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  1. 5 year anniversary advise
  2. Is Marriage for Everybody?
  3. Apathetic Hubby also apathetic about finances
  4. Am I going coo-coo?
  5. I have decided I am going to start politely standing my ground on things...
  6. Is his constant sexual desire causing the problems?
  7. Wifey closing in for the kill!
  8. He's Driving Me Crazy!
  9. Communication Question
  10. I Messed Everything Up
  11. At home date ideas
  12. Unique Situation
  13. Is TAM used more by men or women?
  14. Date or Not?
  15. So Confused
  16. 2nd IC appt ..left feeling worse
  17. would you date someone outside yourprefferedrace?
  18. Worn out
  19. 17 years and it seems we are drifting apart
  20. Dating sites
  21. Do guys get over their first love?
  22. Is a relationship possible without trust???
  23. Am I Creating Problems or Are Problems Real?
  24. Husband has frustration and anger issues. Not sure what to do!
  25. It is ok for wife to have male friend
  26. He says I am wrong... I say I am right !!!
  27. confused about what to do as always
  28. wife is not supportive
  29. does he have feelings for me or is he just using me for sex?
  30. Sexual Abuse Question
  31. I feel stuck...
  32. Where do you get the strength?
  33. wife has EA says still loves me
  34. Did he ever like me or was he just nice?
  35. In law trouble. I don't want to visit
  36. Husband hanging with female neighbors...
  37. Wife Says I'm Not Emotionally Supportive
  38. very newly pregnant and bf is actually married?
  39. Did you transform into your inlaws ways?
  40. Is it too much to ask?
  41. My wife and I have Separated, I'm devastated
  42. Perimenopause ?
  43. spouse with chronic illness
  44. Evolving self in a stuck marriage.
  45. Successes & timelines?
  46. Emotional Abuse? partner told counsellor I was guilty of it
  47. Know bad things about wife?
  48. Anybody hit a milestone birthday and start reflecting back?
  49. Any insight into her actions?
  50. Please help! Sleeping arrangement causing marriage problems!
  51. a couple of weekends off and i don't know what to do
  52. Jealousy
  53. Wife said she loves me very much, but doesn't feel she is in love with me...
  54. Privacy in marriage???
  55. Wife's BF is another man, how to deal?
  56. My wife is thinking of separation and does not know I know.
  57. When does counseling start to make you feel different?
  58. ahhhh!
  59. So unhappy, but fearful to rock the boat in any way
  60. thoughts about my situation
  61. Need some Major advise please, Marriage a mess...
  62. Almost every kind of stress that can happen in a marriage...
  63. Women and being with the same partner for years.
  64. Need an honest opinion
  65. Married a Liar
  66. Help?
  67. Confrontation through Love.
  68. Am I too insecure? How do I overcome the insecurities?
  69. Today is my Anniversary - not Happy
  70. My female roommate won't talk to me for looking at hallmark cards
  71. Husband moved out
  72. Am I in a verbally abusive relationship? Do I need to get out?
  73. Is she cheating???
  74. Facebook Ghost
  75. Jealousy/Forgiveness For The Fog
  76. confronting the other woman in an EA
  77. I have destroyed the trust in our relationship
  78. Clingy husband help
  79. Wife completely forget weekend plans with family
  80. I/C today..I am not too fond of this one
  81. Bipolar Wife Nightmare
  82. Financial Distrust and Emotional Abandonment and
  83. Hurting Marriage
  84. desperate for a objective opinion
  85. Existing or Potential Affair - Any Similar Experiences?
  86. Bitter about help w/housework...normal?
  87. Trouble dealing with wife's sexual past and lies about being a virgin
  88. Apparently I'm still a doorMat
  89. Am I pushing my husband back to alcohol?
  90. overcoming resentment?
  91. Becoming a Better Husband
  92. he's such a tool
  93. What to do...
  94. Marriage and Borderline Personality Disorder
  95. Money and a spouse who is irresponsible w/bills
  96. Need women friends/advice
  97. Is it me?
  98. When to let go?
  99. How to live with an angry/unstable wife
  100. Help please!! Is this normal??
  101. She is barely gone and i miss her already :(
  102. problem with jealousy
  103. Coping after divorce
  104. I don't know what my wife wants from me
  105. What do you think of this?
  106. "I'll call you...Ha! No, I won't"
  107. confused talking to a guy to get ideas
  108. How do you show Appreciation & Respect after everything
  109. wife says she loves me, but not attracted to me...
  110. Compatibility
  111. Not sure what to do.
  112. GF/BF? exclusive? labels for a couple
  113. Boyfriend flirting with best friend?
  114. Is this normal??
  115. How do I get out?
  116. problem 'listening'
  117. Unhappy with relationship letters -- do they work?
  118. Is this normal?
  119. Feels like he doesn't love me as much as I love him anymore
  120. Weight issue/judgement
  121. 180
  122. Second marriage in trouble
  123. Hope to receive some advices for my biggest decision in life
  124. Failing marriage, can't figure out what's wrong
  125. Affair fog before the affair??
  126. helpless
  127. Poll Question regarding sleeping with socks on.
  128. married 7 years, 2 kids, wife informed me she no longer loves me.. advice?
  129. shamwow
  130. Don't know what to do about jerk of a boss and previous relationship
  131. Not sure what to do. Please advise.
  132. Am I an alcoholic?
  133. I tryed again today...
  134. Need advice PLEASE
  135. List of Expectations?
  136. Facebook Issues
  137. A little chuckle
  138. husband losing interest
  139. New member of the forum, introduction, and my reason for being here...
  140. Plz Help
  141. Help...drained of peace...
  142. I have no idea what to do - tired of keeping the secret
  143. Guys (or girls): What's going on here?
  144. my husband has changed.
  145. money, money, money
  146. I'm so confused!
  147. Confused and Distressed
  148. Go to Bed Together
  149. Sticky for common abreviations?
  150. Need support please--whenever we get close, he pushes me away
  151. Marriage crumbling and I don't know what to do!
  152. How patient should I be?
  153. Vision verses Ideas
  154. So how much of a jerk am I?
  155. Jealousy
  156. I need advice...
  157. Signs your relationship is over
  158. SURVEY for the guys here
  159. So Jealous of Husband's Brother's Girlfriend
  160. Am i wrong by saying this...
  161. Is This Projection?
  162. BF of 2 yrs randomly depressed, says he has no feelings for me anymore
  163. My wife says we've grown apart. Help!!
  164. Will therapy be even helpful?
  165. Im hurting and not sure if i making right choice...
  166. Confused
  167. POLL - Whether Spouses should share all account information and passwords?
  168. My Poor Kids Will Go hungry Every Other Week
  169. I feel my life is over...
  170. Does my husband really love me?
  171. Can this be saved?
  172. When my husband is away…
  173. Need Help
  174. Face book lies and sex tapes.
  175. Romance? =/ Frustrated.
  176. Should We Consider Seperation?
  177. What am i doing
  178. Stuff (long)
  179. looking for some advice
  180. On holiday with the guys!
  181. want to trust my wife again
  182. you're my only hope
  183. Going through emails.
  184. Same Sex Emotional Affair - Is This Possible?
  185. Am I wrong?
  186. Guess what ladies? It works both ways!
  187. Wife Changed Password To Facebook and Emal - Trouble?
  188. Guys, what do you like in a woman?
  189. My posts
  190. False hopes & torn dreams.
  191. job/money
  192. Lying, Impulsive buying, Unappreciative, What do I do?
  193. Why do I keep taking this?
  194. Please help: Loong story but please read
  195. Am I unreasonable or is he?
  196. You're a mirror
  197. Financial Mismatch Causing Friction
  198. What would your spouse say about you?
  199. My last hope
  200. What will our future hold?
  201. needing support
  202. 8 years LD relationship...what to do?
  203. jealousy and trust ! whats normal
  204. One Long, Crazy Summer
  205. Is he crazy?
  206. Will he propose in Hawaii?
  207. Husband is being so mean.
  208. Just needing some feedback please?
  209. Am I crazy?
  210. not liked for doing good? how to approach this
  211. Conversation 101?
  212. First post. Need advise.
  213. One Major Issue...
  214. need guidance/input re: boyfriend
  215. Stay at Home Mom's ROCK!
  216. Whats the likelihood?
  217. I could use some feedback...longish
  218. can i forgive&forget?
  219. I Am A Scumbag
  220. I can never win!
  221. Are relationships meant to be so hard?
  222. Would you continue with the band? The final stretch
  223. Very Discouraged/Confused
  224. Really!!!!
  225. BS replies
  226. We love each other but we don't know why?
  227. Frustrated with no one to confide in and talk to
  228. Possible Abuse...can it stop?
  229. Please! What would you do??
  230. Financial vows
  231. Starting a relationship with a long time best friend of the opposite sex.
  232. The 180*
  233. How do I deal with this?
  234. Just living my life and only there for my daughter.
  235. Commitment
  236. Dream about being abused in a relationship
  237. Im not sure what I looking for... But here goes!
  238. Need opinions please - boyfriend/porn problem?
  239. Take a quick 20 minute survey and you may win $150!!
  240. Instead of resolving disagreements, she walks away and refuses to talk.
  241. A lesson learned
  242. Wifes pregnant by another man...just need support
  243. me , my mom and my wife
  244. plz help?
  245. boyfriend appears dishonest
  246. Wives leaving????
  247. Help -- relationship breakup due to lack of immediate action in "emergency situation"
  248. Showering - Morning or Night?
  249. Therapist Moving
  250. Not drinking is killing my social life!!

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