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: Considering Divorce or Separation

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  1. Don't know...
  2. Does this mean I don't love my wife?
  3. hurt and confused need help
  4. I feel like he is coasting through our marriage...
  5. Need Some Sound Advice! Can't decide to Stay or Go..
  6. Observations
  7. Still living together !
  8. Any success stories?
  9. confused
  10. Horrible dream! This isn't going to ever stop, is it?
  11. Together yet Seperate
  12. Boy do I need help, husband in military away
  13. confused, dont know what to make of it...
  14. Need some advise
  15. Sometimes things just happen
  16. im in the navy and want a divorce
  17. Seperation and confusion
  18. Need Your Opinion on marriage
  19. Help Please
  20. Military Spouse needs help!
  21. Update - we've had a talk
  22. Wife of Workaholic
  23. Now or Later?
  24. Wife is in full MLC...any have MC work?
  25. He makes me feel guity for everything
  26. Going through the D
  27. Need Someone To Talk To
  28. What to do?
  29. Miserably trapped!
  30. Husband's temper, need for control
  31. Did I make a HUGE mistake?
  32. Betrayed
  33. Is divorce imminent?
  34. Dazed and confused
  35. I am on the verge of asking for a separation or having a kid
  36. Feeling Torn
  37. She wants to leave after 30 years
  38. wife stays out til 4
  39. After EA what do i do?
  40. What is wrong with my husband?? Is this normal??
  41. Help Please: EA #2
  42. whats invoved in marrige councelling
  43. One last try or run for the hills?
  44. What's going to happen? (sorry, its LONG)
  45. At the fork in the road...
  46. I can't do this on my own
  47. should I stay or should I go????
  48. He's not my husband
  49. I love you but... I'm not in love with you
  50. Daughter or Husband?
  51. Trying to decide what's best for the kids.
  52. I think she is unfaithful
  53. Man, 54, thinking of divorce
  54. Not sure what to do....
  55. Don't know what to do...
  56. Attorney Recommendation
  57. Let it ride or cash in my chips?
  58. Help please......
  59. I think I might be falling out of love, what do to...
  60. Evaluating divorce
  61. Finally told her either leave the OM or I'm taking the kids
  62. 30 years together and just found 'love'
  63. Is It Pregnancy Hormones or something worse?
  64. 20 years and done?
  65. need help!!!
  66. Can i save my marriage?
  67. Want to separate from amazing dad and husband
  68. Women...please advise!
  69. Had enough, now it is up to me.
  70. sorowful sadness
  71. Different ideas of love
  72. Need advice about divorce
  73. One year of marital hell!
  74. Fml ! ;(
  75. Forgiving emotional disconnect?
  76. Soldier needing advice
  77. Is Divorce Inevitable?
  78. Should I stay with my husband?...
  79. I may not be man enough...
  80. Unappreciated by my wife - considering leaving, but staying together for my daughter
  81. How do you have 'the talk'?
  82. Need help...
  83. Choices, suicide, a true story
  84. Hate my marriage-seeking feedback
  85. Finally talking
  86. Divorce - Is she bluffing?
  87. Advice please.
  88. Husband's friendships with other women
  89. Wrong from beginning...but feel staying is 'right thing to do'
  90. My wife has BPD and has left again and is starting to date. What to do??
  91. Filing advice
  92. just need to sound off
  93. Man... I think i really messed up this time
  94. Reruns!!
  95. In a bad way
  96. We've been here many times before...
  97. please help. husband depressed in hosp. wants divorce
  98. Did you lose that 'loving feeling' but re-gained it?
  99. I feel guilty for wanting to separate...
  100. We agreed to seperate - sort of.
  101. My mind is such a mess. I don't know what to do.
  102. How to divorce wife with young kids in the house?
  103. Considering Separation but Financially need to live together
  104. I believe I am loosing myself.
  105. Clueless
  106. spouse is a good person
  107. 2 years and moving...where?
  108. Just needed a place to be brave for a moment
  109. D-Day talk tonight or tomorrow: Any pre-reading material?
  110. Logistics of the 180--Kids and Household?
  111. Is this relationship worth saving?
  112. Considering Seperation / Am I Crazy?
  113. when to leave
  114. Grass is Greaner or over??
  115. love sucked out of a marriage
  116. Need Advice..
  117. She threatens divorce. Do I give in or try to fix this?
  118. Thinking about separation from my wife.
  119. When is it too much?
  120. Very Confused and at a crossroads...
  121. student/mother wanting to seperate not sure how
  122. Am I crazy???
  123. Should I Hold on or Move on?? Please help!
  124. Finally had my "the moment I knew" to proceed
  125. My husband wants to leave and im pregnant...
  126. Miscommunication!!!!
  127. How to confront someone
  128. Planning on separation.
  129. Is it time for a divorce? Can things be salvaged?
  130. shocked
  131. Mt whole world is falling apart.
  132. when to go? Please help!
  133. On the verge of divorce
  134. Growing Apart, and it hurts
  135. Husband is a bully and a cheat
  136. Was it too early? responses will be appreciated greatly.
  137. Control/Abuse?-- not sure what do do next
  138. Not really a surprise
  139. Consider a new life...
  140. Please please help!
  141. how do you go through a separation while still living together?
  142. god
  143. Two Day Separation?
  144. One person's choice - a true story
  145. Spouses working apart
  146. think husband wants divorce
  147. kids will be devastated, what to do ?
  148. I just don't much like her anymore...
  149. I think I my wife has Borderline Personality Disorder
  150. Newly married and wonder if it was all a mistake
  151. Is it over??
  152. Obstinate wife
  153. Where is the line between "settling" and making it work?
  154. husband was on a cheating site and always watches porn
  155. My wife wants me to move out
  156. When is enough, enough?
  157. She doesn't wanta be married she doesn't want a divorce or a separations
  158. Just married, want a separation?
  159. seeking advice for possible divorce
  160. It is coming.
  161. My husband keeps telling me to get out
  162. 32 Days of Marriage and He wants a Divorce
  163. Not sure what to do, need advice...
  164. Can you buy your own home while separated? Or should I just rent?
  165. Would you live here for free?
  166. my wife faked a kidnapping.
  167. In Limbo -- Having THE TALK in a few days
  168. What am I going to do??
  169. Should I move on or keep fighting?
  170. Remember me?....update
  171. at the end of my rope...
  172. I love him, but we need to separate!
  173. what trumps it the morals of marriage or your own
  174. How do I tell her I want out?
  175. STBXH will be a stalker??
  176. dont know what to do anymore
  177. Relationship Advice-Need Help Now
  178. When schedules create conflict
  179. Sick & tired of being sick & tired - verbal abuse & anger issues
  180. He's Obsessed with our marriage counselor, what should i do?
  181. Ten years....I've had enough!
  182. My marriage is broken, I think beyond repair
  183. Tried to leave abusive husband - failed
  184. My fault that my wife wants separation
  185. Husband said: "More kids or divorce."
  186. need confused
  187. I wish she had done something to deserve this
  188. Unknown Next Step
  189. Synthetics 10 Commandments
  190. Nothing left in my marriage?
  191. Confused
  192. I'm married but going through a separation and she wants to stay married
  193. 4 Years Married . . . approx 1.5 Unhappy
  194. Should I stay or should I go now
  195. Every dream lost...
  196. Steps to feeling a bit at ease, but need advice
  197. I'm in love with you but not "IN LOVE" with you
  198. Pregnant and wanting a divorce
  199. My story...
  200. what i've done
  201. Please Help! Can't take the Pain
  202. Separating - Not Sure What's Next
  203. Confused how to deal with things, any suggestion?
  204. Should I stay or go??
  205. Name Calling...
  206. I NEED ADVICE, from anyone, I feel like I'm dying....
  207. Can't believe I'm considering divorce
  208. seperated but confused about marraige
  209. I don't know him anymore.
  210. too fat to love...
  211. No More Mr. Nice Guy
  212. How do I let go?
  213. Separating For Health Reasons, & To Save Marriage
  214. How & When
  215. I don't know how to make it thru this
  216. Need free divorce papers to print
  217. Looking for outsiders perspective
  218. Too afraid to break up with my live-in girlfriend; I have nowhere else to go
  219. How to Break it to Husband?...
  220. Partner is making me want to seperate
  221. What happens if you're ordered to pay for her attorney, but can't?
  222. tired of being deceived and lied to!!
  223. Worst summer ever
  224. Conidering ending it...visitation question
  225. Tired, Scared, Confused & Depressed!!!
  226. Stick it out for the kids?
  227. Wife of 3 years isn't attracted anymore
  228. Marriage going south
  229. Leaving wife and kids
  230. scared and very very lonely
  231. I don't want to get divorced but...
  232. Feeling smothered and wanting out
  233. My Husband told me to find sex elsewwhere and I fell in love
  234. scared of change
  235. Dealing with the aftermath of a divorce.
  236. should I ask for a separation?
  237. personal attacks and unwillingness to accept fault (bit long)
  238. Thinking of leaving
  239. Not sure if its saveable
  240. Feeling lost and sad about my marriage
  241. Trial Separation for married young?
  242. My money is hers; Her money is hers, and I do all the house chores!
  243. How long should I hold on?
  244. Too many lies.. from education to job
  245. Borderline Personality Disorder
  246. Wanting a Divorce
  247. I married because she got pregnant
  248. Cheating wife is getting everything
  249. If I'm not a part of my husbands family and him then should I divorce
  250. Married this past April.... maybe this isn't for me....

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