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  18. She Can't Let The Past Go
  19. Thoughts on trust after betrayal?
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  21. I can't do this anymore
  22. Husband's kept his multiple FB profiles a secret and it has left me disturbed!
  23. My Husband's Best Friend
  24. Marriage to a spouse with Aspergers?
  25. No hopes to talk like adults
  26. What to do in this situation?
  27. It still hurts
  28. Husband disappointed in me
  29. My husband is obsessed with/feels responsible for his ex
  30. Feedback on "Marriage Builders" Program
  31. The baby is mine and he does not know
  32. Computer passwords
  33. My father in law flipped
  34. Need help with relationship
  35. Wife too close to my brother
  36. Leading a Fulfilling Life - Interesting Read
  37. How much time is used for "daily duties" aka housekeeping, food prep, grooming, etc
  38. Concerned
  39. She is drifting away, how can I save it?
  40. Confused about husbands F buddy 😬
  41. My Wife is Bisexual and has never had that experience.
  42. Divorce
  43. Ugh
  44. Need an outside opinion on possible red flags
  45. Will things ever get better?
  46. Coming back to the dating world
  47. Post Marriage Depression?
  48. I'm an idiot. I lost my soul mate.
  49. Have you been a good influence on your spouse?
  50. Has your spouse been a good influence on you?
  51. Your first and only Love
  52. My husband moved back home and I'm in pieces.
  53. Distance might kill it, what to do ? :(
  54. *Venting* Things are beginning to look up but I have built up anger.
  55. Knickerbockerglory TV are looking for couples to take part in a new documentary
  56. Husband May Never Move Out of His Mother's House. Did I make a huge mistake?
  57. My Cheating Wife Left Me With Four Kids
  58. Wife Is Cold And Emotionally Detached
  59. Vacation separately - sign we are in trouble?
  60. I might hit my wife
  61. Husband is cruel
  62. Wife is emotionally detached
  63. Simple Advice, but hard to follow
  64. What stores will NOT close
  65. Communication and Trust Problems
  66. New here, Dead fiancees parents are trying to take my son
  67. Sex in relationship
  68. Two unnecessary lies and she knows that I despise Liars
  69. Help me out, Its urgent
  70. The confusion of it all
  71. The underlying failure built into most marriages
  72. Jealousy: Good or Bad?
  73. Marriage issues, need some advise.
  74. Anybody got time to read this novel?
  75. Gentleman's relish
  76. Ladies choice
  77. So it's been 2 weeks
  78. Pocessive wife
  79. Accepting Husband's Molester Brother?
  80. Taptalk
  81. Telling People To Quit Their Jobs
  82. Unusual new marriage book.
  83. Planning from B4 marriage can stop a lot of pain
  84. Is paying for sex or strippers cheating?
  85. Confused and feeling Temptations
  86. Don't think my wife likes me much
  87. New marriage help
  88. Wifes ex has been messaging her
  89. Please help me figure out if what I'm feeling is valid!
  90. Didn't celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary ...
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  92. Men, I need your advice
  93. Save your marriage
  94. Has loyalty lost it's importance?
  95. Wife's male coworker
  96. Considering breaking off engagment and relationship with my fiancee
  97. The magical power of laughter
  98. What do I do if my parents marriage has been in distress lately?
  99. Not yet married, not sure I want to be...
  100. Not jiving with his friends
  101. Not Sexually Attracted to My Husband
  102. Complicated Relationship
  103. What's Normal?
  104. Birthday blues
  105. My ex-wife’s husband died
  106. Spouse wants me to "Dumb down" my vocabulary
  107. Infidelity Percentages
  108. Our marriage issues
  109. Do you believe this statement
  110. 3 Signs You're Trying to Fix Your Spouse (And Why You Shouldn't)
  111. New Guy from UK... Hi all
  112. Need advice about spouse wanting to leave
  113. Difficult husband, please help !
  114. What to do when one person wants to move?
  115. Wife masturbated when I sleep
  116. He said its ok to hit women and flirt with other people?
  117. Husband with female friend
  118. Observations on Fish Love
  119. I made a mistake
  120. Having no sex with my wife for 10 months now, please help
  121. Looking for someone to talk to about marital separation anxiety.
  122. Husbands gaming seems more important than his family...
  123. Struggling to Survive
  124. Thoughts?
  125. I thought him supporting his mother was nice at first...
  126. Have you ever been in appropriately propositioned
  127. Cant get him to leave or understad
  128. Getting Past Lies
  129. Why do some people remarry after decades of Marriage?
  130. Thoughts on time limits
  131. Question on becoming emotionally self-reliant and self-sufficient
  132. Husbands told to sleep on the couch
  133. His Needs Her Needs
  134. So angry at husband!
  135. Husband dictates when arguments are over
  136. I'm trying to gather all the strengh over a marriage thats seems breaking over time
  137. retroactive jealousy/family friend
  138. Is this marriage salvageable? Need advice.
  139. I'm so confused.........
  140. wife refuses to believe in the lord jesus christ
  141. Traumatic Childhoods
  142. Husband and money
  143. He wants nothing to do with me anymore
  144. Wife does not see this as bad
  145. Should husband apologize?
  146. Unsure of when to confront cheater
  147. Need some follow up advice
  148. The Communication Gap (Men vs Women)
  149. Husband's double dates
  150. After 48 years I realized that I did not love her.
  151. Stunting your partner's development
  152. Honest talk about female sexuality in young women
  153. Dating: I think I have stronger feelings - can it still work?
  154. How would you define 'nagging'?
  155. Gaslighting Effect
  156. whats your opinion on housewives
  157. My wife watches lesbian porn and it's freaking me out
  158. 25 unbreakable relationship rules
  159. advice on seperated wife
  160. Struggling man looking for advice
  161. What is he thinking?
  162. Help!!! Am I wrong?
  163. what do i do
  164. The science of love and why people fall out of it
  165. Need advice
  166. We live together, but don't speak
  167. Husband afraid to defend me...
  168. I need to know if I'm going nuts so please take my poll
  169. Lovers
  170. am i wrong
  171. No need for physical contact?
  172. Social Media Contact from Random People
  173. Wife says she need time alone.
  174. Getting Over An Affair
  175. New member in desperate need of help and nuetral advice.
  176. Need your advice: How do you know if you are still in love with your spouse
  177. Something amazing happened last night
  178. Working with Husband.
  179. Ex won't stop contacting me no matter what I do
  180. Her ex Husband is moving in
  181. Relationship Access To Texts/Social Media/Cell Phone
  182. haven't been on in awhile
  183. Feel Unappreciated by My Husband
  184. at Crossroads after 14 years...
  185. Sitting on the fence, 11 years, No Chemistry!
  186. The impossible just happened.
  187. Compersion. Best describes my marriage
  188. I want to divorce my wife but i don't know how to approach it...or should I?
  189. This should probably be a taboo subject
  190. Help me to understand someone else's idiosyncrasies........
  191. Marriage advice
  192. I am an idiot!
  193. Trying to make changes
  194. Should my fiance come out as bisexual to my family? Or? What?
  195. First post, big questions
  196. Emotional/sexting affair
  197. The Classic Quandary
  198. Need some advice
  199. Non-supportive Husband
  200. Not sure where to post this, but need advice on health insurance
  201. Cheating Girlfriend but I pushed her...
  202. Help with broken marriage
  203. My boyfriend is apathetic?
  204. Dealing with depression.
  205. Ladies, do you appreciate poetry?
  206. My husband posts everything but i being unreasonable?
  207. First date set. Second guessimg myself a bit
  208. Size issues
  209. Flowers sent to an Italian girl
  210. What the actual?
  211. How much time out of the home is reasonable?
  212. Psychopathia Sexualis - question
  213. It takes two to tango.
  214. My marriage is better when my husband is away
  215. This may save your marriage!
  216. How long do you wait?
  217. An old email account
  218. Help! Don't know what to do.
  219. Found out wife cheated 6 months before proposal
  220. is an affair a good thing when there's abuse
  221. confused state!
  222. Zero intimacy in our marriage
  223. All these posts about falling out of love
  224. An update on the wife and I
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  226. Hello everyone, looking for some understanding
  227. A bit of Advice on a Boring Married Sexlife
  228. Experiences of obesity please
  229. Being supportive...
  230. Is this a reasonable feeling to have, or am I overreacting?
  231. Recently separated
  232. Should you settle on some things to marry?
  233. An Important Message about Anonymity on Public Forums like
  234. Marriage satisfaction survey
  235. Im married but have a mistress
  236. Planning holidays, dates etc
  237. And women wonder why younger men aren't interested in marriage
  238. I think i lost him
  239. Ladies: Hurt Feeling - What am I missing?
  240. Watching shows with Husband/Wife
  241. Husband's Friend Taking Over Our Relationship
  242. need your thoughts
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  245. I am sooooooooo stupid!!!!
  246. ignore this thread - doing testing
  247. My wife hurt me really bad
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  249. Dealing with fiance's health issues and have a few problems.
  250. To everyone on TAM - new policy