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: Considering Divorce or Separation

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  1. Not sure where to go with this....
  2. dont want to be a single mom :(
  3. Married 16 Years in August
  4. Bad time to break up?
  5. Having posted a few months ago but I am still in the same place.
  6. Help!
  7. "I can't stand you anymore!"
  8. does a break work
  9. My spouse is chronically miserable.
  10. I dont know what to do.
  11. Scared of life alone and the idea of seperation.
  12. Seeking advice and perspective
  13. This is so hard....
  14. At a cross road
  15. Multiple Issues, Don't want to waste 16 years.
  16. is this the last straw? outsiders opinion please..
  17. Sorry this is so long I need help
  18. young marriage failing
  19. Too worried about hurting my wife
  20. 10 Year Anniversary today and I don't care
  21. Need a new perspective!
  22. 20 years... down the tube? I cant give anymore..
  23. husband needs to separate, all I need is him
  24. Separated....but living in the same house and in the same bed....for the kids?
  25. I need help
  26. Are these mood swings "normal?"
  27. In 22days married 10yrs and he wants out
  28. I'm a Horrible Person
  29. Weight Loss & now this...
  30. This Makes No Kind Of Sense, I Want OUT!
  31. Near the end of my rope?
  32. Slowly dying... would like some advice
  33. I Think I am Ready to End This Marrriage... but how?
  34. Hubby changed mind about wanting a child
  35. torn
  36. NEED some common sense advice!!
  37. Crazy a$$ accusations...
  38. Should I stay or should I go.....
  39. Today's Emotion...ANGER
  40. Wife's insecurities eating me alive.
  41. Need Advice
  42. Is there any hope left?
  43. Need feedback...ready to leave
  44. In a daze.....
  45. This song and video says it all for me right now....
  46. somebody PLEASE help me
  47. I need help
  48. Good sign or?
  49. Should I stay or should I go?
  50. I'm destroying a fantastic man...
  51. He doesn't want to be with me but won't file for divorce.
  52. I feel beat down, unhappy and stuck. Please help.
  53. Should Lack of Concern...Be Concerning
  54. Told wife I was going to file by the end of July
  55. Getting past trust issues
  56. Hubby wants separation first, counseling second
  57. Married 32 Years -- Stay or Go?
  58. Married for 14 years(today) and my Wife is not in Love with me anymore....What to do?
  59. he has changed !
  60. What to do? Am I crazy??
  61. I have absolutely no idea what to do.
  62. Just been told marriage is over
  63. I Feel So Lost
  64. Not sure if fixable, but we want it to be... I think
  65. I feel so alone
  66. Husband's emotional affair
  67. I want out... suggestions?
  68. Wife Asked Me to Leave...
  69. six it over
  70. confused
  71. Separated and contemplating divorce??
  72. How do I continue on this path?
  73. This Is Why You Shouldn't Marry At Age 20
  74. resentment
  75. Married best friend, still feel like friends with benefits
  76. I Need YOUR Advice and Input! PLEASE!
  77. What to do?
  78. He's verbally abusive..will he change?
  79. help
  80. Know what to do but still love him
  81. help with love no love
  82. Help with love no love
  83. Married for 10 years need major advice
  84. Walk away wife will not walk away?
  85. Tug of War (Long)
  86. Sad and Confused
  87. I don't think I love him anymore.
  88. love but not sure im in love
  89. Finding myself.
  90. Threatening suicide!!
  91. New here...and so confused
  92. The right reasons to divorce?
  93. Married my best friend, just admitted we don't have romantic feelings
  94. My wife has fallen out of love with me, I need more advice.
  95. Strange situation, very confusing...
  96. Just told she's moving out
  97. Trying to go back
  98. Unsure if I want to stay married
  99. Married too soon for the wrong reasons.
  100. Divorce while in Ch. 13
  101. WTH do I do...Am I wrong??
  102. Thank you River, update, didn't want to hijack :)
  103. to marry or not to marry
  104. Help, my husband has gone mad?
  105. Trust issues
  106. Please help! My husband criticizes my every move
  107. deployed with a dead marriage.
  108. PLEASE HELP!! I'm at my whits end :((((
  109. Husband unwilling to change, but doesn't want a divorce.
  110. Roommates!!
  111. All set to divorce......
  112. I want out but I want my Son
  113. Considering asking for a divorce, but not sure.
  114. Considering divorce... long
  115. Reasons for divorce.
  116. Drowning! No rescue!
  117. My marriage is a secret
  118. Still in limbo
  119. Not yet married 1 year and it's falling apart.
  120. For men who fear divorce
  121. Where do I go from here? Long - Plz read
  122. Should I Stay or Should I Go?
  123. How do you know when it's really over?
  124. When reality sucks..
  125. Considering Divorce & I need an HO from 3rd party
  126. My wife has fallen out of love with me, but there is more.
  127. Giving up on him?
  128. What to believe?? What to do??
  129. I need to find the courage to leave...
  130. Moved out, wife emails me that she's destroying stuff still in house
  131. No one to talk to
  132. The roller coaster ride stinks
  133. Where do I start?
  134. Wanting to leave sometimes
  135. On the Edge...
  136. losing hope...kind of like quicksand
  137. My wife has gotten a little too friendly with my brother
  138. What made you decide to leave?
  139. Considering speration
  140. Still living in same house
  141. 1st post in this section -getting things off my chest/advice
  142. Separated but hopeful
  143. Please Help!!!
  144. What To Do?
  145. Give husband the boot?
  146. Throw in the towel?
  147. Had The Talk
  148. Seperation? have a 1yr old
  149. Time to go it alone?
  150. Married with a baby, considering leaving due to abuse
  151. i left.. now i'm back...
  152. Distance or Personality Conflicts?
  153. Going to see lawyer tomorrow
  154. Business valuation for divorce...
  155. So Confused
  156. Thoughts and suggestions for lawyer questions needed
  157. 1st Day of 180... Wish Me Luck
  158. Separation looks like only option
  159. What's wrong with me?
  160. Life is Horrible - Plz guide/help me !!!
  161. 28, no kids, what to do?
  162. she cant even change it
  163. Caught between a rock and a hard place
  164. Controlling husband blames everything on facebook
  165. It's going to be lonely in Dubai!
  166. In love with someone else
  167. Wife is filing for divorce....Any thoughts?
  168. i am so alone
  169. newbie
  170. Divorce with Cancer?
  171. what should I do
  172. Decided to D yesterday, today I doubt
  173. Question About Emotional Abuse
  174. No idea what to do
  175. Feeling Selfish
  176. Nothing left for feelings with wife
  177. At a crossroads...
  178. At what point does the wife become the abuser?
  179. One foot out the door...
  180. I don't know what she wants anymore
  181. Re-Fi Question
  182. is there chance of reconciling if we separate?
  183. Am I wrong for feeling like this, be honest
  184. Married for the wrong reasons!
  185. Trouble knocking on my door; First day of summer vacation
  186. Help i want this to stop
  187. Young and Dumb
  188. Just sayin!
  189. H wants divorce... I want to work things out.
  190. wife just told me she wants separation. is there hope?
  191. Haven't Done It Yet
  192. Being Silly?
  193. Scared, but tired of the crap
  194. How would you feel?
  195. Need advise kind of long
  196. wife wants separation and I'm a little freaked out
  197. Feedback on a tough situation
  198. Any help?
  199. help on situation pls (kinda long...)
  200. At the crossroads...
  201. How does someone do this?
  202. do all good things need to come to an end?
  203. should i go ahead with the divorce?
  204. Is my wife crazy?
  205. get me off this teeter totter!!! I need help.
  206. Got to get out
  207. Is it to late to save!!!
  208. i packed up two containers of my stuff just now...
  209. Stuck...unable to decide
  210. msn messanger...cheating husband
  211. What's the point?
  212. Who is the man I married.. and who am I??
  213. What Next
  214. My husband is paranoid!
  215. I want to leave my husband...
  216. Internet Addition
  217. Need advice.. husband won't leave house
  218. Would you reconcile?
  219. What To Do...?
  220. Old man young wife in trouble ....
  221. Almost pregnant and alone
  222. I think I should leave
  223. a fish out of water
  224. Not sure what to do... LONG
  225. I was dumb, and now I am Numb
  226. No affection - so lonely. Advice?
  227. Just Friends for a while...?
  228. How do I handle this?
  229. How to get ex wife back?
  230. Is it to late???
  231. So sad-can't let go of bad marriage (sorry-long)
  232. Married 28 Plus but far apart and no growth
  233. Ironically!!! Both of them in the street at the same time...
  234. Wife wants a break
  235. Lonely
  236. Never in love with you????
  237. Another BPDer in my life?!
  238. Real Love but sometimes I hate myself for tolerating her treatment
  239. Analysis Paralysis
  240. 22 years and finding it hard to leave
  241. Not sure he loves me any more
  242. So confused
  243. Dating during separation?
  244. please help, considering divorce
  245. Married but met a more compatible person
  246. Marriage Ends When Kids Move Out
  247. What To Do When Your Husband Won't Take No For An Answer?!
  248. No Sex, No Love No respect!!!
  249. Help to make an informed decision??
  250. How to manage before separation date?

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