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: Considering Divorce or Separation

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  1. New here...needing advice
  2. Separated, am now considering divorce but unsure.
  3. My husband should have been a monk
  4. separated but should live together???
  5. Husband is confused, I am not
  6. Looks like I am a two time loser.
  7. My marriage is over. After last night there is no hope.
  8. Don't know where to start
  9. Please read
  10. Rough year
  11. Would you ever remarry?
  12. Wife said "I don't love you anymore..." What to do? Please advise
  13. Husband wants to live apart
  14. Husband packed his stuff and left me while 3 months pregnant
  15. She still "has feelings for me"....
  16. unsure
  17. Pretty sure I destroyed my marriage
  18. want out but feeling so bad......
  19. In the midst of contacting attorneys, I broke down.
  20. How to cope with sexless marriage, or is it time to stop it?
  21. How to cope with loneliness
  22. awful anniversary
  23. too much at once
  24. Spouse Will Not Recognize Own Mental Issues, really starting to take a toll. . .
  25. Will it get better? What to do when we have a 1 year old?
  26. To warn or not to warn...that is MY question
  27. He's Happy-He's Not Happy
  28. Second Divorce on the Horizen...felling sick...
  29. Help, not sure what to do....
  30. No disrespect intended but......
  31. Not sure what is going on
  32. First Night Apart
  33. What do I do?
  34. i don't want to be with my husband anymore and i don't know how to tell him
  35. Is this a stupid reason?
  36. Strong Woman Who is Unsure of Choice
  37. Avoiding and it possible to pull him out of it?
  38. The writing on the wall
  39. My fault again....Don't know how to respond
  40. Heading into a divorce.
  41. Is it too much to ask?
  42. Am I giving up too quickly???
  43. what am I supposed to do.
  44. I want out. Advice please.
  45. way out of friends drama
  46. update on a bad situation
  47. Last night
  48. Please help me - should I leave?
  49. the vow renewal
  50. Caught her having a online affair
  51. My story of infirtility, depression, and an affair. Is there hope?
  52. We had ANOTHER talk
  53. Need Advice please
  54. my wife hates affection. is divorce my only option?
  55. Am I being a doormat? ready to walk away.
  56. Had the I don't wanna get married talk but she's in denial.
  57. how do i leave her
  58. Confused about considering divorce, do I leave??
  59. what to do?
  60. Trouble in Tulsa, OK
  61. advice please, wife is not "in love" with me any more
  62. What should I do!?!
  63. Is it time to separate or is this normal?
  64. H working out of state constantly
  65. Almost 18 months of no sex, no interest, I'm done
  66. breaking point
  67. Thoughts of sex with someone else!
  68. Thoughts of sex with someone else!
  69. Today is the last straw
  70. Exhausted and insulted.. considering the end
  71. The old "I love you but i dont know if im in love you" chestnut
  72. Wanting to Seperate.... But so confused
  73. Walking on eggshells...advice needed please
  74. Just had a very scary episode at the marriage counselor
  75. This might be the end?
  76. My husband wants a separation
  77. Arguing, Bossy, Hoarding
  78. What Should I do.....
  79. Stealing?
  80. Husband Wants a Divorce
  81. Please Back Off
  82. Is this the end? Not sure if I want to save my marriage.
  83. Don't know what to do!
  84. Don't know what to do!
  85. Having a hard time
  86. On my last leg.
  87. Live with opposite sex during separation
  88. Stuck and trying to find a way out
  89. After the affair...
  90. Crisis
  91. Divorce with kids?
  92. I wish I could love my wife the way she wants me to
  93. Am I the abuser? Is he? Both?
  94. Am I Crazy To Stay In This Marriage?
  95. Here for advice, marriage is dying
  96. How long must a person be patient?
  97. QDRO and 401K
  98. Valentine's Day and we are splitting up....OMG I am so sad!
  99. Could Use Opinions/Reality Check
  100. Very lonely and confused
  101. Stay and Pray? Or Cut and Go?
  102. Need Advise
  103. I don't want to be married to him any more
  104. Just want to get it out there and would appreciate words of wisdom.
  105. Thinking of separation because of inlaws!
  106. I'll be 30 this Saturday -- a rant
  107. "I Love You But I Am Not In Love With You"
  108. Help needed on the best course of action
  109. Could really do with some advice
  110. Conflicted
  111. I feel I married the wrong man...
  112. Rules of seperation by JCD
  113. What to do? young kid involved
  114. at my breaking point please help.
  115. Husband Lost
  116. Dazed and Confused
  117. My wife wants to be alone forever
  118. husband wont touch me...
  119. It's been 22 loooooonggg years...
  120. My Story
  121. Alimony and Child Support in NC
  122. Newly married, but feel nothing for my husband.
  123. Divorce in a foreign language
  124. SO Unhappy, but don't know what to do help!
  125. Despair - Wife wants time apart, what do i do?
  126. Wife is in a long distance emotional affair and I have nobody to talk to.
  127. Where to start...
  128. I don't know what to do for the best :(
  129. I need to forgive myself and move on
  130. Do I tell him I might leave?
  131. Advice welcome
  132. Not Getting Better
  133. My wife is thinking about divorcing me, please give me some advice
  134. Dont know what to do....
  135. Can't take it anymore...wife takes responsiblity for NOTHING
  136. she wanted divorce, i agreed, now she wants to work it out?
  137. Lack of Income Leading to Separation......
  138. I don't trust him
  139. Crossroads
  140. married 30 years and considering Divorce
  141. Just about ready to throw in the white flag
  142. Need advice
  143. Financial selfish and over critical husband
  144. This is how it is
  145. Rebound
  146. He cheated on me, in our house, while I was there
  147. It's time
  148. Should I Jump Ship?
  149. Stuck and scared
  150. Always the same fight
  151. Thinking..
  152. Real Talk
  153. What to do? I need advice.
  154. Have a place and planning to leave today
  155. What to do?
  156. What Am I Supposed To Think and Do...?
  157. how long do i give it?
  158. Maybe the breaking point
  159. How to tell you don't love someone anymore?
  160. Confused, Guilty and Seeking Solace
  161. Google Told Me to Come Here
  162. husband cried but wanted to divorce.
  163. Legal Advice forums anywhere?
  164. Preparing for counseling
  165. Should we separate?
  166. Considering Separation need advise
  167. we're talking tonight...
  168. Knowing it is the end
  169. I'm afraid for my life
  170. She said she wants a divorce
  171. Trying to decide...
  172. I married a Narcissist
  173. I opened up and am paying the price.
  174. Wife Talking to Another Man -- Please Help
  175. dont think husband ever loved me
  176. I want a divorce but he doesn't
  177. How do you know when to leave?
  178. he's no longer in love with me
  179. He Changed at "I Do"
  180. To divorce or just keep trying?
  181. Help I want to save my marriage
  182. Wife won't come back. What do I do?
  183. Husband wants to be alone
  184. When do you stay, when do you go?
  185. Gives with no returns
  186. Do I stay just for the kids?
  187. Tough time leaving because of toddler
  188. Research Program for Relationships - Get Paid to Participate
  189. Married less than 1 year - Already want out!
  190. Wife refuses to speak English
  191. Can't do this anymore......
  192. How do you enforce an endpoint to an intolerable behavior?
  193. Help! My husband wants a divorce where I can find info on the 180?
  194. I just wish he will divorce me.
  195. He was unhappy, but now I am...
  196. Feel like a fool & used & trapped!
  197. I don't know if I can do this to my child
  198. Married for 20+ years and so unhappy
  199. Uncertainty Brings Me Here
  200. I think I am going insane
  201. Saving my marriage
  202. An age old tale of love and loss
  203. dont know what to do....
  204. Need advice - should I leave
  205. How patient should I be?
  206. Wife keeps mentioning seperation
  207. She wants to leave--now?
  208. How do I spot signals of reconciliation
  209. My wife won't let me go, what should I do?
  210. interesting article about keeping a marriage alive
  211. wife on holiday without me - do I get a divorce?
  212. What to do?
  213. considering divorce
  214. Confused...
  215. At a loss of words
  216. Husband keeps threatening, never goes through....
  217. what would you do
  218. Husband is always threatening divorce
  219. help! with these scenario
  220. Could really use some opinions
  221. Mixed feelings and an aching heart
  222. Trying to get my husband to see...
  223. Am probably going to leave at some point...
  224. Eyes are open and more confused than ever
  225. Can't go on, but I feel like a horrid person...
  226. Oh man where do I start
  227. Wife begging me to stay. What should I do?
  228. Conversation to be had...
  229. Fell out of love but I can't leave my children.
  230. Help with my Marriage
  231. I want out of my marriage because I feel nothing for my husband. Advice?
  232. Unhappily married and confused!!!
  233. Confused and separated for 2 months
  234. These are various opinions about sexual past
  235. how to break the news?
  236. Still after 3 yrs, I want answers for things that were unusual.If you could help, i n
  237. What to do first
  238. Heartbroken...
  239. Love my wife but we can't talk and I'm in love with another woman!
  240. 5 stages of grief as applied to marriage
  241. What did I do last night?!? Help
  242. I'm Lost!
  243. want to leave but scared
  244. I'll start from the beginning
  245. How do you say it?
  246. Doozy of a story
  247. Considering Separation Under the Same Roof
  248. Ok here is my story.....not sure what to do
  249. Needing advice regarding relationship and child visitation
  250. Feeling selfish about wanting to seperate because of kids