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  1. Am I too jealous?
  2. Found some information - need advice
  3. Help! Not Sure What to Do Now
  4. Selling EVERYTHING, why am I bothered by this? Feel desperate for insight!
  5. we're stuck
  6. Your spouse wants out but you don't
  7. helpless
  8. Question about counseling
  9. So what makes you think you're free?
  10. Wife's Diary
  11. Belittling, Bullying, or Abuse?
  12. Am I wrong
  13. I SO need advice to help our young marriage
  14. BigBadWolf: What makes a woman attractive to a man?
  15. help with suspicions
  16. My fiancé and I don't agree about future bedroom arrangement
  17. Back pain No support
  18. Lack of Affection or Attention?
  19. Advice please. Feeling Isolated and up against it!
  20. Help!! WHAT IS HIS DEAL?
  21. How can I get my H to calm down without lecturing or placating him?
  22. Is it doomed?
  23. Survival Mechanisms: anyone else experince this?
  24. ? What comes before a fall? Pride or a stupid person?
  25. Cultural assumptions and different expectations
  26. I feel completely defeated and don't even know what to do...
  27. Thank you
  28. Body Language
  29. Not sure what to do..
  30. i have told my husband I want out of my mariage
  31. BF and my kids
  32. Clingy mother in law + uncommunicative husband
  33. It's sad.
  34. Stuck again
  35. Dating Someone New: Is She Throwing Hints?
  36. Confused...
  37. My wife babysits too much.
  38. Love or need?
  39. How do I know what is right?
  40. Trying a long does it take?
  41. At a Loss
  42. Misplaced in Society?
  43. How soon is too soon to be fighting after marriage?
  44. Opinions/Thoughts
  45. Wife sign off on letter to ex-GF? Naaaah!
  46. Need to talk to someone, and could use advice (long, sorry, please read)
  47. sharing the lawn work???
  48. Is this telling or what?
  49. Husband said i'm just jealous
  50. always taking things personally
  51. newly remarried, but still got questions
  52. I'm stuck...really need unbiased opinions
  53. I don't understand where we are right now.
  54. Is it okay for husbands to text female co workers?
  55. Update
  56. Out of ideas!
  57. Controlling Husband
  58. Should wife go out clubbing when husband disagrees?
  59. the cost of MC
  60. Life is not fair, why Education is Worthless in USA
  61. Kind of in a sticky situation...
  62. HAPPY thread about birthdays.
  63. "I'm Done"! ... But does she mean it?
  64. I think I'm falling in love with my partner's friend
  65. pls sugest , I have tried every way out...nothing works
  66. Complicated
  67. Two Questions about Love.
  68. Time didn’t heal
  69. New roomate
  70. How to trust after talks of divorce and alimony.
  71. Women's mid-life crisis: Info? Links?
  72. Slow learner?
  73. Parents with kids do you slap your kids?
  74. Ridiculous and weird problem
  75. Not sure what the problem is...need some help
  76. How do I stay on track?
  77. Need Advice
  78. Is this asking too much?
  79. Is my wife lying or am I being jealous?
  80. How long before you knew he/she was "the one"
  81. Married People I have a DayCare question
  82. Frustrated
  83. Strange arguments
  84. "wishy washy!!!!"
  85. Second guessing myself.
  86. Marriage question
  87. Ex husband still has my name on the joint bank account
  88. not holding out
  89. I really need help
  90. I need advice now
  91. How soon is too soon for sex?
  92. How soon for sex?
  93. Question about gay marriage and David Blankenhorn.
  94. How would you handle this one?
  95. MC, but is it too late?
  96. Worried about his depression
  97. anyone have any advice?
  98. Someone on here suggested a book by Tom A.
  99. 30 Year Marriage Going Down the Drain
  100. Frustrating marriage.
  101. Diagnosed with Cancer - Spouse's Reaction Normal?
  102. Can it be fixed?
  103. his sexual issues... lack of desire/ performance anxiety
  104. What's the current soundtrack of your marriage?
  105. How I sent him off on a positive note
  106. What Is your typical day like with your spouse?
  107. hard break up, pity sex.
  108. Can anyone answer a blackberry question?
  109. Is it too late?
  110. Acceptance
  111. "Choose ME or your SISTER"
  112. Married women who are friends with guys
  113. How do you trust again?
  114. Super quick vent
  115. My traditional chinese wife
  116. Concert or no concert?
  117. Getting past resentment...
  118. Jealous and resentful
  119. Man up or just show love and suck it up?
  120. Hello from London
  121. How to make yourself let go?
  122. How did you tell your spouse you will leave if things didn't change?
  123. guilt over leaving?
  124. Talked to husband and now I feel guilty
  125. Can lack of material things be a turn off?
  126. Wifes work ethics
  127. We visited with my teen daughters counselor today, hubby and I
  128. X's On Facebook
  129. A little thing is a big deal.
  130. Just can not understand
  131. Wifes Clothing Choices?
  132. Conscious Marriage
  133. stbx keeps coming up with excuses
  134. Fake Boobs
  135. Road rage with family
  136. I'm lost.
  137. is this a sign that it is over
  138. Just Married! Lots of issues. Want this to work
  139. Why does my husband lie to his friends and family about me?
  140. Communication
  141. Is it Me, or am I stupid
  142. Need help badly for marriage, family
  143. for the kids?
  144. Believe he's doing 180, selling all stuff, even sentimental. My meter is in the red!
  145. clomid partner
  146. Need advice
  147. Should I put it in a letter?
  148. Why bother?
  149. Doubting I even want a relationship
  150. Flowers flowers and more flowers. Sigh
  151. Facebook causes problems...
  152. I am really trying here...
  153. The note I left him after his latest temper fit
  154. Married 8 months...feel like I made a mistake
  155. I've Accepted - Now How Can I Be Happy?
  156. Am I a Jerk?
  157. Mid-Life Crisis or Walk-Away Wife Syndrome
  158. Men's numbers in wife's cell phone?
  159. Mother's Day...anyone not enjoy like should?
  160. confused
  161. What do you think?
  162. Mother's Day Gift
  163. Help with my husbands ex...
  164. Can someone explain this to mr?? I don't get it!
  165. In laws
  166. Mothers Day
  167. Boundaries in social situations
  168. His family hates me
  169. What Is Love, and How does it feel? what are you suppose to feel?
  170. You aren't MY mother!
  171. Catering for perceptions is the ultimate minefield
  172. Proud of myself
  173. Heart Should not Skip any Bit :)
  174. Would a new relationship/marriage be worth it?
  175. We have Marriage Problems Help!
  176. Way out of bounds ....
  177. may have gotten into incompatible marriage but I want to fix it...
  178. "it's the thought that counts"... I don't buy it anymore
  179. What marriage has taught me
  180. Wife Left 5 Weeks Ago Today...
  181. all I need is a little romance.
  182. Guilt Ridden
  183. Welder, good enough?
  184. i dont know if i should tell him
  185. Help - Affection, Teasing, and Sex
  186. have i or am i losing him?
  187. Mother's Day.
  188. Communication issues
  189. Can a separation really save a marriage?
  190. She wants me to get a 2nd job or put in more overtime
  191. Anyone re-married an ex?
  192. what is your opinion here?
  193. New and confused...
  194. Mother In Law
  195. What does this mean....Help
  196. Am I over reacting?
  197. Abuse of any kind, but you still want sex?
  198. family problems
  199. UPDATE TO: Banned By His Friends
  200. Can anyone offer some advice?
  201. Shouldn't I expect acceptance and compassion from my partner?
  202. Help
  203. Simplexity
  204. Would you feel betrayed?
  205. I need help/advice, my gf hates my daughter
  206. At a loss of what to do!
  207. Crass language irks me!
  208. Suddenly concerned about not knowing more about my fiancée's past relationships
  209. How do you know if you want children?
  210. Need some advice....
  211. Money Problems - Taking A Break ?
  212. Hate Husbands Job
  213. Now THIS is more like it!
  214. He ignored me though our sons wedding.
  215. Do you regret cheating on your spouse for any reason?
  216. Really long, tired of feeling expendable need some advice
  217. respect for time
  218. Coming to you guys for advice!!!
  219. Dating and wondering what to look for in a woman
  220. I truly don't understand
  221. What is a "180" and how do you know when you should do it?
  222. For men and women
  223. Every marriage needs this! Important
  224. Okay....The Spousal/Child Support Check Bounced
  225. Wife Seems Just it my expectations?
  226. boyfriend continues to hurt me
  227. Bad joke
  228. Book on Communication
  229. really seeking some good advice.
  230. It boils down to the family we don't have yet.
  231. Losing my mind, may be long
  232. At A Breaking Point
  233. Will he ever be able to love me the same?
  234. How do I meet a good woman and how do approach her?
  235. Help!!! Wife and Mother don't get along-affects kid
  236. Feeling lost. (LONG)
  237. Religion the deal breaker..
  238. Being your own man
  239. Should a parent do this?
  240. Am I Naive or is my wife cheating on me?
  241. Being social with wife
  242. My husband is being very cold to me and mean when he talks to me or answers a quest.
  243. He WON'T Talk - do I attempt to rebuild in a vacuum or give up hope?
  244. advice pleaseim desperate
  245. Help-Am I crazy to think this is wrong????
  246. how many times a week do your husbands see their friends?
  247. Makes You Think
  248. Should I look
  249. New relationship - am I being too clingy?
  250. Wife and feelings for old friend.