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: Considering Divorce or Separation

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  1. Questioning Myself
  2. How to proceed?
  3. I want to separate
  4. Miserable but terrified to end it
  5. abusive behaviour
  6. Fast reaching breaking point
  7. Why are women eternally bitter?
  8. 14 years now a breakdown
  9. Terrified of Separation/Divorce, But Not Sure if Other Options Exist
  10. 25 Years
  11. this might be end of my marriage :(
  12. Marraige where all passion is with reservation - redeemable?
  13. Feeling guilty
  14. Divorce And Depression
  15. Can't seem to end it
  16. Incurable Illness
  17. 14 years of marriage and wifes 1st affair
  18. considering separation -devastated and trying to fix marriage. if possible?
  19. My [26F] open marriage with my husband [29M] is broken because of his partner [23F]
  20. Ultimatum: Husband needs to find a job.
  21. I've lost interest
  22. Not sure where to start... a little long
  23. I have a bad feeling about this...........
  24. I don't even know where to start! Can't have a mature conversation about what we're g
  25. On the verge of separation but it's one sided or maybe I'm nuts
  26. Moving stuff out
  27. Rough patch or the end of the road.
  28. Long Post - Need Advice
  29. Later in Life Divorce
  30. Hardest part for me
  31. I'm so broken
  32. Divorce process how to do it? Physically/Emontionally
  33. Threatened With Divorce Constantly, Ready To Call His Bluff
  34. Empowerment
  35. Divorcing wife but staying in same home until she can support herself financially
  36. Wife and her family causing stress.
  37. Please help
  38. Contemplating divorce
  39. So unsure what to do
  40. H
  41. 24 plus years and I am ready to go
  42. I'm considering leaving her
  43. Considering divorce
  44. Spouse cheated need advice
  45. Divorcing after 23 years
  46. I'm leaving him
  47. Im Being Pulled Away By These Emotions
  48. Oh God the Guilt
  49. My wife lied about her past
  50. Seriously Need Advice
  51. Is Divorce Right for Me?
  52. Filling out a Separation Agreement
  53. She Left Me, But I Think I Want Out. She's Fence Sitting.
  54. What to look for in a lawyer
  55. Tired of being used.....
  56. Separation May Be Next
  57. I Lost Respect for My Wife, Considering Divorce
  58. Counciling?
  59. Virtual Affairs, BDSM fantasies, 26 years in
  60. Getting ready to drop the news
  61. I Need Advice
  62. 9 Years and 4 Months Married
  63. Comfortable and Lonely
  64. Been Considering Leaving
  65. Leaving someone who loves you
  66. One would think that one would have learned from the 1st marriage
  67. After 8 long years, I feel like its time...
  68. 3 years of constant arguing
  69. Ending Limbo?
  70. it's over
  71. A New Lease on Life?
  72. Email from Wife: I Should Consider Separating
  73. Where do I go from here?
  74. Please Help
  75. My husband is controlling me - feel like a prisoner
  76. 18 yrs down the drain
  77. everything is all my fault of course
  78. How do you know...?
  79. Is this normal?
  80. Overwhelmed
  81. I found the way out.
  82. Don't know if I should...
  83. Dead end cul-de-sac
  84. 36.5 years...M may be over (mods may way want to del)
  85. My wife is thinking about a separation
  86. How to ask for a divorce?
  87. Is hoping a wasted energy?
  88. Married young and now confused
  89. Emotional abuse
  90. Lost and Confused
  91. "Let Go if You love Something"
  92. Married,Pregnant,Husband is M.I.A
  93. Lost
  94. Found this site by accident..
  95. Husband say doesn't love me and is Confused on his feelings
  96. I'm not sure what to feel or do as of the moment or at all. What shall i do ?
  97. Husband cheating with strippers
  98. 28 years of beautiful lies
  99. Not sure if I still want to be married
  100. husband accepted out of state job without me
  101. Thouse who move through it with action.
  102. feeling lost
  103. Married to my best friend
  104. lost.
  105. I think my husband abandoned me
  106. Confused
  107. Do I stay or do I go?
  108. I Love Her, But I'm Not Happy
  109. Finally Ready
  110. Burnt out, hopeless, thinking of leaving everything behind
  111. Wife Does Not Find me Attractive
  112. Feel helpless
  113. Stuck in an endless loop
  114. I just told my husband that I want a divorce
  115. Are you happy you left? happy you stayed?
  116. Trying to leave, she keeps seducing me, and I keep letting her
  117. Not sure what to do
  118. Wife Shows No More Interest
  119. I just dont know anymore...
  120. Money/Work/Husband ugh!!
  121. Feel like it's all crumbling around me.
  122. He lost respect for me.
  123. Time to move on?
  124. Can I split my wife from her lover with a bribe?
  125. In limbo - trying to save marriage
  126. I am at the end of my rope
  127. Trying to work on me
  128. My wife and I separated after being under CPS investigation
  129. Im new in need of advice plz
  130. Feel like my marriage is falling apart
  131. I feel like I'm doing all the work
  132. Husbands DUI on the job=DivorceTime?
  133. Seeking Advice
  134. My wife wants separation
  135. Not sure what to do.
  136. Lost phone, suspicions, crazy making, please help!
  137. Is there any hope when trust is gone?
  138. Here we go again.. is it me?
  139. Therapy, finally
  140. Violent Behavior: Grounds for Divorce?
  141. I feel trapped.
  142. Big Bully
  143. What is Counseling or therapy?
  144. Talking to Fiance about getting treatment or seperation
  145. From your experience, what's happening here?
  146. 2 kids ... finances ... what do I do?!
  147. 13 years marriage 4 kids help
  148. Of Two Minds - continue or end?
  149. I hate being married to my wife
  150. One last try before I give up...
  151. How will you describe this girl?
  152. I know I need to leave, but can't bring my self to do so
  153. Looks like we're parting ways.
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  155. Need Advice on reconnecting with Wife
  156. Should my wife reconsider decision to divorce?
  157. Husband may leave me. Homosexual/Bixsexual
  158. In desperate need for help
  159. Need advice on if to stay in marriage causing disassociation
  160. How much more time to forget my ex?
  161. Need Advice-Finances and Unrealistic Expectations
  162. Suspicious
  163. Feeling like this is coming to an end
  164. I messed up repeatedly.
  165. Hello
  166. Temporary Separation
  167. Lost
  168. 32+ years coming to an end
  169. Smoking Gun Found BUT ?
  170. Can I move out with my kids?
  171. Married for less than six months...
  172. How do I know for sure it's time to separate ?
  173. More pictures while I'm sleeping
  174. What is going on?
  175. Got to thinking
  176. How to Tell Whether You Should End Things With Your Partner
  177. Don't want to live a life of regret, but want to be honorable.
  178. Stickies Archive! Please Read!
  179. Setting a deadline
  180. Should I get divorced?
  181. My wife and her lesbian affair
  182. Funny thing happened
  183. Finally moved out
  184. wife moving out and I'm so hurt and confused
  185. How to tackle your ex
  186. Need Advice on Crappy Relationship
  187. Does anyone had worst relationship than this?
  188. what is happening ?
  189. This can't be normal
  190. Confused
  191. Confusion in married land...
  192. Planning for Divorce
  193. Civil, Respectful Divorce?
  194. Seriously thinking about divorce...
  195. Considering divorce, no kids, feeling that I want more in life
  196. Girlfriend broke up with me for a guy who leaked her nude photos.
  197. Think it might be time..but what's the next step?
  198. Is this marriage worth saving?
  199. Tired of dealing with wife's episodes
  200. Is this it?
  201. Husband wants separation but getting mixed signals
  202. No communication
  203. Need advice before divorcing
  204. After Forty years what now?
  205. Text Messages
  206. Need help saving my marriage, I need advice.
  207. Please help before it's too late!!!
  208. Outsiders advice needed
  209. Feeling alone
  210. I don't think my marriage (3yrs) is worth saving?
  211. Should I just end the marriage?
  212. Married for 3 weeks. Quarrel every weekend. Wanted divorce every time.
  213. Married but Alone
  214. not sure
  215. Married 3 months but I'm Finished
  216. Is my wife cheating?
  217. There is nothing left to save
  218. I could write a book
  219. Sexless Marriage... Please help
  220. I really need help i feel trapped and i see no way out.
  221. Compatibility and Obligation
  222. Decided to throw in the towel
  223. I've fallen out of love with my husband. What now?
  224. What to do?
  225. Dividing up moneys
  226. my mind is spinning seeking advice
  227. She wants to take a break
  228. 25 years but can/should i continue
  229. how long is too long for a post?
  230. Help and Advice please
  231. Wife is enabling her live in mother
  232. Money is the Root (Very Long Post, Sorry)
  233. I have NO idea what to do... need advice
  234. Am I overthinking
  235. My wife awkward silence
  236. help... wife wants to separate
  237. I've got a great guy, but I can't connect.
  238. So This is Where it is
  239. Separated for a month...not sure I want him back..
  240. My husband hear things or I have mental disorder... I need serious help!
  241. sexting
  242. Should I give up?
  243. Head is spinning...Need Advice
  244. Help Should i stay or go
  245. Would Like to Hear Your Thoughts
  246. Seeking Medication Suggestions
  247. Family Member Moving In Causing Divorce?
  248. Hard to do - not sure if I can
  249. Should I stay or should I go now
  250. So tired of this.