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  1. Do you watch the same TV shows?
  2. The "separation conversation" is this weekend
  3. Boundaries and setting them - hers too low
  4. NYT Article: Searching for Sex
  5. Wife refuses to communicate with me about depression
  6. Pissed off
  7. boundaries with critical/rude H
  8. Gift advice
  9. How to convince wife to work?
  10. Be in-love but still cheat?
  11. I must surrender for my sanity
  12. Ladies, have you had an LTR with you approached and asked out first?
  13. How would you feel
  14. Wives: Why do you respect & disrespect your husband
  15. Just found a picture of them kissing on facebook
  16. Please suggest
  17. When a woman starts conversation with, "hey you", is it flirting?
  18. Concerned wife
  19. wife has no concern about our problems
  20. This article could have been written by my wife
  21. 50/50?
  22. Girls don't pay, cost of Girlfriend?
  23. Next time you think you deserve something...
  24. Now allowed to buy anything
  25. Hurt Wife
  26. Trust issues
  27. To fall in love wiht anyone....
  28. TAM Banners
  29. Should I Stay or Should I Go?
  30. visitng your spouse who works elsewhere during the week
  31. Inappropriate work relationship?
  32. I feel so lost
  33. Where am I going wrong? What do I do?
  34. Help! need some advice
  35. It's almost like my husband WANTS me to screw up so he can have the upper hand!
  36. Spouse wants me to stay until they take their own life.
  37. Feeling walked over
  38. Not sure. But know I need help.
  39. Insulting spouse when stressed
  40. How was your experience with postpartum depression?
  41. Am I overreacting?
  42. Marriage is for fools. And I am one apparently.
  43. She wants a break......
  44. need woman's side
  45. Can't take the inability to communicate anyway
  46. friends and relationship
  47. I call BS! Don't waste your time on this one its just a rant...
  48. What I would really like to ask couples with children
  49. Married but alone and unappreciated.
  50. Trapped. I want it to work but losing hope
  51. Husband not a gentleman?
  52. How to become best friends?
  53. Maybe times are changing...maybe
  54. Husband is out of work and I'm tired of being the breadwinner
  55. Future Mother in Law Advice
  56. Please Help Me!!
  57. There is a bias against males in this forum
  58. *Respecting your spouse*
  59. confused about my marriage
  60. Falling for good friends ex-wife
  61. TOTAL Opposites ?
  62. Old Skeletons
  63. Communication????
  64. I asked him to move out.
  65. The Stress of Suspicion
  66. Deal with wife past
  67. Things your parents did that you hated, but...
  68. Relocating dilemma
  69. My brother needs help - having issues with his GF
  70. Got into a "relationship" during divorce process, need advice regarding new partner
  71. don't know what to do anymore
  72. This is an incredible story & more than inspiration
  73. Freedom (non-sexual) in marriages
  74. Husband doesn't wear ring?
  75. Lost
  76. What does "emotionally unavailable" mean?
  77. I hate my life.
  78. need an outsiders opinion
  79. He is opening up....
  80. Alone
  81. Just needed some advice about separation and this other guy
  82. Sexbox ?
  83. Girlfriend of 2.5 years wants a "break"
  84. Two inexperienced loners need advice
  85. And its over....
  86. Can't I do enough!!
  87. What's you favorite romantic comedy?
  88. what do husband and wife do when they are not talking to each other over the weekend
  89. Did he get bored of me?
  90. How would you react if....
  91. Please help.......
  92. Being guilt tripped into doing things
  93. Husband and 13 year old stepson
  94. Husband Doesn't Want to Talk- Told me to post on a Forum So Here I am
  95. Fill like I am loosing it.
  96. I don't feel like I can communicate freely with my wife
  97. Why the sudden breakup (teens)?
  98. Son's girlfriend gave him an ultimatum
  99. Do I have a right to be jealous about this?
  100. Wife and antidepressants
  101. Grappling with change
  102. I'm 28 and never had a girlfriend or kissed a woman
  103. Help pls
  104. Wife is changing and I don't know how to respond, need help!
  105. Deciphering the 5 love languages
  106. Don't know what to do anymore...
  107. So desperate for attention/validation
  108. Jealous of time apart
  109. Just Too Different?
  110. Teen needs breakup advice! Why do you think he broke up with me?
  111. Daily dose
  112. Leave my wife on a weeknight?
  113. Really not for sure
  114. Is asking for a new bed ridiculous?
  115. Would you buy a house together if not engaged or married?
  116. My OSF doesn't want to have contact with me anymore
  117. I think I'm ready to leave...
  118. Saving pictures of ex's
  119. My husband treats me like a child!
  120. Under-Reported Epidemic
  121. The Honeymoon Period. How long did it last? What caused it to end?
  122. Did you really just say that?
  123. Estranged husband found dead yesterday morning
  124. Updated situation on sexless marriage
  125. Boundaries in Engagement/Marriage
  126. Confused
  127. Problem in my relationship. Am I being unreasonable to him?
  128. Removing resentment
  129. Glad to see im not alone
  130. Affair extortion
  131. "Degrading Sex"
  132. Communication Improvement Resources?
  133. Why am I the bad guy??!!
  134. Husband texting a female coworker and called her "girl"
  135. Torn between wife and daughter complicated
  136. I am probably being petty, but...
  137. When is it ok to bring up marriage???
  138. Does this mean he doesn't love me?
  139. Angry bored husband
  140. Does my boyfriend have an issues taking jokes or am I just immature? Help!
  141. Love or Crazy?
  142. My husband went to a strip club and told lies to cover it up..
  143. Is This a Mid-Life Crisis ??
  144. Opinions on Dating Sites
  145. Cheating husband
  146. Is he too close to his female best friend?
  147. Can I fix this?
  148. I am a Very Lucky Man
  149. What no one tells you about marriage
  150. Just Joined I am seriously contemplating divorce, but want to try again.
  151. How did you learn about relationships
  152. trying to get into a man's mind.............???
  153. I just need... I don't know anymore
  154. Just more dysfunction
  155. just registered my wife is emotionally abusive
  156. Sad heart.. coveting prayers
  157. How a Man Thinks......
  158. How does your spouse perceive you?
  159. Am I Just Stupid, Wasting My Time?? Should I leave???
  160. Rebound / Transitional relationships
  161. Why Would He Be Stingy With His Girlfriend?
  162. Ultimatum After 1 Year
  163. She doesnt see where im coming from
  164. I let him destroy me
  165. verify a therapist
  166. Domestic Violence I guess
  167. Lost
  168. Advice Fast PLEASE
  169. Question for Men
  170. Mental Cheating
  171. New member just want some help really
  172. Where do women get sexual advice?
  173. Women sharing important news and information
  174. Open Marriage and Divorce
  175. New here & really need help!
  176. Financial Question regarding Second Marriage
  177. Escape during an attack, good advice?
  178. She is too busy to see me. Serious?
  179. Can't win with hubby
  180. Is it too late to share this fantasy with a girl?
  181. When friends disrespect your spouse
  182. So My Wife Just Flat Out Lies to Me
  183. torn
  184. A bit of a grimm topic: Have you discussed with your spouse about dying?
  185. Would you stay married?
  186. Friend zone
  187. I pushed a great guy away ... Now what?
  188. When you fight, do you both apologize later?
  189. Friends forum? Any advice?
  190. Help!
  191. Confused;does she love me?
  192. Women are weak?
  193. What is the longest time you went without
  194. Married 3 months and having problems
  195. Want Your Thoughts - Personal Marriage Question - love my wife and just am trying
  196. Rejected by husband at every turn
  197. Just Want Advice - and sorry for duplication if any
  198. LONG SORRY! 37 yr marriage n he says "he loves us both"
  199. Craving Non-sexual Physical Attention
  200. How to find a good divorce lawyer?
  201. Confused....
  202. Is this an affair?
  203. He is driving me up the wall!
  204. loving less!
  205. I'm not getting along with husband
  206. At a loss
  207. im in need of desperate help!!!!!!
  208. Og Want Sex
  209. Coping with prolonged periods of communication
  210. Husband's anger getting worse. Now he says it's over.
  211. I get home at midnight from work, wife never waits for me
  212. Ex-gf finding me on facebook.
  213. Setting boundaries, then breaking them
  214. opinions needed
  215. I need advice
  216. Pay-It-Forward Weekend
  217. Sharing Holidays
  218. Things that annoy you most about your in laws
  219. My wife is giving up on me, what can I do?
  220. He said let's get married. Now what?
  221. Living with In Laws
  222. Advice on setting boundaries in new marriage!
  223. Something not talked about much
  224. Wife wants to stay married but keep a married guy
  225. Was having severe marriage problem- then hubby saved my life on a canoeing trip?
  226. My wife is Bi Sexual
  227. Wifes Makes Me Use Condoms As Birth Control Method
  228. 16 years and still no trust
  229. Is bugging a phone easy or hard?
  230. Friends of the opposite sex in marriage
  231. My wife is more interested in her sisters than our marriage
  232. Sharing intimate details of marriage and sex life with co-workers and friends
  233. Wife's Habit Causing Great Stress
  234. Lame Christmas Gifts from the wife/husband
  235. Divorce and Reconcilliation
  236. Christmas is depressing now.
  237. Wife Separated... Now What?
  238. Husband wants a girlfriend
  239. Arranged marriage at age 15 want a divorce
  240. When you can't stand your spouse anymore, whose fault is that?
  241. please help me
  242. What do you have the right to from your spouse?
  243. lost in my marriage
  244. Transnational marriage living apart in seperate countries
  245. Young couple living like roommates-help
  246. Smoldering Coals
  247. Kicked out of MMSL, Hello
  248. getting standatd knowledge to get dates/married, how is it done?
  249. I guess I don't get it after all
  250. Is he insecure?