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  1. Wife and I had fun with Myers Briggs Type indicator
  2. Misery feeds off of misery
  3. He sees me as his roommate...and that is all
  4. My Marriage Needs Help
  5. Imagine the misery we could avoid knowing how to meet spouses needs B4 marriage
  6. Washing the Car
  7. stage 1 Multiple sex daily, stage 2 3x a week, 3 3x per month, 4 4x per year NO WAY!
  8. Some questions about abuse.
  9. Husband is feed up with my family
  10. Paying for own engagement ring?
  11. Need Advice - Been Lying about money
  12. How can I get go of resentment toward my husband?
  13. Unconventional Marriages
  14. Marriage in crisis, am I a stalker?
  15. Marriage, Selfishness, and Sex
  16. if you are involved in a sexual affair with a married person but don't want anything?
  17. Please, am I doing the right thing???
  18. Family and reconciliation
  19. Can't find an answer to my problem in any marriage book :( and my marriage is crumbli
  20. Men: What Is Your Wife's Role In Your Life Outside Marraige?
  21. Is it all im my head or is there something to really stress about?
  22. Eyes Only for Her
  23. Is there any way back??
  24. Confrontation through love (continued)
  25. From Momma's boy to a man
  26. Where are the happy stories...
  27. Need opinions about my marriage
  28. TAM success story but still "unloved" - Craving the "L" word
  29. Quote of the day
  30. Accidentally found out some information about my girlfriend, now what?
  31. The effects of pornography and Facebook on a marriage
  32. I'm a mess, years of guilt and bad decisions...
  33. Has TAM helped with your marital issues?
  34. What Am i Supposed to Think?
  35. Dolldrums. Husband like incest.
  36. stressed & confused
  37. How do I get through?
  38. Married two years and it's over?!?!?!
  39. cheated the whole time we dated with his ex
  40. Active Catholic; married nearly 20 years; feel like I want out
  41. Marriage Falling apart and may be over. Need advice an help
  42. I'm a bully
  43. Do women view man as sex junkies?
  44. Do you turn to family for marital advice?
  45. Is my marriage over?
  46. Extreme Jealousy
  47. Marriage issues.... advice please
  48. How much longer is it going to take??
  49. How do I get my girlfriend to spend more time with me?
  50. Had a bad fight with my dad
  51. My husband is a bully
  52. ***i just don't feel loved by him***
  53. How do I help my husband get back to normal?
  54. My Perfect 7 but sex appeal lacks
  55. My dad and Fiance are fighting (less than 1 month till wedding)
  56. Why so negative?
  57. Am I being selfish?
  58. Wife wears clothing that is too revealing
  59. How long does the "honeymoon" last?
  60. Feeling so sad and alone.
  61. Wondering if my wife is cheating
  62. Is my Wife Codependent?
  63. Ex mother in law passed suddenly....
  64. codependency/love addiction
  65. Need help, at wits end, with mother after my wedding
  66. Don't like my sex life hubby does'nt care
  67. Please help me anyone
  68. Can a wife be "too affectionate"?
  69. Frustrated and exhausted...any advice?
  70. I'm sick of this pretending
  71. Three kinds of men. Only one type will have a long term, successful marriage
  72. I am so lost
  73. Authority in the Home...
  74. Dr. Jeckyl & Mr. Hyde
  75. New Here - please help me.
  76. Confused, wondering, what else is there...
  77. I am just so confused about whether to end it or not
  78. What would you do??
  79. What was the hardest part of your unhappy marriage to get through
  80. Would like some opinions please!
  81. Guys...Is he "Just not that into me?"
  82. Husband construes everything as critical???
  83. PLEASE Help... Is My Hubby Gay? Low Sex Drive?
  84. Think I finally nailed what is wrong with my wife.
  85. Fake Boobs
  86. How do I get over jealousy?
  87. I dont know what to do.
  88. Right decision?
  89. having an affair with a former student?
  90. Signs to Know If You are Jealous of Your Partner
  91. Loves me but the feeling is gone.
  92. First Post - Wife Seperating...what to do?
  93. In a relationship, married, etc?
  94. Fighting
  95. I need help please
  96. How important to you are your wedding rings?
  97. Please, any advice or just say something nice!!!
  98. Please help, I need some advises at this point
  99. Why is this taking so long?
  100. What do I do?!
  101. Making friends online
  102. Being INFP
  103. Sad husband needs advice
  104. Stuck and not sure what to do - open to advice/suggestions
  105. Anger and Marriage
  106. One day Strong...another day weak!
  107. What would you do / expect?
  108. Second Marriage Help Needed
  109. To Propose or Not To Propose?
  110. I want my fiance back!! Plz help!!!
  111. Please help
  112. How do you know when you are in love?
  113. My husband says I am dishonest
  114. Do you love your spouse? I mean really in love, I dont
  115. The Notebook kind of relationship?
  116. Am i being played here???
  117. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  118. Desperate!
  119. He thinks I'm crazy...I think he's crazy
  120. My Own Worst Enemy....need to know
  121. I need to know if this is normal...
  122. Being the other women
  123. Every busted marriage & LTR is exactly the same
  124. Help, why won't she marry me?
  125. Husband wants time apart
  126. Very sad - we're falling apart and there's nothing I can do to stop it
  127. A single man is like half a pair of scissors
  128. Respecting your Spouse
  129. What should I do?
  130. The Silent Treatment
  131. I need help please
  132. super woman referance
  133. What is your definition of verbal abuse in a relationship?
  134. Hot and cold behaviour
  135. Marrying partner with history of abuse in relationship
  136. How in the hell?
  137. First Anniversary Today!
  138. How can I make him not like me?
  139. I know I'm partially to blame but.....
  140. I'm passive aggressive and know it...but
  141. Not sure where to start, but I know we need help, sorry for being long
  142. Message between my husband and a friend...Should I stay or go?
  143. Criteria for a mutually happy marriage
  144. Please help me
  145. Denying/redefining terms because they're "negative"
  146. why is it when he says he wants nothing to do with you...
  147. Taking stock....
  148. I feel so unloved in my marriage
  149. How do I call my wife out on certain things?
  150. She doesn't love me anymore???
  151. Why does wife has to buy something for me?
  152. Gentle guidance please.
  153. Newlywed Trouble
  154. I really need help!!
  155. Make you Marriage the Number 1 Priority
  156. How do I constructively critisize my husband?
  157. Going to bed alone
  158. Husband loves me...but doesn't love love me???
  159. I checked his Facebook...
  160. i'm ambitious, he's...less ambitious.
  161. Not sure anymore
  162. When has it gone too far?
  163. Terrible turning point
  164. Looking for help
  165. Need some fun suggestions!
  166. Advice on GF's past relationship with a married man
  167. very good article re: sharing past experiences of previous lovers
  168. When to tell the kids/teenagers?
  169. My marriage is a mess
  170. Not his fault, but I don't want to blame myself
  171. In-laws stress
  172. Hubby has a new female friend
  173. Just my thoughts
  174. Pet Is Coming Between Us :(
  175. Girlfriend is still not divorced, is stiffling our relationship (LONG)
  176. Self Acceptance???
  177. Dealing w/ wife's male friends
  178. My Marriage
  179. Girlfriend is always mad
  180. I filed but now AM unsure
  181. Dating After Divorce Advice?
  182. Stepfather crossed the line
  183. Advice would really be appreciated!
  184. How long do I wait ????
  185. Not sure what to think...Input Please
  186. Lacking motivation / afraid of failing
  187. Threatning to take the kids a way
  188. Sometimes I wonder if the problem is only mine...
  189. Don't know what to do
  190. Wife refuses to discuss anything with me
  191. Virginity
  192. Traumatic Relationship
  193. Mixed signals about infrequent sex
  194. So he says he is going to find a job...
  195. I hope he will accept the gift graciously this time!
  196. Husband having inappropriate conversation with co-worker
  197. Romantic Husband fearing 2nd divorce.
  198. Forgiveness.
  199. single mom wants to get married.. what should i do?
  200. 1 month married...trouble already?
  201. feeling ignored
  202. We fight ALL the time!
  203. Husband says he is "losing his emotions for me"
  204. Whose Bed Is It, Anyway?
  205. need advice on what to do
  206. New to this forum, new to these feelings....
  207. I Got Into Trouble This Morning
  208. My wife's massages and my grief
  209. Are people happy in their Marriage?
  210. We have nothing to talk about...Help!
  211. Communication differences causes frustration
  212. What are in the minds of some of these husbands?
  213. Should I stay or should I go??
  214. She takes Facebook way too seriously.....
  215. I don't know what to do or think anymore
  216. Has Facebook ruined your marriage?
  217. Need some advice
  218. So why are we still together?
  219. love lost
  220. Problem in marriage...maybe...I don't know
  221. Fantasy into reality
  222. Venting and Jealousy Toward My Husband's Lesbian Friend?
  223. Pregnant/Teenager Problems/Marriage Suffering
  224. Like everything else...he's lost interest.
  225. Childhood issues are ruining my marriage.
  226. I want to help my wife.
  227. Don't know what to do.
  228. stressed
  229. Sharing TAM with Spouse???
  230. manup,temp control,silly games
  231. am I too easy going??
  232. At the end of my rope and don't know what to do!
  233. Problem with wife talking to an EX
  234. Am I just that type?
  235. Don't know what to do anymore
  236. Husband and dating sites
  237. 86 days left...
  238. Please help me as I am confused
  239. Advice needed! Do not want to live with in law!
  240. Is it possible to have a beautiful relationship although it's started really bad?
  241. Am I the crazy wife
  242. So, I am being abused - now what?
  243. My husband thinks I don't trust him. He doesn't want to talk to me.
  244. Forgetful me...
  245. Am I overly critical or would this annoy you? m
  246. Common curtesy request leads to wtf?
  247. What will you do if you find this in your wife bag?
  248. checked her phone, now I feel gutted
  249. the 1 weekend i finally had for myself...
  250. Young, Married & Confused

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