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  1. How can I make my husband understand?
  2. AHHH HELP PLEASE!! all experience, thoughts and opinions welcome?
  3. I want to believe him.. lies / possible infidelity
  4. Trying to be good....
  5. Feel like I have no space
  6. im fed up with my wife what shall i do?
  7. Individual counseling
  8. Any advice on how to act around a confused H?
  9. Wife confessed to lesbian sex before marriage, confused...ugh.
  10. Money Doesnt Buy Friends (Long Read, Please Help)
  11. relocation
  12. How important is affection to you?
  13. Is my husband bi sexual
  14. Never learn
  15. Why ask if you don't like the answers?
  16. Any other couples don't watch T.V. at all?
  17. Weird Responses
  18. Realizations about relationship dynamic
  19. losing my wife can I ever get her back?
  20. Pregnant and Very Sad (long sorry)
  21. Today was one of those above average days
  22. Husband/Me/In laws
  23. The Choices OH Makes in a LDR
  24. I envy that he's been in past relationships before....
  25. What a pickle, what a pickle
  26. Why the lies?
  27. Do you allow your spouse/SO to casual friendships of the opposite sex?
  28. Spousal Rape
  29. Husband is jealous of my gf
  30. recommend a book about porn?
  31. Reading too much into it - or am I wishing for no reason?
  32. Can you imagine life without your significant other?
  33. what if there is no compromise?
  34. Wife doesn't like female 'work' partner of mine
  35. Feeling hopeless
  36. New User-Split shift marriage killing me
  37. To have children or not to have children
  38. Helpful or Controlling?
  39. When your parents cheat
  40. Wisdom
  41. Married but feel like never got chance to explore self...
  42. What level of honesty do you require in your Marriage?
  43. How important is humor compatability in a relationship?
  44. Does Marriage Counseling Work?
  45. How can we get help! I am desperate!
  46. I could be over thinking it..??
  47. Why my husband hate my mother and grandma?
  48. Wife said yesterday she is no longer in love
  49. Keeping up appearances...husbands and wives...
  50. kissing and affection..?
  51. I don't know what to do!
  52. My friend really needs help
  53. Just Gotta Vent...
  54. I daydream of leaving.
  55. Husband Feels I am a Burden
  56. We have been married for 20 years
  57. Do you have faith? How to have faith?
  58. Having kids in the future... not married yet
  59. a little help...
  60. open relationship gone wrong
  61. Im a recovering Porn Addict and my wife is/has been unfaithful - advice please!!!
  62. My husband is afraid of affection.
  63. Are you truly happy in your marriage/relationship?
  64. who do I disappoint?
  65. Newlywed: who the hell is this man?!
  66. so does this mean it's over? Advice?
  67. Question for Moms
  68. New here ... what do all the acronyms stand for?
  69. What should I do?
  70. Girlfriend and male dates
  71. A threesome with wife that turned out bad
  72. Where did this jealousy come from?
  73. Depression is caused by cognitive distortion. Examples within
  74. Step son creating problems
  75. Fiances Female Friends
  76. Why does my husband take time in adjusting with me?
  77. How to win my wife back from buddhism
  78. Asking To Be Someone You're Not
  79. Dealing with one pain in the butt ex >.>
  80. How to overcome the annoying things your husband does?
  81. Is a person their true self in a long term relationship
  82. Untrustworthy husband...again
  83. Turned Off
  84. His feelings about the past....
  85. should I will myself not to be tired?
  86. Learning to communicate concerns with boundaries. Am I overreacting?
  87. empty loveless marriage.
  88. Learning To Trust ... Help please?
  89. Stressed OUT!
  90. Keeping things from your spouse
  91. long distance marriage frustration
  92. If I can help help just one person on this subject
  93. Husband shared a dark secret
  94. Can you please help?
  95. Marriage in rut due to jealousy toward other couple
  96. How would you take this
  97. New user needs some advice please.
  98. To TAM lurkers and members hesitant to post
  99. Gaslighting and the sexes
  100. My husband always has new women friends
  101. Want to help but I'm not supposed to know
  102. Happy Thanksgiving!
  103. Porn has runied my relationship. Do I end it?
  104. Not sure if I'm worrying about this too much...
  105. Is conversing on this site a "secret"
  106. Platonic roommate instead of a married couple
  107. Saline or Silicone
  108. Ideas for something nice for the husband?
  109. Ask for Hand in Marriage Question
  110. Flirting question
  111. My H won't come to bed with me
  112. Lazy wife that comes to bed at 7am
  113. Second time the charm?
  114. How to tell if someone is lying
  115. Is this emotional abuse FROM my wife?
  116. first time
  117. It feels like he doesn't care, but is that reasonable?
  118. How do you learn to forgive?
  119. Staying Strong
  120. I love my wife, not sure she loves me anymore.
  121. Love vs. Kids
  122. Is it possible to be separated and successfully get back together?
  123. How do I get my ex boyfriend back?
  124. How can I get back with my ex boyfriend?
  125. Why was my husband acting like this before marriage?
  126. Taking a risk for love
  127. Wife won't talk about starting a family
  128. What are a wifes responsibilities to her husband in marriage
  129. What are EA and PA's?
  130. My girlfriend has always had a boyfriend: Is this a bad sign??
  131. There are distinct stages in male sexuality and need for emotional connection
  132. Weird Behavior...or am I overreacting?
  133. I messed up...need advice
  134. Can to little anger damage a relationship?
  135. Common Problem with an Added Twist
  136. How to approach?
  137. Am I over-reacting?
  138. Computer Widow
  139. will she ever get it?
  140. Newly married; completely lost
  141. married but still love my ex
  142. thoughts on age gaps
  143. Need some advice or insight.
  144. Discuss when you are attracted to someone other than your spouse
  145. New to this
  146. Horrific Fight, need someone to be there please???
  147. Need some relationship advice
  148. Need Advice and Support
  149. Messaging possible "porn stars"?
  150. The simple thread... In one sentence state your biggest issue in your marriage.
  151. do you think a 6 month wait in a relationship for sex is too long?
  152. near the end of the road..
  153. Very interesting feeling....
  154. is my marriage over?
  155. If you spent the evening with the TV & expect sex at 11 fugedaboudit
  156. Imbalance
  157. Does anyone on here know if their spouse is participating in a support group too?
  158. Can my 14 year old daughter get married?
  159. I love my girl but can't get past the fact she's slept with 2 good friends Thoughts??
  160. Marriage in trouble- help!
  161. Know I should be the first to fix it but D4MN it's hard.
  162. Reconcilliation Probabaility
  163. Letting Go...
  164. Shed some light on H's attitude
  165. Need marital advice
  166. No idea where it's going...
  167. He said he hasn't been happy in 3 years
  168. Girl friend is great but not sure about her son
  169. In love..long time EA at the office
  170. Broken Up but living together
  171. Can a 14 year old get married?
  172. please please help advice really needed !
  173. what do you all think?
  174. marriage or agreement?
  175. confused about my marriage
  176. omg pls help I have noone to turn to..
  177. Is this weird?
  178. Not so fairy tail
  179. Email/Facebook/Privacy/Openness -- please help
  180. Unlikely Turn of Events...
  181. Holiday blues
  182. Can't get past old, unresolved infidelity.
  183. my husband hates me
  184. A Bit Of Light Relief .....
  185. Should I be missing him by now?
  186. General Marriage Tips?
  187. Tired!
  188. Connecting Emotionally
  189. Slap in the face
  190. Being in contact with ex's - is it appropriate?
  191. so sad.
  192. Couples Retreat
  193. Is my husband cheating???,please help...?plzzzzzzzz?
  194. resent wife or suck it up?
  195. So fed up!
  196. Does a man treat a woman differently based on money?
  197. What time you expect your spouse to be home after social time
  198. So confused...don't know where to turn.
  199. Getting past false accusations of infidelity
  200. Cornerstone
  201. Does My Husband Love Me
  202. Help me pick this apart and make sense of it please
  203. Does my hubby have compulsive smothering behaviour?
  204. Wanna be like newlyweds in heat again? Do this or fugedabodit
  205. Ilynilwy :(
  206. Why can't I have my Fairy Tale?
  207. need advice part 1 (the story of the break up)
  208. This is worrisome ...
  209. need advice
  210. Can we work this out or should we walk away?
  211. I am steadily becoming an Alpha Male. Is this a key to getting dates?
  212. Input Please... Developing new interests ? To help re-connect?
  213. Need help quickly :(
  214. Being direct instead of vaguely seductive results in more sex, less rejection
  215. Ten-year marriage, in trouble. Could use some input. (Kinda Long... sorry)
  216. Ready to Propose, I have the Ring...but
  217. Why do I let him make me feel this way!!
  218. Husband's upcoming contact with ea's ow
  219. Hoping it works out
  220. Pre Engagement Question
  221. Don't really know where this would go
  222. Thank You
  223. Wife grabs my ass three times this week. Been a good week.
  224. is it ok to go to hang out at the beach with a married man>?>
  225. Dumb things you have done?
  226. Overwhelmed but he won't help
  227. I found this useful- expert relationship advice
  228. Regret a breakup. Advice?
  229. Could you change your marriage with one simple word?
  230. I'm expecting again 18 and unfaithful?
  231. No such thing as "Just a friend" ?
  232. Hopefully a more uplifting thread...
  233. Do you ever lurk on your ex (or exes) Facebook page or are you FB friends with an ex?
  234. Hurting...need support
  235. oh no i broke no contact
  236. pulled in different directions
  237. engaged. problem with future step children. what do I do?
  238. Husband literally spit in my face
  239. emotional blackmail??
  240. Need Advices - 15yr Marriage - Turning Point
  241. Giving up my happiness for you.
  242. For those who have heard ILYNILWY from spouse where are you right now?
  243. Too Sensitive For 180?
  244. need advice on a book
  245. Need advice
  246. Want to move on with her, need help
  247. Just want to talk..
  248. Does your partner intellectually stimulate you?
  249. Porn...seriously, what's the big deal???
  250. Drawing A Line In The Sand...