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: Considering Divorce or Separation

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  1. So Lost... what comes next?
  2. Update to: just need some advice
  3. Feeling like divorce is the only option
  4. Considering divorce after verbal abuse and infidelity
  5. Wife suddenly wants to separate, I don't
  6. Married after 90 days, now 12 years later big problems
  7. Stepson, child, and divorce.. HELP!
  8. Considering confused
  9. I just don't know if I can't get past it...
  10. Moving Back Home
  11. How long to wait?
  12. Fear of failure?
  13. Thinking of a divorce...
  14. Wanted to share this with the ladies!
  15. need some advice
  16. Husband not sure about being married
  17. Is this abuse?
  18. Working it out - Living apart?
  19. For once thinking about what I want
  20. Just need some advice
  21. Pregnant and Considering Seperation (long post)
  22. What To Do How Can One Change or be Complacement is it Too Late? or go with the Flow?
  23. Need Advice- Don't Want to Give up on Him
  24. he abondened and desserted us
  25. Whats going to happen?
  26. what more can you do...
  27. At a loss-long story, sorry.
  28. Intellectual and cultural incompatibility
  29. Looks like it might be my turn
  30. Help I am married to a spoiled Mama's boy
  31. newlywed, seperated, now he wants me back??
  32. thinking about separation/divorce
  33. Wife wants to go on a date. I don't.
  34. unsure, but pretty sure, infidelity during seperation
  35. Considering getting a divorce
  36. Christmas Presents
  37. Tummy Tuck with Lipo vs Cost of Divorce...HELP!
  38. Advice needed
  39. Time To Be Strong Or Give Up?
  40. Trouble asking for divorce
  41. I Dont Want to Stop But..
  42. Husband doesn't think he has any flaws/issues
  43. Is time alone to think a good or bad idea?
  44. So lost and still hurting
  45. Desperate for advice!
  46. when wife begins to feel close to me again she pulls away
  47. Perpetuating the lie.....
  48. Unhappy & Unsure
  49. Flip flopping?
  50. great in everyway but the one that counts
  51. What's next?
  52. I feel real bad about it afterwards
  53. Those considering Seperation/Divorce...does your spouse see??
  54. If I leave, he'll rarely see our son....
  55. At the breaking point and Need help!!!
  56. Tested myself - Divorce forms
  57. 180?? what is it??
  58. When do you realize it's never going to work and let it go?
  59. Song that hits home
  60. Should I divorce and move on?
  61. Emotional distancing
  62. Husband wants to seperate
  63. New Here. Thankful to have found this.. I am thinking of leaving my husband..
  64. down and out...
  65. Divorce? Can severe sexual baggage be fixed?
  66. confused and frustrated
  67. Things are progressing
  68. Do the Holidays make you want to divorce less?
  69. Husband is no longer attracted to me
  70. I don't know what to do..
  71. 4 Years Married, definitely considering divorce...
  72. Christian wife vs. non Christian egotistical Husband
  73. in need of advice
  74. Recently got seperated Help please
  75. A year since considering divorce with little progress
  76. Can you file and get temp custody without a lawyer?
  77. Wife and I can't agree on Custody!
  78. So Confused
  79. Looking for some insight on the plights of divorce and being a single mother.
  80. So many similar stories but it still hurts so much
  81. Pregnant and considering divorce
  82. H changing Divorce to Seperation..long story
  83. So Much To Say, So Little Hope!
  84. Have i fallen out of love or is it a blip?
  85. Still Together (barely) after Affair - now abuse?
  86. Fighting over sex AGAIN!
  87. Please help - husband possibly cheating with escorts, denies it
  88. I am torn because of the children
  89. Advice Appreciated
  90. How long did the "divorce talk(s)" last?
  91. Is there ever a good time to ask?
  92. depressed confused and in a way unhappy
  93. Twenty Years
  94. I just want to be happy.
  95. Dealing with attraction in my marriage...
  96. need some sound advice
  97. Please help me!
  98. Seems like a no brainer but...
  99. no sex, separation after six weeks of marraige?
  100. Married 2 years and unhappy
  101. I am in a sexless/ abusive marriage
  102. Trapped and Exhausted
  103. Please read and advise! What should be my first move after giving divorce papers
  104. wife is unhappy wants to take a break
  105. Husband is serial cheater!!! Please help need advice
  106. Husband "thinks" he wants a divorce
  107. I am going to snap if i dont leave this marriage
  108. Want to divorce but worried about kids
  109. Odd twist
  110. so confused any advice
  111. please help me out..
  112. Wife wants to move out pls. advise !!!
  113. Newlywed Considering Divorce
  114. Someone PLEASE Help!!
  115. I want out
  116. What if / What will happen?
  117. Need Thanksgiving advice
  118. My wife is leaving me...
  119. Husband left me and our 3 yr old daughter
  120. Sexless marriage, affair, consideirng divorce
  121. Relationship in jeopardy...
  122. Wait to file or do it now
  123. Ugh, W wont stop contacting
  124. My husband hates me or i hate him.
  125. Momma's Boy
  126. Advice Please!
  127. Husband went to strip club with female workers
  128. Okay, asked H to move out....
  129. My husband doesn't know if he wants to be with me anymore.
  130. I need Help!!
  131. What to do when he refuses to go to therapy?
  132. Need some advice
  133. Can't stand him, don't want to move
  134. End it or Save it?
  135. Wow what a reality check
  136. Husband says he's unhappy
  137. Totally over my spouse
  138. What if its just too late!
  139. Wife asked for a seperation
  140. Drifting apart every day
  141. need advice
  142. lost, confused
  143. considering divorce
  144. Advice for someone about to ask H to move out?
  145. Taking the First Steps...
  146. Considering Preemptive Divorce?
  147. Husband hates me, doesn't work, lies, and screams at me. But it's all my fault?
  148. STBX suddenly gung ho about divorce
  149. So what do i do now?
  150. I am unhappy and dont know what to do
  151. Confused on what to do about my marriage?
  152. wife thinking of moving out but staying married
  153. Don't Know What to Do
  154. Default can leaving spouse's saddness shows possibility of reconcillialtion?
  155. Have an existing no-contact order, need to divorce
  156. 20 years - is it all gone now?
  157. New Dad, Same Old Story (LONG POST)
  158. what to do
  159. Very hurt. First time here.
  160. Same old song: "Its all falling apart"
  161. Need some help - any help will do
  162. So difficult should I stay or go
  163. Where to next...
  164. What does the Bible say about divorce? PART 2
  165. What does the Bible say about divorce? PART I
  166. There are times when trial separation may be good for a marriage.
  167. not sure what to do next....
  168. Trying to be "fair" in divorce
  169. Pretty sure my marriage is done.
  170. Need Advise, Im so confused!
  171. I snapped.
  172. Dazed and confused-Divorce is necessary?
  173. Am I Nuts?
  174. Husband is unhappy
  175. Unsure
  176. Is it ever worth staying when you're not in love?
  177. Fed up...
  178. Wavering
  179. Closer to calling it quits
  180. I am tired and done with marriage!! Help!!
  181. update--still confused as ever
  182. Im deployed, wife depressed/in denial/wants separation
  183. Walking On Eggshells - when a partner has 'borderline personality disorder'
  184. Emotional Instability
  185. new husband doesn't get it
  186. Husband is my business partner and I want a divorce
  187. Husband moved back home but sleeps in spare room
  188. Give up now?
  189. Not looking good and need advice
  190. putting me 1st
  191. I'm new and need some advice please
  192. we ARE taking time apart
  193. 180
  194. Strong thoughts of giving up
  195. Advice sought about marriage that seems to be going nowhere
  196. Married for the wrong reasons
  197. I've decided to fight to the bitter end
  198. Feeling worthless
  199. Need help please....
  200. Wife is unhappy and wants out
  201. High School sweethearts in DOOM
  202. having problems accepting that its over
  203. What to do?
  204. What would you do?
  205. Anyone in a sexless marriage?
  206. Lost and Confused -thinking about divorce((LONG Story))
  207. Affair 3 years prior, Wife with BPD.. Need Help
  208. Confused - need help with husband
  209. Please help
  210. Can you move on without divorcing?
  211. Don't want a divorce
  212. Have I driven my wife away for good
  213. Sparation - Sex - is he feeling different?
  214. Advice desperately needed!! Pregnant and Divorce
  215. Sexless marriage, affair, now what?
  216. Hoping some opinions will help
  217. Considering Divorce, Looking for advice.
  218. Cannot decide if should get rid of her?
  219. Should I get a divorce?
  220. Advice? LONG....
  221. Lazy wife...should I seek a divorce?
  222. Not Sure Where To Go From Here...
  223. When do you know it's time...
  224. DIVORCE or NOT (need a woman's opinion)
  225. Is my husband abusive?
  226. Wife depressed, has asked for divorce, now will not go through with it
  227. Really Confused
  228. Please help me - husband does not love me
  229. I'm so lost...please help
  230. Need other opinions, husband hates best friend considering divorce
  231. Husband says he won't sign
  232. I don't know where to start..... Please help
  233. Credit Card needed...
  234. need some other opinions
  235. Any similar stories with happy endings?
  236. Starting to move on
  237. It's just not the same
  238. Need some direction, maybe some advise or even criticism.. yes, am a bit lost
  239. Married only because it feels safe. Help!
  240. Finally talked to a lawyer
  241. Weary of it all...this is long.
  242. Need advice
  243. Not sure of how I feel, or what to do
  244. Please pray for my strength tonite
  245. Wife wants Divorce - Need Advice PLEASE!!
  246. Why doesn't he acknowledge that I want a separation?
  247. Separation Talk Tonight
  248. He's begging for more time, not sure if its already too late..
  249. Newlyweds gone wrong!!
  250. It's first night on the couch for me tonight.. :P