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: Considering Divorce or Separation

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  1. Don't want to go but he says he don't love me.
  2. Hes a selfish emotionless child now....
  3. Doomed if i do and doomed if i don't!!
  4. Wife wants to take kids out of the country
  5. Want to leave but feel bad
  6. Lost and need some advice
  7. So Unhappy in my 13year Marriage
  8. Not sure what to do!
  9. Is it really possible?
  10. Not sure where to go..
  11. ???lost....what am I doing???
  12. Should I stay or should I go?
  13. Puzzling Over the Logistics of a Separation
  14. Husband wants to be alone.
  15. Wife says to her friend "I just put up with him"
  16. filing for divorce first
  17. Insecure husband making me rethink 'us'
  18. Dont know what to do, completely conflicted
  19. He changed, and yet years later I'm unhappy?
  20. What normal marriage is?
  21. Is my husband cheating on me(Again)?
  22. Please help!!
  23. I want a future
  24. Can I Talk My Wife Out Of Divorcing Me ?
  25. my husband wants a divorce but wants to stay together?
  26. Pursuing divorce but I'm majorly conflicted.
  27. Sad newlywed:(
  28. I think I've had enough
  29. Texts From Cell Phones
  30. Need advice asap
  31. I am a coward.
  32. Struggling with this decision
  33. Divorce
  34. Divorce wife of 35 years
  35. My marriage is pointless
  36. How Do You Know?
  37. Need help.. Don't know what to do.
  38. Still feeling so angry and depressed
  39. Is separation and divorce inevitable?
  40. Connecticut Divorce Help Please
  41. Should I stay or should I go?!?!?
  42. Dead end help
  43. Selfish and sneaky...
  44. How to accept and move
  45. Where do I go from here?
  46. Chalk one up for TAM member
  47. Am I making things worse...
  48. Letter to stay on point
  49. Feeling hopeless
  50. My Father wants to leave, please give advice
  51. Planning separation in 2016
  52. Financial motive - one man's quandary
  53. Struggling to keep the faith - feeling lonely and used.
  54. I wish I could say "At an appropriate time in the future, I'd like a divorce."
  55. Reasons you have decided NOT to get a divorce
  56. Post is long but I need advice...HELP!
  57. Finally reached my limit
  58. I need advice on my "fustrating" situation!
  59. Newbie looking for advice
  60. How to tell if he is cheating...again.
  61. Wife wants to separate but is sending mixed mesages
  62. Am I wrong?
  63. Is it time to separate?
  64. I cheated. Feeling confused.
  65. Day one of Separation.
  66. About to give up... (Posted in General also...)
  67. Depressed and lonely
  68. a date set for separation
  69. Conflict over having children
  70. Confusion
  71. Can I do this?
  72. Considering, but do not want, divorce
  73. Torn between staying and leaving
  74. My Wife's Raging is Destroying Our Marriage-Part 2
  75. Anger - ridden Husband Abusing Dog
  76. no energy to try
  77. Advice Am I wrong.
  78. Married 11 years and feeling used, abandoned
  79. How did you know?
  80. Suddenly Divorce
  81. can i meet my wife's demands just so i can live with our kids?
  82. My husband solicits prostitutes.
  83. Not a Midlife crisis. Mid-Life Awakening?
  84. Where do I go from here?
  85. I want out and want peace, we both cheated, trying to work it out for the children
  86. My husband insecurities .....
  87. Need a new nomenclature "Judged Spouse"
  88. Wife feels emtionally disconnected from me. Does not see me in her future.
  89. Husband gave me ultimatum, help me!
  90. Please Help
  91. The young & Married. Also the young & unsure!
  92. I want to leave
  93. How much of an explanation do you owe?
  94. Do or do not - there is no try
  95. Backlash Of Leaving + Accusations
  96. At what point do we decide that our lives would be better spent with other people?
  97. Broken up but living together
  98. How can I possibly stay??
  99. This is actually happening
  100. Mentally drained
  101. Children's Reactions
  102. help with a lying husband
  103. afraid of becoming yet another statistic
  104. Tired, just plain old tired...
  105. To divorce or not to divorce....
  106. Inevitable Divorce? Wife's OCD fallout.
  107. Divorce- Before or after holidays?
  108. thinking of a divorce
  109. My wife has become a Meth Addict
  110. What do I do?
  111. It makes me sad making her sad
  112. Not sure where to start - what to do with cheating wife
  113. Betrayed and in disbelief
  114. For a low conflict marriage, is divorce truely better for the children?
  115. I don't know who we are at this point
  116. advice please
  117. Falling into depression
  118. Extra perspective of any kind needed
  119. Should I stay? Should I leave? How bad can things be???
  120. How do you tell them it's over?
  121. A Letter To My Wife
  122. I don't see a bright future!
  123. Marriage Buster questions and Attraction
  124. Considering divorce or seperation.
  125. Considering divorce, need advice.
  126. Tough... Pregnant Wife and child and is this the end?
  127. What do I do now?
  128. Its Over but he won't accept it
  129. Counting down
  130. Trial separation - How much hope is there in this?
  131. No mutual decisions
  132. Ideological Husband
  133. Things are coming to a head
  134. Why do councilling and family support resources not speak of men in womens' midlife c
  135. My next step?
  136. 15 years and now what? It dawns to me I had been misleading myself all this time.
  137. My Wife's Raging is Detroying Our Marriage!
  138. Done!
  139. Resources regarding children in divorced homes
  140. I know it will be hard, but I think I'm going to do it
  141. In a dark place - needing help
  142. Using Child Custody As A Weapon
  143. Being nice is not working
  144. mixed emotions about my marriage
  145. stay or go? PLEASE advise!
  146. So lost - Should get divorce? - Help!
  147. how to choose lawyer
  148. He's not moving out like he said
  149. Is divorce the next step? Please, help.
  150. Need help/ advice
  151. Giving up on 6 years
  152. Think i'm done ? Rarely feel anything !
  153. Arbitrator or lawyer
  154. Considering leaving after 6 years.
  155. he has legislative reason doing violence to me?
  156. HELP! I need your advice, please.
  157. It just hurts so much
  158. I found my husband cheated on me,what should I do now?
  159. Should I?
  160. Riddle Me This Batman(Left Wives Club Mainly)
  161. here's a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down
  162. Please help on my previous post
  163. Considering divorce
  164. How did I let this happen
  165. Only Married For 6 Months and Considering Divorce
  166. Did separation go like you thought?
  167. Does anyone here believe spouses can be totally incompatible their entire M?
  168. Feeling Accomplished
  169. Married, in love, but not with my wife
  170. At the end of my rope Considering Separation
  171. Riding the Fence of Divorcing or Not?
  172. Porn and lying
  173. Need Advice-Long Story!
  174. Am I wrong? Tired of all the drama.
  175. splitting the house into two?
  176. I need a seperation
  177. Need an outside perspective
  178. Is divorce selfish?
  179. I am a wreck
  180. D's are sticky
  181. I think separation is the next step.
  182. Husband wants to be alone
  183. Says he will do whatever to stop the divorce
  184. Trapped and Confused
  185. Got hit twice
  186. unhappy and confused
  187. I'm I right to drop the towel and move on????
  188. Army wife, husband cheated
  189. Feeling lost, I think I married the wrong man
  190. What would you do
  191. Clear Feedback.. Especially from men - I am a wife of a husband who wants to separate
  192. Wife lost all feelings for me
  193. Considering separation and possibly divorce
  194. Time to Move on?
  195. Is it really so bad?
  196. I just can't tell how I feel
  197. I am separated and I donít know what to do with my marriage.
  198. Any legit reverse phone look up service?
  199. Complete Burnout, lost identity
  200. 2 Years Dating, 5 Years Marriage with 2 Years Apart
  201. No idea what to do
  202. How true is "too broke to divorce"?
  203. It's The End of July
  204. Should I fight to keep the unborn baby or get abortion to go serperate ways?
  205. Been here awhile...
  206. How do you know when it's time to let go?
  207. continuing situation with wife
  208. Beyond lost!!!!!
  209. Torn on what to do
  210. Deciding what's best.
  211. Should I be considering divorce or try to work it out?
  212. How to Know If a Lawyer is Good
  213. Need Help- Wife Wants to go "Poly" but I don't
  214. Help - BPD? Considering an exit :(
  215. Exit Affair vs Bowing Out Gracefully
  216. Time to Give Up?
  217. Must get the papers!!!
  218. Legal advice
  219. CA Separation Laws Questions
  220. Wife is infatuated with live in friend, Help!
  221. Just need to talk
  222. BIL cheating. Need some books for him to read.
  223. Need some advice, this is long
  224. Is this purely guilt keeping me in the marriage?
  225. Should I stay or should I go
  226. My wife gave up all intimacy, sex, kissing- 6 yrs ago
  227. Resentful and wanting a divorce.
  228. Don't know what to do
  229. Wife and I in MC but I still want to leave..
  230. Fighting in marriage
  231. Desperate for advice
  232. How it happened (my final straw)
  233. Should husband pay divorce cost?
  234. Is unhappiness reason enough?
  235. Considering myself lucky, but still unhappy
  236. Confused
  237. When roles are reversed in a marriage, will I (the mom) lose my kids?
  238. wife wants divorce, in love with another woman
  239. Wife filed for divorce and moved out
  240. Advice?
  241. I don't have anyone to talk to for advice! Help!!
  242. Dont know if its what I want
  243. Quick Question..Initial Consultation with Lawyer
  244. He thinks he MIGHT want kids.... I know I don't
  245. Mixed Signals - argh!
  246. legal issues and advice
  247. Husband addicted to meth
  248. Those considering divorce need to go to "Life After Divorce Section"
  249. Am I being unreasonable?
  250. Considering divorce, but I'm trapped and scared