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  1. Life changed, and husband is very angry
  2. Mature Enough for marriage??
  3. Friends With The Ex: Stay or Move On?
  4. Who is this stranger...
  5. Whoever you are, could you give me my husband back?
  6. Personal Trainers and Affairs
  7. Let me Introduce myself
  8. 52 years old and lost
  9. Complicated disconnect
  10. Broad vs. Deep Relationships
  11. His reasons for marrying me seem OFF to me!
  12. Can a woman be a mother and a wife and still have a life?
  13. Frustrating argument
  14. How to explain to my husband...
  15. I need to get my head examined
  16. Few questions
  17. Wife's independence and control issues
  18. Again with the "holding him back"...
  19. I need some space
  20. Guidelines you use in your relationship?
  21. Right to ask DW to delete FB friend?
  22. In Laws
  23. Do I Need to Lighten Up or am I just being Manipulated
  24. Relieved but stressed, and not sure what to do about his gun
  25. So confused seriously considering divorce
  26. Is it okay for me to ask her to work on her communication?
  27. Her idea of a marriage is housework and private social life...
  28. Question about MC/IC
  29. getting back with ex wife
  30. What to look out for if she moves back in
  31. Isolation
  32. Pet Peeves...
  33. Taking a poll on opinions of an EA!!!!!
  34. I don't know what to do anymore
  35. Counting my blessings
  36. Shacking up
  37. Am I being Evil / husbands friends
  38. Not sure what else is left.
  39. Please Help! Should I Dump Him?
  40. A month
  41. Husband is ducking and diving
  42. He's Doing Marriage Max--and it Feels Futile..Help?
  43. Things were so much better when he was on Paxil....
  44. Disappointment
  45. Facebook: a cause of divorce?
  46. Feeling indifference
  47. Second Marriage Guilt
  48. Think it's time for a counselor!
  49. Problems with step-son getting worse...
  50. wtf really?
  51. Sexless Relationship help?
  52. Crunch time after 7 weeks for LI...
  53. Does love exist?
  54. change after marriage can it still work
  55. Where is your "reset" button?
  56. Toronto Couple Counseling
  57. Confused on if i still love my husband or not
  58. Strange situation...any advice?
  59. Testosterone levels
  60. Scarred
  61. I feel left out.
  62. Feels so hopeless
  63. Wives as "best friends"
  64. Newly married and need help
  65. Complicated :-(
  66. Can't keep up with overly social wife...
  67. What Should You Do If A Guy Is Hitting On Your Girl?
  68. Do I have the right to be angry?
  69. Newbie. Advice needed. Please!
  70. How long do your arguments/fights go on?
  71. Types of Kisses
  72. She doesn't trust me
  73. Help!!!
  74. Greetings from bizarro land
  75. Not sure what to do
  76. Possible impact of divorce on children
  77. Dual Standards and those in denial
  78. It's been educational
  79. Friends
  80. How come?
  81. Is my marriage over?
  82. Husband is a con artist!
  83. Lies and pornography
  84. Is it bad or normal that im worried if getting married was the right thing?
  85. Husband wants to move back
  86. when theres unequal desire
  87. conflicts
  88. I've got a question/problem Re: marriage
  89. Unintentional hurts
  90. Conflict...should I let the games begin?
  91. Husband was falling out of love because I didn't look happy anymore?
  92. New member, looking for advice
  93. Worried
  94. New, need help!!!
  95. Should I pick up my family and move?? Advice please..
  96. at a loss
  97. i need advice bad
  98. Could I please get some advice? Thanks
  99. Gambling Fiance and Debt - Update
  100. Am new here and I really need some opinions
  101. New to site and need help/vent
  102. Is my Job ruining my marriage?
  103. Wife left and I work out of town
  104. Wife no longer loves me
  105. Fed Up
  106. Mistake to leave someone bc of something you think they might do?
  107. Talk about passive aggressive
  108. Just told he needs time out
  109. How come things are backwards???
  110. Help need to know what to do!
  111. Am I REALLY CRAZY?!
  112. I need Advice Dont know what to do!!!!! Please!
  113. Is the grass really greener on the other side?
  114. Am I emotionally stunted?
  115. A challenging problem - midlife crisis...
  116. I love You
  117. How do you feel if your husband gave your his ex's engagement ring?
  118. Kissing ok-but no french kissing
  119. Not happy following husband's career across the country
  120. My husband left me
  121. I lost trust in my wife..she does now know
  122. Dazed and confused...
  123. thinking about my marraige
  124. I'm too clingy and need help!
  125. Spiritually Bankrupt, where is my hope compass?
  126. Can i get a whut whut?
  127. Texting an Ex
  128. Define anger. Please.
  129. First time Poster
  130. Impact of sexual assaults later in life and marriage
  131. How often do you attempt to talk about your problems?
  132. is the ex sending mixed signals?
  133. Are we selfish for holding on?
  134. advice plz im soo lost in my life
  135. My husband no longer loves me
  136. Facebook Kills Relationships
  137. Changing from a Traumatic Past
  138. 21 years of marriage is fading away
  139. Helpless and broken
  140. lonely married, scared to divorce
  141. Is pornography immoral?
  142. lost
  143. I feel like Im slowly starting to hate my husband
  144. Running Out of Options
  145. Guys Ways!!
  146. Opinion on Facebook Convsersation
  147. Guide me, oh wise and learned forum members.
  148. Sexless Marriage...
  149. New Member - Let's get started huh!
  150. 22 year marriage wasted over herpes
  151. Strip Club
  152. Husband not willing to quit affair.
  153. Journals and Diaries
  154. Talking on the phone...
  155. My story
  156. New here....
  157. Men/housework articles
  158. Having issues with laziness
  159. Please read...leaving my cheating husband
  160. her little secret
  161. No man is an island..still true?
  162. Trying to find the ray of hope
  163. What words do you use to ask for/express a wish to make love/have sex?
  164. Husband called me and son (9) "Dummies" last night ....
  165. What do you appreciate about your relationship?
  166. Do men and women view respect differently?
  167. The Blowup...
  168. Wife wants to sleep out
  169. New here
  170. Advise please - re: insecure in my relationship
  171. husband has bad temper and takes it out on me
  172. MLC or is my marriage really over?
  173. I think it's over. I think that it SHOULD be over. Maybe. What do you think?
  174. Wife has a short fuse, swears too often
  175. Is it all me? not happy
  176. I don't trust him
  177. An endless cycle of disrespect
  178. im so confuse about getting married
  179. Emotionally Distant
  180. Feeling a Bit Stuck...
  181. I think its over....
  182. Sowing your wild oats before marriage?
  183. How would you work around this?
  184. Left Wife
  185. Is it too late??
  186. Please give me advice, my marrige in over...
  187. My Stepson
  188. Do feelings really change?
  189. Low self esteem
  190. Falling in love the first time in my life, confused/overthinking things?
  191. Pregnancy, then marriage, then falling in love?
  192. Bf had a one night stand and got a girl pregnant way before we dated. Advice??
  193. Need help & advice. Been with my bf for 4 years but he has a kid with someone before
  194. I messed up
  195. Were you looking?
  196. My Husband Hates me :(
  197. Have you ever lied about your true feelings, just to hurt the other person ????
  198. progressive neurological to tell date
  199. What's up with wife
  200. Members demographics and Religion Poll Multi Choices
  201. Are we getting too comfortable?
  202. abusive wife always accuseing me of being abusive
  203. Husband looking at other girls
  204. Anyone else not wear their wedding bands?
  205. Feeling not doing anything. Please help me
  206. when a husband lies
  207. Just Worn Out
  208. Indian man and German woman planning to marry
  209. Religion is dividing us!!
  210. Help. Must stay strong.
  211. Can he be "friends" with an ex??
  212. Surgery Update, New Outlook on Life
  213. What's wrong with me?
  214. Women rushing to be that they can see others?
  215. Husband Won't Wear Ring
  216. Constant questions about weight and looks.
  217. Should I ask her to stop calling??
  218. THIS is my fault too?
  219. Can we still save our marriage
  220. Is using a vibrator cheating?
  221. One Way Street
  222. ttc and no insurance
  223. recently separated all alone
  224. Feeling Liberated for Independence Day
  225. Advice needed, please....
  226. Couples Counseling Question?
  227. Dealing With the Dogmatic Spouse
  228. Think Husband is like Rep Weiner
  229. How to discuss same problem with husband again?
  230. Using a soft startup to prevent an argument
  231. No Contact?
  232. Any Room Here for Less Serious Issues?
  233. Mother-in-Law Drama
  234. should i leave?
  235. Things we will miss
  236. New marriage and confused
  237. Soul Mates
  238. In honor of a fallen TAM member....
  239. I am a prisoner. Hubby doesn't trust me!
  240. Please give advice...
  241. I am an abuser
  242. 100 Posts & counting. Thanks to all.
  243. Stay together for the kids
  244. Resentment after reconciliation?
  245. emotionless men...
  246. Mother-in-law who went viral
  247. he's close to ideal but im not in love anymore
  248. Husband driving me mad
  249. Wedding Photos=WWIII?
  250. Same Frequency!