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: Considering Divorce or Separation

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  1. No one to talk to
  2. The roller coaster ride stinks
  3. Where do I start?
  4. Wanting to leave sometimes
  5. On the Edge...
  6. losing hope...kind of like quicksand
  7. My wife has gotten a little too friendly with my brother
  8. What made you decide to leave?
  9. Considering speration
  10. Still living in same house
  11. 1st post in this section -getting things off my chest/advice
  12. Separated but hopeful
  13. Please Help!!!
  14. What To Do?
  15. Give husband the boot?
  16. Throw in the towel?
  17. Had The Talk
  18. Seperation? have a 1yr old
  19. Time to go it alone?
  20. Married with a baby, considering leaving due to abuse
  21. i left.. now i'm back...
  22. Distance or Personality Conflicts?
  23. Going to see lawyer tomorrow
  24. Business valuation for divorce...
  25. So Confused
  26. Thoughts and suggestions for lawyer questions needed
  27. 1st Day of 180... Wish Me Luck
  28. Separation looks like only option
  29. What's wrong with me?
  30. Life is Horrible - Plz guide/help me !!!
  31. 28, no kids, what to do?
  32. she cant even change it
  33. Caught between a rock and a hard place
  34. Controlling husband blames everything on facebook
  35. It's going to be lonely in Dubai!
  36. In love with someone else
  37. Wife is filing for divorce....Any thoughts?
  38. i am so alone
  39. newbie
  40. Divorce with Cancer?
  41. what should I do
  42. Decided to D yesterday, today I doubt
  43. Question About Emotional Abuse
  44. No idea what to do
  45. Feeling Selfish
  46. Nothing left for feelings with wife
  47. At a crossroads...
  48. At what point does the wife become the abuser?
  49. One foot out the door...
  50. I don't know what she wants anymore
  51. Re-Fi Question
  52. is there chance of reconciling if we separate?
  53. Am I wrong for feeling like this, be honest
  54. Married for the wrong reasons!
  55. Trouble knocking on my door; First day of summer vacation
  56. Help i want this to stop
  57. Young and Dumb
  58. Just sayin!
  59. H wants divorce... I want to work things out.
  60. wife just told me she wants separation. is there hope?
  61. Haven't Done It Yet
  62. Being Silly?
  63. Scared, but tired of the crap
  64. How would you feel?
  65. Need advise kind of long
  66. wife wants separation and I'm a little freaked out
  67. Feedback on a tough situation
  68. Any help?
  69. help on situation pls (kinda long...)
  70. At the crossroads...
  71. How does someone do this?
  72. do all good things need to come to an end?
  73. should i go ahead with the divorce?
  74. Is my wife crazy?
  75. get me off this teeter totter!!! I need help.
  76. Got to get out
  77. Is it to late to save!!!
  78. i packed up two containers of my stuff just now...
  79. Stuck...unable to decide
  80. msn messanger...cheating husband
  81. What's the point?
  82. Who is the man I married.. and who am I??
  83. What Next
  84. My husband is paranoid!
  85. I want to leave my husband...
  86. Internet Addition
  87. Need advice.. husband won't leave house
  88. Would you reconcile?
  89. What To Do...?
  90. Old man young wife in trouble ....
  91. Almost pregnant and alone
  92. I think I should leave
  93. a fish out of water
  94. Not sure what to do... LONG
  95. I was dumb, and now I am Numb
  96. No affection - so lonely. Advice?
  97. Just Friends for a while...?
  98. How do I handle this?
  99. How to get ex wife back?
  100. Is it to late???
  101. So sad-can't let go of bad marriage (sorry-long)
  102. Married 28 Plus but far apart and no growth
  103. Ironically!!! Both of them in the street at the same time...
  104. Wife wants a break
  105. Lonely
  106. Never in love with you????
  107. Another BPDer in my life?!
  108. Real Love but sometimes I hate myself for tolerating her treatment
  109. Analysis Paralysis
  110. 22 years and finding it hard to leave
  111. Not sure he loves me any more
  112. So confused
  113. Dating during separation?
  114. please help, considering divorce
  115. Married but met a more compatible person
  116. Marriage Ends When Kids Move Out
  117. What To Do When Your Husband Won't Take No For An Answer?!
  118. No Sex, No Love No respect!!!
  119. Help to make an informed decision??
  120. How to manage before separation date?
  121. Question for Ladies that want to leave...
  122. I wanted to leave him, then the very next day...
  123. New here and looking for advice.....
  124. violent man in therapy, i dont think its working
  125. I'm tired Boss, just so tired.
  126. Am I asking for too much or is he as shady as it seems?
  127. Spent
  128. Does gender of MC matter?
  129. Constant feeling of the grieving process
  130. interesting article for people thinking about divorce
  131. feed up with my wife!!
  132. What if you hate the person you're supposed to love?
  133. No sex/affection - don't respect my husband
  134. A nice little big mess..
  135. Tired of being treated like sh*t
  136. 5 month emotional rollercoaster
  137. considering seperation during pregnancy
  138. What do I do? I need separation
  139. I am Sensitive, He's Mean, asking for advice please.
  140. I just want everything to be okay...
  141. How do I handle this?
  142. Knowing when it's over - not easy
  143. Too Good To Leave, Too Bad to Stay Questions
  144. Still Struggling
  145. yall have gotta help me...
  146. The remorse is coming...
  147. Husband refuses to leave
  148. more guilty than ever before!!
  149. Feeling Lost in my Marriage
  150. How have you handled goodbye's?
  151. NEED ADVICE: Husband Not "In" to Me
  152. Counseling or Separation...he chose separation :(
  153. End of My Rope
  154. Wow, this is tough...
  155. I'm considering asking him to leave but I don't know
  156. I don't feel guilty, I just feel sad
  157. Wife stayed the night at another man's home
  158. aggresive spouse that I cant take anymore
  159. No longer attractive to my husband, do I need a divorce?
  160. The lies and deception are flowing freely
  161. Beware of the Counselor
  162. No idea what to do
  163. Serious confession made to me, what do I do??
  164. We're two different people... is it an excuse?
  165. Almost 4 Years BUT Fading Now. . . . .
  166. Don't know what to do
  167. I need help! I so want out of my marriage...
  168. Considering seperation or divorce...Pregnant
  169. No idea what I'm doing...
  170. Lost in my Mind
  171. Love being a family guy but left with very less options
  172. What I'm thinking of telling my husband
  173. Force my wife to move?
  174. my dilema
  175. my wife says she can't remember why she loves me
  176. Courtless Dissolution of Marriage? Possible?
  177. Here's my story, what do you think?
  178. Wife is moving
  179. Nearing The End - Or saved???
  180. Need some perspective
  181. Wife 'MLC' is wearing on me...
  182. Last Off-Ramp
  183. Need Advice
  184. Is there hope for us and what do I do?
  185. I am leaving
  186. Finding The Strength To End a Dead Marriage
  187. Scrapped Princess
  188. One Way Street?
  189. What to do, and did I do the wrong thing?
  190. Feeling Guilty
  191. Options?
  192. Wife brings it up, surprised I desperately want out
  193. Help!
  194. Taking the first step of leaving
  195. New Wife In The Fog
  196. Lost in Paradise...
  197. Husband says he doesn't think getting married was a good idea
  198. Feeling guilty
  199. feel so lost
  200. Divorcing a mentally unstable wife?
  201. SO weary - need financial ideas
  202. All trust is lost.
  203. Please help - attached
  204. Separate or not
  205. When do you know?
  206. ILYBINILWY- So What Other Synonymous Lines Have You Heard?
  207. What to do?
  208. To leave or not to leave
  209. Do I stay or do I go?
  210. ILYBINILWY really hurts deeply
  211. Abuse and Christianity
  212. I feel like I'm living a lie
  213. waited too long? no longer in love?
  214. Is it over? Worried about the children.
  215. Can't deal with lies
  216. Best for both of us?
  217. I want out...
  218. Convince him this is right.
  219. I should've left a long time ago
  220. Ending after 5 years
  221. Accepting Reality
  222. So Close to Despair
  223. But what about the child???? Dilemma!
  224. Separation and Birthday
  225. Queen of Guilt
  226. So my wife wants to leave but I want her to stay
  227. Why do I feel so guilty?
  228. Why Me? Need Advice Badly...
  229. I want out ... advice? (long)
  230. Need HELP BAD! please
  231. SO Tired...
  232. Need some objective opinions
  233. A letter to a *****.
  234. New Here.....Sunday
  235. Holding onto false hope or still a chance?
  236. Making Plans
  237. Tired of Being Held Hostage
  238. Help with feelings over seperation
  239. Cheated On, 4 kids, Feeling Trapped, Depressed.
  240. Marriage caused strains
  241. Unsure
  242. Annulment in VA.....getting rid of the abusive jerk.
  243. I wish....
  244. When is enough enough?
  245. confuse & depress
  246. Fear and getting past it.
  247. Wife threatening divorce
  248. Almost 8 months going on 50! (Long)
  249. Update.
  250. My wife told me she is Bi