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  1. Husband TO nice???
  2. Am I overthinking things about our compatibility?
  3. I'm back-Financially downing & he's a brick
  4. Lost
  5. Excessive self guilt ?
  6. After 8 months separation we are together again
  7. He blames me for his daughter's lack of interest in him and says it's my fault.
  8. Is there any hope?
  9. Not sure what to do
  10. New Here and don't know what I need
  11. Adultery, addiction, abuse.. it's over
  12. USA - child marriages
  13. did they have an affair ?
  14. I'm losing my husband over Games of War
  15. Ladies, gentlemen, are YOU a Whine Merchant?
  16. He is watching me and groping me because he thinks I will leave him.
  17. When they make you guess
  18. To be chill or not to be chill? That is the question
  19. Excluded from life at work
  20. I love you but i'm not "in love" with you
  21. Can finances really ruin your marriage??
  22. dislike for husbands family..not sure how to handle
  23. Do I forgive and forget? Or do I cancel the wedding and leave?
  24. Husband or Me?
  25. I feel like I am losing my wife
  26. How would you react?
  27. Can't stop thinking of another woman while married
  28. Book about sexual temptation & men's minds
  29. Have you ever been told this or said this?
  30. Blamed for the actions of other people
  31. Hard time believing it's worth getting married. (as a woman)
  32. Feeling better
  33. The Little Lies
  34. Dating after separation.
  35. Hello, I'm new
  36. Fiancee has a child from a previous relationship
  37. Husband visited massage parlor
  38. Is it or Isn't it?
  39. Nothing
  40. Ex Issues
  41. Am I asking too much?
  42. I need advise please......
  43. Does he like me? how to approach him?
  44. Husbands, Is This The Best Way for Wives to Get Their Needs Met in Marriage?
  45. Difficult BIL-Sorry its a long one...
  46. How would you feel if you found out your father did a DNA test on you?
  47. Worst year of my life
  48. Is she a victim or am I an a**?
  49. On the brink of divorce
  50. Difference in film and real life.
  51. What is wrong with me? Is this normal Jitters?
  52. This is goona be a long one
  53. Feelings for Wife - not enough?
  54. I love everything about her, expect one thing...
  55. Should we just divorce?
  56. Beneficial Meditation Styles
  57. Is your "level" of love equal?
  58. What's the deal with hating sweatpants?
  59. What is the most petty thing an ex has done after you broke up?
  60. Couples who share the same employer
  61. Husbands, How Would You Feel if Your Wife Posed Nude for Sexy Photos Taken By a Guy?
  62. How do I fix this?
  63. Points of view. A place to share your view of what a marriage should look like.
  64. I don't enjoy spending time with my husband anymore...
  65. Getting over anger
  66. Pregnant Girlfriend Won't Leave Daughter
  67. I have no one to talk to....
  68. Does unconditional love have to be reciprocal?
  69. HELp please
  70. Texting
  71. Wife always craves more affection to feel loved & I feel like I can never measure up!
  72. Cheating debate, to stay or not to stay
  73. Don't want to go back home
  74. Am I Done?
  75. Unhappy marriage. What would you do?
  76. Fiance says I will NEVER get ahead of him and he will NEVER MOVE for me
  77. Frustrated
  78. Behavior changes after medications....
  79. husband sister issue
  80. Strange Values?!?!
  81. Additude
  82. Partners best friend lied to him about me
  83. Coercion
  84. Wife Infidelity Issue - Advice Please
  85. Kindness vs appearance
  86. Feels like I am in a sex prison
  87. Am I Being Paranoid or Are My Concerns Legit?
  88. Needs
  89. Husband says one thing, but does another
  90. Make up your mind!!
  91. Can I trust her?
  92. Husband has changed after marriage
  93. my husband says he is bi
  94. so here is the short version
  95. Husband threatening to throw away my belongings
  96. My husband keeps racking up debt.
  97. An interesting perspective on when a partner improves their appearance...
  98. Is anyone here in a (mostly) HAPPY marriage?
  99. Need Help
  100. Wife is emotionally dependent/Needy
  101. wife is racist towards non-whites
  102. How bad is it?
  103. husband lost interest
  104. husband lost interest
  105. Dragging Adult Kids Into Our Marriage Problems
  106. Flirting??
  107. I want to go clubbing again but I'm married
  108. Where do I begin?
  109. Mom invites in-laws to visit US for Husbands graduation
  110. Husband Enables His Drug-Addicted Brother
  111. Vent, advice maybe
  112. Is my new partner abusive?
  113. Manners (or the lack thereof)
  114. Lost...
  115. How NOT to do Business with Friends
  116. Desperate and Lost
  117. I cant stand my Wife.
  118. The Right to Know
  119. How do avoid having your spouse cheat on you.
  120. Love my wife more now - need to exit girlfriend
  121. This morning I'm leaving
  122. Girlfriend was caught cheating
  123. My husband isn't attracted to me or interested anymore - 19 years
  124. The weeds in our lives...
  125. Need advice
  126. Lost Horizon
  127. Lesson to learn
  128. please help.
  129. Making it work for the kids
  130. Getting tired of keeping it together by myself
  131. Can men tell me what happened here?
  132. Cultural differences in marriage
  133. Am I crazy or is something going on
  134. Would like a man's opinion.
  135. Feeling lonely and mistreated
  136. No contact rule questions
  137. Being away on your anniversary
  138. If we cut off one friend we definitely lose two more.
  139. 4th marriage problems
  140. Confused... to say the least
  141. Found husband sexting other women and found accounts looking for men.
  142. Wife dresses like a man and I HATE IT!
  143. what is a reasonable hope or expectation?
  144. "Love" vs. "Care For"
  145. Time To Call It Quits Already?
  146. What is your opinion on husband or wife going out and having alone time with friends?
  147. 25th anniversary separate trip
  148. inspired to have sex
  149. Annoyed.
  150. 2 steps forward, 3 steps back!
  151. -Fallin out of Love
  152. Still on friendly terms with the ex for the most part
  153. Compatibility in relationships, based on driving styles?
  154. How do you make your wife feel loved?
  155. First Mother's Day expectations
  156. To be Degraded
  157. Forming relationship with distant relative
  158. Feel like a bad mom -- questioning therapists advice
  159. Happy Mother's Day
  160. Unhealthy environment
  161. Is marriage even possible anymore?
  162. Drooling over women
  163. it time???
  164. Is it time to hang it up and start over?
  165. 16 years and struggling; when do you stop trying
  166. Husband doesn't want more kids but refuses to get fixed!
  167. Right or wrong?
  168. Is it Spying, Suffocating, or Common Courtesy?
  169. Childish Husband
  170. Sex, given or earned?
  171. Advice on Platonic Parenting
  172. When is it time to stop investigating
  173. no intimacy
  174. Not happy, Marriage at a stalemate
  175. Advice
  176. Lies of omission
  177. Betrayed Spouse
  178. culture difference problem or what !!!! HELP me
  179. Until Death Do Us Part
  180. What does she want/have i lost my wife
  181. Non-Marital/Separate Counseling
  182. Growing pains in marriage while confronting my "nice guy" issues.
  183. relationship
  184. He's been lying for years
  185. Should I stay married?
  186. How to tell my husband about my past
  187. Appropriate Friendships
  188. I wanna save marriage but don't know how
  189. My trust issues
  190. Is divorce the only option now? Please help
  191. Just a hump we need to get over??
  192. Trust issue
  193. I need help!
  194. Does improving a marriage require both to participate?
  195. does he really want to break up with me?
  196. What can I do? Am I wrong?
  197. So This Is Marriage?
  198. Husband doesn't use words of affirmation when he knows it's my love language
  199. Question to responders about posters
  200. I'm pregnant with the second child but we don't want it
  201. Wife not pulling weight, and want to have kids
  202. Troubles finding love in the bedroom
  203. Workaholic husband
  204. Is it too much to ask?
  205. Husband Texts Other Women
  206. Family Traditions and Marriage
  207. She talks ALL the time but doesn't want to listen to me.
  208. Repeated divorce threats (and OCD?)
  209. How dare you
  210. Ex wife problems
  211. Do opposites really attract?
  212. Long term marriage sex problems
  213. I'm so lost
  214. Lost & Confused
  215. Sex desire in mid 30s
  216. HELP! I don't want a joint account...
  217. Is this the beginning of the end?
  218. Husband Overwhelmed by my Family
  219. How well do you know your partner?
  220. The right things to do now
  221. "Stealthing" .... WTF??????
  222. Would you walk away? Long distance and annoying best friend.
  223. Why do men watch so much porn?
  224. Have a great friend but not a lover
  225. Almost 3 Months Into Marriage...
  226. General Discussion-Updates
  227. what is he thinking?
  228. Should I get divorced, or not?
  229. Your first and only Love?
  230. Tell the new guy about your past?
  231. Help how do I recover my account
  232. Need advice!
  233. My husband's secret
  234. Wife shows zero interest towards me
  235. Wife Is Not Supportive
  236. Are people whose top love language words of affirmation more of a risk to cheat?
  237. Ticking Time Bomb
  238. Am I over reacting??
  239. Attachment anxiety destroying my marriage
  240. To move or not to move...?
  241. Adults on the spectrum?
  242. 20 years of disappointing sex
  243. Just need a sounding board...
  244. Happiness
  245. Mom issues HELPPP!
  246. My Husband's Best Friend response to my Mother in law
  247. New Here!
  248. Toxic Friend
  249. She Can't Let The Past Go
  250. Thoughts on trust after betrayal?