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: Considering Divorce or Separation

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  1. I'm afraid for my life
  2. She said she wants a divorce
  3. Trying to decide...
  4. I married a Narcissist
  5. I opened up and am paying the price.
  6. Wife Talking to Another Man -- Please Help
  7. dont think husband ever loved me
  8. I want a divorce but he doesn't
  9. How do you know when to leave?
  10. he's no longer in love with me
  11. He Changed at "I Do"
  12. To divorce or just keep trying?
  13. Help I want to save my marriage
  14. Wife won't come back. What do I do?
  15. Husband wants to be alone
  16. When do you stay, when do you go?
  17. Gives with no returns
  18. Do I stay just for the kids?
  19. Tough time leaving because of toddler
  20. Research Program for Relationships - Get Paid to Participate
  21. Married less than 1 year - Already want out!
  22. Wife refuses to speak English
  23. Can't do this anymore......
  24. How do you enforce an endpoint to an intolerable behavior?
  25. Help! My husband wants a divorce where I can find info on the 180?
  26. I just wish he will divorce me.
  27. He was unhappy, but now I am...
  28. Feel like a fool & used & trapped!
  29. I don't know if I can do this to my child
  30. Married for 20+ years and so unhappy
  31. Uncertainty Brings Me Here
  32. I think I am going insane
  33. Saving my marriage
  34. An age old tale of love and loss
  35. dont know what to do....
  36. Need advice - should I leave
  37. How patient should I be?
  38. Wife keeps mentioning seperation
  39. She wants to leave--now?
  40. How do I spot signals of reconciliation
  41. My wife won't let me go, what should I do?
  42. interesting article about keeping a marriage alive
  43. wife on holiday without me - do I get a divorce?
  44. What to do?
  45. considering divorce
  46. Confused...
  47. At a loss of words
  48. Husband keeps threatening, never goes through....
  49. what would you do
  50. Husband is always threatening divorce
  51. help! with these scenario
  52. Could really use some opinions
  53. Mixed feelings and an aching heart
  54. Trying to get my husband to see...
  55. Am probably going to leave at some point...
  56. Eyes are open and more confused than ever
  57. Can't go on, but I feel like a horrid person...
  58. Oh man where do I start
  59. Wife begging me to stay. What should I do?
  60. Conversation to be had...
  61. Fell out of love but I can't leave my children.
  62. Help with my Marriage
  63. I want out of my marriage because I feel nothing for my husband. Advice?
  64. Unhappily married and confused!!!
  65. Confused and separated for 2 months
  66. These are various opinions about sexual past
  67. how to break the news?
  68. Still after 3 yrs, I want answers for things that were unusual.If you could help, i n
  69. What to do first
  70. Heartbroken...
  71. Love my wife but we can't talk and I'm in love with another woman!
  72. 5 stages of grief as applied to marriage
  73. What did I do last night?!? Help
  74. I'm Lost!
  75. want to leave but scared
  76. I'll start from the beginning
  77. How do you say it?
  78. Doozy of a story
  79. Considering Separation Under the Same Roof
  80. Ok here is my story.....not sure what to do
  81. Needing advice regarding relationship and child visitation
  82. Feeling selfish about wanting to seperate because of kids
  83. More questions than answers
  84. On deployment and wife is doesn't love me anymore
  85. Advice for dealing with a roommate like marriage situation?
  86. 9 months in and discussing divorce
  87. Heart Broken
  88. Is it over?
  89. My wife of "10 years" has been "unhappy for a while" and does not know what to do..
  90. Wife Says She's Done and Now Cheating, 3 Kids
  91. Considering it over after 9 years
  92. This is probably an easy one - but I still need help
  93. I dream of being happily divorced
  94. Lots of questions
  95. Should I help the Other Woman SEE THE LIGHT?
  96. Anger, confrontation issues, and possible separation
  97. Husband is unhappy and don't know what to do.
  98. Cancer Survivor trying to be a marriage survivor...
  99. How do I make it clear...
  100. How do I make myself jump?
  101. Back and forth - can't decide...
  102. Failing Marriage and 3 weeks pregnant. Advice needed!
  103. First counseling session today
  104. The end is nigh....
  105. Confused about whether to stay or go? Do the rock test!
  106. I am unsure where to go from here and need help/advice...
  107. Need To Find A Way Out
  108. so tried
  109. Can't live with me, can't live without me
  110. He always threatens divorce during fights.Seeking perspective.
  111. Confused about husband's choice to stay friends with the man who also betrayed him..
  112. How to Find the Right Counselor?
  113. Getting my Ducks in a Row
  114. Thinking of Seperating...not sure what to do.
  115. Contagious?
  116. so hurt
  117. H Wants divorce after 2 weeks of separation
  118. PA Adultery divorce question
  119. Feels like my marriage is over?
  120. Feeling trapped and confused
  121. Is separation good?
  122. Need Advice
  123. Angry, Hurt, & Outraged
  124. Should I get a divorce?
  125. How do you know if your marriage is beyond fixing?
  126. Co-parenting Cohabitation (Divorce w/o Separation)
  127. How do you move forward? Or out?
  128. Just need advice
  129. he wont leave
  130. What do you think?
  131. Confused
  132. Married 4 years, seeking divorce but there's more ...
  133. Are there phases?
  134. Another Christmas Casusalty
  135. What am I supposed to do?
  136. Uncovering some of husband's resentment
  137. When the pain eclipses the fear
  138. need some perspective
  139. Wife is filing, what to do?
  140. Not Happy
  141. When do you forgive?
  142. only married 3mths, i feel so stupid!
  143. A little lost....
  144. Checked out/exhausted
  145. 21 years of thick and thin, but about to finally break..
  146. Husband Is Done Trying
  147. Days before separation...what to do
  148. Help it is Almost Over
  149. 180 and other strategies
  150. House arrangements, breakup, soft heart
  151. Wife has moved out, says she doesnt love me anymore.
  152. Deciding if a seperation is the only option left
  153. No more Mr. Doormat
  154. Would no sex be a reason to divorce?
  155. Should I separate if...?
  156. preparing for separation
  157. Is Leaving the Right Decision?
  158. Best Friends, but no passion... Im about to leave.
  159. Confused :(
  160. Not happy with wife, but I'm worried about my son (Sorry, long)
  161. trial seperation and counseling.
  162. gave my husband an ultimatum, and he doesn't seem to care (long)
  163. Has anyone taken back an ex or saved a marriage?
  164. How long is too long
  165. Newly Married and Lost
  166. Need advice, wife is apathetic
  167. Wife wanted space but is seeing boss
  168. Not Happy but Trying
  169. worth it or not?
  170. Don't know if I should divorce him or not
  171. I'm a horrible wife
  172. Not happy with my wife.
  173. Conflicted, confused and severly depressed. HELP!
  174. New Here: Should I Get Separated/Divorced?
  175. Married at 21 and seperated by 23
  176. I want out of my Marriage,what do I do?
  177. The last straw?
  178. Some days I just feel like I'm broken.
  179. Just joined and looking for guidance; separation with kids and lesbians
  180. How to handle the next step??
  181. I NEED HELP? What is your opinion, can my marriage be saved?
  182. 10 years and now she wants out.
  183. Do I just let him go?? help
  184. Mixed feelings
  185. I'm new, here's my story
  186. The curse of over-thinking leads to indecisiveness
  187. Man preparing to file in WI
  188. I want Out
  189. So I did it!
  190. Would anyone put up with this??
  191. 18 years of relationship shattering, please help!
  192. So Emotionally Torn
  193. Feel like it's time to walk away!!
  194. we are on vacation... but it feels like hell.
  195. For the sake of God, please help me!
  196. Am I ready to leave??
  197. What to do?
  198. Married to Jekyll & Hyde
  199. Am I over-reacting? Another man in the house
  200. "Formerly" abusive husband wants to kiss and make up.
  201. Totally confused.
  202. Thoughts/advice.
  203. Don't know what to do
  204. Don't know how to leave extremely emotionally dependent husband
  205. Advice needed please
  206. Many complex factors and unable to see resolution
  207. want to move on
  208. I put the wheels in motion
  209. sick to my stomach!
  210. The most inconvenient time to decide on divorce?
  211. seeking guidance
  212. I need to know that things will eventually be all right...
  213. I don't know what to do!!!
  214. Husband wants to be friends
  215. Not sure what is normal anymore...
  216. Completely brokenhearted
  217. unsure what to do..
  218. A success story
  219. Advice for the ladies.
  220. He Won't Leave - Can't File
  221. Sad newbie here!
  222. My wife is impossible, why can't I leave?
  223. Growing Apart
  224. On a ledge
  225. Very Unhappy
  226. Give Warning Before Asking For Separation?
  227. Fallen of of luv with my husband :(
  228. Hmmmm...made up my mind but too afraid to do anything
  229. I Don't Know What to DO!
  230. Wife not Sure if she want to stay married
  231. I want a divorce but I'm trapped, miserable and now she's pregnant
  232. With online infedility,Give up or work on it??
  233. Husband not home again
  234. "In-House" Seperation...Thoughts? Advice? Comments?
  235. Marriage is feeling doomed
  236. Need advice on Divorce decision.
  237. Should you stay married even if you know you'll be happier without it?
  238. Last hope...
  239. Husband of 27 years wanted to get out..Wife has done a complete turnaround ??Confuse
  240. Didn't ever expect to post here
  241. I just want to see her reaction about that
  242. Know what I want, but hesitate to destroy kids
  243. Advise concidering divorce
  244. 3rd child (my husband)
  245. Can Seperation help a marriage recover?
  246. Extremely confused; need advice
  247. Have I broken this beyond repair?
  248. Please help
  249. Am I doing the right thing?? When do I do it?
  250. Long read but please help me