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: Considering Divorce or Separation

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  1. Why is he so mean all the time???!!!!
  2. How to get him to talk?
  3. Need some real advice
  4. advice needed!
  5. How to begin the separation process?
  6. Husband is depressed, How to nevigate?
  7. 6 months and not at all what I expected
  8. In a slump
  9. Marriage counseling
  10. We both cheated...Hope for us?
  11. Divorce Taken As A Joke!
  12. Is this odd?
  13. emotional and physical abuse
  14. Seperation with Benefits? How would it work?
  15. How should I handle this?
  16. I feel Trapped
  17. I snooped. Now what? :(
  18. 24 year friendship, 12 year relationship, 4 year marriage - is it over?
  19. Military Wife with an emotionally and verbally abusive husband
  20. Not sure how to deal with this
  21. he cheated online again thinking of leaving
  22. New Here- Could Really Use Some Advice
  23. What next?
  24. Seperated for one year, wife wants a divorce..what now?
  25. Advice is appreciated!
  26. My wife just drove off at the middle of the night - what should i do?
  27. how do i deal?
  28. I wasted 9 years of my life on an unloving husband!
  29. I think my wife is abusive...
  30. Confused, perplexed, bewildered, mystified - a thesaurus of emotions
  31. My husband of less than 2yrs choked me until I couldnt breathe..
  32. Not sure what is next for me...
  33. I want out, but I don't want to hurt her or the kids
  34. Worst weekend ever--Marriage Hell
  35. Apathetic husband for too long...
  36. Should I stay?
  37. Is he mean or am I just sensitive?
  38. He says he can't live through another divorce.
  39. It turns out that I never really knew my husband...
  40. It's inevitable
  41. Totally lost.....
  42. No More! No Turning Back....
  43. Trying to make the decision to go back to my ex
  44. When do you change the beneficiary for life insurance?
  45. What would you do?
  46. I'm the problem.....and need advice!
  47. Dont want to divorce but don't see things getting better
  48. Any advice on thoughts of separation...
  49. Freaked Out!
  50. New, need advice and to share story
  51. Still thinking of leaving my husband...Advice Please?
  52. Finally considering divorce or separation
  53. My wife has decided to leave me Ė I donít want to lose her!!!
  54. What is enough?
  55. Just So Tired
  56. What is "Normal/Average" for a husband?
  57. I have decided to what?!?!
  58. Help!!!
  59. At what point is divorce the only option left?
  60. Lonely and confused
  61. Married 22 years
  62. Is there any hope? He is turning me in to a crazy wife!
  63. just don't know how to leave
  64. Should I leave my Husband?
  65. His permission??
  66. My soul is in pain
  67. Is there such a thing as an implied separation?
  68. when do I say it is over?
  69. Advice for leaving a dependent spouse
  70. He Not Hurt but Angry That I want to Seperate
  71. Wanting to leave but things holding me back.
  72. Rant
  73. Need advice asap
  74. Help me out here, ladies
  75. I have made some HUGE mistakes and leaps backwards guys.
  76. I am completely lost and don't know what to do
  77. I want to leave him but..
  78. I love her but she loves another guy.
  79. I don't wanna LEAVE the LOVE of my LIFE... BUT.
  80. How Long
  81. Am I doing the right thing?
  82. Encouragement and support to follow thru
  83. I've Finally Reached the Point
  84. Can someone explain 180 to me?
  85. Don't wanna leave but need to kids involved - long stry need help been up all night
  86. How to reassure my wife I am and always have been FAITHFUL!!!
  87. When do you know it's time to call it quits
  88. I am so lost.
  89. Trial seperation? dont know what to do?
  90. Lying to keep the peace...until I can tell her I want a divorce.
  91. I love my wife and want our marriage to work but is that enough
  92. How did your kids handle it?
  93. Trouble in paradise....
  94. don't love the wife but I just can't leave
  95. Ive reached emptiness
  96. Divorce is the big unknown
  97. Tired and not sure what else to do
  98. Does she have a clue? or an I a moron?
  99. Advice needed about Possible Divorce
  100. Don't Know What To Do
  101. Wife planning on leaving - therapist to blame?
  102. Goals...unreasonable?
  103. negative nancy
  104. Infidelity- where's the line?
  105. Divorce talk did not go well at all
  106. Confused
  107. In-Laws and Separation
  108. Too much craziness--Making the decision easier
  109. What's next
  110. Why is there positive changes when you're halfway out the door??
  111. Bringing children into an unhappy marriage
  112. Tired of Being Sick and Tired
  113. When is Enough Enough?
  114. Stay with husband to avoid the pain?
  115. always in limbo...
  116. Be careful what you wish for...Has he already started the process?
  117. Do I really want to do this again?
  118. Newbie...what to do, what to do - sorry, it's long
  119. Why's he being nice???
  120. No Conscience, No Compassion, No Clue
  121. He keeps talking me into staying, what should I do?
  122. Total Honesty
  123. New Member -- Similar Story
  124. New Member, Big Problems? (little long)
  125. Hopless abusive situation?
  126. Should I keep fighting to save my marriage?
  127. Is there anyone out there who has chosen to be single post marriage?
  128. Just doesnt know what to do
  129. Stuck in Marriage Ambivalence
  130. Have I waited too long? What should I do?
  131. Currently seperated not my choice
  132. Sophie's Choice II-The Stepfamily from Hell Saga
  133. so lost
  134. H loves to add to my stress level
  135. Is there another way?
  136. Separation with kids advice?
  137. Should you live together during counseling?
  138. Book recommendations?
  139. At a Loss.....
  140. The light comes on...
  141. Burried my father and my husband, what a great weekend
  142. A long and epic tale - need help PLEASE
  143. Looking for advice...
  144. Unsure
  145. So distraught
  146. What happened to my wife?
  147. Opinions needed
  148. I'm done, but he won't let go....
  149. 4th night of marriage counseling
  150. god i need someone to talk to
  151. What happened to my good guy? (Very Long, sorry!)
  152. I fear my wife's threats are about to become a reality
  153. What happened to my good guy? (Very Long, sorry!)
  154. Stuck
  155. More like room-mates...
  156. Is this the answer?
  157. Dysfunctional sex was more damaging than I thought!
  158. How do I know when to call it quits?
  159. About to loose my mind! Trapped and can't get out
  160. I want out!
  161. What is it I should do?
  162. Not the person I thought I married
  163. Lost and needing help
  164. So sad and scared
  165. Need the strength (sorry it's long).
  166. Husband obsessed with former family and it's making me nuts
  167. She Wants The House
  168. Husband just wants to be alone to watch his shows on the computer, etc.
  169. Considering separating
  170. Anger Issues
  171. Considering Divorce 3rd time
  172. completely confused and unsure
  173. is it worth it or just stay annd stick it out
  174. Needs some advice!
  175. Oh god i cant take anymore!
  176. Is this a reason to leave?
  177. Am I making up a picture or is this the real picture??? advice plz...
  178. "I love you, but I'm not in love with you?"
  179. HELP! Separation + Seeing Other People?
  180. I have had enough!
  181. He Left with no word - just ran
  182. Which way are we going
  183. Faking it for the kids
  184. 31 Year Marriage Over
  185. seperation and living together is hard work - maybe not a good idea?
  186. Going through a separation, Hope?
  187. I think i may need to I being abused?
  188. Does anyone know about divorce in Texas?
  189. A common theme
  190. i left and its horrible
  191. Maybe it's time...
  192. are you kidding me?
  193. looking for any advice
  194. Quits after 23 years?
  195. Any advice is helpful!!! Considering divorce!!
  196. Nowhere else to turn...
  197. Is this what marriage is supposed to be?
  198. Am I a doormat? Is my marriage beyond hope?
  199. Posting about the "R" word!
  200. Husband is deployed
  201. Great Forum, could really use a wall to bounce thoughts off of :)
  202. Don't want to go to marriage counseling with him.
  203. Online Marriage Counseling??
  204. My husband has to be in control of EVERYTHING!!!
  205. Unique Situation
  206. Confused - First Post
  207. What do I want? Arrgghh!
  208. Wife say she doesn't love me......
  209. Divorce/Leaving the state with children
  210. Living Together While Separated
  211. where the heck's my loser club?
  212. New here -living together but separately
  213. Is this normal?
  214. Wife walked out. Death by a thousand cuts?
  215. Divorce or Separate?
  216. Staying in a Loveless Relationship? Read This!
  217. The loser!
  218. Stay in loveless relationship for the kids? Or leave?
  219. Not Sure to Call it Off or Not?
  220. I don't know what to do!
  221. Please help... I'm so confused about my marriage
  222. Is Lack of sex / intimacy a reason for divorce
  223. Marriage in dire straits
  224. Rules for Separate but Living Together as Co-Parents
  225. So Confused! H is a good guy but I'm considering seperation
  226. Reasonable ???
  227. Unhappy, confused, scared, lonely
  228. Is something better than nothing?
  229. just getting started on separation.. It is scarey!
  230. Dont know what I should be doing :(
  231. My Husband Told Me He Thinks All We Have Is Friendship
  232. Caught him cheating
  233. Bored after 24 years
  234. What says she needs time away.....what to do?
  235. How do you "kick someone out"?
  236. Too far gone, checked out....can that truly happen?
  237. Wife Threatens to Call Boss
  238. Did I make a mistake?
  239. feel like a quitter
  240. Engaged no more?
  241. Divorce is still on the table, move back or end things?
  242. Am I being selfish?
  243. Need help please
  244. Lost in my own life and in desperate need of help, PLEASE!
  245. Can't take anymore!
  246. Should She Care About Health?
  247. Very Hurt is Very Hurt: Please help me!
  248. Wife gave me ultimatum last night
  249. Wife's Selfish Comments Speak Volumes
  250. Divorce???