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: General Relationship Discussion

  1. Playing with fire.
  2. Problems with husband
  3. Does your family know?
  4. Difficulty doing my work hours
  5. How diffuse hostile situations?
  6. Back Again
  7. Good things do happen on occasion
  8. To Open or Not to Open?
  9. Our 8th Wedding Anniversary...
  10. How do I get dh to treat me better without threatening to leave?
  11. Need clarity on separation and decision to divorce
  12. Truth in dating
  13. i feel like everyday i hate him a little more
  14. New Here
  15. Husband and coworker
  16. Husband seeking respect
  17. Relationship truths
  18. Very Confused, Don't know what to in my marriage
  19. Serious difficulties with my wife
  20. Does how sexual you are change with the number of years in a marriage/relationship?
  21. Don't understand my marriage anymore
  22. We met when I was 14...& now he hates me.
  23. How to handle flirting wife
  24. when you do ..., it makes me feel ...
  25. Ban lifted
  26. Finding an apartment
  27. Constant moaning and whinging
  28. I cant seem to move on
  29. Tattoos
  30. Mixed messages galore. But am I the awful one?
  31. Mother-in-Law Dilema
  32. Michelle Urbanski - University of Massachusetts, Amherst - Prof. S. Stoddard
  33. Date Night
  34. How do I move on.
  35. SEX DRIVE : How do men and women compare...what's your take... your experience?
  36. Fiancee Slept with a Married Man
  37. I can't seem to get it right
  38. How to catch cheating wife
  39. Men Disrespect Women Because They are Afraid of Them?
  40. Creepy? Or Just Nothing
  41. Transference of Disrespect
  42. Try and try again, they say
  43. Inappropriate social media photos?
  44. How much do you know about your wife/husband?
  45. do i change or does he?
  46. Overly Affectionate Husband
  47. How much do you know about your wife/husband?
  48. Question to those wiht temper....
  49. What Do I Do?
  50. I don't know how to deal with my husbands family anymore
  51. Childless women
  52. Introduction and Sharing the Facts
  53. Advice-friend too friendly with husband?
  54. No sex because i am the mother of his children
  55. unhappy wife=unhappy life
  56. I love you Paul!
  57. Some thoughts about my girlfriend's sexual past
  58. MIL rant
  59. Husband's friendship problem
  60. I just don't even know where to begin...
  61. Emotional responses, authenticity and openness
  62. Online gaming issue
  63. I need insight on where i am
  64. Infidelity and violence in 1935... 80 years later, and things aren't so different
  65. Do you think i have a right to be upset with FWB?
  66. How / where did you meet your spouse?
  67. I don't think he loves me anymore
  68. Girlfriend had sex between breakup
  69. Update
  70. How to Know When It's Time to Go
  71. I Feel Like He Doesn't Like Me
  72. Pump Dump Pump Corrective Requests vs Guns a Blazin'
  73. Was it my fault?
  74. UPDATE: 2 female teachers 3-some with 16 y/o male student
  75. Am I wrong to be upset by this?
  76. Too Passive?
  77. He seems to hate my mom. And it makes us fight.
  78. Enough already about the ex's
  79. Wife Low/No Libido
  80. Separation Agreements - Credit Debt
  81. Who starts most of the arguments in your relationship?
  82. No more strays....
  83. Closure
  84. Trying to get open advice for this...
  85. tricky situation
  86. Searching for real answers from woman.
  87. Husband joined online hook-up sites
  88. Why aren't there any songs about sexless relationships?
  89. What did you not know about relationships?
  90. Long Term Relationship Built On Lies
  91. Effect of the internet on marriage
  92. Can I see clearly now?
  93. Am I a terrible person for not disclosing this. Should I?
  94. How often do you have sex with your partner? And is it more or less than you prefer?
  95. Abandoned with 2 Children, forgiveness?
  96. So this whole asking for sex thing is new for me. Help!
  97. Are Men as Thick as They Seem?
  98. My ex-wife married a sex offender
  99. Opinions. Working things out.
  100. Hello everyone, Jerry here. Update:
  101. What's with all the abbreviations?
  102. Am i wrong, or is she?
  103. please chime in. am i asking for too much?
  104. One week before her wedding
  105. What's the magic number?
  106. A question for husbands working at night
  107. Huuuuggge Topic - My wife is not my mom
  108. Need some perspective on anxiety
  109. Is it wrong to pray for this?
  110. Obligations to spouse vs. parents
  111. Do I elope or do I wed?
  112. Boundaries an issue
  113. What is it that makes relationships so hard? Why do people always say that?
  114. Ok to say no, if spouse wants help?
  115. what does man feel when woman cries?
  116. Shadow of The 1st Wife, Unfair ?
  117. Respect
  118. When a Friend Doesn't Want You Anymore
  119. Who Moved My Cheese?
  120. How do I go about this (lies)
  121. need help identify my problem
  122. Is Captain Mainwaring still alive aka Domestic Violence on Men by Women
  123. Lady Penelope
  124. I am lost....
  125. Trying so hard
  126. Is this physical or emotional abuse
  127. is it over?
  128. Texting a coworker
  129. What to do
  130. Confused
  131. Very very sad
  132. I hate her fiancÚ & wish the relationship would end!
  133. Insatiably frustrated
  134. Content proir to investigation!
  135. Take my residence while we're still married?
  136. Vacation and money struggle
  137. Embarrased about split
  138. Any advice on selecting a GOOD MC
  139. phone privacy
  140. Uneasy
  141. Another erotic book thread (sorry)
  142. Here we are trying to grow. Is your spouse doing that too?
  143. Do I just have unrealistic expectations?
  144. General advice/listening/venting
  145. Distance
  146. Problem with emotinal intimacy
  147. Should I Be Concerned?
  148. We don't argue
  149. Leaving the Country for a year. Should we separate?
  150. what to do???
  151. Mother In law Friends with Husbands Ex on FB?
  152. I feel lost.
  153. wife not affectionate
  154. Wife's old flame and Facebook
  155. Wife is away 4 months for work, having dinner with single men
  156. Finances... $1 for $1?
  157. lets play a game
  158. You don't need "consent" to have sex
  159. A climate-friendly lifestyle and it's impact on the marriage
  160. new here
  161. What should I do about this relationship?
  162. Did I mess things up??
  163. Trapped
  164. Sexual Past
  165. single dad v single mum
  166. Feeling betrayed by husband
  167. young man hitting on wife a month ago
  168. husband distressed by my past?!
  169. A question on divorce.
  170. Being pressured to have children
  171. Losing my desire to make it work: Jealous and insecure DH
  172. What to do....
  173. Convincing spouse to get marriage counseling?
  174. I am so Ashamed!
  175. Kids ignored their Mom on Mother day
  176. Should I just call it quits?
  177. Not sure
  178. Sexual Assault during marriage
  179. Am I unreasonable for thinking my girlfriend spends too much time with her ex husband
  180. % of wives who fall out of love?
  181. build a strong and happy marriage
  182. FIL Makes Me a Little Uncomfortable...
  183. How always working led to feeling nothing and a cheating wife
  184. Marriage Problems - advice needed
  185. Offensive or not?
  186. WOW
  187. Falling out of love?
  188. Jukeboxhero's Self Improvement Journal
  189. Innuendo and Frustration
  190. feeling stupid
  191. Do you think your partner is hot?
  192. Ha reality is strange
  193. Can you have a successful passionless marriage?
  194. Balancing career and fun
  195. Implications of male - female 1 to 1 networking
  196. I Don't Know What's Wrong
  197. Wife wants to move out of my parents house and I don't because it's not right.
  198. Wife says I never ask her to go anywhere so I do and she says no LOL
  199. Sex while going through MC; problems
  200. Life after seperation !
  201. New thread with Update
  202. Found Card and Picture in his glove box, thoughts???
  203. what do I do
  204. Husband's friends took him away from family time showing up at the door to party
  205. what is on the man's mind ???
  206. Conflict between what is said and how one behaves
  207. She "loves" me, but have lost attraction towards me
  208. Feedback on Dating
  209. The Valentines day Massacre (aka how I destroyed my marriage)
  210. Married & Desperately Need Advice
  211. Is he still Attracted to me ??? Please Help me Understand
  212. Newlywed here. How do I go about asserting my role as a husband?
  213. I mine as well talk to the wall
  214. Not sure if I should laugh or be furious
  215. What happens when one spouse retires way earlier than the other
  216. didnt throw husband a bday party.
  217. Wife won't set boundaries for my Inlaws
  218. Wife won't set boundaries for my Inlaws
  219. How do I fix my marriage
  220. Oh can you say the movie "1984"
  221. Hi. I need help with answers....
  222. Proposed alternative to modernize marriage
  223. Where am I going wrong?
  224. Can't take it anymore - how to ask H to leave
  225. Learn to be still
  226. Husband dislikes my parents
  227. Overacting or Not
  228. Re: Husband wants sex often and I dont, so bad i'm entertaing thoughts of divorce
  229. Bad vs. incompatible significant others
  230. What would you do?
  231. Quality time - What does it look like?
  232. Marriage issues part two. Ultimatum?
  233. Am I being selfish?
  234. Why do people throw the "D"" word around so much??
  235. Feeling hopeless....
  236. Confused??
  237. Getting over Ex having sex
  238. Aaaargh!
  239. Husband said "Im just not in our relationship anymore"
  240. offer ex to enter my home to sleep over with kids ?
  241. Legalized Slavery
  242. Strange and true tale of backseat driving
  243. Is my husband an a$$ or am I?
  244. Need anyone's advice on marriage counseling
  245. Can a 2-week break save our relationship?
  246. Confused, not sure if there is a problem?
  247. 2 months after husband raped me.
  248. Hello, I really need your advice
  249. well thats a wrap....
  250. What You Love Most