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: General Relationship Discussion

  1. At my wits end!!!
  2. Holding on for heaven?
  3. Wife and my mother issues.
  4. House chores and sex - guide for men:)
  5. Advice - Feeling frustrated
  6. jealous fiancee or what is it?
  7. My marriage and my life in the verge of destruction.
  8. How much is too much
  9. A post-divorce mess there was no way to avoid, involves rebound
  10. Separated two weeks from wife, anxiety is getting to me
  11. How many here are happily married.
  12. Miscarriage Questions
  13. my happiness has been restored
  14. My girlfriend brought her mom in my house
  15. Going crazy with wife
  16. husband disappeared for over a month
  17. Unforgivable acts?
  18. How do I get our relationship to move forward?
  19. Any advice on this?
  20. Ever feel like you're in a DV marriage without the violence?
  21. Wife married to job
  22. Would like advice about getting enganged
  23. Consolidation/Reconciliation
  24. Fiance said he wanted to start having kids then reneged!!!
  25. Problem with OSF is not just a TAM phenomenon
  26. Do you feel you committed too young
  27. Communication problems leading to stupid arguments, please help!!
  28. Difficult in-laws
  29. I'm obsessed with my husband
  30. Talking in your sleep.....evidence? Or nothing?
  31. Been with her for 27 years, whats wrong with me?
  32. Phone Snooping Poll
  33. Guys thoughts on work please
  34. spinning my head and cannot get out of this mentally downturn spiral
  35. any advice on how to get over a crush on a married man?
  36. Splitting Property in a Break-up
  37. Special and needed
  38. How long do couples spend cooking dinner, gym, watching tv weeknights
  39. Can a relationship survive no "spark?"
  40. engaged 6months....He never discusses marriage
  41. I am new
  42. Should I go active on FB again?
  43. My relationship has hit rock bottom
  44. So....... Found out my wife is a member of TAM too
  45. Living with Inlaws
  46. Internet marriage across globe; Leap of faith, now failed, help.
  47. Do You Live With Your In-Laws?
  48. Cheated on my girlfriend of 5 months, what to do?
  49. Hurting
  50. I have recently separated and it feels strange
  51. Deadbeat Dad spends 5 years in prison for non-payment. The catch: not the father.
  52. Can it really always be my fault?
  53. No communiaction in marriage..please help
  54. Am I overreacting?
  55. Dads, what would you do if you found out your 5 year old wasn't yours?
  56. Former F-I-L and Facebook
  57. Big families.
  58. Sounds trivial but...
  59. Done is done
  60. Arguing with wife
  61. Husband looks up pictures of women celebrities
  62. "Your call is important to us"
  63. Take the Poll - What is the ideal length of a relationship, realistically?
  64. Helping a depressed partner?
  65. Need to Vent
  66. Frustrated and needing opinions
  67. Am I being selfish?
  68. Can Anyone Help to Offer Insight?
  69. This is long, but please read.
  70. Proposing to Persian Girl
  71. Is it a bad thing that I'm happy being alone?
  72. Visiting my family with husband, is it worth it?
  73. She's my perfect match but...
  74. There Aren’t Enough Marriageable Men
  75. Does it come back?
  76. Back Seat Driver
  77. Fed up
  78. Scared wife is detaching from me
  79. Shared Expenses
  80. Overly nice people in marriage. How do you think?
  81. 1st year of marriage
  82. Difficult situation with special needs kids
  83. Really Need Help
  84. Asking for help and advice
  85. Moving into friendship?
  86. Could someone give me some advice
  87. Wife wants to take a new job in new town
  88. H like to be criticized ......weird right?
  89. Looking for advice
  90. How do i accept , that my marriage may be over
  91. Getting over my Partner's Sexual Past
  92. Book suggestion
  93. Give Him A Chance....Or Cut Him Off??
  94. What makes a man decide to propose?
  95. I would like some input please
  96. Path Forward (Long Post)
  97. So hurt about husband materbating daily- not your typical situation
  98. Do you miss your SO when they are away?
  99. book
  100. Need some input on what wife said after night out
  101. i need help please read
  102. Fed up and told her what
  103. ungrateful in-laws
  104. Help, not sure how to proceed
  105. please read my story and offer me your advice
  106. Women Rape Men as Often as Men Rape Women? What?
  107. always on the wrong according to him
  108. Wifes statement
  109. Insert a little dread game into your marriage
  110. gastric bypass marital issues
  111. Cheater gets dumped on V Day
  112. Husband does not want to get intimate no matter what?
  113. What a Difference a Year Makes
  114. Insecure wife is pushing me to the edge.
  115. Anniversary Gift
  116. Going on a cruise....orrrrr not???
  117. Blokes Weekend - long
  118. Did you experience something like that before or got any advice for me?
  119. He's always right, I always apologize
  120. Mother in Law drama-Help!!!
  121. He was jerking off to a youtube girl 1 meter away from me on our date night
  122. Starting with someone new and red flags
  123. Back to his old tricks?
  124. Husbands friend likes me??
  125. Can't decide why I am so indecisive - killing the love
  126. Sad First Time Poster
  127. Sex or Affection: Which is more important?
  128. My wife adopted a cat without my consent.
  129. In life are all lies discovered or are certain ones forever hidden?
  130. Which is more important? Happiness or Longevity?
  131. We spend more time with his family
  132. Help--- wife spending too much time with single man, im i over reacting?
  133. Do you bring your old ****ty friends around your significant other?
  134. Wife, jealous and insecure with me being in a band.
  135. Need expert and experienced one to answer!!!
  136. Issue's with going out with friends
  137. Marriage is dead, now what?
  138. TAM addiction???
  139. Feeling Sad, 1.5 Days was Enough For Him
  140. GF planning weekend trip with her ex BF
  141. need help/advice
  142. Wife got upset over gift to my boys -
  143. Asking out ex's friend
  144. A question of ego?
  145. Relationship Problem Advice
  146. My wife doesn't satisfy me sexually
  147. Any Advice?? Living with A Grump :(
  148. Are you similar to your in-laws?
  149. Bad Days....
  150. How do you transition from dating to being married?
  151. Men who was the better woman, your mom or your wife?
  152. How can you tell if you need space in your relationship?
  153. Help with communicating
  154. So Many Issues
  155. When is it enough??
  156. Untidy wife/ungrateful/taken for granted
  157. Banned?
  158. What would you do...
  159. You never....
  160. Motivating Husband
  161. Facebook and EX
  162. SO confused . . . . . .
  163. Would you be comfortable with...
  164. Ladies, Can you Stomach It?
  165. Any advice would be appreciated
  166. Was this rape?
  167. Do you talk about sex after?
  168. The Ray Rice / Janay Rice case / lesson
  169. Is Sexual Withholding equally as wrong as Cheating?
  170. Tempted By Online Connection
  171. Does your spouse know your facebook,email and other passwords?
  172. Who cooks more in your marriage?
  173. Wife Cancelled Kid's Lessons
  174. Can you really make it work with a SO that you do not respect intellectually?
  175. My husbands anger, what can I do
  176. How can you bring "mystery" to a marriage?
  177. Not sure what to do next
  178. How to deal with a Type A partner when you're a Type B...?
  179. Insecurity
  180. Guy hits on girlfriend at bar, confrontation ensues
  181. lots of problems... now another guy?
  182. is its possible in india? plz explain.
  183. Things that make you fall in love over and over again
  184. Is it good to discuss your spouses flaws with others online/offline
  185. Having Issues
  186. Why are you here and what do you expect.
  187. Would it bother you if people show up at your house with out calling?
  188. hey help me!
  189. After the break-up... her stuff?
  190. he wount talk to me
  191. What would you do?
  192. Found pictures on husbands phone
  193. Separation vs. Divorce
  194. The long haul...
  195. DH is becoming racist, sick of tirades
  196. Different (indirect vs direct) communication styles--how to deal?
  197. First time, on the verge of divorce, Help please.
  198. From marriage ultimatum to frivolous litigation
  199. Question regarding wife's work travel
  200. Does it make you a 'Better' person?
  201. Whats better? Opposites or similar?
  202. Wife joined
  203. Is my marriage over?
  204. H won't lock doors at night
  205. Husband enables his adult son
  206. Wife upset because I refused to buy her jewelry
  207. Is he having an emotional affair?
  208. Coping With Over-Jealousy
  209. Please Help
  210. Needing Marriage Advice - Feeling Lost and Lonely
  211. Can no sex due to lost repaired?
  212. TAM acronyms?
  213. How do you balance two careers and kids?
  214. tempted to cheat
  215. ethical dilemma / immigration + lost love + homeland
  216. It's driving me crazy!
  217. First session of MC
  218. Wife using men's restroom at bar
  219. New Girlfriend Not "attractive"??
  220. I need help
  221. Marriage problem
  222. Men and the thought of their wife cheating?
  223. Need Help Resolving An Argument
  224. Cheating in sexless marriage
  225. promising something and then later changing it...?
  226. His sphere and her sphere
  227. Am I just being silly?
  228. Husband gets locked out for 15 minutes..Major property damage ensues..
  229. How do i move forward?
  230. hmmmmm, maybe
  231. Bad parent good parent
  232. I don't even know what to say!
  233. Would it bother you if your parents never offered to watch your Kids?
  234. Controlling and insecure
  235. Point of view
  236. Love husband but don't really want to spend time...
  237. He is selling our Things!
  238. How to React to the following statements:
  239. Struggling with childish husband
  240. How often does your wife compliment you?
  241. I finally did it....
  242. My family is falling apart, please help.
  243. Self righteous resentment
  244. A secret fetish or skeletons in your closet. What to do?
  245. Wife watches too much reality tv
  246. For those jealous of his/her past
  247. His Needs, Her Needs for atheists?
  248. Women really don’t go for ‘nice’ guys, study indicates
  249. I think I've figured some things out
  250. Unrealistic expectations?

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