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: General Relationship Discussion

  1. Who's in the wrong here?
  2. Are marriages that fail doomed to fail due to evolution?
  3. Spouse with HSDD...How to cope?
  4. Is it ok to hide secrets about your past from your fiancť?
  5. 27% of houses are single person households.the loneliness.....
  6. The truth is revealed
  7. Dating Multiple Women (Help)
  8. Tell me if I'm wrong
  9. Was I that wrong?
  10. Relationship Issues
  11. Is love really a choice?
  12. Kids
  13. It was just a joke!
  14. Am I responsible?
  15. Very confused
  16. Longterm relationship, threesomes, divorce, intense love, HELP!!!
  17. Opinions about NYC harassment video
  18. Stay or Go?
  19. Is it Ok if Mental Illness is part of reason for leaving?
  20. Help!!!!!...
  21. UK mum that need some advice on to leave or not to leave!
  22. I'm exhaustively frustrated at DH
  23. Friends with your ex lover?
  24. Who PAY$ when meeting in-laws (real situation)?
  25. Money talks, if you're listening.
  26. Confused
  27. How to handle hurtful comments from husband.
  28. No longer attracted
  29. Birth Control
  30. Does your H act differently in certain environments?
  31. Acts Of Betrayal That Are Worse Than Cheating
  32. Step son disrespecting me
  33. Do Husbands really think about this?
  34. Sexuality issue - or is in an issue or me overreacting?
  35. what is love?
  36. When will I ever get comfortable around my partner's family?
  37. Just need people to talk to outside of my marriage
  38. Interesting thoughts!
  39. Alphas have more sex than betas?
  40. why do some companies do this
  41. Please explain?????
  42. Simple question
  43. My family's causing my divorce
  44. Xboxes. All inclusive resorts. And blowing cash
  45. Worried about state of my marriage
  46. the "perfect husband" list
  47. boyfriend works offshore
  48. How do I prevent infidelity?
  49. Is my wife cheating on me? Problem with her guy friend.
  50. Why do I think about my wife's past when she doesn't want to have sex?
  51. Viewpoint on my marriage
  52. Intro
  53. What constitutes an EA?
  54. Ridiculous or Reasonable??
  55. need advice and help on this...
  56. Wife wants to move
  57. Help! I think my girlfriend is hiding things from me.
  58. Caught Wife hiding credit card debt for over a year
  59. bragging about one night stands
  60. Wife says im obsessd
  61. Only having sex when you really want to
  62. Would you cheat if it is guaranteed no one will know
  63. Husbands ex fling is sister-in-laws BF
  64. Live in BF got into it with my son, need advice.
  65. Fight with husband
  66. Pretty sure it's over, advice?
  67. Questions about paternity
  68. Finally decided to leave my husband
  69. Moving On (dating sites or no)
  70. Time spent together
  71. Wow. A glimpse into the past.
  72. How Rare are "Happily" Married Couples?
  73. Husband Never Wants Sex
  74. Overlooked threats to your marriage
  75. Walk Away Wife
  76. Constructive desertion or abandonment?
  77. How to make a relationship/marriage last?
  78. Iím losing the spark, please help.
  79. Please help me...
  80. How Important is Living Together Before Marriage for Long term Success?
  81. Found make up on his shirt
  82. Question for women
  83. Number of past sexual partners
  84. General Unhappiness... don't know what to do
  85. Is 180 only for men?
  86. The Tale of Two Posts....
  87. Abusive Husband
  88. Wife and male co-worker
  89. spouse and p0rn
  90. It's over
  91. I lied about my sexual past
  92. Tips on dating an almost divorced man?
  93. Thanksgiving, Xmas, birthdays. Don't know what to decide.
  94. Marriage is simple when both people are laid back
  95. How do you know when the marriage is over
  96. Opposite Sex Friendship & Marriage
  97. "He's just not that into me." Lonely and rejected. NEED ADVICE!
  98. so scared to initiate divorce
  99. How happy are you in current marriage?
  100. Vent Festival. Why I am not good enough.
  101. I feel like his mom
  102. Loads of people are blocking me on Facebook
  103. No responses, no problem. I just need to vent.
  104. Emotional health and relationships?
  105. Am I being abused by my girlfriend?
  106. Married Guy, Wife Drops A Bombshell
  107. Trust Issues?
  108. Knowing when to help and when to listen
  109. Parents disagree with date of marriage
  110. Yes I've slapped my bf in the past (though not too hard), is this still abuse?
  111. feeling worthless
  112. Ghosts and trust
  113. "for better or worse"?
  114. crazy?
  115. App idea for couples
  116. Middle aged husband and teenager girls
  117. I'm so happy right now that I just have to post!
  118. improvement but is it enough?
  119. I need help please!!!
  120. Need a Book Recommendation
  121. Very conflicted about a job vs relationship
  122. Planning Divorce......but in the mean time...
  123. Animals lover married to animals hater?
  124. I think I'm falling out of love with my husband
  125. Shut the fix up and listen!
  126. Wife denying depression and on the road to divorce
  127. Should I stay in this relationship?
  128. Chosing between 2 women
  129. Is sex like fine wine?
  130. My husband doesn't seem to understand how much he has emotionally hurt me
  131. Sometimes I really hate being married.
  132. Husband or Me?
  133. Do you think our time range expectations of marriage line up?
  134. Need advice please
  135. i was at the crosswords, now wonder if I took the right decision
  136. What do to think?
  137. It is getting hard for me to let it all roll of my back and not get mad
  138. Blind sided by Husbands choice
  139. talk about marriage before proposing
  140. Is it weird that my husband can't explain why he loves me?
  141. My husband won't stand up for me in any situation!!!
  142. My wife is mad.
  143. i love my husband but he's bad in bed, no chemistry
  144. Many marriage issues...
  145. Married out of guilt, how many of you successfully overcome this?
  146. Advice needed or perhaps I
  147. Tired..really tired
  148. East Indians in America live with in laws yet low rate of divorce why?
  149. Ladies how often do you see or talk to your mom?
  150. Do I have a right to be mad at wife for not respecting my wishes regarding my mother
  151. Not sure if i should get married
  152. I need a male perspective! But female input welcome:)
  153. Pet Name for Privates?
  154. Newly married & already feeling distant
  155. Short term ex-girlfriend contacted me
  156. I still love you even though you tried to have me killed
  157. I think i did right?
  158. Just Sign the Damn Divorce Papers!!
  159. My husband refuses to make time for me
  160. I'm pretty sure my half-sister is not my half-sister
  161. Proud, proud, proud...
  162. People that have been cheated on in there marriage, what were the red flags?
  163. Funny article that might hit close to home for some
  164. what to do to become bestfriends with fiancee
  165. Pregnant wife leaves after 6month marriage
  166. I am confused
  167. Anyone married to someone with ADD/ADHD ?
  168. Snoring: No solution found!
  169. Text messages to my wife - suggestions?
  170. I want to end my marriage but
  171. Understanding "Selfish"
  172. Have you or have you thought about inviting your spouse here?
  173. At my wits end!!!
  174. Holding on for heaven?
  175. Wife and my mother issues.
  176. House chores and sex - guide for men:)
  177. Advice - Feeling frustrated
  178. jealous fiancee or what is it?
  179. My marriage and my life in the verge of destruction.
  180. How much is too much
  181. A post-divorce mess there was no way to avoid, involves rebound
  182. Separated two weeks from wife, anxiety is getting to me
  183. How many here are happily married.
  184. Miscarriage Questions
  185. my happiness has been restored
  186. My girlfriend brought her mom in my house
  187. Going crazy with wife
  188. husband disappeared for over a month
  189. Unforgivable acts?
  190. How do I get our relationship to move forward?
  191. Any advice on this?
  192. Ever feel like you're in a DV marriage without the violence?
  193. Wife married to job
  194. Would like advice about getting enganged
  195. Consolidation/Reconciliation
  196. Fiance said he wanted to start having kids then reneged!!!
  197. Problem with OSF is not just a TAM phenomenon
  198. Do you feel you committed too young
  199. Communication problems leading to stupid arguments, please help!!
  200. Difficult in-laws
  201. I'm obsessed with my husband
  202. Talking in your sleep.....evidence? Or nothing?
  203. Been with her for 27 years, whats wrong with me?
  204. Phone Snooping Poll
  205. Guys thoughts on work please
  206. spinning my head and cannot get out of this mentally downturn spiral
  207. any advice on how to get over a crush on a married man?
  208. Splitting Property in a Break-up
  209. Special and needed
  210. How long do couples spend cooking dinner, gym, watching tv weeknights
  211. Can a relationship survive no "spark?"
  212. engaged 6months....He never discusses marriage
  213. I am new
  214. Should I go active on FB again?
  215. My relationship has hit rock bottom
  216. So....... Found out my wife is a member of TAM too
  217. Living with Inlaws
  218. Internet marriage across globe; Leap of faith, now failed, help.
  219. Do You Live With Your In-Laws?
  220. Cheated on my girlfriend of 5 months, what to do?
  221. Hurting
  222. I have recently separated and it feels strange
  223. Deadbeat Dad spends 5 years in prison for non-payment. The catch: not the father.
  224. Can it really always be my fault?
  225. No communiaction in marriage..please help
  226. Am I overreacting?
  227. Dads, what would you do if you found out your 5 year old wasn't yours?
  228. Former F-I-L and Facebook
  229. Big families.
  230. Sounds trivial but...
  231. Done is done
  232. Arguing with wife
  233. Husband looks up pictures of women celebrities
  234. "Your call is important to us"
  235. Take the Poll - What is the ideal length of a relationship, realistically?
  236. Helping a depressed partner?
  237. Need to Vent
  238. Frustrated and needing opinions
  239. Am I being selfish?
  240. Can Anyone Help to Offer Insight?
  241. This is long, but please read.
  242. Proposing to Persian Girl
  243. Is it a bad thing that I'm happy being alone?
  244. Visiting my family with husband, is it worth it?
  245. She's my perfect match but...
  246. There Arenít Enough Marriageable Men
  247. Does it come back?
  248. Back Seat Driver
  249. Fed up
  250. Scared wife is detaching from me