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: Considering Divorce or Separation

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  1. Dont know what to do anymore...
  2. Wife no longer attracted to me--is this common, how do you get through it?
  3. I feel lost and helpless
  4. Are you living in the same house?
  5. Problem with Alimony
  6. Rapid turn around
  7. It's been a little rough lately.
  8. 8yrs married very sudden separation
  9. how to get a D lawyer when broke?
  10. I'm so lost r
  11. think it's time to divorce
  12. Seeking advice
  13. I am losing my mind
  14. Distant Spouse
  15. We Might Be Done......
  16. Considering divorce with 3 kids?
  17. cAnt live like this but dont know what to do
  18. So I've decided I'm going to leave ..
  19. Separation from "good guy"
  20. It's getting worse and I don't know what to do
  21. How to take final steps to divorce
  22. I got an idea but not sure if this could work.
  23. Is it too late to repair our marriage
  24. I Know What I Need to Do, But...
  25. husband ripped up divorce papers
  26. Crossroads
  27. Hopelessly Lost...
  28. Made the wrong choice
  29. What I have done! Advice please!
  30. Wife threatens to leave when we argue...
  31. Husband wants to leave me to pursue his dreams
  32. Self Divorce Advice
  33. Not sure what to do
  34. dont know what to do
  35. Husband wants a divorce but I don't...
  36. Feeling Lost
  37. So hurt
  38. Is all lost??
  39. Really bad marriage
  40. Scared to make the final move
  41. book suggestions please
  42. Pull Away?
  43. How do you stay focused toward D
  44. Should I file for Divorce even if I don't want to?
  45. Self Help
  46. No idea what to do!
  47. Wife wants a divorce
  48. Any advice?
  49. Wife is pregnant
  50. Need advice, back here
  51. Any advice?
  52. Seriously thinking about it
  53. Giving up on sex with my wife 2
  54. Point of no return?
  55. Opinions Please
  56. Can a divorce cost under 2k?
  57. My story
  58. What's my next move...
  59. I feel i is hopeless.
  60. Have I lost my mind?
  61. Thinking divorce-first time poster
  62. Is it possible for men to change for the better after divorce?
  63. Is it over?
  64. Need Advice!!
  65. need advice!
  66. I'm at the end of my tether with my husband
  67. Stuck
  68. Confusing to me and the kids...
  69. Over reacting, over thinking, overcoming?... or is it over?
  70. Feel like a prisoner here
  71. I feel like I want to be single again
  72. Help me plan for reconciliation before she even files
  73. can marriage counseling really help?
  74. Is it to late?
  75. Just starting seperation
  76. Can't be around each other for 5 mins before a verbal fight begins.
  77. I'm screaming silently..."I can't take this!"
  78. High School Sweethearts...baaa humbug
  79. Difficult to move out due to job/finances/credit
  80. Separation on the horizon.
  81. how do you know when you are through???
  82. I want out but scared
  83. My wife says she doesnt love me anymore
  84. Void of Feelings
  85. Void of feelings?
  86. What's your take on my husband
  87. Blended family, not sure which direction to take
  88. Newly married and father of my son is trying to get me back
  89. Hello... help
  90. i think my marriage is nearing its end.
  91. how do i make it stop? my life sucks!! Is this abuse?
  92. Unhappy in my marriage
  93. Feeling like there is a fork in the road, help me
  94. Someone please answer my top 10 Qs about ending a marriage
  95. Should I put my life on hold?
  96. What the children think of divorce
  97. A Glutton for Punishment
  98. So here it is...
  99. Conflicted mind
  100. Doing it this weekend
  101. 30 yrs going nowhere's!
  102. I am not an innocent bystander, but I am not the antagonizer. Help
  103. Debt, illness, silence.. please help
  104. So confused....
  105. Can we be saved?
  106. Didn't even realize how bad it is
  107. Thinking of S (or maybe even D), Getting tired.
  108. Advice on leaving?
  109. my wife's split-personality vs. my family
  110. need advice help
  111. Good way to do it?
  112. Gave my husband an ultimatum
  113. I Can't Do This Anymore
  114. He's not talking to me
  115. Filed a restraining order, should I add separation papers to it?
  116. You guys were right
  117. I don't know what to do...
  118. What's my future?
  119. I Want To Fight For Her
  120. Met my soulmate. Should I leave my wife?
  121. Should I keep fighting
  122. Seriously lost and confused.
  123. Is this worth trying to save?
  124. Can I Divorce Easily?
  125. 11 years going down the tubes
  126. 32 years later husband says never loved me
  127. Married almost 2 years, wondering if it was a mistake.
  128. I am loosing it
  129. What if 180 thing doesn't work?
  130. 2 months in, wife pregnant, talk of divorce
  131. Fight for her or fight for my life?
  132. Uncertain about Trial Separation--Advice Please!!
  133. Will be leaving when I I leave the letter I wrote?
  134. Separated considering divorce
  135. 5 months of marriage now failing
  136. Embarassed
  137. Should i divorce?
  138. What should I do?
  139. I Need a new TAM member Name -
  140. How do you know when it's too late to try anymore?
  141. Considering Divorce would love some advice
  142. Did I screw up? Wife says yes, but I think she's overreacting
  143. Trapped in a passionless marriage (it's never been passionate)
  144. Theres a good amount to read, but i need some advice
  145. Wife acting weird..really weird
  146. We've become roomates raising children, don't know what to do.
  147. My husband wants a divorce
  148. I've Checked Out
  149. Wife no longer loves me...
  150. At what point is it time to save yourself?
  151. Considering divorce after 17 years
  152. Relationship
  153. devastated... marriage is not working out
  154. In desperate need of advice
  155. Feeling Stuck
  156. want to be prepared...
  157. Separation/looming divorce because of job and incompatibilities? Looking for advice.
  158. What to do ????
  159. 30 Years and I need HELP!!!!!
  160. Husband joined online dating site...
  161. I think it is time....
  162. Husband Says He Wants Separation but Won't Leave
  163. What does seperation mean?
  164. When one person just don't care if the marriage lasts
  165. Going no where in life
  166. How to put kids first?
  167. Would like advice - Wife doesn't work, no kids
  168. new here, need someone to talk to :(
  169. Violence
  170. Decided to split
  171. Should I stay or should I go?
  172. How to break through the numbness
  173. Wive diagnosed with Adrenal fatigue. Blames me, its over
  174. A rational conversation about divorce....
  175. Am I CRAZY..........or NOT
  176. Is there any hope
  177. I just want to be happy
  178. Disappointed and feeling stuck
  179. Help, my husband wants a divorce, or so he thinks...
  180. Married for 14 yrs. No good sex,husband wouldnt discuss, I had affair. What now?.
  181. Is my marriage worth saving?
  182. how to ask husband 2 separate?
  183. Can't picture it anymore
  184. I don't know where to start! help
  185. Can't Make THE Decision
  186. Parnter says she is done gets naked in front of me
  187. I'm just so sad...
  188. wife is verbally abusive
  189. scared, kicking him out tonight
  190. When he always gets mad if I tell him how I feel???
  191. I believe it is the END!
  192. Bipolar meets PTSD. Could this even work? SEX?
  193. is it over?
  194. Relationship in trouble :(
  195. help for the weak and tired!
  196. My wife is unhappy and so am I...
  197. How could I survive?
  198. Married but in love with another
  199. He cheated and I'm not sure if I should stay or leave
  200. Work on it or not?
  201. Separated but ambivalent about divorcing wife
  202. Can I get some advise on this Ghetto Soap-opera
  203. Wife says she no longer loves me
  204. Devasting Decision
  205. At what point is enough enough ?
  206. Unhappy wife contemplates leaving me
  207. Does anybody leave good marriage because need for sexual intimacy not met?
  208. Drunk wife says she wants divorce
  209. Deeply unsatisfied with the sex life. Considering ending 14 years of marriage.
  210. Would you divorce this man??!!
  211. Guilt about leaving kids
  212. Going through rough patch with newly bi wife
  213. When you want a divorce, but spouse doesn't..
  214. Seeking advice
  215. I want to destroy Him!!!
  216. Lost, confused, not sure what to do
  217. Should I give us another chance
  218. So confused..Mixed feelings
  219. No desire or passion - Do you still stay?
  220. Where do I stand? Divorce / House etc
  221. CRAZY situation!
  222. Confused
  223. Want out after 28 years
  224. Don't know what to do
  225. Pulling myself out of denial
  226. At the crossroads
  227. Porn and Marriage equals divorce?
  228. Deserted
  229. Is there a way to have amicable divorce....
  230. Should i go?!
  231. Not sure if we should try again?
  232. The $$$$ hit the fan tonight
  233. I'm not sure anymore
  234. Separate or stay??
  235. Is an abuser always an abuser?
  236. Fear of divorce becoming self fulfilling
  237. Should I stay in this for the kids?
  238. Newly married and already having doubts :/
  239. Not sure what to do.
  240. Want a divorce, but it would be 2nd time
  241. It's too much...
  242. My wives personality has changed.
  243. I'm baaaack!!!!
  244. He wants a divorce, I don't.
  245. Differing politics/values...worried about our future
  246. Bromance ruining my marriage
  247. leaving my husbamd
  248. Stressed and Confused..Need advice
  249. Is it time
  250. foreign marriage less than 2 years