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: Going Through Divorce or Separation

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  1. Handling Memories
  2. why do i ask, why try
  3. Separated One Year; Frustrated and Confused
  4. What she means to me
  5. How long does it take the courts to get a spouse CS?
  6. What to do?
  7. Feelings
  8. Legal question regarding children
  9. Everything's screwed up....and I am so alone
  10. confused.........
  11. Husband just went nuts
  12. lulu's blog/journal
  13. Proud of myself
  14. Numb in Ohio
  15. Want to make sure i get full custody
  16. Dependent Military spouse and Divorce
  17. What should I ask in Divorce??
  18. Getting a divorce...passive aggressive husband.
  19. Rejection
  20. No CS check, yet
  21. So what kind of shenanigans are we all getting into this weekend
  22. Mama's June update...
  23. Need advice from the criers out there
  24. Legal Advice please?
  25. No Contact. ideas? experiences?
  26. Getting in shape, what works?
  27. Feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone
  28. Newly Separated
  29. Toolforgrowth's blog thread / can't make sense of STBXW's actions
  30. New here-
  31. How to get her to move?
  32. another day of crying-vivid dreams
  33. How do you know its time to move on?
  34. confused about our relationship
  35. Filing for Legal Separation
  36. My wife wants a divorce, I think it can be fixed.
  37. New here, newly separated
  38. Irritated
  39. Why Isn't He Running To Divorce Me?
  40. Rejoicing in my freedom to ....
  41. 180?
  42. So it begins
  43. I hate H right now, but I really don't (rants)
  44. Separated after 5 years
  45. Contemplating to confront wife on her affair while we are separated.
  46. He's seeing someone else now..but I still love him
  47. Separated, pregnant, STBX has girlfriend but showed up at my door last night. HELP?!
  48. I long for the day..
  49. help me please
  50. cant shake her
  51. Despite Progressing, Do You Ever Miss Your Ex?
  52. The new guy
  53. When is it ok to get rid of your rings? Opinions
  54. Oregon Divorce Laws?
  55. My Story So Far
  56. Feeling it Bad...Again
  57. Confused
  58. Walking way
  59. give him joint custody or not
  60. Nervous about seeing him today
  61. Looking for sanity
  62. It's moments like this...
  63. she wants space but cant talk about devorce
  64. The Drama Triangle
  65. The Feeling Better Exercise
  66. Am I being unreasonable?
  67. Rough time today..
  68. Alright Sam here it is
  69. The time has come for me to tell the STBXW...
  70. Do you ever feel this way?
  71. Here goes nothing..........
  72. The bomb has been dropped....now what?
  73. My Story
  74. For those going through....
  75. Opinions please...denial of cheating
  76. Why is so hard to let go
  77. He left blamed me won't talk won't get things won't give me divorce
  78. oo yea girl run that game!
  79. Can life be brought back to something that has decayed?
  80. what is closure? Somebody 2x4 me please...
  81. I miss my husband
  82. How to get the Child support process started
  83. Had my first meeting with my WAW about a separation agreement
  84. Why choose a long separation?
  85. my story is different...pt 2
  86. Completely new and don't know what to do
  87. Gee... How about we drag this out a little longer...
  88. Is this a good sign?
  89. What would you choose for your stbx?
  90. Question about divorce in WA state
  91. Just a Tangent
  92. Guess this means were done!!!
  93. my rollercoaster hurts so bad
  94. Frustrated
  95. confused
  96. Confused and Scared
  97. My story is different...need advice
  98. Mantras to get you through...
  99. I Don't Want This
  100. Divorce recovery
  101. Having emotional flash backs since my husband had to leave state
  102. VictimHood
  103. Another OW Sighting
  104. Ex invites me to her birthday - WTF!?
  105. So many questions - I'm having one of those days..again
  106. when did he change into such a hurtful person?
  107. How to help?
  108. Angry and Sad Mixed Together
  109. NOW I get it. Too late for an old dog... ?
  110. Beyond confused by STBX's Behavior
  111. New to this
  112. Wife moved out and need help coping.
  113. EMDR Therapy
  114. posting party pics... will affect divorce?
  115. It has been settled. We are divorcing. What do I do next?
  116. tried searching for similar scenarios, unsure what is happening
  117. 5 months since he left
  118. Is reconciliation after separation possible? Have we taken this too far??
  119. out of the blue...
  120. Just as I start to stand up, I get knocked down again
  121. Maybe The Sun Will Shine Again
  122. Can your EX get married prior to the Motion For judgment & Decree of Divorce Default
  123. What should i do...!
  124. Dropping the bomb
  125. Happy Father's Day to everyone(father or not) How was it?
  126. TRO and a tough piece to chew
  127. Separated, pregnant and husband insists on naming baby after him???
  128. Would you rather...
  129. Wife just left me.
  130. wife is coming over to talk with me tomorrow
  131. Ventured out last night....
  132. Feel like I'm between a rock and a hard place
  133. Feel like giving up
  134. Why?
  135. Reformed jerk.. long post
  136. Green Shoots Amidst the Wreckage
  137. Mamatomany
  138. He is reconsidering me, but she is still around
  139. Heartbroken, Confused, And Feeling Like A Fool
  140. Need Advise....
  141. Second Thoughts
  142. Someone HELP me
  143. Is he being disrepectful
  144. Happy Birthday....to me
  145. Husband is moving his out to travel for work
  146. My new plan (for better or worse?)
  147. Trying to let go, did I take a step backwards?
  148. He wanted this - Now he's mad!
  149. An update or something like that.
  150. So many somatic memories...and mammaries
  151. Destroyed my Purpose
  152. ok i know everyone here is gonna say im an idiot! i guess i am!
  153. Confused
  154. Angry with myself for not standing my ground
  155. Need Help Staying Strong
  156. Thank You!
  157. Dealing with spouses MLC
  158. Divorce Rx
  159. What is wrong with me???
  160. Infidelity & Separation
  161. Blindsided
  162. WW took kids to OMs overnight!, help
  163. Hello all...
  164. Do I have to?
  165. First Visit Since
  166. proud's new beginnings
  167. Like a Brick wall...
  168. He keeps asking to be friends after divorce...yah right
  169. Long but Please Read!! Don't want to divorce my wife
  170. i went 180 and started counseling and have changed, now he's mad.
  171. It gets better.
  172. Is this a HUGE mistake? Am I going to regret this for the rest of my life?
  173. What a load of crap !
  174. The importance of exercise for the dumpees
  175. Wanna jump from this...
  176. Going through month 3 of separation-he wont move home, but wants to date me?
  177. I feel like it's gone too far :(
  178. Sliding back into the abyss
  179. one step forward two steps back
  180. Wife wants divorce - confused on what to do?
  181. It's not even been a month
  182. Some Sunday Night Venting!
  183. It's been less than 3 weeks and he's dating again
  184. Advice Please - Need to make her remember
  185. Any advice? Kids going for summer visitation with STBXW
  186. Feeling Weak Today
  187. Moving out of the house
  188. heartbroken
  189. I ache with no visible injury
  190. Continuous stalling on D by STBXH
  191. This is it
  192. young and need help with separation
  193. im 24, wife left, lied about seeing guys when she said she was still trying
  194. Please move out!
  195. how do you find a counseler or therapist?
  196. How do you tell the kids? 3 & 5 year old.
  197. Do I step in and save him?
  198. Just moved out - very lonely and angry
  199. Separated for just over month and Anniversary is Saturday.
  200. Sitting in the parking lot
  201. Almost forget her birthday
  202. Bruised Ego...how to get over it?
  203. She finally called
  204. STBXW wants kids on her insurance all of a sudden
  205. how to find the courage to file
  206. The ship is sinking
  207. rant, seems a lot of people give up fast.
  208. Triggers, Triggers, Triggers - and what to do about them
  209. It's been almost a year...
  210. Wife is nuts, miss my kids already.
  211. Please Help Friends! Need Advice
  212. Enlightenment
  213. Newly separated...
  214. divorced, would like ex-wife back
  215. Left him after he hit me- 11 months of marriage and I am only 31.
  216. Filed last week, hate my lawyer already! Scared....
  217. Wow how things have changed. Need a males input.
  218. Has anyone done a DIY divorce, specifically in Texas?
  219. Ah just anwsered the phone.
  220. Confessions of an ashamed, emotionally abusive husband....
  221. So it's been 4 months now...
  222. It's ON!!
  223. Feeling sick to my stomach
  224. Wife Just Left Friday
  225. How to handle EXW coming to collect personal items
  226. Something just snapped
  227. silence...a stream of consciousness
  228. Dynamics of Change - How to Move On
  229. Rough weekend
  230. We met half way, here's what happened...
  231. Regarding my future ex-wife
  232. Husband on SSD and I am a caretaker/housewife...
  233. Harshest words your spouse said "TO" you
  234. Legal question
  235. We are like strangers
  236. Rollercoaster of Death!
  237. Off with the rose colored glasses?
  238. Toxic friend, me, and wife
  239. I feel too broken to continue moving forward...
  240. How do i tell the ex i was majorily depressed
  241. I'm all backed up....need a release
  242. Husband doesn't feel spark, so we have separated. Can we get through this?
  243. Trying to make sense of it all
  244. Formal Notice of your Impending Divorce
  245. I woke up today feeling different.
  246. I've stalled out
  247. I know this is childish but i dont wanna give them back..
  248. nudist please read.
  249. June is already a great month!
  250. Separated and Unsure About Our Future