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  1. Living with a Emotionally Unavailable, Passive Aggresive Spouse
  2. Black
  3. Stress and in-laws causing problems
  4. Husband having "emotional affair" with female co-worker
  5. any ideas
  6. My husband takes everything personally
  7. Date Night
  8. Question on Husband's Reaction
  9. Love Languages: Analyze us
  10. Lost
  11. Hypothetical Situation (Although I'm sure its real for some)
  12. i think i want out
  13. He shows no effort
  14. 17 Year old female in a realtionship with a 29 Year old married woman
  15. Leaps and Bounds!!! in a good way
  16. Husband won't guarantee he won't cheat....
  17. What is wrong with me....?????
  18. Just got home from a cruise
  19. Husband and Low sex drive
  20. Intro and Question
  21. MMSLP/sexless marriage-- seeking encouragement
  22. Therapists vs Psychiatrists vs Counselors
  23. What does a happy marriage look like
  24. Not sure what to do
  25. Book Suggestions
  26. "I want you to" - why I hate those words?
  27. No Alone Time
  28. Asperger's possibly, does this sound like it?
  29. I Want to Start All Over
  30. Loyal to a fault?
  31. Didn't want to Come Home
  32. Rich Boy/Poor Girl, Asian Massage Parlors, and Mental Illnesses
  33. Husband calls me vile names....
  34. How to deal with my husband's aggressive temper?
  35. Help from Women Members Requested! Ex-wife about to move back in, now wants "space"
  36. Fun and cheap things to do with Husband at home?
  37. The many facets of our Sexuality- How it fulfills / it's struggle to find Acceptance.
  38. Missed oppurtunity
  39. Snooping: When is enough, enough?
  40. Maybe its me?
  41. Husband and best friend hate each other, He is making me choose between them!
  42. So confused, back here for advice
  43. Is it ok?
  44. Quick, someone remind me
  45. Ambitions VS Relationship
  46. Is this a dealbreaker?
  47. My computer has no firewall????
  48. Husband's yelling at me over child in our!
  49. Need advise
  50. what does it mean?
  51. Express Yourself
  52. Did I start a family feud?
  53. Love without attachment
  54. He forgot our anniversary :'(
  55. Our Anniversary, I should have learned by now
  56. Need help with wife who doesn't seem to understand
  57. Not sure what do to
  58. I Don't Know What My Wife Wants
  59. looking for "darkness" (just be careful!)
  60. Please tell me it's not too late
  61. my husband is emotionally diatant and it is making me very sad.please help?
  62. His $ vs my family: vacation
  63. Marital Problems after only 3 years - Help!
  64. I hate my wife's extended family and its making me resent her..
  65. Feeling Foolish & now it's awkward around in-lawsOk
  66. It's My ANNIVERSARY! YAY! 3 Years Feel like 30.
  67. Weekends alone
  68. Does your spouse do this?
  69. 75 percent of single men dating online looking for love, not sex
  70. Extreme Jealousy
  71. Normal for mom-in-law to have him spend night?
  72. Not feeling desired, but we have sex often?
  73. Wife going to parties alone.
  74. Somehow feel like im not a real man
  75. Am I overreacting?
  76. Does therapy helps?
  77. He's coming home from Afghanistan.
  78. Our sex life sucks!
  79. Social Life Differences
  80. Wish me luck at marriage counseling in 2 days
  81. Affair with younger men ?
  82. Reverse the 180?
  83. Help. He's mad at me. Long-but please read.
  84. Transparency and secrets...
  85. Which Books?
  86. Drama with husband about Holidays. Need Advice please.
  87. Advice Wanted - Wife with new male travel friend
  88. Newlywed having a very difficult honeymoon
  89. Do I Need a New Life?
  90. Can I forgive and not forget?
  91. Am I as bad as my wife says?
  92. To Propose and still unsure
  93. Husband's friend puts me down
  94. How to react?
  95. Confused in my marriage
  96. I screwed up but I'm tired of apologizing
  97. The "work wife"
  98. Lack of effort with friends and family
  99. Long lasting happy marriage
  100. My Husband is scared to have sex with me!!!
  101. Help with ideas to save marriage/distance issues
  102. Questions about Secret Emailing
  103. Wife's so called good days
  104. Unsure where I stand with him..
  105. Does this make me a bad person?
  106. Would like perspective about blame
  107. Our son's wedding
  108. I think my marriage is falling apart
  109. Man should work?
  110. Suggestions for Dealing with Sulking
  111. Hermit, Depressed or No??
  112. how serious to be after 3 months?
  113. Is it true that one always loves more than the other in a relationship?
  114. Scared of bf folks
  115. Does he really love me if...
  116. Why does my separated husband hate me one day, and my friend the next?
  117. My blind husband acts weirdly lately...
  118. indecisive, not sure if she's the one
  119. What to do
  120. Anxiety when dealing with bf's mom
  121. My posts dont get replies.
  122. How do stop your partner treating you badly?
  123. Am I the only one that doesn't make a big deal out of a hot person?
  124. Trying to discuss issues with wife....
  125. Change in relationship after engagement
  126. Help?
  127. Nude pictures
  128. Ugly fight with husband. Am I selfish? Opinions needed.
  129. loveless marriage
  130. Our marriage is better...WHY?!
  131. Husband confronted me about his anger
  132. Dog bites what?
  133. Seeing a counsler but he wont change
  134. Wife's problematic relationship with parents
  135. Am I Crazy?
  136. Miserable Working with My Husband
  137. obessed with leaving
  138. What are your needs that have to be met in marriage?
  139. Really confused. Am I over reacting to things?
  140. His & Hers vs. Ours
  141. Update to my work travel - not going well.
  142. Marriage is a lot of work.
  143. Is this judgmental of me?
  144. really freaking out today
  145. Women look at me?
  146. Should I ask her if she cheated?
  147. Depression and relationships
  148. Just started sexting with my wife, anyone else do this regularly?
  149. Need your help please
  150. Any successful midlife career changers?
  151. Depressed and worried about my marriage
  152. to the women: Would you date this guy?
  153. Is my marriage over?? Need advice Please!
  154. why now?
  155. Itís not personal
  156. Need advice. Please help!
  157. "Her Ex is too close for comfort"
  158. Still in lmbo 2.5 yrs out
  159. Husband asked for receipts from grocery store???
  160. Why women likes commitment and waiting for that WillYouMarry question?
  161. What do you think of this?
  162. Scared and confused
  163. Spouse's Reaction to My Great Cancer News
  164. How do you find a good counselor?
  165. To Have and To Keep - Staying Married with Kids
  166. What Do I Do?
  167. Should I keep my friend's secret?
  168. To you need to provide a prompt for you wife to talk to you?
  169. Is there a name for this?
  170. Competitive people vs happiness
  171. Midlife crisis? or am i in a bad marriage?
  172. Not really sure what to do
  173. Confused co worker
  174. If you have time, please read cuz i seriously need advice 😔
  175. She doesn't let met see my friends - I feel stuck
  176. How to be assertive without trampling her feelings and needs
  177. How can I fix this mess..
  178. Accusing vs "Saying Something"
  179. For those contemplating leaving or staying..
  180. Dealing with lack of respect
  181. Confident, decisive people are hard to live with?
  182. He won't go to the doctor :/
  183. Forced awkward intimate situation called dating
  184. Advice on husbands possible ocd??
  185. He said "I love you" in a message to her
  186. How do I react 'appropriately'?
  187. Wont get wasted without company
  188. Locked.
  189. Please Help!
  190. She is married,what to do!!!
  191. Aggravated
  192. How young is too young?
  193. HELP PLease, advice desperately needed
  194. fed up,had enough
  195. Not sure I can trust my wife with her friend
  196. Ever make a huge mistake?
  197. My husband and his woman friend!!
  198. Is this EA healthy?
  199. I have no idea where to go on...
  200. How should I perceive this?
  201. My story..need some marital advice..
  202. My husband flushed his wedding ring down the toilet after an argument.
  203. Finding Marriage Counselor?
  204. Should the wife ever have a higher sex rank than her man?
  205. Opinions on MC
  206. New BF ref flag? He refers to himself in the third person
  207. Introductuon/brief synopsis of my "marriage"
  208. Very troubled marriage, should I just call it a day?
  209. Unhappy in Marriage But Love Wife--need some help
  210. first time
  211. New here. lil help please
  212. Is it me????
  213. Wife won't explore sexually!
  214. help
  215. My Husband said my best friends name and also was fatisising i was her while foreplay
  216. Am I doing what's best for me?
  217. is he just jealous?
  218. Advice from men on marriage
  219. some advice,please
  220. Neediness?
  221. Advice from a 98 year old woman
  222. A big mess...
  223. Husband Being Demoted
  224. Unconditional love
  225. A hale and hearty thank you
  226. Message From The Couch
  227. Difference between Love, Attachment and Sexual Desire
  228. Wife's love languanges--need ideas
  229. craziest marriage ever, need help
  230. One way street...
  231. Jealousy Issues
  232. Help! I don't know what to do.
  233. New and in So Much Need of Advice
  234. once upon a time,....marriage destroyed?
  235. My wife is nucking futs
  236. Advice on how to tell children
  237. Separated husband still won't file divorce
  238. My Chinese Wife has said she wants a divorce
  239. Can you make someone to abuse you?
  240. what is love?
  241. Trust Issue I want to fix this
  242. Married for 2 years and already passionless
  243. Funny dreams
  244. Your Interests with Spouse, Engaging
  245. 50 shades good or bad?
  246. Wedding
  247. Kept hidden from previous family
  248. Wife away every night with friends
  249. New here
  250. Who Says Women have to Submit?!