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: General Relationship Discussion

  1. What TV/movie character comes closest to your ideal partner (personality, not looks)
  2. wife threw the lamp at me last night
  3. I want to make sure i never cheat again
  4. My Wife Won't Give Me Another Chance
  5. Wth is going on?
  6. Communication, Misperceptions, and Everything Else
  7. Jud Mcmillan resignation and video leak
  8. Married with an affair
  9. did she have a threesome?
  10. Wife refuses to work to her potential
  11. Depressed
  12. Unrealistic Expectations?
  13. Stressed out
  14. “No More Mr. Nice Guy” by Robert Glover: my mini-review
  15. Wife's mood swings - erratic behaviour
  16. I need some advice. Please!!!!
  17. Lazy - no really L.A.Z.Y.
  18. Normal relationship timeline?
  19. need advice: regaining financial control
  20. Help my marriage please!!!!!
  21. Husband writes to prison women, Online dating sites
  22. Wife isn't romantically interested any more.
  23. I hate my husband when he's drunk
  24. Would you compromise on things in a new relationship?
  25. Dealing with anger left behind by cheating husband
  26. Five Love Languages - speaking AND listening
  27. Wife accusing me of plotting to cheat on her
  28. What do you think the "Miscellaneous Romance" section means on craigslist?
  29. How to deal sign this drama?
  30. Rejected in bed and called a "robot"
  31. Confrontation with Sister in Law
  32. How to deal with step kids
  33. Do I need permission?
  34. How do I play this? I really want this man and am not sure how he feels
  35. Job responsibilities vs family responsibilities
  36. I Mentally Abuse my husband - PLEASE HELP
  37. Male Friends - why hide them?
  38. Wife dumps her unfaithful husband with a 15ft billboard
  39. Embarrassed in front of hubby's friends
  40. Offshore Relationship Advice PLEASE!!
  41. Should you Remarry?
  42. Question for those guys who use Tinder
  43. New member, new problem
  44. Known cheater
  45. Would appreciate feedback on in-law issues and husband's behaviors
  46. I don't know what to do any more
  47. Am I losing my head?
  48. First Post - Need help, *long Post*
  49. Argument almost becomes violent
  50. Status update on SM from long ago!
  51. True or False Statement...
  52. always looks mad
  53. Only with others. Not with me
  54. I want to visit my parents. Alone.
  55. Husband lies about small things
  56. I need your help
  57. Indecisive about what to do next...
  58. Very needy wife.
  59. All over some silly blueberry soap!
  60. Making the same mistake over and over.
  61. My Dilemma
  62. Question for divorced parents....
  63. Husband is blowing up MY Business!
  64. Pay Rent to Live With His Sisters?
  65. Depression and How to Deal
  66. How long in Marriage Counceling?
  67. W may/may not be going through sexual identity issues
  68. Married, and she would rather masturbate.
  69. Leaving him has crossed my mind.
  70. Problems with In laws
  71. List every crush you have ever had?
  72. We had a major fight ... and no resolution.
  73. separated from wife , initiating no contact, need advice
  74. Destructive Behaviors?
  75. Boobage poll!
  76. Spouse won't stop talking about work, nice way to tell them to stop?
  77. Are there women out there who dont want kids? But...
  78. How do you know when you're ready for divorce?...
  79. Would you let your spouse go to a wedding with a friend of the opposite sex?
  80. Needing marriage advice please
  81. Teaching my son to pee
  82. Big fight
  83. daily couple routine
  84. How to convince my ex I no longer care about marriage?
  85. I want kids, he doesnt ever want to have more, are we doomed?
  86. So should I stay away from this question for now on during 1st conversations?
  87. 10 year marriage beating its last heartbeat
  88. Trust Issues
  89. Need advice, no time for eachother.
  90. Lost and confused
  91. self image issues
  92. The secret to desire in a long-term relationship
  93. Lost
  94. Seperated wife will not talk.
  95. Kind of at a loss here...
  96. Family Traditions
  97. Drawing class turned into MY modeling debut
  98. What is nagging and how to address
  99. Please help, so heartbroken and confused
  100. husband has legislative reason doing violence to me?
  101. LGBT-Nature vs Nurture
  102. The beginning or the end
  103. Blended Family Problems
  104. Why date if you aren't looking?
  105. Husband sleeping in separate room due to insomnia, plus new baby
  106. Trying to rebuild - help!
  107. Art class begins tomorrow
  108. Wondering where we are
  109. Catholic annulment reform. Anyone going to apply?
  110. Am I overreacting? (wife hanging out with male friend)
  111. Am I too sensitive???
  112. Husband says he loves and respects me, but . . .
  113. Condom in the car
  114. 7 years & no marriage proposal. I'm getting tired & losing hope. :(
  115. Jekyll and Hyde
  116. Not sure whats going on...
  117. I need advice.
  118. I feel emotionless, but worried that I'm overreacting.
  119. Marriage under 3 years, not going well
  120. where did my wife go
  121. Would you if you could?
  122. Worst Father’s Day Ever
  123. My husband went into a rage with me
  124. Am i being unreasonable?
  125. Should I sleep with someone else on her birthday?
  126. Is this normal traits for codependents?
  127. I think my husband is cheating with an escort
  128. Boyfriend too feminine?
  129. Wife thinks I'm cheating
  130. My ex returned and wants me back?!
  131. Please help!! Should I stay? or should I go?
  132. Using Your Picture as an Avatar
  133. Just Found Out My Wife Stole $94K from our Retirement Account
  134. Brand new here. Does your SO ever find you here?
  135. Emotional affair or not... contacting old flame
  136. Emotionally Stunted DH/Identity Crisis
  137. Is she isolating me from my parents?
  138. Text gone awry
  139. Male Coworker calling my wife regularly on drive home
  140. Husband may model for real class
  141. I'm on the cusp of starting a new relationship but I'm worried about my feelings.
  142. I got used to living alone.
  143. sex/fertility/affection/anxiety
  144. Where is the line
  145. Heartbroken, keep hitting rock bottom after hubby left
  146. Hostile Husband or Annoying Wife
  147. Mismatched fighting styles
  148. Psychological abuse?
  149. Is it just me?
  150. Different Goals and Values
  151. Do you say EXACTLY what you mean or expect others to translate?
  152. Uncertain
  153. how to get over emotional affair
  154. Would you continue seeing someone who seemed unsure?
  155. Partner ditched me at dinner party to drink. Am I overreacting
  156. Married and unhappy...
  157. Ok I need yall advice in how to move to meaningful conversation
  158. Can short-term separation help a marriage?
  159. Wife partying with younger coworkers
  160. Article on OSF
  161. Just need to talk it out
  162. My wife hates me and is very mean.
  163. I called her a b***
  164. Failing Marriage..was I wrong?
  165. Married with children yet... lonely
  166. Polygraph as an answer for Retroactive Jealousy
  167. Women have to understand that you don't ask these 2 questions when first meeting a
  168. Emotional affair? Need help
  169. I want a relationship with him. Should i just wait until he suggests it?
  170. Wife Heartbroken over having to leave her horse behind
  171. Janet Bloomfield on "rape culture"
  172. woman in affair has got the good husbands ?
  173. Best Friend Ultimatum
  174. What goes on in a man's mind when .........
  175. Sticky of acronyms?
  176. How to let go the stupid-silly stuff?
  177. Anniversary Ideas
  178. I am still sitting here.....going what?
  179. I feel at rock bottom and just want to not feel alone
  180. People at church excluding and avoiding me on church trip
  181. My Ex Wife Died: Should I Attend the Funeral?
  182. New twist in my life. Dog gone it.
  183. First counseling session!!
  184. I tried it and hated it.
  185. 180 rules???
  186. How far should my co-worker take this?
  187. Need Advice
  188. is the the so called "wall" ?
  189. He doesn't allow me to have friends...
  190. Feeling Overwhelmed and Like my Marriage is Failing...
  191. Taking my relationship further, committing, and telling parents about relationship
  192. Wife or Daughter ?
  193. Do families where wives are breadwinners have lower chances of success?
  194. Newlywed here whose husband is threatening annulment
  195. Husband is a Narcissist and I most likely need to end it. Long post..sorry
  196. Statistical chances of becoming a BS....
  197. Husband changing after new job
  198. Hubby says I 'betrayed'him. What did I do wrong!!?
  199. What to do?
  200. How to revive a marriage
  201. Need help!!! Husband's in contact with ex-girlfriend
  202. Separate Vacations Despite Qualms
  203. Best sex ed video ever
  204. Husband Innappropriate With Teen
  205. I lost weight, but now my eyes wander
  206. In-Law question
  207. Is Cheating more common among Famous Married Men?
  208. Should I warn acquaintance of cheater BF?
  209. Women aren't visual
  210. Dating as a numbers game
  211. Too much?
  212. A roommate marriage
  213. Can't move on
  214. Is this taking Sexual Harressment too far?
  215. Ideas on how to remember things ...
  216. Alone
  217. Can a wife spoil her husband too much?
  218. Is this enabling?
  219. I wish some women who use online dating stop doing this, I'm about to SNAP
  220. No sexual chemistry
  221. Possible Long Distance Relationship After Failed Local One?
  222. Loves me but not sure if she is "In Love" with me
  223. Birthday Blues-
  224. advice plse
  225. Why does a wife tell her husband she loves him only when...
  226. Getting desperate could use some advice
  227. No way out of this one...
  228. What is normal behavior for opposite sex friends?
  229. Tinder is tearing society apart
  230. Need advice on how to deal with my situation, before I go crazy...
  231. should only one person's feelings be heard?
  232. Finding a retreat or workshop that is non-religious based?
  233. Marriage going downhill fast and husband doesnt seem to care
  234. Not excited about the wedding
  235. Feel guilty for wanting divorce.
  236. What is the difference between love and codependence?
  237. I'm [25/m] hoping to get some advice on my relationship with my wife [18/f]
  238. Alpha beta is not an either or choice
  239. Staying at home for a while after having twins
  240. Wife gets moody for no reason.
  241. when a man invites a woman over to his home ..........
  242. Just Don't Know
  243. Paternity question
  244. Too much time with extended family or is it?
  245. Alienation of EVERYTHING
  246. health issue driving a wedge.
  247. Overnight Trips
  248. Weirdest Crush you have had?
  249. Broken
  250. Wife cheated. I don't know what to do.