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: Considering Divorce or Separation

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  1. Stay at home mom considering separation/divorce.
  2. Is it too late?
  3. Contemplating divorce... need advice
  4. Need Help with Wife's new Friendship
  5. Have sex with others?
  6. Wife does not want to live around family
  7. Best Way to Say you want a D
  8. Life's too short....
  9. He is not talking.....It's been 4 week!
  10. Poof! Unhappy!
  11. Calling It Quits?
  12. Fight or Flight?
  13. I'm so confused!
  14. I'm confused, please help
  15. Wife Says I'm More Of A Friend
  16. So confused...
  17. how to improve self esteem
  18. My Husband is my best friend
  19. so confused pls help!
  20. Another Confused One
  21. Confused - my head and my heart
  22. Husband is "willing to share me"!!
  23. Considering Divorce - I need to live!!!
  24. Custody
  25. Forgiveness...
  26. Confused
  27. My heart is dead.....Pls help me pump it alive again
  28. I want her to have an affair
  29. Married to an older Man
  30. Where is the love??
  31. So confused...need opinions
  32. What to do with a "Dream Wife" who's a b*tch
  33. She hates my sister
  34. Time to Move On?
  35. How to leave / get him out
  36. Theft, Lies, Trust, Divorse?
  37. confused and annoyed with marriage and family
  38. Separated 6 months...big waste of time
  39. Changing wife
  40. unhappy but still love him
  41. individual marriage counseling?
  42. Pregnant and confused
  43. Marriage Couseling- worked or not worked
  44. tomorrow meeting with lawyer and GUILT is stopping me
  45. Advice needed.When do you know you dont love someone anymore?
  46. Lost on what to do or think...
  47. Collaborative Law
  48. Kids reaction to seperation.
  49. Wife is leaving but is wanting to do the minimum towards support
  50. Is it normal to feel this way?
  51. How do I know if he is being genuine?
  52. Feeling trapped and at wits end
  53. My world has fallen apart
  54. Wore out from it all
  55. Confrontational personality
  56. I was not expecting this.
  57. Can a 22-year bumpy relationship be saved? Should it?
  58. [How] Should I get out?
  59. It may be over ...
  60. he told me he was going to have a affair after i denyed him
  61. Stuck
  62. New Here but Feels Used by Husband
  63. Wife wants to move out
  64. Can I ever hope to be intimate again?
  65. how to say goodbye to your marriage
  66. Is He Being Vindictive or What?
  67. I know I've said it before...but it's time....
  68. ...I cant find the strength
  69. Do emotional/verbal abusers change?
  70. New here and in NJ
  71. Anyone tried Imago therapy?
  72. Don't want to give up...but is it worth it anymore?
  73. Stages of Marriage
  74. Hi there, I am new here and I need your help
  75. I'm so confused, what am I doing?!?
  76. New Here and need to know if I should leave.
  77. interracial marriage... Maybe rednecks were right...
  78. Feeling inconsequential please help!
  79. I thought I'd be over it by now....
  80. Considering divorce
  81. my guilt is holding me back
  82. She says she is not in love with me anymore
  83. Should I persevere
  84. Taking the next step
  85. Why Does My Husband Keep Bushing Me Off About Divorcing Me?
  86. 100% sure Divorce is the path to what
  87. Very confused unsure and Unhappy in my marriage
  88. May have bought myself a little more time...
  89. not sure!!
  90. LONG post...
  91. Just need someone to talk to.....
  92. I think I would be happier alone
  93. Seperate Rooms and quickly moving toward divorce
  94. Selfish
  95. Can you change a personality or who you are?
  96. The 180 and when to stop
  97. My relationship could end :S
  98. Dilemma - Separation Anxiety
  99. My world has turned upside down and my husband could care less
  100. Am I 15 years late?
  101. Staying together for the kids or divorce?
  102. Input/Advice Wanted
  103. wife not happy said she doesn't love me any more considering divorce
  104. The thrill is gone... well, at least for her...
  105. Given up...considering legal separation
  106. Husband's femal best friend
  107. fallen out of love with hubby! need advice/help!!!
  108. im done but he financially destroyed me
  109. Not sure I can stay if I don't have more kids
  110. fallen out of love...
  111. Young and Wondering
  112. Scared to leave...
  113. Moving out and it's effects on custody in NYS
  114. He's asking for a Divorce
  115. Quiting the marriage
  116. stay or leave?
  117. How to Communicate in the 180
  118. Not sure what to do
  119. From your experience... is my marriage over?
  120. Hard decision to make
  121. One more reason why I don't respect my husband...
  122. My wife hates my teenage daughter
  123. Why Must it be Lies all the Time??!!!
  124. Torn
  125. Separation...need man's point of view
  126. When & how does Separation start? Legality of it...
  127. Silent treatment; too scared to say the words "i want a divorce"
  128. Looking for advice-hesitant to leave. Unsure if I should.
  129. Infidelity x 5, Long post
  130. When change comes too late.
  131. I'm scared to tell him....
  132. What to do?
  133. I don't want to leave, but is it worth staying?
  134. Is this reason enough to leave him or am I being selfish?
  135. A Year out from Affair..exhausted and confused
  136. Married a quarter century and near the precipice
  137. A couple days/week apart help?
  138. i feel lost
  139. Emotionally abused, but affraid of alternative
  140. Need opinions --Fight over a shirt??!!
  141. Is it time? How did you know?
  142. Opinions on what the purpose of separation is?
  143. i gave him my ultimatum today
  144. My husband wants to move abroad
  145. Wife alienating the kids...
  146. I feel like I'm about to go over the edge...
  147. New here, and am seriously considering separating with my husband.
  148. Can it be really over? Wife wanted some space.
  149. 9 months in and seperated. plse help
  150. Heartbreaking story - may be long.
  151. No longer attracted or want to be around him
  152. 7 year itch -- need fresh insights
  153. growing apart
  154. Almost 1 year of marriage and we are going to divorce
  155. how to say this is the end
  156. Knowing When
  157. considering separating but-same house, separate bedrooms
  158. I need help. Or at least an ear??
  159. hubby on line dating and texting other women
  160. Master Manipulator
  161. Need Advise
  162. I'm already one foot out the door
  163. Some advice please
  164. Can I Say "I Love You Even If You Don't Love Me Back" If The Kids Can Hear?
  165. Totally confused
  166. Why is he so mean all the time???!!!!
  167. How to get him to talk?
  168. Need some real advice
  169. advice needed!
  170. How to begin the separation process?
  171. Husband is depressed, How to nevigate?
  172. 6 months and not at all what I expected
  173. In a slump
  174. Marriage counseling
  175. We both cheated...Hope for us?
  176. Divorce Taken As A Joke!
  177. Is this odd?
  178. emotional and physical abuse
  179. Seperation with Benefits? How would it work?
  180. How should I handle this?
  181. I feel Trapped
  182. I snooped. Now what? :(
  183. 24 year friendship, 12 year relationship, 4 year marriage - is it over?
  184. Military Wife with an emotionally and verbally abusive husband
  185. Not sure how to deal with this
  186. he cheated online again thinking of leaving
  187. New Here- Could Really Use Some Advice
  188. What next?
  189. Seperated for one year, wife wants a divorce..what now?
  190. Advice is appreciated!
  191. My wife just drove off at the middle of the night - what should i do?
  192. how do i deal?
  193. I wasted 9 years of my life on an unloving husband!
  194. I think my wife is abusive...
  195. Confused, perplexed, bewildered, mystified - a thesaurus of emotions
  196. My husband of less than 2yrs choked me until I couldnt breathe..
  197. Not sure what is next for me...
  198. I want out, but I don't want to hurt her or the kids
  199. Worst weekend ever--Marriage Hell
  200. Apathetic husband for too long...
  201. Should I stay?
  202. Is he mean or am I just sensitive?
  203. He says he can't live through another divorce.
  204. It turns out that I never really knew my husband...
  205. It's inevitable
  206. Totally lost.....
  207. No More! No Turning Back....
  208. Trying to make the decision to go back to my ex
  209. When do you change the beneficiary for life insurance?
  210. What would you do?
  211. I'm the problem.....and need advice!
  212. Dont want to divorce but don't see things getting better
  213. Any advice on thoughts of separation...
  214. Freaked Out!
  215. New, need advice and to share story
  216. Still thinking of leaving my husband...Advice Please?
  217. Finally considering divorce or separation
  218. My wife has decided to leave me Ė I donít want to lose her!!!
  219. What is enough?
  220. Just So Tired
  221. What is "Normal/Average" for a husband?
  222. I have decided to what?!?!
  223. Help!!!
  224. At what point is divorce the only option left?
  225. Lonely and confused
  226. Married 22 years
  227. Is there any hope? He is turning me in to a crazy wife!
  228. just don't know how to leave
  229. Should I leave my Husband?
  230. His permission??
  231. My soul is in pain
  232. Is there such a thing as an implied separation?
  233. when do I say it is over?
  234. Advice for leaving a dependent spouse
  235. He Not Hurt but Angry That I want to Seperate
  236. Wanting to leave but things holding me back.
  237. Rant
  238. Need advice asap
  239. Help me out here, ladies
  240. I have made some HUGE mistakes and leaps backwards guys.
  241. I am completely lost and don't know what to do
  242. I want to leave him but..
  243. I love her but she loves another guy.
  244. I don't wanna LEAVE the LOVE of my LIFE... BUT.
  245. How Long
  246. Am I doing the right thing?
  247. Encouragement and support to follow thru
  248. I've Finally Reached the Point
  249. Can someone explain 180 to me?
  250. Don't wanna leave but need to kids involved - long stry need help been up all night

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