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: General Relationship Discussion

  1. Been dating !!!
  2. wife not affectionate
  3. Can my marriage be saved? Trying to Reconnect.
  4. First time posting: Fiance is too nice to other people.
  5. is it time to end the marriage?
  6. What should I do?
  7. Any CSBs from the weekend?
  8. Wandering eyes?
  9. Getting married in June 2014. Feeling nervous.
  10. Is he wasting my time?
  11. extremely horrible night
  12. Wife and Lies destroying our marriage
  13. Why do people here quote the ENTIRE post when they respond?
  14. How do you deal with a chronic victim?
  15. Sexual Appetite:
  16. Does a lack of knowledge/character lead to a lack of dates?
  17. need better distractions...
  18. Jealousy
  19. Why would I want to ask about my wife's sexual past?
  20. Need Advice - Marriage Trouble - Young Kids
  21. Am I handling this appropriately?
  22. And I thought things were getting better!!
  23. Why won't he help me?? I feel like I'm in a marriage by myself.
  24. Seeking dates on social networking sites
  25. Paragraphs..I know..ugh..
  26. What a Difference a Year Can Make!
  27. did counseling end your marriage?
  28. Wife's past destroying my peace of mind...
  29. Money: His & Hers?
  30. I don't wanna cheat
  31. Religion/Atheist Talk
  32. Signs you didn't see then, but make sense now!
  33. Stuck
  34. Right to be mad or not?
  35. My Wife's appearance
  36. This feels like slap across face.
  37. counseling and disclosure
  38. Had my first visit with the counselor today.
  39. The wife wants to have an "open relationship"...
  40. My wife's figure doesn't turn me on
  41. Most significant lessons learned about succeeding in happy marriage
  42. Seething with contempt but wont leave?
  43. Lack of privacy with mum and her bf
  44. Has sexting killed our relationship?
  45. I was planning to propose but there has been a death in the family. Should I delay th
  46. Have You Ever Fantasize About Being with Another Partner...
  47. degraded
  48. Anyone here not having problems?
  49. His Jokes about my "other BF" or me leaving him...more to it?
  50. Unable to have a baby, & husband wants one
  51. Help. Feeling quite taken for granted and hopeless...
  52. Wife Unhappy After Moving Area
  53. I need help, I don't know where to start...who should I call?
  54. Spouse borrows money but never paying back as agreed. Where do you draw the line?
  55. Feeling taken for granted
  56. degraded
  57. Is it ok ? My future wife want to have male friends
  58. Okay with criticism....but not nastiness!!!
  59. He cheated and lied...and I'm having a hard time forgiving him
  60. Do I expect to much from my hubby?
  61. Advice for singles
  62. Sex with Google Glass
  63. The world is such a crazy place. How can you live without having your heart broken?
  64. A letter from a sex-starved husband
  65. Special someone
  66. Criticism from your spouse
  67. Discontent
  68. 12 years together, should I divorce?
  69. How do I move through ongoing battles?
  70. Men and Chores - Need strategies to deal with laziness
  71. Is this relationship headed to something more serious?
  72. To Send or Not to Send...
  73. My husbands drinking brings out the worst in me
  74. i feel stuck in a hole
  75. Are You Concerned Your Spouse May Cheat?
  76. Wife wants to be employed with a sex offender?
  77. what do you do and what do you talk about?
  78. Just married and now second guessing
  79. Caught in the middle
  80. My Wicked Awsome Life/Marriage with an ongoing thread of malcontent.
  81. So much resentment toward MIL & it's affecting my marriage
  82. Jilted before wedding...he blames mental illness for his acts?
  83. where to go and what to do, my world changed today
  84. Wife Angry or Seeing Someone?
  85. Think It's Over But Don't Know
  86. Would anyone have handled these incidnets differently?
  87. New to Forum- Is my marriage that bad? Help!
  88. What would be worse?
  89. Not sleeping together....
  90. over sensitive with critism
  91. Some compassion for waywards
  92. Why men use hookers
  93. RE: New to Site
  94. Does she want me?
  95. How to 'observe' and 'clean your side of the street'?
  96. Experiencing love?
  97. The leaver, the martyr
  98. Bad Judgement
  99. Is Your Cat Leaving?
  100. Disillusionment in Marriage
  101. Shared Communications.
  102. unsure if i'm off my rocker or if she is the problem
  103. Feeling bullied
  104. Going Sexless For a Good Cause (Am I crazy)
  105. I miss my emotional affair
  106. It's My Birthday! (I'm 30)
  107. Am I being disrespectful?
  108. What to do about dog?
  109. Does anyone else miss the ol days?!
  110. Lack of affection from Wife
  111. I want to save my marriage need help(long post)
  112. Marriage came off the tracks this weekend
  113. Active listening - how do you feel about it?
  114. Time for a change but what change?
  115. Need Advice...What would you do?
  116. Why do women find it VERY important to go to bed at the same time?
  117. help..i don't know where to turn
  118. Met someone else
  119. Is that PTSD, is that abusive or is it just something else?
  120. Our whole marriage has been a struggle. HELP!
  121. Always Late
  122. Should I wait for her?
  123. Is it appropriate to talk to sis in law about being demanding when being protective?
  124. Power Sharing And Differentials In Marriage and Long Term Relationships.
  125. Is it easier to seduce someone in a relationship or one who is not?
  126. America is working nation, maybe a little too much?
  127. Wife on a GNO. Need ideas
  128. Smiling men less attractive
  129. What a coward! Why are some men like this?
  130. Afraid I'm Done
  131. Men who always strip on webcams
  132. EA or friendship? Need some help please
  133. American women married to European men?
  134. Do you insist on being honest with yourself?
  135. Moved from AZ to Canada for marriage; now fighting with husband about trips to AZ
  136. Blameshifting -- "YOU made me do that!"
  137. Marriage failing
  138. Torry Spelling has her husband sexless.
  139. Do you require an apology?
  140. How to get him to be more affectionate
  141. Just found out: STBX passed away...
  142. Overnight fishing trip?..Help
  143. How to Resolve Differences
  144. Confused...
  145. Limbo - leaving limbo land...
  146. No more french kissing. Intimacy issues?
  147. is my husband just selfish, or is it related to depression?
  148. newly married and wife lied
  149. Communication Breakdown- I'm desperate
  150. A distant trip: Is this appropriate?
  151. Not sure how to think/feel...please help
  152. Marriage is easy?
  153. Worried About Marriage
  154. wife still in love with ex boyfriend.
  155. Is the really deceitful of me???
  156. Wife being deceptive, need advice!
  157. Bachelor Party Topic Resurfaces
  158. Mistakes!
  159. my husband stays angry for 2-3 weeks.what to do?
  160. Drunk dial from ex (the dumper) last night
  161. Condom Broke, Wife Pregnant, Tough Situation... Any Thoughts?
  162. How can I help my husband overcome his troubled past?
  163. I feel stuck! Help!
  164. Clinging onto what will never be?
  165. Boundaries to prevent adultery?
  166. Learning to Hold My Own
  167. Saddest site on the net
  168. How have you grown from being on TAM?
  169. Wife wants to vacation by herself...
  170. My husband and I had a talk. I guess, there is no hope after all.
  171. Am I Wrong? Do I need a kick in the pants?
  172. Friend of a friend- Would you call it off?
  173. Army wife cheated with Sailor
  174. So, I Believe I Have Anxiety About Marriage...
  175. What can I do when she won't stop picking a fight?
  176. love and marriage
  177. Why can't I find links on doing the 180?
  178. depression due to uncommunicative husband
  179. Trapped by our business
  180. hold tight or let lose?
  181. I am not the ideal wife... But...
  182. How can we create change?
  183. Sorrow and Lonliness and resentment
  184. Have you ever had the "if you cheat on me conversation with wife of husband"?
  185. Self development
  186. Need some opinions.
  187. my marriage is in trouble
  188. Think my marriage is over
  189. Do you see criticism as a gift?
  190. Is this a midlife crisis or am I just tired of being tired?
  191. I know this is controversial , but...
  192. Should I contact my ex? Thoughts please!
  193. Marriage advice
  194. Needing some help with my marriage
  195. are there things you don't share with your wife
  196. Married and lonely...depressed
  197. arguing
  198. he accidentally hit me
  199. Conventional Beauty. Help or hindrance?
  200. Is companionship enough?
  201. Does anyone love their in laws?
  202. Am I being selfish
  203. Are there any "legit" NSA websites out there? Not paying for a scam!!
  204. How to Deal with a Spouse's Sexual Past
  205. Down with all evil wayward spouses!
  206. Wife and my new friend... need advice
  207. Married long time - having problems.
  208. Hubby makes my anxiety, panic & clostrophobia his insecurity
  209. Spouse and Friends
  210. Selfish husband or am I over-reacting?
  211. Best Gift My Spouse Gave Me
  212. Ex, Ruined Christmas and Facebook Mistrust
  213. Anyone else dread Christmas with their spouses family?
  214. Husband makes his family a priority over me...
  215. Female coworker- am I overreacting?
  216. Husband and parents
  217. In law saddness
  218. If you feel you are going insane, and being blamed all the time
  219. What should I do now - I have negative minded unappreciative wife
  220. FB Etiquette
  221. Meddling in laws - I was trying to help
  222. Do this one thing four times a day and see your marriage improve
  223. Commuter Marriage: Is this a possibility?
  224. Girlfriend wants marriage but we have bigger problems
  225. Am i paranoid
  226. Did I scare her off?
  227. Losing Post - Pregnancy Weight
  228. Wife left me took kids--help
  229. Should I leave the best LDR I've ever had b/c it will not result in marriage?
  230. Would you care if your spouse slept with same sex?
  231. Spousal put downs
  232. tired of the cycle
  233. He is way more unhappy then he will ever tell me!
  234. Has any ever wanted no strings
  235. shocked
  236. Handling myself better - thanks for all advice
  237. Feeling Disconnected from my wife
  238. FusterCluck
  239. How would you respond to this? Please read need some advice.
  240. Can we reconnect? Help?
  241. where do I go from here???
  242. Kids (teens) and new relationships? Advice needed!
  243. New Here...There's no romance anymore...
  244. Personalities that catch the eye
  245. Anyone with experience with Bipolar?
  246. Changes to your past relationships (friendships/extended family) after Marriage
  247. past infidelity creating difficulties in resolving present conflicts.
  248. Husband is constantly on either computer or phone
  249. I did something bad.
  250. A book everybody must read

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