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  1. Help and advise needed
  2. Guys, how do you feel about faking?
  3. Husband and money
  4. My new inlaws have a problem accepting me as their new DIL....
  5. I feel in my gut my Hub is having an affair with my so called BF
  6. I Feel So Violated-Long
  7. I am a narcissist/bpd my husband hates me
  8. If your spouse suggested cell phone GPS tracking
  9. Money problems with a twist, any chance?
  10. No longer attracted to husband
  11. Husband is abusive. Financially how bad is a divorce?
  12. Anyone without their spouse/SO for the Holidays?
  13. Should I leave
  14. Question about love languages / am I overreacting?
  15. The more I write the worse it gets...
  16. Changes in Love Languages
  17. This article sums it up perfectly
  18. Empathy vs sympathy
  19. Reaction during Physical and emotional Affairs
  20. what should I do
  21. How do i know if he likes me more than a friend?
  22. My new husband vs my 10 year old
  23. Did he really say that, or am I crazy?
  24. Is it ok my wife is with other men?
  25. Can anyone help me decide what to do?
  26. I finally left my wife...
  27. Don't feel appreciated.
  28. My husband said our sex is boring!
  29. Family plans?
  30. Post Nuptial Agreement
  31. Picking up the pieces after OM, suicide threat
  32. have you asked your gf/wife is she has had plastic surgery?
  33. "You and I have not aged at the same rate"
  34. Any Advice Appreciated
  35. I hate my new job.
  36. Infidelity/Divorce contagious?
  37. Issues between my wife and my parents
  38. Wife says she loves me but wont say she is in love with me
  39. Question for the CHEATERS
  40. Simple map of non-monogamy relationships
  41. Really bothered by wifes weight gain.
  42. Arguments escalate and spiral out of control...
  43. Help
  44. he loves me but isn't in love with me.
  45. Doubts about my wife's affair
  46. Ashamed to be married
  47. Now what???
  48. Desperately need advice...
  49. Living with a Yeller...
  50. My controlling/emotionally abusive husband
  51. A good first step forward...
  52. Going to a concert sans Husband
  53. to say i do or not
  54. Husband sharing marital problems with co-workers
  55. Call it quits??
  56. I think I lost a friend today
  57. Testing the Wife
  58. Can someone please explain if it's just me?
  59. My dilemma with H and a night out
  60. Hate this
  61. Gaslighting
  62. 20 Years of Husbands insecurity Help
  63. What are you gonna do if your HB has insulted you and your family?
  64. Desperate for advice!
  65. Thank you TAM
  66. How do you fall out of love after your divorce?
  67. In-laws and Holidays
  68. Love of my life vs Mother in Law
  69. my husband went for a dinner with another married woman
  70. What do you think?
  71. Being Taught a Lesson
  72. Formerly (?) abusive marriage...not sure what to do.
  73. Does my husband even care?
  74. Moving on
  75. Concerned for my kid
  76. how do you know when to kiss?
  77. So tired of waiting for DH to want a baby
  78. Is flirting With no intentions possible?
  79. I don't know where else to turn...
  80. Should i be upset? Decisions about children
  81. 2 months later and need more help
  82. What do I say?
  83. My fiancÚ is way too kind and sweet...even with his exes....
  84. Hate
  85. Drawing The Line When Helping Family
  86. TAM causing problems in my marriage
  87. Wife's work girlfriend wants to go to gentlemen club
  88. Am I crazy?
  89. Realist Expectation or Covert Contract?
  90. Wife moving parents in behind my back.
  91. I am the "little spoon" and I like it
  92. What does this mean to you?
  93. my wife and i had a huge fight over thanksgiving
  94. Upset at losing friend. He says he doesn't want to talk anymore
  95. HELP! Gentlemen's Clubs and Lying....
  96. OMG! HUGE fight with my husband!
  97. My Wife Is Simply Too Yummy...
  98. Where to Spend Christmas - his parents or my parents?
  99. Need adviceMy husndMyMMyMM- Boundary issues with family
  100. Just cannot seem to get along with my wife
  101. I love you, but i am not in love with you.
  102. I hate our neighbors. H and I can't agree on how to handle them.
  103. It's Complicated
  104. Guilt Trip
  105. About to give up...
  106. Feeling trapped
  107. I may have ruined everything
  108. Expectations in marriage
  109. Wife's new single man friend
  110. do you tell a person if you are "in love" with them?
  111. Where do I go from this?
  112. Great article
  113. No more abuse?
  114. Please help me, devastated!
  115. Opposite Gender Kids
  116. Should I be concerned
  117. Would you be upset about this? Uninvited to thanksgiving
  118. Daughter flailing on the floor because of husband.
  119. Is it time to give up??
  120. This weird thing he did....
  121. Wife is sneaking cigarettes
  122. Husband
  123. My Husband Always Chooses Family Over Me
  124. Need your advice
  125. The Toxic Attraction Between The Empath And The...
  126. Not Sure What to Think
  127. is it ok to be close with a married lady?
  128. 12 Things you and your SO would fight about
  129. Would you leave over this?
  130. wife snapped on me
  131. Hypothetical - how do you handle the OSF who you know is interested in your spouse
  132. Same song-second verse friends of the opposite sex
  133. Does this sound like i did the right thing or am i being stupid?
  134. First ridiculed for not getting her a ring, then punished for offering her the ring
  135. Other Side of Lie Detector
  136. Live w/ gf (ex) or move out
  137. Long distance marraige sadness
  138. Humility in marriage
  139. I Need Sleep Before I Make a Rash Decision...
  140. Loveless marriage.. Do I cheat?
  141. Need some advice
  142. Anyone else not looking forward to Thanksgiving?
  143. Don't want to go mother-in-law for Thanksgiving
  144. DH tries to recreate mother conflicts with me
  145. My wife hates my 10 yr old from previous marriage!
  146. Need advice.
  147. Me (32m)- wife (29f) addicted to reading romance novels -- I need advice badly...
  148. Need advice on what to do to save my marriage
  149. Husband cheated
  150. Not enough affection... Among other things
  151. I think my wife is having an affair
  152. Husband lied
  153. Husband losing hope on marriage
  154. Dilema on Internet Usage
  155. Wife Constantly Complaining, Being Negative!
  156. Job Opportunity
  157. Unchartered territory
  158. Talking deeply & connecting
  159. Losing Hope - Difficult Pattern to Break
  160. The ultimate dominant submissive thread
  161. Sexual economics
  162. How common is it, do you think, for people to think/work this way?
  163. Mistrustful spouse, is there any hope?
  164. The One That Got Away
  165. Feeling helpless and sad about my situation
  166. Wife going to strip club
  167. Broken Trust
  168. The beginnings of resentment
  169. should I go further
  170. Confused and tired
  171. Help! Need advice. Have no one
  172. Taking the Blame, and its hard to swallow
  173. Issues in my marriage
  174. Line marriages and other non-traditional forms
  175. I cnanged my mind
  176. Devil Food
  177. Replacing marriage with a business agreement
  178. After argument punishment
  179. Pizza Commercial
  180. Need advice. Marraige, sex issues
  181. Sex life 10 years on...
  182. Being Argumentative Versus Having Different Opinions
  183. Controlling jealousy vs. "trust your gut"
  184. Curious
  185. Are you considered 'Single' when you are Dating?
  186. No Notice
  187. In Laws May Cause Divorce
  188. My husband talks to other women. Breaking trusts. Calling for divorce.
  189. Am I The Problem?
  190. Right Or Wrong
  191. My Wife May Need Surgery...
  192. Need Advice on getting engaged and narcissistic sibling getting engaged at the same t
  193. I have an attitude...
  194. Struggling
  195. W's lack of turn signal use is driving me nuts.
  196. Seriously Lost Right Now
  197. Wife has difficulty expressing affection
  198. Is it time to end it?
  199. Help Please
  200. Opinions - My Wife's Bahavior
  201. Spicing things up in the bedroom
  202. How to trust....
  203. Has there been one false alarm yet?
  204. Friend confessed, I think!
  205. He loves me but he controls me
  206. Question For Those on 2nd, 3rd, etc. Marriages
  207. Don't know what to do
  208. Child Support Question
  209. Question for men
  210. Wife has wiped her memory of a past BF!!!
  211. No foreplay in marriage.
  212. Confused and hurt
  213. How reasonable would this be considered
  214. Husband's conservative beliefs are becoming problematic in the least advice?
  215. Things you like but your partner hates/things your partner likes but you hate
  216. Does your SO know you post here?
  217. stuck and no relief in sight
  218. Is she going to leave me?
  219. Am I being selfish and Insecure?
  220. Porn and sex needs
  221. Unintentionally selfish husband
  222. Dealing with losing a 40 year partner
  223. Who is right?
  224. Girlfriend is mad at what I did, but I think she should be happy
  225. Nice to meet you
  226. Is It Me? Am I Crazy?!!!
  227. Extremely self centered guy
  228. I Really Do Believe We Will Be Stronger...
  229. Thoughts on TAM
  230. PUA is bull****
  231. Husband avoids the tough stuff
  232. Very insecure husband, Advice please!
  233. Stranger in my own house
  234. Relationship confusion
  235. Am I Over Reacting? In-Laws & Boundaries
  236. Serious marriage dilemma
  237. Unconventional new relationship
  238. french toast
  239. So Far, So Good :)
  240. He doesn't suggest hanging out
  241. DH complains about everything!!
  242. Staying together for the sake of
  243. An update for those who helped (the Shirt Drama)
  244. Selfish in Bed
  245. Proposal help
  246. Not drinking to support spouse is hard
  247. Wife is driving me crazy. Starting to get very annoyed now
  248. When is the correct time to propose?
  249. How to "win" with my wife
  250. husband giving rides to and from work to female coworker