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  1. I need some advice!! *Please*
  2. Unmet needs
  3. funny text from my hubby...but
  4. Very ODD Situation
  5. And the ony positive post of the evening is again up to me. Drum roll please!!!
  6. Apparently a Huge Problem Here
  7. I no longer know how I feel about my husband...
  8. Allowing my female roommate's BF to come over
  9. What forgiveness is NOT...
  10. Need feed back PLEASE
  11. thinking of separating, cant seem to take the plunge, help
  12. Don't want to be selfish...
  13. Im devastated - PLEASE help me.
  14. Does she want me?
  15. Would you leave your spouse over a major physical change?
  16. long distance marriage - want other's thoughts
  17. Does It Get Better???
  18. Need advice - very tough time right now :(
  19. Communication problems and neither of us knows how to fix it.
  20. I feel violent
  21. Birthdays and bye-bye's
  22. So i have this problem...
  23. Forgiveness in Marriage
  24. Newlywed Problems.
  25. Advice for the wife of a longwinded genius?
  26. Need advice after 8yrs marriage
  27. Can sleeping in separate bedrooms help us get closer?
  28. Feeling like a roommate not a wife?
  29. What are your red flags for spouses opposite gender friendships
  30. What kind of a wedding did you have?
  31. my boyfriend is leaving to another country
  32. Does my ex really want me back?
  33. How to Leave - and is he psychiatric?
  34. Am i being too jealous?
  35. Help! Past relationships have caused insecurities!
  36. Talking like people...not enemies.
  37. Self-centered passive-aggressive husband driving me crazy
  38. Help!!
  39. Complicated situation
  40. Husband lied about past relationship
  41. He makes me feel like a bad little kid.
  42. Erection problem and verbal abuse
  43. Is manipulation a form of abuse....
  44. Help - falsely being accused
  45. Is a good old ding-dong argument useful sometimes?
  46. Cosmo is The Devil.
  47. I want to save our marriage...
  48. Don't like what's happened to the institution...
  49. We had a talk...
  50. Communication without Criticism
  51. Jealousy is driving me insane
  52. Husband doesn't understand my feelings
  53. Are you married to a habitual liar?
  54. Sex with wife or husband WHILE separating or Divorcing
  55. Compatible couples hard to find
  56. Unnecessary Divorce
  57. All I want is a little bit of happiness
  58. Do You Consider This Wrong?
  59. Is my wife cheating? Considering or looking? Or am I just paranoid?
  60. Husbands poor choices
  61. I dont know what to do..why does she continue to socialize with THEM
  62. Want to save my marriage
  63. need help
  64. Should I Try to Get My Ex-Girlfriend Back? (VERY LONG)
  65. "Victimized" Wife Needs Supervision
  66. Trust
  67. Feel like giving up!
  68. Need some outside advice.
  69. My list of hell!
  70. Issues in a Relationship That are Intensified Due to Long Distance
  71. 20 Random Questions to Ask a Guy
  72. Attmpting to save marriage - Need advice
  73. Not going to help swing the wrecking ball
  74. The 180 is a great idea
  75. Need your help!!
  76. 25 yrs - Now what ???
  77. Should I even try?
  78. I wanted my wife to get breast implants, she did and now she has changed?
  79. At a crossroad
  80. Is this marriage over?
  81. Mother in Law and finances
  82. My Husband doesn't want me to talk about my job
  83. Is sleeping a lot really a sign of depression?
  84. When you can't talk about problems face to face
  85. New newleywed...the honeymoon is over already.
  86. I'm not "in love" anymore
  87. Wife dresses up for everyone but me.
  88. How can I talk to my husband?
  89. Partner is a slob and never cleans
  90. Should I keep fighting
  91. Husbands, Break the routine.
  92. Quick question.
  93. I need some guidance
  94. Jealous and Controlling Wife
  95. Comfort and appreciation- mixed family
  96. What a Counselor will never tell you
  97. Help! My wife pays more attention to her phone than to me
  98. Need advice. (LONG)
  99. Looking for Opinions
  100. Is this normal?
  101. Is there such a thing as wanting too much reassurance?
  102. GPS tracking shoes
  103. Newbie needs some advice
  104. Confused & Trying-My wife thinks I am smothering her.
  105. Is it me?
  106. New here, trying to figure out a path... help!
  107. New to this site, but i need advice (kind of long)
  108. Ouch! Had a hot dream then wife blew me off
  109. Heartache at a Distance
  110. Ladies HELP Be a strong manly man that talks about his feelings?
  111. A very difficult day
  112. Everything in my marriage is wrong, how do I cope?
  113. who does this
  114. My wife of 15 year feels disconnected
  115. Social life and my marriage
  116. How many people here believe in "Unconditional Love"... what does that mean to you?
  117. I need some advice
  118. Wife Emailing Old Friend
  119. Slowly falling apart.
  120. How do I "go back"
  121. Husband insulted me because we didn't have sex last night
  122. Urgent: Desparately Need your Help
  123. I feel Hopeless in my Marriage
  124. Dedication songs for those going through a rough time part2
  125. Hard To Understand Wife's Emotions
  126. Why does my husband care when I redecorate?
  127. Learning how womens communication goals differ from men helped save my marriage
  128. Supporting those having a hard time these songs are for you
  129. So confused, don't know what to do. (long)
  130. Entitlement
  131. How to bring back LOVE and RESPECT by my wife in our MARRIAGE
  132. Tricks of the trade to rekindle a dying marriage
  133. Wife with porn!
  134. How can I not think about separating/divorce when all I feel is angry at husband
  135. how do i revamp our sex life?
  136. I am so shy to do this.
  137. Big points for sending wife a sweet text during the day
  138. Weaning off of TAM
  139. Am i really that naive?
  140. I feel so lost now
  141. I think changing MY reaction is helping things m
  142. How do I make it on my own?
  143. Husband says he doesn't love me, but doesn't want a divorce
  144. fed up with my irresponsible husband
  145. Dealing With An Angry Spouse (continued)
  146. Marriage after kids
  147. can he get addicted to me???or is he??
  148. Unstable marriage???What will be the outcome??
  149. I think i'm done
  150. Wife Slowly, But Surely Hurting US
  151. All in my head?
  152. Does your wife not clean because she knows you will do it?
  153. Just friends? Or not?
  154. Dealing With An Angry Spouse (as always, long :))
  155. Husband's Ex
  156. I'm a jerk but my wife loves me anyway
  157. does it make me bi to like someone who's intersex? And what would you do?
  158. 22 years of marriage ended by text.
  159. Can this work?
  160. Please Save My Sanity...Wife doesnt like to kiss me
  161. Soldierin' On
  162. Silent treatment...
  163. I'm losing my respect for my husband, he's changed so much?
  164. Having a hard time with marriage.
  165. He doesn't even try...
  166. How do you handle a wife with depression?
  167. My wife recently left me
  168. looking for advice/help. lots of...issues...
  169. I am starting to feel tired and wore down with her.
  170. very scared and confused
  171. Hobby taking over
  172. Husband telling me how to handle issues at work...
  173. Painting myself into a corner of resentment
  174. Need advice please if you can.
  175. I don't want my wife to be upset
  176. my wife hates me?
  177. an old Song, I miss being In Love
  178. I pray for my STBXW :)
  179. I read this book, the Dance of Anger m
  180. Can someone give me addvice plz
  181. Should I watch football with my husband even if I hate it?
  182. Wife and I had fun with Myers Briggs Type indicator
  183. Misery feeds off of misery
  184. He sees me as his roommate...and that is all
  185. My Marriage Needs Help
  186. Imagine the misery we could avoid knowing how to meet spouses needs B4 marriage
  187. Washing the Car
  188. stage 1 Multiple sex daily, stage 2 3x a week, 3 3x per month, 4 4x per year NO WAY!
  189. Some questions about abuse.
  190. Husband is feed up with my family
  191. Paying for own engagement ring?
  192. Need Advice - Been Lying about money
  193. How can I get go of resentment toward my husband?
  194. Unconventional Marriages
  195. Marriage in crisis, am I a stalker?
  196. Marriage, Selfishness, and Sex
  197. if you are involved in a sexual affair with a married person but don't want anything?
  198. Please, am I doing the right thing???
  199. Family and reconciliation
  200. Can't find an answer to my problem in any marriage book :( and my marriage is crumbli
  201. Men: What Is Your Wife's Role In Your Life Outside Marraige?
  202. Is it all im my head or is there something to really stress about?
  203. Eyes Only for Her
  204. Is there any way back??
  205. Confrontation through love (continued)
  206. From Momma's boy to a man
  207. Where are the happy stories...
  208. Need opinions about my marriage
  209. TAM success story but still "unloved" - Craving the "L" word
  210. Quote of the day
  211. Accidentally found out some information about my girlfriend, now what?
  212. The effects of pornography and Facebook on a marriage
  213. I'm a mess, years of guilt and bad decisions...
  214. Has TAM helped with your marital issues?
  215. What Am i Supposed to Think?
  216. Dolldrums. Husband like incest.
  217. stressed & confused
  218. How do I get through?
  219. Married two years and it's over?!?!?!
  220. cheated the whole time we dated with his ex
  221. Active Catholic; married nearly 20 years; feel like I want out
  222. Marriage Falling apart and may be over. Need advice an help
  223. I'm a bully
  224. Do women view man as sex junkies?
  225. Do you turn to family for marital advice?
  226. Is my marriage over?
  227. Extreme Jealousy
  228. Marriage issues.... advice please
  229. How much longer is it going to take??
  230. How do I get my girlfriend to spend more time with me?
  231. Had a bad fight with my dad
  232. My husband is a bully
  233. ***i just don't feel loved by him***
  234. How do I help my husband get back to normal?
  235. My Perfect 7 but sex appeal lacks
  236. My dad and Fiance are fighting (less than 1 month till wedding)
  237. Why so negative?
  238. Am I being selfish?
  239. Wife wears clothing that is too revealing
  240. How long does the "honeymoon" last?
  241. Feeling so sad and alone.
  242. Wondering if my wife is cheating
  243. Is my Wife Codependent?
  244. Ex mother in law passed suddenly....
  245. codependency/love addiction
  246. Need help, at wits end, with mother after my wedding
  247. Don't like my sex life hubby does'nt care
  248. Please help me anyone
  249. Can a wife be "too affectionate"?
  250. Frustrated and exhausted...any advice?