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: Going Through Divorce or Separation

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  1. My Story
  2. Tough time dealing with leaving
  3. Healing Process?
  4. Nights are so hard!
  5. Am I too kind?
  6. So alone
  7. We filed and am working through the docs.
  8. Depression
  9. Same old story I guess
  10. Can people really change?
  11. In need of serious help...
  12. What was the moment you decided....
  13. Need to talk!!
  14. Reoccurring problem that is more of an annoyance now.
  15. Ready For Divorce
  16. I don't cry anymore
  17. Wife wants separation/divorce because of in-laws
  18. He was served, says he beat me w/out of country D. Now I will lose kids
  19. Saying Goodnight to the kids!!
  20. Husband left & wanting divorce
  21. DH left me...AGAIN!
  22. How much time is needed?
  23. How do you deal with an ANGRY spouse?
  24. Going through a tough tough time
  25. back again :( He bragged on "her pics on anniversary (sun) i filed on Monday
  26. Seperation Need Help PLS
  27. going through a divorce did know he filed
  28. Making the same mistake over and over!
  29. Family Problems!!
  30. He walked out while I'm pregnant
  31. Separated 7 weeks
  32. Guarding your heart......
  33. 28 years and we are done.
  34. Moving out in 6 days...
  35. Upset and Confused
  36. Child custody
  37. Having trouble letting go
  38. Coping with the Anger
  39. Significance of Sept. 25
  40. I'm a noob and I would love some advice from the men on here.
  41. A few questions for first time divorce
  42. Group Counseling-abuse
  43. Birthday without my husband
  44. Looking for second opinion?
  45. Does anyone else feel a sense of relief?
  46. An emotional update
  47. Did I make the right choice
  48. How do I express myself?
  49. what about the kids?
  50. Separated in FL
  51. Wife left 3 months ago.... Not sure what to do
  52. sucks
  53. In need of some opinions
  54. What did you do about housing????
  55. He just drove away...
  56. I am still in shock with some anger.
  57. Packing up
  58. Do you really need a Counselor?
  59. Just do not know where to go from here.
  60. Newly separated and in a mess...
  61. One month of separation...
  62. Help Help Help Please
  63. Divorce, 401k, and finances
  64. Divorce court yesterday......
  65. Explaining this to my son
  66. how do we do a seperation while living together?
  67. Tennisguy separation and pending D story
  68. Separated from my Wife and Trying to Become a Better Person But it is Hard
  69. My life in music...so far
  70. So Confused
  71. And on the 7th year, God Said; "let there be No Mother, and it was sown..."
  72. Went for a session with the former MC.....
  73. What Makes Your Spouse a True Partner?
  74. Opinions please
  75. Complaint for divorce has been filed with the court
  76. Separated but now dating
  77. What is right???
  78. Child Support
  79. No longer a doormat
  80. Went alone to HS Reuinion
  81. Just divorced...my story
  82. Default
  83. "Serve Day"
  84. Movies for the Divorcing and Seperated
  85. Going through seperation
  86. Trying To Be Me Again
  87. Something they lost...
  88. STBX -- How would you handle this?
  89. Help! Married to an american man - How to get divorced?
  90. would you tell spouse dating during separation?
  91. Confused about communication during separation
  92. He says life is too short; doesnt want to be married n moved out while I was at work!
  93. Seperated now for 3 weeks - Question about MC
  94. Getting a Divorce with a Non-compromising STBX
  95. I am failing miserably!
  96. new world for her
  97. Have i made a mistake?
  98. So hurt and confused
  99. Playlist for the Broken Hearted...
  100. need advice??
  101. Today is my divorce day
  102. Here it Goes Again!
  103. Not again! First post
  104. Anyone use Legal Aide?
  105. Very Mixed Feelings
  106. LeavingMyH
  107. A crack in the ice!
  108. Confused Husband
  109. Am I a bad person?
  110. Please! Need answers fast. Mediation or My own Lawyer?
  111. Bad situation and feel sick to my stomach
  112. My public Blog/Journal
  113. ex trying to manipulate the system and me, need advice
  114. First day of seperating
  115. I'm freaking out
  116. How to accomplish the 180 while living together?
  117. Ughh...had to break my 180 rules
  118. Does this sound like I have an acceptable lawyer to file for divorce with?
  119. UpnOver
  120. I am struggling with the separation and don't know how to deal with it
  121. Co-Dependency Help
  122. Do I really want this again.
  123. Its been nearly 6 months
  124. No, really, when can I get off this damn rollercoaster?
  125. new here and stuggling
  126. Reaching my low point
  127. Am I hurting myself by waiting?
  128. Seriously?!?!
  129. In two minds about benefit of separation.
  130. Broke up, Still Live together, Heart Broken
  131. 180 and the kids
  132. 18 year relationship over
  133. Is this normal ?
  134. Tattoo removal
  135. 2 years of marriage and now separation
  136. How/Where to meet a new "someone special?"
  137. How to start over as a single mom??
  138. Aaaaaaarrrrrrrggggggghh!!!
  139. Wife is wanting a divorce.
  140. New and sharing my story
  141. Lost
  142. The day the ring came off
  143. Wife is leaving, and I'm hurtin'
  144. I don't know what to do
  145. This is for YOU, who are in pain and suffering
  146. Please help - need some advice, thoughts etc
  147. Time for "the talk" again
  148. Thanks for advice, but time to move on.
  149. Really confused
  150. Is this all my fault?
  151. Separated from Wife - Help Me TAM
  152. The joy of no bra!!
  153. Wife is making my decision easier
  154. Utter state of despair...
  155. Lost my high school sweetheart, now what??
  156. Ugh now he says he doesn't want a divorce!
  157. Spousal support and Children issues....Help!
  158. how get through stbxh dating?
  159. Too little too late?
  160. "Why" do I still hurt?
  161. Becoming the man I want to be
  162. Depression support group?
  163. Made decision but now I don't know. . .
  164. 1st week of divorce
  165. Hi, my name is RiverFlows and I am an enabler
  166. Don't know which way is up....
  167. Should I take 1/2 money in savings/checking accts?
  168. Feeling Sad
  169. Is this what a separation is meant to look or feel like?
  170. What can I do when he lies? (Child visitation.)
  171. Why is this happening?!?
  172. No More Mr Nice Guy..?
  173. Update
  174. Controlling, non-compromising, critical STBX wife
  175. she loves me but nit in love
  176. Separating...AGAIN- My Story
  177. Question about child support in Texas
  178. Going through a divorce.
  179. Boundaries with children and OM
  180. Wife Gave Up - Does This Happen Alot?
  181. He's the one who cheated. Why is he so angry at me??
  182. Another separated marriage (cont)
  183. Can the wife get more than what was agreed?
  184. The OW/OM
  185. How to handle visitation during separation?
  186. Heartache
  187. How many marriages end with an affair? (POLL)
  188. God
  189. whats the 180???
  190. Unsupportive family
  191. Husband left me and our 5 month old baby girl
  192. is it my fault
  193. To be alone versus lonely
  194. What is Going On?
  195. Very New and Hurt By This Process
  196. 180 Progress - At what point do you contact the wife?
  197. I'm a damn fool
  198. Help I feel like I cannot move forward
  199. Yet another update from the otter.........
  200. 3 Weeks into the 180
  201. Why am I not good enough?
  202. Encouragement
  203. 1 Year later - update
  204. What is the best thing to do????
  205. Parent child dynamic
  206. Long drawn out saga... can it be fixed?
  207. Wife left 7 months ago
  208. Maintaining composure through divorce process
  209. Where did it go?!!
  210. He hates me
  211. Eight Stages of Seperation
  212. First Day of Seperation
  213. My Story...
  214. Staying together
  215. For those with shattered self-esteem...
  216. Separation started today, and it hurts so much
  217. Almost Recovered
  218. Wife told me today she doesn't love me anymore
  219. For those of you who are in a bad sep/divorce...
  220. What the heck is wrong with me?
  221. False Reconciliation, dealing with the hurt again
  222. what to do with your belongings?
  223. Grief with separation
  224. Separated women(that are on good terms with H) I need some insight. Please :)
  225. Sorry, Conrad
  226. Memo from Taylor Swift
  227. Still can't get past this
  228. Long story and need guidance
  229. Did your ex spouse ask for forgiveness?
  230. My STBXH wants to put me on his phone plan...bad idea for me?
  231. Am I in the wrong?
  232. Pregnant and going thru divorce
  233. Marriage counseling, does it work?
  234. Pls help in writing letter to separated spouse
  235. The day has come which i wanted to avoid
  236. She's Gone
  237. Recently Seperated...
  238. Question re: cake eating
  239. 5 Months into Separation
  240. Totally devistated
  241. Filed today
  242. Wife Cheated, and doesn't want me to tell anybody
  243. I love my husband; he doesnt know . we separated .. help!
  244. introduction
  245. First post...long...please help...
  246. Relocation with a child
  247. Two Months In, No End In Sight
  248. What to do on wedding anniversary day?
  249. GF of 3 years left me. Confused
  250. It maybe to late for me but not for you !!!!