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  1. Need advice.
  2. Me (32m)- wife (29f) addicted to reading romance novels -- I need advice badly...
  3. Need advice on what to do to save my marriage
  4. Husband cheated
  5. Not enough affection... Among other things
  6. I think my wife is having an affair
  7. Husband lied
  8. Husband losing hope on marriage
  9. Dilema on Internet Usage
  10. Wife Constantly Complaining, Being Negative!
  11. Job Opportunity
  12. Unchartered territory
  13. Talking deeply & connecting
  14. Losing Hope - Difficult Pattern to Break
  15. The ultimate dominant submissive thread
  16. Sexual economics
  17. How common is it, do you think, for people to think/work this way?
  18. Mistrustful spouse, is there any hope?
  19. The One That Got Away
  20. Feeling helpless and sad about my situation
  21. Wife going to strip club
  22. Broken Trust
  23. The beginnings of resentment
  24. should I go further
  25. Confused and tired
  26. Help! Need advice. Have no one
  27. Taking the Blame, and its hard to swallow
  28. Issues in my marriage
  29. Line marriages and other non-traditional forms
  30. I cnanged my mind
  31. Devil Food
  32. Replacing marriage with a business agreement
  33. After argument punishment
  34. Pizza Commercial
  35. Need advice. Marraige, sex issues
  36. Sex life 10 years on...
  37. Being Argumentative Versus Having Different Opinions
  38. Controlling jealousy vs. "trust your gut"
  39. Curious
  40. Are you considered 'Single' when you are Dating?
  41. No Notice
  42. In Laws May Cause Divorce
  43. My husband talks to other women. Breaking trusts. Calling for divorce.
  44. Am I The Problem?
  45. Right Or Wrong
  46. My Wife May Need Surgery...
  47. Need Advice on getting engaged and narcissistic sibling getting engaged at the same t
  48. I have an attitude...
  49. Struggling
  50. W's lack of turn signal use is driving me nuts.
  51. Seriously Lost Right Now
  52. Wife has difficulty expressing affection
  53. Is it time to end it?
  54. Help Please
  55. Opinions - My Wife's Bahavior
  56. Spicing things up in the bedroom
  57. How to trust....
  58. Has there been one false alarm yet?
  59. Friend confessed, I think!
  60. He loves me but he controls me
  61. Question For Those on 2nd, 3rd, etc. Marriages
  62. Don't know what to do
  63. Child Support Question
  64. Question for men
  65. Wife has wiped her memory of a past BF!!!
  66. No foreplay in marriage.
  67. Confused and hurt
  68. How reasonable would this be considered
  69. Husband's conservative beliefs are becoming problematic in the least advice?
  70. Things you like but your partner hates/things your partner likes but you hate
  71. Does your SO know you post here?
  72. stuck and no relief in sight
  73. Is she going to leave me?
  74. Am I being selfish and Insecure?
  75. Porn and sex needs
  76. Unintentionally selfish husband
  77. Dealing with losing a 40 year partner
  78. Who is right?
  79. Girlfriend is mad at what I did, but I think she should be happy
  80. Nice to meet you
  81. Is It Me? Am I Crazy?!!!
  82. Extremely self centered guy
  83. I Really Do Believe We Will Be Stronger...
  84. Thoughts on TAM
  85. PUA is bull****
  86. Husband avoids the tough stuff
  87. Very insecure husband, Advice please!
  88. Stranger in my own house
  89. Relationship confusion
  90. Am I Over Reacting? In-Laws & Boundaries
  91. Serious marriage dilemma
  92. Unconventional new relationship
  93. french toast
  94. So Far, So Good :)
  95. He doesn't suggest hanging out
  96. DH complains about everything!!
  97. Staying together for the sake of
  98. An update for those who helped (the Shirt Drama)
  99. Selfish in Bed
  100. Proposal help
  101. Not drinking to support spouse is hard
  102. Wife is driving me crazy. Starting to get very annoyed now
  103. When is the correct time to propose?
  104. How to "win" with my wife
  105. husband giving rides to and from work to female coworker
  106. Should my girlfriend of 4 years start building a closer relationship with her 5 year
  107. Another woman staying with me and my husband
  108. If you love them, let them go?
  109. Getting wife pregnant without her knowing
  110. Seeing Her Through Her Eyes....
  111. Should i walk away? Lack of intimacy
  112. More Background - If You Like Long Mysteries...
  113. Technology
  114. How do I know when I'm done?
  115. How do you combat stress?
  116. Bored
  117. He isn't in love with me
  118. Fight between husband and my mother. Got a bit physical
  119. Messy,lazy
  120. Should I rethink or proceed with the dating agency?
  121. Let The Games Begin...
  122. Crushed
  123. How do I get my wife to stop watching lesbian porn
  124. Should I Call This Off ???
  125. Stuck. Need perspective.
  126. To Divorce or Not to Divorce?
  127. Hubby doesn't reciprocate
  128. I need HELP
  129. Fighting Constantly and he threatens to give away MY dog!
  130. Hubby Threatens to Leave with EVERY Fight
  131. Why does my wife turn on me?
  132. Why do you think she won't tell me if she is dating someone?
  133. Should I Tell her ?
  134. Husband tells me "get over yourself" when crying
  135. Transparency
  136. Need Help and Advice. Under 2 year marriage and husband wants to leave.
  137. Help please i need advice so badly
  138. Why men are threatened by smart women
  139. Temporary Separation advice?
  140. She's demanding marriage or moving back..
  141. Family excluded me from a visit. I'm feeling ??
  142. Any advice?
  143. Am I just an insensitive spouse, or is this immaturity on his part?
  144. Money issues
  145. To Step Parents...
  146. Life Falling Apart
  147. Issues in our relationship. I don't know what to do
  148. Reposting w/ better explanation. Falling out of love. This is very long winded
  149. Interesting situation...or at least weird
  150. Newlywed wife struggling with sex life.
  151. Why is this so hard?
  152. Husband's Obsession with his Family
  153. Are we ready to be engaged?
  154. My husband has ZERO social skills - I'm becoming resentful
  155. Wife walks 10' behind me
  156. 15 hrs UA / week
  157. 5 Cynical Marriage Tipes Every Couple Needs to Learn
  158. Technology, Spying and Cheating
  159. Needing some guidance.
  160. Friendship with Co-Worker
  161. My husband loves me so much but I crave being alone!
  162. Trying to save the marriage...
  163. What do you think about this insanity?
  164. Understanding the MALE EGO... what is your perspective ?
  165. Custody & Ex Girlfriend - I'm the new girlfriend
  166. When the 5 Love Languages blows your mind...
  167. Resentment over reaction to SI
  168. Finally talking to lawyers...need help
  169. Looking for advice
  170. Parenting and Sexuality
  171. Wife in contact with Ex
  172. How would you handle this?
  173. Not going the way we want
  174. Normal/Not normal?
  175. H takes secreately pics of me
  176. Venting
  177. Is it ever okay to ask someone to change ?
  178. am I SOL?
  179. After three years, when I'm ready to leave, he swears he will change....
  180. need advice
  181. Am I being selfish and awful? Outside views please!
  182. Should I stop or continue with this?
  183. Resentment in a relationship
  184. He called me the wrong name...
  185. Can't Get Her Past Out Of My Head
  186. husband slapped me
  187. Speechless after wife made this statement
  188. How do you know if it's domestic violence or situational violence?
  189. No Alone Time
  190. Caught red handed....
  191. The poison of expecting too much from your partner
  192. wife lazy and unwilling to change
  193. The MAGIC VAGINA....
  194. looks like my gf has a problem with my ears
  195. Is it normal to be scared of your husband?
  196. Need advice !!
  197. What is your love launage
  198. Really rough 5 years - wife became rich, powerful, and ego-centric
  199. Let's Talk About Porn
  200. Forced to Make a choice
  201. Lost
  202. Workaholic, how did you know?
  203. What's your attachment style? Your Partner's?
  204. Needing Direction
  205. Boundary Discussion with your children
  206. My husband is upset I kissed a girl before we met
  207. no Affection
  208. How do I stay with someone who lacks empathy? Is my husband a sociopath?
  209. Safe spaces for college students
  210. Porn and social media
  211. How to be strong to keep my husband
  212. My wife wants a 4th baby after getting a vasectomy
  213. Is this a personality disorder?
  214. Husband might be depressed - I am struggling
  215. Fed up and alone
  216. Writing my story
  217. Divorce?
  218. Wife is behaving weird. Need some input
  219. How we must love
  220. Have ever just felt DONE?
  221. Alone, and Lost, and Done
  222. Partner kicks me out of bedroom after arguing
  223. Plz help
  224. Am I over analyzing the situation?
  225. I want to move, he doesn't
  226. Odd question about opposite sex friend
  227. What should I do ?
  228. Recommendation...."Mindsets"
  229. Is He Confused?
  230. I'm a big hot mess (all about me)
  231. Can a Man Have One Sex Partner in his Whole Life?
  232. In-laws making us Out-casts
  233. Wife alienates
  234. How to have "fun" when you've been working too hard for too long?
  235. Hit the Trifecta! Cheating/Lying/Stealing. I think I'm done.
  236. Unreasonable Expectations?
  237. Woman has website selling ex partners gifts?
  238. New Girlfriend does not want sex
  239. Female Friends
  240. What TV/movie character comes closest to your ideal partner (personality, not looks)
  241. wife threw the lamp at me last night
  242. I want to make sure i never cheat again
  243. My Wife Won't Give Me Another Chance
  244. Wth is going on?
  245. Communication, Misperceptions, and Everything Else
  246. Jud Mcmillan resignation and video leak
  247. Married with an affair
  248. did she have a threesome?
  249. Wife refuses to work to her potential
  250. Depressed