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: Considering Divorce or Separation

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  1. Family trip in the midst of a seperation
  2. Husband has Aspergers and I'm thinking about divorce
  3. I think my wife is having an EA. - Opinions.
  4. Marriage heading south
  5. really sad . should i stay or should i go?
  6. Will I ever be enough for my husband
  7. Newlywed Issues
  8. Do I stay or do I go?
  9. sad
  10. Marriage turning sour
  11. Divorce and continue to live together
  12. No affection left - is this reversible?
  13. What to do about selling house??
  14. So confused, is my wife abusing me?
  15. Painfully lonely, don't want to hurt her
  16. Confused....
  17. URGENT -Please lend your opinion
  18. New member
  19. It's not happened, but need advice
  20. What do I believe?
  21. When Enough is just Enough!!
  22. When it's time, it's time...
  23. Wife is reconsidering us, and I'm a complete wreck about it
  24. Really need some :(
  25. Desperate for help
  26. Don't know what to call this but...AHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  27. How to bring it up? Is this the end?
  28. 14 years, 5 kids but don't want to be with him anymore
  29. At the Tipping Point - Again!
  30. Annulment or divorce?
  31. I can't stand this anymore.
  32. d-day plus 6 weeks. long story, can you help?
  33. Don't know what to do!!!
  34. Maybe I am STUPID !!!
  35. No way out
  36. The Mid Life Crisis
  37. Are we just too different?
  38. I'm at a loss...
  39. New and desperate for advice
  40. I want something better, but there's a kid
  41. I'm Back!! :-(
  42. Starting to consider a separation and need advice
  43. Looking for Advice from Separated/Divorced Dads
  44. Cant decide what to do
  45. so confused and lonley right now
  46. Failing marriage and now cancer.
  47. don't know what to do
  48. Am I overreacting?
  49. Divorce or Stick it out?
  50. Don't want to call it quits
  51. He wont let go
  52. Entering the dating scene as an older gentleman
  53. Need your advice
  54. New member, considering separation for over 2 years
  55. What should I do?
  56. stressed
  57. New member, in need of help...really badly. Having a tough time
  58. Splitting our stuff up
  59. Bipolar fiance suddenly doesn't want to be together anymore
  60. Husband with many emotional/physical problems...and I want OUT!
  61. How do you approach him?
  62. Know I need to leave, but worried about my child
  63. Not sure what to do........
  64. almost 29yrs of marriage - is it over
  65. The Point of No Return?
  66. Post divorce: How close do I live to ex?
  67. how should I react to a request for separation?
  68. Had enough of the wife
  69. Is it worth it?
  70. When is enough enough?
  71. Unreasonable Wife - Help
  72. I need passion
  73. This is long but i have no clue anymore
  74. He wants to call it a day but I'm not ready
  75. leaving husband
  76. At the end of my rope
  77. Am I wrong
  78. Need an outside perspective on my mistake(?)
  79. Contacted a lawyer today
  80. Crib death and then a divorce.
  81. Job interview invite--now what??
  82. I'm venting and blogging
  83. How does someone just FALL OUT OF LOVE?!
  84. Do I Separate? or Not?
  85. Counseling Not Working
  86. Wife wants to Seperate
  87. Help??? Family member needs help but won't help self
  88. He wants out, I'm still in love
  89. Need support to follow through the plan the leave my alcoholic husband
  90. He Will Never Forgive Me!
  91. I think I'm ready for a separation
  92. What is stopping me leaving? I see dicvorce is the only option???
  93. Anyone else married to a good person who is "cold"?
  94. Resentment and Anger over the past...HELP...
  95. Feeling as if this is the end.
  96. Reaching out
  97. Thinking Of Divorce Or Separation
  98. I am torn....
  99. What can I do now?
  100. I feel like my wife doesn't love me
  101. Wife abused me. Regret not having an affair? Not sure if should stay or go
  102. my husband gives me low self essteem**long**
  103. intro, and thinking about leaving
  104. Will I regret leaving him? Will I regret staying?
  105. Dazed and confused...
  106. Making him choose between me & his mother
  107. I dont love her
  108. Showing her true colors? Will it work?
  109. Advice
  110. I need opinions on dating.
  111. Divorce after 30+ yrs over sexual dysfunction?
  112. Time to change life's direction
  113. What to do???
  114. Rectify relationships
  115. He's so angry, do I have a chance in hell?
  116. Should i just give up
  117. lonely :(
  118. He says he wants divorce, I don't know what to do..
  119. Basic Costs of Divorce?
  120. i know others are worse off than I am but....**long**
  121. I don't know what to do
  122. Separated- what to do
  123. I can't be the emotional punching bag anymore
  124. My wife tells me that she doesn't think she is the one for me.
  125. Meeting an attorney- Never done this before!
  126. He says he's thinking of cheating...on a deadline
  127. wife mentioned possibly leaving. harboring anger
  128. Why am I so weak?
  129. Back again. After travel wife comes back and wants divorce
  130. I know what must be done
  131. Married 5 years, 2 kids, confused wife wants to take a break...
  132. Honest Question About Affairs and Divorce
  133. Should my husband stand up for me
  134. May be the last straw
  135. Can counseling really change an abuser?
  136. Husband just found out he may have a16 year old daughter
  137. Nearly 8 years and 2 kids...I want out.
  138. The motorcycle - is it time to end this?
  139. SNAFU relationship
  140. To stay or leave? 6.5 years together & 2 kids
  141. Young, confused, and looking for your insight!
  142. "Good" Marriage--but not happy.
  143. Would you divorce in this situation?
  144. Trying to make her happy but the love is gone.
  145. Wife says she has no feelings for me anymore
  146. Confused...please help
  147. Separated, doesn't want to work on "us"
  148. I don't know if he loves me?
  149. Staying for the wrong reasons...
  150. Have you read "Too Good to Leave, Too Bad to Stay"
  151. Women and the 180 questions....
  152. She is on the verge and does not know
  153. Need Advice!
  154. Still here, and I don't know why...
  155. Spouse of a Doctor - At Wits End
  156. Thinkin of leavin
  157. Looking for advice
  158. No ambition
  159. God help me... RANT
  160. Moving on when husband is a friend but nothing more
  161. Feeling imprisoned
  162. Asked him to move out
  163. Is this normal? MLC?
  164. I just really need advice.
  165. Married too quickly....
  166. It still hurts
  167. Okay so here is the situation.
  168. I have no idea what to do
  169. Finding a decent Lawyer
  170. confused and feeling guilty
  171. What is wrong with him?
  172. I'm a flip flopper
  173. My own Lifetime Movie script...
  174. I can't make a decision, and it is killing me.
  175. Considering it....
  176. Uncontested divorce
  177. really don't know what to title this
  178. How long it takes to get back to normal life after seperation?
  179. Need Advice on Legal Separation
  180. emotional abuse? feel numb and don't eon being around him
  181. I need real advice. Here is my story.
  182. It is the frist time I talk about my problem
  183. to leave or not
  184. Midlife Crisis or Really the End??
  185. Remain Patient, or .... ?
  186. Married three years & still unhappy
  187. Help! I want to save my marriage
  188. wife like a different person almost overnight_ separation discussions!
  189. Unhappy Newlywed
  190. I can't take much more
  191. Wife just wants to separate but not divorce...
  192. should this be ok?
  193. Help - wife just asked for divorce
  194. Feeling pressure to make decision.
  195. This is unbearable
  196. so tired
  197. Dying Marriage & Bestfriend Confessed love after 16 years
  198. One way street? Is it to late?
  199. living in hell
  200. Not what I wanted after only 1.5 years..
  201. Is it time to face the facts and move on?
  202. Sad but feel like I can breathe
  203. Husband punches wall, afraid I'm next!
  204. Sh** Test?
  205. I think my marriage is over
  206. I'm just so done
  207. Needing Help and advise
  208. Can my marriage be salvaged?
  209. How will this affect my son?
  210. What steps do I take?
  211. Almost 10 years and ready to call it quits?
  212. I know i have anger problem.
  213. I don't want to
  214. Nothing makes sense anymore..need advice
  215. He doesn't love me anymore?
  216. Apologies
  217. Separation, wife says I am abandoning her
  218. Doomed From the Start
  219. He doesn’t know his priority
  220. I Don't Know What to do Next
  221. Ending 18 year marriage
  222. Looking for opinions/advice please
  223. Too little too late????
  224. Husband Saying Divorce & His Mind is Made Up
  225. It's like playing chess with him...
  226. stressing in my sleep
  227. I think it's time...
  228. Going to separate in a week.
  229. Needing some help & perspective
  230. One day I realized....
  231. Was I wrong to check with friend first before H?
  232. Losing my wife slowly but surely
  233. Considering divorce
  234. SAHP divorce success stories
  235. So how would this sound to you?
  236. Am I just naive? Is it time to go??
  237. Last ditch attempt to fix this
  238. Will things change
  239. He's got both feet out the door.. Help
  240. Hate who I am becoming
  241. how do i get over feeling like the bad guy?
  242. One Sided Relationship
  243. How do you decide to stay or go?
  244. <repeat from >middle of the crossroads
  245. Giving up my dreams?
  246. Tips for non working wives who want to divorce?
  247. No respect for him anymore
  248. Bad bad bad...and getting worse.
  249. Divorce for love or stay and be content?
  250. Confused and need help

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