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: Going Through Divorce or Separation

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  1. what to do with your belongings?
  2. Grief with separation
  3. Separated women(that are on good terms with H) I need some insight. Please :)
  4. Sorry, Conrad
  5. Memo from Taylor Swift
  6. Still can't get past this
  7. Long story and need guidance
  8. Did your ex spouse ask for forgiveness?
  9. My STBXH wants to put me on his phone plan...bad idea for me?
  10. Am I in the wrong?
  11. Pregnant and going thru divorce
  12. Marriage counseling, does it work?
  13. Pls help in writing letter to separated spouse
  14. The day has come which i wanted to avoid
  15. She's Gone
  16. Recently Seperated...
  17. Question re: cake eating
  18. 5 Months into Separation
  19. Totally devistated
  20. Filed today
  21. Wife Cheated, and doesn't want me to tell anybody
  22. I love my husband; he doesnt know . we separated .. help!
  23. introduction
  24. First post...long...please help...
  25. Relocation with a child
  26. Two Months In, No End In Sight
  27. What to do on wedding anniversary day?
  28. GF of 3 years left me. Confused
  29. It maybe to late for me but not for you !!!!
  30. Divorce Just Started-Need to Vent
  31. When the loneliness kicks in...
  32. Need an answer about divorce summons
  33. lost both my parents and husband at the same time..
  34. Tactic?
  35. 1 month into separation
  36. I still love and am very close to my stbxh's family!
  37. Crying spells
  38. Telling the munchkins
  39. Separated from wife...getting mixed signals
  40. It's a trap!
  41. 3 weeks and still hurting bad
  42. He wants to work on the problems but not be committed
  43. Separation confusions??
  44. My husband left yesterday
  45. Progress.
  46. Moment of weakness last night, glad I did not act on it
  47. So confused he is hot and cold-Separated
  48. It has been awhile, but I am back!
  49. Ex regrets everything - WTF!?!
  50. In so much pain
  51. The bad side of the 180
  52. He left me for another woman, I want him back desperately
  53. fed up with my life and marriage!!
  54. Thought I was ready
  55. Divorce papers
  56. Feeling like a hostage
  57. Friends?
  58. 4 different categories of exes
  59. Grass isn't greener on the other side?
  60. My husband wanted a seperation, yet now says he has feelings for me and wants sex....
  61. DivorceCare
  62. Longer separation makes divorce easier?!
  63. My Separation - Setting My Rules For Interaction
  64. Tried our first MC-confused
  65. NO CONTACT-Results
  66. Separated but thinking of going back....thoughts?
  67. Tmws serving day
  68. Wife wants to leave, but still loves me?
  69. Another day, another 'what the heck' moment
  70. Relationship Breakup
  71. A list.
  72. Boundries
  73. where do i go from here?
  74. Update - Nothing New
  75. I am so lost...
  76. Can people with totally different backgrounds ever work things out?
  77. I Feel Bad About Feeling Good
  78. How to respond
  79. Is this normal or am i ill?
  80. My Wife and Mother of My Child Left Me
  81. 180 in progress
  82. I'm back
  83. Tomorrows the big day...
  84. So alone
  85. I don't know what game she's playing
  86. Bad day
  87. Happy Un-Anniversary
  88. Wife wants to separate but not divorce
  89. Angry, hurt, and yea still in shock
  90. New here... Hoping I can get my head on straight...
  91. Stuck In Limbo
  92. feeling empty
  93. Talk about therapeutic!
  94. I have handled everything wrong.
  95. False alarm but he broke my heart again
  96. Asked For Divorce But Still Hasn't Filed
  97. Anger & rage
  98. What should I do now???
  99. Why is the man I so desperately love leaving me
  100. Can I move out of state as the plaintiff without kids?
  101. just got seperated, don't know how to deal with it.
  102. I left...but did I screw up? I just don't know.
  103. having a terrible birthday already
  104. Update on "No Contact" & H (STBX?) Drama
  105. 10- yrs married-abortion-then rape
  106. Cannot get my head straight
  107. How do I get through this?
  108. My wife cheated and left again...
  109. Relationship break ups and rights
  110. Need Reinforcement Please
  111. Classic WAW
  112. Will making him jealous get him back?
  113. Busted Window
  114. It has been awhile
  115. Doesn't know what to say?
  116. Wife wants out but sending mix signals
  117. getting mad with each day passing by
  118. Another Woman, Is There Hope for Reconciliation?
  119. He’s not over me AT ALL so now he just wants to “chat”.
  120. Going to file Thursday.
  121. STBX's ow/gf won't leave me the f.. alone
  122. She wants speartion and i am fighting cause i dont
  123. 12 Hours into the process and worried about the kids
  124. Wife Had an EA and I'm Done
  125. Is he going to harm himself?
  126. I feel sick to my stomach.
  127. Was I wrong?
  128. Am so confused what he wants
  129. I'm the most effing stupid person in the world -- WTF am I doing?
  130. Letter for my STBXW
  131. I just keep hurting myself over and over and over again
  132. Custody battle with an alcoholic spouse in TN
  133. Detaching from Narcissistic husband.
  134. Above and beyond fails...
  135. venting
  136. Separating after 20 yrs. and heartbroken
  137. I wish....
  138. How did we get here?
  139. Life is good...
  140. How do I deal with the pain?
  141. Interesting development
  142. Divorce and a spouse with Bi-Polar
  143. Divorce - Is this for real
  144. Miserable
  145. My 180 Beginnings - My very 1st blog
  146. How to make the jealous vindictive thoughts stop?
  147. Going Dark vs 180
  148. I Filed And Need To Be Strong
  149. what to do ..please help...which way to go
  150. it gets greater later
  151. Lawyers, Guns and Money
  152. What is the next step?
  153. I feel like a ping pong ball
  154. Lonely
  155. Question about kids
  156. I did it!!!!!!!!!!!
  157. It's hard when you have to try to make the "hate" for someone override the "love" you
  158. When you think you are forever...
  159. Santa Needs help: Calling Syn!!
  160. Still in limbo
  161. Questions about NC/180
  162. What do you do with your anger?
  163. jealousy during separation
  164. Dream holiday booked and paid - do we still go ?
  165. anyone here from Hawaii? Going to surf for six months..
  166. Seperated 5 months
  167. Don't Mind Me, Just Another Rant
  168. New romantic feelings causing turmoil
  169. Has anyone had a fwb relationship w their separated spouse?
  170. Angel's Journal/blog
  171. I feel bitterness and rage
  172. Understanding the NC and 180
  173. Reconciliation..........
  174. Not again...
  175. Beginning to get bitter...
  176. Internal Family Systems - Conrad
  177. Social media and relationship problems! So stupid and ridiculous!
  178. what happens next
  179. dont wish for something too much, you might get your wish
  180. Playing both sides?
  181. Tips on coping?
  182. i dont want this to end, but i do want it to stop.
  183. 8 month seperation and divorce
  184. Is the 180 right for my situation?
  185. we are done...
  186. Seperated 7 months - Accusing me of seeing someone else -SO?
  187. Confused, hurt and scared!
  188. Namaste...
  189. Separated for two weeks now, whats next?
  190. Wife called
  191. MyselfAgain...literally
  192. Separated for 5 weeks now
  193. Strength and consistency
  194. Resources for long-distance parenting?
  195. 15 years today.
  196. Thoughts on new relationships post D
  197. Advantages of being divorced :)
  198. Feedback on my where I'm at now.
  199. The Pain Will Not Go Away
  200. I'm ready to move on, but I can't. Please Help!
  201. How do people co-parent?
  202. finally talked to my walk away wife today after six weeks..
  203. What do you think?
  204. He's giving me two weeks...
  205. Moving out in 3 days...what can I expect?
  206. Emotional Abuse, Addiction now losing my love
  207. Wondering what's going on in her mind
  208. Is there hope of a full reconciliation?
  209. Encouragement, please.
  210. Just starting a Controlled Separation
  211. Separation progress (ongoing blog)
  212. OOH - The key to a successful marriage?
  213. divorce - new to me
  214. Frostflower's journal
  215. Patrol and Trust
  216. dealing with "us" stuff
  217. Not getting any easier (depressed)
  218. how much time would you allow for a seperation?
  219. Sleeping
  220. Should we have a support meeting by phone?
  221. Could not take the limbo any longer -- maybe I have blown it, but have to be true to
  222. trying to make the "peace" letter I sent...
  223. Husband left
  224. she just unfriended me on Facebook..
  225. What do we tell the relatives?
  226. Dating others during seperation?
  227. What Makes Sense
  228. Consequences of divorce...
  229. how to get clarity in thoughts?
  230. Who seperated and then reconciled?
  231. Abuse of Process
  232. Advice about finances
  233. Lonely, frightened and upset
  234. Otter's world takes a turn for the surreal.....
  235. Divorce without an Attorney?
  236. How can I feel worth it again?
  237. Handling the kids and the GF during divorce
  238. Why does he need space...
  239. Advice please
  240. Just want closure or reconciliation :/
  241. My 180, week 1.
  242. rums pain
  243. Is it worth...please help..
  244. stupid stupid stuoid
  245. I'm an idiot. Lol.
  246. How to Move ON
  247. I like this post
  248. Can't talk to YOU
  249. Some sort of progress is going on, not sure of the speed.
  250. Not to debate, but...