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: Considering Divorce or Separation

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  1. My husband ruined us
  2. What is mental considered mental abuse.
  3. Ultimatum?
  4. long time and end of love
  5. Finally Doing It - Scared of Husband
  6. In the event that I decide to separate...
  7. Update on my situation
  8. My wife is considering separation/divorce
  9. Struggling because of my kids
  10. Right decision
  11. Should I divorce or not?
  12. Fly on the wall
  13. My Husband Says Im Ugly and Selfish For Wanting Out??
  14. No affection or gratitude.
  15. Should I let it go?!
  16. My husband is choosing his dog over me?
  17. Gradual disinterest
  18. Can you live as roomates or is it time to go?
  19. Torn
  20. How do I bring up that i want a divorce?
  21. He has agreed to Retrouvaille this weekend; trying not to get my hopes up...
  22. Just looking for opinions
  23. How tolerant are you supposed to be....until you are just being foolish
  24. Depressed husband I need help
  25. Told my husband I'm leaving
  26. Need advice
  27. Will love save us?
  28. Need advice on in law issues- sorry for the long post
  29. Considering a Divorce
  30. Desperately needing advice
  31. Interesting Article: The divorce from hell, the battle for alimony & emptied pockets
  32. The kids, the kids, the kids...
  33. New career creating conflict
  34. He wants some space...
  35. Separation: "what will people think?"
  36. How should I tell her I want a divorce
  37. Im Back! He wants a break so I added No contact
  38. Please I need advice
  39. Not getting what I need after addressing issue
  40. Headed Out
  41. I Need Help Please!
  42. New to Site, Need Marriage Advice!
  43. Getting to the end
  44. Question about counselling
  45. Separation Imminent
  46. What a crappy Marriage? Things gotta change
  47. Should have divorced when I had the chance
  48. Can't be a good sign
  49. New Here - long distance marriage
  50. Immature Spouse
  51. Considering divorce or just leave - just can't stand the pain
  52. I want to leave because we don't share the same core values
  53. My husband is a diabetic. Need advice.
  54. In two minds
  55. Loyal But Unhappy Husband
  56. Feeling like a shmuck for giving up on our relationship
  57. Advice Please - Options? Am I being selfish? What else could I do?
  58. forgive again??
  59. Husband just left, he is confused, advice please.
  60. Reuqest for advice to transition from marriage to divorce and still be friends
  61. Question for the wives who want to separate....
  62. Feeling utterly worn down and so so tired...
  63. I dont believe in divorce BUT
  64. Is She Serious? Can this possibly work?
  65. Mess in the family
  66. Divorces are difficult but they dont have to be unfair
  67. Wife looks at watch
  68. Want to Convince Wife to Divorce - Why?
  69. Crystal clearer
  70. Any Women Been in my Situation?
  71. Should I end this relation?
  72. Cornered and complacent
  73. I think it's time for me to go..
  74. How to talk to BPD H about divorce
  75. Long past considering. Warning this post is very long
  76. Lies lies and more lies
  77. I just don't know what to do
  78. BPD Husband leaving over something that didn't even happen. . .
  79. On the brink
  80. What to do?
  81. Divorce after 21 Years
  82. I am doing everything I can but it's not enough
  83. I filed, but wife wants to separate to try and work things out. Now I'm conflicted.
  84. I need advice
  85. I've given up
  86. Any successful second marriages?
  87. Feeling justified but no one to talk to
  88. Made plans to leave
  89. How to leave
  90. I do not want this
  91. Scared to leave
  92. Logistics of leaving...need advice!
  93. Looking for perspective
  94. I can't keep going like this!
  95. Do I love her or is just my conscious? Please, Please Help
  96. Considering separation due to too much stress
  97. My Long Story
  98. New to forum - not sure where to turn
  99. Is my relationship normal?
  100. Want to Separate, but conflicted
  101. The proposal
  102. How do I keep from feeling I disappointed my son
  103. Thinking Straight?
  104. Dealing with the consequences
  105. So confused I could scream!
  106. Should I speak to an attorney before I leave?
  107. Classic mistake
  108. Impacts on Kids in a divorced family... why cant it be oK?
  109. Wants to fix marriage, will time apart help?
  110. 2nd time around I thought would be better
  111. How to know if son would be better off if I divorced?
  112. I think this is the time to let go.
  113. 125 secret texts in 4 days
  114. Aren't marriage vows completely worthless?
  115. Very unusual situation, considering divorce but it's super complicated.
  116. New here - name says it all
  117. fatally flawed - run?
  118. Geo Separation - Not sure I want to continue
  119. Tried Everything, Seperation?
  120. It's Over
  121. so lost
  122. Why did I get married and what do I do now? Married too young...
  123. I think this is the time to let go.
  124. Help don't know what to do
  125. I pushed him away now I fear its too late
  126. verbal abuse
  127. New Here, Confused, Need Advice
  128. love languages
  129. I want to be happy again.
  130. Don't know what to do.
  131. how to say its over....
  132. does an emotional affair mean divorce?
  133. I'm stuck and frustrated!
  134. I married an idiot, but have a baby with him.
  135. Working out details of separating?
  136. Cannot do this any longer
  137. New here...needing advice
  138. Separated, am now considering divorce but unsure.
  139. My husband should have been a monk
  140. separated but should live together???
  141. Husband is confused, I am not
  142. Looks like I am a two time loser.
  143. My marriage is over. After last night there is no hope.
  144. Don't know where to start
  145. Please read
  146. Rough year
  147. Would you ever remarry?
  148. Wife said "I don't love you anymore..." What to do? Please advise
  149. Husband wants to live apart
  150. Husband packed his stuff and left me while 3 months pregnant
  151. She still "has feelings for me"....
  152. unsure
  153. Pretty sure I destroyed my marriage
  154. want out but feeling so bad......
  155. In the midst of contacting attorneys, I broke down.
  156. How to cope with sexless marriage, or is it time to stop it?
  157. How to cope with loneliness
  158. awful anniversary
  159. too much at once
  160. Spouse Will Not Recognize Own Mental Issues, really starting to take a toll. . .
  161. Will it get better? What to do when we have a 1 year old?
  162. To warn or not to warn...that is MY question
  163. He's Happy-He's Not Happy
  164. Second Divorce on the Horizen...felling sick...
  165. Help, not sure what to do....
  166. No disrespect intended but......
  167. Not sure what is going on
  168. First Night Apart
  169. What do I do?
  170. i don't want to be with my husband anymore and i don't know how to tell him
  171. Is this a stupid reason?
  172. Strong Woman Who is Unsure of Choice
  173. Avoiding and it possible to pull him out of it?
  174. The writing on the wall
  175. My fault again....Don't know how to respond
  176. Heading into a divorce.
  177. Is it too much to ask?
  178. Am I giving up too quickly???
  179. what am I supposed to do.
  180. I want out. Advice please.
  181. way out of friends drama
  182. update on a bad situation
  183. Last night
  184. Please help me - should I leave?
  185. the vow renewal
  186. Caught her having a online affair
  187. My story of infirtility, depression, and an affair. Is there hope?
  188. We had ANOTHER talk
  189. Need Advice please
  190. my wife hates affection. is divorce my only option?
  191. Am I being a doormat? ready to walk away.
  192. Had the I don't wanna get married talk but she's in denial.
  193. how do i leave her
  194. Confused about considering divorce, do I leave??
  195. what to do?
  196. Trouble in Tulsa, OK
  197. advice please, wife is not "in love" with me any more
  198. What should I do!?!
  199. Is it time to separate or is this normal?
  200. H working out of state constantly
  201. Almost 18 months of no sex, no interest, I'm done
  202. breaking point
  203. Thoughts of sex with someone else!
  204. Thoughts of sex with someone else!
  205. Today is the last straw
  206. Exhausted and insulted.. considering the end
  207. The old "I love you but i dont know if im in love you" chestnut
  208. Wanting to Seperate.... But so confused
  209. Walking on eggshells...advice needed please
  210. Just had a very scary episode at the marriage counselor
  211. This might be the end?
  212. My husband wants a separation
  213. Arguing, Bossy, Hoarding
  214. What Should I do.....
  215. Stealing?
  216. Husband Wants a Divorce
  217. Please Back Off
  218. Is this the end? Not sure if I want to save my marriage.
  219. Don't know what to do!
  220. Don't know what to do!
  221. Having a hard time
  222. On my last leg.
  223. Live with opposite sex during separation
  224. Stuck and trying to find a way out
  225. After the affair...
  226. Crisis
  227. Divorce with kids?
  228. I wish I could love my wife the way she wants me to
  229. Am I the abuser? Is he? Both?
  230. Am I Crazy To Stay In This Marriage?
  231. Here for advice, marriage is dying
  232. How long must a person be patient?
  233. QDRO and 401K
  234. Valentine's Day and we are splitting up....OMG I am so sad!
  235. Could Use Opinions/Reality Check
  236. Very lonely and confused
  237. Stay and Pray? Or Cut and Go?
  238. Need Advise
  239. I don't want to be married to him any more
  240. Just want to get it out there and would appreciate words of wisdom.
  241. Thinking of separation because of inlaws!
  242. I'll be 30 this Saturday -- a rant
  243. "I Love You But I Am Not In Love With You"
  244. Help needed on the best course of action
  245. Could really do with some advice
  246. Conflicted
  247. I feel I married the wrong man...
  248. Rules of seperation by JCD
  249. What to do? young kid involved
  250. at my breaking point please help.

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