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: Going Through Divorce or Separation

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  1. My Wife Left Last Tuesday
  2. The Graduate
  3. My Story
  4. Wife is gone, for good.
  5. Why can't love win...
  6. How to do a 180, while still in the same house?
  7. cold behaviour of my husband
  8. Saying sorry during the 180
  9. newbie
  10. 2 Separations...first 5 months, now 9 months and counting
  11. New here, sad, confused, seeking advice on separation
  12. 28 Years Down the Drain
  13. This is so difficult
  14. Communication during the 180
  15. Possible Divorce
  16. Wife lost respect for me and fell out of love
  17. Moving forward...
  18. Going out alone?
  19. Having a Melt Down
  20. After 5 months of separation I know it's time for divorce.
  21. first meeting since seperation next week...
  22. An Aha! Moment?
  23. need help writing letter
  24. Thinking of making her a "Our Story" almub - good idea?
  25. You ever wander?
  26. Caution: Out and Out Pity Party
  27. Pay back loan..please help...
  28. Divorcing after discovering husband's affair. Need help :(
  29. Seperated from my wife and kids, I need help/advice (Long post)
  30. friday is her birthday...any advice?
  31. When would you press charges for bigamy?
  32. What is the purpose of counseling?
  33. Lost and Confused
  34. Shot to the gut..
  35. How to Word Email to STBXH
  36. new to the boards
  37. work it out...
  38. Admitting to yourself it's over
  39. Mostly for Men - What do you think about when...
  40. 1 Week into Seperation
  41. Destroyed
  42. New Realization
  43. Asset split -- probably screwed.
  44. Utterly Confused
  45. It hurts how do you get past this pain !!!
  46. Up way to early...just a rant
  47. Fitocracy anyone? - great for 180 motivation
  48. Mothra777's journal, progress and rants
  49. When will I move on?
  50. Crying and when will it stop?
  51. Doesn't want the committment, but everything else.
  52. Taking responsibility for breakup
  53. 3 weeks seperated - now he is sorry?
  54. The Shix Sandwich - No Thanks
  55. Shocked that its come to this, accept it or fight?
  56. Divorce denied without prejudice?
  57. Anyone else feel unattractive?
  58. Confused but content right now
  59. Wife wants space, not in love anymore, need advice
  60. second thought.....religious angle
  61. Finally "real"
  62. Mixtape: Angry
  63. Bizarre Situation - Can't find anything that relates :\
  64. dealing with kids anger
  65. Well, I finally did it...
  66. It's my daughters birthday
  67. Conrad Detaches
  68. Five weeks of separation, do I still have some hope?
  69. Great movie!
  70. Conrad Returns
  71. Finally I came out of FOG and ran away of 14 years of marriage
  72. Mediation or Divorce Lawyer?
  73. Coping Mechanisms
  74. separating...
  75. I want to save it, he doesn't....
  76. 20 years of abuse and I'm finally free
  77. What do you want to REALLY tell your ex?
  78. After first marriage counselling session
  79. Baby steps...any ideas?
  80. Discussing Separation Agreement That I DO NOT WANT
  81. so unhappy
  82. Distant wife
  83. week 3 of seperation
  84. My Story
  85. Heart break recovery calculator?
  86. Go back home to US?
  87. head's all over the place
  88. Isn't Getting Better or Worse
  89. It's day 31 since "I want a D day"
  90. anger
  91. I know that I am not alone but...
  92. Wife won't work-had to file bankruptcy-I'm stuck
  93. Divorce vs. Separation
  94. Mid-Life Crisis?????
  95. The pain is excruciating. Please help.
  96. Homework Assignment for Recovering Niceguys
  97. Where Is Lifescript?
  98. What is she thinking?
  99. i guess it's over
  100. Priorities a$$ backwards
  101. Hurting so terribly
  102. Any vetrans out there with PTSD?
  103. Getting through the final stages (or is there still more?)
  104. Ladies for your viewing pleasure
  105. Wife asked me out on a date.
  106. Do you expose lies told to your kids?
  107. After almost 12 years of marriage and 3 years of fence sitting...
  108. Trying to Process It All
  109. Just a very long overdue update and vent
  110. divorce filed but i didnt want ti
  111. Wife has feelings for ex-boyfriend
  112. Wow
  113. Seperation progress.
  114. Custody
  115. Dilemma between STBXH and In-laws
  116. when does it get better?
  117. Bizarre request for picking up the kids
  118. about to commence separation from wife
  119. Tired of having her dominate my thoughts...
  120. Are you 100% honest with your spouse during separation?
  121. Facebook and Separation
  122. Separation in-house, not looking to divorce
  123. Dig these blues....
  124. Working out an alternative future(is it selfish?)
  125. Have a great weekend...
  126. Further Down The Road
  127. Is it to soon.............
  128. Update from One_strange_otter
  129. Please Help me! I don't wanna give up!
  130. God Please Grant me
  131. So what is a good divorce?
  132. I moved in w/my stbxh...ahhh!!!!
  133. My confession: I am the WS
  134. 6 months since he left.... something's changed but what?
  135. No Contact is So Difficult
  136. Separated 2nd Time - Should I Give Up?
  137. How many of you were "left" but ending up making the call?
  138. Married 30 years
  139. Hurt, lost, and a little confused.
  140. Wife wants separation
  141. Did I do anything right?
  142. Conrad Expands
  143. Wife just left, looking for advise
  144. Lost, confused, lonely, broken, insecure, and desperate for help.
  145. Dealing with separation after 19 years of marriage
  146. Handling Memories
  147. why do i ask, why try
  148. Separated One Year; Frustrated and Confused
  149. What she means to me
  150. How long does it take the courts to get a spouse CS?
  151. What to do?
  152. Feelings
  153. Legal question regarding children
  154. Everything's screwed up....and I am so alone
  155. confused.........
  156. Husband just went nuts
  157. lulu's blog/journal
  158. Proud of myself
  159. Numb in Ohio
  160. Want to make sure i get full custody
  161. Dependent Military spouse and Divorce
  162. What should I ask in Divorce??
  163. Getting a divorce...passive aggressive husband.
  164. Rejection
  165. No CS check, yet
  166. So what kind of shenanigans are we all getting into this weekend
  167. Mama's June update...
  168. Need advice from the criers out there
  169. Legal Advice please?
  170. No Contact. ideas? experiences?
  171. Getting in shape, what works?
  172. Feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone
  173. Newly Separated
  174. Toolforgrowth's blog thread / can't make sense of STBXW's actions
  175. New here-
  176. How to get her to move?
  177. another day of crying-vivid dreams
  178. How do you know its time to move on?
  179. confused about our relationship
  180. Filing for Legal Separation
  181. My wife wants a divorce, I think it can be fixed.
  182. New here, newly separated
  183. Irritated
  184. Why Isn't He Running To Divorce Me?
  185. Rejoicing in my freedom to ....
  186. 180?
  187. So it begins
  188. I hate H right now, but I really don't (rants)
  189. Separated after 5 years
  190. Contemplating to confront wife on her affair while we are separated.
  191. He's seeing someone else now..but I still love him
  192. Separated, pregnant, STBX has girlfriend but showed up at my door last night. HELP?!
  193. I long for the day..
  194. help me please
  195. cant shake her
  196. Despite Progressing, Do You Ever Miss Your Ex?
  197. The new guy
  198. When is it ok to get rid of your rings? Opinions
  199. Oregon Divorce Laws?
  200. My Story So Far
  201. Feeling it Bad...Again
  202. Confused
  203. Walking way
  204. give him joint custody or not
  205. Nervous about seeing him today
  206. Looking for sanity
  207. It's moments like this...
  208. she wants space but cant talk about devorce
  209. The Drama Triangle
  210. The Feeling Better Exercise
  211. Am I being unreasonable?
  212. Rough time today..
  213. Alright Sam here it is
  214. The time has come for me to tell the STBXW...
  215. Do you ever feel this way?
  216. Here goes nothing..........
  217. The bomb has been dropped....now what?
  218. My Story
  219. For those going through....
  220. Opinions please...denial of cheating
  221. Why is so hard to let go
  222. He left blamed me won't talk won't get things won't give me divorce
  223. oo yea girl run that game!
  224. Can life be brought back to something that has decayed?
  225. what is closure? Somebody 2x4 me please...
  226. I miss my husband
  227. How to get the Child support process started
  228. Had my first meeting with my WAW about a separation agreement
  229. Why choose a long separation?
  230. my story is different...pt 2
  231. Completely new and don't know what to do
  232. Gee... How about we drag this out a little longer...
  233. Is this a good sign?
  234. What would you choose for your stbx?
  235. Question about divorce in WA state
  236. Just a Tangent
  237. Guess this means were done!!!
  238. my rollercoaster hurts so bad
  239. Frustrated
  240. confused
  241. Confused and Scared
  242. My story is different...need advice
  243. Mantras to get you through...
  244. I Don't Want This
  245. Divorce recovery
  246. Having emotional flash backs since my husband had to leave state
  247. VictimHood
  248. Another OW Sighting
  249. Ex invites me to her birthday - WTF!?
  250. when did he change into such a hurtful person?

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