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: Considering Divorce or Separation

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  1. Husband won't change
  2. Is it really that bad
  3. How does a military divorce work?
  4. Stay or go
  5. Wife still loves me but wants a divorce
  6. I want a divorce but am afraid to hurt my kids
  7. Going back and forth about divorce, need some advice please
  8. Need advice on this complicated issue!
  9. Hating husband right now
  10. I found divorce papers...
  11. I feel lost. I don't know which direction to go
  12. I don't know what to do
  13. Advice needed
  14. Finance Strategy Question
  15. How do I know if my marriage is done?
  16. In love with someone else
  17. How to take the plunge?
  18. Nearly 40 years of marriage....
  19. Husband wants divorce after only two months
  20. Wife wants out
  21. Stay or go
  22. How to stop being scared?
  23. 42 years
  24. I married my husband after knowing him for one month. Big Mistake!
  25. How do I let go?
  26. Advice on actual move out
  27. What's the worst that could happen
  28. Help, husband is thinking of leaving
  29. Support
  30. Husband wants a divorce
  31. Heart is not in the marriage
  32. Desperate to find the courage to leave, donít want to destroy him
  33. Very confused
  34. Guide for husbands?
  35. Resentment
  36. Can't Get the Words Out of My Head
  37. I need to fall back in love with my husband!!!
  38. Stonewalling husband
  39. Am I wrong?
  40. How to start the D-Word Conversation
  41. wife wants her freedom
  42. Should I stay with high school sweetheart? Confused
  43. Im Screwed! -cant get divorced
  44. What made you leave?
  45. Happier Alone?
  46. Should I Stay or Should I Go?
  47. Is my new wife abusive?
  48. Separated after 6 months of marriage
  49. Eight Year Loving Relationship Crashing and Burning After Baby
  50. I am so exhausted i dont even know how to bring myself to end it
  51. breaking up
  52. Active Army: cheating and abusive and bigamist
  53. In love with someone else and it hurts
  54. HELP! I really need advice!
  55. Wife wants divorce
  56. New beginning or end
  57. Tired
  58. Two year plan
  59. Need men's opinions
  60. confused like hell... divorce or not???
  61. Been struggling for months now....
  62. on the hunt for my sanity
  63. Choosing between hometown or my marriage
  64. I'm about to file. Should I?
  65. Leaving an abusive marriage - the next step?
  66. First Counseling Session-True Colors
  67. need opinions on if I should leave.
  68. Not sure if divorce is what I should be going for. Thoughts/advice?
  69. She feels stuck
  70. What would you do?
  71. New to forum, been reading a lot
  72. Just asked for a divorce after 3 months
  73. Is my marriage worth saving?
  74. Confused: My wife needs her space - Adive appreciated
  75. Who benefits from reconciliation?
  76. Not sure what to do
  77. Asexual and Other Issues
  78. What do I do?
  79. I cannot __ anymore
  80. Suggestions please
  81. Tired of doing everything RANT
  82. Decision has been made - seeking support - long post
  83. I can't live like this anymore.
  84. This is the end - I believe
  85. Need Advise.
  86. Divorce over Employment
  87. My wife wants a divorce but I dont
  88. What to do when you feel like leaving but also feel like itís your entire fault.
  89. I Need Objective Input
  90. Bad Attitude - Constant Nagging - Feeling trapped
  91. Wondering...Am I Selfish?
  92. I cheated. Husband is open to reconcile but I don't know ....
  93. Emotional Manipulation??
  94. She said she wants to leave again. I'm ready to let her.
  95. How did you feel after your divorce
  96. She refuses to attend my gay sister's wedding.....
  97. Kids are great, work is great, and wife is a good friend, but not a lover...
  98. confused and not sure what to do
  99. Should I force my son to see his dad?
  100. tired of groundhog day
  101. Wife hinted at an Open relationship
  102. Confused Expat
  103. Complicated..Help Appreciate
  104. About to file, last minute advice/pointers
  105. Is this really the norm?
  106. Want to Separate, but Concerned About Our Children
  107. Legal Separation then possible divorce in NY
  108. Situation update - delayed child development - has wife's MLM business gone too far?
  109. Filing myself the hardest part
  110. I'm still in love with my ex and I'm considering divorce
  111. Am I crazy or a B?
  112. Need advice-Can this be saved?
  113. at a loss
  114. What more can I do?
  115. I don't know
  116. scared of making a mistake
  117. Do you ever feel like youíre living someone elseís life?
  118. Wife is always mad, and unapproachable
  119. Christian mental health counselor
  120. Made my decision
  121. considering divorce...could use some advice
  122. This is so hard..
  123. How on earth does someone find the courage to leave?
  124. Pregnant and wanting to end my marriage
  125. I think it's time to move on...
  126. Husband moved out, how much time do I give him?
  127. Need unbiased advice
  128. I need advice
  129. Paperwork Filed
  130. Divorcing My Room Mate
  131. Is the marriage over? Very confused...
  132. In a Bad Relationship Cycle (Who's been there?)
  133. Banging my head against the wall. Do I stay or go?
  134. Why do I feel this way?
  135. Walking Away and Don't Even Care Anymore
  136. Never go out alone after 5pm or I will Divorce you?
  137. What do y'all think
  138. What can I do if my wife is not sure she loves me anymore?
  139. Happy to Marriage crisis in 2 weeks
  140. Don't even know where to start
  141. Married 2 years
  142. Made Him Leave
  143. Emotionally abused and stuck in a bad situation
  144. im so lost
  145. is it the end?
  146. We're both miserable
  147. Wevorce
  148. Is it possible to regain respect from your spouse?
  149. In-Home Separation?
  150. When did you just know.....
  151. I feel like I've lost myself
  152. Going nowhere fast - starting to lose my mind! (And everything else..)
  153. Divorce or annullment? 3.4 year marriage
  154. How do I fix things
  155. Never Ending Saga ... getting worse
  156. When to leave?
  157. Don't want to go but he says he don't love me.
  158. Hes a selfish emotionless child now....
  159. Doomed if i do and doomed if i don't!!
  160. Wife wants to take kids out of the country
  161. Want to leave but feel bad
  162. Lost and need some advice
  163. So Unhappy in my 13year Marriage
  164. Not sure what to do!
  165. Is it really possible?
  166. Not sure where to go..
  167. ???lost....what am I doing???
  168. Should I stay or should I go?
  169. Husband wants to be alone.
  170. Wife says to her friend "I just put up with him"
  171. filing for divorce first
  172. Insecure husband making me rethink 'us'
  173. Dont know what to do, completely conflicted
  174. He changed, and yet years later I'm unhappy?
  175. What normal marriage is?
  176. Is my husband cheating on me(Again)?
  177. Please help!!
  178. I want a future
  179. Can I Talk My Wife Out Of Divorcing Me ?
  180. my husband wants a divorce but wants to stay together?
  181. Pursuing divorce but I'm majorly conflicted.
  182. Sad newlywed:(
  183. I think I've had enough
  184. Texts From Cell Phones
  185. Need advice asap
  186. I am a coward.
  187. Struggling with this decision
  188. Divorce
  189. Divorce wife of 35 years
  190. My marriage is pointless
  191. How Do You Know?
  192. Need help.. Don't know what to do.
  193. Still feeling so angry and depressed
  194. Is separation and divorce inevitable?
  195. Connecticut Divorce Help Please
  196. Should I stay or should I go?!?!?
  197. Dead end help
  198. Selfish and sneaky...
  199. How to accept and move
  200. Where do I go from here?
  201. Chalk one up for TAM member
  202. Am I making things worse...
  203. Letter to stay on point
  204. Feeling hopeless
  205. My Father wants to leave, please give advice
  206. Planning separation in 2016
  207. Financial motive - one man's quandary
  208. Struggling to keep the faith - feeling lonely and used.
  209. I wish I could say "At an appropriate time in the future, I'd like a divorce."
  210. Reasons you have decided NOT to get a divorce
  211. Post is long but I need advice...HELP!
  212. Finally reached my limit
  213. I need advice on my "fustrating" situation!
  214. Newbie looking for advice
  215. How to tell if he is cheating...again.
  216. Wife wants to separate but is sending mixed mesages
  217. Am I wrong?
  218. Is it time to separate?
  219. I cheated. Feeling confused.
  220. Day one of Separation.
  221. About to give up... (Posted in General also...)
  222. Depressed and lonely
  223. a date set for separation
  224. Conflict over having children
  225. Confusion
  226. Can I do this?
  227. Considering, but do not want, divorce
  228. Torn between staying and leaving
  229. My Wife's Raging is Destroying Our Marriage-Part 2
  230. Anger - ridden Husband Abusing Dog
  231. no energy to try
  232. Advice Am I wrong.
  233. Married 11 years and feeling used, abandoned
  234. How did you know?
  235. Suddenly Divorce
  236. can i meet my wife's demands just so i can live with our kids?
  237. My husband solicits prostitutes.
  238. Not a Midlife crisis. Mid-Life Awakening?
  239. Where do I go from here?
  240. I want out and want peace, we both cheated, trying to work it out for the children
  241. My husband insecurities .....
  242. Need a new nomenclature "Judged Spouse"
  243. Wife feels emtionally disconnected from me. Does not see me in her future.
  244. Husband gave me ultimatum, help me!
  245. Please Help
  246. The young & Married. Also the young & unsure!
  247. I want to leave
  248. How much of an explanation do you owe?
  249. Do or do not - there is no try
  250. Backlash Of Leaving + Accusations