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: General Relationship Discussion

  1. Separate Accounts
  2. How should I take this?
  3. non stop arguing
  4. Husband lies a lot
  5. Help me sort through feelings...
  6. How to stop ALL Passive aggressive behavior including silent treatment?
  7. Breast size
  8. What is the right way to handle this impossible situtation
  9. Finally took a stand against the silent treatment
  10. Husband put me unconcious during sex. Advice?
  11. Infertility ruining our marriage
  12. If you are in a good marriage,
  13. In-Laws
  14. Help! I'm 33 and want baby, hubby is dragging feet
  15. Husband Shoots Sick Wife to Death Because They Could Not Pay for Her Medicine
  16. The Blahs
  17. Wife using the nasty voice- explaining this is unacceptable
  18. Seeking Advice
  19. Girlfriend does not want to wait.
  20. Trying to send pic
  21. Made a decision in my mind...........WAW in four years if nothing changes
  22. Should I leave my husband?
  24. 95% sure my HD frustrations have finally blown it. Limbo ahead
  25. update here, scared and nervous. Will he run off with her?
  26. Husband on dating site
  27. Is marriage counseling worth it?
  28. I think it's over.
  29. How long is too long and..
  30. How to forgive husband
  31. Summer of 94
  32. Invisible
  33. FB ? - ignore or block?
  34. Who Should Contact Who
  35. In-Laws and finances
  36. Opinions please. Is this abusive behavior?
  37. Did it finally happen, did I finally break?
  38. What are you really thinking (men)
  39. What to do after a Break-Up?
  40. Not getting married smart economics for women
  41. I and my husband are very different. How can I stay married?
  42. The Continued Gradual Downward Spiral
  43. "our house"
  44. Revisited: Making A Man Wait For Sex
  45. Disappointed
  46. Feel stuck
  47. I could use some advice
  48. Dating Websites and their Profile Photos
  49. Would you date someone Broke?
  50. Tired...
  51. Always a cheater
  52. Anyone left due to partner with mental illness?
  53. Friend possibly hiding posts from me
  54. Breaking Up is Hard to Do
  55. I'm finally making a move: suggestions appreciated
  56. Witness in Custody Hearing?
  57. Finances in Marriage
  58. Married 1 Month, First Big Fight
  59. Husband's Friend Won't Leave Me Alone
  60. wife doesnt like family
  61. Major Drama and I feel powerless
  62. Suspicious behaviour?
  63. Buying Yourself Expensive Toys and Not Spending That Cash On Your Partner
  64. Trust is gone and so is attraction
  65. when my H go out of town
  66. Seek advice/views
  67. Wife Never Loved Me? 7 Years
  68. Better to be right or married?
  69. Husbands/Boyfriends - How would you react if...
  70. Too Many Obstacles? Help.
  71. Lateness
  72. Bad experience already with dating
  73. Wife Asked Me What To Do With Divorce Paperwork??? WTH
  74. Has Technology Made Cheating Easier?
  75. Mom's that travel away from kids on Mother's Day
  76. 30 yrs of marriage- is it too late?
  77. Horrible Mother's Day!!
  78. Is my boyfriend's friend more than a friend???
  79. Husband has anger issues
  80. Ex Wife Wants To Know Why I Didn't Get Her Something For MDAY
  81. new job
  82. Cheating Situations That Causes BreakUps
  83. After the Break-Up Should You Remain Friends?
  84. You never know what marriage will bring . . .
  85. Indifferent?
  86. Mother criticizes most of her family members
  87. Anniversary
  88. Meeting to pick up children
  89. friends first.
  90. DOA
  91. The give and take
  92. Not sure what to do about my wife
  93. Antidepressants: Killing the Passion
  94. What would you do?
  95. I need advice. My Marriage is a complete mess :(
  96. opinions on age differences in relationships
  97. Very Curious
  98. One foot out the door
  99. Pointing Fingers
  100. Suspicions about wife and male coworker.
  101. Cancelling a vote?
  102. A Note to ALL Who Find Themselves Living With Chronic Destructive Behaviors
  103. Fighting for My Marriage, with an affair Taken Place
  104. Husband and his things
  105. Annoyed, irritated, fed up..
  106. hmm. my husband I NEVER argue or fight.
  107. Grandkids always come first
  108. Mental Illness's with Love, Dating, Relationships and More
  109. Husband and Female Friends
  110. Correct me if I am wrong
  111. Stress or mess?
  112. So what do I do?? I can't get H's attention. So dang lonely.
  113. Vacation Without the Spouse
  114. Problems communicating any issues big or small
  115. Advice and Help with In-Laws
  116. Where is the line from being controlling to concerned
  117. How to lead a family into a happy life
  118. So hurt confused and lost. Wife left me :(
  119. Troubled marriages
  120. Confused... Please help!!!
  121. To tell or not to tell
  122. Am I expecting too much?
  123. No spark
  124. I don't know how much I can take
  125. Am I being walked over?
  126. Venting
  127. Husband is annoyed and angry with me 3 or 4 times a week.
  128. Passwords
  129. Emotional Affair: Pushing the Definition
  130. Working Through Disappointment
  131. Am I Wrong To Do This?
  132. Bad behavior or just personality? Input needed, please
  133. How Can I Convince My Wife That I'm Not Still Cheating On Her ?
  134. Divorced months ago but still can't move on
  135. Friend who accused me of lying about liking sushi cancelled on me again
  136. Am I controlling?
  137. The Truth About Teens Everything is Social Media
  138. Is this normal?
  139. How to disagree with positive results
  140. Friend not inviting me to ladies night
  141. I don't understand my GF's jealousy
  142. What does it look like?
  143. Dog loves dog more than family
  144. Can someone please advise me on this confusing situation?
  145. He disappears and then reappears and told me he is married
  146. He wants to move... I want to stay
  147. am i being unreasonable??
  148. An ultimatum at its worst
  149. I don't get it Re:Affairs
  150. Friend accusing me of lying about liking sushi
  151. I have never truly loved my wife but now I want to
  152. 3 somes
  153. I stop doing communications
  154. Clearly I still have some to learn about being in a relationship
  155. Facebook negatively affecting my wife
  156. I am married and another woman has made me depressed
  157. found out my husband slept with his friend
  158. spouses 6 hour calls
  159. Perspective/thoughts
  160. Thinking of Moving Out
  161. Sage Words - Go!
  162. Does my wife still love me
  163. Need advice really bad
  164. Borrowing Money
  165. This site: therapeutic or toxic
  166. Dating While Separated / On Way To Divorce
  167. My husband is crazy
  168. Extracting deleted iMessages?
  169. Need advice
  170. Anyone with experience rebuilding trust?
  171. Advice? Looked at texts, can't unsee
  172. Friend moving and afraid wont see her again
  173. What to do
  174. Favoritism
  175. can you put a price tag on love?
  176. When basic expectations go unmet...
  177. Husband addicted to XBOX HALO
  178. In need of advice
  179. Child support adjustments
  180. Trust gone....... Getting tired
  181. How to be forgiven
  182. Step-Children: Men vs Women
  183. When the children don't matter to an ex-husband
  184. Feeling sexually harassed
  185. Changes... embrace them or not?
  186. Can't complain
  187. Does the context/meaning of what you say matter?
  188. I wonder how many spouses are just clueless?
  189. Sending red roses
  190. Husband doesn't talk to me...feeling unloved
  191. Lost?
  192. Wife and Step-Kids
  193. Family Hates Husband
  194. Wife won't drive. I need help.
  195. Flowers delivered to guys at work - yes or no?
  196. How to stand up to abusive partner
  197. Parent's marriage issues starting to impact us
  198. Sexless Marriage: It's low love, not low drive
  199. What should I do to stop husband's immature behaviour?
  200. Autism research: Book Review
  201. Marriage is getting bad
  202. The secret lives of immigrant employees
  203. My new girlfriend (shocked) - Advice please
  204. My Observation About TAM Over the Years......
  205. Lost love nearly had sex with another
  206. Just found this site, and need some advice on wife's behavior
  207. New here
  208. Another breakup
  209. i need help again
  210. Head verses heart
  211. Fighting in front of kids
  212. I have a "stalker "
  213. My woman texts her ex husband
  214. hidden debt
  215. I didn't propose when I planned and my girlfriend found out
  216. Strange Situation, Views Sought
  217. Husband called my son an ass
  218. What are the weirdest things you have faniced about someone?
  219. How do I get my wife to help out?
  220. Pig noises
  221. How much do people REALLY CHANGE over the years ? How have you changed ?...
  222. Reversing the "Friend Zone" Marriage
  223. War between ex and husband and I'm feeling lost
  224. Army wife
  225. Found the right bad guy.
  226. wife wants to become a housewife
  227. Need advice...Hot and Cold
  228. Do You Let Your Wife Disrespect You In Front Of Others?
  229. At a loss for what what to do!? Any advice?
  230. Do I stay or do I go
  231. Advice Needed-Wife Cheating?
  232. Biker marriage
  233. Help - getting away from abusive marriage
  234. Fighting fair
  235. Is this normal???
  236. Help, I've just walked out!
  237. Yes Man?
  238. my marriage was based on a lie
  239. Statute of Limitations on Cheating
  240. Are the divorce statistics true?
  241. Trying to accept that my husband will always be a flirt and may cheat
  242. Can anybody find me somebody to love?
  243. Help with a research project- Intercultural marriages?
  244. Porn?
  245. husband doesn't love me anymore
  246. Husband "demands" access to text messages
  247. married and befriending other people???
  248. Husband yelled at my mom
  249. My wife watches lesbian porn and it's freaking me out
  250. what am i going to do (my story)