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: Considering Divorce or Separation

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  1. Did I screw up? Wife says yes, but I think she's overreacting
  2. Trapped in a passionless marriage (it's never been passionate)
  3. Theres a good amount to read, but i need some advice
  4. Wife acting weird..really weird
  5. We've become roomates raising children, don't know what to do.
  6. My husband wants a divorce
  7. I've Checked Out
  8. Wife no longer loves me...
  9. At what point is it time to save yourself?
  10. Considering divorce after 17 years
  11. Relationship
  12. devastated... marriage is not working out
  13. In desperate need of advice
  14. Feeling Stuck
  15. want to be prepared...
  16. Separation/looming divorce because of job and incompatibilities? Looking for advice.
  17. What to do ????
  18. 30 Years and I need HELP!!!!!
  19. Husband joined online dating site...
  20. I think it is time....
  21. Husband Says He Wants Separation but Won't Leave
  22. What does seperation mean?
  23. When one person just don't care if the marriage lasts
  24. Going no where in life
  25. How to put kids first?
  26. Would like advice - Wife doesn't work, no kids
  27. new here, need someone to talk to :(
  28. Violence
  29. Decided to split
  30. Should I stay or should I go?
  31. How to break through the numbness
  32. Wive diagnosed with Adrenal fatigue. Blames me, its over
  33. A rational conversation about divorce....
  34. Am I CRAZY..........or NOT
  35. Is there any hope
  36. I just want to be happy
  37. Disappointed and feeling stuck
  38. Help, my husband wants a divorce, or so he thinks...
  39. Married for 14 yrs. No good sex,husband wouldnt discuss, I had affair. What now?.
  40. Is my marriage worth saving?
  41. how to ask husband 2 separate?
  42. Can't picture it anymore
  43. I don't know where to start! help
  44. Can't Make THE Decision
  45. Parnter says she is done gets naked in front of me
  46. I'm just so sad...
  47. wife is verbally abusive
  48. scared, kicking him out tonight
  49. When he always gets mad if I tell him how I feel???
  50. I believe it is the END!
  51. Bipolar meets PTSD. Could this even work? SEX?
  52. is it over?
  53. Relationship in trouble :(
  54. help for the weak and tired!
  55. My wife is unhappy and so am I...
  56. How could I survive?
  57. Married but in love with another
  58. He cheated and I'm not sure if I should stay or leave
  59. Work on it or not?
  60. Separated but ambivalent about divorcing wife
  61. Can I get some advise on this Ghetto Soap-opera
  62. Wife says she no longer loves me
  63. Devasting Decision
  64. At what point is enough enough ?
  65. Unhappy wife contemplates leaving me
  66. Does anybody leave good marriage because need for sexual intimacy not met?
  67. Drunk wife says she wants divorce
  68. Deeply unsatisfied with the sex life. Considering ending 14 years of marriage.
  69. Would you divorce this man??!!
  70. Guilt about leaving kids
  71. Going through rough patch with newly bi wife
  72. When you want a divorce, but spouse doesn't..
  73. Seeking advice
  74. I want to destroy Him!!!
  75. Lost, confused, not sure what to do
  76. Should I give us another chance
  77. So confused..Mixed feelings
  78. No desire or passion - Do you still stay?
  79. Where do I stand? Divorce / House etc
  80. CRAZY situation!
  81. Confused
  82. Want out after 28 years
  83. Don't know what to do
  84. Pulling myself out of denial
  85. At the crossroads
  86. Porn and Marriage equals divorce?
  87. Deserted
  88. Is there a way to have amicable divorce....
  89. Should i go?!
  90. Not sure if we should try again?
  91. The $$$$ hit the fan tonight
  92. I'm not sure anymore
  93. Separate or stay??
  94. Is an abuser always an abuser?
  95. Fear of divorce becoming self fulfilling
  96. Should I stay in this for the kids?
  97. Newly married and already having doubts :/
  98. Not sure what to do.
  99. Want a divorce, but it would be 2nd time
  100. It's too much...
  101. My wives personality has changed.
  102. I'm baaaack!!!!
  103. He wants a divorce, I don't.
  104. Differing politics/values...worried about our future
  105. Bromance ruining my marriage
  106. leaving my husbamd
  107. Stressed and Confused..Need advice
  108. Is it time
  109. foreign marriage less than 2 years
  110. Another Year Gone by -- An Update
  111. so confused!!!
  112. Feeling unwanted
  113. Alimony
  114. How to know when it is time?
  115. Any advice for an exit strategy
  116. Giving it another chance...will counseling help?
  117. Confused, any adive?
  118. A smart divorce?
  119. Considering leaving .
  120. I want my partner to be a partner and not my enemy/annoying brother
  121. Do I need to end my engagement, postpone, or neither? Please help!
  122. Considering Divorce and Need Advice
  123. How do you find a good divorce attorney?
  124. Next step is coming
  125. So much to say don't know where to begin.
  126. I am lost in the woods
  127. I'll have NO money. and other questions.
  128. Desparately Need Advice
  129. preparing for divorce
  130. I am a bad husband
  131. Finally decided to file for divorce
  132. H who's depressed/angry. I just want peace.
  133. Considering Separation - I can no longer give 200%
  134. I am tired of trying!
  135. Pain and longing
  136. Pregnant/Hurt/Confused
  137. how to get back wife that has been pushed into another's arms
  138. Failing Marriage, Opinions Wanted
  139. When is enough a enough ... ?
  140. Slamming doors at 11:00 pm
  141. Should I stay or Should I go...
  142. Should I leave my wife if I don't love her?
  143. Wife wanted seperation after affair
  144. thinking of splitting up
  145. My wife is considering divorce
  146. Going to File, now how do I tell the kids?
  147. Marriage is flopping
  148. Confused and torn
  149. Not sure what to do...Divorce? Suicide?
  150. Close to the END of my rope...
  151. im torn
  152. My marriage has crumbled and I don't want to pick up the peices.
  153. Thoughts on "the talk" Do's and Don'ts - Please Help
  154. Separated day 10 of 22yr marriage
  155. I am thinking about leaving.
  156. My EA has devastated all of us; how to get healthy from here
  157. Wife wants to leave
  158. Cheating Spouse
  159. Walk-away Husband or mid-life Crisis?
  160. Living with Depressed Spouse
  161. We are trying to be best friends
  162. Married to a LEO and walking on eggshells! HELP!
  163. Upset and disappointment
  164. Depositions and the OW...
  165. I am back and I have learned a lot.
  166. Finally ready to D. What are the steps I should take?
  167. Am I rushing?
  168. advice on a pretty unique situation
  169. confused over next steps after the 'talk'
  170. Relationship Anxiety - Does it ever get better?
  171. Marriage - What's in it other than grief?
  172. Need super rapid advice to get r
  173. Hi I am new here and on the verge of divorce
  174. H refuses to understand the marriage is over...
  175. How much should someone deal with?
  176. Long history of BS and lies
  177. possible divorce
  178. What is the process of divorce and Read my story?
  179. Trying to save my marriage
  180. How a man acts when he knows you're leaving him???
  181. feel like I'm dying
  182. new to forum and need to talk
  183. Marriage Seems Good but I'm Unhappy
  184. Long story
  185. When you know its time but just CAN'T DO IT. :(
  186. I'm sure I know the answer already
  187. MIL problems.
  188. How to split the stuff?
  189. Sugest major actions. Please advise.
  190. And the house of cards comes crumbling down
  191. Separation question for men & women
  192. Want to see if anyone has any advice for me.
  193. Am I being selfish?
  194. Is there hope
  195. Needing Advice
  196. I think tonight is the night
  197. Guilt over Leaving Single Mother
  198. considering leaving my wife
  199. Prepaid and/or Legal Insurance?
  200. Am I being unfair?
  201. Love my wife but should I consider a separation/divorce
  202. Pretty sure wife is on her second Emotional Affair this year
  203. Afraid I married the wrong guy
  204. He has Hurt me Physically 3 Times, should I stay or divorce? Please help!
  205. Pushed past my limit (really long!)
  206. My Story
  207. confused and need advice
  208. Nervous to post, but need advice
  209. Will counseling even help??
  210. Is It Time To Move On?
  211. Unsure about divorce
  212. Where to go when you have no place to go?
  213. I'm interested but she's taken
  214. Trying to leave my angry controlling husband
  215. I think I'm getting divorced..advice
  216. My return after almost a year and I'm still hurting
  217. Pulling the plug on this marriage
  218. Unhappy (warning: a bit long)
  219. Really tired of his behavior and this was the last straw.
  220. Divorce, after 14 years
  221. Marriage Problem, Please help
  222. He's completely lost his f*%$n' mind!
  223. Lost a child, marriage failing, and dont know what to do
  224. why is this so hard
  225. married for 16 months & it has all gone wrong.
  226. Am I in denial or he is massing with my head?
  227. I feel nothing for him aside from pity
  228. This book may be coming to an end...
  229. My Husband cheated with his child's mother....should I leave?
  230. is it time??
  231. I think I hate my husband
  232. Stick around or leave?
  233. Getting custody in long distance
  234. Getting prepared
  235. Not sure if i believe him
  236. TIPPING POINT- From a NON- walk-a-way-wife
  237. Unhappy in marriage...any help appreciated
  238. When is enough, enough?
  239. Stay at Home Dad needs help!
  240. In limbo
  241. dazed and confused
  242. My wife's mom died. When should I leave?
  243. Is it time to quit fighting for love?
  244. help n my marriege
  245. I've made a complete f*** up of it.
  246. Ten Years as of this summer.
  247. Overwhelmed by thought of divorce it brutal?
  248. Considering Separation
  249. 6 months in
  250. Leaving the only thing you know

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