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  1. i dont know what to do!
  2. Crazy things your spouse says or does.
  3. Sexting/photos
  4. Be angry at the right person, its not me
  5. To Marry? Or not to Marry?
  6. Who here has ever flirted with their spouse by....
  7. The definition of a real man...
  8. What is the biggest problem you have had in your marriage?
  9. Should he pay for everything?
  10. questions about "girls night out"
  11. questiond
  12. keyloggers, fake profiles, spying?
  13. what to do what to do. heart broken
  14. Homeremedies to fix Conflict, Control & Anger related issues (generic)
  15. The greatest advice you will EVER get...
  16. Its on again!!!
  17. Slippery Slope?
  18. everyone he spends time with is single
  19. Please advice - need help!!!
  20. Hi New Here with Question
  21. confused and hurt
  22. Not in love or sexually attracted to husband anymore
  23. Alone and Confused
  24. Hot and cold
  25. oh the things I do for women...
  26. how would you handle this?
  27. Considering marriage as a tool for educational/career growth - thoughts?
  28. my loved one hurts my feelings - WHAT SHOULD I DO?
  29. How can I get him to see the problem?
  30. Family Values
  31. Personality Disorder? Even if not what do I do?
  32. Scared and need advice
  33. No transparency after husband's EA
  34. How would you handle this accident?
  35. Emotionally tortured, please help me!
  36. Emotionally tortured, please help me!
  37. Caught Snooping
  38. After four years with my SO, still no "I love you". Is this wierd?
  39. My unconventional marriage
  40. Does your Marriage take precedence over your Kids?
  41. serious mistake! wish i could take it back
  42. Something to share with all y'all....................
  43. Doing too much Vs Serving your wife
  44. She Wants Seperate Beds
  45. My separation - one move left I guess
  46. For while the true Grail will bring you life, the false Grail will take it from you.
  47. Is she kidding?
  48. Does your gut ever tell you men you know are abusers?
  49. is your spouse your friend?
  50. Husband Chats with other women
  51. Loves show "Baggage" but no intimacy at home
  52. My Husband Doesn’t Know If He Wants to Stay Married
  53. Hating Your Kids
  54. Is a marriage possible after infidelity?
  55. Affection-less marriage the end?
  56. MLC............
  57. Just no winning, WTH?
  58. Trust - Rebuilding it?
  59. the big deal about privacy!
  60. Problems Problems Problems
  61. Is Being Loved and Respected Most of the Time Unrealistic?
  62. Get back with ex
  63. Constant fighting
  64. family or parents?
  65. How much time should I give him to make up his mind?
  66. Resentful husband
  67. Talking about Sensitive Topics
  68. After the divorce - questions
  69. different cultures make marriage do or die
  70. Going in different directions
  71. Help me before I ruin (what I think is ) a good relationship
  72. not sure what to do??
  73. So unhappy!
  74. New member venting.
  75. She Left Me For Cheating, But I Didn't Cheat
  76. Common law?
  77. Newly diagnosed fatal disease, irresponsible gf makes it 10x harder
  78. Books...need books...
  79. His parents...control himthrough guilt and shame
  80. My own head is destroying us
  81. In-Laws Taking "Obligation to Family" Too Far?
  82. Adoption is a Beautiful Option
  83. Boring housewife??
  84. Ladies: Have I lost her..
  85. Unexciting marriage bed
  86. need advice on what to do
  87. How to tell wife she needs dental work?
  88. Where to go from here?
  89. Ever found something innocent that could have made you believe they were cheating?
  90. Helllooo?! (Knocking on H's head)
  91. I Love My Wife
  92. Confused . . . as Always
  93. too soon??
  94. Is this a midlife crisis?(from someone normal)
  95. If you think your marriage is rocky
  96. Husband is staying up late chatting with other woman
  97. Have problems...need help!
  98. Should a wife stand by her husband or her kids from 1st marriage??
  99. Advice Please!My wife said wanted to divorce
  100. Open Relationship Advice
  101. What is 180
  102. HBD
  103. Is this normal?
  104. Dr. Helen Fisher on Mating Strategies
  105. feedback welcomed please
  106. What to do when one partner is infertile and you want a family?
  107. What can I do?
  108. my wifes needs...
  109. H's sleeping in getting later and later...
  110. General Help / Advice
  111. He cheated and got her pregnant
  112. Love him & Unhappy
  113. Needs
  114. Please Help. I Need Advice. (Military Related)
  115. Not sure
  116. Update + What to do now?
  117. He doesn't understand...
  118. Question for a friend
  119. am i over reacting?
  120. How can I make myself confident?
  121. My wife is a victim
  122. My husband moved out with his GF but came back only when I started seeing someone
  123. a rock and a hard place?
  124. Before getting in a new relationship...
  125. Affair with your SO
  126. "No, his wife is so cool!"
  127. Not attracted to husband
  128. I Need a Reality Check; Don't Want to Make a Mistake
  129. We cant have children... what now?
  130. Little Confused, Advice?
  131. Alone
  132. Stuck
  133. Stonewalling Spouse
  134. Expectations in Marriage
  135. Is an open-marriage a good idea?
  136. Advice
  137. post hysterectomy
  138. TV Show here to help
  139. Choose Husband or Friend??
  140. Quick, someone make me laugh!
  141. Is "Love" Enough?
  142. Neediness and Expectations
  143. Physical touch
  144. Doubts about marrying my first girlfriend... what should I do?
  145. Missing Family
  146. Let the crazy games begin....(advice badly needed)
  147. Should I be worried?
  148. After a break-up?
  149. Online chat vs in person spouse
  150. Fight over homework
  151. Why do you think the divorce rate is so high??
  152. Should I be suspicious
  153. Need help with my needy husband
  154. So just what are the responsibilities of a stay at home spouse???
  155. Do you believe "Once a cheater, always a cheater"?
  156. Sudden regression in fight: what to do?
  157. Can single men & women be friends?
  158. Clubbing all the time...
  159. Do I walk or Do I Stay?
  160. Husband's sudden disinterest in sex
  161. Re: In-Laws. Am I being unreasonable?
  162. Not sure why I'm feeling like this..
  163. My husband makes me feel stupid
  164. Unban Bandit
  165. Breaking Up?...Confused :(
  166. General ideas for regaining emotional intimacy....
  167. Hi. New here. kinda lost
  168. Went away for 10 days with the family
  169. date ideas?
  170. Serious need of relationship help! please help me
  171. Need advice with no sex marriage
  172. confused
  173. angry and resentful..
  174. The woman I don't love is pregnant
  175. stupid tatoo rant
  176. Liposuction
  177. the cycle of getting used to living together again... and again... and again..
  178. Break up after 3 years
  179. Sex is Painful After Childbirth! :(
  180. at the club, dancing with a random opposite sex.
  181. tummy tuck
  182. Seeking advice from those that have "been there"...
  183. Literally weeks of silence during which he will not talk to me...
  184. husband making friends - am I over-reacting?
  185. Marital Problems
  186. Two questions...
  187. My wife is no longer affectionate to me.
  188. Dating After Divorce
  189. Can she learn to be romantic?
  190. My Journey
  191. Where do i go from here?
  192. Can spouses have friends of the opposite sex...
  193. something really special
  194. “True love ~ Broken dreams”
  195. is it worth staying in a marriage for the kids only
  196. Is being a virgin a dealbreaker?
  197. marriage and family therapy
  198. is it just me?
  199. Husband's married coworker won't leave him alone
  200. PDA
  201. Stress relief...
  202. So upset right now, not sure what to do, need advice
  203. How to talk to him?
  204. Married and having a crush on another guy
  205. Is this life after 24yrs?
  206. He screwed things up for the both of us
  207. Deny Deny Deny
  208. I don't know anymore
  209. Marriage and loneliness...
  210. Need Advice: wife put on a LOT of weight
  211. Need advice on HUGELY Irresponsible Long term Girlfriend
  212. it's been 3 months, it was time for him to start a fight.
  213. Strangers again
  214. Reconciling
  215. Who has helped you here?
  216. Husbands ex gf's still coming up in marraige ADVICE PLEASE!!!
  217. Can I make myself feel UNjealous??
  218. Texting coworker behind my back and other things
  219. Guess what.
  220. My wife has fallen out of love.....
  221. Her anger is driving me away
  222. Hello everyone. New here :)
  223. Unable to Understand
  224. Help! Only been married 8 months and feeling miserable! Need advice
  225. Great News!!!
  226. House guests, where to draw the line
  227. Men and Woman
  228. How do I handle this?
  229. Unfaithful and Stupid
  230. Online Dating: your thoughts
  231. Separated/Trying to Decide What's Next
  232. My wife thinks I dont trust her...
  233. Newly married
  234. Unemployment.
  235. Husband's gay friend
  236. Husband browsing personals...advice?
  237. Painful massage. Abnormal?
  238. I don't get it!
  239. What is wrong with me?
  240. are we just growing apart
  241. Why Do Women Let Themselves Go Once They're Married?
  242. Need Help!!!
  243. Husband cannot connect on an intimate level
  244. Men and bromances? Advice on dealing with the bestfriend
  245. When is love not love?
  246. Are you ok with constant nudity in the house ?
  247. Need opinions what would you do?
  248. the concept of flirting according to you.
  249. Living together before marriage; good?
  250. Who takes off work...