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  1. She doesn't love me anymore???
  2. Why does wife has to buy something for me?
  3. Gentle guidance please.
  4. Newlywed Trouble
  5. I really need help!!
  6. Make you Marriage the Number 1 Priority
  7. How do I constructively critisize my husband?
  8. Going to bed alone
  9. Husband loves me...but doesn't love love me???
  10. I checked his Facebook...
  11. i'm ambitious, he's...less ambitious.
  12. Not sure anymore
  13. When has it gone too far?
  14. Terrible turning point
  15. Looking for help
  16. Need some fun suggestions!
  17. Advice on GF's past relationship with a married man
  18. very good article re: sharing past experiences of previous lovers
  19. When to tell the kids/teenagers?
  20. My marriage is a mess
  21. Not his fault, but I don't want to blame myself
  22. In-laws stress
  23. Hubby has a new female friend
  24. Just my thoughts
  25. Pet Is Coming Between Us :(
  26. Girlfriend is still not divorced, is stiffling our relationship (LONG)
  27. Self Acceptance???
  28. Dealing w/ wife's male friends
  29. My Marriage
  30. Girlfriend is always mad
  31. I filed but now AM unsure
  32. Dating After Divorce Advice?
  33. Stepfather crossed the line
  34. Advice would really be appreciated!
  35. How long do I wait ????
  36. Not sure what to think...Input Please
  37. Lacking motivation / afraid of failing
  38. Threatning to take the kids a way
  39. Sometimes I wonder if the problem is only mine...
  40. Don't know what to do
  41. Wife refuses to discuss anything with me
  42. Virginity
  43. Traumatic Relationship
  44. Mixed signals about infrequent sex
  45. So he says he is going to find a job...
  46. I hope he will accept the gift graciously this time!
  47. Husband having inappropriate conversation with co-worker
  48. Romantic Husband fearing 2nd divorce.
  49. Forgiveness.
  50. single mom wants to get married.. what should i do?
  51. 1 month married...trouble already?
  52. feeling ignored
  53. We fight ALL the time!
  54. Husband says he is "losing his emotions for me"
  55. Whose Bed Is It, Anyway?
  56. need advice on what to do
  57. New to this forum, new to these feelings....
  58. I Got Into Trouble This Morning
  59. My wife's massages and my grief
  60. Are people happy in their Marriage?
  61. We have nothing to talk about...Help!
  62. Communication differences causes frustration
  63. What are in the minds of some of these husbands?
  64. Should I stay or should I go??
  65. She takes Facebook way too seriously.....
  66. I don't know what to do or think anymore
  67. Has Facebook ruined your marriage?
  68. Need some advice
  69. So why are we still together?
  70. love lost
  71. Problem in marriage...maybe...I don't know
  72. Fantasy into reality
  73. Venting and Jealousy Toward My Husband's Lesbian Friend?
  74. Pregnant/Teenager Problems/Marriage Suffering
  75. Like everything else...he's lost interest.
  76. Childhood issues are ruining my marriage.
  77. I want to help my wife.
  78. Don't know what to do.
  79. stressed
  80. Sharing TAM with Spouse???
  81. manup,temp control,silly games
  82. am I too easy going??
  83. At the end of my rope and don't know what to do!
  84. Problem with wife talking to an EX
  85. Am I just that type?
  86. Don't know what to do anymore
  87. Husband and dating sites
  88. 86 days left...
  89. Please help me as I am confused
  90. Advice needed! Do not want to live with in law!
  91. Is it possible to have a beautiful relationship although it's started really bad?
  92. Am I the crazy wife
  93. So, I am being abused - now what?
  94. My husband thinks I don't trust him. He doesn't want to talk to me.
  95. Forgetful me...
  96. Am I overly critical or would this annoy you? m
  97. Common curtesy request leads to wtf?
  98. What will you do if you find this in your wife bag?
  99. checked her phone, now I feel gutted
  100. the 1 weekend i finally had for myself...
  101. Young, Married & Confused
  102. Separation talk with children, win her back
  103. Supporting spouse's dreams?
  104. Help with Fiance issues
  105. Had fight with Wife
  106. Porn addiction help??
  107. 1st attempt at help
  108. Different Backgrounds
  109. Husband lies
  110. ok for spouse to dance on business trip?
  111. LDS?
  112. Am I over reacting?advice please ladies!
  113. Husband is a doormat and he wants me to be also
  114. It's Been a Week...
  115. Sucker
  116. Help! Im trying to keep my marriage together!!!
  117. How to deal with this, or should I even bother?
  118. Pregnant!
  119. Get over a lie??
  120. Messy spouse
  121. Coworker's Lack of Honesty
  122. Who loves more?
  123. How Do I Tell Him?
  124. Trying to sort through my feelings
  125. Weird behavior
  126. Insecure & VERY Paranoid... Please Help!! :(
  127. Do I have unrealistic expectations?
  128. Am I a realist or a jerk?
  129. new here, struggling - just wanted to say hi
  130. Making decisions
  131. mystery date...with a dilemma
  132. help...
  133. Fornification / Pre-marital Sex
  134. Ex Girlfriend getting more love
  135. So an update...
  136. Please Help
  137. What do I do?
  138. losing my mind (1st post)
  139. New to the Forum
  140. Am I being selfish by wanting to leave?
  141. Advice...Do you think it's wrong for wifes to go to club or to have a drink?
  142. Why does he reject my friends?
  143. How much time?
  144. true love and be fair
  145. Quick Question about What You Wished You'd Known Before
  146. How do you know when to draw the line?
  147. Unsure Of What to Do...
  148. How to accept and love?
  149. What habits do you have that annoy your husband/wife?
  150. Torn inside.
  151. Test Results Back
  152. Amazing...even when he isn't here, his bad attitude and negativity affect everyone
  153. is this ok to do in a rocky marriage?
  154. The bra mystery??
  155. 5 year anniversary advise
  156. Is Marriage for Everybody?
  157. Apathetic Hubby also apathetic about finances
  158. Am I going coo-coo?
  159. I have decided I am going to start politely standing my ground on things...
  160. Is his constant sexual desire causing the problems?
  161. Wifey closing in for the kill!
  162. He's Driving Me Crazy!
  163. Communication Question
  164. I Messed Everything Up
  165. At home date ideas
  166. Unique Situation
  167. Is TAM used more by men or women?
  168. Date or Not?
  169. So Confused
  170. 2nd IC appt ..left feeling worse
  171. would you date someone outside yourprefferedrace?
  172. Worn out
  173. 17 years and it seems we are drifting apart
  174. Dating sites
  175. Do guys get over their first love?
  176. Is a relationship possible without trust???
  177. Am I Creating Problems or Are Problems Real?
  178. Husband has frustration and anger issues. Not sure what to do!
  179. It is ok for wife to have male friend
  180. He says I am wrong... I say I am right !!!
  181. confused about what to do as always
  182. wife is not supportive
  183. does he have feelings for me or is he just using me for sex?
  184. Sexual Abuse Question
  185. I feel stuck...
  186. Where do you get the strength?
  187. wife has EA says still loves me
  188. Did he ever like me or was he just nice?
  189. In law trouble. I don't want to visit
  190. Husband hanging with female neighbors...
  191. Wife Says I'm Not Emotionally Supportive
  192. very newly pregnant and bf is actually married?
  193. Did you transform into your inlaws ways?
  194. Is it too much to ask?
  195. My wife and I have Separated, I'm devastated
  196. Perimenopause ?
  197. spouse with chronic illness
  198. Evolving self in a stuck marriage.
  199. Successes & timelines?
  200. Emotional Abuse? partner told counsellor I was guilty of it
  201. Know bad things about wife?
  202. Anybody hit a milestone birthday and start reflecting back?
  203. Any insight into her actions?
  204. Please help! Sleeping arrangement causing marriage problems!
  205. a couple of weekends off and i don't know what to do
  206. Jealousy
  207. Wife said she loves me very much, but doesn't feel she is in love with me...
  208. Privacy in marriage???
  209. Wife's BF is another man, how to deal?
  210. My wife is thinking of separation and does not know I know.
  211. When does counseling start to make you feel different?
  212. ahhhh!
  213. So unhappy, but fearful to rock the boat in any way
  214. thoughts about my situation
  215. Need some Major advise please, Marriage a mess...
  216. Almost every kind of stress that can happen in a marriage...
  217. Women and being with the same partner for years.
  218. Need an honest opinion
  219. Married a Liar
  220. Help?
  221. Confrontation through Love.
  222. Am I too insecure? How do I overcome the insecurities?
  223. Today is my Anniversary - not Happy
  224. My female roommate won't talk to me for looking at hallmark cards
  225. Husband moved out
  226. Am I in a verbally abusive relationship? Do I need to get out?
  227. Is she cheating???
  228. Facebook Ghost
  229. Jealousy/Forgiveness For The Fog
  230. confronting the other woman in an EA
  231. I have destroyed the trust in our relationship
  232. Clingy husband help
  233. Wife completely forget weekend plans with family
  234. I/C today..I am not too fond of this one
  235. Bipolar Wife Nightmare
  236. Financial Distrust and Emotional Abandonment and
  237. Hurting Marriage
  238. desperate for a objective opinion
  239. Existing or Potential Affair - Any Similar Experiences?
  240. Bitter about help w/housework...normal?
  241. Trouble dealing with wife's sexual past and lies about being a virgin
  242. Apparently I'm still a doorMat
  243. Am I pushing my husband back to alcohol?
  244. overcoming resentment?
  245. Becoming a Better Husband
  246. he's such a tool
  247. What to do...
  248. Marriage and Borderline Personality Disorder
  249. Money and a spouse who is irresponsible w/bills
  250. Need women friends/advice

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