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: Considering Divorce or Separation

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  1. my husband says he done he will never trust me again is it really over
  2. help - first timer looking for advice
  3. Am I justified ....I feel like I am going crazy!
  4. Separation - What's the point?
  5. I need out
  6. From Married to Roommates?
  7. Unhappy and confused
  8. husband says he may or may not leave??? Help Please!
  9. Making that ultimate decision to stay or go
  10. Need a quick advice please!
  11. What did I do wrong?
  12. Torn in half and unhappy...
  13. Someone Help Please
  14. I'm so dang weak.
  15. Stuck between a rock and a hard place.
  16. I need someone's opinion here!
  17. Unhappily married and trapped abroad
  18. mixed emotions - stay or go
  19. I don't know what to do
  20. Considering Divorce, have a toddler
  21. Why does Separation have to be so hard?
  22. What to do, what to do?
  23. Bored in my marriage
  24. it hurts a lot
  25. Husband wants divorce
  26. Told husband I want a divorce- he's saying he'll change
  27. What to do I am stuck in my marriage.
  28. Time to move on!!
  29. I think i made a terrible mistake..
  30. My head says one thing and my heart another
  31. Here it goes...
  32. Stuck between a rock and a hard place
  33. Trying to figure out what to do
  34. My husband doesn't know if he wants to be married anymore
  35. Fish out of Water. Help please.
  36. My husband wants to separate?
  37. Constant threats of divorce from husband...
  38. Absolutely No Power
  39. For those who are hanging on and fighting for love
  40. Do men really go thru midlife crisis?
  41. Should I Divorce After 10 Years Because of My In-laws?? Please Help!!
  42. kids career moving and circles...
  43. I need advice ASAP...
  44. Still can't change
  45. He turned the knife, poured the salt... and we are just getting started...
  46. "Grounds For Divorce"
  47. Is it over?
  48. Were My Instincts Correct??
  49. Am I asking for too much?
  50. Advice Separation or ??
  51. Advise needed!
  52. Money
  53. Husband is giving mixed messeges after moving out. Need Opinions.
  54. I dont know what to do
  55. Totally Confused
  56. How To Rebuild Trust and Move On.
  57. I need advice!
  58. Why do I want to stay? Confused!!!
  59. Lost, Confused and Scared. HELP!
  60. Secret Counseling...what does it mean?
  61. Need thoughts on Post nup
  62. What should be the final straw? (sorry so long)
  63. Torn and Confused
  64. Last Letter before Final Decision?
  65. Don't think I can deal with it any longer.
  66. Every Issue
  67. False accusations of DV and abuse of 7 years
  68. New here and need input
  69. Abusive relationship - need some advice
  70. Terrified and torn over decision to divorce
  71. Please weigh in!! - This is the kid's next 13 years
  72. DW says she's not happy
  73. Lost, afraid and need some help
  74. How do you know if it's time to part ways?
  75. Should I stay married?
  76. haven't been happy for years.
  77. Married 11 years and I think I am done, but its really messy!
  78. Been Married 3 Months, Feel Like I Made a Mistake
  79. He blames me for being a jerk
  80. My husband wants to separate...kinda long.
  81. I cant do this... anything but this...
  82. Marriage Problems - Need Advice Please
  83. When the fire goes out
  84. Husband keeps bringing up divorce but I am afraid of loosing our family
  85. When is enough, enough?
  86. Not who I thought I was marrying
  87. haunted by divorce?
  88. Are these reasons for divorce.... or stay?
  89. need advice on whether to divorce or not..?
  90. 2 years after wife EA
  91. Its never really been "right"
  92. Took another step close to d-day today!
  93. I just need objective feedback (long)
  94. Can you fall back in love with your spouse?
  95. leave now or try harder
  96. Need some help - contemplating.
  97. Advice
  98. Wife after 5 years needs space
  99. my husband insulted me infront of his friend by threatning to hit me. leave or stay?
  100. How much is enough
  101. what to do ? feeling very depressed and lonely...
  102. World has fallen apart
  103. platonic marriage separation... :(
  104. considering separation
  105. I am so glad ...
  106. ...and they said it could be worse!!!
  107. 7 years of red flags...
  108. Controlling husband
  109. Never felt so alone
  110. Deployed and found her cheating
  111. Not sure what to do.
  112. How to best suggest divorce
  113. Separation and guilt
  114. considering divorce after only 7 months of marriage
  115. Made a choice based on stress and emotion.
  116. Guilty Feelings...
  117. love my child, painful past, present and future
  118. Did I marry a deadbeat? [VERY long]
  119. Am I the only one that feels this way?
  120. Sad and Confused
  121. considering a divorce
  122. Please help me decide!!!
  123. Edge of divorce...
  124. I need to end a 25 year controlled marraige
  125. Sad and confused about the state of my marriage/family
  126. Seeking Courage- long
  127. Married for 7 mos, husband wants out...
  128. All Cried Out
  129. When do you know it's over
  130. how do I trust him?
  131. No trust, no us
  132. Has Separation Helped You? How?
  133. when is it enough to walk away?
  134. Advice Needed - What to do
  135. My heart is broke into a million pieces...
  136. Sick and tired
  137. I just don't know what to do...
  138. Is this marriage worth saving?
  139. Not sure where to go with this....
  140. dont want to be a single mom :(
  141. Married 16 Years in August
  142. Bad time to break up?
  143. Having posted a few months ago but I am still in the same place.
  144. Help!
  145. "I can't stand you anymore!"
  146. does a break work
  147. My spouse is chronically miserable.
  148. I dont know what to do.
  149. Scared of life alone and the idea of seperation.
  150. Seeking advice and perspective
  151. This is so hard....
  152. At a cross road
  153. Multiple Issues, Don't want to waste 16 years.
  154. is this the last straw? outsiders opinion please..
  155. Sorry this is so long I need help
  156. young marriage failing
  157. Too worried about hurting my wife
  158. 10 Year Anniversary today and I don't care
  159. Need a new perspective!
  160. 20 years... down the tube? I cant give anymore..
  161. husband needs to separate, all I need is him
  162. Separated....but living in the same house and in the same bed....for the kids?
  163. I need help
  164. Are these mood swings "normal?"
  165. In 22days married 10yrs and he wants out
  166. I'm a Horrible Person
  167. Weight Loss & now this...
  168. This Makes No Kind Of Sense, I Want OUT!
  169. Near the end of my rope?
  170. Slowly dying... would like some advice
  171. I Think I am Ready to End This Marrriage... but how?
  172. Hubby changed mind about wanting a child
  173. torn
  174. NEED some common sense advice!!
  175. Crazy a$$ accusations...
  176. Should I stay or should I go.....
  177. Today's Emotion...ANGER
  178. Wife's insecurities eating me alive.
  179. Need Advice
  180. Is there any hope left?
  181. Need feedback...ready to leave
  182. In a daze.....
  183. This song and video says it all for me right now....
  184. somebody PLEASE help me
  185. I need help
  186. Good sign or?
  187. Should I stay or should I go?
  188. I'm destroying a fantastic man...
  189. He doesn't want to be with me but won't file for divorce.
  190. I feel beat down, unhappy and stuck. Please help.
  191. Should Lack of Concern...Be Concerning
  192. Told wife I was going to file by the end of July
  193. Getting past trust issues
  194. Hubby wants separation first, counseling second
  195. Married 32 Years -- Stay or Go?
  196. Married for 14 years(today) and my Wife is not in Love with me anymore....What to do?
  197. he has changed !
  198. What to do? Am I crazy??
  199. I have absolutely no idea what to do.
  200. Just been told marriage is over
  201. I Feel So Lost
  202. Not sure if fixable, but we want it to be... I think
  203. I feel so alone
  204. Husband's emotional affair
  205. I want out... suggestions?
  206. Wife Asked Me to Leave...
  207. six it over
  208. confused
  209. Separated and contemplating divorce??
  210. How do I continue on this path?
  211. This Is Why You Shouldn't Marry At Age 20
  212. resentment
  213. Married best friend, still feel like friends with benefits
  214. I Need YOUR Advice and Input! PLEASE!
  215. What to do?
  216. He's verbally abusive..will he change?
  217. help
  218. Know what to do but still love him
  219. help with love no love
  220. Help with love no love
  221. Married for 10 years need major advice
  222. Walk away wife will not walk away?
  223. Tug of War (Long)
  224. Sad and Confused
  225. I don't think I love him anymore.
  226. love but not sure im in love
  227. Finding myself.
  228. Threatening suicide!!
  229. New here...and so confused
  230. The right reasons to divorce?
  231. Married my best friend, just admitted we don't have romantic feelings
  232. My wife has fallen out of love with me, I need more advice.
  233. Strange situation, very confusing...
  234. Just told she's moving out
  235. Trying to go back
  236. Unsure if I want to stay married
  237. Married too soon for the wrong reasons.
  238. Divorce while in Ch. 13
  239. WTH do I do...Am I wrong??
  240. Thank you River, update, didn't want to hijack :)
  241. to marry or not to marry
  242. Help, my husband has gone mad?
  243. Trust issues
  244. Please help! My husband criticizes my every move
  245. deployed with a dead marriage.
  246. PLEASE HELP!! I'm at my whits end :((((
  247. Husband unwilling to change, but doesn't want a divorce.
  248. Roommates!!
  249. All set to divorce......
  250. I want out but I want my Son

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