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: General Relationship Discussion

  1. Counseling with the OW or OM
  2. what to do next
  3. now I feell so pain full staying with u..
  4. Am I worried about nothing?
  5. Need some opinions..
  6. Did read in the topic somewhere here
  7. The Reacher and the Settler.
  8. Feeling hurt
  9. I want to see her more
  10. Sticky Subject..........
  11. Husband getting on my nerves!!!!
  12. Husband says hurtful things and keeps trying to change me
  13. Over reacting after reconciliation??
  14. Need some help, this could get lengthy
  15. Over analyzing or what?
  16. Discovered Secret Facebook Account
  17. If a man talks & his wife is not present, is he still wrong?
  18. Effective communication anyone
  19. Facebook Stuff and internet
  20. What does "not emotionally available" mean?
  21. Books: MMSL vs. SOHMM
  22. Financial Infidelity
  23. Facebook drama
  24. Why did you want to get married?
  25. How can I not sound like jealous freak?
  26. Fiances Debt
  27. Depressed Today - No Reason/Everything is Wrong
  28. what should I do?
  29. What are the signs of an EA
  30. H wants children and I'm not so sure anymore...
  31. Insecurity... Young & Fed up...
  32. 12 Signs You're Headed for Divorce
  33. How do you know when it's okay to walk away from a marriage?
  34. Craving more emotional intimacy in my relationship.
  35. 10 year itch? or stupidity? Help.
  36. Great intimacy, but can't communicate...
  37. Tired of Limboland
  38. need to find owner of a phone number
  39. How do I make my wide fancy me again.
  40. Taken in Hand
  41. need some help
  42. Do you agree with Megan Fox?
  43. I am DESPERATE for some advice right now please
  44. What do I do?
  45. Wife will not open up or discuss things
  46. Not sure it can last anymore
  47. Big problems with controlling girlfriend
  48. stupidity
  49. Advertising Banner
  50. Please help!!!
  51. Dedicate one song to your beloved... <3
  52. hurt....
  53. Should you stay if there is even the tiniest bit of hope left?
  54. Husband has profile on ******************--is he cheating?
  55. Have no one to talk to- need help
  56. Feeling a little duped...
  57. H doesn't think I am attractive for sex
  58. Was i in the wrong?
  59. Fiance wants me to choose between her and my father.
  60. I cant take it anymore!
  61. what to do when you're unsure
  62. Should I be worried?
  63. So confused
  64. advice needed-from the outside. Great relationship but issues with a move
  65. Is my wifes friend no good for her?
  66. how to delete membership. 1 reply please!!
  67. Is It Over?
  68. Why now?
  69. Husband wants a divorce over tattoo
  70. Does your spouse know your on the marriage forum?
  71. Another Feminism Thread!
  72. My 'languages' Score
  73. Adult ADD/ADHD
  74. 3 yr relationship - too comfortable? games?
  75. Cheating Fiancee
  76. Would you believe this?
  77. Where do i begin? she hates me ... and so will you
  78. New relationship advice
  79. Need advice badly
  80. Engaged to a Wonderful Man...
  81. Used to post about my cheating husbandů.can't believe where I am now
  82. Code words or special touching to initiate sex.
  83. Know the type of person you're dealing with
  84. Can't get him to understand...
  85. I considered a Walk-away wife???
  86. What else can I do??
  87. well that seemed pointless....uhhhh
  88. Positive Updates :)
  89. this is serious-cheating husband
  90. I need some advice
  91. Husbands needy friend.
  92. wife unsure!
  93. I need major help
  94. How do you stop the verbal abuse?
  95. suffering so much will i ever trust him again please help
  96. I need someone to talk to about a problem and I dont know how to start
  97. Help! In laws trouble
  98. Need some help...lost
  99. Mother in Law may move in
  100. Long Term Relationship!
  101. Marriage Builder Homestudy Program?
  102. Best friend is now girlfriend
  103. Gaslighting: the movie
  104. Why do we do it?
  105. Long time best friend is now girlfriend
  106. In-Laws on the horizon
  107. ITT:Some Break Up Tips
  108. How was your weekend?
  109. I have lost myself
  110. 2nd opinions
  111. I guess material things do matter.
  112. Need Some Suggestions
  113. Opinions please...
  114. EVIL in love...
  115. confused needing help
  116. contacting old lover
  117. I Need help! I'm at rock bottom
  118. Wife drinking and affecting our marriage
  119. Need Marriage Advise
  120. HELP - What do I do?
  121. Any advice on how to overcome relationship anxiety?
  122. Married 26yrs and wife says its over.
  123. How to get positive changes ?
  124. I think I am done with our marriage.
  125. Husband is getting insecure,plz help
  126. Should you do things you don't enjoy but partner does?
  127. New Here
  128. Boy Friend is upset about age difference
  129. Silent Punishment (dual post)
  130. Do I go or do I stay?
  131. I feel old...
  132. please dont judge me
  133. I am DESPERATE for help!!!
  134. He threatens divorce & I am thinking of leaving him
  135. To love, or (but) not in love: that is the question
  136. Please take me seriously
  137. Don't Know What to Do Any Longer
  138. married man in distress
  139. Divorced, now reconciled (trying my best) Any advice?
  140. How many is too many??
  141. Why does he lie to me about gettin help w his drinking?
  142. How did you or your spouse propose?
  143. In so much pain - husband started drinking again
  144. Unresolved Issues From Past. Should We Still Marry?
  145. Dont understand my fiance
  146. "Love Lessons" (found this on internet)
  147. Someone teach me how to be a man. Please
  148. Am I being too sensitive about sex life?
  149. Mortality
  150. What has your panites in a wad?
  151. so confused
  152. Crush Question
  153. Ladies, is that your real hair???
  154. 17-year-marriage on the rocks; discussed trial separation. Good/bad idea?
  155. Engagement ring not purchased for me.
  156. Just not sure what to do...
  157. Being pushed away
  158. emotional & sexual neglect
  159. Grass Is Not Always Greener... (A Rambling Rant)
  160. How do you and your partner prefer to deal with relationship problems?
  161. account login and pw
  162. HELP! He'll be home in 1/2 an hour, I need to confront him.
  163. Found my spine... need help on how to use it
  164. Need help with my girlfriend
  165. websites or books that anyone has personally had success with?
  166. Scared and confused
  167. Heart versus Head
  168. I love my wife so much but
  169. Hubby threatening suicide
  170. My husband says he doesn't want our marriage anymore. HELP!
  171. Talk bad to husband about mother in law?
  172. Am I overreacting?
  173. stress
  174. Wife has told me she doesn't love me and I can't win her back
  175. help
  176. Need some objective input - am lost and unsure.
  177. Thinking About Reconciliation
  178. Totally Confused
  179. Anxiety in Marriage
  180. she said I'm becoming bossy...
  181. Struggles of a newlywed!
  182. Afraid of leaving my husband...
  183. I think he has a problem with PORN
  184. Little help, losing hope
  185. Wife's family hates me
  186. What to do?
  187. I really Need Help
  188. Help! Am I wrong?
  189. Am i wrong?
  190. 7 out of 10 people cheat?
  191. Kids going to bed later - no us time
  192. Feeling of being stuck, lost
  193. Anybody recover from not in love?
  194. How to heal hurtful words?
  195. Polar opposites, unhappy, HELP
  196. Anniversary Advice
  197. Just Got Married! What Indoor/Outdoor Activities To Do?
  198. More Than Second Thoughts
  199. Trying to work marriage out, but seems one-sided. Need perspective please.
  200. How do you compromise?
  201. my wife is destroying our family
  202. What To Do When You Betray The One You Love? HELP
  203. need some advice
  204. Can a marriage be worked on apart?
  205. Attraction.
  206. Which comes first marriage or children?
  207. Does being a wife mean I should...
  208. Lost confused and looking for advice
  209. Give and Take...
  210. please read and suggest
  211. just looking for a little support
  212. 8 years of Relationship and now He wants breakup
  213. Handling each other's stress???
  214. Married Living Apart, Need Adive, Please HELP
  215. sexting?
  216. Maybe he should listen to the counselor and not drink
  217. Communication Improvements
  218. 99 year old man divorces wife over old affair
  219. A youtube video I made: What Men look for in women?
  220. Will it last?
  221. Getting over resentment
  222. Hurt my wife because of me getting a lap dance
  223. My spouse intimidates me
  224. I need your help please!
  225. Lies, lies, and more lies!
  226. is this the end?
  227. What is happening to my marriage?
  228. Am i just being paranoid
  229. What I need to do? plz help.. I'm Frustrated..
  230. Age diff. not working
  231. married and having crush pls suggest how to come out
  232. Very Frustrated
  233. Texting other women
  234. what are the chances...
  235. Not alone, but lonely
  236. Ever won a fight?
  237. Don't know what to do anymore!
  238. Trying to save marriage
  239. Confused what to do in 20 year marriage
  240. You can't go back!
  241. unwanted pregnancy 11 month relationship and issues with our future?
  242. Are you a dreamer? If so, how do you cope with life?
  243. How do i make this guy stay away from my wife???
  244. In love but time to end it?
  245. online affair
  246. Not invited to Christmas
  247. Help!
  248. My ignoring PROBLEM with DH...NEED advice!
  249. Should I Leave or Should I Stay?
  250. stbxw actually listened

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