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: Considering Divorce or Separation

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  1. Is it time to throw the towel in?
  2. husband wants to leave...
  3. Depressed spouse, contemplating divorce after 17 years...
  4. New one completely lost here.. :-(
  5. To divorce, or not? That is the question.
  6. So now what? (How to Secretly Get Ready To Separate?)
  7. Kids see mom with BF kids
  8. My husband left our bed, one month after our wedding
  9. I'm done... Can't take the extreme ups and downs anymore...
  10. No longer in love - not sure if I ever was!!!
  11. Am I making the right choice?
  12. Want out after 30 years
  13. Abusive spouse with potential personality disorder. Divorce?
  14. Trying to get a piece of myself back
  15. Very Confused on a young marriage..What to do?
  16. thinking about skippin' town...
  17. so confused...please help...
  18. Background - what to do... (Sorry kind of long)
  19. Wrong about there being hope
  20. --Next Step?
  21. Trying to decide how serious I am
  22. the guilt of separating...
  23. Advice please
  24. Having no choice but to live with the in-laws yr after yr.Is that a reason to leave?
  25. wife's poor selfesteem a killer
  26. wanting too but scared
  27. My story...
  28. No energy left for this marriage
  29. marriage based on lies..
  30. Really considering separation. HELP!!!
  31. Poem excerpt
  32. Should separation or divorce be the answer for me?
  33. Should I expect a confession
  34. How much Fraud is forgiveable
  35. the last straw? please help
  36. advice on controlling husband
  37. bad Communication
  38. stuck, stuck, stuck
  39. Question about marital debt and reconciliation
  40. How far would you go to seek the truth?
  41. Another "Don't know what to do/How to know when its over?" Question
  42. I think it's finally over
  43. Another loveless and sexually frustrated marriage.
  44. Anti-Divorce
  45. Custody / Child support question
  46. Is this just a "bump in the road" or more?
  47. full story Monterin law killed marriage or did he
  48. Harsh Words
  49. Monster in law killed our marriage or did He?
  50. Should I go back? Please help!
  51. Insecurities in me has seemed to doom our love!
  52. Its tuff not knowing what to do.
  53. I Just Don't Know What to Do?
  54. It's gonna break his heart
  55. Should I..
  56. Advice and help needed, please.
  57. Is this marriage worth saving?
  58. The First Blow
  59. Waiting....Waiting...
  60. Turned a corner last night
  61. I thought it was Him the whole time, but now im starting to think its me
  62. New here - would welcome feedback
  63. Stuck in a endless loop
  64. I dont trust my fiancee at all, considering leaving.
  65. Separation agreement - Formal or Informal?
  66. Selfish and immature. . is there hope?
  67. Torn about ending my short marriage
  68. Am I making things up?
  69. Separation - wearing wedding rings
  70. No idea what to do! Please help!
  71. my husband,my in laws and my parents want me to get divorced but i don't want
  72. How/Where do I put the VAR
  73. Had the feel terrible....
  74. Do I walk away?
  75. Will he ever want to have sex with me?
  76. does not support my career
  77. sex in marriage
  78. I think my husband is a con artist & pathological lier
  79. Hello all, I Believe the end is near.
  80. 180?
  81. Did you worry about what people would think when you divorced?
  82. Why stay with a man I don't even like, much less love?
  83. Wife wants to divorce to be with another woman
  84. Confused...wife is unhappy
  85. Should I Walk Away For Good?
  86. Read this....
  87. So close to separation
  88. On the edge of divorce
  89. Community Property in the 21st Century?
  90. Mostly venting
  91. Stuck
  92. Unbiased advice please
  93. lost
  94. Husband Confused?
  95. Think I am at a dead end
  96. Which way is up?
  97. Need advice
  98. I'm afraid to take the plunge
  99. I Need Help.... How Can I Get My Husband To Leave
  100. Relationship ran its course?
  101. Waiting for depressed wife to return affection
  102. My Marriage is at bottom/over - how do we rebuild trust?
  103. Is there a good enough reason to divorce??
  104. She wants to stay, even though I have to go :(
  105. Always thought we'd stick it out- til now
  106. Is separation the only option?
  107. Is divorce right in my situation?
  108. I agree to let you relocate if you dont divorce me!
  109. Lost & Scared
  110. We have grown apart....
  111. I do need someone to take this seriously
  112. Think I'm ready to move on - my first post
  113. I need help!!!
  114. So confused.... please help.
  115. Am too stubborn to forgive. Live with resentment or leave?
  116. have the courage to follow your heart and intuition
  117. Wondering why we bother with love if it never lasts
  118. What do I do now?
  119. Silent Punishment
  120. To stay in a barely tolerable marriage for the kids' sake?
  121. I want a divorce, but don't know how to confront husband
  122. Need a kick in the pants......
  123. Talk to Mother in Law or no?
  124. Second Guessing...sad to lose my best friend
  125. wife not happy- kinda long- please help me see
  126. Not in love anymore...idk?
  127. Just not sure.
  128. Advice? Support? Not really sure what I need right now
  129. What about my children??
  130. Two year EA?
  131. It just keeps getting harder
  132. on the track to divorce, separation - but what about the kids?
  133. Moving towards divorce
  134. Should I separate? So lost and need some objective advice!
  135. Divorce your wife for a warmer climate?
  136. Just need some advice.
  137. Not sure if it can be saved - Help
  138. I can't believe I'm here...a long tale of woe
  139. Need Some Advice!!...Staying in a loveless relationship for my kid is it worth it?
  140. Is Semi-Happiness a good reason to consider leaving?
  141. 21 years of co-dependency ugh
  142. very ready to leave, but staying for my daughter
  143. I need a strength to leave my marriage
  144. Is it abuse or what?
  145. I hate my life.. Warning this is LONG
  146. Please tell me divorce is not the end of the world...
  147. Unsure what to do
  148. H and I are roomates
  149. Can a trial separation help a marriage?
  150. Remorse is sometimes not good enough
  151. Feelings of Hopelessness
  152. Who's gone through divorce in Texas?
  153. Lack of Love
  154. My idiot husband ruined my trip
  155. Mid life depression or cheating?
  156. Needy or emotionally abusive
  157. Is divorce the only answer now?? Please help.
  158. Understanding Abbreviations
  159. Love my husband, he does not love me
  160. We are apart !!!
  161. where to go from here??
  162. Holidays over...time to get serious about my intentions
  163. we just got married a month ago..and i want out...
  164. Its over
  165. At a Standstill
  166. Some Advice Please
  167. Husband wants to leave but I had to ask him to go...there's this guy on facebook
  168. My Situation
  169. So Lost... what comes next?
  170. Update to: just need some advice
  171. Feeling like divorce is the only option
  172. Considering divorce after verbal abuse and infidelity
  173. Wife suddenly wants to separate, I don't
  174. Married after 90 days, now 12 years later big problems
  175. Stepson, child, and divorce.. HELP!
  176. Considering confused
  177. I just don't know if I can't get past it...
  178. Moving Back Home
  179. How long to wait?
  180. Fear of failure?
  181. Thinking of a divorce...
  182. Wanted to share this with the ladies!
  183. need some advice
  184. Husband not sure about being married
  185. Is this abuse?
  186. Working it out - Living apart?
  187. For once thinking about what I want
  188. Just need some advice
  189. Pregnant and Considering Seperation (long post)
  190. What To Do How Can One Change or be Complacement is it Too Late? or go with the Flow?
  191. Need Advice- Don't Want to Give up on Him
  192. he abondened and desserted us
  193. Whats going to happen?
  194. what more can you do...
  195. At a loss-long story, sorry.
  196. Intellectual and cultural incompatibility
  197. Looks like it might be my turn
  198. Help I am married to a spoiled Mama's boy
  199. newlywed, seperated, now he wants me back??
  200. thinking about separation/divorce
  201. Wife wants to go on a date. I don't.
  202. unsure, but pretty sure, infidelity during seperation
  203. Considering getting a divorce
  204. Christmas Presents
  205. Tummy Tuck with Lipo vs Cost of Divorce...HELP!
  206. Advice needed
  207. Time To Be Strong Or Give Up?
  208. Trouble asking for divorce
  209. I Dont Want to Stop But..
  210. Husband doesn't think he has any flaws/issues
  211. Is time alone to think a good or bad idea?
  212. So lost and still hurting
  213. Desperate for advice!
  214. when wife begins to feel close to me again she pulls away
  215. Perpetuating the lie.....
  216. Unhappy & Unsure
  217. Flip flopping?
  218. great in everyway but the one that counts
  219. What's next?
  220. I feel real bad about it afterwards
  221. Those considering Seperation/Divorce...does your spouse see??
  222. If I leave, he'll rarely see our son....
  223. At the breaking point and Need help!!!
  224. Tested myself - Divorce forms
  225. 180?? what is it??
  226. When do you realize it's never going to work and let it go?
  227. Song that hits home
  228. Should I divorce and move on?
  229. Emotional distancing
  230. Husband wants to seperate
  231. New Here. Thankful to have found this.. I am thinking of leaving my husband..
  232. down and out...
  233. Divorce? Can severe sexual baggage be fixed?
  234. confused and frustrated
  235. Things are progressing
  236. Do the Holidays make you want to divorce less?
  237. Husband is no longer attracted to me
  238. I don't know what to do..
  239. 4 Years Married, definitely considering divorce...
  240. Christian wife vs. non Christian egotistical Husband
  241. in need of advice
  242. Recently got seperated Help please
  243. A year since considering divorce with little progress
  244. Can you file and get temp custody without a lawyer?
  245. Wife and I can't agree on Custody!
  246. So Confused
  247. Looking for some insight on the plights of divorce and being a single mother.
  248. So many similar stories but it still hurts so much
  249. Pregnant and considering divorce
  250. H changing Divorce to Seperation..long story