emotional Affair?
  85. The confusion is making me mad now
  86. Strange Problem
  87. Didn't see THAT coming ...
  88. Who leaves the bed?
  89. My wife has been having online relations
  90. GPS
  91. I need HELP!!! confused and hurting
  92. When should I get a restraining order?
  93. What does he want me to do to make this right?
  94. Marital issues are always 50/50
  95. HerToo
  96. Manipulating family and my passion in life?
  97. Hubby lied about being Christian
  98. Please Help! Is this abuse? Can people change? Am I crazy?
  99. Is this a guy thing?
  100. wife is frustraded, not in love anymore
  101. Tell Me What To Do, Please!
  102. Getting Married in March
  103. Ultimate betrayal?
  104. Share your advice for a successful marriage
  105. Does my wife go out to much?
  106. Military wife needs advice
  107. trying to cope
  108. marriage woes.....and feeling disconnected from it all.
  109. Suspicions, suspicions
  110. My wife says the cruelest things
  111. Stressful times!!!
  112. I want my girlfriend back. She's my first love. I miss her every day and night.
  113. Really? Bills Are High...I have to work
  114. I'm that "crazy gf"
  115. Interpret where he was going with this
  116. long distance marriage falling apart
  117. The only hang up, cleaning the house?
  118. arguments....
  119. Okm here's a dilemma
  120. My friend's getting married
  121. Emotional Abuser
  122. Nagging is destroying my marriage
  123. I need my husband to forgive me what to do?
  124. Am I Expecting too Much?
  125. Guilt
  126. My wife lied about her past, what should I do?
  127. desperate with husband who doesn't know if he wants me
  128. I need to chill - advice please?
  129. He Relapsed; I Left
  130. cannot communicate!!!
  131. ITS OVER & HOW! 8 Years & now he says he didn't love me for 6 years!
  132. Engaged gf about to move in and crossdressing
  133. just dont like him
  134. WTH is wrong with me right now?
  135. Communication Boundary Help
  136. Trying2figureitout
  137. How do I heal when he doesn't even think it matters? (*molestation mentioned)
  138. I really need help please
  139. Hiding things
  140. Opinions needed - is somebody reading too much into this message?
  141. breaking a promise?
  142. Why Get Married?
  143. Need a little help please
  144. trying to trick me into an argument??
  145. Accepting your spouse for who they are
  146. Very complicated situation.
  147. Did you ignore the small signs
  148. Need Help! Quick remarriage after divorce
  149. Book recommendations to heal from Divorce
  150. hi all :)
  151. Am I killing my marriage?
  152. Please help !!! I don know what to do ?
  153. Wife and the other man?!?
  154. Loveless Marriage... Quit or hang on?
  155. Just don't know what to do
  156. What does it mean when...
  157. Please Help- My Husband vs My Cousin
  158. Flippant remark
  159. Am I being too jealous ? Ladies please help
  160. is he ready to marry and commit to me?
  161. Why do some people get banned?
  162. Confused about husband lying
  163. Royal Treatment...?
  164. Who Does the Relationship "Heavy Lifting" in Your Marriage?
  165. My Husband Stonewalls, and I am Lost
  166. Work Issues causing Marital Issues
  167. Military spouse issues
  168. Housework
  169. My wife and need advice
  170. Should I be concerned?
  171. I had an emotional affair
  172. Marriage and friends
  173. Husband going on vacation without me
  174. to trust or not to trust my husband?
  175. Wife may be depressed - Long distance - Need advice
  176. Help!
  177. how do I fix this?
  178. anxious and in need of honest, non judging advice pls!
  179. G'day.
  180. Have A Crush
  181. Going to celebrate
  182. I'm not sure what this means
  183. what to do?
  184. How much texting is too much?
  185. I think I'm out of love for her.
  186. Best friend may like me?
  187. please - I want your opinion, thanks
  188. Should I marry him after 5-6 years living together without passion.
  189. Proper division of assets
  190. So lost.....are we meant to be???
  191. Please Help
  192. Waiting for my Heart to Heal...
  193. Hello all first post... my marriage, do I have it all wrong?
  194. Do you consider this controlling?
  195. Husband friends with girl I dont know
  196. People and relationships
  197. Two loving and involved parents-separating...child custody plans..Ideas?
  198. Is he just friendly or am I just overreacting?
  199. Very sad I'm this way
  200. Do you laugh during sex?
  201. Deployed Wife & we fight every day.
  202. When do friends come before your spouse?
  203. Want my wife back
  204. Thoughts and advice???
  205. What do couples do out there to spend one on one time to talk about issues?
  206. How do you get out of a rut?
  207. Confused....
  208. She does not forgive after 2 years
  209. Too little shared interests
  210. At a loss.
  211. Marriage to make us complete ?
  212. Is my wife capable of saying sorry?
  213. should I worry
  214. Is it ok for my husband to be friends with his ex?
  215. Uncommunicative couch potatoes
  216. i so do not know what to hard can someone try and get the door shut on them
  217. Counseling with the OW or OM
  218. what to do next
  219. now I feell so pain full staying with u..
  220. Am I worried about nothing?
  221. Need some opinions..
  222. Did read in the topic somewhere here
  223. The Reacher and the Settler.
  224. Feeling hurt
  225. I want to see her more
  226. Sticky Subject..........
  227. Husband getting on my nerves!!!!
  228. Husband says hurtful things and keeps trying to change me
  229. Over reacting after reconciliation??
  230. Need some help, this could get lengthy
  231. Over analyzing or what?
  232. Discovered Secret Facebook Account
  233. If a man talks & his wife is not present, is he still wrong?
  234. Effective communication anyone
  235. Facebook Stuff and internet
  236. What does "not emotionally available" mean?
  237. Books: MMSL vs. SOHMM
  238. Financial Infidelity
  239. Facebook drama
  240. Why did you want to get married?
  241. How can I not sound like jealous freak?
  242. Fiances Debt
  243. Depressed Today - No Reason/Everything is Wrong
  244. what should I do?
  245. What are the signs of an EA
  246. H wants children and I'm not so sure anymore...
  247. Insecurity... Young & Fed up...
  248. 12 Signs You're Headed for Divorce
  249. How do you know when it's okay to walk away from a marriage?
  250. Craving more emotional intimacy in my relationship.