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  1. Why can't she be anywhere on time?
  2. Doing a Costanza?
  3. husbands needy female friend
  4. It's over-and I'm sick of the divorce books
  5. What should I Do?
  6. Seeking Posting Advice
  7. This is the kind of s** that irks me...
  8. And... Tam helps out another couple!
  9. Friends together?
  10. insecure wife
  11. he will only accept counseling to, "prove me wrong."...and so on
  12. Online Relationship Loss Study
  13. Looking Forward To... Nothing?
  14. Why Does this Annoy me? Husband won't take my advice.
  15. Just joined today. I need comforting.
  16. Feel like moving too fast or not?
  17. Am I being insecure or am I terribly wrong?
  18. Feeling Weird About My Husband's Wet Dream
  19. anger management issues
  20. the silent treatment
  21. What to do?
  22. Wife wants a Divorce, I don't need help!!
  23. Can my marriage be fixed?
  24. How does your wife apologize
  25. internet red light district...
  26. Bringing up sensitive issues
  27. How do you say no to constantly babysitting grandkids?
  28. My wife asked me for a list of things she likes...
  29. should i cheat?
  30. Confused...
  31. At the crossroads with long term girlfriend..
  32. Romantic Getaways
  33. How often does your spouse cook for you if you are the primary meal maker.
  34. On the edge - can it be saved?
  35. Help me save our marriage!
  36. Our Beginning/Happy Anniversary
  37. am I an ungrateful wife?
  38. Husband's controlling family now uses him to control me
  39. Newleywed and Marriage already empty - is this normal?
  40. do you look at other people?
  41. If only I had fangs or quills
  42. My husband shows no interested in me.
  43. Is it him, or is it me?
  44. Are there ever any happy endings?
  45. Falling in Love with a Friend's Husband
  46. Military Husband deployed (I need help)
  47. ugh... strippers...
  48. Is it best to just forgive and move on?
  49. Help... I'm too distant and I dont know how to change
  50. Selfish Husband- Need Help
  51. In a "new" relationship, who traditionally says "I love you" first?
  52. What is your hurt frequency?
  53. Separated and pregnant!! HELP!
  54. Marriage Help!
  55. Does Does he really love you if he treats you like these?
  56. please help me out..i am really in a mess
  57. Is my girlfriend cheating on me? Please help!
  58. H wants to get divorced... I want to work things out. What should I do?
  59. So very confused!
  60. ode to east coast girl
  61. An introduction
  62. Need opinion on my best friend (girl).
  63. Need help with best friend (girl)
  64. How do you feel connected to your spouse?
  65. Confussed and alone
  66. Suggestions please....
  67. Help me support my husband
  68. Sleeping seperately after fighting!
  69. My novel. Sorry so long!
  70. Sparing a Spouse's feelings V Lying
  71. Why can't I let it go?
  72. My issues/lack of respect being shown
  73. Frustrated with husband's lack of understanding
  74. What do you do when your spouse has ZERO common sense?
  75. Separation
  76. Wife threatens to leave with daughter.
  77. What to do about ex?
  78. Helppppp
  79. Miss My Wife from Abroad as we are seperated
  80. Unexpected suprise....
  81. Finally a night alone...
  82. Fifty Shades of Resentment...
  83. Are In-Laws Out of Line?
  84. Am I in for a lifetime of resentment?
  85. Need some advice on what to do
  86. How will I decide...? Advice, please!
  87. Knives, Guns, and motorcycles
  88. Trust Issues.....Dont know what to do
  89. should I be concerned?
  90. My husband is a mess - don't know whether to leave
  91. why does your mate keep you around?
  92. My wifes family from HELL
  93. My Husband has some issues :/
  94. Dog Problems
  95. Am i a bad husband or is time to end it?
  96. Whats Next?
  97. Serious... serious... arguements....
  98. I feel like we are roommates
  99. The freaks
  100. No intimacy in new marriage
  101. Fell for a friend and now there is non? Just need some advice.
  102. I've never been this way before
  103. Can you say confusing?
  104. Changing Patterns
  105. Atom Bomb was dropped on my life
  106. Your Biggest Argument Ever...
  107. Therapists/Negativity and my life...
  108. Feeling lost and helpless
  109. Feeling Better :)
  110. spending time together
  111. Soo.. what would you do with an extra mattress...
  112. Marriage sucks!!!
  113. Was I out of line?
  114. any advice please!!! Not feeling liek I'm fitting in..
  115. Thought H was cheating on me and now all we do is argue
  116. My hubby's wandering eye
  117. Asking for help......
  118. Why do men have to spend all day with their friends?
  119. How do i approach this?
  120. My husband cheated and has a 4 year old son outside our marriage
  121. Thank you Married Man's Sex Life!!!
  122. Feeling used and fed up.
  123. Diconnect
  124. Husband left n didn't get me anything for my first mother's day
  125. Is it normal to be the physically opposite of your SO?
  126. Tired of being left alone.
  127. Selfish, Ignorant, husband needs advice
  128. Starting a fight for "guy weekend"
  129. My Husband Hates Me and My Family
  130. Road Rage/Anger Issues
  131. It seems to me there is a difference between loyalty and faithfulness
  132. We need to move house but can't agree where... Help!
  133. Getting Divorced?! What happened?!
  134. Honesty about Past
  135. Is it tolerable that women get violent?
  136. Any post(s) ever help you and/or inspire you to change?
  137. Parallel here?
  138. need help
  139. At my wits end with husband! HELP!
  140. Sweeping matters under the rug
  141. How do I get through to my husband?
  142. depressed about upcoming 25th anniversary
  143. How Do I Let Go Enough To Fix My Marriage?
  144. It didnt ake long for everything to be his fault
  145. E-books - are any not scams?
  146. Happy Birthday to Meeeeee!!
  147. Wife hates my gray hair
  148. Who controls the mood of your home?
  149. private browsing mode and keylogger
  150. I can not get over my (separated) wife
  151. Feeling bad about getting angry at my mothers day gift
  152. Using the phone
  153. What do people fight about?
  154. Please advise
  155. Suspicious Texting?
  156. Just learned that ex wife of 10 years was cheating for 3 of them.
  157. Silent Treatment...beginning of the end?
  158. Would you?
  159. Handling a wife's emotional affair or maybe the EA of my wife's friend toward my wife
  160. A Question For Females and Guys
  161. Have i fallen out of love with my fiance, Giving the ring back?
  162. Qualities in a life partner?
  163. Vacationing without your SO/spouse
  164. Decoding all these letters?
  165. Facebook, Phone Numbers, Ex's and more
  166. Going in different directions
  167. Statistics, statistics: Do they matter?
  168. Doubts...
  169. I feel really lost and somewhat upset
  170. Ex-H and New Fiance Question
  171. Where Are They Now?
  172. Return for advice on husband's EA
  173. Who is this guy and where did my husband go?
  174. what's a realistic expectation?
  175. How did you fall in love again?
  176. How do you introduce transparency in a relationship?
  177. My husband says he doesn't know!
  178. Slimey kisses
  179. How to Help Hubby...
  180. Love Him or Leave Him?
  181. Lost support over the years
  182. Sexless
  183. Involving friends in your relationship
  184. other girls?
  185. Soft Swap/Inviting another into our bedroom?
  186. Inappropriate Opposite Sex Friend of my Partner
  187. Help Please
  188. Help please!
  189. Between a rock and a hard place
  190. Husband seems to be in love with my sister
  191. I'm stuck.
  192. Advice needed
  193. Confused why my wife is just plain bitter...
  194. Temptation
  195. I'm at the edge.
  196. Wife want space
  197. How to find a good Marriage Counselor?
  198. Need your Vote!! Am I Crazy?
  199. Leadership in Marriage
  200. I doubt he will fight for us
  201. Mutual Friend Problems?
  202. What is going on with me? Just thinking this morning
  203. Update... sorry so long... need input.
  204. Do marriage counselors ever tell a couple they are better off to split up??
  205. Question for the nice women on here
  206. I accepted his proposal, but we're both young.
  207. More Problems in Marriage
  208. Am I asking too much?
  209. Resentment VS. Resentment (the new MAD comic)
  210. Nearly one year on
  211. same shxt, different excuses
  212. Trying to keep it together
  213. is there any logic to chasing?
  214. Use voice recording of depressed/mentally ill emotionally abuse spouse in court?
  215. So I just couldn't let it go...
  216. How to cope with young attractive oppsite-sex friends..
  217. so let's talk $$$$$$$
  218. Missing them both
  219. Ever wonder...
  220. When is it a lost cause?
  221. How do you explain to a man...
  222. Boundary Issues
  223. Help me brainstorm ideas we can do together
  224. Getting him to want to spend time with me
  225. Lies
  226. Text from a private number?
  227. People who can't find the positives
  228. Finacial Woes
  229. The same fight - Every Night!
  230. Young and Unhappy
  231. Boyfriend going to bachelor party
  232. Fake Ring
  233. I Dreamed of Her... And She Exists!
  234. Hugging mood
  235. Running out of ideas!
  236. Wife has fallen out of love after 16 years of marriage
  237. Wife's trust & confidence N husband-a must for healthy sex relationship?
  238. Co Parenting with an unreasonable Ex Girlfriend
  239. How would you approach this boundary?
  240. Is is too late??
  241. My husband and his phone
  242. Yes, a wife weight thread with background. I'm a dumb man I guess.
  243. i dont know what to do!
  244. Crazy things your spouse says or does.
  245. Sexting/photos
  246. Be angry at the right person, its not me
  247. To Marry? Or not to Marry?
  248. Who here has ever flirted with their spouse by....
  249. The definition of a real man...
  250. What is the biggest problem you have had in your marriage?