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: Going Through Divorce or Separation

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  1. Do I try to get Husband back? How?
  2. Breaking the News to the Kids...
  3. I felt sick after seeing the decree
  4. How to get over the guilt?
  5. Get him to sign now or wait?
  6. I reget ever getting married
  7. Still catching him in lies
  8. There is no OM with my STBXW (I don't think)
  9. Please help, I'm lost!
  10. Making a list and checking it twice.
  11. Where to Now???
  12. Do I just let him go??
  13. *ducks* Any WAWs out there who need some support?
  14. Husband sending Mixed messages, what to do?? please help
  15. CS & the under employed spouse: when did you start paying?
  16. Really really odd situation help!
  17. Has anyone on SSDI gone through D? Did your X ask for a portion of it for support?
  18. Husband wants 50/50 custody
  19. BedTime
  20. Married to a Child Sex Abuse Survivor and Infidelity - Need Advice
  21. should I accept that its over???
  22. Dewayne76's Journal pt 2
  23. Is this new?
  24. What to do?? help, husband emotionally invovled with other
  25. The cheating bastard wants to be FRIENDS...
  26. How does a spouse "refuse" divorce?
  27. Debt and loans while separated?
  28. NY, Nassau county, lawyers
  29. The last 5 months have been HELL
  30. I need help of some sort....
  31. How to handle h's manipulation of dd?
  32. Why can't I move on
  33. Seperation is working out... for both of us
  34. Advice going into mediation
  35. meltdown.
  36. What to do w/ walk away wife
  37. Looking on in Disbelief
  38. Loneliness in driving me back!
  39. I just can't cope
  40. A new light and proof but oh so much destrux
  41. STBXW accused me of having an OW
  42. how do l handle this mess ?
  43. No Idea What I'm doing!!!! LOL
  44. What to do next
  45. Talk me down, PLEASE!
  46. I have been reminded why there is no hope.
  47. Me standing up for myself this morning
  48. 180 Success Stories
  49. NC... Wants to meet...
  50. STBXW might have been having an affair, and I don't even care?
  51. I've been reading for a few weeks, now posting my story
  52. The 180
  53. My wife asked for a divorce, but is now dragging her feet...
  54. PosOM? Advice.
  55. Has anyone seen Daniel from Australia? (An email that I will send)
  56. Shared asset costs
  57. I feel again
  58. Its been a month
  59. Can people explain the forgiveness thing?
  60. Divorce n Taxes... need help
  61. Completely Totally Lost
  62. Questioning NC w/ STBXW?
  63. Should I cease all contact with a married woman that is going through separation and
  64. Advice? How do you make the spouse see the light and end marriage peacefully?
  65. Not Accepting Divorce :(
  66. angelpixie/damncel..reguarding PM's...
  67. Confused
  68. I am moving to the reconciliation forum for good.
  69. I don't want a divorce!!
  70. Lost and future uncertain
  71. Tell Paramour's spouse?
  72. Are you getting STBX anything for xmas?
  73. Scared and in Pain
  74. Just went over papers...
  75. The Last Straw
  76. Independent man, Codependent woman, role swap
  77. Wife's rebound
  78. Is this as bad as it gets?
  79. Letting go
  80. Take Back after post-split Sex?
  81. Celibacy for a full year
  82. Limbo
  83. How much will someone change
  84. Freaking out morning
  85. My short advice for all your problems
  86. HiRoad Update ... backslide
  87. Let's talk about child support
  88. 180 with kids sucks
  89. Ladies beware.
  90. How to handle move out day?
  91. Exwife meets gf today
  92. Revising History
  93. Announcement high?
  94. In tears - Need to vent
  95. What am I doing wrong???
  96. Going Through Strange Emotions After Divorce
  97. Divorce and child
  98. Think I'm about to see her for the last time...advice?
  99. Need to ask my ex-wife who will be watching our kids during x-mas break
  100. mixed message
  101. Just Seperated and Very sad and unsure of things. When will husband listen to me??
  102. why has this happened? so confused
  103. What about the ring?
  104. Vegas = New Guy needs advice
  105. I refuse to let holiday season bring me down.
  106. How did I let this happen? Oh, yeah
  107. Urgent, about AI
  108. New Info...what to do??
  109. separated heading towards divorce
  110. Its over for me. Shes still on the fence
  111. Is it worth it you to spend time w/your X for the kids?
  112. Question of the Day for Husbands
  113. Update on my crazy situation..
  114. Rewriting history and Truths..
  115. Phone Support Group
  116. Separated for a year and wife wants me back?
  117. Do WAW's ever come back?
  118. Falling back to square one
  119. Am I just not listening?
  120. the world i (made?)
  121. Tonight things hit me hard
  122. 2nd Divorce 2nd Marriage SAME MAN only 25
  123. Is this Normal to Fell this Way?
  124. 10wks spearated from WAW... now what
  125. Pleading & Begging, why it won't work
  126. Gutpunch's Journal
  127. How do I know when to move on?
  128. Wife moved out today
  129. Seeking guidance
  130. Dealing with the "New Life"
  131. "When they come around..."
  132. Hurtn Update
  133. NY
  134. Conrad Update
  135. ex-wife can't/won't look me in the eye
  136. Don't Listen to What They Say, Watch What They Do
  137. OM moved in with wife and children - How to deal with it? (International couple)
  138. A Guy Who Didn't Fix Himself
  139. Choosing not to get a job and go on food stamps?
  140. Blue Christmas
  141. Worried about realtionship with son
  142. Feelings for my EX returns. Normal?
  143. best exposure tips....need the gurus here please
  144. Is there a point????
  145. Gratitude
  146. dreams, when do they stop?
  147. Wife Left and I am Totally Lost
  148. 180...
  149. New here...need help...
  150. newbie
  151. Lease problems.. Need advice.
  152. It's been 4 days since we separated
  153. Has anyone else.....
  154. Still unable to avoid contact
  155. How separated is separated?
  156. Mediation
  157. Completely Lost!
  158. How to 180 while living together?
  159. Thank you....
  160. OW still contacting him
  161. What do you think of the way my W and I are with each other now ?
  162. Maintaining positive relations with STBX
  163. Thankful.
  164. Nasty Texts from EX about money - Need opinions
  165. Fallen out of love = No hope?
  166. Sudden Separation - What do I do?
  167. Where to live to move on?
  168. Help and advice. Running out of options
  169. Sick of this!!
  170. hubby gone
  171. can anyone help??
  172. Right thing to do?
  173. Limited Contact advice...
  174. Staying strong and silent-Divorcing possibly Bi&asbusive H
  175. Breakthrough!
  176. STBXW just sent cop to house to keep peace...lol
  177. Everyone Please read!
  178. It's time to LETGO completely!
  179. online divorce
  180. Assault took place two nights ago
  181. "I just need some time".. for how long?
  182. Newly Separated and need help in moving on
  183. Palmetto Girl 87's journal
  184. My fiance left!!!
  185. Divorce without lawyers
  186. When to come off depression meds?
  187. Separated..Husband's b-day gift??
  188. I don't want Christmas this year
  189. Sharing kids and their belongings. ??
  190. Happiness confusion?
  191. wife wants seperation
  192. Major Update- I don't know what to do/think now
  193. Separated but trying to work it out... its hard
  194. How do you deal?
  195. Did i do this right?
  196. Love Spells
  197. Is there any hope?
  198. How do I let go???
  199. What to do with "I don't know".
  200. dontpanic's Journal
  201. How can things happen so fast?
  202. Any hints for the little one?
  203. Worried to get my things
  204. The pain is consuming
  205. How do you live with your STBX?
  206. How effective are email exchanges during settlement?
  207. Semi-Separated. Need Advice
  208. Can anybody answer question about STBXW
  209. I need help
  210. Come Wake Me Up - (Rascal Flatts)
  211. Custody ?'s
  212. After Divorce...
  213. Filing for Divorce questions
  214. separated for 50 days
  215. facebook message from the OW (SIL)
  216. Separated 2 Weeks....
  217. Separated for 2 weeks....
  218. Good Man? I don't think so!!!
  219. Telling the Family
  220. Cake Eater: am I wrong?
  221. Together for 10 years, Now Separated
  222. Life Insurance Question
  223. Guy in PA going into the final stages
  224. Seperating and still living together
  225. Friends after Divorce
  226. She wants space and time to herself, but is in constant communication with OM.
  227. I did a horrible thing
  228. Any R stories after separation?
  229. Angry much?
  230. Hermes Separation Journal
  231. big blow out-what do i do now
  232. venom spewed to me last night
  233. How does everyone handle holidays?
  234. NEED opinions..
  235. Seperation just turned into a divorce...
  236. Does every dog have its day...
  237. So bummed.....
  238. Going through a divorce - sex with other people
  239. what about all his stuff?
  240. What a rough couple months... seeking advice.
  241. Failing long distance marriage
  242. Sad Separation
  243. Finding it HARD
  244. Almost over...with a twist
  245. It's time to file I think
  246. it's official
  247. Need some advice
  248. Mommas Boy
  249. Mornings?
  250. Told the kids today