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  1. Do I stay or do I go
  2. Advice Needed-Wife Cheating?
  3. Biker marriage
  4. Help - getting away from abusive marriage
  5. Fighting fair
  6. Is this normal???
  7. Help, I've just walked out!
  8. Yes Man?
  9. my marriage was based on a lie
  10. Statute of Limitations on Cheating
  11. Are the divorce statistics true?
  12. Trying to accept that my husband will always be a flirt and may cheat
  13. Can anybody find me somebody to love?
  14. Help with a research project- Intercultural marriages?
  15. Porn?
  16. husband doesn't love me anymore
  17. Husband "demands" access to text messages
  18. married and befriending other people???
  19. Husband yelled at my mom
  20. My wife watches lesbian porn and it's freaking me out
  21. what am i going to do (my story)
  22. Am I asking too much.
  23. Feeling crazy loss
  24. Trying to be patient... Long post.
  25. Hubby's female friendships situation
  26. Wife gone. Took my little one and ransacked bedroom
  27. Marriage in the Air. Need help (My Fault)
  28. Boundaries with Ex wife
  29. PLEASE HELP! Is friends husband controllin???
  30. Husband's friendship with woman ok?
  31. I think I figured it out
  32. How would you interpret this?
  33. First real girlfriend after my divorce
  34. How to deal with shouting/yelling during a crisis?
  35. Kicked out of house
  36. How husbands respond to possible breast cancer
  37. I dont want my wife to have female friends
  38. Needing prayers please
  39. Competing for attention
  40. Attention seeking women/men
  41. Can't stand in-laws, need to vent
  42. General question about acromyms
  43. Cleaning, staying out late and refusal to talk
  44. can a married woman have a friendship with a man online?
  45. Am i a monster-in-law?
  46. What do we do now?
  47. Ruining my marriage
  48. Girls S05E06
  49. Jekyll and Hyde
  50. Am I doing the right thing?
  51. S.O.S
  52. Cost of taking a bath
  53. Husband and mom problems
  54. Wife Too Friendly and Sparse on Details
  55. Husband TO friendly?
  56. Virtual Reality Porn
  57. No birthday acknowledgment
  58. Dating and setting boundaries
  59. Losing hope, please help
  60. Things are worse than I thought
  61. Can my wife and I save our marriage?
  62. Advises on Compromising on Time
  63. Caught Between husband and father
  64. Morning greetings
  65. Husband's sneaky texts to ex-wife
  66. Marriage for the sake of it
  67. Husband and son
  68. Am I being over sensitive?
  69. Getting older, big age difference Thoughts...
  70. Need Advise. Mindspun2
  71. Driving myself crazy!
  72. What makes you love your second wife?
  73. Relationship Strategies
  74. Seriously considering the D word
  75. "Everything is fine"
  76. Unmotivated husband. How do I get him off the couch?
  77. the eternal question...
  78. Wife upset after I said I did not want her breasts in my mouth
  79. sexual dissatisfaction and infidelity in marriage advice?
  80. My husband "loves" and "Tolerates" me
  81. Guys and snoring
  82. Friend/leader at church blocked me on Facebook
  83. Wife aiding ill mother out of town
  84. A twisted story - advice would be greatful
  85. Public service message
  86. Need to know if I'm 'the bad guy' or just miss my girlfriend
  87. Too busy for sex
  88. Husband will divorce me if we don't try for kids within 6 months
  89. Celebrate anniversary? Yes or no
  90. How much are long term successful relationships partly down to luck?
  91. 3 months into marriage and fighting
  92. Taking it slow .... Not easy
  93. What if you both want to live different places/lifestyles?
  94. Can't Decide Anything!
  95. My husband said he wants a divorce
  96. Article: Why Women Leave Men They Love
  97. Breaking up with my wife to get her love
  98. How does a new baby change a man?
  99. It's an epidemic
  100. Weirdest Crush you have ever had?
  101. Guys- do you get "excited" every time?
  102. Can improvement in your marriage highlight other problems?
  103. Walk away wives
  104. Am I a Neanderthal ?
  105. Issues after a relocation
  106. inappropriate hug and flirting
  107. Inlove with My Sister in Law
  108. Mother in law crossing boundaries
  109. Am I Old Fashioned or...
  110. Blended families
  111. Past love has become present in my thoughts while unhappily married
  112. Quities in a partner (life coaching session)
  113. I have saved a marriage of not quite 20 years, here's how
  114. Confused about boundaries
  115. Happy Birthday to me.
  116. Telling your spouse your attracted to other people. OK or NOT?
  117. Little opportunity to deeply know your fiancée, would you talk to his ex husband?
  118. Help... I'm trapped in an abusive marriage
  119. Married and Tindering? Tell me about it!
  120. Some days its a struggle
  121. Am I out of line?
  122. Time Spent By SO
  123. Of course, it's all my fault and he is perfect.
  124. I Don't Want to Give Up, but I'm at a Loss
  125. Sex without love/caring/concern?
  126. Really want revenge.
  127. End of my rope, because its my fault
  128. Marriage issue, advice requested please
  129. Wandering eye fade with age????
  130. What the hell should I do?
  131. Being "Friends" with an Ex-Spouse - how does it really work?
  132. Need help: Mother in law situation
  133. Husband wants to control my child support...
  134. How is your marriage?
  135. She want's a "civil" relationship
  136. Knight in shining armor..again
  137. Past the point of no return?
  138. Need to vent.
  139. Could you be married to someone who...
  140. How to find a perfect life partner
  141. boundaries with a female friend
  142. Found one
  143. I Give Him My All And I feel heart broken..
  144. Jealous mother, what to do?
  145. Huband freaking out
  146. The changing nature of how couples meet
  147. How do you get over setbacks like this? I feel very taken advantage of
  148. Wife unhappy in relationship - a little help?
  149. Can someone give a young and stupid man some advice
  150. A new relationship and I could be the one to ruin it :(
  151. What to do when husband wont talk about things.
  152. Funny thread on LS
  153. Anyone else have wives who get mad when your sick?
  154. I want to save my marriage
  155. Struggling
  156. Completely new to this forum
  157. Married woman dancing with another man at a club
  158. MBTI "Hell"
  159. Relationship with my son starting to be affected because of my dil
  160. Difficulties with Parent Understanding their Role
  161. need advice on 3rd round of domestic violence
  162. Friends who do network marketing.....
  163. Leave him or not?!?!?!
  164. Need responses, broken normal meter
  165. new guy
  166. A Beautiful End!
  167. Need some outside perspective
  168. Husband yells and throws insults during arguments
  169. Saying I love you
  170. My wife won't talk to me
  171. Feel like I gave bad advice
  172. Longest Crush you have had?
  173. Am I over reading things?
  174. What to do when your spouse doesn't share an important interest?
  175. Keeping a secret...
  176. Is TAM an EA?
  177. Lost, don't know what to do next
  178. struggling
  179. Desperately need help with Mother-in-law situation
  180. Need advice on going slow
  181. Not Really Sure What to do Anymore
  182. loveless marrage
  183. Am I over reacting?
  184. He's married
  185. Wife goes to parents without me every weekend
  186. Son in law problem... Advice needed please
  187. Is my wife unreasonable? Money problems
  188. Emotional Affair Signs
  189. My wife is a member, but doesn't know I'm here.
  190. Should I tell her?
  191. Stubborn DH won't listen
  192. Need a little guidance
  193. Wife or Girlfriend hanging out with her single friend whose dating married man
  194. Sexual Degradation - How Far Is Too Far?
  195. Good natured people - hurting in relationship
  196. My Fiance Doesn't Know If She Will Stop
  197. I hope I can be a better husband
  198. Mother-in-law crisis advice please..
  199. Help problem
  200. Absolutely Devastated :(
  201. What are appropriate comments a wife or husband can make about another man or woman?
  202. H hates hearing, 'You're So Lucky'
  203. Have you ever wrote a love letter/poem?
  204. Leaving and the stigma
  205. Maybe I am Crazy!?
  206. Confused and behind the times
  207. Feeling like an unequal partner
  208. My Frustrating Story
  209. Wife and Friends
  210. Moving for kids?
  211. Live porn and the LIE!
  212. Healing in the Aftermath
  213. Don't know how much longer I can deal with things...
  214. Should I go along with it for now?
  215. Marital stability formula
  216. Need help!!
  217. Work "widow" need advice, support
  218. Where do we go from here?
  219. What to do
  220. Should I leave my wife?
  221. Dating advice
  222. Wife talking to ex on Facebook - need advice please
  223. workaholic advice
  224. need some advice PLEASE!
  225. Please help! Stubborn husband
  226. Do spouses always deserve a second chance?
  227. Wife not dressing well
  228. How do I get perspective?
  229. Please Help Me Understand Why I'm Thinking This Way!
  230. Money & control
  231. Girlfriends toxic friends
  232. Fiance wants kids and I don't
  233. Can Love Fade???
  234. The Abuse Thread
  235. Worst Reasons you or someone you know has been dumped/turned down for?
  236. Age Differences in marriage
  237. does not feel like newly wed at all
  238. Difference Between Loving Someone and Being "In Love"
  239. desperate spouse with cheating spouse
  240. trying to decide to beleive words or if these are actions that should end it
  241. Help - need some real advise
  242. Martial Issues* this is a long and tricky one *
  243. Submissive to wife
  244. On the edge.
  245. So ridiculous....
  246. Sexless marriage, disinterested husband
  247. Conflict of Interest
  248. Women fall out of love with insecure men
  249. Porn use during sex
  250. HELP!!! I want to walk out so badly