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: Considering Divorce or Separation

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  1. Im soo tired of my marriage.
  2. Need help - i think my husband is going to leave me for another woman
  3. Wife and space
  4. Is this the end?
  5. Advice? Am I doing the right thing? So confused!
  6. Feel like a horrible human being
  7. Marriage Problems. Help and Support needed.
  8. Thinking of ending the marriage
  9. Stay or Go???
  10. marriage advice i am new here
  11. Is it time to leave?
  12. Help for dealing with pasive aggression/dyslexia
  13. Been through a lot, but how much is too much?
  14. Shocked, hurt, and absolutely terrified.
  15. confused
  16. Not in love?
  17. Dealing With Guilt About Wanting to End It
  18. Moved abroad to be with him, all falling apart less than 2 years later
  19. Need some good advice!
  20. Just married, now separated - living a nightmare.
  21. My delema
  22. PLEASE, HELP - It's long, but please read...
  23. A great resource for "divorce daydreamers"
  24. Not yet a total success story...but all hope isn't lost
  25. lost with kids
  26. I want kids, he doesn't...
  27. So Confused! Husband making promises...
  28. Feels like I'm at a fork in the road.....
  29. need some help and advise.
  30. Considering seperation from this loveless relationship
  31. Where do I go from here????
  32. Breaking up and breaking into pieces
  33. Male late 30s 2 kids (baby and 4yrs) torn and confused...
  34. I dont want this anymore. Please help ='(
  35. Don't want marriage to end, but drifting apart
  36. I would really appreciate some guidance here ...
  37. Confused and scared..
  38. How many divorced and later got back together?
  39. Advice needed.
  40. Sexless marriage should I stay?
  41. How do you tell someone you love them, but are NOT in love with them?
  42. Trying to fight divorce
  43. No Trust...
  44. Why he won't participate
  45. Need some advice
  46. Splitwhilepregnant
  47. Am I gonna make till summer?
  48. Unsure?
  49. I can't wait any longer!
  50. I can't do this anymore
  51. I don't think either of us want to, but it seems inevitable
  52. Home or Away
  53. How much more to take
  54. I don't want to hurt my wife but I'm not happy
  55. Relationship built on lies
  56. What Should I Do - Wife Wants Space
  57. The Aftermath...
  58. My marriage is in trouble and I don't know what to do...
  59. Last Leg?
  60. Am I Being Stupid
  61. Husband acting a bit Dramatic...
  62. Need input on unusual separation
  63. Falling apart
  64. My wife is leaving me
  65. I don't know what to do.
  66. Is it time to seperate?
  67. If she want to go, set her free
  68. What would you do?
  69. Lost Respect for Husband and Can't Move Forward
  70. In love with the adventure and not him ....
  71. Lost, no where to turn to and no one to talk to.
  72. Is Divorce an option? ... have 2 month old newborn
  73. married 30 years, no children. Still may get a divorce
  74. A letter to my Husband...
  75. always threatening to leave
  76. Wife wants to end marriage; I do not
  77. Can you honestly be self confident/happy after 40?
  78. So unsure
  79. How to talk to wife
  80. 15 Years and time to walk away?
  81. I'm DONE!
  82. About to walk away
  83. Not sure why I feel this way?
  84. Confused
  85. Not sure about anything anymore
  86. 8 months and don't know what to do
  87. Tired trying - time to move on
  88. how do you think?
  89. Last Week...Sure Divorce...this week Who knows...
  90. Active Duty, 10 Years, Confused. please read and comment
  91. How did you leave your marriage?
  92. Aggressive and Dominant Wife.. sigh......
  93. 7 Year Marriage Help
  94. thinking of leaving my husband
  95. On the verge of separation/divorce and having feelings for another man
  96. That little voice in the back of your head
  97. Entire life was half a lie
  98. 3 Year Unhappy Marriage
  99. My wife is just killing me....
  100. A little confused
  101. Considering Seperation
  102. newly wed already unhappy
  103. What should I do?
  104. Old question Separation or divorce?
  105. seperated at the moment, needs advice, and prayers!
  106. Time to move to legal separation?
  107. New to forum, tried the 180
  108. Am I tearing up my own marriage?
  109. Married but living apart.
  110. Out of left field
  111. Breadwinner can't leave
  112. Fool for love?
  113. Being honest with myself for once.
  114. No Love After 3 Years
  115. Lost and don't know what else to do
  116. The Point of No Return?
  117. Should I end it when the trust is gone
  118. Just Joined - Help!
  119. Not a fun place to be
  120. Lost in Love (Long)
  121. So many things..confused..hurt
  122. Why sacrifice your life for a Bipolar or BPD Spouse?
  123. Hurting so much.......
  124. I don't know which path to take..
  125. I feel like i am loosing my mind and going nuts
  126. Suffering
  127. marital property?
  128. Facing head on at time of DD issues...will I cause more damage?
  129. How to Say Those Hard Words
  130. Need marriage advice
  131. WOw
  132. I left...
  133. Not sure what to do
  134. Working toward talking about the need to end it...
  135. Over-analyze it, or just end it?
  136. Very sad
  137. Time to move on..? Porn is NOT OK damnit!
  138. Losing my wife...
  139. 28 years coming to an end
  140. Wife blames me for her condition
  141. Still in Love or just scared to move on?
  142. feel good side of leaving
  143. Need some direction
  144. Is she cheating.
  145. Somone Please tell me if its me..
  146. Looking for some help. Please.
  147. Crossroads
  148. Im going crazy
  149. Is marriage pointless?
  150. need some advice-trying not to be the bad guy
  151. Poem on contemplating divorce
  152. so many sections this could have gone into !
  153. Wife dragging her feet on separating
  154. I think it's over, he wants a sex change & is controlling
  155. Follow-up sex & resentment.....separation?
  156. How to act
  157. No Longer Emotionally Attached to my
  158. need to stick it out.....
  159. The Truth is not for you
  160. Advice please! I have to end my marriage.
  161. I guess everything starts here....
  162. I love him but I don't know how much more I can take!
  163. Any hope for change?
  164. never thought I'd consider divorce. LONG
  165. Familiar Story?
  166. He's depressed, feels like a failure, and wants to give up. What can I do?
  167. Any ways to STOP a divorce?
  168. How to proceed?
  169. conflicted...advice
  170. Should I go through with the divorce?
  171. Where do we go from here
  172. Is Their Any Point In Staying?
  173. Discovering what I want
  174. Marriage counseling advice...
  175. Anxiety, Alone, Why am I Missing my Husband So Much?
  176. Is it over?
  177. I can't even muster the energy to leave
  178. if my wife is angry is it better to let her calm down?
  179. Am I Stupid? Do I love him too much? Should we divorce?
  180. Why am I so wishy washy?
  181. Just Friends? Long story....
  182. Do you think it's a control issue...some advice please!
  183. help
  184. hopeless
  185. Wife told me she doesn't love me anymore...scared, lonely, lost...
  186. Do you really 'wakeup' and get over fear of wanting to be happy?
  187. Just got the horrible news...:(
  188. Rough Couple of Days
  189. Is it over?
  190. Should I leave my wife if she sort of cheated?
  191. What are the rules for separation?
  192. We talked about the D word.
  193. another blow to the marriage.. heading to lawyer this week.
  194. Have you considered Divorce Mediation...
  195. run-away husband. I really need help...
  196. Possible separation forthcoming...
  197. I love my husband, I need help making a decision
  198. goin a little crazy here
  199. cant afford lawyer
  200. I want my H to move out, but I can't afford the rent all by myself!
  201. I don't want it, but separation seems my only option?
  202. Down 4 the count
  203. At a loss
  204. Separation looming in the future
  205. Just not sure...
  206. Trying to avoid being sucked in.
  207. update.. getting ducks in a row...
  208. Please Answer my question, need your ..
  209. Valentine's Day is the Big Elephant in the Room
  210. Just Friends or More?
  211. 1st steps for getting my ducks in a row
  212. Are these positive things?
  213. second marriages
  214. Married young now on the verge of the end..Please advise.
  215. Years of Indecision
  216. lonely and lost
  217. Working on the separation.
  218. finally melted down.... 23 year marriage just ended
  219. separation last hope?
  220. When do I give up?
  221. 9 Years and then Whats Best
  222. not sure what to do
  223. How to Proceed?
  224. the money game
  225. Tough Choices
  226. Can't Forget
  227. Statute of Limitations
  228. She tells me she doesnt love me anymore
  229. Am I being naive? Trapped in a loveless relationship?
  230. Divorce after 6 months....
  231. I need to fix it before its too late
  232. What's holding me back?
  233. Young Newlywed in Over My Head!
  234. How do I change his mind
  235. 15 yrs, we have lots of problems
  236. My Husband calls me HORRIBLE NAMES
  237. Dealing w/ Regret & Sorrow. He doesn't want me anymore
  238. New Here Needing Some Advise
  239. Did I make a mistake or too stressed?
  240. husband seeing another girl and trying to save our marriage?!
  241. Help me process this a bit.....
  242. How do I win? or is it to late.
  243. Confused and getting more confused...
  244. Falling apart, please listen and help
  245. beginning of the end?
  246. Been a while since I have been here....
  247. Indecisive about Hubby, need some advice.
  248. I am so scared!
  249. When to talk about it?
  250. Should I keep trying