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: General Relationship Discussion

  1. How often does your spouse complain?
  2. I deeply hurt and may never find another husband
  3. Not too sure about the future
  4. Not too sure about the future
  5. In love with a deeply difficult person?
  6. Lazy fiance -- or am I nitpicky?
  7. Wife of 24 years lied about her past travels
  8. Unsure about reconcilation
  9. Anyone with a workaholic significant other?
  10. Still young, still a baby
  11. Heart Broken
  12. I did something terrible and really need help getting out of this mess
  13. Am I unreasonable?
  14. Modern life 'turning people off sex'
  15. Ughh...tried to confront him about snoring...didn't anticipate this reaction!
  16. Environmental Changers (for someone in D process)
  17. Financial Disagreements
  18. Tired of being lonely
  19. Are You a Giver or a Taker?
  20. ugghhh :(
  21. New stage in my life.
  22. Marrying my first girlfriend with sexual desire for other women?
  23. Depressed Husband vs Unsure Wife
  24. Finally standing up for myself...Parents please read
  25. wife says she's done...that I am too needy?
  26. What can I do when my Veteran "self-harms"?
  27. Anyone change jobs because of your marriage?
  28. I'm I being unreasonable?
  29. More loving when skyping - poll
  30. Please help - the past shadows our marriage
  31. Feeling sad...Have we just lost the spark or is this curable ?
  32. Wife's close friend is toxic
  33. Do I confront him
  34. I need your advice...
  35. Not sure where to turn...
  36. I don't know how to continue
  37. How many married, that sleep separately?
  38. Holy Crap, she thinks Im Gay!!!!!!!!!
  39. Relationship success after divorce?
  40. Lost, hurt and confused
  41. Thoughts on dating after 14 yrs of marriage
  42. Someone please give me advice
  43. Serious answers only please
  44. Tired of being roommates!
  45. Started dating!!
  46. How to appreciate what you have
  47. can my wife love me again?
  48. Men with attractive wives have happier marriages
  49. Maybe I'm just venting...
  50. Husband out of love but comfortable... Help.
  51. Married 11 years, divorce pending, please help
  52. convince my wife that I love her
  53. Why is Marriage so Hard? How do We Simplify?
  54. Feel like I live in Crazytown Tonight
  55. Bad Kisser a deal breaker?
  56. I am PA
  57. Mehhhn Need more Input!
  58. do you think cheating is as bad as withholding sex?
  59. divorce after 9 months of marriage
  60. Hosting Xmas Party Too Much To Ask?
  61. "Work Dinner" thoughts
  62. Advice please
  63. Found his stash of condoms
  64. When You are a PITA, Does the Message Lose Meaning?
  65. Teenage love and then marriage.
  66. Am I being too sensitive?
  67. 40's dead sex life
  68. I might have crossed the line with a married woman :(
  69. Responding to Passive Aggression
  70. Am I Being Unreasonable? Is My Wife A Butthead?
  71. The important steps to take for building a better relationship or Marriage
  72. Remembering the past, or missing it?
  73. Is this divorce worthy?
  74. Crazy Jealous Wife?
  75. Fiancee left me like a bolt from the blue
  76. Can you rebuild your marriage without communication?
  77. Writing a goodbye letter (no cheating)
  78. Why is he calling his ex-wife? He left her for me.Please read! I need advice.
  79. Would anyone else be frustrated?
  80. Newly married need some advice
  81. Discussing topics I don't care about
  82. Help, Help, going out for a cup of coffee with ex wife.
  83. [OM]Watch Thor/Bad Grandpa Online
  84. I need help...
  85. Semi-Long Distance relationships
  86. How important is attraction?
  87. Suddenly she is mad
  88. Don't Marry Career Women
  89. In love with my ex ... now what ?
  90. Flirtatious language and intimate picture with a business partner
  91. Women and jerks
  92. In danger of becoming a WAW
  93. Lots of things (like everyone else)
  94. Jealousy!
  95. A simple question that says a lot?
  96. House of cards
  97. Great marriage, unresolved issues.
  98. Wife is a rude morning person!
  99. Dilemma
  100. Communication in a foreign language
  101. How much relationship advice should a husband give to a single female friend?
  102. met someone, need to tell her the truth
  103. I regret not being wild
  104. Travelling
  105. Please help me I am so worried
  106. Would you have a problem with this?
  107. need advice
  108. Men Ignoring/withholding Info from Wife/children
  109. Kick out an awesome mother-in-law?
  110. In sickness and health
  111. No matter what I do its not enough.
  112. Married at 22, living apart with parents in college and no job?
  113. How to deal with doubts in relationships?
  114. Partner wants more women
  115. Walk Away Wife-- here is where I am at
  116. Moral Compass
  117. My husband is having an Emotional Affair
  118. Realized wife has pd way too late. Parenting??
  119. Hubby started sleeping outside
  120. Married but choosing to live separtely
  121. feeling guilty :-(
  122. People who blame others and take no responsibility for their own actions
  123. My husband is selfish!
  124. Loneliness and Financial Stress
  125. Feel so lost
  126. H said this... what does it mean?
  127. Scared of life post divorce
  128. TAM success story!
  129. Wife is always complaining about her weight
  130. Fear of Affection beyond bed
  131. I just don't know
  132. Husband and his fetish dating sites
  133. Am I really making my wife look bad???
  134. Do I stay or do I go?
  135. Feeling so unappreciated
  136. This is how far we have sunk
  137. Long Distance Relationship
  138. How to deal with Brother's GF?
  139. Wife going out for a GNO. What to do tonight?
  140. Mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio’s wife Chirlane McCray, a former lesbian, opens up a
  141. Give up?
  142. Whole family is now abusive
  143. Did i push wife too far.
  144. Marriage is unexpected
  145. Stressed Out Marriage
  146. Please help! Is what I am feeling normal?!
  147. Husband Jealous of Time spent with our children
  148. Has anyone ever been at this point?
  149. Disturbing Email
  150. New routine with child - do I need to nudge H into sex?
  151. presentation
  152. Thought on this please!
  153. Are Men Typically Like This?
  154. Dating girl with daughter
  155. What the hell did I get myself into....
  156. needing help to save 6 yrs
  157. Having a hard time
  158. Ever Trust Again!!!
  159. Do I tell a married friend about her Husband's forum post?
  160. Need men's thoughts on dating and sex
  161. In law issues and only been married a month.
  162. Is it weird to have family photos when your kids are adults?
  163. My husband with many years is nice to women who need assistance
  164. Ex'a mom
  165. Sleeping Arrangements
  166. Advice on getting uncontested divorce
  167. Getting married in secret...
  168. YOur 1st Year of Marriage
  169. In-house separation
  170. What has happen to her??
  171. TAM paranoia
  172. Ex husband sending mixed messages
  173. Feeling Depressed
  174. 2 strangers in same house
  175. Married 29 months..telling her i want divorce to make this least hurtful
  176. My Husband Is Terrible With Money And It's Tearing Us Apart!!
  177. Marrige Proposal
  178. Wife wants divorce-- I want her back
  179. I am sick of the iPhone
  180. I just don't get it!
  181. Help, really confused and helpless
  182. Pros and Cons list... Can I overcome the cons?
  183. got a letter from her lawyer
  184. Any couples childfree by choice here?
  185. Hi I Could use some help and advice.
  186. Question For Those Who GIVE The Silent Treatment
  187. Girlfriend of 5 years caught Sexting
  188. How do you learn not to "fight ugly"?
  189. Need some advice, please.
  190. TRT success story!
  191. How is that MY fault? :(
  192. If your partner wanted you to sleep with someone else would you?
  193. Confused and hurting
  194. Falling apart fast
  195. Why does it seem like people don't communicate with each other?
  196. Just About Had It
  197. newbie, being guilted by DH
  198. Problem with Family and my Wife
  199. Need to Vent!!!!!!
  200. When to confront
  201. Is this a new issue or him dwelling on my past mistakes?
  202. Not a disorder but a orientation?
  203. Newly married and unhappy
  204. Should i leave my wife
  205. Back again, new GF difficulties she seems unforgiving need perspective
  206. Need advice on attraction issue, please!
  207. WTF!
  208. What is the hope for yourself?
  209. i just realized
  210. At a crossroads...
  211. The realization... H is not changing
  212. Excellent behavior birthday do I continue to encourage?
  213. Think my husband is narcisstic; I need guidance please
  214. Mistrust
  215. Is It Really Worth It
  216. My husband continues to be nice to his sons mom.....advice please please
  217. How much change is reasonable to ask for in marriage?
  218. Mixed messages
  219. Need advice, husband has a new female friend
  220. my husband came out...and i'm okay with this?
  221. Should I be concerned?
  222. communications with his ex gf
  223. Swinging
  224. now what do i do?
  225. ...disappointed again
  226. Is it just me
  227. Can you recover from pursuer-distancer?
  228. Husband going to pub after work
  229. Help needed
  230. How often?
  231. Why do husbands look at porn? Is it ok?
  232. Confused
  233. Night owls vs Early birds
  234. I'm gonna try again after the holidays,
  235. Getting Over My Sex-addicted, Bipolar "Husband"
  236. My daughter's POSB/F
  237. How do YOU react to Anger?
  238. Wife cheated after 15 years
  239. should I correct my facial defects by medical ways?
  240. No Sex Please we're Japanese
  241. How can a man ask a woman out if he does not have much money? Hypothetical question
  242. Would you agree to this?
  243. Depression how has it affected you?
  244. Is a marriage still worth it?
  245. Wife's past
  246. A change of my feeling towards my husband with many years
  247. Flirty friend and my guy... HELP!
  248. Husband starts Silent Treatment after family funeral
  249. discovered some old secrets
  250. Mrs. Robinson wife with old (young) flame