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: Considering Divorce or Separation

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  1. Needing Help and advise
  2. Can my marriage be salvaged?
  3. How will this affect my son?
  4. What steps do I take?
  5. Almost 10 years and ready to call it quits?
  6. I know i have anger problem.
  7. I don't want to
  8. Nothing makes sense anymore..need advice
  9. He doesn't love me anymore?
  10. Apologies
  11. Separation, wife says I am abandoning her
  12. Doomed From the Start
  13. He doesn’t know his priority
  14. I Don't Know What to do Next
  15. Ending 18 year marriage
  16. Looking for opinions/advice please
  17. Too little too late????
  18. Husband Saying Divorce & His Mind is Made Up
  19. It's like playing chess with him...
  20. stressing in my sleep
  21. I think it's time...
  22. Going to separate in a week.
  23. Needing some help & perspective
  24. One day I realized....
  25. Was I wrong to check with friend first before H?
  26. Losing my wife slowly but surely
  27. Considering divorce
  28. SAHP divorce success stories
  29. So how would this sound to you?
  30. Am I just naive? Is it time to go??
  31. Last ditch attempt to fix this
  32. Will things change
  33. He's got both feet out the door.. Help
  34. Hate who I am becoming
  35. how do i get over feeling like the bad guy?
  36. One Sided Relationship
  37. How do you decide to stay or go?
  38. <repeat from >middle of the crossroads
  39. Giving up my dreams?
  40. Tips for non working wives who want to divorce?
  41. No respect for him anymore
  42. Bad bad bad...and getting worse.
  43. Divorce for love or stay and be content?
  44. Confused and need help
  45. I can't put up with this any longer!!
  46. Confused and in need of help
  47. Ladies & Gents, I need help
  48. What do I need to look for when hiring a divorce attorney?
  49. Not sure where to go from here...
  50. Is this worth saving or should I give up
  51. How did you know?
  52. Limbo
  53. A little help needed!!!
  54. Married to a high functioning alcoholic.
  55. I didn't know what I was getting myself into
  56. So many issues
  57. I think he has gone crazy!
  58. I should have known...
  59. Help
  60. Is Divorce the Only Answer?
  61. can/should this be saved?
  62. Confused
  63. Unhappy, stressed, flipfloppy, wanting
  64. Can a Separation Work?
  65. 33 year 'marriage'
  66. Anxiety around HS family, want to be happy...
  67. Hopeless? What to do...
  68. Unhappy Marriage Letter
  69. Eaten Alive by Stress
  70. Should I let her break up with me?
  71. Marital sex... we're just not that into it.
  72. Flip flopping
  73. Lack of communication has shoved us apart
  74. I've filed for a divorce I don't really want
  75. Married 10 yrs, together 15, lack of sex, husband wants to leave me
  76. He's a good guy but I hate being married.
  77. Not sure what to do--marital rut or serious problem?
  78. Unsure about self or what to do?
  79. Difficult Time Deciding and Letting Go
  80. I don't want a divorce but I'm just so hurt ...
  81. Anyone know about this???
  82. Need advice
  83. New here, looking for understanding.
  84. Wife Wants Space - Married less than a year
  85. Stay To Make This Work or Cut My Losses Now?
  86. Spouse won't give in relationship
  87. Feeling stuck and trap in my marriage
  88. Is the 180 viable if....?
  89. Florida divorce
  90. Not sure...divorce or work on it?
  91. Wanting an open marriage
  92. 23 years lost?
  93. Lost hope
  94. Don't Know What to Do
  95. Custody questions
  96. Not quite sure what to do......
  97. Second Life
  98. I Don't want a divorce, but I can't keep living like this
  99. Is life too short to stay with someone like this?
  100. being in love or just loving someone/ is it over.
  101. What's wrong with me?
  102. Legal question about separation in ME
  103. I don't wish this upon my worst enemy
  104. Frustrated, Lonely, and Lost
  105. Update-figuring out where to go from here
  106. feeling pretty awful right now
  107. Want Separation but my 1year old is my weakness
  108. So he says he is finlly movin out and then this...
  109. I need advise
  110. How does marriage counseling work? Does it work?
  111. So Scared
  112. Two days of silence
  113. she's not "in love" with me anymore
  114. Mechanics of Leaving
  115. How do I leave...or do I?
  116. I can't fix my wife's past abuse - the end is near
  117. Mixed Emotions and Completely Drained - Need Advice
  118. Summary Dissolution of Marriage CA
  119. finally going through with te divorce please help
  120. Divorce court & lawyers vs mediation
  121. Needing a Plan!
  122. Wife Has Been Threating to Walk Out
  123. Short term marriage lot adding up any advice is great
  124. Should I leave should I stay
  125. Newlywed and Miserable
  126. Advice needed
  127. who is wrong here?
  128. My Story--Has my marriage become too toxic? Should I stay or should I leave?
  129. 7 years of dysfunction leading to divorce. Please help.
  130. My wife wants a break, please help!
  131. what should i do? please give me some piece of advice
  132. I want out but I'm sad all at the same time...advice
  133. Wife says to let "it" go
  134. What to do?
  135. Feeling like failure
  136. My young wife cheated on me -1 1/2 year marriage-
  137. Wife on the edge please help
  138. Update!!
  139. I physically hurt my wife.... where do we go from here....
  140. feminism gone wrong
  141. Need Advice
  142. How do you let go of someone you know if bad for you?
  143. How should I tell my girlfriend racist parents, that she is pregnant with my baby?
  144. Staying Together For Our Daughter?
  145. Moral Perspective
  146. Successful Amicable split
  147. The Hamster Wheel of Reconcilation and renewed Apathy
  148. Why does the fun have to end?
  149. I'm just stuck...
  150. how do I end this
  151. Time to figure this out...
  152. I've checked out
  153. Lawyer answered questions
  154. i found a good read on Reddit
  155. What now ....
  156. So how does it work re: mortgage and separation/divorce?
  157. On the path now
  158. Lost, looking for advice.
  159. Is this the end?
  160. I don't know if to stay
  161. Wife Wants Separation To Determine Love
  162. What happened the first 48 hrs after you said you wanted D?
  163. I don't know what to do
  164. Direct deposit of paycheck and filing for divorce?
  165. Reaching my limits
  166. For those that separated..where did the spouse go that left?
  167. Thinking about a separation soon, need advice
  168. loving someone who doesn't love me back
  169. Do i believe him one more time?
  170. so do I leave?
  171. Have I really ruined him and brought this on myself?
  172. How can I meet friends and be more independant in advance to prepare myself??
  173. Preparations are almost done, anxious to have "the talk"
  174. Blended family falling apart. Confused
  175. 22 years and heading for the rock. Looking for opinions.
  176. Has anyone stayed in a marriage for KIDS or afraid of being ALONE?
  177. thoughts on timing of telling kids
  178. Valentine's Day
  179. Care to describe YOUR rollercaoster?
  180. Living together... but unhappy. Am I wrong?
  181. What do I do?
  182. Will it hold up in court?
  183. Do I Give Up ?
  184. Need advice ASAP
  185. Day 6 of Trial Separation
  186. We Both Cheated - Reconcile or Divorce?
  187. How to choose a good Marriage Counselor
  188. Considering Divorce
  189. Staying for kids and/or finances
  190. Private Forum?
  191. At the start of separation
  192. I'm so lost.
  193. Will he change or do I leave?
  194. CRAZY MARRIAGE! or just me?
  195. Need advice
  196. Not sure what to do at this point
  197. Don't know what to do... stay or go?
  198. I need a new start...
  199. Considering leaving after 18 years
  200. The 22 year old woman, with the 28 year old man
  201. How would you handle this
  202. Why does it have to be so HARD
  203. stay at home mom
  204. Tough Love - confused
  205. Desperate, Confused and need advice ASAP
  206. Hopeless !!
  207. The loneliest thing in the world...
  208. I want to leave but afraid of changes.
  209. Interesting Questions
  210. convicted and confused
  211. desperate for advice
  212. Hard decision on leaving a 33 yr marriage
  213. Just joined and need advice....
  214. Now what???
  215. Treading Water
  216. Hard core advice!
  217. Insanity....his or my family's? And what about baby...
  218. Fear of screwing up the kids
  219. Help I am a mental basket case
  220. the journey continues
  221. Wife wants to Leave & Seperated-Help
  222. How is 180 suppose to work if...
  223. Is my 10 year marriage at an end?
  224. go ahead with filing for divorce?
  225. Facing an ultimatum - adopt a 3rd child or divorce
  226. Emotional Abuse and Exhausted
  227. Need some advice
  228. Divorce seems imminent, not sure what to do!
  229. My wife makes my life Hell (Most of the time)
  230. Conflicting Dreams
  231. Walk away wife situation
  232. Advice re: separation please
  233. My husband's inferiority complex.
  234. It's done
  235. 10 Years And 3 Kids Later Its Falling Apart
  236. she cheated after 22 years
  237. crossroads and need your thoughts
  238. Over 22 years and the marriage is dead
  239. Am I the abuser or the abused?
  240. D - The Process - Advice Please
  241. DivorceCorp, a Hollywood Solution to Prevent and Stop Divorce
  242. How do i bring it up?
  243. Cleopatra
  244. I just suck at marriage
  245. Leaving Your Best Friend, Advice Needed
  246. Don't know what to do for the best...
  247. I need advice and help!!
  248. Mixed Up in the Head!
  249. She feels I'm not compatible as a husband.... and something doesnt add up.
  250. Need Second Opinion