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: Considering Divorce or Separation

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  1. Queen of Guilt
  2. So my wife wants to leave but I want her to stay
  3. Why do I feel so guilty?
  4. Why Me? Need Advice Badly...
  5. I want out ... advice? (long)
  6. Need HELP BAD! please
  7. SO Tired...
  8. Need some objective opinions
  9. A letter to a *****.
  10. New Here.....Sunday
  11. Holding onto false hope or still a chance?
  12. Making Plans
  13. Tired of Being Held Hostage
  14. Help with feelings over seperation
  15. Cheated On, 4 kids, Feeling Trapped, Depressed.
  16. Marriage caused strains
  17. Unsure
  18. Annulment in VA.....getting rid of the abusive jerk.
  19. I wish....
  20. When is enough enough?
  21. confuse & depress
  22. Fear and getting past it.
  23. Wife threatening divorce
  24. Almost 8 months going on 50! (Long)
  25. Update.
  26. My wife told me she is Bi
  27. The trigger has been pulled
  28. Wife crushed me at worse possible moment
  29. Anyone ever tried 'nesting' during separation? Good for the kids?
  30. I asked her for a divorce
  31. 10 year anniversary appears to be the last.
  32. Tried to give yet ANOTHER chance...think I'm really fed up this time
  33. Is this really it
  34. Oh hell, I don't know!
  35. How do you know when it is time to move on?
  36. Hurt and Confused
  37. I am not sure of what to do!
  38. How can she compartmentalize?
  39. Divorce after an emotional texting affair????
  40. Anyone a lawyer or VERY familiar with PA divorce Laws?
  41. I've got a case of Walkaway Syndrome. Help!
  42. My wife doesnt want to be with me anymore.
  43. what should i do? bedok reservior?
  44. Did the 180, now what?
  45. Newly Married, Husband Wants Out Already :(
  46. Married 9 months wife is not attracted to me
  47. Liar, cheat and a sneak...
  48. Treated like crap but H wants me to just forget the past....
  49. Son seems scared of his dad.
  50. GRRR - so frustrated! Is this the point of no return????
  51. I need change
  52. Extremely attracted to I a bad person?????
  53. Need some advice...
  54. Is the grass greener on your own?
  55. Cheated - do I tell her everything?
  56. Wife had emotional affair--need advice!
  57. Is it over?
  58. I love my wife but....
  59. Frustrated
  60. Men, why are we surprised when we reach our goal of getting wife to cut/cheat/leave?
  61. what do I do?
  62. I need some advice, male and female perspectives desired.
  63. Backed into a corner; what can I do but divorce?
  64. 20 year marriage over i guess
  65. Confused about keeping marriage
  66. Finally - the clarity I needed...
  67. Wife has a boyfriend but can't see the problem
  68. Is THIS the sign to just walk away?
  69. She can't stand me.... I dont even know how to leave
  70. No 2x4's please just answers.
  71. Heart broken
  72. How about a normal "i dont know what to do" sittuation?
  73. I think he cheated and is ashamed of me
  74. Feels more like roommates than marriage
  75. Feeling lost
  76. Told my husband I wanted a divorce...
  77. Reasonable to Request Open Communication & No Solo Partying?
  78. Close to throwing in the towel
  79. 4 Year Marriage in trouble
  80. is this marriage worth saving?
  81. When to Leave?
  82. Recovering addict marriage too stressful
  83. Just...Unsure
  84. help
  85. Wife suddenly does not love me...possible separation, I am in shock!
  86. Scarry Times - and a 22 mo old baby in the middle of it
  87. Don't think I can do this much longer
  88. I need help not judgment please
  89. not sure anymore
  90. Husband came back from boys week and ignoring me
  91. Not Sure
  92. How Do I Convince Him To Leave?
  93. At The End Of My Rope!
  94. Pissed Off
  95. My wife will leave me and take my son Advice?
  96. After 2 sessions I am more confused
  97. Advice needed
  98. Stay for the kids or leave before it gets worse?
  99. Affair Advice - Lost in my head - so lost
  100. Need advice
  101. How to leave a women without hurting her?
  102. Bad 1st impression to his counselor
  103. Should I leave at her request or make HER do it?
  104. Thoughts on the Love Dare
  105. Ready to throw in the towel.
  106. Denial...Husband Doesn't Think Anything is Wrong
  107. Possible to live with resentment?
  108. Lost and Confused.
  109. Separated and feeling guilty
  110. Wife of under a year wants to seperate
  111. Not sure I am ok with open marriage
  112. Lost cause?
  113. Separation? Unable to decide for over 5 years
  114. Why?
  115. I dont know what to do....
  116. Success of marriage counseling
  117. Wait and See
  118. Am I crazy or is he a bully
  119. Steps to take when filling for divorce?
  120. des one need forgiveness before moving on
  121. I'm throwing in the towel. I need to know what to do...
  122. sick of everything
  123. My husband always threatens divorce
  124. Wife says she is done
  125. Help, please!
  126. I hope this isn't a mistake
  127. where to begin?
  128. Confused in a sexless marriage
  129. she doesnt care
  130. i need help because i am going to commit suicide‏
  131. My wife's logic baffles me
  132. Well, looks like the big D is coming
  133. Am I wasting my time?
  134. Husband thinks I am the only problem in our marriage.
  135. Filling out separation forms right now.
  136. Implications of divorce
  137. Confused by my feelings and lost in the hurt
  138. Advice about When to say "I'm Done"
  139. Fed up of this
  140. Was it worth it?
  141. Is it time to pull the trigger?
  142. Need perspective on things.
  143. My plan for moving out - lmk what you think
  144. What does, "I'm not happy" really mean?
  145. Want to stay and fix it but feel exhausted
  146. my wife is jobless and depressed
  147. Bottom line - I don't love him anymore
  148. Newlywed on the breaking point
  149. What does the court define adultery as being?
  150. Tactic or True feelings?
  151. Married while grieving & sexual complications
  152. not sure what to do
  153. Considering divorce after 18 years
  154. Lonely and Embarrassed
  155. leaving a fragile spouse, with compassion
  156. Absent husband...on my last leg...
  157. What a mess (a tale of pressure, immigration, finances, kids)
  158. I need a reality check....
  159. mind games?
  160. Advise on saving marriage
  161. Newlywed desperate for help!!!
  162. Tips to manage divorce impact to teenager
  163. MLC?
  164. I am better than this!!!!
  165. Interesting Situation and need help
  166. How did you leave?
  167. More proof of no chance of R
  168. I have trust issues
  169. Would you stay or would you go?
  170. And I would have left if it weren't for you pesky kids...
  171. Need a lot of advice
  172. Was he abusive?
  173. Please Help!
  174. Stress or legitimate decision
  175. Is my marriage over or is there still hope??
  176. 4 yrs marriage
  177. Was I unreasonable?
  178. starting to turn ugly
  179. Wanting to keep my family a whole
  180. Telling him to leave
  181. Not sure what to think
  182. How long can you pretend that things are ok?
  183. Emotional Affair - Advice Please
  184. Better to know the devil you are with?
  185. Needing advice in dissolution.
  186. Should I Stay or Go?
  187. With guarded optimism
  188. In Need Of Urgent Help And Advice Please - What Do I Do?
  189. devastated....alone....scared....
  190. When to call it quits...
  191. "Ive lost that Loving Feeling
  192. I'm at a hotel tonight
  193. When do you stop hoping for a miracle....
  194. A turning point in my life... Thoughts?
  195. Young,married,ready to break down
  196. no different than you, but can you help with an advice?
  197. Very Confused...
  198. Support site for divorcing or separating Asperger Spouse
  199. !Help!No Communication from Wife
  200. Constant threats of divorce are growing old. Please help.
  201. Is this what marriage looks like??
  202. the attraction is gone
  203. Did you stay or leave?
  204. I'm so confused - maybe it's me?
  205. distressed and floundering - lost in uncertainty (long, apologies in advance)
  206. What is the point of a trial separation?
  207. What should i do? What would you do?
  208. Lost love and attraction to husband
  209. Can't take it anymore
  210. No respect
  211. The Baby is his...What should I do?
  212. Is Everthing Gone.
  213. My sexual frustration and considering divorce.
  214. A decision I dont want to make
  215. Getting closer to a decision - and staying strong
  216. This dont make sense...
  217. Wife needs space
  218. All but done....seeking final thoughts and considerations pls
  219. Not giving up!!!
  220. Contemplating Divorce
  221. Made a mistake, advice desired
  222. Got married too young?
  223. Stay or go?
  224. Physical health?
  225. Desperately in need of advice(long)
  226. Still hope? or Is it over? PLEASE help
  227. The Roller Coaster Ride - How do we stop the extremes?
  228. I hate this day
  229. Honor or Happiness?
  230. Did you accept the change (if there was a true change)
  231. Lost, ashamed, confused
  232. Making myself sick....
  233. International Marriage. Wife cheated on me and wants to kick me out. Help.......
  234. Lost and confused :(
  235. Violence is the answer....
  236. Married 6 years, now there's no connection
  237. empty nester going thru separation
  238. 15yrs of marriage and I not for sure what to do.
  239. Married less than a yr and need advice
  240. In law problems
  241. Hi, I'm new to forum, really need help...
  242. what should I do?
  243. Sound Advice -- This Could Add Clarity
  244. Getting Mixed Messages
  245. Not sure what to do
  246. love him but Not in love
  247. his ex
  248. Lost, am i right to feel this way?
  249. Im looking for some perspective. All advice is appreciated.
  250. Need Advice considering divorce