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: General Relationship Discussion

  1. Dont want Ex to see new car??
  2. A different life
  3. New and in need of some advice
  4. What women really Want!
  5. Will you marry these type of women?
  6. Should I Be Worried?
  7. How to deal with wife's bitterness and resentment
  8. Glasses for a 9 year old
  9. Is my marriage on the rocks or am I being dramatic?
  10. If you had to plan a 10-Year wedding anniversary in two weeks, how would you do it?
  11. How do you live with a recurring unsolvable conflict?
  12. Do you consider this cheating?
  13. My GF let her kid move in with grandparents
  14. separation after marriage
  15. His Needs, Her needs. By Willard F. Harley Jr. An open discussion.
  16. He asked for time. what does this mean? how long to wait?
  17. Help me I feel lost
  18. Paying it forward
  19. Are EA an indication something is not right?
  20. Wife divulging to others....feeling betrayed
  21. Frustrated, confused and need to share
  22. Do you think he was up to no good?
  23. New here, Married but falling for coworker/friend
  24. Keeping maiden name
  25. What a stereotype
  26. Wife said something .. it feels like the final straw
  27. Cultural difference in a marriage.
  28. Tired of emotionally abusive wife
  29. Date nite on his conditions, now he won't go...
  30. Looking for Opinions on this Situation
  31. Wife & her family keep buying me tickets to plays, concerts, etc
  32. Opening up emotionally
  33. the wedding flowers
  34. Need advise on in-law issues
  35. Poll - stay together for the sake of children or not
  36. Any Good Books on Communication?
  37. Lack of empathy and sympathy
  38. Are happy really compatible? or one just sacrificed ?
  39. Give space to wife or not?
  40. How to maintain balance in a marriage with children and mortgage.
  41. Can a "stay married until the kids leave" marriage ever work? (big fight tonight)
  42. I asked my wife a question today
  43. How to get Husband to open up a bit more...
  44. Dealing with frustration when a cheating ex wife will never admit she cheated
  45. Finally she talk to me!
  46. Dealing with lazy, messy partner
  47. Is it even possible to still be IN love after so long? Does it exist??
  48. Husband had feelings for coworker
  49. Where do you draw the line?
  50. I need some advice please
  51. Need advice so lost
  52. Do you text/IM with your SO during the work day?
  53. Family/Friends disapprove of BF... I don't know how to handle this situation
  54. General Disrespect
  55. My significant other is always talking about is past rendezvous. What should I do?
  56. But he / she was like that when you met him / her, so don't complain!
  57. Signs a female has unrealistic expectations
  58. Way Too Much, Way Too Early....
  59. Is it insecurity or what? And what do I do about it?
  60. The dog is ruining my marriage.
  61. I want them to back from my life
  62. Need Urgent Advice
  63. Best books on marriage advice?
  64. Long-term Prozac use...?
  65. Personal info...
  66. Happy Veterans Day
  67. Birthday Plans
  68. had a vasectomy but new g/f doesnt know yet
  69. Odd behavior-confused
  70. Not sure what to do
  71. Parent's infidelity affected me.
  72. Could you be the A-hole BF that some other dude obsesses over?
  73. I Neglected my Partner's Needs
  74. Need Advise...Please
  75. What would you tell him?
  76. Changing Work schedule for dating
  77. Issue in my relationship
  78. Men - would you date a female under 55 who uses a cane or has a handicap?
  79. Open marriage
  80. Advice
  81. turning codependency around...
  82. My not so great past has come up in a bad way
  83. Wife with low self esteem is very disrespectful and ungrateful
  84. Did what brought you here(TAM) make your marriage stronger?
  85. Did I Lie?
  86. Should I Try?
  87. Getting better and feeeling worse.
  88. Second tier worst mom of the year
  89. Unrealistic ideas you had as a young person
  90. Need some ideas
  91. How do I stop being jealous of his ex-wife
  92. Support Needed, this is doing my head in :(
  93. Tomorrow is my 90th day...
  94. Bad day
  95. I'm very scared!!
  96. SO so confused
  97. Stress at a job he hates and his increased drinking
  98. Always being corrected
  99. advie on wife
  100. Urgent Help Fiance Wants to Break Up - Male and Female View Appreciated
  101. Wives going to uni
  102. sexual orientation grey area.Concerned if this is deceitful of me.
  103. Weakness and control
  104. opinions on strip clubs and bachelor parties
  105. Emergency MC?
  106. Anything unforgivable in marriage?
  107. Lookin for some advice
  108. Narcissism and relationships
  109. Need your help...marriage therapy dropped my pants
  110. Wife has episodes of emotional and physical abuse
  111. the holidays and a strained marriage
  112. Lack of sex in marriage
  113. Advice from age 35 + requested please.
  114. Beautiful vs Handsome?
  115. Wife sharing got wrong - need advice
  116. symbolism of the wedding rings
  117. How do you determine that you are selfish?
  118. so scared of starting all over again
  119. at my wits end... also venting
  120. My H has a Highly Sensitive Personality
  121. Limits to Demands and Ideas on Fairness
  122. email from ex got me thinking about life
  123. Need book on sexless marriage?
  124. do you take time...
  125. Silent Treatment--Tied in Knots
  126. Reconnecting with spouse
  127. Who's in the wrong here?
  128. Are marriages that fail doomed to fail due to evolution?
  129. Spouse with HSDD...How to cope?
  130. Is it ok to hide secrets about your past from your fiancé?
  131. 27% of houses are single person households.the loneliness.....
  132. The truth is revealed
  133. Dating Multiple Women (Help)
  134. Tell me if I'm wrong
  135. Was I that wrong?
  136. Relationship Issues
  137. Is love really a choice?
  138. Kids
  139. It was just a joke!
  140. Am I responsible?
  141. Very confused
  142. Longterm relationship, threesomes, divorce, intense love, HELP!!!
  143. Opinions about NYC harassment video
  144. Stay or Go?
  145. Is it Ok if Mental Illness is part of reason for leaving?
  146. Help!!!!!...
  147. UK mum that need some advice on to leave or not to leave!
  148. I'm exhaustively frustrated at DH
  149. Friends with your ex lover?
  150. Who PAY$ when meeting in-laws (real situation)?
  151. Money talks, if you're listening.
  152. Confused
  153. How to handle hurtful comments from husband.
  154. No longer attracted
  155. Birth Control
  156. Does your H act differently in certain environments?
  157. Acts Of Betrayal That Are Worse Than Cheating
  158. Step son disrespecting me
  159. Do Husbands really think about this?
  160. Sexuality issue - or is in an issue or me overreacting?
  161. what is love?
  162. When will I ever get comfortable around my partner's family?
  163. Just need people to talk to outside of my marriage
  164. Interesting thoughts!
  165. Alphas have more sex than betas?
  166. why do some companies do this
  167. Please explain?????
  168. Simple question
  169. My family's causing my divorce
  170. Xboxes. All inclusive resorts. And blowing cash
  171. Worried about state of my marriage
  172. the "perfect husband" list
  173. boyfriend works offshore
  174. How do I prevent infidelity?
  175. Is my wife cheating on me? Problem with her guy friend.
  176. Why do I think about my wife's past when she doesn't want to have sex?
  177. Viewpoint on my marriage
  178. Intro
  179. What constitutes an EA?
  180. Ridiculous or Reasonable??
  181. need advice and help on this...
  182. Wife wants to move
  183. Help! I think my girlfriend is hiding things from me.
  184. Caught Wife hiding credit card debt for over a year
  185. bragging about one night stands
  186. Wife says im obsessd
  187. Only having sex when you really want to
  188. Would you cheat if it is guaranteed no one will know
  189. Husbands ex fling is sister-in-laws BF
  190. Live in BF got into it with my son, need advice.
  191. Fight with husband
  192. Pretty sure it's over, advice?
  193. Questions about paternity
  194. Finally decided to leave my husband
  195. Moving On (dating sites or no)
  196. Time spent together
  197. Wow. A glimpse into the past.
  198. How Rare are "Happily" Married Couples?
  199. Husband Never Wants Sex
  200. Overlooked threats to your marriage
  201. Walk Away Wife
  202. Constructive desertion or abandonment?
  203. How to make a relationship/marriage last?
  204. I’m losing the spark, please help.
  205. Please help me...
  206. How Important is Living Together Before Marriage for Long term Success?
  207. Found make up on his shirt
  208. Question for women
  209. Number of past sexual partners
  210. General Unhappiness... don't know what to do
  211. Is 180 only for men?
  212. The Tale of Two Posts....
  213. Abusive Husband
  214. Wife and male co-worker
  215. spouse and p0rn
  216. It's over
  217. I lied about my sexual past
  218. Tips on dating an almost divorced man?
  219. Thanksgiving, Xmas, birthdays. Don't know what to decide.
  220. Marriage is simple when both people are laid back
  221. How do you know when the marriage is over
  222. Opposite Sex Friendship & Marriage
  223. "He's just not that into me." Lonely and rejected. NEED ADVICE!
  224. so scared to initiate divorce
  225. How happy are you in current marriage?
  226. Vent Festival. Why I am not good enough.
  227. I feel like his mom
  228. Loads of people are blocking me on Facebook
  229. No responses, no problem. I just need to vent.
  230. Emotional health and relationships?
  231. Am I being abused by my girlfriend?
  232. Married Guy, Wife Drops A Bombshell
  233. Trust Issues?
  234. Knowing when to help and when to listen
  235. Parents disagree with date of marriage
  236. Yes I've slapped my bf in the past (though not too hard), is this still abuse?
  237. feeling worthless
  238. Ghosts and trust
  239. "for better or worse"?
  240. crazy?
  241. App idea for couples
  242. Middle aged husband and teenager girls
  243. I'm so happy right now that I just have to post!
  244. improvement but is it enough?
  245. I need help please!!!
  246. Need a Book Recommendation
  247. Very conflicted about a job vs relationship
  248. Planning Divorce......but in the mean time...
  249. Animals lover married to animals hater?
  250. I think I'm falling out of love with my husband