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  1. Need to have a difficult conversation
  2. Husband wants to visit my in-laws without me
  3. Rumors
  4. opinions?
  5. Married Man Sex Life (MMSL) - I got banned
  6. Don't watch Indecent Proposal with your partner if you're feeling particularly honest
  7. Advice on boyfriend situation
  8. Is he going off me ?
  9. hurt by my husbands refusal for a small favor
  10. Cheating is a Crime in my contry
  11. Thought Disclosure
  12. Someone please tell me I'm not going crazy and this is not normal
  13. Marriage help
  14. Love and Heartbreak (help)
  15. Need Advice! idk how to deal with this!!
  16. Worried about my Wedding night (Suhaag Raat)
  17. Husband vs Wife: What sex deprivation means...
  18. Avoiding long-term comittments
  19. Any advise would be greatly appreciated, don't know where to go from here
  20. What Can I do,, Need advice.
  21. So confused...
  22. does your SO take care of you when you are sick?
  23. evidence gathering sans cheating
  24. Staying with Family and it is causing stress on my marriage
  25. Had enough?
  26. elephant in the room!
  27. Friend suffering from anxiety/panic when SO can't be reached, advice?
  28. Personalities in Marriage Relationship
  29. Wth is going on?
  30. Seeking advice, support & love online
  31. Arranging a marriage . . .
  32. Why can't people just get along?
  33. Dog or the nomad stepson please advise!
  34. Separated. Not sure of all of the factors
  35. You don't get to come back
  36. What's your biggest incompatibility?
  37. Can you please explain how a man's brain works for me?
  38. Interracial relationships
  39. Opinions needed--Daughters' potential boyfriend
  40. Maybe I'm overreacting but I feel used
  41. Sometimes things are perfectly fine, and sometimes all seems lost :(
  42. Is this rude? Or am I too sensitive?
  43. Young love.
  44. Married to a woman who lied about her past.
  45. 10 year drought and sore forehead
  46. What is the correct way to handle this?
  47. Question
  48. Wife's married friend flirting with me, did I do the right thing ?
  49. Need a little level-headed advice. :)
  50. Single,virgin and loosing hope
  51. Don't know how to accept my husbands newly discovered kid
  52. Trouble having fun together lately
  53. Measure Love
  54. breaking point?
  55. Frustrated in long term relationship...
  56. I know this will sound crazy, but....
  57. How to Rekindle Relationship with Ex-GF after 2 Years?
  58. Please reply…Contacted my first Love
  59. Am I overeacting
  60. Crazy expectation of boyfriend or not?
  61. Step son ruining my marriage
  62. Seperation: How is it supposed to work? Can it really be successful?
  63. something miraculous?
  64. He filed for D, but hasn't served me yet. Can I change his mind?
  65. Personal boundaries and respect - a question
  66. Husband's birthday outing w/o me
  67. Separated - he wants me back - ladies have you been through this??
  68. Old thread about husband helping females reminded me of something
  69. Affection and Intimacy Starved
  70. can't understand why
  71. Newly separated, wife has male "best friend"
  72. Split shift marriage
  73. wife is insensitive when it comes to my family!
  74. Wife's father killing our marriage
  75. Do I resent him?
  76. Married-NOT for LOVE
  77. Visiting erotic massage parlor in past
  78. My wife's favorite position: Corpse II
  79. Need advice, married guy, possible affair
  80. Should I apologize to my mother in law for my opinions?
  81. Annulment Questionnaire
  82. Need some advice...
  83. Need advise regarding insecure husband
  84. Don't know where to go from here...
  85. To move in together or not to move in, that is the question...
  86. Dating and sex
  87. Father In-Law hurting Marriage
  88. Anniversaries, are they important?
  89. More of the same, agony and anguish
  90. over reacting wife or not?
  91. Doing everything slowly...
  92. Everything in one thread!
  93. Sacrificing Dreams for the Sake of your Marriage
  94. I'm back....
  95. How to lose the woman you love...
  96. How can I change my username?
  97. Grudges, resentments, and how they kill a relationship
  98. TV in the Bedroom
  99. Trouble with the In-Laws/Holiday Plans
  100. ok i need some advice on this
  101. Family
  102. New here and need advice! Resentment
  103. partner stopped contributing financially
  104. No Sex, No Affection, No Appreciation No Intimacy, No hope??
  105. Taking a 'break' - don't know what to do..
  106. How to fix this?
  107. "easy to date"
  108. I love you but I'm not in love with you....confused relationship
  109. Don't be stupid
  110. don't know what to do...
  111. My husband has a mistress...
  112. Just got fired, what now? Please... advice?
  113. Trying to forget hubby's "just a friend" from long ago
  114. (Please Help!) Sad Story
  115. Looking for a little help or guidance
  116. Going out alone after fight
  117. Indo-American women/black men - can it work?
  118. Casual friends to close friends..
  119. "when someone shows you who they are, believe them"
  120. Line between work and play
  121. Ladies love this convicted felon's mug shot
  122. How would you feel?
  123. When to buy her flowers!
  124. Sad story about Tracy - Please help Tracy
  125. Seeking Advice
  126. His crazy driving
  127. separation threw a wrench in to college financial aide
  128. Can't get through to him...
  129. Does a single parent upbringing contribute to lack of value of relationships?
  130. Son from affair dying
  131. I need advice
  132. Advice appreciated! Need to rekindle the love
  133. No sex from age 58 - 74 for married woman
  134. Still hurt after 14 years and husband does'nt understand why.
  135. Advice on Husband, what am I dealing with?
  136. I need some adivce.
  137. Stepson possibly to handle
  138. IVF, depression, and no sex- not good
  139. Compartmentalization?
  140. I feel like my husband doesn't care about me...
  141. Married flirting and now 'touchy' friends
  142. Is wearing wedding ring important?
  143. Wondering if I should be worried
  144. Borrowing Money
  145. Can't seem to find couples friends
  146. Conditional Gifts?
  147. Oops! I did it again...
  148. this what I want for the next 30-40 years?
  149. Won't 'Fess up Entirely - Won't Go - Emotional Affair with First Love
  150. Am I crazy or do I have a valid point?
  151. my wife wants to meet up with an old boyfriend
  152. what do you do on your "15 hours a week" and what do you talk about?
  153. What would you think if you saw this?
  154. Booming thread pause-ers.
  155. Am I ruining my wife's life and happiness?
  156. financial confusion with wife
  157. I Don't Want it to End...
  158. Consequences/forgivenness/trivia?
  159. I would like to get better at communicating with my wife
  160. Wife wants to move...
  161. Narcism and Empathy behavioral markers
  162. Long distance relationship help needed. What's going through her mind?
  163. Abuse? What would you do?
  164. Advice on steps after first date!!
  165. dos anyone know of any communication/couples games/group couples games?
  166. Someone help, PLEASE!
  167. Loss/Sorrow/Rejection
  168. What does all this mean?
  169. Wife blew off my 50th birthday - VERY dark day right now...
  170. emotional abuse - reaction - affair..
  171. Apologize to Wife's friend?
  172. How much do you talk to each other throughout the day?
  173. Lonely
  174. Long-Term Girlfriend Depressed
  175. Child working under the table...
  176. Father's Day Gift- Not clothes again
  177. ****-shaming?
  178. How do I let it go?
  179. Advice needed over critical and controlling partner
  180. HELP! My wife's forgetfulness is driving me nuts!
  181. husband moved out not my choice
  182. Strange situation - need advice
  183. Long Term Success In Marriage...
  184. Conflict Avoidance and Procrastination
  185. it's like him and i are experiencing different realities on different planes
  186. Boyfriend won't tell baby mama that he is with me
  187. Dating Advice!!! Please!!
  188. is this emotional abuse?
  189. Happy Father's Day.
  190. Looking for some help!
  191. Struggling early on :(
  192. Can't trust him
  193. im so pissed at my husband...advice
  194. Need some help or advice
  195. I have a big decision to make
  196. Conflictions...
  197. masterbation question
  198. Crashing and burning after one year.
  199. Just when I thought it couldn't get worse
  200. Anger Hovering to Hatred toward Spouse
  201. Prostitution "Empowering", According To Prostitute
  202. "Happy wife happy life"
  203. Marriage breakdown- support needed
  204. Beautiful Statement About a Man's Emotional/Sexual Needs!
  205. Thoughts on snapchat?
  206. Help! Lost in my new marriage!
  207. My Marriage Issues and New Way out
  208. How do to make things better?
  209. Wife wants divorce right after marriage
  210. sisters in law (long)
  211. Just found out husband has 16 yr old we never knew about
  212. Former long FWB of BF
  213. my husband accuses me of cheating when i am not!!
  214. finally found out WHY my husband said he loves me less
  215. I am angry at my husband
  216. Book recommendation: Too Good to leave Too bad to Stay
  217. Where to start?
  218. Are Older woman/younger man relationships the least accepted type?
  219. I'm Crying Because I'm Just Mentally Worn.
  220. Tips to be a better husband
  221. pantyhose on my husband
  222. My random thought for the day... "You don't make me happy anymore"
  223. LTR and "stay at home" type connection to succesful marraige
  224. Should I see him again?
  225. Why don't men talk as much about their feelings / thoughts as women do?
  226. Doubts
  227. Don't know if I'm a really good person or just really stupid
  228. Paranoia or not big deal?
  229. Need a Woman's Point of View- Is My Situation Fair?
  230. For the Love of Logic
  231. Tired of feeling tired.
  232. Question
  233. My Marriage Has Gone Sour... please help!!
  234. Gender relations and the current state of Misogyny/Misandry
  235. Husband deployed, need advice
  236. ruined everything?
  237. Am I Wrong?
  238. Spouse's mental health - should I worry?
  239. Wife's Job Affecting Home Life
  240. Terms of endearment from a stranger?
  241. i think my husband is bord with me
  242. Is the 'Bad Boy' thing really just a 'Bad Girl' thing?
  243. Please help!!!! I don't know what to do!
  244. Not over my Ex
  245. Affection as a form of control?
  246. Keeping up with her happiness
  247. I need help, I lied and cheated. she left, and i want her back
  248. Love Vs Love Arranged dis a successful marriage..readers please judge..
  249. Should this ever come from partners mouth?
  250. Openess and Selfishness

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