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  1. Whats the likelihood?
  2. I could use some feedback...longish
  3. can i forgive&forget?
  4. I Am A Scumbag
  5. I can never win!
  6. Are relationships meant to be so hard?
  7. Would you continue with the band? The final stretch
  8. Very Discouraged/Confused
  9. Really!!!!
  10. BS replies
  11. We love each other but we don't know why?
  12. Frustrated with no one to confide in and talk to
  13. Possible Abuse...can it stop?
  14. Please! What would you do??
  15. Financial vows
  16. Starting a relationship with a long time best friend of the opposite sex.
  17. The 180*
  18. How do I deal with this?
  19. Just living my life and only there for my daughter.
  20. Commitment
  21. Dream about being abused in a relationship
  22. Im not sure what I looking for... But here goes!
  23. Need opinions please - boyfriend/porn problem?
  24. Take a quick 20 minute survey and you may win $150!!
  25. Instead of resolving disagreements, she walks away and refuses to talk.
  26. A lesson learned
  27. Wifes pregnant by another man...just need support
  28. me , my mom and my wife
  29. plz help?
  30. boyfriend appears dishonest
  31. Wives leaving????
  32. Help -- relationship breakup due to lack of immediate action in "emergency situation"
  33. Showering - Morning or Night?
  34. Therapist Moving
  35. Not drinking is killing my social life!!
  36. Has it been too long
  37. Leading on?
  38. Why won't he propose? HELP!!
  39. I hate this
  40. Too much to ask to spend time with my husband
  41. my wife is making me sick, literally
  42. Ex's Name on Husband's Neck
  43. one for the councillors
  44. About to be married and we've got issues
  45. Can't even think of an appropriate title for my question!
  46. we're no longer speaking to each other
  47. We cant stand each other anymore
  48. I think we're falling apart. Is this all in my mind?
  49. Husband's Female Friend
  50. Confused
  51. Is it Ok for a Spouse to inform friends of Prior Crush?
  52. Why would a woman get married?
  53. Am I too Young For This?
  54. Wedding Anniversary after Infidelity
  55. reliving the past not a good thing
  56. Young, parent, jobless, zero chemistry
  57. Is this really a turn on?
  58. trying to improve my marriage
  59. kicked in the stomach..
  60. Sorry it's Long...First time mentioning this and so lost.
  61. Help a friend diagnosed with Brain Tumors
  62. How do you know when your marriage is over?
  63. Need advice on forgiveness
  64. Husband cheated via webcam 'sex'
  65. Post wedding blues?
  66. need help love my wife and want to be together
  67. Nice guy with edge in 40s?
  68. Just Friends and Facebook???
  69. Jealous over "Bro-mances"...
  70. Whats worse? EA over time or PA-sex- one night?
  71. Marrying your best friend..
  72. Does Anyone Have Any Advice For Newlyweds?
  73. My husband doesn't want a wife... just a "friend".
  74. Dealing with abuse from my wife
  75. Husband wont tell mother we have reconciled
  76. Can you be monogamous emotionally but not sexually?
  77. Should I let him sleep with someone else?
  78. Husbands Family Jealously over Mine
  79. Relationship Helo/Advice
  80. How Do You Gain Trust That Is 100% Gone?
  81. Need a women's point of view
  82. Need help... can i turn this around?
  83. I'm in love with another woman.
  84. Can't figure this out, need help
  85. Help I am maried to a compulsive liar
  86. should the we be edited on our language
  87. Anger and parenting disputes?
  88. I don't trust my lying wife
  89. divorced parents with two kids getting back together
  90. Should sex wait till marriage?
  91. Am I Weird (Hot days)
  92. Should I get out before starting school or stick through it?
  93. just when i thought i was done crying and was over it...
  94. my gf is 9 wks pregnant? Advice?
  95. How do you feel?
  96. Any thoughts? Stuck on what's next..
  97. Just a Question
  98. I cheated...i'm heartbroken.
  99. Confused
  100. Advice on how to fix my troubled marriage!
  101. Extremely Frustrated! Am I overreacting?
  102. Single mother engagement question
  103. Not 'in love with me'
  104. How do you know if she is THE ONE?
  105. feeling like the breadwinner and the housewife and he wants more validation...
  106. My Husband lied to me - I'm devastated
  107. "I love you, but I'm not sure I'm still in love with you." Ouch.
  108. i cant leave, but struggling to stay
  109. need guidance, please
  110. Think he was he lying?
  111. I Have A Bad Crush... Looking For Support
  112. Help with my marriage
  113. Hopeless
  114. Getting Past the Pain and Sorrow
  115. Need some advice, please (my fiance and his old life)
  116. The head & heart, plus a dose of selfish and stupidity
  117. He's lookin to buy the house next door!
  118. Where is your country of origin
  119. How can we fairly right things for us.
  120. Avoided EA, now what?
  121. Can you make it back from separation?
  122. Wrong to feel sad?
  123. Not getting enough attention
  124. Really stumped, looking for marrital advice?
  125. Advice on helping my parent's marriage
  126. Is he looking to leave?
  127. Looking desperately for a song
  128. Growing apart
  129. Whats they key to a happy marriage?
  130. need your input on situation
  131. Painfully private with no one to talk to...
  132. My first year of Marriage
  133. UPDATE - Is Debt Enough Reason To End Things?
  134. my husband took photos with girl like they are boy-girlfriend, what should i do?
  135. my husband and a girl
  136. SHe said I do not love you.
  137. Opposite sex single friend/coworker oblivious to EA
  138. Kinked Hose
  139. Depressed and Angry
  140. boundries
  141. my husband wants to kick my adult son out
  142. Married 3 years - dont love husband anymore
  143. Honesty Please
  144. Priority in marriage: children or spouse?
  145. What should I be considering...
  146. Is my marriage coming to an end?
  147. Wedding Pictures
  148. My last chance for help don't want divorce?
  149. One sided love/passion
  150. How the hell do I get off this bus
  151. Spouse that scolds all the time
  152. Husband Acts Like I Do Nothing
  153. Need some insight...warning this is LONG!
  154. Therapy or give up?
  155. How do I get my wife help?
  156. moral bankruptcy: a label spelling relationship over?
  157. Do you find your other half manipulative ?
  158. Lazy, Unmotivated Wife
  159. Does this count as emotional abuse?
  160. I need help!
  161. Texts from ex
  162. Emotionally Tormented
  163. Never thought this could happen
  164. Contacting an inmate, what do you think about it?
  165. Need advice on 18 year marriage
  166. Explanation of feelings please!!
  167. Question about attraction in long term relationships
  168. She's cheated and lied, so here's my plan
  169. Anyone else's wife pointing out women to them?
  170. My fiance is addicted to porn and drugs
  171. How we fell apart
  172. Confused why as a Male I get no help, what should I do?
  173. Is he still interested in me?
  174. Update--changes
  175. Hilarious marriage pics
  176. Wife is disengaging
  177. VULNERABILITY...the FEAR, the POWER, it's PAIN, it's BEAUTY- How Vulnerable are you?
  178. Jealousy, attraction & catfights
  179. Need Advice
  180. pregnant and abandoned. plz help!
  181. Is he still interested in me?
  182. Husband more loyal to ex
  183. Business Trips
  184. Please help my research on commitment in relationship!
  185. why is my husband getting defensive when we have a conversation with him or ask him ?
  186. my wife dreamt having sex with someone
  187. My Story. Any Advice?
  188. I working this out even a sane option?
  189. 44, 17 year almost sexless marriage on the brink
  190. Not Sure How to Respond to a Quick Temper
  191. Testosterone therapy
  192. talking about our marriage the government!
  193. Husband says he is emotionally detached
  194. After her year in rehab, my wife isn't attracted to me
  195. I love my wife but she's driving me crazy
  196. This is the saddest place....
  197. Boundaries with Members of the Opposite Sex
  198. My Story
  199. Need Input From the Ladies and Men Also!!!
  200. Giving ex half of his life insurance?!
  201. caught in the middle-new wife bilogical daughter
  202. Serious Mama's Boy Issues-Help!!!!
  203. Married 7 years, wife does very little..
  204. Husband fired; I feel betrayed
  205. question for those women who were in a long term relationship and told...
  206. My Wife
  207. Feels like, I am sitting on a Time Bomb
  208. I admit it, I screwed up
  209. How to get completely lost.......
  210. lost in love?
  211. husbands & cleaning..smh lol
  212. Screwed up badly! Lost her trust.
  213. My boyfriend is scared of marriage, what can I do to help?
  214. I really f**ked up now!
  215. He is working all the time
  216. feelings hurt ....
  217. Seriously considering an affair
  218. Irritable and Feelingless
  219. Separation Update...
  220. How would you react? when other guys are rude to your lady
  221. situation highlights its not 'just' a piece of paper
  222. First Year of Marriage
  223. Making the marriage work by ignoring each other
  224. Not Sure What To Do...
  225. I'm losing
  226. My husband lies to me about little stupid things!
  227. My husband is snarky, irritable, critical and disrespectful.
  228. The Other Shoe Finally Dropped
  229. I Want Things To Work Out
  230. Signs of a good Marriage Counselor
  231. the devil won the battle...please dont let him win the war
  232. No more feelings for my partner of 4 year!
  233. Marriage counseling questions
  234. In A Rut
  235. Am being totally unrealistic when I think?
  236. Is this low self-esteem?
  237. Is he still in love with his ex or even cheating on me with her?
  238. My man has far lower libido than I do-sad wife!
  239. Feeling a bit let down......
  240. Probably marrying a sociopath
  241. Losing Weight Together?
  242. Anger Issues Troubling Our Marriage
  243. Very Wrong For what Ive done!!!!
  244. Need advice - thinking about leaving my husband
  245. Should I tell my kids?
  246. Controlling?
  247. Trust - Am I wrong? Can we still work?
  248. Do we all have a right to unload to family about marital problems?
  249. Stress/sniping: can it always be avoided?
  250. How do I overcome extreme jealously?