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  1. Time to separate? Heartbroken
  2. Looking for happiness...and not finding it...
  3. Questions about control
  4. Noob; first post.
  5. Very dysfunctional marriage and worried about my children
  6. She knows I like her - I know she likes me !!
  7. Would like a man's perspective?.. (women too)
  8. What a way to end Xmas
  9. Gastricbypass surgery ended my marriage
  10. my wife says its over divorce
  11. how to be happy
  12. Out Of Culture Marriages
  13. telling family
  14. Don't know what to do..
  15. Wife flirts with everyone
  16. Trouble in Paradise.
  17. Mood Disorders
  18. do you like REALLY like your siblings?
  19. ptsd...
  20. Calling Kids
  21. Married vs. Alone? Can you help?
  22. Husband tells me he is leaving - again
  23. reflecting on life
  24. Missing My Parents
  25. Newlywed help with temper
  26. Wife doesn't desire sex. Advice?
  27. How long do you give counseling?
  28. How soon is too soon?
  29. Can anyone offer me some advice to set me straight?
  30. not the most attractive...
  31. My husband of 12 years walks out before xmas
  32. Husband won't go down ...
  33. Reading her mind
  34. FOR FUN-Who has the worst inlaws 4 christmas?
  35. How often do you thank your spouse/SO?
  36. Hypocrite or Oblivious
  37. A troubled marriage?
  38. Question on marriage Christmas with traveling
  39. Spouse and Christmas Just Don't Mix
  40. Need advice
  41. Question for women
  42. Had a terrible fight!
  43. Do you communicate with your spouse/SO well?
  44. Help!
  45. Need advice from both sides please
  46. What kind of advice can I give my daughter?
  47. Am I wrong in this situation?
  48. family Christmas crap
  49. Boyfriend against strippers/nude painting class
  50. Merry Christmas TAM'ers.
  51. I am so full of resentment and I don't know what to do
  52. 180? Need advice!
  53. 49-year-old in love with a 29 year-old
  54. Help!! LDR Advice!
  55. Need some marriage advice!!
  56. Can I send this to her?
  57. What is the special song during the good times of your marriage/relationship
  58. Unaffectionate Marriage
  59. What to do
  60. Kissed another man - advice please?
  61. Go for coffee or not?
  62. Family Christmas
  63. My SAHM wife is a slob!
  64. VIP Dance/Private Dances
  65. How difficult is the ending process? (Physical/emotional)
  66. This girl-should I make a move?
  67. Mother in law ruining my marriage
  68. I was wrong but how much more can I take?
  69. what is the average age of losing virginity?
  70. Imagining a Happy Marriage. Can you will it to happen?
  71. Naughty pic sent. Accident or not?
  72. Have any other men experienced this situation?
  73. Failure to leave a parent?
  74. Is he wrong?
  75. Walking on Eggshells
  76. Can a marriage survive sexual incompatibility
  77. Not sure now!
  78. Is this wedding dress too elegance and sexy?
  79. Does your spouse see your side? *vent*
  80. Want to Save My Marriage. Advice?
  81. Overbearing In-Laws
  82. please help me!
  83. Help - Lethargic Wife
  84. Lost
  85. Good news
  86. Can anybody help?
  87. Is There aA Difference Between Loving Someone and Being In Love???
  88. What my 180 has done for US!
  89. Why did she SHIFT away from her husband?
  90. Failing marriage, heartbreaking.
  91. Red Flags
  92. Advice Please ?
  93. Heartaches with my in-laws
  94. what is the whole 'good girl' or 'bad girl' thing mean?
  95. My wife has walked out
  96. is love.. Truly enough?
  97. Advice needed engagement
  98. Where do I go from here?
  99. Why does my husband lies so much?
  100. wife commanded by daughter
  101. Did I marry the wrong man?
  102. long distance, another guy going for her
  103. Grandma Died....I'm sooo Angry!!!
  104. Do you shower with your spouse/SO?
  105. Update on Husband's EA
  106. Cheated...Do I still deserve him??
  107. Wife is constantly angry
  108. Can someone please help me?
  109. Vacations without your spouse.
  110. Help! Need some advice!
  111. Please Help - Recurring Problem
  112. What Did I Do Wrong?
  113. Men and Women
  114. How romantic are you? Is romance dead?
  115. Questions about porn.
  116. I think I've asked this before but.
  117. How hard is it to communicate with your spouse?
  118. Stepchildren and Christmas
  119. Respect: Woman's POV
  120. Need an advise!
  121. is it possible?
  122. his ex is killing us
  123. Marriage should be fun!
  124. Getting feelings back for my husband
  125. Wife planning retreat on her own...
  126. Lost on what to to
  127. A study of the dynamics in a male-female relationship.
  128. I'm happier when my husband isn't around
  129. Is this abusive or am I wrong?
  130. I think I am giving up (long, fear of intimacy)
  131. What a mess im in
  132. My wife wants to leave me after 6+ Years. What can I do?
  133. Important things to discuss BEFORE getting married
  134. Disillusioned and approaching first anniversary
  135. How do you deal?
  136. Hey all! I have a question I need answers to......pls and ty
  137. Need Facebook advice
  138. Twisting around the argument
  139. depressed
  140. Advice.
  141. Husband Hates my Parents
  142. How do I deal?
  143. 180 when co-parenting?
  144. The Art of Not being Offended....
  145. How does
  146. 4 Years now feeling like filing for a divorce
  147. When does a man call a woman names and bashes her publicly?
  148. my wife is terrified of her pregnancy.what do i do to help her???
  149. Do you force your spouse to work?
  150. Accept The Divorce
  151. christmas travel!
  152. Comm. and Conflict in Couples and Families Video Course
  153. Is he abusive or just an a**hole - is there a difference????
  154. user name or profile on questionable sites....
  155. husband has a close female friend
  156. Am I expecting too much?
  157. What Is Pornography?
  158. repairing my marriage is like climbing everest
  159. My husband threatened to leave if i walked away from an argument
  160. I need advice!
  161. Daddy want's to drive his car!!
  162. Male relationships outside your marriage
  163. How do i get intimacy back into my marriage after separation
  164. How do you start talking?
  165. Do you "ask" your spouse first?
  166. My girlfriend says I'm not serious enough
  167. What qualities do you like most about your spouse?
  168. Help!!! Constantly moaning husband!
  169. What reasons did you choose R over D after infidelity?
  170. Just a bit of Sunday venting...
  171. inappropriate wardrobe??
  172. Hanging on through misery?
  173. Rough Time... Just Need To Vent
  174. The Five Love Languages
  175. What percentage here consider infidelity a deal killer regasrdless of effort after
  176. strangers advice or family advice????
  177. What should i do?
  178. dealing with his possessiveness???
  179. Need Advice to Save My Relationship
  180. Toxic In-Laws! What to do, what to do!
  181. Listening?
  182. Following my Dream Dilemma
  183. My husband's best friend is getting too close
  184. Anniversary today
  185. Young and questioning my relationship
  186. Quality time?
  187. Do you both work? How does that change marriage?
  188. Contacted By Wayward Ex Through FACEBOOK WWYD?
  189. 100% Transparency -what it means to our marraige -what % are you??
  190. Shoul I marry a chronically ill man?
  191. Stupid arguments = Failing marriage?
  192. Is this normal or ????
  193. I want to protect my wife, but I think I want to leave her too
  194. Co Dependency in Marriage
  195. Wife Says she needs space and time to think
  196. Does she loves me or just adjusting
  197. Do I confront?
  198. Is he Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?
  199. Stray do i tell him
  200. Desperate for Advice right now
  201. Typical story of a sexless marrige and help!
  202. Is my husband cheating???,plzzzzz answer!?
  203. Judging!!
  204. Facebook is ruinng my relationship
  205. Hurt
  206. Young Wife older Husband ANyone??
  207. Spying on your spouse, not such a good idea!
  208. I don't get it!!
  209. Cell Phones Privacy & Trust in a Marriage
  210. Reality vs fantasy
  211. Wat sort of marriage is he in? more!?
  212. Yes,Another Facebook Issue
  213. Nagging
  214. Please help...I want to save my marriage!
  215. Can He Help It? Quick question...
  216. girlfriend pulls away for new friend
  217. Could use some advice...
  218. Help - Not sure what to do.
  219. Is it wrong to leave an "okay" marriage?
  220. OMG having an EA with my dog?!?!?!?
  221. Husband's friendship bothering me
  222. Have You Noticed This?
  223. Is this a good match for a marriage?
  224. Marrying Gay Best Friend
  225. Can't take the pain anymore.
  226. engaged and scared!
  227. After MC -Now I am not sure I want to be married to her
  228. Inappropriate workplace behavior
  229. half-time relationship? advice?
  230. Wife's left me after 7 weeks into marriage HELP!!
  231. Personal growth
  232. I don't know what to do anymore
  233. What to do about red flags? Please comment!
  234. Help.... feels like my head is exploding.
  235. My wife's the best
  236. Seprated for two months
  237. Marriage & Moving
  238. Have your friendships survived your marriage?
  239. Im am hurting in my relationship, but my partner just refuses to see it
  240. Just can't break up :(?
  241. Fighting
  242. how to know if reconciling plans are working
  243. reconciling during a seperation
  244. LONG Text Convo. Help Communicating?
  245. Male Co-Worker Advice
  246. Falling in love for my coworker
  247. should i leave
  248. The homesick club.
  249. The 180 -is it working for me?
  250. How can I make my husband understand?