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: General Relationship Discussion

  1. Chores are one area spouses ought to "act as if" single
  2. Should I tell?
  3. Always disappointed
  4. Dating advice - after a long break.
  5. Wife says she doesn't love me any more...
  6. What is the Foundation of Marriage?
  7. Apart from Gender , what are the differences between you and your partner?
  8. Marriage advice
  9. Why does he want me if he doesn't?
  10. Am I being unreasonable?
  11. Expecting too much? Online dating. He hasn't spoken in a week
  12. Superbol 50 weekend and problems!
  13. Communication and self-esteem issues
  14. Age gap in marriage and life expectancy
  15. Wife dropped a small bomb on me last night
  16. Problem between wife and mother
  17. The "Lonely Hearts club" Valentines Day thread.
  18. Valentine's Day is almost here
  19. The In-Laws
  20. ACOA's and other dysfunctional trauma and its effects on life and relationships.
  21. To Chump Lady - the forgiveness Unicorn
  22. Who marries whom
  23. Borderline personality disorder?
  24. Withholding sex
  25. Husband likes giving Blowjobs
  26. Oral sex (Lack of)
  27. Feeling inadequate/unworthy
  28. Confused...hurt...angry
  29. Need advice on Valentine's day restaurant in Chicago
  30. Just venting
  31. I don't want to get married and trying to collect my thoughts
  32. Scared of getting married
  33. Should I leave my boyfriend?
  34. Why men do not want to marry
  35. House With Ex Husband
  36. When to give up
  37. Married young - no more shared interests. Ideas??
  38. Managing military seperations
  39. frustraed husband. what do i do? MARRIAGE ENDING?????
  40. How do I fall in love again?
  41. Just don't know what to do..........
  42. Alimony
  43. Is anal sex a norm ?
  44. I don't get it, did I do something to hurt you
  45. Looking for insight
  46. Excellent writing, among other attributes
  47. What would you do? And how would you feel if this happened?
  48. Rebuilding
  49. I (almost) had the time of my life and now her ex gf is getting in the way
  50. Sanity or Marriage. Which trumps the other?
  51. A possible defense against the divorce/child-support industrial complex
  52. Obligation vs Commitment/Vow/Covenant
  53. Coming here makes me sad.
  54. Should I Get Rid of Them?
  55. At What Point Do You Ask ALove Interest if They Have Ever Been Unfaithf
  56. My boyfriend is having a baby with someone else...advice please
  57. Birthday Gifts for My Wife...
  58. Husband says I was being rude and disrespectful
  59. Confused
  60. Disaster - IVF - Crying
  61. I feel lost.
  62. New problems with marriage
  63. Hurt and confused, need help
  64. I what?
  65. Mom issues
  66. Wife that can't stand to live with my sick mom
  67. Partner doesnt interact with colleagues much, red flag?
  68. Sex (what's healthy)
  69. emotional affair. Please help
  70. Questions for cheaters that are remorseful
  71. Moving on
  72. Boundaries in Marriage
  73. Newly married and struggling. Need advice!
  74. married do not want to fall for a single coworker
  75. Dating and new partner tells you has cheating history, what do you do?
  76. Counselor's comment, what do I say to husband
  77. Is this cheating
  78. controlling issues with the wife
  79. Do Women "Forget" or "Block Out" The Past?
  80. half hard and looking around
  81. Long term boyfriend break up
  82. How long can it last?
  83. Drunk Husband Treated Me HORRIBLY
  84. Troubles with a lot of dynamics
  85. Alcohol abuse vs. Affairs signs
  86. How has TAM changed you/your relationship?
  87. What I wish I could do...
  88. Need some advice please
  89. Valentines day idea please help
  90. Problems With "The Five Love Languages"
  91. Division of household chores
  92. Husband Called me "Thickheaded"
  93. She divorced me because...
  94. You Need To Make It Up to Me
  95. Im worried about how my GF feel about us
  96. Sex on a schedule
  97. Talk about Divorce, thoughts??
  98. Wife's friendship with one of her ex's
  99. just became a victim of domestic violence.
  100. Conflicted Husband
  101. 40+ bf wants 20-something constant companions
  102. Red flag or not?
  103. How do I deal with this??
  104. Moving on
  105. Depression and sleep cycle
  106. Recently left...
  107. Better Than No Love At All?
  108. Why can't we just be friends?
  109. Big problem my husband likes his sister in Law
  110. Why is my husband doing this?
  111. Issues with sleep...
  112. to protect and care for
  113. Not enjoying marriage right now.
  114. The struggle/ a light hearted approch to a serious issue
  115. What's your favorite sex position?
  116. This made me cry
  117. But He/She is SUCH a good person
  118. 5 love languages book. Any success stories?
  119. Am I overreacting?
  120. sexless marriage - where to start
  121. Question about "The 180"
  122. What a clusterf***...
  123. Am I cold?
  124. Should I get into a relationship with someone with a young child?
  125. angry,sad and confused..where to go from here
  126. for $300 million , would you take a shot which removes your sex drive forever?
  127. Feel like my wife is upset with me too often over too little
  128. 71 year old man invading our marriage. Sweet? Or Creepy??
  129. Dealing with jealousy at work
  130. Coffee
  131. I need affection but my wife doesn't give it to me. Any advice?
  132. Spouse Not Finishing Sentences
  133. My Avatar=My Marriage
  134. Not sure what to do
  135. Modern Marriage Tips
  136. Husband left- not sure I care if he comes back.
  137. Love language negotiation
  138. How to regain trust?
  139. Answers please?!!
  140. how do i believe in him when reality hit
  141. Husbands friend wants advice
  142. Living the fake relationship life
  143. Why won't she talk about the divorce
  144. New Piece of the Puzzle
  145. Lost that loving feeling...
  146. is she telling the truth
  147. Does dissent equal dislike?
  148. husband called me a deadbeat
  149. he doesnt hve feelings
  150. Cohabitation affecting Marriage
  151. Love life dead. Marriage in Jeopardy.
  152. Very concerned truck driver
  153. Married at First Sight
  154. Couples who have been together more then 10 Years
  155. Confused and hurt
  156. Losing imagination meaning?
  157. When you feel like an incompetent failure
  158. feeling very lonely, need your advice
  159. Think husband could be narcissist
  160. Great Marriage with One Major Issue
  161. Who drives?
  162. Cause for concern? Wife and a male workout partner.
  163. Intervention Experience
  164. How do i know if sex is his only intention?
  165. Communicating Emotional Immaturity to my spouse
  166. Love but not in-love, okay but not happy
  167. Bachelorette Party in Vegas
  168. Chronic Inlaw Issues Damaging Marriage
  169. If you found a VAR...
  170. How do you manage unsolvable problems?
  171. Is Youth an Excuse for Cheating?
  172. Am I overreacting?
  173. Wife's family still controls her after 23 years together
  174. The Blows Just Keep Comin'
  175. The Filthiest House in Houston
  176. Should I Care What Movies/TV Shows My Wife Watches?
  177. If Your Wife's Friends Don't Like You, You're Screwed.
  178. Reality check. The truth and thoughts of men.
  179. Do People Ever Really Change?
  180. A movie quote about marriage
  181. My Husband of 13 years just told me he married me to get over his ex girldfriend...
  182. My Husband Can't See Me
  183. How Stay Upbeat around Grouchy Spouse?
  184. Relationship help moving in please n thx!
  185. I can't get over stuff. Is marriage for me?
  186. Can a relationship work if you 2 don't share the same political views?
  187. Explicit pix and videos of Ex
  188. A cesspool of hatred
  189. Romance and intimacy
  190. He says he is losing his mind...
  191. Need some opinions....
  192. I'm falling out of love - with the love of my life.
  193. I feel like i ran him off andI am really depressed. I just need to vent
  194. Walk Away Wife
  195. New here and have had a rough 10 years of marriage, some questions
  196. Wife is Married/Addicted to her Phone
  197. my wife wants a divorce please help me
  198. Need help here.
  199. Confused with new relationship
  200. Cheating - how much does it bother you
  201. Need some help understanding
  202. Husband hits and throws things when angry
  203. Exposure
  204. does a deadbeat ex husband scares a man from being interested in me ?
  205. Don't ever think about how third party feels?
  206. my husband thinks i am fat?
  207. Marriage and In Laws
  208. Do you tell your spouse non-marital issues you are grappling with?
  209. Sick of her ****
  210. I messed up big time!!!! How do get her trust back??
  211. How Did I Get Stuck in This Mess?!
  212. How to prevent a walk-away wife, Part II
  213. I feel suffocated by my husband.
  214. The herp
  215. my looser story
  216. Wife suffering from PPD/depression for 2 years, I'm losing patience
  217. How to bring up the subject of separation ?
  218. Hiding from postpartum depression
  219. Improving on $%6**@&@ FIGHTING with conflict resolutions that work
  220. Stale marriage? Incompatibility?
  221. My wife is miserable
  222. What has been your most awkward moment with the opposite sex?
  223. Unrealistic Expectations or Misperceptions about Marriage
  224. Embarrassed, Angry, Frustrated
  225. Why Do Women Communicate Like This?
  226. 9 YO boys cuddling with mom's SO
  227. Grateful for recent breakthroughs rebuilding connection with my wife
  228. Married but separated, now there's another woman. Feeling broken...
  229. hopeless
  230. book on co dependency
  231. When close friends cross the line
  232. In-Laws Don't Like Me...
  233. need relationship advice
  234. Long, but please read, im so lost
  235. Things my gf said...
  236. I don't know what to do
  237. Intuition or insecurities?
  238. First trip home was a success!
  239. Broken marriage after baby
  240. Why keep moving goalposts?
  241. I have a question?
  242. I cringe when my husband speaks to others...
  243. How to get her to forgive me
  244. Adult Children as Confidantes?
  245. Husband troubles...
  246. I need your Input- Infidelity
  247. So frustrated..
  248. I Struggle With Temptation
  249. Uh oh........watching Hallmark movies may be setting me up to compare apples &oranges
  250. Should I just let this go?