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: Considering Divorce or Separation

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  1. I'm sure I know the answer already
  2. MIL problems.
  3. How to split the stuff?
  4. Sugest major actions. Please advise.
  5. And the house of cards comes crumbling down
  6. Separation question for men & women
  7. Want to see if anyone has any advice for me.
  8. Am I being selfish?
  9. Is there hope
  10. Needing Advice
  11. I think tonight is the night
  12. Guilt over Leaving Single Mother
  13. considering leaving my wife
  14. Prepaid and/or Legal Insurance?
  15. Am I being unfair?
  16. Love my wife but should I consider a separation/divorce
  17. Pretty sure wife is on her second Emotional Affair this year
  18. Afraid I married the wrong guy
  19. He has Hurt me Physically 3 Times, should I stay or divorce? Please help!
  20. Pushed past my limit (really long!)
  21. My Story
  22. confused and need advice
  23. Nervous to post, but need advice
  24. Will counseling even help??
  25. Is It Time To Move On?
  26. Unsure about divorce
  27. Where to go when you have no place to go?
  28. I'm interested but she's taken
  29. Trying to leave my angry controlling husband
  30. I think I'm getting divorced..advice
  31. My return after almost a year and I'm still hurting
  32. Pulling the plug on this marriage
  33. Unhappy (warning: a bit long)
  34. Really tired of his behavior and this was the last straw.
  35. Divorce, after 14 years
  36. Marriage Problem, Please help
  37. He's completely lost his f*%$n' mind!
  38. Lost a child, marriage failing, and dont know what to do
  39. why is this so hard
  40. married for 16 months & it has all gone wrong.
  41. Am I in denial or he is massing with my head?
  42. I feel nothing for him aside from pity
  43. This book may be coming to an end...
  44. My Husband cheated with his child's mother....should I leave?
  45. is it time??
  46. I think I hate my husband
  47. Stick around or leave?
  48. Getting custody in long distance
  49. Getting prepared
  50. Not sure if i believe him
  51. TIPPING POINT- From a NON- walk-a-way-wife
  52. Unhappy in marriage...any help appreciated
  53. Stay at Home Dad needs help!
  54. In limbo
  55. dazed and confused
  56. My wife's mom died. When should I leave?
  57. Is it time to quit fighting for love?
  58. help n my marriege
  59. I've made a complete f*** up of it.
  60. Ten Years as of this summer.
  61. Overwhelmed by thought of divorce it brutal?
  62. Considering Separation
  63. 6 months in
  64. Leaving the only thing you know
  65. Should the wounds be reopened?
  66. At a loss!
  67. hi new here and have a ?
  68. Separation? I need help and fast!
  69. Husband Telling Friends He Wants Divorce But I Don't Think He Really Does?
  70. Very Sad in My Marriage
  71. Financial Realities of Divorce?
  72. Controlling Husband
  73. ILYBINILWY with no affair?
  74. Early Stages of separation help needed.
  75. Sex score?
  76. The last straw??
  77. What to listen? My heart or my head??
  78. am I missing out on life?
  79. Could this be the end?
  80. Is it bad to want more?
  81. I just dont know how to leave
  82. Divorce in CA
  83. Any hope?
  84. Need Help Moving On
  85. Cold Feet Before Marriage
  86. Scared to make wrong decision
  87. 2 years later
  88. Is this enough for me to want out? Advice needed.
  89. Just need someone to talk to
  90. I don't know what to do any more
  91. Not sure what to do
  92. I want out, but when is a good time?
  93. shall i keep fighting for this marriage?
  94. Can Rosetta Stone teach women to speak male?
  95. Where do you even start to end it all???
  96. I think it's over
  97. When love isn't enough...
  98. Can't get past it
  99. Sad and selfish?
  100. Have you ever fallen back in love?
  101. Trial Separation; how does it work??
  102. Trying to make her love me again!
  103. Divorce support group in Boston area?
  104. Next! - Is he serious?
  105. Afraid to tell him
  106. Please read and give your honest thoughts
  107. Undecided
  108. Am I supposed to constantly suffer
  109. unsure of what to do
  110. Simply dont know what to do.
  111. Should I leave?
  112. Marriage is a mess & wife is lying to me.
  113. Just so tired of the clutter and filth...
  114. Wife says she doesn't love me anymore...
  115. Which comes first?
  116. Decision Time
  117. Staying Together For the Kids
  118. Confused newlywed in Nashville,tn
  119. I don't know if this should be the end or not
  120. Can't Concentrate on anything!
  121. He hurt me so much I fell out of love
  122. My husband ruined us
  123. What is mental considered mental abuse.
  124. Ultimatum?
  125. long time and end of love
  126. Finally Doing It - Scared of Husband
  127. In the event that I decide to separate...
  128. Update on my situation
  129. My wife is considering separation/divorce
  130. Struggling because of my kids
  131. Right decision
  132. Should I divorce or not?
  133. Fly on the wall
  134. My Husband Says Im Ugly and Selfish For Wanting Out??
  135. No affection or gratitude.
  136. Should I let it go?!
  137. My husband is choosing his dog over me?
  138. Gradual disinterest
  139. Can you live as roomates or is it time to go?
  140. Torn
  141. How do I bring up that i want a divorce?
  142. He has agreed to Retrouvaille this weekend; trying not to get my hopes up...
  143. Just looking for opinions
  144. How tolerant are you supposed to be....until you are just being foolish
  145. Depressed husband I need help
  146. Told my husband I'm leaving
  147. Need advice
  148. Will love save us?
  149. Need advice on in law issues- sorry for the long post
  150. Considering a Divorce
  151. Desperately needing advice
  152. Interesting Article: The divorce from hell, the battle for alimony & emptied pockets
  153. The kids, the kids, the kids...
  154. New career creating conflict
  155. He wants some space...
  156. Separation: "what will people think?"
  157. How should I tell her I want a divorce
  158. Im Back! He wants a break so I added No contact
  159. Please I need advice
  160. Not getting what I need after addressing issue
  161. Headed Out
  162. I Need Help Please!
  163. New to Site, Need Marriage Advice!
  164. Getting to the end
  165. Question about counselling
  166. Separation Imminent
  167. What a crappy Marriage? Things gotta change
  168. Should have divorced when I had the chance
  169. Can't be a good sign
  170. New Here - long distance marriage
  171. Immature Spouse
  172. Considering divorce or just leave - just can't stand the pain
  173. I want to leave because we don't share the same core values
  174. My husband is a diabetic. Need advice.
  175. In two minds
  176. Loyal But Unhappy Husband
  177. Feeling like a shmuck for giving up on our relationship
  178. Advice Please - Options? Am I being selfish? What else could I do?
  179. forgive again??
  180. Husband just left, he is confused, advice please.
  181. Reuqest for advice to transition from marriage to divorce and still be friends
  182. Question for the wives who want to separate....
  183. Feeling utterly worn down and so so tired...
  184. I dont believe in divorce BUT
  185. Is She Serious? Can this possibly work?
  186. Mess in the family
  187. Divorces are difficult but they dont have to be unfair
  188. Wife looks at watch
  189. Want to Convince Wife to Divorce - Why?
  190. Crystal clearer
  191. Any Women Been in my Situation?
  192. Should I end this relation?
  193. Cornered and complacent
  194. I think it's time for me to go..
  195. How to talk to BPD H about divorce
  196. Long past considering. Warning this post is very long
  197. Lies lies and more lies
  198. I just don't know what to do
  199. BPD Husband leaving over something that didn't even happen. . .
  200. On the brink
  201. What to do?
  202. Divorce after 21 Years
  203. I am doing everything I can but it's not enough
  204. I filed, but wife wants to separate to try and work things out. Now I'm conflicted.
  205. I need advice
  206. I've given up
  207. Any successful second marriages?
  208. Feeling justified but no one to talk to
  209. Made plans to leave
  210. How to leave
  211. I do not want this
  212. Scared to leave
  213. Logistics of leaving...need advice!
  214. Looking for perspective
  215. I can't keep going like this!
  216. Do I love her or is just my conscious? Please, Please Help
  217. Considering separation due to too much stress
  218. My Long Story
  219. New to forum - not sure where to turn
  220. Is my relationship normal?
  221. Want to Separate, but conflicted
  222. The proposal
  223. How do I keep from feeling I disappointed my son
  224. Thinking Straight?
  225. Dealing with the consequences
  226. So confused I could scream!
  227. Should I speak to an attorney before I leave?
  228. Classic mistake
  229. Impacts on Kids in a divorced family... why cant it be oK?
  230. Wants to fix marriage, will time apart help?
  231. 2nd time around I thought would be better
  232. How to know if son would be better off if I divorced?
  233. I think this is the time to let go.
  234. 125 secret texts in 4 days
  235. Aren't marriage vows completely worthless?
  236. Very unusual situation, considering divorce but it's super complicated.
  237. New here - name says it all
  238. fatally flawed - run?
  239. Geo Separation - Not sure I want to continue
  240. Tried Everything, Seperation?
  241. It's Over
  242. so lost
  243. Why did I get married and what do I do now? Married too young...
  244. I think this is the time to let go.
  245. Help don't know what to do
  246. I pushed him away now I fear its too late
  247. verbal abuse
  248. New Here, Confused, Need Advice
  249. love languages
  250. I want to be happy again.