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: Considering Divorce or Separation

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  1. Don't Know What to Do
  2. Default can leaving spouse's saddness shows possibility of reconcillialtion?
  3. Have an existing no-contact order, need to divorce
  4. 20 years - is it all gone now?
  5. New Dad, Same Old Story (LONG POST)
  6. what to do
  7. Very hurt. First time here.
  8. Same old song: "Its all falling apart"
  9. Need some help - any help will do
  10. So difficult should I stay or go
  11. Where to next...
  12. What does the Bible say about divorce? PART 2
  13. What does the Bible say about divorce? PART I
  14. There are times when trial separation may be good for a marriage.
  15. not sure what to do next....
  16. Trying to be "fair" in divorce
  17. Pretty sure my marriage is done.
  18. Need Advise, Im so confused!
  19. I snapped.
  20. Dazed and confused-Divorce is necessary?
  21. Am I Nuts?
  22. Husband is unhappy
  23. Unsure
  24. Is it ever worth staying when you're not in love?
  25. Fed up...
  26. Wavering
  27. Closer to calling it quits
  28. I am tired and done with marriage!! Help!!
  29. update--still confused as ever
  30. Im deployed, wife depressed/in denial/wants separation
  31. Walking On Eggshells - when a partner has 'borderline personality disorder'
  32. Emotional Instability
  33. new husband doesn't get it
  34. Husband is my business partner and I want a divorce
  35. Husband moved back home but sleeps in spare room
  36. Give up now?
  37. Not looking good and need advice
  38. putting me 1st
  39. I'm new and need some advice please
  40. we ARE taking time apart
  41. 180
  42. Strong thoughts of giving up
  43. Advice sought about marriage that seems to be going nowhere
  44. Married for the wrong reasons
  45. I've decided to fight to the bitter end
  46. Feeling worthless
  47. Need help please....
  48. Wife is unhappy and wants out
  49. High School sweethearts in DOOM
  50. having problems accepting that its over
  51. What to do?
  52. What would you do?
  53. Anyone in a sexless marriage?
  54. Lost and Confused -thinking about divorce((LONG Story))
  55. Affair 3 years prior, Wife with BPD.. Need Help
  56. Confused - need help with husband
  57. Please help
  58. Can you move on without divorcing?
  59. Don't want a divorce
  60. Have I driven my wife away for good
  61. Sparation - Sex - is he feeling different?
  62. Advice desperately needed!! Pregnant and Divorce
  63. Sexless marriage, affair, now what?
  64. Hoping some opinions will help
  65. Considering Divorce, Looking for advice.
  66. Cannot decide if should get rid of her?
  67. Should I get a divorce?
  68. Advice? LONG....
  69. Lazy wife...should I seek a divorce?
  70. Not Sure Where To Go From Here...
  71. When do you know it's time...
  72. DIVORCE or NOT (need a woman's opinion)
  73. Is my husband abusive?
  74. Wife depressed, has asked for divorce, now will not go through with it
  75. Really Confused
  76. Please help me - husband does not love me
  77. I'm so lost...please help
  78. Need other opinions, husband hates best friend considering divorce
  79. Husband says he won't sign
  80. I don't know where to start..... Please help
  81. Credit Card needed...
  82. need some other opinions
  83. Any similar stories with happy endings?
  84. Starting to move on
  85. It's just not the same
  86. Need some direction, maybe some advise or even criticism.. yes, am a bit lost
  87. Married only because it feels safe. Help!
  88. Finally talked to a lawyer
  89. Weary of it all...this is long.
  90. Need advice
  91. Not sure of how I feel, or what to do
  92. Please pray for my strength tonite
  93. Wife wants Divorce - Need Advice PLEASE!!
  94. Why doesn't he acknowledge that I want a separation?
  95. Separation Talk Tonight
  96. He's begging for more time, not sure if its already too late..
  97. Newlyweds gone wrong!!
  98. It's first night on the couch for me tonight.. :P
  99. Seperation/Divorce should be a mutual decision?
  100. Fix it or forget it after 36 years?
  101. Not sure whether to stay or not!
  102. Follow my heart??
  103. I need advice how to seperate with my husband
  104. I lost everything in one day
  105. Follow up...Need some more advice, please...
  106. Its a rollar coast ride
  107. I'm a scared FOOL
  108. Been married 6 months, considering a separation
  109. In limbo
  110. Please Help...I'm so loss.
  111. I'm so frustrated and ready to quit...H threatened to leave
  112. Is the grass really greener?
  113. The other person and separation
  114. Should I tell my husband about my affair?
  115. A taste of reality
  116. What do I do next?
  117. frustrated, and confused
  118. Had a pretalk
  119. So confused and feeling guilty....
  120. Wife left with stepson, this sucks
  121. So lost right now...
  122. Is There Hope...
  123. Everything in me points toward divorce...but could I be wrong?
  124. I think I want to leave..
  125. How did you bring up Divorce
  126. absolutely torn up
  127. To 'Man Up' = getting out or giving up?
  128. need to let someone know
  129. Can I be fired because of a divorce?
  130. His silent terror.
  131. Is email cowardly?
  132. He says he "Loves Me" but he doesn't show it.
  133. Too good to leave; Too bad to stay
  134. i still wanted my wife back
  135. Divorce over Facebook
  136. Why separate? I don't understand. Help!
  137. Eating and Sleeping Alone Isn't Fun
  138. Affair then Divorce 2 years later?
  139. I can't do this anymore!!!
  140. How to get out when finances are a problem
  141. My story
  142. I think I jumped too soon.
  143. Do you ever fall back in love?
  144. passive aggressive is not for me
  145. Housing Advice
  146. Am I insane?
  147. Wife wants separation - need advice please!
  148. used and confused
  149. Much Too Late
  150. I need Help here, im outta moves, and haven a hard time letting go
  151. my wife said she doesnt love me and now is not speaking with me
  152. Controlled Separation
  153. I messed up and don't know what to do
  154. Where do I go from here
  155. I dont think he will ever change.
  156. I just did it...need some support.
  157. Married...but the love of my life appeared again...
  158. I have the papers ready to go but....
  159. I can't sleep, I want out. Please advice.
  160. Reconciliation after divorce
  161. Planned it. Now how can i reverse it?
  162. Legal Separation when your separated?
  163. Dont know where to start
  164. Nearing the end...
  165. Alcohol, Infidelity (x3) and more....why am I still hanging on?
  166. First time poster need some advice.
  167. Hardest decision to make
  168. Unsure and Unhappy
  169. Need advice on this -
  170. At a total loss
  171. I feel lost....
  172. A Rock and a Hard Place
  173. should i divorce him??? need desperate advice on this issue....
  174. Best Friends Not Lovers/First time posting
  175. False Sense of Security???
  176. Where to go from here??
  177. Desperate for Immediate Help Before Its Too Late
  178. 24 years of my blindness and gullibility
  179. Mind games, false accusations, threatened divorce
  180. Please help me decide
  181. first time posting...need advice
  182. Just need a little help........ please
  183. What should I do?
  184. some advice please?
  185. Not sure where to go from here.....
  186. For those of you with children around ages do they react?
  187. Advice on how to handle this?
  188. Will divorce hurt my kids and was my wife chatting with an OM?
  189. Reality Hit Home Today!
  190. Three Days
  191. how to convince wife to goto marriage counseling?
  192. Feel like I lost myself
  193. My world fell out from under me!
  194. loves but not in love
  195. Question about financial situations making it hard to seperate.
  196. What should I do? :(
  197. PLEASE HELP! In Iraq w/ husband
  198. New here & considering what to do
  199. How can i just do it ?!!!
  200. Help - he says he's leaving.
  201. cheating or not, it's still sketchy
  202. On the edge of something here.
  203. Thought I cud do it.
  204. Has anyone ever just walked away from it all?
  205. Should I leave?
  206. Tried to have the talk, it failed miserably
  207. Argumentative, Controlling, and Lazy
  208. What to do?
  209. Might be the end for me and my college sweetheart.
  210. When is the right time?
  211. Best Plan In Order to Leave
  212. So Lost
  213. Sooo undecided!!
  214. What is best???
  215. Loser checking out
  216. New and Confused & Sad
  217. When to give up
  218. Had enough balme thrown at me
  219. It is me who wants to leave now
  220. How did the love for my wife end, should I leave?
  221. My husband moved out, I feel devastated.
  222. Hurt for the 2nd time.
  223. At the end of my rope.....
  224. Any kind words??
  225. Did I do something wrong?
  226. Advice? She's Pregnant!
  227. need advice please!!!
  228. still lost
  229. Losing Hope
  230. He beat me one time over a year ago and now...
  231. Maybe I'm crazy.. but I feel like I can't do it anymore..
  232. "I won't change, don't like it?, leave"...Maybe I should?
  233. PLEASE help me!
  234. separate beds, etc.
  235. Need advice
  236. a new twist to the story.....
  237. gulity conscience!
  238. what to do...
  239. My wife wants a separaition but does not know that I know
  240. Do I need to wake up?
  241. What should i do?
  242. How do you leave? Fear of starting over
  243. Husbands 360 overnight, do I believe him?
  244. What to do when you married a compulsive liar?!?!
  245. My story of perfect companionship, little intimacy. Advice greatly appreciated.
  246. Should I leave my husband? Or am I overreacting?
  247. Is it time to cut losses?
  248. Confused...
  249. Is This The End?
  250. Trying to get courage to leave

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